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Greetings /tg/. Does anyone remember the Black Locks? Some of you might know them. They are pirate Space Marines that were created some time ago.

Managed to update their wiki last year in order to flesh them out and give them an origin story that would be suitable for them along with explanations and reasons on some of the things they have (like why they are 3x times larger than a normal Chapter, which wasn't easy to justify as I had to make my research doing a thorough analysis on Space Marines and certain things on the Imperium of Man), but due to me going out to work on my master's degree, I couldn't do anything new. Now after all my stuff is settled and I have enough free time, I can work on fleshing them out...yet I'd like to do this with you anons if you are interested.

I did manage to take the ideas from the archived threads and expand on them, as well as made some of my own ideas, but didn't want to add them yet. Instead I wanted to post some of them and see how you react to them. If anyone is interested, then I'll post the ideas. If anyone has ideas of their own or want to comment on the things I have, then post them.

The Locks' wiki page: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Black_Locks

Also anons with drawing skills are welcomed since these guys lack in the picture department.

Story writers also as much as drawanons.
First of all I was trying to think about the Calico Stars and the places within them, so I came up with areas that divided the star cluster.

The areas controlled by the Colonial Powers (the local planetary powers in the Calico Stars that represent the Imperium), the Neutral Zones that the Colonial Powers left in order to not ignite conflicts between themselves and which serve as no-mans lands, and the Abyss that lies in a forbidden zone that is rumored to have STC and many techno-artifacts but which also has something that makes entire fleets dissapear.

I also added a place engulfed with a localized Warp Storm so that Chaos Fleets would come out to plague the systems and called it the Tempest Rift.
In terms of non-Imperial factions, there are all factions presented, but each one has some spins of their own.

The Eldar are represented by Craftworld Ill-Zanath that can be described as some sort of Singapore/Honk-Kong with Eldar from various places coming to it. Ruled by the Corsair Lord Ramman and his Star Walkers, they do sack Imperial trade fleets and take their goods and sometimes even plunder whole planets to increase their infamy. They and the Black Locks jump at each other's throats, but they do come to agreements to fight alongside each other when a common threat appears...and after it is vanquished the two factions resume jumping at each other's throats. Still they have some sort of respect for each other.
Keep this thread alive.

I've written in storythreads before. Want a specific story? I'll give it to you. Want some fluff on other factions? Sure.
I'd like to do something about the Black Locks themselves to show how they are seen by other Imperial factions.

It would be great if you'd do something how the Imperial Guard from outside the Calico Stars see fighting alongside the Black Locks.

You can use their wiki and look into the two stories that they have to see how they are like since they have enough fleshing out that you shouldn't have any problem with finding what you are looking for.
Thus returning to xenos...

The Necrons are represented by two Dynasties. The Tykran and Zakhran Dynasties that are ruled by two brothers: Nepharete of the Tykran Dynasty and Kepharete of the Zakhran Dynasty. Both are jerks, but one is a jerk with some redeeming qualities who wants to be left alone, while the other is a fullblown arse that goes on a conqueror spree.

Both Dynasties were once a single large one, but after the Phaeron's sudden death, nobody called in who'd be the successor, thus the two brothers split the Dynasty into their own ones and fought each other even after the bio-transfer over the succession rights.

After sleeping for billions of years since the War in Heavens, the two Dynasties woke up in the now Imperial controlled Calico Stars. The first thing both Dynasties did was yet again try to conquer each other, yet when Kepharete started to conquer the Imperial worlds, Nepharete took pity on the humans and aided their defenders since Kepharete shouldn't have involved non-Necrons into internal affairs.

The Imperials and the Black Locks target thus the Zakhran forces while targeting the Tykran ones less often, but after the situation ends, the survivor will be terminated.
Here. A short one, to be simple.

Sit! Sit, boy! Emperor knows how long you've been standing on guard. Do you want some grog? No? Alright then. Then what can an old timer give you, eh?

A story? From my time with the Black Locks? Alright then.

They are a strange lot, to be sure. My regiment was mostly stationed on the Calico System, where our "unique" doctrine was suited for this system. You see, not much ground to set foot on. Most of the time, the ships would have problems since anti-air defenses would hit them in the atmosphere, but they can't hit back since those were stationed on islands. So they send us, to capture, hold, and fortify any islands and prevent enemy forces from taking them. Easier said than done. A lot of my men died when we were still fresh, their corpses floating on the edge of the shores until taken by the local fauna. We even heard some had taken a taste for human flesh due to how many battles we've had.

But sometimes, we'd get help. The local Chapter, the Black Locks would sometimes come and provide support against crushing any worlds that decided to turn away from His Light. They would come in their Drop Pods and crush the enemy forces, while we would shell them and push from the shores. Over time, our regiment had a fairly good standing with them. But it was sorely tested.

There was a time when we fought the Tyranids. Those were the bad times. Whatever our problems once were in taking islands and aquatic hives, the Tyranids multiplied them a hundredfold. Cramped tunnels and shallow shores became deathtraps when we fought against them. Their spores would come and choke us to death, and the waters would become full of their stillborn who clawed us to the deep, who drowned men as their bodies were digested by them. Never was a time where I could see fear in all our faces.
The next are the Tau.

The Tau Expeditionary Force was sent out from the Empire to colonize a world close to their borders. The colonial fleet's ships were equipped with powerful experimental FTL drives, yet a malfunction in the fleet A.I. caused them to go off course by light years and made them land in a neutral zone between the Colonial Powers of Fort Parquet and Saint Juan. Not only that, another malfunction happened that killed off all their Ethereals in cryostasis. This made the Tau not only get cut off from the rest of their Empire (the Calico Stars are in the Galactic Core), but the lack of Ethereals made them literally without actual leaders.

The rule was thus taken over by the Fire Caste personel, the blueberries took the nearest habitable worlds and fortified them so hard they became fortress worlds. When Imperials discovered the Tau a century later, they wanted to wipe them out, but to no effect due to the aliens being heavily entrenched and fortified. After this only Privateers and Rogue Traders made contact with them. The Black Locks also did get into contact with them, but those were only times when they were part of said Privateer and Rogue Trader forces as escort.

Due to their lack of contact with the Empire, and lack of Ethereals, the Tau developed a completely different lifestyle. Actual families, citizens deciding for themselves and something close to rule of the citizens. However, they did not got that far as to mix castes since even among them it is considered taboo.

Oi, just noticed this was alive again.

Want anything in particular drawn? I've got an hour or so to kill.
One of the Captains. Maybe the damned captain Jones.
Hey there. Long time no see.

Anything particular? A depiction of a average Black Lock Lad or even a Captain like Captain Peter The Blooded (with an awesome hat, his custom Narthecium and a two-handed Relic Blade known as the Crimson Reaver that is the relic of the Crimson Blades' founder) or >>44373030 in all his Chaos glory...but make him wear a suit of Termie Armor with mechanical elements, a massive Lightinig Claw with twin-linked Plasmaguns and a Daemon Sword.
I think I can whip up an average Black Lock in a short while.

Let's see... I'm under the impression that default armaments are very much personal, right? Though I suppose that the default Bolter is still a viable weapon.
Nope. Instead they have custom Shotguns for their Breacher/Boarding Squads that are as powerful as Bolters, but have better rate of fire.

The average Lock has, apart of his Power Armor, a Cutlass and a Boltlock Pistol.

Sergeants/Mates get Power Cutlasses or unique Power Sabers.

Witch Doctors also get Force Weapon versions of the above weapons.
Mind if I do some mixing of armour patterns? I figure they'd mix-and-match armour if they're sort of understocked.
No problem. The Black Locks are pirate marines, so some anarchy will suit them. Also don't forget to use the description of theirs in the https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Black_Locks#Chapter_Organization.2C_Members_and_Allies
The Tyranids are represented with the Hive-Fleet Tanihwa.

Said to be either a offshoot of Behemoth or a vanguard offshoot of Kraken (Tanihwa appeared after Behemoth started the 1st Tyrannic War), this Hive Fleet is very unusual as it attacks ships or smaller void monsters most of the time before building up enough bio-mass to prey on unprotected fringe worlds.

The fleet is controlled by a exceptionally large ship known as the Mobian Terror. The ship itself is a terrifying entity that acts as if being separate from the Hive Mind, yet still trying to do its will. The Mobian Terror is so larger that it can spawn every Tyranid Ship the Imperium has ever encountered if the monstrosity has enough bio-mass. Lurking in the void, this monstrosity is a nightmare for anyone travelling the void.

The last time the Hive Fleet struck, the Black Locks send almost the entire Dread Fleet to stop it along with the aid of a Colonial Strike-Fleet, and even that was barely to stop it.

In space the Fleet will additionally utilize boarding parties of Genestealers and unique Tyranid Warrior Broods with organic armored shields and modified Venom Cannons for use in tight corridors, whereas on a planet, the Hive Fleet will use primarily monstrous creatures supported by smaller organisms and infiltration forces to spread havoc behind the enemy's lines.

These qualities are what makes Tanihwa a terrifying enemy.
The Space Marines fared little better. If they could not break through their tide of bodies, if they didn't have enough time...It would be a miracle if they could even be recognized. Some left no trace. We were on watch for many days, the increasing number of mutinies and dissent worrying to the Commissariat.Yet the Tyranids still continued to come. Islets we once thought cleared where swarming with them. We were struggling even to keep them contained and their fleets harried. But the worst was yet to come.

We were now fighting with the Black Locks constantly. All different kinds of them would be present in different worlds, exterminating them so as to prevent their further spread. We saw them in the taverns and bars, taking grog to dull their exhaustion and pain. They are a rather fair lot, often tending to their weapons and fraternizing with us. Just don't spill their grog. Not exactly as prim and proper as the Ultramarines, nor as brash and gung-ho as the Vlka Fenryka, but they have their own sort of charm. Their chaplains gave their sermons to us, asking of us to hold one moment longer, so that the Emperor may relieve us of our burden. Strength was passed from them to us, and it gave us hope.

Our break came at Philipas III. The local PDF had managed to hold out, with no reinforcements nor support. However, their families were not. In a suicidal gamble, they had made a rush towards the nearest spaceport and sent out a hail on all frequencies asking for some rescue. When the Colonial Lords had learned of this news, they had tasked us to hold the port long enough, so that the citizens may evacuate to a station not far away. We were assigned to Captain Dawson and a cadre of his most trusted men, to deliver backup to this operation. With countless lives in our hands, we began to plan.
Hey anons. Sorry but I have guests for a Christmas feast an I'll be back after some time, but I'll definitively be back.

Also Merry Christmas to you all.


>Not lascutlass
File: TGuard2.jpg (145 KB, 600x709)
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145 KB JPG
>organic shields

Classic tyrant guard?
Aye, also got a Christmas dinner to attend. I'm also horribly slow, but here's what I've done so far. I'll finish it up tonight.
The Space Marines would land first into the port, drawing fire from their forces while the Navy fighters would harry and destroy the defenses that would destroy their drop-pods while on-route. We would arrive soon after, and fortify any existing defenses while easing the load on the Cutters. The planet was due for Exterminatus in five hours, so we had to be extracted in four or we would be pulp. There would be carriers that would transport us to the planet, and take the civilians. We had little time to object or ask for clarifications. We were ready the next day.

When we arrived on the battlefield, it was a mess. The Marines were barely holding off the Tyranids, and some of our positions which were supposed to be clear and defensible, were already taken apart by the Tyranids. We didn't expect that those foul things also were capable of having air presence, which spelled doom to some of our fighters. The battle was already starting to put stress on us. we set to work, using our flamers to clear out the positions, and parking the artillery where their crews could see and "reach" most of the port. Most of the fighting was hard, and a lot of my men died clearing out those damned hallways and rooms. They did not fight straight, preferring to use poison which burnt eyes and skin alike, before their warriors come in for the kill. And those that did fight?

(CONT. LATER, I'm sleeping)
Back again.

Will do something for their Bondsmen.

Yeah, but with some nifty goodies and with personalities that are about taunting their enemies by hitting their weapons on the shields.

Nicely done. Add a chain for extra character.

OK, will wait.

Also now resuming the whole factions thing I was doing before my Christmas feast started.
I was planning on making the armour worn and adorned with kill-marks, trophies and such.
I wonder why that original page hasn't gotten deleted because it's incredibly Mary Sue. They trade with xenos and heretics, kidnap human and eldar women and force them to work as bar wenches, teamkill the Imperial Navy and steal from the Imperium. If such a thing existed in the Imperium they would get declared renegades in minutes.
Sweet. Will wait for it.

The Orks are represented by two factions. The Freebooterz Waaagh!!! of Ol' Longtoof and a traditional Waaagh!!! led by a powerful Ork Warlord named Garguntzula.

These two factions are a pain in the power arse. The Calician Fleets could've fought well Garguntzula, but Ol' Longtoof acts behind the scenes backstabbing everyone who is not looking.

The Black Locks set out hunting parties to find Ol' Longtoof and send out a force to kill Garguntzula...yet none of the two succeeded in taking them down yet.

Didn't have the guts to delete it. Also they actually don't trade with xenos and heretics and don't teamkill their allies there on that page, yet the Eldar tavern wenches are a thing there.

On the other hand I thought about leaving it in order to have people see how to change and shape a work to be more sensible...though the Eldar tavern wenches is something I'm thinking to leave and even have a story on why they'd do it. I'm thinking about leaving it, but this may change.
On the other hand if they would team-kill, then it's the Crimson Blades. And only if their allies would open fire on civilians.

The other Companies would be very salty over it.
The page literally says "who trade with and steal from the heretic and xeno". Granted, I did get the teamkilling part from where they said that the "Customs Fleet" shows up to get blown into flotsam which doesn't specifically say that it's the Black Locks that do that.
Darn. I didn't realize that there was something like this. The steal part I remembered, but the trade one...seriously I must be blind.

But that page is the old page luckily, and they didn't have that much fleshing out.
So returning to non-Imperial factions, now we have the Hearts of Corruption of ol' Davy Jones.

I expanded a little on how they later turned after a Keeper of Secrets possessed Calypso ran away from Jones.

After the escape of Calypso, Jones raged over himself for his weakness that he didn't find in time a way to free Calypso from the Greater Daemon's influence. In order to get Calypso back, he'd go to great lengths to save her. Now he and his men being renegades, he could never hope for aid from his Chapter...but there were other powers that would help him.

Jones and his men would make contact with heretical cults in order to learn how to gain favor of the Chaos Gods. Jones himself sought out lesser Chaos Warbands and challenged their leaders to a duel for leadership. Those who were cool-headed enough joined Jones as his lieutenants. Those who were stubborn had their heads cut off. With a sizable force, the renegade Lock could now fight some truly serious forces.

He raided Inquisitorial ships and fortresses for knowledge that would be sacrificed to Tzeentch. He baited Guard Regiments and lesser Marine Chapters to slaughter them for Khorne (usually corrupt regiments and very prideful Chapters), and finally he even detonated virus bombs in Hive Worlds (usually killing off upper-class twats of the Nobility) along with polluting Paradise Worlds (where there were also Nobles) in the name of Nurgle. The only Chaos God whom he did not do any favors for was Slaanesh, and for good reasons as it was his daemon that was responsible for the mess with Calypso. The temples and followers of the Prince of Excess burned brightly as Jones and his warband rolled over them. With the service he did, he was granted the mark of Chaos Triumvirate, and with it the Hearts of Corruption were born.

The warband is made out of lesser warbands and divided into four groups. The largest follows Chaos as a pantheon (with the exception of Slaanesh, and everyone caught on worshiping him would be personally executed by Jones) and three other groups that follow a single god. With this much variety, a Chaos Warband like that would have disintegrated a long time ago from infighting, yet everyone fears Captain Jones's wrath if he found out them lacking in discipline.

The Hearts of Corruption never utilize daemon summoning for Jones think of using daemons as a weakness. The only exception are possessed, and only then when the Chaos Marines would simply take in the daemons into their bodies and dominate them instead of letting them form a pact. This results in the Hearts having less Possessed than other warbands, but the ones that are present are exceptionally powerful and lethal. Among them some are even former Chaos Terminators, making them even more lethal due to the additional protection of their armors and heavy weapons.
The other Chaos faction in the Calico Stars are the 1K Sons dubbed The Drifting that were invented by one anon a long time ago.

These Rubric Marines were once the warriors the Sorcerer Jyvs Odane, that the Black Locks' Venerable Castor defeated back when he was still a rank and file Novamarine, left as emergency reinforcements in case he needed some serious firepower.

The Drifting are a anomaly and their behavior erratic. Without a Chaos Sorcerer to control them, the Rubrics not only went out of control for some reason, they also travel via some kind of strange warp travelling means. When they come to a planet, then they either save it from encroaching armies or put it to the torch, their memories from Great Crusade and Horus Heresy era resurfacing making them re-live these experiences and believe they either are conquering in The Emperor's name or fighting the Space Wolves on Prospero.

These Chaos Marines are seen as more of tragic and pitiful existence by the Black Locks, and thus the Chapter slays them in order to end their torment. However, every time the Drifting are exterminated, they reappear as if nothing happened, their pathetic fate continuing.
Now that the factions were presented, now I'm in a mood to make some story writing myself.
Brother Garius was a Paladin of the Grey Knights and part of the retinue of Brother Captain Argus. Along with the rest of the company, the Paladin was sent to purge a world that was overrun by daemonic filth. The planet's name was Tessera Prime.

It was a extermination campaign. Normally Exterminatus would have been utilized but the planet had something that both the Chapter and the Ordo Malleus would use in their fight against the Great Enemy. Data about a new warp-based weapon that could destabilize the warp based structuring of daemons. It was designed by a fellow Inquisitor with the help of a Magos who also wanted to test out new warp manipulation technologies. Sadly, somehow the Forces of Chaos learned about this and send their minions to Tessera Prime to wipe out everything about the project, and the Grey Knights arrived to retrieve at least some of the data.

> Brothers!! Armor your minds and push onward!! - shouted Captain Argus as he unloaded a series of bolts into a sickly pinkish Horror - We are near our objective and there is absolutely no way to turn back!! SO SHOW THOSE WARP SPAWNED ABOMINATIONS WHAT DEFINES OUR DETERMINATION!!

The Terminators moved onward like a mobile wall with guns and blades. Garius himself was armed both with a standard Storm Bolter and a pair of Nemesis Force Falchions. The marines shot and cut down any daemon foolish enough to be in their path. Behind them was a Techmarine that was to extract the data for the weapon. As the group moved through the warp-tainted alleyways they found the entrance to the facility and barged in. The place was still untouched by Chaos, but that would quickly change if they did not evacuate immediately with the data. Moments after walking through the corridors, the marines finally made it to the main laboratory. The Techmarine already went working on the Cogitator.
Oh I remember them.

Man I promised to contribute all those days ago and then the htread disappeared and I never done anything.

Ok, time to go read the thread.
Heh. The more the merrier lad.
>Brother Techmarine, how long will it take to extract it? - asked Argus.
>I need to bypass the system and then download it. With the amount of protection it has, this cogitator will take time to acquire the data.
>Then do it as fast as possible brother, for our enemies will not wait for us.

The Paladins already took positions and readied themselves to fight anyone who would try and enter the place. Yet none came...

>This is suspicious brothers. - spoke Garius - The daemons know that we are here and they are not even attacking. I can feel that something's going to happen.
>Are you lusting for a fight brother? - asked brother Mordin, Garius's old friend and rival. Compared to Garius who was a more cool-headed individual, Mordin actually took some satisfaction from fighting traitors and daemons. His fighting skills were known well among his brethren.
>I would gladly go and face off a hundred of them if I knew they are in the area brother Mordin, but this silence is too suspicious. In any normal situation our position would have been struck by daemonic entities a tenfold in short succession.
>I am aware of this brothers. - Captain Argus added - The enemy is preparing to attack us and it will be devastating.
At this moment Argus turned to face the Techmarine who was still handling the Cogitator.
>How is it brother?
>The protections have been bypassed by me just now. Data download commencing to dataslate. Will take a few moments to download it.
>Thank The Emperor we can get it safely to the ship and then return to resume our work here.

When Argus finished his sentence, the building trembled and pebbles were falling down from the roof. The Grey Knights looked upwards in unison.
>They're here. And above us.
>Indeed brother Mordin. Squad, weapons in readiness. Techmarine, how is it?
>Data download complete Captain. We can now evacuate.
The roof started to crack. The Grey Knights moved closer to the walls so that the roof would not fall on them when their enemies barge in.
>Let them come then. Brother Mordin, you ready for a fight?
>As always Brother Garius.

The Grey Knights could feel how powerful their enemy was since their silver tattoos gloving and flaring with intense heat. The roof cracked and the rubble fell crushing everything in the center including the now useless Cogitator. Their enemy has been revealed. A daemon of the Changer of Ways crashed into the spacious room.
>A LORD OF CHANGE!! TO BATTLE BROTHERS!! - roared Argus and the squad opened fire as the Greater Daemon landed.

The daemon raised its head and screeched in anger as his flesh was ripped by bolter fire. The Paladins charged from all sides towards the bird-like abomination in order to not give it any time to cast any warp incantations. The first five Paladins already hit it with their blades and hammers, but the Greater Daemon unleashed a psychic shockwave that send them flying through the walls.

At this moment Captain Argus commanded the rest to assault the monstrosity while he readied to cast his powers to weaken it. The Lord of Change saw through it and instead readied to cast his own spell on the Captain. Garius saw this and with a shot from his Storm Bolter, he hit the head of the staff the daemon carried. The daemon felt the warp going out of control in his tool and all of a sudden, a warp rift opened and sucked him in. This would have been the end of this if it was not for the fact that Garius, being closest to the rift, also got caught in it. Before anyone could react, even Garius himself, the rift sucked the Grey Knight in and collapsed.

The images Garius saw were beyond that what mortals should have seen, even he himself thought that he would loose sanity. Would he perish? Would all he achieved end like this? In the Warp without his body being buried on Titan? He already made peace with himself...
long time ago I had pics of necrons with pirate hats...

About varios xenos.

IIRC in real life pirates were more tolerant to crews of various races cause of lot of hardship and persecutions they couldn't spare a man.
Do we have ships of mixed crews in this region of space?
I don't mean a ship with repesentants of all xeno factions, maybe just a mix of two factions...
File: Necron Pirates.jpg (558 KB, 900x1200)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
If there is one thing Matt Ward did right, is that there are now canon Necron pirates. Taszar The Invincible for life (pity that there is no model nor rules).

Also if it comes to mixes, then the Eldar of Ill-Zanath include both vanilla, DEldar and Harlequins.

The Black Locks themselves recruit from every single world from all social groups as long as they have some backbone to survive the training that would turn them into marines.

The Hearts of Corruption take in everyone...as long as you are not Slaaneshi. Captain Jones REALLY hates Slaaneshi.
However it seemed that The Emperor decided something completely different from what fate planned for Garius as he suddenly exited the Warp into space.
> Wait. - Garius asked himself surprised - I'm not in the Warp? In space? That daemon must have tried to banish the Captain somewhere. But what difference it is if in the end I'm already dead? To die in a place that is literally nothingness? There is no honor in it.

The Grey Knight did not hope for anyone saving him. Who would even try to save him if nobody knew where he is? His falchions were nowhere. Probably they were lost in the Warp. At least his Storm Bolter was still attached. Knowing that his fate was sealed. He entered suspended animation...
> ...ke up...
>What? - Garius asked himself all of a sudden. His senses dumbed down. Did somebody really saved him?
> Wake up lad. - The voice was now clearer and Garius heard it better - Come on sleeping beauty, yer all safe now. Can ye stand? - What kind of bizarre low gothic was that?

The Grey Knight was still quite stupefied. He did not expected to be saved. He also realized he was lying on a medical bed and completely naked with a blanket covering his lower half. His eyesight was still blurred, but he could distinguish the shape of the person he saw. It looked like a space marine, but the color was that of utter blackness. The only distinguishing element was the left side of his armor, or to be precise: the left side of his chest armor and his armor's whole arm were all red.
>Who?...what?...Where am I? - asked the still confused Garius.
>Ye were drifting in space lad. - replied the voice - If me lads were not passing by then ye would have died there for sure. It was HIS fortune that we found ye in time. What ol' Witch Doctor Makkau said, ye had a few hours till meeting with Sanguinius himself and shaking his hand.
A question: what are people pillaging and stealing from one another.

What is some resource in 40k that alla races need and use?
Hmmmm. That differs. Gold is quite universal if I remember well. Orks for example use gold to not only have shiny bits, but also it is used as parts for the Mek's newest wacky invention that involves breaking physics like the Shokk Attack Gun.

DEldar sometime even go and raid Eldar for wraithbone to make their own armors out of it.

Promethium can also be a resource that some factions would go after since its use ranges from military use to more practical use like every-day products.

Adamantium is sought out by number of factions too.

People themselves are a resource. Slaves can even be used for food too by Chaos Marines (or the more brutal Space Marines), while DEldar take slaves for good reason.

Tyranids see everything as food.
Garius was surprised. That must have been a sign that The Emperor did not abandon him. This meant that he could return to his Chapter and find out what happened to his squad and if the mission was successful. Also did that marine just said Witch Doctor? As he looked at the marine, his eyesight got better. Now he saw clearly the space marine. As mentioned before, he had a black power armor with a crimson red color over his left chest armor and his arm. His face was scarred and had a bionic eye in place where his right one is supposed to be. He also had a beard and mustache that was jet black, but there were signs of it getting grayer in some parts of it. Both his pauldrons had two symbols. A white eagle with a black skull and crossbones on the right one, while a white skull with red sabers crossed under it was on the left one. His graves and knee-pads had many symbols. From his right knee-pad, Garius saw that he has a Crux Terminatus, but why there?
>Now then Silver Lad, now that it seems yer now fine, the Mate in charge of this place wants to meet ya. Also don't worry lad, our Techmarines are checking yer armor if it is damaged. They said it is quite a work of craftsmanship. By the way, what's yer name?
>The name's Ibrahim, but the lads call me Ibram. Now put on some clothes and I will wait outside while yer dressing up. - Ibram turned around and was walking towards the exit when he suddenly stopped and turned his head 90 degrees along with his eyes towards Garius - Also, nice tattoos ye got there. - and Ibram exited.

The clothes Garius was given were a simple shirt, pants, a vest and a pair of solid boots. Unusual for space marines. A normal chapter would give a brother simple robes, but this was something that was new to him. After dressing up, he went through the exit to meet up with Ibram.
Sorry, had to walk out with the dog. back again.
In the room the marine was, there was another person. That person was also a marine with the same coloring as Ibram, yet he bore the symbols of his position as Apothecary. The Apothecary was sitting over a large stone desk with
>Well lad, this here Apothecary is ol' Monty who thawed ye out of yer suspended animation.
>You always have to talk so much Ibrahim, don't you? - replied the Apothecary called Monty and turned to Garius - As for you brother, even after I made sure you came out of suspended animation, you still were sleeping for five standard Terran days so hard that all methods of waking you up failed. I also made a medical check on you. Everything is completely fine with you.

Sleeping for five days was something unusual for Garius. Maybe it was due to that Lord of Change and how he got sucked through the Warp rift.
>Still brothers, thank you for looking after me while I was unconscious. - replied the Grey Knight - Now I need to contact my chapter.
>Would like to let you do it lad, because for everyone of us a chapter is like a family, but while you were slumbering, there were multiple warp storms appearing around so contact via the Astropath Chorus will be impossible at the moment. - quickly replied Ibram - Then again, before your chapter would arrive to this place it would take them some time to navigate here. So for now you should relax and go see our leader.

This was an unfortunate information. If Garius would not report in time that he is still alive then the implications would be catastrophic. But he could not face despair. Garius would endure it, though warp storms can last many years, even up to a whole millenium. Still, if he survived that incident with the Warp rift, then he would endure even this.
Darn. I forgot to add the line "a large mountain of documents before him" in the sentence with the stone desk.

>46 posts
>11 unique IPs (12 with this post)
>Constant bumps by a namefag

yeah this is a circlejerk. Some ideas need to stay dead.
Do you have any ideas then? Then share them. Also add to this that it's Christmas and some people are sleeping at them moment, so I'm keeping the thread alive until they return.
File: DSC_0294.jpg (1.81 MB, 2160x3840)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
Fuck. Let me redo that.

Alright, as promised. Can't really get to the scanner at the moment, although there's also some stuff I want to fix on this picture. This is raw from the camera, I've gotta get to bed eventually.

In this, we can see a typical Black Lock Astartes, if that can ever be said. Due to the armour shortages, he wears a mix of Mark 7, Mark 6 and Mark 5 armour, pretty worn. The tooth of some beast as well as a chunk of wraithbone serve as personal trophies. The sash presumably has some personal value.

In hindsight, probably. I mostly looked for something to draw.
Sweet. Really nicely done here.
Also if you are asking about if something needs to fix, then there is only one thing. The knee-pads.

The right knee-pad has the symbol of a squad/lot type the marine belongs to (like tactical, assault, devastator, etc). The left one is squad/lot number.
Sorry lads, but for now I need to go to sleep.

I'll try to get back tomorrow if the thread is still going to be alive.
Were a nightmare. Giants which shrugged off fire from their hides, with claws and such speed to be butchers in close combat. To our credit, it was a miracle we held out that long against them. But they still came. As the Marines were spent of ammunition, they used their swords, charging as one into the horde, giving us enough space to fire our lasguns at. It was not enough. Those things still came, as if our weapons and their dead did little to rout them. We now faced a harrowing situation. All were running low on ammunition, and the Tyranids were still getting stronger. There was only one option left. Charge.

We pushed them back, killed three of them for every one they killed. In that hour, we had managed to do what we had thought impossible: push them back. We had minutes to rest, but it felt like eternity. Las-packs were recharged, and all had rest. We thought we were ready.

They struck us like lightning. Too fast, too many, and too brutal to be stopped. We didn't hold the line. We just tried to survive. We formed a small perimeter, until air-evac could arrive. The Marines would handle any giants, but we were on our own. We were expected to last for one more hour. We estimated we could only last for a few minutes, assuming that they would stay the same size. And they didn't. All hope was gone, replaced with grim determination.

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