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/tg/ - Traditional Games

/tg/ came up with a setting built around several of the themes and ideas present in the Dark Souls, Demons Souls, and Bloodborne videogames. I jammed them all together and slapped them with a system that seems to be working.

first session of playtesting came back with good results and a re-edit of the Impact system. it seems like I have 2 or 3 playtesting groups and I'm hoping for another round of input from one of them soonish cause they said they'd be playing a session over the weekend. someone last thread said they might be working on vehicles stats.

I could really use someone going through and catching my grammar and usage fuckups. also some more baseline entries and stats in the entities listing, descriptive paragraph AND stats if possible.

I may need to rewrite the mod+equipment entries for the Revenant teams to be more human shaped. I can let the Skullgrinders be less human and try for balancing them out better.

here, have some robots being all cool and floaty and shit...

>fixed a couple of fuckups
>Hunting rifle is now sharpshooters rifle
>added the Ungoliath (close combat assassin) variant someone was kind enough to stat up
>re-wrote the Ungoliath and removed it from the Faction and NPC listing, it is now an entity that cannot be reasoned with(as GOD INTENDED).
>added skull Grinders faction fluff
>added mod (nanite munitions)
>added weapon quality Draw
>added weapon entry Grapnel Gun
>clarified the Block and Evasion actions
>throw grenade is now throw object
>added a pair of sub-clauses to the hacking rules
>added a sub-clause to the physical attacking rules to clarify order of operations
>/tg/ came up with a setting built around several of the themes and ideas present in the Dark Souls, Demons Souls, and Bloodborne videogames.
...with a SCIENCE FICTION setting...

Usually these threads are pretty busy. The fuck happened? People stop caring?
might just be they're all busy or offline, a couple of the bigger contributors are usually not on till later. in the evening.
People should post their level one builds, and then we can judge them or see if anything is janky.
we had one guy do that las thread...
Speaking of! I updated my build to be more Impacty

HP: 13
Psyche: 2
Armor + Hardening: 3
Strength: 35
Dexterity: 35
Mobility: 35+5 (100)
Processor: 35
Perception: 35
Hardening: 35
Mass: 20
Firewall: 35
Initiative: 38
Affinity: 37
Source: 15

[Break-Action] [Laser Designator] Shotgun (720)
[Heavy] [Power]Club (165)
>more impacty
>mobility up
>oh, body-checks
>looks at rules

You're welcome
maybe also limit the edgy mods to things with edges. or put a "no edgy mods" on bludgeons...
or dropping "power" weapons down to AP4 ...but thats just balance bits.

so you've got a +30 impact AP 6 hit in melee
with a 12 meter move action. jesus, I may have started everyone out WAY to strong...then again, I gave everyone essentially Space marine starting stats...

might cut move actions down to twice/ half or move and quad/ full

>and apparently an opossum qualifies as food as far as the capcha is concerned...
In all fairness the build is designed to dart around stunlocking, but as a drawback it's pretty fragile. I'd probably invest in the light frame later for added speed

And maybe give some kind of equivalent mod for blunt weapons? I see no reason they can't be powered.

thinking I'll most deff cut the AP of Power weapons down to 4 or else raise the armor values on everything across the board.

and the move and stun thing is also good. next you might run for a jump-jets or the Grapnel Gun for mobility stuff.
I like how the wording in it allows for either big guys to pull things or little guys to get pulled. That would be a good move.

And I might grab multi-arms first so I can two-hand a bigger gun and a bigger melee.

The heavy power club seems pretty beastly tho.

thus the edgy reduction.

I generally wanted the "sharper" weapons to have less impact so they can have more AP and the thuddy weapons to have less AP so they aren't as Over Powered.

at the same time, I also want it to be possible for a late game character to be swinging around dual Thunder Hammers as much as the next gamer.

or for gunner to be a ball of arms on legs covered in guns.
At some point I want to build a backbone sniper character who dual wields sniper rifles. Or even better dual-wields twin-linked sniper rifles.
targeting mods may also be nice...

in the mean time, guard the grenadier and the drone rigger.
What's up homies. Gonna be on later today but right now I'm in a bookstore researching Gnosticism. Maybe this will inform lore? Who knows.

As far as new entities go, feel free to take inspiration from the robot art I posted two threads ago with lore blurbs, lots of those would make great bosses or regulars. Whatever you don't get to, I'll make stabs at.
>2 threads ago...
I may have to give that a look, and separate boss level stat-blocks, mini-boss level stat blocks, and mook level blocks...
Maybe something like that targeting system they have now where you mark a spot and it automatically fires the rifle when you get it properly lined up. I think it's called the xact system or something.

Maybe something like when you use the aim action you don't take a penalty to called shots?
And don't forget the sub-bosses that become regular enemies later on with slightly modified stats!
File: 1446407267458.jpg (166 KB, 680x1364)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Does anybody else think we should find a more permanent place to do some of this discussion? Like a google doc or a temporary forum?

This week signifies the start of my new semester, so my contributions will be slimmer than usual, but I've got the current pdf to read on my tablet during the commute.

Anyway, here's that thread where I wrote blurbs for images that screamed "deep future Souls boss" to me, ripe for expansion.

A revamped version of the map and a layer chart are forthcoming.
maybe, but I don't actually know how either of those work...
and besides, input from other anons is a useful resource.

I feel like that would remove the resource.

>This week signifies the start of my new semester
I miss college. being one of the unapproachably weird kids on campus was a joy and a privilege

>A revamped version of the map and a layer chart are forthcoming.
FANTASTIC. a little wider might be better, it didn't quite fit right onto the page. small gripe, but it bugs me...
ALRIGHT, SO I've saved the document on a computer I cannot access at the moment and forgot to save it to my cloud drive so I guess I'll be working on it from here.

which means going through and doing a lot of balance and mechanics checking...

as is I'm going to start by outlining what I have that needs changing so far

>reduce starting stats to 25, this should reduce the initial power of characters(playtest indicated that they were pretty OP to start with)
>increase starting source to 1500;(this is 5 level-ups worth of Source)
>changing the "body check" action to be not retardo(RAW the Loser comes out better)
>drop the AP value on "power" weapons to +4 from +6 and remove the detonation clause
>"Overcharge" mod, raises the AP of power and chain weapons by 2, chance of detonation
>targeting modules, "Onboard Gyroscope" and "Distance Scope"
>reorganizing the Opponent manual.

that and making more builds to look at stuff
Keep it alive until lunch and I can remake my build with new rules to see how much I can or can not break it.
[page 3, scrapyard, second line]
...Garbage though it may be though[comma] it teems with...

[page 3, scrapyard, third line]

[page 3, Scrapyard, paragraph 2]
...or broken pieces just lies upon the piles...

[page 3, City Proper, paragraph 2]
[change to reflect sink-holes to sub-sections]

[page 4, Military Outposts, paragraph 2]
...of these places allow no unauthorized entry [comma] AND they hold weapons of great power to repel...

...Such supplies of source make for hearty bait for the awakened willing to assault such a place...

[page 5, The Dark Place, paragraph 2]
...on a near Laser-Straight line at it's border, ever so slowly, that line moves outward. as an explorer progresses inward from the border of this place more and more buildings are collapsed, vegetation tearing cracks through a pavement incapable of repairing itself. wild animals have invaded this place, eating of the vegetation that spent untold time conquering the concrete.

[page 5, City Skyline]
>remove line about planes, there are no planes.

[page 5, The Lower Levels, paragraph 2]
...or some unknowable event, AND require repair....

[page 6, Port and shipyards]
rewrite to reflect that the whole area collapsed much further, change units to metric.

district both sank, and shifted laterally, many buildings breaking and falling like trees.

[PAGE 6, Workshop of the Network]
change the gender of the logo individual make it a "slightly greasy" jumpsuit

awesome, I'll be waiting.
File: mark-kent-bot-12215b.jpg (112 KB, 1200x584)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I'll jigger the exact dimensions first then. It wasn't meant from the outset to cover a whole page but I can certainly make it that way.
thaanks, it's only a small gripe but it's the little things that dig at you(well, me anyways) I suppose.
[PAGE 6, The Museum]
...it contains art, artifact[S], technology, and historical pieces that are looked after with a religious fervor by the Ludwig the Head Curator, and the teams of awoken who've chosen to spend themselves protecting the artifacts of humanity.

[PAGE 6, The Rotting Depths]
...down which fresh water was poured to run the turbines, and from the massive conduits tens of gigawatts of power was driven up...

...sometimes the sound of drums can be heard rising from the depths...

[page 8, workshop representative]
...the shape is merely a hologram[full-stop] If pressed...
>include a line about having to overwrite old data as the years have gone by

[page 8, Tank]
...droids like tank are not supposed to be found [outside of certain weapons research facilities] [remove line about being common in central areas][full-stop] [so it gets treated like a foreign enemy by military and police systems within the city].

[page 8, Patchwork]
...The [factions that rose out of] the cracks and strange places [within the city sometimes trade] and to trade these groups need [a merchant] Patchwork is the merchant; [other merchants have tried to rise, but they always meet with unfortunate ends.] something about the source...

..place easily enough though[comma] setting up shop...

[page 9, Smaug]
...a house built of [remove first metal] solid metal blocks,...

[page 9, Ludwig]
...caused [him] to create the [cult of the open mind]...

[Page 10, Cult of the Open Mind]
>rewrite opening to reflect the addition of Ludwig and its combining with the Curators
>add subsection about searching for more exhibits.

[page 10, The Foundary]
>include mention of the Skitarii as close affiliated sub-section, the foundary builds. and like any creation must be defended from those who may destroy it
[page 12, Meta-plot]
>line 6
it's what makes them special among the awakened

[pages 11 and 12]
>need someone to check my cheap assed google-translate latin.

[page 13]
break action
>"free action" should be "reaction action"
>forgot to change it when a system was decided.

blast sheath
[...fail during a blast-attack...]
>double damage [or double unmodded impact]
>excludes weapons with [heavy] mod

extension mod
>reduce to +10% to weapon cost
>limit to 1-hand melee

>readies given weapon as a reaction action

Chain(edgy mod)
>add a "catch and Kickback" negative quality

>solidify decision for a +3 AP
>-failures to hit of a second degree have a 5% chance of breaking the blade,
>-additional failures add 5% to this roll

Power Weapon
>Raise price to 150%
>remove detonation clause

[page 14]
>include clause either changing 1 hand weapons to 2-hand weapons, or placing a Dex Penalty for weapon use to represent clumsyness of use.

[page 14, excalibur]
>remove last sentence entirely
...Ludwigs mind, [salvaged from his body], can only repair...

[page 15, Engineering kit]
>needs description of what it does from a game mechanical standpoint.

[impact canon]
>1 meter for every raise
should be
>1 additional meter for every degree of success in the impact test.

[strong shear]
>consider revision; to show mechanics
Idea for gun mod: Force Ammo, drops pen or damage or range but ups impact a sizable amount. Think like a compressed blast of air or beanbag rounds or something like that.
page 14
ammunition mod
High Energy

thought it was good the first time someone suggested giving guns a better chance to make an impact.

still like it now....
Whelp, that's my bad. I don't know how I was that retarded to miss it.

Also, isn't a reaction action to reload or use inbuilt weapons kind of janky? Like there's a big difference between free and reaction, especially since reactions are relatively precious considering its one of the few ways to not get ripped the fuck up in combat.
>I don't know how I was that retarded to miss it.
I do, the mods section is a badly disorganized mess, I should really work on that...but again, the latest version of the actual .docx file isn't available to me where I am or I'd fix that too....

>Also, isn't a reaction action to reload or use inbuilt weapons kind of janky?
it's the compromise I'm making for not including actions like "all out attack" and extra reactions can be bought with additional limbs.
[page 16, mods]
...ability to detect[and interperet]nearby sounds...

Spider Legs
>difficult to maintain, change to -10 Mob for damaged legs

Jumping Jets
>add a once per turn clause
>raise the limit by 10 charges per mod-slot

>include a "cut it loose" quality as a reaction
>change repack time to 1 full TURN

[page 17]
Hover Platform
>increases movement speed by 2
>decreases effective mass by 10

[page 18]
water proofing
>change 12 meters to 20

Additional Limbs
>may only be taken 4 times

Direct Control Port
>+10 dex should be Mobility for drive checks
>indicate that a proper shut-down is a half action

[page 19]
Overcharge Unit
>extra action occurs a the end of the current round and [before] the next

EV&G pack
>grants additional [uses of] Emergency healing

[page 20]
Disguise Unit
>drop dat price

>change to reflect weapon mod

Ground Anchors
>insert clause for instant disconect and add a magazine capacity
[page 21]
Alternate Setting 1
>add clause;;regardless of activity police are pre-disposed to hostility due to "riot

control/martial law mode"

[alternate setting 2]
...the machines relied on [has died], powerplant by powerplant...

[PAGE 23]
Emergency Healing
>raise number of uses to 3?

[page 26]
Called Shot
>should add more, but how much more?
>decrease dex penalty

>needs to have some actions listed
>maybe remove?

>need to put that in someplace...standing and running jumps for height or distance...

>3 becomes 2 and 6 becomes 5

[things for adding in]
PSYCHO-PASS(?better name?)
>how does I mechanically represent Psyche's effect on city services.

ENTITIES to add to the stat-list.
>Factory Security Drones.
>Military Mobile Engineering Units.
>simple boat
>marine surface drone
>marine sub-aquatic drone
>the created of Cluster
>basic Donor-Beasts(?bio-mods?)
>Smaug The Terrible
>Skull Grinders(consider differences to Revenance.)

>I'd like to have no more than a single page of them though...

Stat Edits
>re-read the entry for Revenance and re-make stats
Core Central AI
>the program responsible for running the ancient core central repository library it hordes it's books and eagerly shares measures of source with any who bring it a new title for it's collection. historical logs, research safely extracted from science centers and cleaned of potentially harmful code, adjusted maps of the city.

[Dark Place; success removes darkness]
>At the center of The Dark Place lies a Biological Research Facility, with in that somethings heart beats and pulses, and along the kilometers of tendrils a pulse runs carrying Cells specialized in gathering the power present in the air around electronics. on and across and around the power conduits of the place sucking every culomb of charge it can to maintain it's own life. within the Dark Place lie the Bones of small animals pitted as though by strong acid and clean of flesh...

[The Lower Levels; unlocks transport]
>the Subway tunnels lay inactive, as each is reactivated some will connect to others. however as more of the stations are activated factions may take notice and investigate the activity, they may encounter and fight eachother. as the players unlock the system, raise the number of active combat encounters in or near subway accesses.

>thats all I've found that needs work
>file>save as>THE BIG TWEAK.txt

I'll be putting those all in tomorrow when I go and get the .docx
anyone else got suggestions?
A thought on Called Shot

You can probably remove the whole Armor Pen or Damage thing, since technically Damage is ALWAYS more useful than Armor pen, given that Armor Pen basically just functions as a sort of limited damage.

Additionally, maybe expand on what a called shot to where would do? Specify that you can target items to blow them up and stuff like that, maybe with variable penalties based on location? That might be a bit much tho
New Program Type:
Trojans masquerade as background programs. When triggered, usually by hacking actions on the system they are planted in, they attempt a specified hacking action against whoever triggered it.
Trojans have a Processor stat less than or equal to the entity that planted it.

Trojan; on hostile detection, uses Data Knife against closest available hostile target.

Can Programs and infomorphs be entities in and of themselves, with all the relevant stats thereof? With(imaginary) minds of their own?

Also, I think we need a stealth system for hacking-for PCs to sneak by Trojans, and for Trojans to evade detection.
Can we have robots asking for sauce?
if your GM wants to inject some humor maybe...

>called shots
I'll see bout working that in as an additional mechanic...it'll go along with the Strong Shear and maybe get added either as an edgy mod or to the Power Weapon mod in lieu of the AP...

booby-trap programs might be getting a little meta, but then again, they might not...
Not sure what's meta about booby trap programs; If I had free booby traps(since I can just copy them again and again) and needed to defend someplace with network access, I would flood the local computers with booby traps to support my net defense team.
it assumes that the likes of The Ungoliath wouldn't just tear it's way through wall to get at you.
I'm mostly talking about network defense and denial.

If someone wants to get through a wall to get at me, of course I'm going to wire it with explosives.
fair point I suppose.
levels of trojan grant levels of processor to their attack programs.
I'm thinking something like:
1st level: Half of planter's Processor
2nd Level: 3/4 Plant's Processor
And so on.
Not sure what you mean by levels of processor. Explain?
Also an early custom program, you could let PCs change the payload on a Trojan.
Perhaps starting stats could be closer to 40k human level of 25?
Late entry because classes are assigning more homework lately and me getting sick didn't help much.
>all these college kiddies
man you guys make me feel like the oldfag I don't want to be...
Meh I'm a junior in college and glad to be almost done. Speaking of stats why increase them so quickly (by 5) I think based on the system and how little it takes to level up until level 10 (1000 source) It just seems like the increase in skill is too fast but I could be completely wrong and it may be my recent replay of bloodborne where I will be collecting 100,000+ echoes just to level once.
>junior in college and glad to be almost done.
when I was a junior I still had 2 more whole years to go because some dick-holed little bureaucratic system exploiting cum-dumpster decided to add like 30 extra hours worth of REQUIRED courses because the suffering of the lower classes of humans was the only way he could get his teeny tiny pencil dick hard for the cheerleader who was blowing her way to the deans list FUCK!

also remember, the leveling in a souls game can get away with bigger more impressive looking numbers because a computer can do the math for it...
I just did the math and not including the encumbrance level 65 would be the point at which max stats of 100 are achieved so the system is fine. I'm just going crazy from the eldricth horrors I have to face, speaking of which a giant amalgamation of machines similar to The One Reborn could be a potential Ungoliath frame.

I believe this week at least one play test will be done with my roommate Unit X-13.
>I believe this week at least one play test will be done with my roommate Unit X-13.
>fa/tg/uy roomate
more envy...I had the niggest nigga who ever nigged. like he had super-black powers and was on the basketball AND football teams and could nig up some fresh hot KFC after the restaurants in town all closed...pretty cool dude once I threatened his XBOX with a crowbar...but most deff not the /tg/ sort of person...
>The One Reborn
no spoilers, not that far in yet.
I will only give a warning about his AoE attack being a guaranteed death or at least a huge drain on blood vials so use the stairs in the boss area to survive. That is the only non-spoiler thing I can say. Good hunting.
it'll have to wait, I'm bingeing anime lately. Ruroni Kenshin is on netflix.
File: 1448386841769.jpg (109 KB, 1000x600)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
...if the players screw up badly enough...
File: 1451610260489.jpg (285 KB, 1000x1000)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
File: 1451240226031.png (2.19 MB, 1488x2105)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
what I imagine one of the frames from the first round of playtesters looked like(Str up + improv weapon)
File: 1453008236339.jpg (198 KB, 1024x1412)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
File: 1453008142892.jpg (214 KB, 1024x1412)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
File: 1453000838922.jpg (179 KB, 1024x1412)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
File: 1378160530941.jpg (379 KB, 1500x1125)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
File: Droideka-SWE.png (221 KB, 550x595)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
For character creation is the 1000 source just to spend on starting inventory? I think it needs a bit of clarification just so people don't just level up a ton and end up with no gear at the beginning of the game. Also I may be asking a stupid question again. I've just been reading over the pdf and playing the bloodborne dlc.

Fuck who ever came up with this!
but this gave me an idea for an enemy. Some type of drone that curls into a ball of armor similar to image only because wheel skeletons are a bane one of the more simple yet creative enemies and are extremely scary in groups.
> "and one of the"
it's either reaching level 4 or it's inventory.

or it's both
now you see why I want to bump it to 1500 as per the BIG TWEAK.

yes, yes I think this will do nicely for a Skull-Grinder enemy...and either a pair of twin linked auto pistols(that is 2 sets of 2) or a pair of auto-guns
File: 1377148309844.jpg (270 KB, 1178x1821)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
File: 1377757627994.jpg (201 KB, 736x967)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
With the 1000 it is enough to get the supplies that would be expected in a souls/borne game which is always the bare minimum of a weapon and a shield/gun and some minimal armor. And at the beginning it will be relatively fast leveling up. May be useful to put as a side note for an "easy mode" and a deprived mode for those wanting a more difficult start.
I see, it could also be that a majority of the mods require certain Programming packets to be found to be made.

basic weapons only to start with.

crazy mode mods requiring certain packets, like the various hunter badges.
File: 1378157836744.jpg (93 KB, 935x741)
93 KB
Any progress on the magic system?
File: 1404040970442.jpg (194 KB, 1080x739)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
no magic, nearest things are hacking and drone control.
File: 1414581863716.jpg (117 KB, 1024x576)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
That's funny, I'll have to show him that.
File: rovio-rc-robot.jpg (20 KB, 400x339)
20 KB
File: 1333361686086.jpg (173 KB, 1128x648)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
run, run, run, as fast as you can.
I'll always catch you. I'm the local police man!
File: 1440186637585.jpg (142 KB, 905x1330)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
File: 1395938675535.jpg (189 KB, 1040x585)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Bump, for interest. Looks like you have it covered, but do you need (extra) arts?
File: reactor scamp.jpg (489 KB, 1009x1011)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
>>Smaug The Terrible
Wot? did I miss something?
I've been slowly adding stuff all over the document.

thats an NPC
Metal Gear?
File: 1453525282818.jpg (106 KB, 668x800)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
no idea
just some pic I keep in my non-porn/misc/things folder...I got lots of that sort of thing...
So is he the Lost Source version of Aldia, or what? also RoboLudwig sounds awesome.
.pdf in the OP reads

>Smaug the Terrible(HOSTILE ON SIGHT)
>At the outskirts of the outskirts, the outer edge of the Scrap-yard where wilderness runs rampant, there is a road kept clean by frequent passes of a heavy machine. At its end there is a house, a house built of metal solid metal blocks, within this house there is nothing but dust and the leavings of a person or persons. Near the house is a Pile of all manner of ingots of precious metals. A human used to live there who called himself King Solomon he’d hacked the Salvage drones to accumulate and deposit a measure of Gold and Silver found in the scrap to a place beside his home. One of the later experimental models of salvage machine guards it on behalf of its long-dead master. Should the players need or want Gold, Silver, Iridium, Platinum, Uranium or some other specific metal they might try and raid King Solomon’s horde. But they should be wary of Smaug, its protector.
File: 1453760612489.jpg (113 KB, 534x590)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
File: 1453529494097.jpg (245 KB, 1280x876)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
so...a small tweak to the body-check rules makes it so that you could check someone off a cliff, OR use them as a springboard...

I like this...does anyone else?
My Mobility Build Boner is rising.
File: DonorBeast.jpg (637 KB, 1009x1398)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
down boy, DOWN
File: image.jpg (161 KB, 1920x1080)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
yes you will cause I haven't soaked my new office in enough scotch-guard yet!
Can Donor Beasts get bigger than that? Because that would be something I would like very much, you start with the hing in bottom right, then you get some sort of eight limbed ape-thing with two clusters of eyes, one protruding out of each shoulder.

And they only get more convoluted from there.

for clarifications I recommend DMing it bigger with wierd stats...as is I have been putting off satting the thing because of how variable it can be
File: naniteridden.jpg (491 KB, 909x1278)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
I doodled them to start as desperate amalgamations of body parts that didn't know what to do with themselves with nothing to join onto.

There's nothing stopping a Ball of Arms Man from being a thing or arms joining arms,joining arms to form some kind of infinite fractal form with no concrete end point

This was another idea with a kind of virus infesting the brainpans of drones making them go nuts like a electronic version of a parasitic worm
File: 1433780595919.jpg (2.76 MB, 2500x2500)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB JPG
consider what would happen if the semi-adhesive bio-goo they use to attach limbs with went haywire/sapient?
>This was another idea with a kind of virus infesting the brainpans of drones making them go nuts like a electronic version of a parasitic worm
I like this, maybe they are like digital Horsehair worms, gradually consume the digital space within the Frame, then make it upload them to a point where it can get into the aether, leaving the frame to break down in the real world.
I'm imagining it and it is awesome, maybe the thing is using brains as a means of storing Source?
why would an organic need source?

the meta as written implies that only AI really need it.
maybe its somehow got connected up to a computer with a tiny amount of Source in it and an AI that wants more, so the AI is forcing the Goo to use the brains as means of funneling Source into it to try and do...something.
...and there, you've created something that could be part of the Dark Place quest hook I put on page 42...
Starting source is still 1000. Was that intended?
after thinking about it yeah.
though, starting source can be a GM discretion thing...
thinking I might make hacking an opposed processor test instead of a static roll

Also the AI uses Gooped Donor Beasts for its heavy lifting and to process and transport materials to its core. Also it's completely hostile, cannot be reasoned with and thinks the Source in your Frame makes you look rather delicious, have fun.
I have no idea what to call this thing, just heads up there.

And I'm an idiot for not realizing the similarities this has to a Brethren Moon....
I've been wanting to name something "The Manifold" lately and this seems like a good fit.

Quantum Physics concepts in general make for good name schemes with this setting.
...as an engineer I have to ask what a pressure system inlet has to do with quantum physics...

...and as an occasional mechanic I have to ask what the fuels system of my car has to do with it either...
and as neither of the above I can safely say I have no clue.
File: 1452093074967.jpg (84 KB, 497x748)
84 KB
Isn't it already an opposed processor test?
No, its a to hit roll against the firewall. The one being hacked makes no rolls unless they have the counter-hack program installed.
Under hacking action, for hack it says opposed processor test though.
"Throw an object" does not seem to have a mass limit on the object being thrown.
Fastball special?
then I need to go do some editing...

I swear to god guys...

that might just be a Str test
File: droid_5_by_shad3r-d8nzj6p.jpg (373 KB, 1007x1280)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
Would the Reverance use remote control drones at all, or is that too close to the sort of thing they're trying to suppress?
thats a GM choice kind of question...best I can say is, maybe.
File: Micro_Aerial_Vehicle.jpg (68 KB, 800x437)
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