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File: You, right now..png (394 KB, 1024x1448)
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> sneak in by your window
You know, There's something to be said for nostalgia. Quite a lot really. For example, bouncing up into the withered old branches of the apple tree that somehow grew it's way up to your window. It feels good, like the distinctive "click" as your latch snaps out of place, and the oiled movement as the window arcs inwards. Even the messed up bed covers, and your telescope stand by the sil, and the writing desk just inside the window that acts as a step ladder as you climb into your old room. What's not nostalgic is the fact that Halie's not only been through your stuff (what little of it you left) but also been sleeping in your room. You can see her nightgown hanging from your door.

"Shut up." She knows what's coming.
"Not a word"
You could be a dick. You could spout your usual innuendo, a wise-crack, but honestly, it's... kinda touching. "You missed me that much?"
Your question catches her off guard and she stumbles over her words "I didn... what do you mean..." She sighs. "Yes actually. One night you're there, being your boisterous self, the next morning you're gone, without even a goodbye." Your adopted sister slips a glance your way that makes you heart twitch in guilt. No seriously, you can feel the missing flesh grow painful, as the ragged edges contract and rip. Her next words are almost a whisper. "Where did you go?"
> write in (your opportunity to put some story into Captain Mantell's piratical history)
> "I was being a Pirate. You know, like we always wanted to. "
> "I fucked up."
> "I don't want to talk about it."
HI! Sorry about yesterday, I was ambushed and could only host a mini thread. Lesson learned, and, judging from the somewhat lacking audience yesterday, I probably won't host any threads on weekends. (Nearly) Everything I posted yesterday will be posted today, as well as a slice of life at the end of the thread!
Voting ends in 30 mins!
>Write in

"I decided the world needed a bit more *me* in it. In all seriousness though, I went a fulfilled a childish dream, that actually ended rather horribly."
File: I CALL UPON THEE!.png (1.53 MB, 962x1264)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
Guess it's just you and me anon. I could pester minion to do something, but his entire purpose seems to be preventing any sort of personality development, so I'll wait 'till a quarter past the hour hope some one posts, possibly a lurker.

In the meantime, Character sheets or worldbuiding?
Character sheets, let's see what we're rocking.
File: James Mantell.jpg (11 KB, 236x363)
11 KB
James Mantell III
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Light
Eyes: Dark Grey
Height: 5'11''
Age: 20
Build: Skinny

Agency's notes:
James Mantell first came to our attention after his failed attack on Crookhaven, during which he managed to scuttle his ship, "Fiend's Delight" on the sandbank as the tide was coming in. It was promptly blown to smithereens by His Royal Magesty's Ship "The Wolf's Hammer". However, he managed to avoid the same fate it seems, by clinging to his ships nameplate and drifting. Upon research, it seems he came to power by climbing the ranks of the previous Dread Pirate Williams through careful maneuvering and scheming, ending in a mutiny that saw Captain Williams left on the Island of Midarlia. His more famous second attack also ended in failure, though it is worthy of note, as it was not more than two months after his first battle. In that time, he had recouped his crew, ship, and dignity, not to mention, having added a few surprises to his arsenal. In a bout of unprecedented innovation, HRMS "The Wolf's Hammer" was sunk unexpectedly, as small Sloop launches loaded with manikins and oil were detonated by rune, presumably triggered when HRMS "The Wolf's Hammer" crushed them beneath her prow. The damage done by those small launches allowed his light frigate to quickly send the much larger galleon to a watery grave. We're looking into using this innovation in the future, but with more support. Had the the rest of the Royal Navy not shown up, doubtless, Captain Mantell would be a terror to the high seas yet.
File: Frigate.jpg (119 KB, 1024x768)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
On the "Fiends Delight":
Captain Mantell's Ship was reconstructed and was brought under a new configuration. Instead of keeping ballistae above the prow as normally seen of a light frigate, Captain Mantell loaded the mid-deck with ports for his 12 artillery to fire through, 6 on each side, and lined the now empty space of the main deck with mounted heavy crossbows. This gave his artillery, which would normally be picked off by crossbow bolts an unusually good position to fire from, even rivaling larger Galleons and Galleases. It was also able to port with it 3 sloop launches, and unleash them to great effect as seen in the sinking of HRMS "The Wolfs Hammer". It would be wise to ensure that no other Captains catch onto this before we have found a way to counter it, as it allows for speed and power, a useful combination.
Active: Swashbuckler, Pirate's eye
Unlocked: Innovative
Known:Brother Protector (2/3)
Path: Fortune Frowns upon you.
Potential pathways: Unknown
Equipment: Tribal Knife, Shoddy clothes
>Fortune Frowns Upon You
Seems about right.
Apologies if you were hoping for stats anon, I still don't know quite how I'm going to handle them. For know, make do with the smarts that you got.
Now. Holy shit, even when I'm not exhausted I can't fucking spell.

Any other sheets? Maybe for the Halia?
File: Sands of fate.jpg (39 KB, 620x465)
39 KB
>Write in

"I decided the world needed a bit more *me* in it." Halia snorts and you can feel the moment is about to pass "In all seriousness though, I went a fulfilled a childish dream, that actually ended rather horribly."
"You didn't!"
"I did. Halie, piracy is not what it's made out to be. It's not worth all the back-stabbing, all the infighting, the months of hard labour that you have to do, just to earn a few coins." you sit on your bed, and feel something roughly knife shaped under the blanket. "I had to work my way up through the ranks, slowly. But even then, I had to stab, murder, and ambush my way through everyone else to get to the top. You don't want to be at the top either. My ship sank Halie. Twice. In the same damn harbour, because the royal navy has more ships than you can ever out shoot, out run, or out maneuver. They guard the trade-lanes until your crew threatens mutiny, and then close the net when you try to raid even the smallest towns. There's no honour. No heroics. Just death violence, and lonliness. Women don't want pirates. They don't want to be pirates either. No one wants you, and no one needs you. So I came home. Hoping you and dad could forgive me... Or just throw me out. Absolution would be a blessing at this point."
You can see that your points hit home. Halie latched onto your dream when her world collapsed around her. It's not fair to ruin it now, but you can't see her in that position, a murderous evil person. Not your little sister.
Her tears are building up in her eyes, and you could really do with a hug, but you don't deserve it. Scum like you don't have little sisters. They don't get to have a second chance. That's why you were stabbed.


Change Path?
>Path of Absolution
>Path of Redemption
> If you cannot do, teach
>Fortune frowns upon you
Posting anon, gimme a tic. I'm trying to pad the thread a little.
I have a third character sheet, but to be honest, it's the result of booze and anime, and not canon... yet.
File: Halia Mantell.jpg (217 KB, 750x570)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Halia Mantell.
Hair: Auburn-Red
Skin: olive
Eyes: Dark Blue
Height: 5'6''
Build: Well Proportioned

Agency's notes:
Halia "Halie" Mantell is the adopted daughter of James Mantell the second, a man of little note, though her brother is what brought our attention upon her. At a young age she lost her biological family, and was quickly adopted by the elder Mantell, who, having served his years in service to Aughantaur, the god of death, had retired. She had already been sound friends with her future brother, and bonded further over the loss of their parents, as at the time, she had lost a father, and he, a mother. She came to look up to Mantell Sr. as a father and settled into the family with ease, though she kept her elven disposition when it came to the forest, being both a capable hunter, and a good woods woman. When her brother left at the age of 18, she took to bar work and worked as a serving girl, while selling her woodcarvings and kills in Harrfell. It seems that there's more of her brother in her than she let's on. Her tongue is sharp, and she is just as hot-headed. When a group of Orcs came rampaging through, they were quickly dispatched by an unseen assailant, through a frankly ridiculous amount of thrown knives, and a good deal of hunters traps. While normally the agency would eliminate Captain Mantell, There is hope yet that his sister will reign in his rampant disregard for the law. They are being put on the list of high priority suspects and Agency candidates for this reason.
Traits: Temptress, Combat dancer
Unlocked: Woodcarver, knife hunter
Path: Adventurous spirit
Pathways: unknown
Equipment: Wenches uniform, Hunting knife, light knives x22, Mother's hairpin
Damn. It's hard to decide between Redemption and teaching. On the one hand, we could work towards righting our wrongs.... On the other, we could prevent others from making the same mistakes...

I think we'll right our own wrongs. Others can make their own mistakes, let's prevent Halia from following our path by showing her our redemption.
Oh, right, the vote call. Uh... At 8? Or should I hold it to 20 minutes... Let's say 20 minutes
Are... are you and I the only ones still here anon.... Is it a slow day? did someone die? Is there another quest? am I just that bad?
You died, Redem. I apologise.
Well fuck. Now what? Do I put this off 'till tomorrow... because this is kind an important choice. Not that I don't value your opinion anon, (I need to name you... ) but I'd hate for the quest to go only the way of one person and not, say, a larger Tuesday group.

Mr.Carp. That's your name now. For they are great beasts and GOD FUCKING DAMMIT do I have too much of a hard time playing dwarf fortress.
> Path of redemption
Am I on the same level as Minion now?

No, Mr.Carp, you are above him now, For I have his skype details, and too much free time. and he is my minion.
... Ok... *grumble mumble*

Vaarlgann Royal Family
Crowned Black Wolf Rampant, against a red field, three white stars estoile against a black sky

King Janaar Vaarlgann
Queen Aneala Koppsmitt
Prince Jaeric Vaarlgann
(Princess Jaeress Vaarlgann)
Agency's notes
For Years the Vaarlgann Family have ruled in Loerian. It's recorded that they were prominent as the land was settled in the year 817GS as a Vassal Family to the then King Ingrod Stillkert. A coup in the Year 1231GS left the Vaarlgaan Family in it's current state of power. They were seen for a long time as a champion of the people, putting in place grand designs for roads, ports, and schools, but recently this fell into decline as tensions between Loerian and Stassgerd rose. The past three generations have been putting more and more focus on their military assets, building large military shipyards in the Capital of Stillholt, and the large port city of Vaarlholt. The policy of having a school in every large town was changed and replaced many schools with a militia training regimen, and a guard outpost, and enforced a policy of patrols through villages. Loerian also saw the founding of many Specialist and elite units, both mercenary and military. Some of the more famous of these include the King's personal guard "The Black Dragoons" and the mercenary company "The Red-Weald Co.". These preparations seem to have paid off with the recent outbreak of war with Strassgerd.
The Queen married into royalty from the Koppsmitt family, who control a large amount of the countries forestry and charcoal production, an marriage of convenience to guarantee the production of more siege weaponry and naval power. Though the marriage was arranged, the queen and king are seen as a good match, and the queen has championed the people, pushing her husband towards evacuating citizens from the front lines, and seeing that the war affects the country as little as possible. While His Royal Majesty has his sights set on taking land in Strassgerd, The Queen has been stressing peace, with negotiators being granted passage to and from Loerian under The Queens name. She bore the king a daughter, but was rendered sterile during childbirth. At The Kings insistence, in order to prevent civil tension, Princess Jaeress was instead raised Prince Jaeric, and kept out of the public eye, until the war is resolved, and a better candidate for the throne can be found.

Votes while I paste my alcoholic nonsense?
Time in Loerian. The current year is 1612 Gods Sleep. Time was first recorded at 1700 Before Rest. These are denominated GS and BR, and refer to the last time the gods were recorded directly taking interest in the world. In 314BR, a war between the gods caused a large swathe of Stassgerd to be torn in a holy war between the different orders of paladins, clerics and monks. This pseudo-civil war left the county crippled in terms of technological advancement and completely restructured the societal structure from a series of duchys and baronies guided by a high king to a single unified county, with Vassal families swearing allegiance to the King, in return for great tracts of land. At the end of the war, the leaders of all the various religions made an announcement that after reflection on the effects of their war, the gods would no longer speak through their followers, but would rest, and leave with the peoples of Strassgerd general tenets and commandments, which members could champion in return for power. This marked the beginning of a new age, starting a 00GS. Since then, magic has seen a decline, as has holy power, though neither is in risk of being forgotten, 1 in 50 citizens having innate magic, and around 1 in 30 devoting themselves to the gods. As mages with enough power to act as siege engines have gone into decline, the dependence on siege-craft and military strategy has increased, and any large scale war would economically cripple most noble families. However, arcane or holy aid is available in most towns, even if most practitioners have only enough training to ward off mortal injury until a physician can begin treatment, or heal broken bones and small cuts in a short amount of time. Those with better training can be found in military, mercenary or guild positions.
>Main character is white with blonde hair
>Picture for MC has brown hair
First you make us a disgusting white person THEN you make us blonde. We truly are the biggest piece of shit. I demand delicious brown girls in the future to compensate for this! Therefore.
>>Path of Redemption
I will let you redeem yourself.
Fuck you, I'm a better namefag than he'll ever be!
Ok anon, you broke me. But there will be no magical girl transformations. But there may be more pandering to the masses

THE TWITTER, You bullies. NOW, TO THE WRITING PAD. While minion talks in the background about me being a meanie-boots and Some Jojo thingymabober
....can we get a stand? For the name I vote "Wayward Son." Fits our character I think. I don't know about a power tho.
A Stando? Yes please.
I refuse to do anything that minion advocates. maybe later. If you unlock your magical potential. Back to writing. (almost done)
File: 41-o7dgbOJL._SX300_.jpg (14 KB, 300x277)
14 KB
>Path of Redemption
You know what, Fuck that. FUCK FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF. Sure, you fucked up, you fucked up hard, but you know what, you got stabbed in the heart, and didn't die. You managed to sink the Royal Navy's flag ship. You got back home and now, you have your sister to back you up. You will not bow down to misfortune, you will not submit to your sins. You *will* redeem yourself, and you will claim your manifest destin-
Oh. Well, your heart never did that before. Oooooh. That stings

> be redeemed, and claim your destiny, we shall be watching.

You know, head-voices aside, your feeling a bit better. Rather a lot better honestly, both physically and mentally. You smile. Not the cynical, grumpy half-smile you usually give. You beam.
"I have no idea. But I'm feeling a lot better. I think it's a good thing I got that off my chest."
"Admitting that you fucked up all our lives made you feel better."
"I think it did something to my hear to-"
"Halia, is there a reason that all the pots in the kitchen fell?"
"Oh for fuck sake, get your pants on and grab dad's sword. You're sitting on it!"
>Pants equipped
> Sharp broadsword equipped
>shirt equipped
"Ok, now what?"
"Now we go downstairs, and kill what ever dumb fucking bandit thinks he owns the place."

Damn, your sister is scary.

> Go first
> Go second


> Speed
> stealth
>Start learning magic that turns the user spirit into a physical form
>Our stand has twin flintlocks that don't need revolving because magic
>we aren't the strongest man in the world so the shots are more equivalent to punches
>For the last shot our guns come together to form a cannon that launches our enemy
Now that is how you turn an anon on.
>> Go first
>> Speed
Shhhhhhhh. I'm doing a pathfinder campaign with James Mantell the 4th as a character (It's a long bloodline that transcends dimensions, shut up) who is essentially a pirate, but with a double hackbutt. And he's a gunscavenger. Because fuck it, why not. And I may be able to actually be able to pull your "stand" off too.


Prince Jaeric Vaarlgann
Hair: Brown paige-boy cut
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'3''
Build: Androgynous

Agency's notes
Prince Jaeric Vaarlgaan has been raised as such at His Royal Majesty Janaar's wishes, until the current affair with Strassgerd is resolved. Poor kid's not doing so well. Stutter, a twitchy eye, and I swear he looks at the maids funny sometimes. Still, He's been raised well, a decent archer, a better swordsman, and as far as we know, he has some magical potential, which I swear, explains half his talents. He's better at sneaking through crowds than the better part of our agents, and a "girl" matching his description has a warrant for arrest after causing the merchants in Stillholt's market no end of trouble. Which, if our suspicions prove true, means he snuck through 3 layers of walls, all manned with guards, passed 2 military checkpoints, specifically set up to catch spies and sneaks, and stole from some of the sharpest merchants in the country. Frankly, while he's been set up to be a figure head for the throne, that boy could be put to much better use in the agency... not to mention that damn mutt of his. I swear, I will never understand how a prince came across a wolf pup in the castle, let alone Stillgerd, but I've never seen that thing leave his person. Always on guard, always watching. Gods it's almost scary.
Traits: unnoticed, animal companion
inactive: Creepy
Known: dual fate(2/4)
Path: Inheritor to the throne
Pathways: Sneak-thief, Royal pain-in-the-ass, Queen for the people.
Equipment: Thieves tools, squire's sword, hunter's bow, wolf pup.

I'm not drunk, YOUR DRUNK. I'm going to get food. Back in... 10. Vote call in 15
So I do have to ask, where do people want this quest to go, both in terms of plot (I have my own ideas, but we all know how that works) and in terms of terrain. Because you *are* still a pirate at heart (what little of it you have) and I wouldn't be too put out by a sea adventure. Also, what do people think will happen? Also to the anon who is annoyed by my lack of google-fu, If you don't like the art, draw summat. I'd do it myself, but I don't have a scanner and my paint tool is fucked. (screw you windows 10)
First. Speed.

I'm leaning towards getting lost in a magic forest or some shit. Delicious dark skinned elves and it will be spiritual and shit. May or may not try to bang his sister. I can't help it she has a fat ass
File: PHOTOSHOP IT YOURSELF.jpg (26 KB, 259x259)
26 KB
Implying that I wouldn't put an knife-eared cocoa skinned, female captain in the adventure as a rival captain... Writing
File: CHARGE!.png (6 KB, 322x157)
6 KB

"Good point"

Finally well dressed and well equipped, you can't help but feel a little protective you your littlest (and only) sister.

>brother protector added, activated

"me first, you can still hit an apple at a hundred yards with your blade."
"suits me"
"3" you begin
"2" she continues
"fuck it" you finish "CHAAAAAAARGE!"
you barge out the door yelling...


Vault the stairs, landing like a cat, only to flip the banister, and come face to face with 3 men in your kitchen looking rather alarmed, and rather unprepared.

The nearest has just enough time to register your face before Halia puts a knife in his arm "What the-"

And you charge him down

>d20 +2 (surprise!) +4 (brother protector) +1 (actual weapon)
Redem pls. For me. Use capitals at the start of sentences.
Rolled 11 + 7 (1d20 + 7)

Sorry anon, I really should get more sleep and nutrition, normally I'm not awful at everything, I promise. We'll resolve combat, I'll post slice of life and then I'll get some sleep. Rolls?
Rolled 10 + 7 (1d20 + 7)

Forgot my roll.
File: ROLL FOR ME!.jpg (10 KB, 236x183)
10 KB
One last roll. Mr. Carp if you're still here... PULL THE LEVER!
Or, you know, anyone else. I could do it, but that feels like it goes against the idea of questing.
Pulling the lever!
Rolled 11 + 7 (1d20 + 7)

My hand slipped off the lever, sorry.
File: MR.CARP!.png (744 KB, 900x599)
744 KB
744 KB PNG
*Noisome laughter* That means roll you dope!
18, sweet, Writing

Fuck your street signs capcha.
File: SWORD!.jpg (23 KB, 809x1100)
23 KB
Down comes the sword, and suddenly there's a gaping cut in his padded clothes, and in his chest. His scream is pleasant, and the knowledge that you're about to take a few hits for sister dearest is good.
The actual pain of his fist hurts less than if his sword hand wasn't out of commision, but the other two have stood up now, and one of them is holdind a recently fired crossbow. Which explains the striking pain in your side.
Dumbass no.2 has drawn his club, and is pushing his friend out of your war path, when he intercepts a dagger to the leg and stumbles. Unfortunately Halie has now been noticed by Mr.Crossbow who, you're fairly sure, just called her an ugly whore
>Goon no1. (finish the job) d20 +1 (actual weapon)
>Goon no.2 (Coup de grace) d20+ 2 (coup de grace) +1 (actual weapon)
>Mr.Crossbow+2 (Charge) +4 (brother protector) +1(actual weapon)

Know what, I'll wind down after this round, and we'll start the next thread with MORE ACTION!
Rolled 16 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>>Goon no.2 (Coup de grace) d20+ 2 (coup de grace) +1 (actual weapon)
File: image.jpg (173 KB, 620x747)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Rolled 6 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

>Goon No. 2
Mr. Carp, I hope you're not suggesting a boss monster?
because even if you're not, I'm stealing this for a boss monster
Please tell me you know what asuras wrath is... Redem will you ever cease to disappoint me?
Rolled 4 (1d20)

Eventually. And I know of it, though being poor and Irish, I'll never do more that that without resorting to (ironically, considering our MC) piracy.

I won't pay attention to it. Cause it's bad. If it's for our sister tho...
Rolled 11 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

>Mr. Carp. I mean Crossbow.
Writing, gimme a tic, we'll wind down and I'll post the promised slice of life essence.
Better be smut. As in we bang our sister. I wanna take a slice of that if you know what I'm saying.
File: KILLING BLOW.jpg (176 KB, 1920x1080)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
>goon no.2
You swing past Goon no.1 and capitalise on the opportunity that was so kindly presented to you by your sister kick Goon no.2 in the ribs, and STAB THE BASTARD IN THE BACK, driving your lovely new sword into his heart, and letting yourself relish the kill. These bastards are in YOUR house, attacking YOUR sister, and being dicks to you. And yet the usual pleasant thrill isn't there. No pleasure to be taken in taking a life.
>path of Redemption- trait-> noble, active
Goon no.1 Pulls the dagger from his hand and rounds on you with his sword while Mr.Crossbow fires a shot at your sister, missing by a mile and a half. In return he takes a dagger to the side, but seems largely un-phased by it.
>guard your sister
>talk it out.

And we'll end it there. Tomorrows thread's on at 5-ish and stick around for a few more minutes if you would!
What time is it where you live? Also link Twitter you gobshite.
Mr. Smut, are you aware that blood is not currently flowing through Captain Mantell's body? There are some penalties to being dead you know. Whether you screwed your sister in the past or not, I'll leave to your imagination... for now.

"I knew you were sneaking out."
You pause with one leg out the window, and the other on the writing desk, your telescope pushed to the side to make way for your boot.
"How much to buy your silence?"
Halia slinks over to your bed and lies back on it, admiring the star-chart you've been drawing on your ceiling with charcoal. "How'd you get past the locks? Dad'll have a fit when he see's you've found a way out."
You sigh " A way out's a way in son. The tricks to put the lock on the inside. That way you can be sure that you can get out, and they can't get in." You mimic your father's imperious tone perfectly, sending your sister into a fit of giggles. "Really, I just broke the latch. I can attach the lock to that, and it looks like it's perfectly secure. Most thieves would give up seeing the lock inside, but if you push it just so..." you demonstrate your ingenious system with a twist of your wrist, and Halie gives an appreciative whistle.
"Well, you've already given me your secret. The price of my silence is that you do the same to my window."
"Halie, what will you be doing out at night?"
"Well, what are *you* doing?"

(this option seems handcrafted for me)
" *I*, dear sister, will be getting drunk with Wren Garves"
"She finally get her distillery set up?"
"Mhmm. And then maybe we'll go to the inn, if Marven's playing."
"Well I'll do that then. Unless, you've got something else planned with Wren?"
for a 14 year old, she catches on fast. You feel a blush spreading up your cheeks.
"What's it to you?"
"To me? It's another reason for you to do as I say"
"Fine, I'll break you latch. But if this get's back to dad, I'll tell him you've been hunting in the forest again. And that you've been getting Garr to teach you scrimshaw!"
This time, it's your sister's turn to blush. "Not a word brother. Dad'll never even suspect it."
"Expect what daughter?"
You give your signature sideways smile looking back at the memories, as you wait for the bandits to pass.
"Hey sis, you ever end up going out with Garren Tabbs?"
She blushes "It didn't work out. He was too interested in fighting the other boys to protect me. Like I need protection." She muffles a "hmph" and looks down. "Last I heard he went and joined the Kingsmen. Why?"
"Just remembering" and your smile grows a little "time to move"
It's just coming up on 20 to 10 here in Ireland. And I have been up since.... too early.

Blood won't flow through our penis dear QM... THE POWER OF REDEMPTION WILL GIVE US AN ERECTION THAT COULD PIERCE THE HEAVENS! I doubt we banged her in the past tho. We might've kissed her considering we were kids and that's what kids do.

I expect great things from you. Make sure to capitalize and double check your sentence structure.
He'll never manage it. Trust me. The sentence structure, that is. I'm certain we already have a gleaming Redemrection.
Opinions please, archiving, then attempting to pass out. YOU HAVE 20 MINUTES TO BOTHER ME AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, WITH NO REPERCUSSIONS

Wilco Mr.Smut. You might be onto something about redemption restoring blood-flow though.
>Missed everything
Sorry, QM. Been sick as a dog for a few days.
You are absolved, It's good to know that I'm at least missed and not just bad. My fault really, though at the prompting of what I can only assume is Mr.Smut, I've now (unfortunately for me) got a twitter.
Would you ever consider writing smut? How long do you plan on running this quest? (I can see it going for a long time.) How often will you be able to QM? Also feel free to follow me on Twitter if you ever want to bounce ideas off of someone. I'm the guy that just asked what time you meant.
Only if you can overlook my sexual inexperiance, and if I can get over the embarrassment I would suffer due to minion having my skype details.
>Quest length
As long as I fucking can. I'll probably take a 3 week break in summer, but at the same time, I'll also be upping thread frequency with the timetable freed up
> Frequency
Mondays and Tuesdays if I miss one of those, Wednesdays.
>Bounce Ideas
Sure, though, I don't know how often I'll do that. I'm currently plodding along due to only having a general idea of what I want to write going into thread.
Fuck Ireland, it's weather, it's awful internet and the fact that GMT is not the standard on 4-chan.
Oh and Mr.Carp, Minion says he doesn't like you. This pleases me

The archive, for voting, should you wish it.

Slowly and surely, I will memorise all of 4-chans captcha.
Does... Does he like me? Also your guess that I was the Twitter guy is obviously correct at this point. You should archive this as "Redemptor and the rampant namefagging."
"Inexperiance." You meant inexperience my dude.
You'd be surprised how wide-spread sexual inexperience is in many smut-writing communities.

To the empowerage of words.
Apologies, I run on copious amounts of alcohol, biomass and caffeine all of which I am running low on. Also sleep. I guess that's important? G'night /tg/
Goodnight, sweet prince.
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