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File: amnesia.jpg (27 KB, 600x377)
27 KB
Welcome to the second season of Fate/Maimed Reality.
The first season is in this pastebin right here: http://pastebin.com/JiL4TqwN
If you have questions,ask away!
You are on the rooftop,but it’s not you.It’s someone else,whose body you’re occupying. You’re sharply aware of this,just like in your last nightmare.
The girl you’re talking with is extremely sad. Something that shattered her heart happened.
You can’t make out the words she’s saying but you assume she’s talking about killing herself.
The alarm wakes you up before the closure you were longing for reached you. The unpleasant feeling of not being sure whether you saved the girl in the dream from dying or not accompanies you to the shower and to class.
This is the first time since the beginning of the war that you can see Misha seated at her place. Maybe she decided to join in now that she’s not part of the Student Council alliance anymore. Her old bubbly personality seems gone. She's just pretending to focus on the lecture,while her head is probably wandering in wild places.
You breathe a sigh of relief as Mutou assigns you to carry out group work.
You move in immediately just next to her,and start talking.
"Hello Misha.How are you?"
Not an answer, her eyes fixed on the paper in front of you. You've never seen her so down. Probably you underestimated how important Shizune was in her life.
"Hey, it's ok.You couldn't have known.Shizune is being unfair to you".
At the mention of her closest friend,Misha breaks down in tears.
Mutou notices it and signals you to join him outside the classroom. Embarrassment overcomes you,but you get up and follow him anyway.He looks at you with distress. "Johnathan,what's going on with you?"
"Pardon,what do you mean sir?"
"I wouldn't even complain about your performance in my class,given your natural skill in scientific subjects. But you seem totally insulated from the rest of the students. Have you made any friends at all?"
>"Mind your business"

"Yes, I do", you claim without hesitation. It hasn't been easy, given how hostile everyone's been to you. But you made it.

Mutou raises an eyebrow in suspicion.
"Very well then, I believe you. But you seem to forget that people have boundaries. Even if you believe them to be your friends, you can force yourself onto them. Give them time, show them your open hand, and let them do the rest. Now let's get back to class".

You continue your assignment in silence, thinking of what Mutou told you. After all, this is the way you become acquainted with your former rivals: you just lent them your open hand. Doing the same with Misha should be enough, she will decide on her own whether to accept your help or not.

The lunch ring wakes you up from your thoughts. The assignment was especially demanding today, and doing it without a real partner has taken its toll on you. Now, your stomach is grumbling, and your head is aching for some relief. As you get up and start making your mind up on what to do, you hear a voice calling you.

"Hey, John?"
You turn around: it's Misha. Her eyes are puffy, but she's trying to keep it together.
"Yes, Misha?"
"Do you have plans for lunch? If not, can we eat together?"
You wouldn't have denied her in the first place, but she's so sad and broken that at this point you'd buy her lunch on the top of that too.
"Sure. Where would you like to go?"
Misha shrugs. After all it's up to you to decide.
You had meant to talk with Lily and Hanako in the Tea Room, but maybe Misha could use some friendly company. You could perhaps join Rin and Emi on the rooftop, if they're having lunch there again.

>Go to the Tea Room with Misha
>Visit the rooftop with Misha
Gah fuck, hmm I'll risk it
>Visit the rooftop with Misha

Also hello OP.

"Well, I think I will go to the rooftop. Yesterday I ate there with Emi and Rin, would you like to join?"
A brief nod. She sure is down.
You queue up at the cafeteria and you offer to pay for her lunch. She thanks you in a whisper.

As you get up on the roof, you see nobody there. Probably they're eating somewhere else.
"Oh dang, seems like we are alone here".
As soon as the door closes, Misha starts crying her eyes out.
She hugs you violently to hide her tears, and you pat her on her head to calm her down.
"I am sorry! I am sorry!"
What is she sorry for? Killing Hisao? Or is she sorry for kicking you out from the War?
Most likely this is something she'd like to tell Shizune, but she's too afraid of being violently rejected, or she's just aware that you couldn't communicate so openly with somebody who can't hear.

Eventually her crying stops, even if she's still sniffing.
"You couldn't have known, Misha. Don't feel guilty", you say as convincingly as you can.
She shakes her head.
"It's not that. I really liked Hisao, and so did Shizune. But she liked him in a different way. She liked him the same way I like her. Do you understand what I mean?"
"I guess"
"I...I think I was happy when Hisao died. I was afraid he was going to steal Shizune from me. I was selfish. And when I killed Saber, I wanted to impress Shizune... now that backfired violently. John, am I a terrible person?"

You admit to yourself that if circumstances were different, you would have no doubt judged her negatively.
But she is probably in more pain than you are after Saber's death. Her whole world was Shizune, and now her whole world collapsed. She's left with crumbles in her hands. All in all, it was her who lost in your duel.



"No Misha. I don't think you are. I think you're lonely and afraid, and so was I, until I met Saber. I guess now I am all alone again".
Misha looks on the verge of crying again, and you curse yourself for saying something like that. But instead of breaking down, Misha smiles to you. "It's ok", she says. "I will be your friend".
Her usual grin spreads on her face again.
"No problem! But now we should definitely go and see your friends! I guess they're in the art room."

>follow her there
>ask her to stay on the rooftop alone.
>>follow her there
"Better get going, the tea might be cold by now."
>ask her to stay on the rooftop alone.
Beat the fuck out of her and steal her drills.

>ask her to stay on the rooftop alone.
>ask her if she ever told Shizune how she felt
schoolgirl romance, kek
We were going for Emi and rin, anon

>schoolgirl romance
Literally what happens in the source material Anon. I can't make this shit up.
Japan has this weird tradition of having half the school-age girls being in a homosexual romance or interested in one.

this historically happened in the catholic school I went to
Oh, sorry, thought it was for Lily.
Lovely and fascinating conversation boys, but we're at a tie-break. Wouldn't want to force my way onto this, maybe you can settle this?
Can't I already voted.
>ask her to stay on the rooftop alone.
>follow her
I don't want her to jump
invite her, rin and emi for a friendly basketball match

By the power of my cognitive dissonance, this is not samefriending.

"Hey Misha, nevermind that. Let's just stay here and talk, ok?"
She nods and smiles. "wahah, John, you're not going to confess, are you?"
You join in her laughter "No, no, that was not my purpose. I just wanted to learn more about Shizune".
She looks at you with a quizzically.
"Are you still trying to defeat her?"
"No, I don't think I could. I don't have a Servant anymore. I just want to understand why she's so focused on reviving Hisao."
"You see, she thinks what happened is her fault. She can't stop blaming herself for his death. She insists that no matter how shy Hisao was, if we had been more persuasive, he would have joined the Student Council and we would have gone to the festival all together."
"I don't really think that would have worked. I mean just look at how it went when you tried to coax me into joining your alliance"
Misha turns serious again. "I think you're right, but Shicchan will never accept that. I think I am the only person who ever stuck around with her, and that's because I love her. I even changed my hairstyle for her". She takes a deep breath. "And yet nothing I do will ever change how she feels about me. I accepted to revive Hisao if I had gotten the Grail, but I am not sure if I would have the willpower to go through with it. It's too tempting to just ask the Grail to make me happy".

While you could expect this to be the cover up of somebody who wants to mask her darkest intention, you truly believe that Misha feels conflicted about this. On the one hand, she would want Shizune to be happy. On the other, she can't stop wondering why it can't be her the person to make her happy.

"You know, Misha, my desire wouldn't be any better. I just wish I could remember who I am", you say, with a dejected tone of voice.
Misha looks at you puzzled for a second, then she laughs out loud once more.
"Wahah! What a silly desire! You're John, who else could you be? You're not who you are, you are what you do!"
"Let me guess: Shizune taught you that"
She nods proudly.
"She's a very clever girl, you should hang around with us when this whole thing is over!"

The bell interrupts your conversation. It's time to go back to class

>"Hey Misha, you go ahead, I have to do something"
>"Come on Misha, let's go back to class"

I am a huge writefaggot and I always have to break my post in 2

>"Come on Misha, let's go back to class"
>>"Come on Misha, let's go back to class"

"Come on Misha, or we'll be late".
She gets up and follows you back to class.

The rest of the day follows without particular events, until the bell that signals the end of class.
Then, as soon as you exit the room, you're welcomed by a familiar voice.

"Hello, John. How have you been doing?"
It's Lily. Hanako is nowhere to be seen.
"I have had better days"
Lily assumes a worried expression, so you step in to calm her down.
"It's nothing, really. I suppose I am just not really bearing this absurd war situation anymore." Of course you're feeling sad because of Saber's departure, but at the same time you really can't afford your prospective enemies to know that you're virtually out of the competition.
"It's understandable. Would you like to have some tea with me and Hanako? Just to get your mind off things".
You are about to accept the offer wholeheartedly, when Misha appears behind you.
it dawn upon you that going there alone is not safe. Lily has saved you more than once, but she and Shizune aren't really that different. She's determined to exile the Grail, and you don't know where she's willing to draw the line to achieve that.
Maybe having Misha's and Berserker's protection could be beneficial to you in this situation.

>Ask Lily if Misha can join
>Go there without Misha.
>Ask Lily if Misha can join

And man we should go exercise after this because if you're gonna fight servants with only one arm you're gonna at least wanna be fit enough to run the fuck away. Fuckers are fast as bullets and strong as semi trucks on steroids

"Absolutely. Mind if Misha comes along?"
Misha is surprised for a second, then she laughs out loud again.
"Wahah, I have never had tea with miss class representative! But I guess it will be fun!"
Lily looks surprised in turn.
"Oh dear, will we have the entire Student Council over?"
"Only half of it", you are quick to interject. "I guess the other half has better things to do".
Lily must have perceived this as as a joke at Shizune's expenses, as she laughs in her aristocratic fashion.
"Very well then. Let us go, Hanako waits for us. Oh, and no need to call me miss class representative. Just Lily will be fine!"

When you arrive, the water is already boiling.
Hanako is startled by your sudden arrival, as well as the fact that Misha's there.
"Hey Hanako!", Misha screams, loud enough to wake up everyone in a 10 kilometers radius.
"Sorry for Assassin, let's just leave it behind us, ok?"
Hanako looks totally gobsmacked. Then she tries her hardest to look mad.
"I-it's n-not ok! I-I will not forgive you!"
In between amused and worried, you comment to yourself that at this rate Hanako will probably never be able to command any form of respect.
"Relax, Hanako. Today Johnathan and Misha are our guests. No war involved, correct?"
"Absolutely correct", you say, in a tone of voice that was maybe too enthusiastic.

Tea is served, and the topic of conversation ranges from upcoming exams to funny anecdotes that took place in the school recently. You're mostly unaware of the latter, so you listen intently to learn something new.



"I think I would like to discuss something", says Lily abruptly, with a solemn tone of voice.
"I assume whatever happened, you and Shizune split up. Isn't that so, Misha?"
"Yes", whispers Misha. The recent event must still pain her.
"I thought as much. Therefore I would formally like to propose you and John to join me in the quest to defeat Lancer. After that, we will wait for the arrival of the Grail to banish it forever".

You swallow. If Lily were to realize that you don't have a Servant anymore, she might stop diplomatic relations with you altogether. On the other hand, you can't keep this hidden forever.

>Tell the truth
>Attempt to conceal the truth
>Tell the truth
Saber died, I am Saber
By the way can we summon ananke/arm-armor/body-armor/reality marble?
I guess only the arm armor.
And damn things are gonna get fucked up real soon.
>Tell the truth
"I ended up losing Saber in a fight with Misha and Berserker, and she and Shizune split up because of it. The specifics, well - I'll leave it up to Misha if she wants to tell you; it's probably more personal for her than it is for me."

>"This is what happens, John! You don't win a war by befriending the losers!"
>"No, but I do win friends."
>[Ananke intensifies]
I guess you will have to try that out anon

"I couldn't accept even if I wanted, Lily. My Servant is dead".
She raises an eyebrow. "Oh. I guess it might happen to an inexpert Master."
This comment stings, but you let it pass to see if she's going to make a point.
"Was it Lancer?"

Silence falls upon the room. Apparently Lily and Hanako connected the dots.
"So Berserker defeated your Servant, and then you invited his Master for tea together".
"And for lunch", you add.
Lily laughs once more, this time a little bit more freely.
"My, my John. You really are a forgiving man. I've had the chance to witness Berserker fight.
He deviated all of Archer's arrows. That is an odd feat, his sword must be blessed to do something like that".
Misha grins proudly and crosses her arms on her chest.
"Wahaha! That's a secret, miss Satou!"
"I assumed that much. Misha, would you like to join me, then?"
Misha seems to be pondering this intensely. You guess she doesn't want to betray Shizune, albeit she already turned her back on Misha.
"I am sorry, I don't think I can".
Lily takes her last sip, then puts the empty cup on the table.
"I understand you perfectly." Unexpectedly, she smiles in your general direction. "It was lovely to have you guys over. Do come back more often, it gets lonely here". Hanako is trying her best to pout, but she still looks like an hurt puppy at best.

On you way out, you turn around to talk with Lily.
"I think I should tell you the full story. You see, Saber gave me his left arm, and I think I still have"
"Don't." She looks at you with a stern face.
"Don't do anything stupid. This is a war between Servants only. Understood?"
You notice the change in her expression. She's worried now.
"This school doesn't need any more dead people", she says, a hint of sadness in her voice.
"Have a good day, Lily. Thanks for having us over". She smiles again, and bids you farewell.

Misha's laugher is even more intense and annoying than it usually is.
"What is it, Misha?"
"What do you mean what is it? Lily has the hots for you, John! Wahahaha"
"This is preposterous, Misha. She just cares about people. Novices and former rivals included".
"No, no, no John! this is female intuition, trust me! Lily agreed to have me over just because you asked her. I noticed when Shizune fell for Hisao, and now Lily's falling for you! What a playboy you are!"
You laugh with her.
"Anyway, John. Thanks for today. I think I would have spent the whole day in misery".
An earnest smile this time, not the one she always has on her face. "I will make it up to you, somehow".

Having said this, she departs to her dormitory.
You have the rest of the day free.

>Return the book you borrowed to the Library
>Go to your room
>Return the book you borrowed to the Library

>not randomly wandering around your school

>quadruple dubs
>Checked so hard I'm getting deported to Checkoslovakia
>Return the book you borrowed to the Library

I guess this instance will please you since it pretty much has a little bit of everything you want

You still have that book to return to the library. You haven't read a single page of it, and you hope Yuuko won't ask you too much about it.

She's there, sitting at her desk, filling paperwork.
"Good Evening, ehmm... Jack"
"Good evening, Yuuko". It's probably better not to correct her, for her own sake really.
"I am here to return the book I borrowed"
"Was it interesting" Dang.
"I guess it was! I had no time to finish it though".
"Alternative Universes are so fascinating! Imagine if we could visit them all. Maybe there's one in which I have enough money not to have to work part-time here. Or maybe there's one in which I am still together with my boyfriend?"
"You had a boyfriend?"
"Is that so unlikely?" she says, looking distressed.
"No, no. I guess I just had no idea. What happened to him?"
"I have no clue. One day he just disappeared"
You raise your eyebrow in suspicion. How does a person disappear? Yuuko's voice calls you back to reality.
"Hmm, did you leave this mark here?"
You get closer to the book, and you see the symbol of a sword etched on the front page of the book.
"No, it was already like this when I got it".
She starts sweating profusely. "Oh no, now I have to trace the former user and sanction them..." You almost feel bad for her, but decide to disappear before the situation gets worse.

On your way to your dormitory, you seem to distinguish a small girl with prosthetic legs and ponytails.
"Hello, Emi"
"Hey John!", she says with a wide smile on her face. You assume she went back to being the happy girl people told you about. How sad that she's merely pretending to be so joyous to people around her.
"What are you doing horsing around at this hour? Aren't you tired?"
"Nope!", she claims defiantly. "I live to run! And you should join me too, one of those days. It would help you stay in shape."
>symbol of a sword
ooookay huh, we mightn need to reinspect that
You thank her for her offer, and head to your dorm, seriously considering her offer. Come to think of it, you've probably never seen her wearing her school uniform except for when you ate together on the rooftop. She's always ready for a run, apparently.

You focus to conjure Saber's Armor around your arm. You ponder how far it can get you.
This is not the first time you consider if you're able to use any of Saber's abilities. The only way is trying.

>Attempt to summon Ananke
>Drop the matter entirely
File: ShirouUCopening.jpg (21 KB, 300x223)
21 KB
>Attempt to summon Ananke
Did I ever tell you much I fucking LOVE swords?
>Put the matter to later

>Look up and attempt meditation techniques
>Think back on your time with Hisao, try to understand the kind of person he was
I feel like attempting to summon Ananke before we're ready will only end badly.
Hmm well you raise a nice point
>>44114864 I assume this is you agreeing>>44114924

Maybe this is not the time to rush it.
You lay in your bed, your head full of thoughts.
Saber war probably the closest thing you had to a friend in this school. Sure, the other girls have been friendly to you, but it simply isn't the same thing. They only acted friendly after you helped them. Saber was always the first to give.
"Look, we only have one string connecting each other. This is because the only thing we have is each other". You remember his words and tears choke you up. He was never your Servant. He was your friend.

You fall asleep and start dreaming. It's a strange dream. Shizune is in front of you, with her arms stretched out at the sky. Then, few seconds later, the sky is lit by fireworks. It's a majestic sight to behold.
A voice shakes you.
"It's great, isn't it? One of my fondest memories". You turn around to see Hisao.
"Don't beat yourself up. Things went as they had to go. It is the unescapable Necessity. You might as well enjoy the fireworks while you are at it, right?"
You smile to him in approval. "You're right. Thanks for everything, Saber".
"Don't mention it, John. I did what a loyal servant should do. I am happy you were my Master".
He turns around and starts walking towards a light in the horizon.
"Hey, Hisao!" you scream at the top of your lungs. "I will win! I will win for you and fix this reality!"
He smiles to you. "It's the first time you call me by name", he comments.
You would like to reply, but the alarm wakes you up.
Something must be wrong with it, since it was set off one hour earlier than it should.

You might take the opportunity to join Emi for a run, or just try to get back to sleep.

>Join Emi
>Join Emi
>Join Emi

>Things went as they had to go. It is the unescapable Necessity.
Is this supposed to imply that Ananke has greater significance than simple bond breaking, or am I overthinking things?
>>44115253 you're on the right track

Some exercise wouldn't hurt, so you decide to get up and get going. As soon as you wake up, you stumble on something. Cursing your poor management of spaces, you try to identify what is it that made you stumble.

You are absolutely astonished to see it's Ananke. No doubt a present from Saber, and probably critically important if you wish to fight or protect yourself in case you're caught in a fight.
You're overjoyed, with tears flowing down your eyes. Then the problem of how to hide it hits you. You grasp it with your left arm, thinking of placing it below your bed, but the blade disappears mysteriously.
You try to focus on it, on how it felt in your hands and on its shape, and you see the sword reappear. Maybe you're not out of this fight yet.
Now, if just you managed to summon the rest of Saber's outfit...
But that's a problem for another day.

You get up, change into something sporty and head for the running track.
That's where you used to fight, and you wonder if Emi, being servantless, is at risk of getting harmed. Your situation is a bit on the borderline, given that you Saber's gifts, and that might endanger you even more than being Servantless. Shizune looks like the kind of girl who doesn't stop at any cost, and Berserker is most likely not in the mood for negotiations.
You try to look left and right for Emi, however, no one seems to be around.
Maybe you could run on your own. After all, you never set a meeting with Emi, it's reasonable to believe she's otherwise occupied.
Running and exercising alone sound terribly boring. You reckon this is is the reason Emi offered to run together.

Perhaps going to class is the wisest thing to do given the circumstances.

>Go to class
>Try to train on your own

oops, forgot the trip.
It's me, sorry.
>Try to train on your own

I bet ~he can do one arm pull ups with sabers arm, hue.
>Try to train on your own

I suppose the obvious implication of Hisao's words is that Ananke speeds things which are lost through the passage of time. But we've seen that it also immobilized Servants with the bonds they share with others, so it's obviously more complicated than that.

But that would mean giving up on the first day. Emi would scold you for days just because of this. Living in serenity is probably worth a few laps.

Then, as you enter the running track, air coruscates, and you find yourself in the middle of a Servant fight.
On one side, Berserker and Misha.
On the other, Lancer and Shizune.

This final confrontation couldn't have been avoided, and it finally happened.
Berserker is fighting at a tenth of its actual potential. Lancer seems to be overwhelming him, and you know for sure that given how easily he disposed of Saber, he could probably beat Lancer up much worse than this.
Can it be, that Misha is holding herself back ?
Her devotion borders the hopeless.

Jumping now into the fray on Berserker's side is probably a foolish move, and would get you killed no doubt. And yet you can't just watch Misha and her hopes getting destroyed for the sake of Shizune's ego.

The feeling of powerlessness and the innate desire to help others seem to corroborate each other, in a confusing way.
Then, after blinking once more, you see it.
The intricate system of cables and string that was Saber's Reality Marble is now in front of you, albeit in a much weaker form. You can't control it the way Saber did, but you can see the strings that connect every person.

The usual golden string is connecting Lancer to Shizune, and the dark black and blue cable is connecting Misha and Berserker. It has swelled almost tenfolds since the last time you saw it. Can it be that is not strengthening Berserker, but weakening him with its weight?

>Shout encouragement at Misha
>Duck and watch the fight evolve
>Shout encouragement at Misha
I know this reddit tier but
>Shout encouragement at Misha
"Misha! If you're not going to fight properly, then just give up! Facing your opponent with half-hearted determination is disrespecting their reason to fight as much as yours! Remember - what are you fighting for?"
>did you beat me for this? come on and show me the same resolve you showed back then
Her feelings are chaining her down and keeping her away from her own happiness.


Everybody turns around to look at you.

"Well well well, the wimp is back", comments Lancer sarcastically. "Where is your Servant?"
His condescension costs him dearly, as Berserker strikes back at him with great strength.

Masters and Servants ignore you, as the fight becomes fiercer. The black line between Misha and Berserker seems to be getting back at a normal rate, while Misha grins with determination. Such a sight fills you with joy, as you can finally see Misha fighting for her own sake.
Lancer is getting the short end of the straw, as Berserker gains power with every new hit.
Shizune seems to be at a loss for words, her expression changing swiftly from shock to impotent rage.

Misha seems to catch this on Shizune's face, and has a moment of hesitation.
Both Lancer and his Master seem to realize this.

Lancer kicks Berserker in the stomach, starving him off.
Then, he pulls his lance and assumes throwing position.
It is in that moment that you can see Lancer and Shizune's golden bond break and turn into the same black and blue cable as Misha's.

Lancer lets out a terrifying shout.
"DORU TON SPARTIATON!".It must be his Noble Phantasm.
The lance thrown at Berserker flies faster than an airplane, and pierces his heart,

Berserker falls down, defeated,
Misha extends an arm towards him, calling his name out loud. The familiar golden haze surrounding him, Berserker removes his helmet. His eyes are long and blonde, and his eyes are deep and blue. He seems oddly at peace.

"You let down your guard, Master. I can understand why". He gasps for air. "I knew in life the pain of loving a woman who didn't love me, just like you. I regret every second I hated her. I regret every second I hated her lover.
How many wars have been fought over something so petty as the affection of a woman?" Another gasp for air, now even more desperate.
>How many wars have been fought over something so petty as the affection of a woman
wow, incidental rekt
"Berserker..." Misha's face is a mask of pain and tears.
"Don't forget who your true friends are, Misha. My friends brought my sanity back to me from the Moon. Your friends can do much more for you."
"Berserker, I don't want you to go..."
A sincere smile appears on Berserker's face.
"I won't be gone. I will be always with you. Are we friends, Master?"
Misha slowly nods, as tears fall down her face.
Not even Shizune seems to be immune to this scene. She looks at it with a look of distress, while Lancer's arm is resting on her shoulder.
"Good. Then we will never be apart, Master. Don't forget, we're friends forever."
With these last words, Berserker disappears.

"And now..." Lancer takes a step forward, wielding his lance and his large shields. "We dispose of the traitors"


See you guys tomorrow!
Aw maaaan, cliffhanger, see you tomorrow man!

- we - 're gonna dispose of this nigga's ass.
Have I ever finished an episode without cliffhangers?
>My friends brought my sanity back to me from the Moon.
Yep, no idea who this guy is.

inb4 Archer suddenly 360noscopes Lancer from across the school
Hah, well I'm not really complaining. It really ups the tension!
It's Orlando.

his friend who brought his sanity back is le astolfo xD
I am not aware, in the Raging Orlando le trap knight actually rode all the way to the moon, where all lost things are found.
We gonna need some magical steroids, oh wait he ded. I guess things turned out fine then
No, you're right about that one. My bad.
File: 1000px-Astolfo_Jeanne..jpg (101 KB, 640x474)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I'd rek his boipussi
Astolfo for best meme knight.
Also original britposter.
File: 1449658374709.jpg (9 KB, 181x182)
9 KB
Archived your thread by the way

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