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"yoou know. Thish stuff's kinda strong." You can feel yourself getting dizzy. And you need to stop slurring your words.

"Wimp." She's just as drunk as you are but, in her usual display of stoic determination, she's not swaying like a flag in a light breeze. "You just can' handle your alcohol. And I thought pirates spent their days drinking grog. What're you gonna do when your crew out-drinks you oh mighty Captain"

"Shut it Wren." You take the time to focus on not slurring your words, and decide that sitting down on the bench you dragged down to make Wren's den more comfortable would be a stupendous idea. "Besides, grog is watered down booze, this is what, 80 proof?"

"70. But I'm still right. If you can't out drink me, how're you gooing to out drink an 'sperianced sailor?"

She's letting her words get sloppy. There is no way that she's not as dizzy as you.

"Wrenn. Sit doown. Your gonn' fall."

"Weakling" She accedes the point anyway and flops down next to you, just a little closer than usual. Her scars glint slightly in the light, guiding your eyes along her jaw, and along her cheeks to her oak brown nose, slightly flat, hinting that she's not just a short elf. As she leans her back against your shoulder her eyes close, and you see just a hint of a smile cross her lips.

"I don't need to out drink them" her shoulder-length hair is tickling your nose "I just need to out drink you. You'll do the rest."

"You couldn't out drink me if you cheated!"

"Oh yeah? how about another drink?"

"Here's a better idea. How about a competition. Loser has to kiss the winner!"

You feel the blush spreading up from your chest. There's a moment in here somewhere.

"You don't have to beat me to get me to do that..."

Your lips meet, for just the briefest moment, in an upside down kiss that gives you a wonderful view of her chest.

" I... Alright. Winner gets a favour to hold at a later date."

"You're on!"
Hi there. Because it's a Wednesday, because I can't figure out how to continue from yesterday, and because I think there won't be too many people, today is a slice of life/questions/bother the QM thread.

Next Slice:
>Halia's first hunt
>A serious talk with Captain Williams
>A talk about death
>write in (not guaranteed)

To give people a chance to get in and vote, you have 30 minutes.
How are options two and three meant? Metaphysical shit? In character discussions? If so, between whom?

Also, your writing's looking good today. Better then the last couple of time's, to be frank. 's nice.
More slice of life. Basically stuff that happened in the past. I haven't written it up yet, but I can be speedy. I have more caffeine in me than... Uh... I can't find a good analogy.

It is? I found a way to get 4-chan to accept my spacing, but otherwise, that was just as rushed as any of my other posts...
In that case I'm gonna go with >Halia's first hunt.

It might just be the spacing. It's something that can make a lot of difference for my perception of a text.
>One foot in the Grave Quest
Well, I guess I know what I'm writing then.
Catchphrase of Victor Meldrew
I was not aware of this. I'm afraid I didn't watch much TV as a childer. Good to know.

Back to writing. Don't be afraid to ask qusetions!
File: Bow.jpg (96 KB, 1000x1500)
96 KB
"Ok, now, look down the arrow."

"Like this?"

"mhmm, see where the point is? at this range, it's going to hit exactly there"



You're watching your father and sister from the comfort of the branches. They're talking about the stuffed deer that's been sitting in your house since your dad tried to teach *you* how to hit a target. Of course, you weren't very good at it, but you weren't as bad as Halie is.


The string whips forward and the arrow curves lazily over the dummy.

"Not bad sweety, but just as you let go, you rocked backwards, Try again, remember, the steps, raise the bow, hands two fingers down on the string, draw back and hook your hand into your lip, aim, then let go."

"Got it."



"Oh, right, sorry sweety, are you ok?"

Your sister is bravely holding back tears, but she's 14 years old, and her eyes are watering.

"So, to avoid the string hitting you, you have to turn your elbow out like this" your father punctuates his point by rotating his elbow the side. "This also means your thumb is pressed into the handle, and you'll be more accurate"

Your sister is already nocking another arrow


The projectile sails under the target this time and the bow practically bounces out of your frustrated sibling's hand

"It's not working. This is stupid."

"Ok, we'll come back to this. Let's practice skinning."

"Hmpf" Your sister draws her small dagger from her tunic belt. "Stupid deer"

It's almost beautiful. From the form as she cocks back her arm, to the spin as she flings the blade, to the perfect curving line as it hurtles towards the deer to the way it slides right between the ribs, and sticks.

"OK, Maybe we'll leave the bows for now. I think I know a man in Lovellbutts that hunts with knives. Maybe I can get him to teach you."

Your sisters eyes light up like stars and you can tell she'll be insufferable at dinner.

>Bar flies
>A serious talk with Captain Williams
>A talk about death
>write in (not guaranteed)
Slow day means I'm keeping it at 30 minutes so I can be doing other things while voting goes on.
>>A talk about death
You know, I think that might be interesting.

Cosidering our


Well, it's an opportunity to pester minion about Aughataur again. He mentioned writing a story about the adventures of James Mantell II. Because his story stated as part of a free form RP we did...
Pestering Minion? I'm all for it!
Unfortunately he's still in Spain. GUESS I GET TO DICTATE LORE TO HIM LATER. MWAHAHAHAHA... Oh wait... that makes his job easier.
While I'm here, I might as well drop the Twitter link, And the Archive.



I was also going to ask, do people want the bios, these slices of life, and the world building I have put in a google docs?


Guess I'm writing a father giving a son "the talk"
>a talk about death
Yay i caught a live one!
File: GET HIM!.jpg (86 KB, 600x563)
86 KB
I HAVE NON LIVE FOLLOWERS??? What is this wizardry?
Hello redem. Gonna anon this thread. Just wanted you to know I'm here.
Mr... Smut. I have a 1 in 2 of getting it right.
Got it in one.
So it seems... I barely caught the last thread in its last few moments,may it rest in peace, and read the archives
File: Black Sakura.jpg (78 KB, 1300x975)
78 KB
"You know of course about Aughantaur."

"I do"

"Well, he has special meaning to our family."
Your father has been boring you for the past 2 hours with talks about the various religions. From time, to the sun to small friggin rocks, there seems to be a god for everything, and your father's only stopped looking from the tome he pulled out of the attic to talk about this one. Frankly, you'd rather be out playing with your new friend Wendry.

"See, it started with your great grandfather, who came to Loerian from a far off land. I don't think he ever told anyone where, but he was a strange one."

"He was James too right?"

"He was indeed. But before him, no one had ever heard of Aughantaur. There was a god of death, but he was only known as The Reaper, and death was feared through out the lands."

"How did they not know about him? He has a temple in all the big cities! You said so yourself!" The concept that the gods were not always named is preposterous. You just went through the longest list of nonsense names from Aferandis, the God of ores, to Zembrandel, the God of pointed sticks.

"Well, people were so afraid of death that they saw only the destructive side of him. My grandfather was a strange one though. He talked to Death through a mirror. As far as I know, Death never talked back, but still, he had other stranger habits. Like making tea from the black sakura tree outside. Did you know that's the only one of its kind in 80 Miles? And it's the first one on Loerian. He sent a sapling to the capital, and they spread throughout the city from there, but this lonely tree spawned them all."
"Tea is hardly strange."

"No but the taste of black sakura is. It sicks in your mouth like a nasty type of mint. He was a paladin though. A holy warrior, who championed a god, and received powers in return. He was not the only paladin of death, but he was the only one who summoned a shovel instead of a scythe. Many of the others had powers that only took life, with his, he spread it. See, there's an order to be maintained. Many of the other gods left a list of commandments when they left us to sleep, but Death had not. Your great grandfather brought with him the current list. Before, paladins of death sought only to kill, and most were wicked, ghastly men. Now, they are a peaceful order, offering burials, and funerals. They're still ghastly, but now, instead of taking life, they seek to spread the building blocks that people leave behind, so that more can grow from them. Remember James. Death isn't evil. It's sometimes necessary, and it happens to everyone. But it's not evil."

You've already gotten bored, and you can see Wendry's head peeking up above the kitchen windowsill.

"I'll remember Dad. Can I go now?"

"Hmph. No concern for history." Your grumpy paternal authority figure stands up and puts the book onto a shelf. "Fine, but we're returning to this later. "

You're already out the door.

>Bar flies
>A serious talk with Captain Williams
>The Black Paladin
>write in (not guaranteed)

Any questions? Criticisms?
>Bar flies
I'm assuming that that's something amusing?
Let's just say that James' crew were... unorthodox.
Oh boy.
So... I never got an answer to my google docs question. Is it even worth it?
Huh? What're you talking about?
Oh, I was asking if I should put together a google docs for the slices of life, world building and bios?
Sounds good. Make a post at the start of each thread with the links so you don't have to give them through full post everytime. May want to use pastebin instead tho.
I have no experience with pastebin, but I'll look into it before Monday's thread.

I'll write this while I eat, so I might take a little longer to get through it.
"Sit down boy"


The elf's stutter does your reputation no due.

"Have a drink swabbie"

"I-I'd rather not Captain, I d-don-don't drink."

"Fucking Hells, not another one. DOES ANYONE IN MY CREW APPRECIATE A GOOD FUCKING DRINK!" Silence fill's the Siren's Call. "Barkeep. Milk for my weak livered swabbie."

"Right away James" Bravek's always been a good man. Keep's any number of drinks in stock at any time. Got Wren's new brew in just for you. He's also the only gnome you've seen who knows his way around a beer-stein. Wren's business is doing well though. She seems to have upped the amount she's pumping out, because it's popular with half the bar. It's the same as the old recipe, but she upped it to 90 proof, and it's mostly used to nurse wounds and torture prisoners, but it's popular.
"Why the fuck do none of you idiots drink, huh? I thought we were pirates..."

"Well Captain, m-most of us are joining to stay out-t of the Royal Navy. The King's ord-ederd conscription on many merchant crews. A-and you're the only Pirate Captain that let's any one in. Even Dren."

Your swabbie refers to the shambles of a Dwarf who designed, built, and rebuilt your ship, while also using it as a floating safe-house. He's also the only other crew member who can stomach their ale, but the bastard refuses to drink on duty.

"So your saying, that you've all been trained by the army not to drink, or by merchant's that it's too expensive."

"S-Sir, Yes Sir."

"Shut up swabbie."

"Sir, Y-"

"I said shut up. And it's Captain, just Captain."

The Swabbie wisely keeps his mouth shut and nods.


Finally, some action.
>Dren's Custom
>A serious talk with Captain Williams
>The Black Paladin
>write in (not guaranteed)

Last call folks, 30 minutes.
>>write in (not guaranteed)
Most awkward moment with Wren/Halie.
... I... I don't know about this... I'll give this preference and write it if I can think of something, but could you request something else in case I don't?
>>A serious talk with Captain Williams
Serious time.
Well then. I'll have a scenario for next time, but I guess it's time James faced the music.
"Jamie boy"

You're sitting at the Map table of the Fiends delight. It's not a pretty ship, but it's functional. 2 Balistae, mounted to the fo'c'sle and the aft'c'sle and a 2 rows of 6 mounted crossbows on the port and starboard of the ship. But what she lacks in firepower, the Fiend's Delight makes up in Speed. 3 Lateen Sails grace her decks, and she can enter and leave the trade lanes before any guard up or down the coast can stop her.

"Yes Captain?"

"We need to talk lad. You're me Cabin boy now, and I need to trust ye." He leans in close "and ye didn't get here because o' ye' experience."

You can smell the grog on his beard, and his eyes twinkle conspiratorially

"I don't know what you mean Captain. I'm your longest standing crew member."
Captain Williams' laugh is a roar like a tropics storm, and ends just as abruptly. Suddenly he's dead serious and looks you straight in the eye. "Ye killed Barnes. I watched ye do it lad. The only reason yer in the place ye are, is 'cause ye killed e'rry one else to get there. And more power to ye laddie, it take's that kinda guts to get here." He stands and paces, his russet hair catching the light from the stained glass in the cabin, his boots thumping as he moves around the cabin with purpose.

"So you're not going to kill me? You've known all along?"

"Lad, I wouldn't have hired ye on if I didn't think ye'd kill to rise. I jus' Din' think ye'd get here so fast." He spins to face you, his navy longcoat whirling. His next words have no accent. "And I know your gunning for Captain next."

You can feel yourself blanch, caught in a rut. Maybe if you can get him to take one drink from the cup...

"So, instead of poisoning me" Shit "I want ye to drop me off at my retreat on Midarlia. I've got a wife there waitin' fer me. You can have the ship. But heed my words, there's war comin' lad. War's never good for our business."


Three weeks after your little talk with Captain Williams, you were wearing the Navy long coat. But his words stuck with you. War is never good for a pirate.

Archiving, so if you are one of those people who votes on threads, please feel free to do so.
So far aWay man.

I... I'm sorry? I really don't want to do it any more frequently. 2 days a week is pretty hard as it is man...
Alright... It's cool man...sniff...you do you.
Awww... now I feel bad. I... I could run one Saturday??? Maybe? You should follow the twitter if you don't already and I'll post any changes to the schedule there.
Yessss. Saturday.

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