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Welcome back Overlord Steve!

Last time we struck a deal with a band of pirates to assist our raid on the merfolk village, they're pay being whatever they got their hands on. Things went well until a bloody kraken reared its ugly mug and chased us off.
We're still on the seafolk islands for the time being.

And here's some other information of your escapades.
GOLD 130





Middeth the Elven Ranger - Resides in elven corrupt jungles

The Holy Order - Religious nutcases, they have an abundance of equipment worth taking, most dangerous and most hated of our enemies.
The Elven Sanctuary - The elves stored away all the evils of their realm into seals, destroying the seals will be their undoing. We have conquered 3 villages and broken 1 seal.
The Seafolk - A weak race of merchants, through dangerous waters is their domain, and lots of riches to be stolen. We have raided 2 villages.
The Arcanium Tower - A wellspring of magic studied and inscribed, worth taking for ourselves.

We still need to find the other hives, and acquire a new dungeon heart.

What shall we do overlord?
>Raid another merfolk village
>Attack a trade convoy
>Delve into damp caverns
>Speak with pirate mercenaries
>Return to mainland and find a new target
Retreat from islands to the elven lands. We want that kraken and can pay the lady.
Let's return to the mainland
File: ooDJ9nh.jpg (182 KB, 600x827)
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182 KB JPG
The backtracking concludes with your arrival back into the elven lands.

A bit of wandering the jungle brings out the desired company.
Middeth swoops in from a vine.
"Hello Steve, did you bring some gold this time?"
Ask the going rate for a kraken. Also ask if she does kidnappings.
"I can do a lot more if you have the coin for it."

>30 GOLD for a monster from the elven land
>50 GOLD for assistance in combat
>70 GOLD for assassinations (may not always work)
>500 GOLD to hire her as your personal attendant
+40 for travel expenses
+10 to sweeten her disposition
Damn, she expensive. Getting the kraken would be 70, 80 for with a smile.
Yeah fuck it, lets go for it.

If she wants a pirate crew and everything they have, tell her to bring us the captain and first mate for corrupting.
"Please, I can find my own way. When I'm done, I'll bring the creature to you, have a little patience wont you?"
She jingles the coins around in her bag, looks pleased and disappears through the trees.

150 GOLD remains.

Now what overlord? We're still on the mainland, and who knows when she'll be back.
>Bring the fight to the elves
>Knock down the doors of The Order
>Start messing with the mage towers
>Haul it all back again to the islands
>something else?
>Start messing with the mage towers
Tower heart here we come.
File: tower.jpg (99 KB, 800x374)
99 KB
Right away overlord!
The Arcanium Towers are a prime source of magical means that can be exploited in the most heinous ways possible.

We shouldn't worry much about the majority of their apprentices and scholars, they pose no issue, but there are few power magi that reside here, and no end of constructs.

At each major tower we attack, there ought to be one guardian mage we will have to do battle with, prepare yourself well ovelord.

There are also dungeons in these towers running beneath the ground filled with failed experiments and other goodies, we will have to take control of the tower before being able to get down there, mind you the horrors underneath may not be so... cooperative.

We may also want to consider an assault on the mines and factories that produce the constructs, it should thin their numbers out in later battles.

>Attack the first mage tower
>Sabotage a mining site
Sabotage mines
Best to make it look accidental.
The mines are absolutely filled with gem stones. We acquired some of those before from the seafolk, I believe they have properties of storing magical power inside of them, much like a dungeon heart, though minuscule by comparison.
I wonder how we can use these?

The mines are guarded largely by constructs, stone soldiers and magical artillery. Nothing we can't overpower with brute force, but these fearless machinations surely will kill off some of your minions even in such a state.

Your offensive magic is also rather ineffective. How tedious! We could just simply cave in the place, dodging a fight with the golems.

What do you think overlord?
>Devise combat strategy
>Bring it all down
Greens can go in super sneaky to nab a few valuables.
While they do that, prep to cave in. When they return, bring it down.
Attempting to Sneak past the golems!
Your greens make it through undetected.

There are some explosives around we can use to destroy the support pillars. It'll draw attention, but that wont matter for long.

Choose two!
>Collect dynamite
>Make a distraction
>Attack support pillar
>Use dynamite (no dynamite)
Collect dynamite.
Weaken support pillars as quietly as possible.
You got some dynamite!

Attack the pillar!
You break it fast. Too fast! Golems take notice!
2 Golems are stomping towards your location.

Choose two!
>Collect dynamite
>Make a distraction
>Attack support pillar
>Use dynamite (1)
Collect dynamite
Attack golems

Shouldn't rolling that high have no or a lesser negative effect?
Hey I don't make the rules here.

You got more dynamite!
Your forces attack the golems!
The golems are destroyed but you lost four browns.

Choose two!
>Collect dynamite
>Make a distraction
>Attack support pillar
>Use dynamite (2)
More dynamite
Moe pillar weakening
Be careful about it all
Lying minions get fed to the forge, selph!
You got even more dynamite.

Breaking pillars!
It'll break with a little more force!
The noise is catching the attention of the golems!

2 Golems Approach.

Choose two!
>Collect dynamite
>Make a distraction
>Attack support pillar
>Use dynamite (3)
Personally deal with golems, with treant and snek backup. Minions keep gettin dy no miiiite.
We have a lot of explosives overlord!

You engage the golems with your biggest lackies!
One golem is destroyed! The other still stands.

The noise alerts 2 more golems!

>Collect dynamite
>Make a distraction
>Attack support pillar
>Use dynamite (4)
How many golems total seem to be around the area
Its a pretty deep mine overlord, who knows?

Anyways, i guess set the dynamite on the pillars but don't light them yet, and bring everyone to deal with the immediate golem threat.
The dynamite is all set.
Time to get really for an all out scrap with the golems!
Uh oh.

Your treant gets bashed to tinder, you do manage to take down the other golems, but it only makes more noise that calls more.

4 Golems on the approach.
Draw them out a bit, to reduce the noise that goes deeper into the mines. Finish them from the new position.
Are the greens still getting gems?
They're still in there yeah.
Call them back whenever your ready.
You pull them away from the mines to combat them instead.
They get totally busted. No more golems are approaching.

>Collect dynamite
>Blow the dynamite
>Attack support pillar
Root through downed golem parts for anything interesting.
Collect just a bit more dynamite, never know when it might come in handy.
Its all just rubble lord, nothing really interesting about it.

We got more dynamite.

Oh there greens are back, hauling shiny gems overhead, took them long enough!
And with a lot of golems on their tail!

Now what overlord?
Light the dynamite, run!
File: ZOfwR4O.gif (17 KB, 192x192)
17 KB
The blast was so strong the mine became low resolution.


And I'm gona bow out early today because I'm mentally fried. I'm gona stick to running on weekends.
Get a twitter and a tripcode
Thanks for running.

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