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Admiral Ackbar edition
All around me are familiar faces edition
le tricky grill edition


This is a work of fiction. It doesn’t necessarily represent nor portray the state of the industry or the beliefs of the Author

Any reference to pre-existing work of fiction is to be considered entirely coincidental (except when it's not).

No character is speaking on the behalf of the author. Their moral considerations as well as their beliefs regarding the social, religious and political sphere are representative only of the characters themselves.

Playing ping-pong will increase your hand-to-eye coordination. It is also the key to winning the Olympics and saving Christmas

I can’t promise you’ll have fun. I can promise however that I will try to make this fun. I am responsive to the audience and I will try accommodate most requests

We begin in the next post!
It’s a good habit not to tease life.
In particular, it’s a good habit not to ask stupid questions.
“Can things get worse than this?” of course they can. They can also get better, but we digress.

In particular, after being tricked by a certain magical “girl”, as well as being made fun of by a certain man of the cloth, the quality of your life might decidedly tank if you decide to take a tour around of a city you don’t know on top of it.

What they call the Holy City looks like the most bland and staple of bland and staple towns.
There are a few schools here and there, commercial districts, a couple of fun fairs and tourist attractions.

Public transportation seems to working perfectly, with buses, trams and even an overly complicated metro network. At a first glance, there seem to be at least 28 different metro routes, some of which continue for hundreds of kilometers.

A few large parks are scattered here and there, both for those who want to get a taste of nature in the city, and for those who simply wish to relax. You’re almost having a pleasant time.

Then it starts raining. Out of the blue, quite literally, considering how crystal clear the sky was just a few minutes ago.

You run to the exit of the park, as you seem to notice something across the road: a store, or more precisely, a convenience store
‘How convenient’, you think to yourself, as you head for the entrance.

There seems to be nobody around. You visit the bathroom first, trying to get yourself dry, then you take a proper look inside the store. It seems to be selling a wide variety of things, from magazines to food. There are even a few tables.

Pulling a chair, you sit down. You hadn’t realized how tired you were until then. And that’s when you realized you had no clue where you were either. You could barely remember the name of the tavern you visited for lunch.
Covering your face with your hands in desperation, you could hear a voice talking with you.
“Having an hard day, sweetheart?”
Probably in her mid-twenties, with long dark hair and grey eyes, a girl in her work uniform, which consists of casual clothes and an apron with the name of the convenience store, is standing in front of you.

>Don’t remind me
>Not this shit again
>If I buy something will you shut up?
Damn, didn't know this was running.
Hold on OP, let me read through this.
>Don’t remind me
wow free (You)s

“Ah, don’t remind me. I didn’t even want to come here”
“Oh, don’t be like that”, she says teasingly. “The Holy City is a fantastic place. Where do you come from?”

“Well, not this Universe I’d say!”
“Not… this Universe? That is, you’re an Outer?”

“You nail the hit on the head, madame. I’ve been told I am an Outer of the Setting Sun, but I am not sure of it myself”
“Oh you definitely are one. I presume one of the Rising Sun would be in a totally different mood, and if it were a guy, he wouldn’t be able to resist my female charms either”

You raise an eyebrow sarcastically. “Right. You know what, while we’re at it, I guess I should call you Modesty”
The shoulders of the girl slump. “It was not the name I was hoping for. But the Outers would never call me that, now would they?”, she asks with a bitter smile.

“Explain further”
“Are you familiar with the concept of Harem Comedy?”
“Don’t speak in weebshit to me, woman. I am not familiar with anything”

“A total noob, huh? I understand now why you aren’t enjoying yourself. Well the gist of it is that there are several girls that are infatuated with a single male character, and either the main character selects one of the girls or they remain stuck in a sort of a limbo where no one is picked”
“I see. Let me guess: he didn’t pick you”

She shakes her head sadly. “And since it’s hardwired into me, I can’t stop loving the main character either. Makes sure I will be miserable for my entire existence”

“So you moved looking for a fresh start?”
“You could say that. The hard-working archetype is one that I embody. It’s not the only one, but I am especially fond of it. So I decided to look for a more satisfying career, but…”
“That didn’t end well either I reckon”

“Bad-luck archetype”
“Wow. And I thought I had problems.”
You spend a few more minutes in silence. The rain, as quickly as it came, is now gone.

“I think I have to head back to the Inn. My companion is likely waiting for me there”
“Yeah. It might not look like it, but I am on a quest to save this World”

“Wow”, the girl says in amazement.
“It’s not as fun as it sounds like. And I would be grateful if you could give me directions”

Taking a map of the city out of one of the many stands in the shop, she guides you through the easiest way to reach the tavern where you and the Priest had lunch.

“… you turn right here, and then you’re golden”
“Alright, thank you very much!”

You get up and head for the exit.
But before that…

>Thank you for everything. I will try to repay my debt.
>Do you want to join me?
>Thank you for everything. I will try to repay my debt.
>Say thanks and don't make another promise.
>mfw it was the third option and I forgot to copypaste it
>Mfw no face

No worries anon. No promises
“Thanks for helping me out. I won’t forget someone who’s done me a good turn. I wish to repay my debt whenever it will be possible”

“Well, there is something you could do…”, she says, casting her glance to the floor.
“I won’t fuck minors”

Her kick reaches you in the bat of an eye. It hurts too.
“You had this coming. I have the ‘easily irritated by sexual remarks’ archetype, too”
“I guess I deserved this”, you say, rubbing your cheek.

“Well then, what is it?”
“It has to do with naming. You see, the Rising Sun Outers always called me the worst girl in the Harem. It would be nice if a Setting Sun Outer would call me the best one. Just for once”
“Well, consider yourself renamed, Best Girl. How’s that?”

Her smile is one of pure elation. “Thank you very much. I hope we will meet again”.
“So do I. So do I”.

As you head back to the restaurant, you reflect on the people you’ve meet so far. Some of them were ok, some of them looked ok but were actually annoying, and some others seemed unbearable but were actually nice.

Yeah, this world is worth saving, even just because of how similar humans and characters are.
So engrossed you are in your thoughts, that you don’t notice you’ve taken a wrong turn.

The sun has set, the boulevard you’re walking in is dark and looks menacing. Your blood freezes.
It’s not a nice place to stay, all your instincts are screaming that to you. You walk faster, following the map and trying to get back on the right way.

And then, before you, a dead end.
It’s too late to turn back: an hooded figure is already closing in, cornering you.
You quickly examine your surroundings, hoping to find something to use to fight back.
There seems to be a trash can laying around, maybe you can try using its lid as a blunt weapon.

The hooded figure takes some more steps in your direction, and you can’t help but move further down the alley.

She stops at the entrance, as to block your escape. The she takes her hood off.
A girl of stunning beauty, with hair red as the sunset and eyes purple like shining amethyst.
“We will be done quickly”, she says cruelly. “So don’t make this too difficult for yourself’

>Fight back
>You don’t know who I am!
>Can we talk about this?
Rolled 9053 (1d10000)

>>Fight back
I am NOT dying to some edgelord bitch in a back alley!
OVER 9000!!!!!
>Fight back

>Playerbase doubled

You’ve made your mind. You won’t go out with a whimper, you will go out with a bang.
You rush to the trash bin to grab the lid.

“What are you doing, you brute? I just want to talk!”, the girl screams.
But it’s too late. You’re already charging at full speed against her, swinging the lid in a decrescent arc.

And then… the lids bends. The girl seems to have projected some form of protective magic shield.
Casting the lid aside, you attempt to punch her, without much success.

“Hey, Outer. If you want to die, I can grant that wish right away”
You don’t stop. You keep punching her even though it’s useless.
“But that’d be a shame. You’re no good to me dead”

Your legs get enveloped by what seems to be invisible tentacles. You can’t move them.
The same tentacles coil around your arms as well. The girl is laughing in satisfaction.

“Very well, Outer. You really are stubborn. But now you have no chance but to listen”
The faint moonlight shining over her enhances her already godlike beauty.

“I assume the Goddess called you here. Yes, I am one of those she deems as heretics. I believe it’s just fair that you Outers worship us, considering how loyal we’ve been to your pathetic lot. Besides, this is the way to make everyone happy: the Outers of the Setting Sun are happy worshipping us, so why should we stop?
Not like you could stop us anyway. You and your puny goddess are afraid of change, that’s all there is to it.”

“I didn’t even have a personal grudge against you, so I don’t get why you had to come all the way here to make sure you’ll be my number one enemy, you cunt”

“Oh? But I wished no harm unto you. I just wanted you to listen. I am merely restraining you because otherwise you won’t hear me out”

“So far all I’ve heard are empty threats”
“Empty? I think my powers are very real, Outer. But thankfully, I am just here to grant you a gift.”

She takes out a ring from her pocket, and starts walking towards you.
“When you will finally see the light, this ring will lead you to me. Then, we’ll reshape this world, and rule over it”

>Refuse the gift
>begrudgingly accept it
>Demand an explanation about the ring
What do they call you? Mary Sue is the word that comes to mind.

>The ring might work on skin-to-skin contact. Wipe hand with shirt and take ring with shirt-covered hand.
>Demand an explanation about the ring
>>begrudgingly accept it
If you know of anyone else whose going to approach me like that please tell them to not phrase their statements as if they are about to kill me. It's why I flipped out.
>>begrudgingly accept it
>“When you will finally see the light, this ring will lead you to me."

Well apparently the ring doesn't work like that.
Want to repurpose your vote?
Sure. Accept the ring. It only works when we have a massive change of heart, which won't happen soon since we have been established as a stubborn-as-fuck character.

“Hm”. Grunting, you take the ring and put it in your pockets.
“Next time consider not sneaking upon people and telling them you’re their enemy. It might get them nervous, y’know?”

“Oh? But what I’ve said is the truth and nothing but the truth. Could it be that you outers are so scared of it?”

“That’s not exactly the point though, is it? Could you also un-shackle me, while we’re at it?”
Snapping her fingers, the girl releases you and dematerializes the tentacles.
“You’re quite the stubborn one. I would very much like it to have us on our side.”

“And what makes you think I would change sides?”
“You don’t really have a reason to go through this, do you? You don’t belong here. You didn’t want to come here”.

She moves behind you, grabbing your shoulders and whispering in your ear.
“These people have done nothing for you. So why would you do something for them? Accept my proposal and you will live the rest of your days as a god”

She lets go of you, and moves towards the dead end of the alley.
“One last thing, Outer”

“What is it, Witch?”
“In the land with no death, that craves for release, and in the land with no life, that craves not existence, seek enlightenment with an open heart. Thus, the fate of this world thou shalt know”

Uttering this cryptical prophecy, the Witch disappears.
You’re alone again, with a strange ring in your pocket and with strange thoughts in your mind.

It takes you a while, as well as a couple of wrong turns, but you’re finally in front of the inn again.
If this world works like your own, days should roughly last 24 hours. If so, it’s probably 8 pm. Considering you’ve been gone for roughly 6 hours, you assume the Priest will be scared or at the very least worried.
“Don’t be like that. No one would dare to harm an Outer in the Holy City. Besides, there are no heretics here!”
‘You have no idea how wrong you are’, you think.

“So, Outer. I guess it’s time to lay down a plan”

>Tell him about the ring
>Tell him about the prophecy
>Talk about companions
>>Tell him about the prophecy
Companions are where every anime turns to slice-of-life moshit
>Tell him about the prophecy

I missed two, made one. Its fine.

“About that, Priest”

“Well I don’t really know how to explain this. But there seems like there’s a prophecy linked to the fate of this world”
“There are several actually. The real task is finding out which ones are garbage and which ones are not”
“I guess. But I am fairly convinced that this one prophecy holds some significance”

The priest looks at you with a thoughtful expression. “Very well then, Outer. What is it?”
“ ‘In the land with no death, that craves for release, and in the land with no life, that craves not existence, seek enlightenment with an open heart. Thus, the fate of this world thou shalt know’. I know, it’s cryptic as fuck. I was hoping you could help me with this”

The priest rubs hums, lost in thoughts. “Sounds somehow familiar. And yet I have no clue where these places could be”
“Do you know anyone who could know?”
“Not really. Perhaps some fellow priests could know something about this. We could reach the Abbey outside the Holy City tomorrow, but that’d be impractical”

“What do you suggest then?”
“That we leave that as a last reserve. The first thing to do would be question the people we’ve met in these days”
“How could they possibly be more informed than Priest that have devoted their lives to holy scriptures?”

“They could be. Look, nothing happens by chance in this Universe. I am sure our meeting holds some significance too, and not just for this world, but for us as people. You’ve met characters in your first day in this world, so my suggestion is that you question them first”
“Right. Besides, the Abbey isn’t going anywhere, isn’t that so?”
“That is certainly true, but we can’t afford to slack off. Our time is limited, and the realms outside the Holy City are plentiful”

“I’ve noticed. They all seem connected to the Holy City somehow”
“Indeed. This world is arranged like a number of concentric circles. The center of them all is the City. The further away you are from the City, the further away you are from the Outer’s definition of ‘average’ “

“Basically, you built this city modeling it after our own”
“Yes indeed. A city befitting of the Gods is a city the Gods themselves would inhabit”

“Yeah, that makes sense. So what’s our next step?”
“For now, we go to sleep”. The Priest winks at the host. “I’ve struck a deal with him for two single rooms. It’s cheaper than I hoped”.

The Priest walks you to your room, which is right in front of his own.
“Very well, Outer. Good night. Might the Goddess guide you in your sleep”

You open the door and collapse on the bed. A mere minutes later, you’re already sleeping.

Backtracking and dealing with annoying shits!
The shadow of heresy over an holy town!
The truth about the scheduled mecha episode!

This, and much less, in the next episode of Saving Anime Quest!
Oh god damn it, I didn't even catch the third. Well be safe Author.
this was the third one, man.

By the way, do you still believe I should make a twitter?
Just do it OP.

Thanks Shia.

I actually recycled an old one. There you go
yes, It would help the a lot of people out.

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