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  • File :1242221667.png-(235 KB, 294x400, creed.png)
    235 KB Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:34 No.4544432  
    >Special Rules (Creed)
    >Tactical Genius: During depoyment, choose a single infantry or vehicle unit in your army. That unit has the scouts special rule for the duration of the battle.

    Newfag IG player here.

    What defines a single unit? A Squad of 10 men? Does it apply to transports? Singular vehicle or can I give it to Vehicle Squads, or a whole platoon of infantry?
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:35 No.4544435
    Just read the rulebook you.. you double-nigger
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:37 No.4544454
    Unit is a squad. So yes vehicle squadron is a unit.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:38 No.4544466
    Yes, this means that you can indeed outflank a squad of leman russ demolishers if you wanted to.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:39 No.4544467
    Wait... So... Flankan Lemon Rushes?
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:39 No.4544471
    "We are so totally owning these guys."


    "The fuck?! Where were they hiding those?"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:40 No.4544483
    They were hiding behind his TACTICAL GENIUS.

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:43 No.4544498
    "Seriously, there's nothing but a flat fucking desert out there, and the tanks are painted black. How the fuck did we miss this?"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:45 No.4544506
    they tarred the entire tank and covered it with sand. Brilliant!
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:46 No.4544509
    "I think they were hiding behind that massive curtain that says 'Tactical Genius: Don't look here.' "
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:46 No.4544516
    Holy shit that would be such a dickish (but brilliant) thing to pull. He's halfway to your gunline of brave (but doomed) soljers, and then suddenly LEMAN RUSSES UP IN THIS MOTHERFUCKER.

    Would be worth doing just to see the look on your opponent's face when three Executioners show up from behind a bush and proceed to rape his army. Bonus points for shouting 'SURPRISE!' as you unveil them.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:47 No.4544521
    "Didn't we just come from the west?"
    "Yeah, so?"
    "Well, where the fuck did the trio of smoke-belching motherfucking battle tanks in the west come from? There's not even anywhere to hide! This is a barren snow world!"
    "I dunno. Tactical Genius?"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:49 No.4544525
    So cheesy, I would prefer Banewolfs though, getting a 12" outflank from the side and then spewing hot sticky ap3 2+ to wound jizz.

    Plus makes slightly more sense than SUDDENLY DEMOLISHERS.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:49 No.4544529
    I want to make Creed look like a magician now, and then, when I make the scout rolls, go

    "And for my next trick, I shall make three Leman Russes appear...out of thin air!"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:57 No.4544575
    So Creed is so smart he can infiltrate tanks? Does this mean he sends Leman Russes on recon missions? Because that would be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)09:59 No.4544586
    Al raheem with 50 man infantry squad, 50 conscripts, and some melta-toting Special weapon squads.

    Regular 50 man platoon with creeds tactical genius.

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:00 No.4544591
    Creed can infiltrate anything. Even Titans. Or Orbital Defence Lasers. He scouts with bunkers.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:03 No.4544604
    Can he infiltrate... THE EMPRAH?!
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:03 No.4544607
    And his golden throne.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:03 No.4544609

    That sly dog..!
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:07 No.4544627
    >Even Titans.

    They call it a Warhound SCOUT Titan for a reason, y'know
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:08 No.4544634
    Suddenly, giant stone phalluses everywhere!
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:11 No.4544647
    My god. Warhounds really are scout titans now.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:11 No.4544648

    "So there we were right, ready to charge the loyalist scum, and then suddenly we were under fire from our west flank. Batshit mental. We turn to return fire, and somehow they sneaked a bunker in, right next to us? We didn't have any meltas so we got the hell out of there."
    *Chaos Commisar executes traitor*
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:12 No.4544650
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:16 No.4544669
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:16 No.4544670
    "So, there we were, in the middle of our Craftworld, planning our next raid on those filthy Mon-Keigh. Suddenly, the western tower exploded. They had somehow managed to sneak in three of those 'Titans'."
    "How did they manage to sneak three war machines the size of building complexes into the middle of a Craftworld?"
    "They had a Tactical Genius on their side."
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:17 No.4544673


    But 3 Leman Russ Demolishers appearing from nowhere would be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:18 No.4544677
    Is it that? Or is it right in the OP?
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:19 No.4544683
    This contradicts what has been stated in the OP. I DEMAND INDEPENDANT, PHOTOGRAPHIC VERIFICATION
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:19 No.4544688
    Page 29, in the box at the bottom.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:19 No.4544691
         File :1242224399.jpg-(64 KB, 800x600, creed-wallpaper-800x600.jpg)
    64 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:20 No.4544695


    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:20 No.4544696
    Is Creed's tactical genius a meme yet?
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:20 No.4544699
    Just checked. >>4544673 is wrong, OP has it right, word for word. SUDDENLY DEMOLISHERS is perfectly legal and viable.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:20 No.4544701

    Cus photos and scans are too hard to get, rite?
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:21 No.4544708
    Can't be arsed, don't play the wargame anyway. I am a man of the Dark Heresies only.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:22 No.4544713
    checked my copy, says "single vehicle or infantry unit..." so scouting warhound titans are a go.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:22 No.4544718
    By the way, it's on page 57, under Creed's special rules. I'd post a scan of the page, but I can't be arsed to go through the slight effort it would take just to prove a point on the internet,
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:23 No.4544723
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:23 No.4544724
    Don't ask questions like that. These things must be allowed to evolve naturally.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:23 No.4544725
         File :1242224614.png-(843 KB, 1128x433, zdfgdfghsrfh.png)
    843 KB

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:25 No.4544734
    Creed can always infiltrate it in anyway.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:25 No.4544736
    It's not an order, retard. It's a special rule that takes effect before deployment.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:26 No.4544746

    Not yet. Maybe after this post:

    - Shas'el: we were engaging the Gurre'va in the caverns, where we had laid the trap, but suddenly the tide turned. A Gurre'va 'Volcano cannon' burst from beneath us, where a superheavy walker of some kind had been planted in some kind of cavern.
    - Shas'o: But how? We had scanned the caverns for three cycles before we chose it as the ideal location to spring the trap. Who could do this?
    - Shas'el: He must be some kind of tactical geniu-
    Shas'o: "CREEEEEED!"
    >> Fatalis 05/13/09(Wed)10:34 No.4544783
         File :1242225259.jpg-(23 KB, 470x278, khan-787365.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:34 No.4544785
    "We wuz in wunna dem big flying fings dat git us to da fight, an' da boss wus gettin' a bit angry from muckin' about fer several days. So's us boyz tried to stay away from 'im cuz we dun wanna get krumped."
    "Wut happened den?"
    "Three 'umie battlewagons exploded da walls wiv dere kannons."
    "Where da zog did dose wagons come from?"
    "Dunno. Da boss ses it wos some kinda smott taktiks."
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:36 No.4544796
    "So the cultists were charging straight up to their gunline, right, with the tanks and shit close behind. Cultists were dying in droves, but then that's what they're there for. Just before they got there, we hear a rustling over to the left. We go and check it out, and there's just a bush. Nothing else - then out of nowhere a fucking BANEBLADE pops up from behind it and slaughters everyone! The guy must have been some sort of tactical geniu-"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:37 No.4544809
         File :1242225473.jpg-(82 KB, 400x425, that fucking titan.jpg)
    82 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:39 No.4544818
    Yeah. Creed's a Special Rule.
    >> OnlyFoolsTakeSomethingPostedHereAsFact 05/13/09(Wed)10:39 No.4544820
         File :1242225553.jpg-(3 KB, 100x127, Whatnowmotherfuckerssmug.jpg)
    3 KB

    Did i mention , I frickin love you guys .
    Thanks for making my day happy ;D
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:41 No.4544841
    "So there we were, in the webway, coming back with some slaves from the craftworlds. Suddenly a Filthy Mon'keigh 'Valkyre' amushes us form god knows where, shoots down my raider, and unloads some ogryns. How they managed to get in the webway I don't know, no sort of tactical geniu-"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:43 No.4544852

    Valkyries can't transport Ogryns.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:44 No.4544862
         File :1242225865.jpg-(7 KB, 390x107, tacgenius.jpg)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:44 No.4544864



    "...zzzt...zzzt ....ngreeeeeeeeed...."
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:45 No.4544869

    Yeah, geting Ogryns on a Valkyre would require some kind of tactical geni......

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:46 No.4544872
    “So I managed to pull of the eraser-between-the-doors trick on Creed, right, and he was pissed but I thought I’d gotten away with it, what with my shiny Inquisitorial I telling him that shooting me would be a bigass mistake.”
    “Yeah? And?”
    “Well, the next day I wake up, turn off the alarm in my Servitor’s head, make breakfast, do my morning exercises – all is as usual. Then I hear this racket from my wardrobe. I swing to the doors open and, suddenly, Demolishers! The guy must be some kind of tactical geniu”–
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:46 No.4544873
    What did Tigurius hear when he read the Tyranid Hive Mind?

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:47 No.4544878
    "We've been over that location 15 times! WHERE did those bunkers come from?!" "Must have been built by some tactical gen-" "CREEEEEEDDDDDD"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:47 No.4544881
    Just imagine if Creed'd been back in the Heresy. Big assault on Horus' flagship, Horus is halfway through kicking seven shades of shit out of Sanguinius, when suddenly BAMPF, an Emperor Titan pops out from behind Horus' throne. Horus' last words?

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:48 No.4544892
    Eldrad's dickishness versus Creed's genius.

    Heaven or Hell. Let's rock.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:48 No.4544894

    its official

    IG is now the most OP army in 40K. scout titans everywhere.

    i love you /tg/
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:49 No.4544899
    "We were just waking the Tomb World Overseer up after millennia of stasis, and were 83% through the process, when several gigantic armored vehicles burst through the pyramid walls and started spewing corrosive venom over us."
    "Does not compute."
    "According to our calculations, it had to be the work of a tactical geni-"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:50 No.4544903
    No. Creed is just special. He was always special. Even as a child, in Special Schola, he was always playing make-believe...
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:51 No.4544909
    Shas'ui: Sir, we were busy fighting an ork incursion when suddenly, some sort sort of super heavy tank fell out of the sky and landed on both wings of our suit squadrons! it then proceeded to destroy everything in sight!

    Farsight: That's patently impossible. How could that even work?

    Shas'ui. It must be the work of a tactical gen-

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:52 No.4544914
    creed is now a /tg/ meme... archiving this page for great justice
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:53 No.4544921
    I'd imagine it going something like this:
    *Eldrad sits alone in his chamber, divining the next course of action. Suddenly, he leaps to his feet, shaking his fist*
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:53 No.4544927
    "How in Aun'va's name did they sneak a Baneblade on board a Manta that was in the damn air? It was miles above the battlefield! And how the hell did they fit it inside?"
    "No idea, Shas'o. Must have been some sort of tactical genius."
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:54 No.4544938
    Does Creed's special rule work on his meme too?
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:54 No.4544941
    "We were in the sewers beneath Altdorf, about to release poison to kill-kill all the man-things, when all of a quick-quick this Baneblade appeared and kill-killed all of the slaves and most of the Stormvermin!"

    "How is that possible? We're not even in the same galaxy-galaxy as 40K* "

    "Must have been some kind of Tactical-Tactical Geni-

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:55 No.4544942
         File :1242226506.gif-(29 KB, 275x273, darkeldar.gif)
    29 KB
    So the slave raid had gone well, and we were cruising back toward Commoragh. I headed down to the ships molestorim to blow off some stress by breaking in some of the new chattel.

    I was anally violating this one fellow with a spiked dagger when I struck something hard. Worried that he might have smuggled a weapon on board, I had a pair of burly thralls hold him down while I used the spreaders to take a look inside.

    Imagine my astonishment when I discovered that the obstruction was a Warhound Titan.

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:55 No.4544944
    It works on EVERYTHING
    >> The Scribbler 05/13/09(Wed)10:57 No.4544958
         File :1242226665.jpg-(25 KB, 294x400, Tactical Genius.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:58 No.4544960
    can creed smuggle squats i mean if he's that godd he can smugg
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:58 No.4544962
    "So there I was, banging this hot Sororita chick, when suddenly, I felt something cold against my dick. So, I look down, and there's a fucking Shadowsword inside her vagina!"
    "What? How the hell did that get there? And how did they know you would be there? It boggles the mind to even think about it!"
    "It would take some kind of tactical genius to pull that off!"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:59 No.4544976
    Superheavies in orificesmind.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)10:59 No.4544983
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:00 No.4544984
         File :1242226806.jpg-(53 KB, 474x458, Commisar Pic.jpg)
    53 KB
    "So yeah commisar, I heard creed managed to sneak a new rule for himself into the codex. The guy's a tactical Genius."
    "CREEEEED! Best tactician this or any other side of the eye!"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:00 No.4544987
    Mark Wells: "Who the hell are you people and what are you doing in my office?"
    Squat: "I'm not sure. This had to be the work of a tactical geni-"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:02 No.4544997
    "So, it was the 13th black crusade, I had a host of 666 greater deamons behind me, and the support of half a dozen chapter and millions of cultists. We could not possibly fail! Cadia was to be razed to the ground!"

    "Then what happened?

    "A dozen superheavy imperial ship appeared out of nowhere and shot my flagship to pieces."

    "sounds like the work of a tactical-"

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:02 No.4545007
         File :1242226975.jpg-(177 KB, 640x640, CREEEED.jpg)
    177 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:07 No.4545046
    "So, there we were, our heavy artillery pounding the enemy into submission while the guardsmen secured objectives and the Valkyries deployed Stormtroopers and took out enemy fortifications. Thanks to Lord Creed, victory was all but assured. Then, suddenly a Baneblade appeared and blew our entire right flank to pieces!"
    "What kind of heresy is this?"
    "Well, apparently, someone had managed to beat our unbeatable army lead by the finest tactical mind this side of the Eye of Terror."
    "But, that would take some kind of tactical genius!"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:08 No.4545051
         File :1242227315.jpg-(9 KB, 149x178, morganr.jpg)
    9 KB
    So, there I was a the shareholders' meeting. Everything was proceeding fairly well, except that I was having difficulty effectively communicating my marketing strategy to the gentleman at the far end of the table. You see, I place great value on face-to-face interaction, but I couldn't see the man; my view was obstructed by a large turret-like structure in the center of the conference table.

    That was when I realized the table had been cunningly replaced with an enormous tank, heavily armored and festooned with what appeared to be religious icons. I excused myself from the room just before it incinerated all present with some sort of napalm.

    I later provided my security officer with some constructive criticism regarding his apparently allowing a tank into the inner sanctum of a fully self-aware colony. He averred that the individual responsible must have been some sort of tactical genius.

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:10 No.4545060
    "So I was out there, killing indiscriminately for the blood god, when I feel something funny in this one skull I claimed. so I look inside, and damned Commisar Yarrick climbs out of it, punches me in the face with his power claw, and he pulls out a baneblade and runs me and most of the local cultists with it!"

    "By the dark gods, How he'd get in there?"

    "must be the work of a tactical gen-"

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:12 No.4545074
    So there I was, I'd just by my usual tactical genius managed to divert ONE HUNDRED Baneblades to aid in one of the most crucial battles of our time, seriously, it was like every race was at this fucking system.

    And I get a note that the baneblades i've just busted my balls to tactically divert have just simply "gone missing".

    It would have to take some amazing tactical ineptitude t.....

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:15 No.4545095
    I read all the posts in this thread in Dr Claw's voice.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:16 No.4545096
    I like the imagery of this one.

    "Creed has secretly replaced Abbadon's favorite chair with a baneblade. Let's see if he notices."
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:16 No.4545102
    "So, there I was, leadi-"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:17 No.4545104
    During a December 14, 2008 press conference at the Prime Minister's Palace in Baghdad, Iraq, Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi threw three functional battleships of futuristic design at then-United States President George W. Bush, who responded by turning into a metallic humanoid referred by al-Zaidi as "the Deceiver" and fleed the scene. Upon further investigation, "Muntadhar al-Zaidi" was found to be a false identity and the assailant's name was revealed to be...

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:19 No.4545114
    "So there I was in the stirrups, about to give birth to mine and Eldrad Ulthran's half human, canon-breaking child, when a Baneblade erupts from my vulva! What kind of Tactical Ge-"

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:19 No.4545117

    "Y'know this turret in by shoulder blade is pretty uncomfortable. If I had any arms, I could move it bu-"
    . . .

    . . .
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:19 No.4545119
    Daemon prince: "Forward my minions! Imperial maggots are in disarray!"
    Daemon prince: "What the fuck was that?"
    Aspiring champion: It's... a battlebarge, lord. You ran headfirst right into it."
    Deamon prince: "But... HOW!?"
    Aspiring champion: "Must've been some tactica-"
    Daemon prince: "CRRRRR... Ah, fuck it. Signal the troops, we're going home."
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:21 No.4545132
    I was fully expecting an immovable Creed for a second there.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:25 No.4545158
         File :1242228313.jpg-(48 KB, 444x366, 1174849865629.jpg)
    48 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:26 No.4545165
    "So there I was doing a 2 minute ling rush against a Terran player. Then all of sudden my lings get pwned by a fucking huge ass baneblade."

    "How the fuck did the Terran player build a baneblade, they're not even in the same game!"

    "It must be the work of a tactical gen-"


    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:27 No.4545169
         File :1242228441.jpg-(101 KB, 455x303, thrawnhurt.jpg)
    101 KB
    This reminds me of someone...
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:27 No.4545173
    CREEEEEEEEED! is now a meme.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:27 No.4545175
    Best. Derail. Ever.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:29 No.4545185
    /r/ing Creed with trollface.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:31 No.4545201


    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:32 No.4545204
    That's a DC 80 Escape Artist roll, but yes, Creed could infiltrate the Emperor's a*BLAM*
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:34 No.4545218
    "So there I was, being Jarran Kell, just relaxing on my bed after a hard day waving flags and shouting, when suddenly an Ogryn steps out from under my pillow and punches me in the face! Whoever did it, to get the Ogryn there he must have been some kind of tactical geniu-"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:34 No.4545219
    He said trollface, not awesomeface. Those are different things, albeit often used with the same meaning.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:35 No.4545226
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:37 No.4545240
    "So there I was, shooting the Emprah's enemies in the face with my lasgun, when I noticed that the tracks had got stuck. I flipped open the engine hatch on my lasgun, and it was about then that I realised it had been a Leman Russ all along! I've got no idea how he did it, but the man must be a tactical geniu-"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:38 No.4545246
    I was seriously in a shit mood this morning.

    Thank you /tg/ for brightening my day.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:39 No.4545261
         File :1242229175.jpg-(268 KB, 972x972, 1173813556881.jpg)
    268 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:39 No.4545262
    Does this mean Creed is a comical genius too?
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:41 No.4545274
    Now, here is the question. Creed vs. Tzeentch vs. Eldrad. Who wins?

    Trick question, same person.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:41 No.4545275
         File :1242229312.jpg-(73 KB, 294x400, loliflanku.jpg)
    73 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:41 No.4545276
    "I know right. There I am, trying to drive my chimera between some buildings, and I'm thinking, there's pleanty of room here, why do we need to lascannon the buildings down to fit past. So I ask Yarrik, and Yarrik is all like:
    "must be some kind of tactical geniu- . . .
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:42 No.4545278
    Creed's tactical genius is now officially /tg/-canon. somebody better fucking 1d4chan this
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:42 No.4545280
    creed is the real EMPRAH
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:43 No.4545290
    It's always great to see the birth of a new meme. Has this thread been archived ye- wait, this isn't my computer. This is a baneblade! What a tactical geni
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:43 No.4545294

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:44 No.4545298
         File :1242229464.jpg-(214 KB, 800x800, CREEEED.jpg)
    214 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:44 No.4545301
    " At last finally we the Adeptus Mechanicus has acquired a working piece of the ancient necron living metal armor."

    "Just as we were about to ritualistically and scrutinizingly dismantle the chassis and examine the machine spirit within we realized it was a baneblade."

    "To this day it is unclear how Necron technology works."

    "It must be the work of a scientific gen-"

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:45 No.4545302
    Well, it's better than spending his leisure time brooding like some sort of Eldar.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:45 No.4545309
    Space Rommel!
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:46 No.4545320
    "So there we are, completely surrounded by the traitors on all sides, ready to give our lives up for the Emperor, when suddenly, we hear laughter."
    "Yes. After a few seconds, a few of the Chaos Marines start falling over, clutching their sides. Then even more. Soon, all of them had laughed themselves to death."
    "But that's impossible! It would take some kind of comical genius to pull that off!"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:47 No.4545328
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:51 No.4545350
    there must be some writefaggotry done
    im serious, a full story on Creeds unbeleiveable tactic
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:51 No.4545352
         File :1242229881.jpg-(60 KB, 948x585, sdf.jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:52 No.4545359
         File :1242229968.jpg-(24 KB, 400x366, kirk CREED!.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:53 No.4545363

    Though I have to say, I personally preferred the "so great that he can infiltrate baneblades in bushes" theory better.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:54 No.4545364
    Wenn ist das Nunstrück git und Slotermeyer? Ja!... Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:55 No.4545374
    Wait... I don't get it. How can he be like, the #1 tactician? Regular Space marines are vastly superior to even the best of regular humans, so wouldn't it make sense that anything Creed can do, Space marines can do 500 times better? Seriously. They need to fix space marine commanders and let them grant any 3 special abilities (5 for special characters) to all space marines squads on the battlefield.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:57 No.4545382
    Marines suck.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:57 No.4545384
    He TACTICAL GENIUSED away their tactical genius.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:57 No.4545385
    "So there I was, doing a little comedy ditty to this small-time old club back on Commoragh, and just as I got to the punchline a motherfucking baneblade rolled out from behind my microphone and shot ALL of the audience! Whoever got it there must have been some kind of tactical geniu-"

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:58 No.4545391
    Some things can't be taught. Only one man in the entire Imperium has the tactical genius to infiltrate the Eye of Terror with a legion of Imperator titans.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:58 No.4545393
    And it turns out it those special abilities were all heavy slot options, and the space marine Commander was Imperial Guard armor column.

    This is a work of a tactical genius.

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)11:59 No.4545400
    Why does that remind me of the time Lieutenant Ulysses S. Grant got an Artillery piece into the belltower of a church during the Mexican War.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:01 No.4545412
    "So there I was being a poor Agri-worker under the oppressive rule of our new chaos overlords, just picking berries, when I thought that it'd make my job a lot easier if the damn bush didn't keep sticking me wth its lascannons, when all of a sudden a baneblade drives out from behind it and crushes Jeb flat as a pankcake! Whoever got it there must have been a tactical geniu-"

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:02 No.4545425
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:07 No.4545453
    tell me more about grant and the bell-tower

    is there an article/sauce on this?
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:08 No.4545462
    "So there we were on Cadia shooting their Leman Russes and pathetic guardsmen, right, when I hear this massive crunching sound behind me. So I look around, and it turns out that my bodyguard had been a baneblade all along! Whoever did that must have been a tactical geniu-"

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:10 No.4545489
    marines are stronger not smarter
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:11 No.4545497
         File :1242231073.jpg-(502 KB, 1536x2048, chaos moroon.jpg)
    502 KB
    The aspiring champion Durga and his squad advanced towards the Imperial trenches on the hills. A huge explosion detonated to his right and smashed trough the armour of two of his fellow Space Marines. Deep within his dark soul he felt angiush for loosing his battle-brothers. He and his black armoured warriors were now mere metres away from the imperial trenches.
    With a snarl from their champion the chaos marines hurled themselves at the imperial guardsmen and the slaughter began anew. Durga snapped the neck of the closest guardsmen with a swing of his boltpistol. Another fell to his powersword. The spilling of blood made him feel good and the pain of loosing his battle brothers was gone by now. Bolts from Durga's boltpistol pierced the guardsmen before exploding in bloody sprays. The champion smiled grimly to himself. Who are these petty humans to deny them their prize?

    He knelt down to pick up one of the severed human heads to signal the destruction of the imperial fortifications. But something was amiss. Under the frail human skull a company of demolisher tanks emerged with guns blazing. Cursing wildly the Black Legion champion rolled to his side avoiding one of the rampaging tanks with mere inches. In front of he saw a wounded guardsman rise to his feet. ”What kind of terrible cruel joke is this?” eruputed from the vox grille of the ornate marine. The guardsman turned his head with a grin from ear to ear. ” Joke? This is the work of a TACTICAL GEN-”

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:13 No.4545507
    Polymorphine is made from Creed's blood. Tactical Genius in every can.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:14 No.4545516

    INB4 how farseers and autarchs are the best of the best of the best in 40k.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:15 No.4545526
    TACTICAL GENIUS: Usarkar E. Creed's ability to grant any squad under his command one automatic success with a DC 80 Escape Artist check.
    >> axebeard !TQbBqhr7ik 05/13/09(Wed)12:24 No.4545598
    oh fuck yes Thrawn > everything

    fucking traitors
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:28 No.4545640

    Creed IS Thrawn, it is the only way to explain.
    >> axebeard !TQbBqhr7ik 05/13/09(Wed)12:32 No.4545664

    It all makes sense now.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:33 No.4545677

    Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:33 No.4545678
    Macha leaned over towards Culexus-chan, her stomach fluttering with anticipation. The assassin moved closer, their lips inching towards each other. She was finally going to do it! After all the centuries, she was finally going to get some! Granted, it was with some insane mon'keigh that nobody else even considered going near, but it still counted!

    Macha looked deep into Culexus' eyes as their lips finally met, the assassin's hand creeping round her back to stroke gently. Almost lost in the kiss, she nearly missed the faint speck in his eyes. Looking closer and breaking off, she barely managed to avoid the baneblade that came roaring off his eyelash.

    It smashed the wall down, firing indiscriminately, before turning and coming back round. A shot from its demolisher cannon obliterated Culexus as the dirty traitor he was, and the tank turned on her.

    Macha couldn't understand what had happened. To hide a tank under someone's eyelash would take some kind of tactical geniu-

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:37 No.4545708
    I opened a window and I-

    I sat down to watch TV and
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:40 No.4545727
         File :1242232804.jpg-(179 KB, 722x478, thrawncreed.jpg)
    179 KB

    Point in case.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:44 No.4545750
    Pilot: "So we infiltrated into the webways, sir, all according to plan, with a bunch of cardboard boxes in the back. We're doing fine and all, but once we get into the webway A BUNCH OF OGRYNS FUCKING POP OUT ON OF A BUSH THAT WAS MOUNTED ON OUR LEFT ORDINANCE PYLON AND ONTO THE ELDAR BELOW. I didn't even KNOW we had Ordinance mounts for bushes!"
    Squadron Commander: "The guy who did that must've been some sort of tactical geni- CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:44 No.4545753
         File :1242233091.jpg-(96 KB, 570x320, apoc4.jpg)
    96 KB
    Creed + Apocalypse + Baneblades = 9 barrels of fun?
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)12:45 No.4545754
    Was reading one of his histories, I believe. Forget the name of the book.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:07 No.4545921
    it would be culexus-kun.

    -chan is female.
    >> axebeard !TQbBqhr7ik 05/13/09(Wed)13:13 No.4545970

    >implying that two females is not good
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:14 No.4545977
    -chan is TYPICALLY used for females, but it is not exclusively so. It's often used to refer to very young boys, and sometimes in a "cutesy" way with older ones. A girl might call their boyfriend whatever-chan.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:14 No.4545979
    "So there I am, fighting the Elite Four, and I go to send out my Charizard, but when I throw my Pokeball, three freakin' Leman Russes appear and start blowing up the arena!"

    "What?! That doesn't even make sense!"

    "I know! It must have taken some kind of tactical geniu-"

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:17 No.4545992
    I was not implying that, I was implying that he was implying that the character was female, when went on to state the character was male.

    I took the assumption that he understood that "He" was male rather than knowing that "-chan" is female and had thus designed the character to be male.

    I then pointed out that he had mistaken chan for a generalist term that could be applied to anyone, but infact its female word, and "kun" is the male alternative.

    Also butts.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:21 No.4546019
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:23 No.4546031
    Whoever wrote this article is a goddamn genius.
    >> Colonel Negi !!YvzAfVx4Prv 05/13/09(Wed)13:23 No.4546033
    Why not a Steel Fury Squadron?

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:23 No.4546036
    -kun is NOT the male alternative to -chan. They have different intimacy and politeness levels, nor is -kun exclusively male (just usually, like -chan is usually female). -kun is often used by superiors to refer to their employees, regardless of gender, for example, or by people to refer to male friends, but -chan is a far more intimate suffix.
    >> The Scribbler 05/13/09(Wed)13:24 No.4546045
         File :1242235499.jpg-(84 KB, 964x948, creed rod.jpg)
    84 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:25 No.4546051
         File :1242235541.jpg-(65 KB, 413x469, vindicare.jpg)
    65 KB
    Vindicare's log #6189: I finally have the target Creed in my sights. Commencing elimination operation...


    "Must be some sort of tactical genius traitor assassin..."

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:26 No.4546057
    >Whoever wrote this article is a goddamn genius
    >a goddamn genius
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:26 No.4546061
    I do my best, good sir.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:28 No.4546069
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:31 No.4546097
    Creed:"Umph upmh upmh, you're so soft macha..."

    Macha:"Yeah creed conquer me, conquer m...!!!!!!"

    Kell:"This xenos has quite the pleasurable excremental orifice sir"

    Creed: "Indeed sergeant kell indeed..."

    Macha:"What!? Surprise threesome!? What is this tactical genius?"

    Kell:"CREEED! Oohhhhh...."
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:33 No.4546118
    Lies, Deceit & AMERIKKKAAA FUKYEEEAH!!1 propaganda.

    Remember La Angostura and Molino del Rey, bitches.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:34 No.4546129
    I request that there should be no drawfaggotry of this. The mental image left a scar on my brain.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:36 No.4546151
    Sir the tyranid hive fleet is almost upon us!

    Worry not arbiter...

    WHAT!? How did you infiltrate the entire Imperium BEHIND the hive fleet!?!?

    Tactical genius arbiter... tactical genius...

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:37 No.4546158
    drawing now
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:37 No.4546159
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:38 No.4546170


    Lieutenant Ulysses S. Grant discovered the bell tower of San Cosme Church south of the causeway, where he mounted the howitzer and began firing shots down onto the defenders from his lofty position.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:38 No.4546171
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:39 No.4546184
    "Oi! Da Zoggin' git went all Zagsnik and snuk a big 'umie stompa on da rear flank and krumped our boyz!"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:40 No.4546193

    Also, Copypasta from another site (didn't check veracity):

    > While the troops were advancing against the City of Mexico on the 14th, observing a Church from the top of which he believed the enemy could be dislodged from a defensive work, he called for volunteers, and with twelve men of the 4th infantry, who were afterward joined by a detachment of artillery, he made a flank movement, gained the Church, mounted a howitzer in the belfry, using it with such effect that General Worth sent for him and complimented him in person. He entered the City of Mexico with the army, 14 September, and a few days afterward was promoted to be 1st lieutenant.

    It's also apparently in his memoirs.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:41 No.4546199
    "So we're desecrating this temple to their corpse-god, right..."
    "Hold on, gotta take a piss."
    "Oh sure, slaves just installed a new port-a-potty."
    "Be right back."

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:47 No.4546252

    remind me, have to update the pauldrons and hat articles, need to add manly cloak to the list
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:48 No.4546266
    "So, there I am, ready to conquer in the name of the Chaos Gods, when suddenly, my troops lose morale and withdraw."
    "Holy shit, man. That's harsh. Must have taken some kind of tactical retar-"
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)13:53 No.4546308
    "So there I was, after Vance, had lost the 10'000 baneblades we gave him for a the char-"
    "That must have taken some tactical incompe-"
    "As you were saying sir?"
    "Anyway, the baneblades just rolled up the right flank, from behind the ork commander's back. It was tactical geniu-"
    >> The Scribbler 05/13/09(Wed)13:57 No.4546336
         File :1242237438.jpg-(41 KB, 964x948, baneblade tumbleweed.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)14:12 No.4546489

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)14:32 No.4546657
    "So. Fresh bunch'a recruits straight off the regimental home world, huh? Got your heads full of propaganda and not much else, lemme bet. Well, listen to me and listen good, kids - probably half of what you know is nothing but ambull-shit, and you'd better get that through your heads now rather than getting a traitor's lasbolt through your head on the battlefield. Now, you pray to the Emperor like you should, and if you don't the Commissar'll blow your head off, and that'll be a mercy compared to what I'll do to ya if I find out 'fore he does - but don't be thinkin' for a second that recitin' the Litany of Protection makes you invulnerable on a battlefield.

    Sure, you'll hear stories about brave Guardsmen that charged enemy positions armed with nothin' but their lasguns and their bayonets and won - and I'll even admit that probably a couple of them are true, but in an army that numbers in the billions one or two of ya are bound to get lucky every now and again, so it don't really say much. No, kids, they might make for inspirin' stories, but fanatical charges aren't what win battles. Battles are won by determination and tactics. Lemme tell you about this one time our regiment was servin' under the command of General Creed.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)14:34 No.4546669
    Never a finer tactician has the Imperial Guard ever seen than that General Creed, let me tell you. He came up with plans so devious and cunnin' you didn't even have a hope of figurin' out how he'd done what he'd done 'less he explained it to ya himself. We were fightin' on Kavara IV, what'd used to be a good Imperial world till the taint of Chaos found its way down there and turned loyal citizens into traitorous scum. At the time we'd been shipped off, we thought we were just gonna be helping the local PDF put down a small insurrection, but what with the ways of the warp by the time we got there it'd turned into a full on rebel uprisin' and all the nobles were already dead or in hidin', and another army led by General Creed had arrived to bring it back under control - we'd been missin' so long they thought we'd been lost to the warp, you see, and sent another off in our place - so we wound up joinin' forces an' bolsterin' their ranks.

    Now, we got deployed into one of the urban centres that'd been taken over almost entirely by the heretics, goin' through clearing buildings of resistance and tightenin' the noose around their filthy necks. Only been gettin' minor resistance until a couple of hours in, when we stumbled across a fortified plaza that hadn't been in none of the intelligence reports. So there we were, pinned down by enemy fire, usin' rubble for cover and hopin' to the Emperor that'd we get some artillery support soon, when all of a sudden there's a tremendous rumblin' off to the right, soundin' like a column of tanks comin' up towards the buildin' we'd just cleared.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)14:35 No.4546684
    We weren't gettin' nothin' about armoured support on the vox, so we was sittin' there shittin' ourselves wonderin' where the traitors had got tanks from, when all of a sudden the front of the buildin' just collapses out onto the street and a damn Baneblade rolls right on out in front of us. One blast from the main gun and it turned the heretic's position into a crater. The vox lights up and we get ourselves a message - "Armoured Support courtesy of General Creed", they say. Now that's tactics, kids - we never saw it comin', so those traitors sure didn't. The application of overwhelmin' force at just the right spot at just the right moment'll turn the tide of any battle in your favour.

    I took a look at that buildin' again as we were marchin' down the street in the Baneblade's wake, though. Funniest thing, the only hole in it was the one the tank'd made on its way out. How the hell we missed it when we were clearin' the place I don't know. How the hell Creed got it in there in the first place, I'm not sure I WANT to know - but let me tell you, pulling that off must've taken one hell of a tactical genius."

    -Sergeant Karls adressing new recruits to the Hirian 204th, shortly before being relieved of duty and sent for psychiatric evaluation due to inexplicable urges to scream incoherently.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)14:40 No.4546721

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)14:45 No.4546768
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)14:53 No.4546834

    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 05/13/09(Wed)14:54 No.4546843
    I'm gonna suggest this for the guys in NY for our next big game.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:07 No.4546927
    I still like, how for all his TACTICAL GENIUS, a Commissar in his unit still executes him if he fails a LD test
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:08 No.4546934
    dont bullshit me
    he uses tactical genius
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:08 No.4546937
    Ursarker Creed is Orkimedes. You now realize this.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:11 No.4546956

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:12 No.4546962
    "If you will not serve in combat then you will serve on the firing line!"
    As the commissar shoots, a valkyrie flies out of his gun instead of a bullet and harmlessly lands nearby. The pilots salute Creed.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:23 No.4547032

    creed isnt' general, he's still colonel. But also grand master of all cadian forces.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:23 No.4547033
    So there I was rolling an Ld test for Creed, with a fuck-ton of modifiers making me certain he would fail and a commissar waiting to put a bullet through his head, when suddenly I realise that instead of rolling two dice I'd rolled twenty, meaning he passed his test by eighty two. Whoever put those extra dice in my hand must have been a tactical geniu-

    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:25 No.4547040
    Fuck year, Nork
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:27 No.4547055
    You need low rolls to pass leadership test.
    >> The Scribbler 05/13/09(Wed)15:28 No.4547058
    Fucking beautifull
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:29 No.4547060
    I don't actually have the IG codex or anything so I was kind of assuming he'd be a General if he's such a tactical genius. My apologies.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:29 No.4547061
    we need a new creeeeeeeeeed page on 1d4chan
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:30 No.4547069
    All the dice had negative numbers on them
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:34 No.4547088
    The commissar shoots again. This time a space marine dreadnought steps out of his gun, nearly crushing him. The dreadnought is painted in Cadian colors and insignia. Something sounding suspiciously like "Huh?" escapes it's sarcophagus.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:35 No.4547098

    aparently /tg/ got shit done already
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:37 No.4547112
    It turns out that the commissar is actually a baneblade
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:42 No.4547143
    allready don l2read posts

    well most people think creed is general, but the codex clearly says that he's still colonel of the 8th.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:42 No.4547149
    Well, right now, he is about the equivilent of a Marshal or a Warmaster; something high up there, since he is the grand leader of the Cadian IG now.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:49 No.4547176
    /tg/ - Tactical Genius
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:51 No.4547190
    >/Tactical Genius/
    How the hell it sneaked there?
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:52 No.4547194
    I know it's never going to happen, but it would be so hilarious if just for one day Creed managed to infiltrate that onto the board title.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)15:53 No.4547203
    >> Anonymouse 05/13/09(Wed)15:59 No.4547231
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)16:06 No.4547270
    Actually, he's Lord Castellan of Cadia. That's another word for Lord General, pretty much the highest military position a Guardsman can have.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)16:08 No.4547288
    Fuckit I cba messing around with the 1d4chan page anymore. Somebody else can decide what rank he is and edit it themselves.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)16:19 No.4547376
    COOOOlonel UR-sar-kar CREEEEED!
    All CAdians he does FEARlessly LEEEEEEEAD!
    His GEnius we de-SPE-rately NEEEEEEED!
    >> axebeard !TQbBqhr7ik 05/13/09(Wed)16:22 No.4547400
    oh lord how
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)16:22 No.4547408

    That's how.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)17:12 No.4547709
    >> Colonel Negi !!YvzAfVx4Prv 05/13/09(Wed)17:29 No.4547837
    Hey. Just tried the outflanking against elfdar with a Pask-Punisher with Plas Cannon Sponsors, and 2 Battle Tanks with Multi-Meltas and Lascannons on all of them.

    It sucks.

    My opponent was a huge dick. Guess why.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/09(Wed)17:33 No.4547879
    Because actually puling this shit is just being a dick?
    >> Colonel Negi !!YvzAfVx4Prv 05/13/09(Wed)17:37 No.4547919

    He used Eldrad.

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