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  • File :1241796782.jpg-(30 KB, 641x506, 1233273709334.jpg)
    30 KB Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:33 No.4500959  
    So, all you oh-so-clever elegan/tg/entlemen, MSPaint how you would get out of this situation.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:39 No.4500999
         File :1241797149.jpg-(54 KB, 641x506, salabros.jpg)
    54 KB
    I call for my bro's.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:40 No.4501013
    I grab the rope and use rope check to hold on while swinging back to the cliff face, then climb skill to climb up rope, then tumble skill to roll around on the ground and put the fire out, then take out my composite longbow and fill that bix nood with sum 1d8+3
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:42 No.4501023
    I'm the masked guy with the axe.

    I win.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:43 No.4501030
    Considering there is no depiction of me, I assume I am the person watching this scene from further away and this image is in first-person view.

    To get out of that situation, I walk away.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:43 No.4501034
    I'm the fire-looking spikes under the bridge.

    I win.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:45 No.4501043
    I unleash the RAEG!
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:46 No.4501056
         File :1241797588.jpg-(41 KB, 641x506, 1241796782698.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:49 No.4501072
         File :1241797787.jpg-(33 KB, 641x506, MandM.jpg)
    33 KB
    I play Mutants and Masterminds
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:52 No.4501095
    Why would I need to get out of this situation? I'm gainfully employed killing people stupid enough to walk across tightropes over burning pits, it seems pretty good to me.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:53 No.4501101
         File :1241798017.jpg-(54 KB, 641x506, HECOMES.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:53 No.4501105
         File :1241798031.jpg-(30 KB, 641x506, Manual.jpg)Thumbnail unavailable
    I read the rules to find a clever loop-hole!
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:54 No.4501110
    No dental plan.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:57 No.4501131
         File :1241798278.jpg-(54 KB, 641x506, soloution.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:58 No.4501134
    I shouldn't have, but I lol'd. Zalgo has some uses still.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)11:58 No.4501137
         File :1241798297.jpg-(33 KB, 641x506, trans.jpg)
    33 KB
    Transposition spell ftw
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:00 No.4501150
         File :1241798408.jpg-(46 KB, 641x506, crawwww.jpg)
    46 KB
    I dont care anymore
    >> Ghost !4u16FlNpwo 05/08/09(Fri)12:04 No.4501187
    best, the facial expression makes it
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:04 No.4501188
         File :1241798690.jpg-(29 KB, 638x506, EASY.jpg)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:05 No.4501192
         File :1241798722.jpg-(47 KB, 641x506, firedude.jpg)
    47 KB
    I talk to my friend the fire elemental and get him to tell the man not to cut the rope.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:06 No.4501198
    Lisa needs braces
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:07 No.4501203
         File :1241798837.jpg-(31 KB, 641x506, Solar-social.jpg)
    31 KB
    I use a Social Charm to get him to stop in mid-swing
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:07 No.4501207
         File :1241798861.jpg-(34 KB, 641x506, 1241796782698.jpg)
    34 KB
    hurr durr I liek xkcd
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:10 No.4501228
         File :1241799008.jpg-(30 KB, 641x506, hurrdurrzawarudo.jpg)
    30 KB
    rolled 1 + 1 = 2

    Time Stop, bitches.
    Rolling for duration.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:10 No.4501240
         File :1241799059.png-(124 KB, 641x506, 1241796782698.png)
    124 KB
    Dun da dun DAAAAAA
    dun da daaaaa...
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:11 No.4501242
    Just walk across.
    Honestly. An axe is a camping tool. How often to black dudes do you see camping? Honestly.

    He'll miss the first six times, I'm sure.
    >> Deadpool !XOrRt8VHqs 05/08/09(Fri)12:11 No.4501243
         File :1241799090.jpg-(31 KB, 641x506, noclip.jpg)
    31 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:14 No.4501264
    "Look! An owlbear!"
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:15 No.4501276
         File :1241799307.jpg-(38 KB, 641x506, summoned.jpg)
    38 KB
    If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me!
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:16 No.4501285
    Nice try, but you can't transpose someone into a dangerous situation.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:16 No.4501291
         File :1241799418.jpg-(89 KB, 641x506, part1.jpg)
    89 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:17 No.4501295
         File :1241799469.jpg-(96 KB, 641x506, part2.jpg)
    96 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:19 No.4501306
         File :1241799543.jpg-(34 KB, 641x506, bridge.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Deadpool !XOrRt8VHqs 05/08/09(Fri)12:20 No.4501311
    also, dimension door lolol
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:20 No.4501315
         File :1241799642.jpg-(33 KB, 641x506, POwerRanger.jpg)
    33 KB
    Go-Go Power Ranger!

    Duh-duh Duh-duh-duh
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:21 No.4501319
         File :1241799672.gif-(28 KB, 639x506, skatan.gif)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:21 No.4501324
    But it's not dangerous until they cut the rope.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:23 No.4501337
    Don't you need a spear equipped in order to use Jump and/or Dragoon abilities?
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:24 No.4501341
         File :1241799849.jpg-(30 KB, 641x506, The mestery backpack part1.jpg)
    30 KB
    I begin with my lovely invention, that I always carry with me.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:26 No.4501358
         File :1241799965.jpg-(36 KB, 641x506, Darkside.jpg)
    36 KB
    I show him the power of the dark side.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:26 No.4501362

    No you just get a 50% (truncated) increase in PA if you have a spear equipped.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:27 No.4501366
         File :1241800039.jpg-(31 KB, 641x506, The mestery backpack part2.jpg)
    31 KB
    I pull the cord, liek this
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:27 No.4501368
         File :1241800074.jpg-(38 KB, 641x506, The mestery backpack part3.jpg)
    38 KB
    And out comes the begginings of my hot air baloon!
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:29 No.4501380

    That's too slow.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:30 No.4501385
    rolled 11 = 11

    I roll for initiative.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:30 No.4501386

    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:30 No.4501387
         File :1241800248.jpg-(25 KB, 641x506, The mestery backpack part4.jpg)
    25 KB
    And Away I fly for a remarkable adventure!
    >> CommissarMega !!PJ/ldME8XhR 05/08/09(Fri)12:31 No.4501391
         File :1241800266.gif-(42 KB, 641x506, crossing rope.gif)
    42 KB
    Shoot some more.
    Shoot everything.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:31 No.4501393

    My good sir, are those dickants?
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:31 No.4501397
    Um... don't parachutes have a hole in the middle of them?
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:32 No.4501400
    best, lol.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:32 No.4501402
         File :1241800359.png-(134 KB, 641x506, hokuto no MSPaint.png)
    134 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:33 No.4501405
    It become a hot air baloon
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:33 No.4501412
    Easy. I finish chopping the damn rope, so that the idiot will fall into the fire and I'll be able to go home and eat lunch.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:34 No.4501423
         File :1241800482.jpg-(36 KB, 641x506, 1241796782698.jpg)
    36 KB
    Foolish dogooder! Your "gravity" is but a gnat compared to my power!
    >> Kitty-Moogle-Chan 05/08/09(Fri)12:35 No.4501428
         File :1241800500.jpg-(34 KB, 641x506, getoutofthis.jpg)
    34 KB
    Jetpack, muthafucka.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:35 No.4501432
    But it has a hole in the goddamn middle!
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:37 No.4501451
         File :1241800666.jpg-(32 KB, 641x506, mspaint.jpg)
    32 KB
    I die like the fat fucking turtledragon I am.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:38 No.4501455
    You fool! It sets your legs on fire. You should've gone with the concentric rings of generic energy model!
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:38 No.4501457
         File :1241800703.jpg-(75 KB, 641x506, TheMeatMaster.jpg)
    75 KB
    A man with an axe is no match for the powers of the MEAT MASTER! Raw meat based superhero!
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:38 No.4501459

    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:39 No.4501463
    You have to burn the rope
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:40 No.4501467

    Well, it's not going to be raw for very long, with all that fire. Can he control cooked meats?
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:42 No.4501487

    No! He'll just keep making more meat! Just like IceMan keeps making more ice!
    >> MonkeyToho 05/08/09(Fri)12:45 No.4501512
         File :1241801142.jpg-(49 KB, 641x506, oraoraora.jpg)
    49 KB
    rolled 41 = 41

    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:46 No.4501520
         File :1241801209.png-(131 KB, 641x506, momento.png)
    131 KB
    'cause that's just how I roll.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:48 No.4501526
    You know with it being so obvious I would expect it to have already been done.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:49 No.4501542
    >Momento mori
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:52 No.4501560
    I wonder how many /m/en are among us who get that...
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:53 No.4501571
    'People called Romanes they go the house'?
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:53 No.4501573

    If I could read what it said, I probably would. Sadly, I have trouble seeing low-contrast.
    >> Lil piece o´fluff 05/08/09(Fri)12:54 No.4501583
         File :1241801686.jpg-(31 KB, 641x506, 1241796782698.jpg)
    31 KB
    I don´t even know where to start with you.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:54 No.4501585

    Now you're a hero.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)12:57 No.4501609
         File :1241801837.jpg-(33 KB, 641x506, blast.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:01 No.4501633
         File :1241802091.jpg-(43 KB, 641x506, kravina.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:02 No.4501639
         File :1241802126.jpg-(47 KB, 641x506, ttgl.jpg)
    47 KB


    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:02 No.4501641
         File :1241802146.jpg-(35 KB, 641x506, koopa.jpg)
    35 KB
    Say what again. Say what again, I dare you, I double dog dare you motherfucker, say what one more goddamn time.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:03 No.4501650
    Well, I'm just a normal guy behind my computer (man, I didn't know so many superheroes wasted their life on 4chan) so I guess I'd...cling to the rope and try to climb up? Or something?
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:05 No.4501662

    So much awesome contained... I just.. what is this I don't even
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:07 No.4501683
    Best one.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:07 No.4501685
         File :1241802439.jpg-(34 KB, 641x506, kravina.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:09 No.4501701
         File :1241802552.jpg-(43 KB, 641x506, pasty.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> The Laughing Man !AWEsomEEEE!!CwndNHTjLMy 05/08/09(Fri)13:09 No.4501702
         File :1241802563.jpg-(36 KB, 641x506, lolportals.jpg)
    36 KB
    I lol'd.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:09 No.4501705
         File :1241802583.jpg-(63 KB, 641x1017, djasjd.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:09 No.4501706
    Dude, no-one's getting hard to your sweaty moobs even if you turn your greasy unkempt hair into pigtails.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:09 No.4501709
    We should archive this!
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:10 No.4501714
         File :1241802618.jpg-(11 KB, 32x32, forusewiththemagiceffectsartic(...).jpg)
    11 KB
    The answer is obvious.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:11 No.4501724

    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:12 No.4501730
         File :1241802745.jpg-(46 KB, 641x506, firepit.jpg)
    46 KB
    more or less this
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:15 No.4501751
    You aren't the Flash, that's not happening.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:16 No.4501758
    Heh, that does look like Spiral Nemesis
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:17 No.4501769
         File :1241803062.jpg-(36 KB, 641x506, kravina.jpg)
    36 KB
    I'll use the Power of Neckbeard!
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:19 No.4501777
    >i should become more powerful
    >i should
    >> Lil piece o´fluff 05/08/09(Fri)13:20 No.4501787
         File :1241803230.jpg-(39 KB, 641x506, 1241796782698.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:20 No.4501794
         File :1241803241.png-(137 KB, 641x506, 35673457342.png)
    137 KB
    I disbelieve so effectively that the ground extends itself to meet my undefeatable dwarven will.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:30 No.4501863
         File :1241803813.jpg-(8 KB, 251x199, 1241796782698s.jpg)
    8 KB
    FUCK YEAR!!!
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:32 No.4501881
         File :1241803966.jpg-(120 KB, 500x500, Look!_An_Owlbear!_by_grimdork.jpg)
    120 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:39 No.4501923
         File :1241804342.jpg-(30 KB, 641x506, Love.jpg)
    30 KB
    Love Can Bloom.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:39 No.4501925
         File :1241804358.png-(167 KB, 540x675, oh_exploitable.png)
    167 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:40 No.4501934
         File :1241804452.jpg-(70 KB, 400x400, hooters.jpg)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:41 No.4501938
    Dawwwww ;_;
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:43 No.4501947
         File :1241804590.jpg-(23 KB, 400x300, 1240043791470.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:43 No.4501954
         File :1241804610.jpg-(70 KB, 641x506, fail.jpg)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:47 No.4501982
         File :1241804823.jpg-(30 KB, 641x505, cube.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:54 No.4502034
    googled 'obi wan death' and copypasted.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:55 No.4502042
    o u
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)13:57 No.4502062
         File :1241805459.jpg-(27 KB, 641x506, Untitled.jpg)
    27 KB
    make it a game
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)14:13 No.4502176
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)14:32 No.4502277
    Doctor Dick?
    >> Xom 05/08/09(Fri)14:33 No.4502283
         File :1241807591.png-(124 KB, 641x506, axebridge.png)
    124 KB
    The floor is now lava and I climb to safety along the featureless white background.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)14:36 No.4502305
         File :1241807789.jpg-(93 KB, 641x506, portals.jpg)
    93 KB
    There's a hole in the sky...
    >> Xom 05/08/09(Fri)14:39 No.4502326
    Now you're thinking with cake.

    ...Wait let me try that again...
    >> Xom 05/08/09(Fri)14:52 No.4502426
         File :1241808760.png-(45 KB, 641x254, youaretherope.png)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)14:59 No.4502487
         File :1241809147.jpg-(34 KB, 641x506, superman.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)14:59 No.4502489
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)15:00 No.4502496
         File :1241809220.jpg-(34 KB, 641x507, axe.jpg)
    34 KB
    I cast a withering look at the Axeman as a simple change in perspective reveals his total lack of depth perception.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/08/09(Fri)15:08 No.4502569
    rolled 5 = 5

    I draw from the deck of escape. Rolling for effect.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/08/09(Fri)15:13 No.4502607
         File :1241810009.jpg-(33 KB, 641x506, 1241796782698.jpg)
    33 KB
    5 is the Tomb. FUCK
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)15:14 No.4502616
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 05/08/09(Fri)15:18 No.4502644
    I guess it's better then damnation
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)15:21 No.4502669
         File :1241810510.jpg-(301 KB, 792x1152, 14p39.jpg)
    301 KB
    I drew a 4 panel epic then my computer crashed.

    so this
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)15:27 No.4502718
         File :1241810832.jpg-(52 KB, 639x893, wut.jpg)
    52 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)15:29 No.4502733
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)15:31 No.4502748
    What is this.
    >> W.Irving 05/08/09(Fri)15:34 No.4502773
         File :1241811255.jpg-(99 KB, 641x506, 1241796782698.jpg)
    99 KB
    Thinking with portals...
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)15:39 No.4502802
    god this is the funniest thing I've seen all week.

    I don't even play traditional games, I just came here to try to troll you nerds.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)15:53 No.4502834
    dr mcninja
    >> grimdork 05/08/09(Fri)16:16 No.4502878
         File :1241813793.jpg-(519 KB, 641x2520, lucius.jpg)
    519 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)16:26 No.4502900
    Haha, good one.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)16:28 No.4502918
         File :1241814535.jpg-(31 KB, 641x506, 1241796782698.jpg)
    31 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)16:41 No.4503007
         File :1241815292.jpg-(41 KB, 641x506, scorpion.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)16:44 No.4503031
    I... Don't get it....
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 05/08/09(Fri)16:48 No.4503065

    When you kill lucius the eternal you become him.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)16:50 No.4503077
    It's about a champion of Slaanesh, when he is slayed, if the one who killed him took some pleasure on the act of murder, he will become the champion reincarnated.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)16:53 No.4503095
    Huh, didn't know that...
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)16:57 No.4503124
         File :1241816238.jpg-(38 KB, 641x506, PSIONICSHEREITCOMES!.jpg)
    38 KB
    I play a psion. 'nuff said.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)16:59 No.4503136
         File :1241816379.jpg-(34 KB, 641x506, thanksspacemarines.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)17:02 No.4503156
         File :1241816541.png-(276 KB, 641x1708, soulknivesrock.png)
    276 KB
    I put my trace on and throw a blade at the fucker, being a soulknife is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)17:05 No.4503173
         File :1241816736.jpg-(45 KB, 641x506, resistfire.jpg)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)17:07 No.4503190
         File :1241816856.jpg-(117 KB, 642x506, 43948394.jpg)
    117 KB
    >> PointMan !!sjoCtjmIoEU 05/08/09(Fri)17:13 No.4503237
    I'd post something, but all the ones i thought of have already been done.
    >> Anti-Rape Goblin !!9e1fWM+S5Fn 05/08/09(Fri)17:23 No.4503322
         File :1241817833.jpg-(52 KB, 641x506, 1241796782698.jpg)
    52 KB
    Tzeentch blesses even those who fail.
    Just in a... "different" way.
    >> Stranger 05/08/09(Fri)17:30 No.4503375
         File :1241818244.jpg-(34 KB, 641x506, brotweest.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> MonkeyToho 05/08/09(Fri)19:40 No.4504511
         File :1241826029.jpg-(92 KB, 641x506, MOTHER.jpg)
    92 KB
    rolled 59 = 59

    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)19:41 No.4504523
    Oh god fuck fuck fuck!
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)19:54 No.4504653
         File :1241826884.jpg-(32 KB, 640x506, untitled.jpg)
    32 KB
    blood wind + penar = daed guy
    >> Anonymous 05/08/09(Fri)20:10 No.4504781

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