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I've spent the last four hours typing, populating my next campaign with races and monsters great and small. Now I'm sick of doing things and I want to not to things for a while. Therefore, give me your homebrew races, so that I may read about them.
You start
A hive-mind like commune of algae deep in the Earth; within aquifers and geysers.

These algae are the true members of their race, but occasionally they send up scouts to learn things about the world. Because they are still using the fragmentary and fossilized remains of creature from eons ago, they just slap on whatever features on these guys that make sense to them; hence they have fur, claws, horns, fangs, bladed tail, maybe poison and so on. Then, they shoot them up to the world from geysers and sinkholes, typically with a bag of special silver coins minted deep in the earth that are of great quality.
Caterpillar people. The adults aren't sentient, so once the larva transform, they effectively die, even if their transformed, winged body is still living.
I was working over some caterpillar people, actually, and this is a fairly okay idea. I might steal that.

Mine were somewhat like Hutts, except not in space. They're bigass silkworms that dabble exclusively in ocean trade, since they don't always do things that the local laws might like. They even have restricted vocal cords so they can't speak most languages.

I've also got a race of metallic lizardmen living near the center of the planet that were killed off by their undead ancestors, whom they once worshipped.

Chimeras are a race in my setting, created by a great big magical accident in a four-way war. Fused together fauns, tiger-people, harpies, and scorpion-dudes into one pile of shit. Split the continent in half, too, and magical radiation still covers most of that area. Weird hybrid wildlife. Magical australia, essentially.

Cynocephaly are in my setting too, and serve as annual winter marauders for some northern human tribes. They worship humans, in a way, because they're the only tribes that have actually stood up to and survived their onslaught.

Cyclopes, if I ever get them where I like them, are rhinoceros-people. Thick hide, eight feet tallish, great big horn coming out of the forehead.

Hoping to get more shit soon, though. I don't want all my races to turn up being dumb archetypical animalfolk or something. They're just nice to spice up the place once in a while, not as a main thing.
Both of these are neat
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>Caterpillar people. The adults aren't sentient, so once the larva transform, they effectively die, even if their transformed, winged body is still living.
>I was working over some caterpillar people, actually, and this is a fairly okay idea. I might steal that.

Their religion would probably end up being really weird. Also their childcare.
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My Caterbros!

I too have a caterpillar species.

Mine are six limbed, two limbs with the tail acting as additional support when climbing or not in motion. They have two mayor arms and two shorter minor arms. They use a combination of reagular language and telepathy facilitated by a mana resonance chamber in their heads. Basic meaning is spoken, but all poetic flourishes, implications and tone are contained in the telepathic part.
holy shit that is so cute
Well, it'd be more like adultcare.

Big reserves dedicated to releasing the adults to live out their second lives. A type of afterlife, I guess. Since mine are silkworms they'd be big moths released into sacred sections of their forests with giant trees. The trees would probably be those trees you see pictures of in Japan, the rosepettle or something? Haven't bothered to look yet.

Important individuals, like religious leaders or government officials or something, may have their adult forms sacrificed in remembrance of who they once were.
Not just that, they'd also have to take care of hatchings. Their biological parents wouldn't be in any state fit to raise them and you can't have a functional civilization composed entirely of feral children.

So just-prior-to-metamorphosis larva would raise just-hatched larva and in the middle of the larval stage lifespan, that's when they'd have a civilization.

Probably give them a massive lifespan to make up for it. Something like a century as a sentient larva, followed by another century as an adult.
So a sort of an ancestor worship but with said ancestors still technically alive?
>Caterpillar people. The adults aren't sentient, so once the larva transform, they effectively die, even if their transformed, winged body is still living.

Already a thing.

Names are placeholders since I'm bad at names.
Basically high society, think of lorwyn faeries, but human sized and ageless, owns the majority of the society via long lasting political intrigue and magic.
Massive degenerates (think of roman/greek orgies)
Normal Mediterranean human, nothing special.
Same as human1, but magical usage and sandstorms made them develop a coarse skin and Nictitating membrane to avoid the sand.
Comes from the hellish and frozen north, massive magical reserves but not smart to use properly, physically powerful, huge clawed hands filled with poison. Cannot into fine object manipulation.
6 limbs, highly acute senses, small hands near the belly that allow them to have great object manipulation. Nearly no magical energy.
Huge humanoid-like figures, coarse skin leathery skin and covered in fur. Burly unless insane because of magic usage, then they're more lanky and skeletal covered in arcane symbols. Massive hands and strength, limited intellect.
Uses magic via animosity of a clan (shaman channels the energy generated by the group)
>Scarab/arachnid like
Deformed and with various limbs, nomadic and lays eggs in secret spots of their routes, later they come when they hatch, normally raids and is highly resistant (some immune) to magic, however is awful at casting spells.
BUMP I want to post in this.
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Seriously. bump. Trying to get out of work. /tg/ moving too fast.
I've got a few. Admittedly some of them are variations/mutations of standard fantasy races, but they're kind of weird so fuck it.

Composite begins created in a magical disaster in a major population center. Have malleable bodies, versatile skill sets, and a species wide case of schizophrenia.

Towering, beautiful creatures created by infusing a mortal with celestial ichor. Have ornate, porcelain and gold like outer shells often more reminiscent of architecture than biology, and a twisted organic core which over time is transmuted into more ichor. Think bayonetta angels, white phyrexians, or the cultists from endless legend

Advanced, self improving clockwork organisms of unnatural materials and extraplanar origins. Widely liked and fairly benevolent, gather in large cities and form backbone of industry and trade. Work fantastically together, each one's presence exponentially improving the function of the others. Unbeknownst to nearly everyone, they're actually fallen bits of the celestial machinery, specifically a sort of doomsday clock that was dismantled just shy of Armageddon by some adventurers. Their instincts to gather and cooperate are actually a subconscious attempt by the doomsday clock to reassemble itself and ascend.

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Last Days of an Immortal features an alien race that spends about half it's life as a fetus. After birth, it quickly loses most of it's intelligence and becomes nothing more than an instinct-driven breeding machine. The fetus creatures meet humans and refuse to speak with them, because they are offended that we are sending our stupid meat cases to meet them instead of our more intelligent kids.
Inheiritors: A race of people with technically immortal-unless-killed bodied but minds that fade completely after 70 years, only to be replaced by a newer, childlike ego. Since this is essentially their way of reproduction, they are genderless, and appear vaguely androgynous and humanoid. Occasionally new inheritors are created from clay by the most mystically gifted of the race, so while they are small and hidden, they are not a slowly dying race.
The concept of past lives means a lot to them, and while they can't inherit memories they can inherit skills. Many have discovered that they can do things like play a musical instrument that they've never touched before (or more disturbingly, know how to do something like torture someone extraordinarily well).
Female children of the union of a hag and a human. Bear a number of inhuman, often deforming features relative to their mother's lineage, but Also are natural witches. Often wind up forming a coven to support their hag parent, or are abandoned among humans to sow discord. Those foundlings who aren't killed in youth often live a respected but lonesome life as wise women and lay healers

(don't have a name yet)
Male children of the union of Bagmen (male equivalent of a hag) and a human. Always unnaturally large and burly, often with monstrous features that exceed their fathers, (whatever)s that survive to adulthood often find home in mercenary companies, barbarian tribes, or adventuring parties, where their heritage is often ignored in favor of the monstrous strength they bring to bear

Strange, vaguely golem like beings born of the mixture of dirt/stone/ etc and divine ichor oozing up from the bodies of the Old Gods. Come in a variety of temperaments and power sets depending in their primordial "parent", but nearly all are supernaturally tough and natural conduits/batteries of magic. Feed on energies of various types, and it's thought that they exist as an attempt by the Gods to harvest enough power to begin resurrecting themselves.

Clusters of symbiotic(some would say parasitic) snakes that can occupy the bodies of other creatures, and indeed must do so to reproduce. Despite this, and their origin as a creation of a dark elf snake cult, the Serpari are a generally good people, with penchant for seeking wisdom and a strong distaste for tyranny. Cabals of them often exist in secret among large, oppressive societies, where they assume positions of prominence to subvert and destroy them from within

Alright OP, You're in luck. I just finished write ups for the races. Some homebrew, some stock and it's still fresh enough in my head that I'm interested in talking about it.

I'll start with /tg/'s favorite. Elves. I've never been a huge fan of Tolkien elves nor any of the common traits that elves have, but trying to change that would be like pushing a rock uphill, so instead I gave them a little more something to change them enough to make them different, but also keep the typical elf intact.
Sci-fi, Fantasy or Other?
Br'lonks look like muskoxen with shorter, porcine snouts, six pachyderm-like legs, curly wool and horns in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the region and the level of domestication. In the wild they are powerful, aggressive and every part of their body is highly prized, while the inbred variety is usually docile and lazy with poorer quality wool, meat and milk. In every language they are called Br'lonks after the sound they make.
I'd really like to rip off The Many from System Shock 2. They started out as a contained biosphere for developing bioengineered viruses and mutagens, where the organisms intermingled and eventually became a breed of telepathic parasites. People infected by them become part of a biological and psychic self-evolving collective that is both a single entity and a group of (semi) individual organisms. Eventually it grows a "main" brain and body outside the hull of the space ship the game takes place on, also melding with the ship to become a.. something.

The kicker is that isn't really evil. Being part of it is seemingly a pleasant experience of peace, fellowship and unity.
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Their race title, as given by the beings who engineered these degraded humans, are the Miskath-Rast. The Unfinished Puppets.

Commonly identified as a pest name, these people resemble Neanderthals. They have sharp teeth, a stooped posture, and tumor looking growths across their skin that secret a non-toxic sap. This sap unconsciously changes colour upon secretion to adjust to the Miskath-Rasts surroundings. The relatively benign tumors give them natural camouflage and a thick skin.

CON +2, INT -4, CHA -2
Medium size, 30 foot base speed.
They have a natural +2 bonus to AC.
After spending weeks in a specific terrain, as from the Ranger's favored terrains, they gain a few benefits. They get a +4 bonus to Stealth checks in that terrain, and can move unimpeded through it.
Stealth is always a class skill for them, and they gain a +2 bonus to Stealth checks.
They have a Bite natural attack that does 1d4 damage.
They are blinded in bright light.
They have a -4 to Will Saves against their masters and creators.

So yeah. Very primitive cavemen that are violent, totally Chaotic Evil, have no idea how to make or control fire, and they just want to eat everything. They were designed to be used as fodder troops, but are now used to deter other Empires and settlers from encroaching on land. Typically, there will be a single Psychic Human collaborator directing several tribes of these. These Psychic Humans have been voluntarily altered to allow control of the Miskath-Rast, but the alteration process makes them easy to control by their masters, making them puppets as well.

I plan to have these guys as good enemies for a level 1 party.
Worgi: These guys are to my great shame my most fleshed out race. They stand around 4 feet tall and have three fingers and a thumb on each hand. they look kinda like Dogs
They Believe that all Magic users are murderous freaks who will join with their devil figure when It returns to finish the job their Jesus figure whose name was Saint Gornak stopped it the first time.
Their equivalent of a middle finger is a devil horn which is meant to mimic the horns on the Butcher's(the devil figure) helmet, It means go to hell basically. If they wrap their other hand around at their wrist that is calling the target a Mage and is a very grave insult.
Then I have Cave Dweller Dwarves, Genetic engineering creatues(need a name), Walrus Freaks,
File: ArtifexBluePrintsWEB.png (385 KB, 563x375)
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385 KB PNG
Seems I lost access to the original file for the time being, so I'll do a summary of the two races most people seem to like.

An artifex is a small, hyper intelligent slime alien contained in a enviro-phobic suit. They came from another planet, fleeing their mad god and crash landed in the setting after essentially hyper-space nuking their god. The first artifex learned that the energy that permeated the world (magic) caused their bodies to crystallize eventually killing them. However, their space suits allow them to both survive in this world, and still effectively wield magic and so that's how they adapted. They're pretty handy with technology so that is their thing in the setting. They may not be great with magic, but they usually have "sufficiently advanced technology" as a back up.
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Take something like a great old one, shatter it into a hundred thousand pieces, then give each of those pieces individual sentience, and that is a transient. There are many different types, each from a different "Great Outsider", but I only set aside two of them as playable. One (pictured) is a run of the mill spooky-scary hunter type.

The second is based on a philosophy called Solipsism, which in a nutshell is the idea that "Nothing can be proven to exist except for the self." Essentially they go around believing so damned hard that everything is some kind of illusion or simulation that it actually starts to become true. Being fragments of an eldritch horror, I thought it was rather fitting.
>reptilian government infiltrators
>good guys
Nice try, Obama
Colorful, sea slug like beings originally from the Sea of Engrams. A race of philosophers first, artists second, therapists third, and fighters basically never, the Somnia are a gentle, fragile race of empaths and oneiromancers due to essentially originating in the realm of dreams and emotions. Claim to be kin to Old Ones, Nightmare leviathans, and other creatures of madness, but are generally some of the nicest dudes around

Constructs and playthings of the Fair Folk, and distant cousin/prototype of the elves. Their bodies are woven out of gossamer and highly mutable, but always garishly colorful and frail looking. They dwell in small insular communities on the outskirts of elven dominated regions, or occasionally in caravans who's passing is dreaded by nearly all, for while a Poppet's personality may range from childlike whimsy and caprice to amoral anarchy, they ultimately are beings of chaos and discord with a great difficulty in regarding the feelings or even life of others

Also called gravewardens or black choirs, Serberoi are dead bodies animated by a collective of underworld spirits. Serberoi are occasionally mistaken for zombies, in the plural, because a single gravewarden can occupy multiple bodies at once. Serberoi are generally peaceful, but are near universally devoted to a being called The Dragon Below, an Old God associated with death, earth, magic, and transformation/transitions. As such, they take grave offense to the violation or desecration of the dead, and are rabid enemies of necromancy in all its forms. Its ironic, then, that their ability to inhabit dead bodies often gets them associated with or even branded necromancers

Cont, probably.
A race of 6-10 foot tall Sea Turtles that can control water or electricity. The species is largely nomadic, following ocean currents. They tend to take to a coast for a few years to raise their young before taking back to the seas.

Their towns travel with them, hand crafted homes put together much like a beehive, and buoyant enough to be carried by the current (Assisted by the people mind you). These villages are dragged onto the beach and strewn about.

They do not farm, as they are not in one place long enough to generally do so. They eat a lot of fish, seaweed and coastal fruits. Aside from the fish, most do not partake in the consumption of meat.

Their shells are painted, decorated to resemble deeds that they have done in their lives, things they have accomplished, children they have raised, and their name.

The race can manage walking on two legs, but move faster on all fours. The shell is incredibly thick, able to stop most arrows or other ranged attacks. They have difficulty holding on to objects not made for them, as they are still basically turtles. Have you ever seen a turtle grab something? They don't have thumbs.
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>Turtle People

Something like this?
Sort of, but their shells are larger and their eyes aren't as big. They're a mostly peaceful race, and can live up to 300 years old.
>grave offence
I'm torn between adding boobs to my made up races.

On one hand, boobs. On the other hand, I guess they don't really need to have boobs and I don't want my players to look at me weird.
If they're mammalian, go for it. Just don't go all "Everything gets tits even if they make no sense!" about it.
It depends more on how much of a stickler for realism they are, provided of course, you don't bring a heavy amount of attention to them each time you describe a female of said race, and as >>44201479, if they're mammalian it doesn't really matter, reptilian or otherwise can be odd, but as long as you're not a creep about it, it can be regarded as just an easy way to say "this is female"
When you get right down to it, humans don't really need to have boobs either. Notice how most mammals get by just fine without particularly large fatty protrustions around their mammary glands? Yeah, it's totally superfluous to nursing.

Human women have boobs (as distinct from nipples, here) for one reason, and one reason only: To attract a mate. There is literally no reason to have boobs besides "it's sexy", and there is literally no further reason necessary to justify it.
I generally lean more towards plausibility in my ayyliums. The big, juicy fat piles that Humans have came about from sexual selection rather than any environmental pressures, so if you can justify why your ayyliums did the same and don't bring too much attention to it, I'd probably be happy as a player.
But just because a nice set of honkers doesn't fit on your ayys, doesn't mean other sexual characteristics of humans can't be adapted; maybe the 'liums have great big thighs, or rounded buttocks.
Ultimately, it does depend on your setting though. I don't think anyone would really fault you for tits in a rubber-forehead setting or similar space opera.
Snid come in many shapes and sizes, though Jarvic snid (also known as lake snid or river snid, or just snid) are the most common. They dwell along coasts, rivers, wherever there is water really. Longsnid live far away, in not!Japan. Fiddler Snid are found in colder areas, mostly along the continent's southern coast. Palm Snid/Birgusnid live in the only place that can sustain their huge size - tropical isles. Finally, hermit snid live further inland than the others, though some races of them live near deep-sea vents. There are many other subspecies, but they are less common.

Snid are long lived, though that fact is almost never common knowledge. Crazily enough, they can't actually die of old age, and they will never stop growing as they get older. Few know this because of the violent and brave disposition most snid possess - most end up killed in battle before they get too old. In my setting, there are less than 8000 snid older than 30. The second oldest is 521, the oldest is... comatose, underwater, and about as big as Iceland.

Snid culture varies between subspecies, but I mostly run as angrier versions of real world cultures. Jarvic Snid are Finns/Estonians, Fiddlers are Baltic, Longsnid are Japanese, Hermit Snid are like Sami, and Birgusnid are barely sapient, more akin to Trolls or Ogres than the more civilized folk.

Also, they measure age in height, rather than time. Jarvic snid are adults at 6 feet.

They are led by whoever killed the last king. Succession by murder!

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