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Hey guys, let me know when you are here. Also, ideas for the syren? (siren? not sure)
Zoe lewds reporting.
The siren is going to need a name. Also some way to keep her from being attacked by adventurers.
File: black clothes colors.jpg (121 KB, 850x1081)
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That reminds me, should we have the beastkin have a.. uhmm i dont know the english term. You know, a breeding season at some point in the year.

yeah i was thinking that if we dont add her to the menagerie, its going to be uncomfortable in several ways really, since you guys want her to come along. To begin with, won't she need her own room and space and such?

Also, taking suggestions for names
Mating season. It's also called going into heat.

As for the siren, won't a Menagerie slot be more useful with the feral succubus?
I think we have only two or three slots left?
>suggestions for names
Maybe we can ask her if she would prefer the safety of a Menagerie.

Or Lyann or Aritsu could offer a spot in their Menageries.
File: delicious brown stella.jpg (166 KB, 1098x1625)
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166 KB JPG
>I think we have only two or three slots left?

That sounds fine to me, lets go with Lyra like this guy suggested?


uhm maybe we'll skip the mating season bit. I think that joke's been done before and it wasnt funny.

I think Aritsu does have a menagerie, but I dont think Lyann does.

So, going with Lyra?
Lyra is okay.
We said we would try keeping the siren out of our Menagerie, so let's try it until Lyra asks to be entered into a Menagerie.
I just like the idea of us giving the Blessed Lady a Shrine Maiden to keep when we go visit her for our birthday.
File: hungry tits.jpg (46 KB, 460x288)
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You know, I think
has a pretty good idea, what do you think?
It would help us of the Lady had an interface.
Wait, if she stays as a priestess, won't she need some protection or something?
She's still a monster race and could be attacked.
File: sporty modern stella.gif (2.4 MB, 426x240)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB GIF
uhm this guy is right. I guess we should forget about the priestess thing.

So, should we try and add her to Aritsu's mengerie instead? We do have 6 slots left
What about making her an Avatar?
Let's add her to ours then. If we need more slots, we can have new arrivals go into Aritsu's Menagerie or move pets around.
Lyra is using the Menagerie as a housing solution and protection, not emotional support.
File: stella 001.jpg (326 KB, 492x700)
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326 KB JPG

anyway I'd like to get started. Let's add her to Aritsu's menagerie, or Eldric

I guess there's some support for Eldric

So, want to start as we go back to the city with Brass and Python after taking care of the dungeon, or actually go through it? its not as if level 1 to 40 monsters can slow us down, so ill write it as a short story if you want to go down the dungeon.
Go through the dungeon with Atruma and Tanis, to see our dragons work.
File: Stella 002.jpg (80 KB, 803x348)
80 KB
IIRC she's level 86

She's level 100

You sure? To be honest I would have liked to move in with the story but if you guys want me to write a bit, i'll go for it
Eh, if not the dragons, then how about the harpies? It won't be much but they can use the XP.
If you want to speed it up, just a short post is fine. Just so long as their gain of XP is acknowledged.
File: stella 002.png (1.12 MB, 1024x576)
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1.12 MB PNG
Well, it would be a good challenge for the harpies. You want to go with them? all 10 of them would make two parties with 5 people each and have room for 1 more on each.

So, Eldric and Lyann on each party?
File: stella 003.jpg (344 KB, 805x1152)
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344 KB JPG

Alright then, typing
im late but here
File: stella 004.jpg (185 KB, 741x1131)
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185 KB JPG
btw i really like this pic for Stella, just need different hair color and the tail/ears


"Alright, let's see..." -Eldric calls out all 10 harpies, and splits them into 2 teams- "Nina, you stand over here... Rose, stand over here. Now everyone else stand behind one or the other..."

The harpies happily do as they're told. It's another game, for them, and they chat and play happily as they do so.

"Alright, we are going to figh a dungeon so don't go on your own, alright?"
"Yes Master!" -they chirp together, but it really doesn't feels as if they are taking it seriously, though

"Calm down. Half of you are going with Lyann, and the other half is coming with me."
"Yes Master!" -they chirp while raising their arms in cheer
"I have a bad feeling about this..."

Should we keep them as harpy "class" or give them an actual job and class?

>They can keep their racial class/job
>Lets distribute them among the monster food groups evenly
>>Lets distribute them among the monster food groups evenly
>They can keep their racial class/job
Miel showed that racial abilities for Classes are there, and the harpies should learn their class abilities before being made to fight as something completely different.
I'm going to guess Birdbrain is one of the available classes.
Isn't that the startung class?

>>They can keep their racial class/job

>>>Lets distribute them among the monster food groups evenly

Waiting for the tie break
>>They can keep their racial class/job
File: stella 005.jpg (241 KB, 850x1214)
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241 KB JPG
Alright, lets see. Right now their skills and abilities are... fly. That's pretty much it.

"Alright, let me see your attributes..."
"What are those?"
"Should we take our shirts off?"
"I like my shirt..."
"Shoes too?"
"..I like my shoes..."

"No, no, just... hold on."

We check the harpies character sheets. With a +2 to +20 difference on each attribute, they have as a base

Strength 25
Dexterity 50
Constitution 35
Intelligence 7
Wisdom 10
Charisma 20
Appearance 20

Guess we should give them some ranged weapons and defensive items. Luckily we haven't seen any such thing as level or race restrictions yet, albeit surely the dwarves or the elves probably have an axe and bow just for them, right?

Now, what do the dwarves want with a bow and what do the elves want with an axe and why dont they trade, its their business.

Anyway, now that they are carrying some ranged weapons...

>Alright girls, stand behind your party leader and poke things with arrows, alright?
>Alright, fly up and shoot at things from above, alright?
>>Alright, fly up and shoot at things from above, alright?
>Alright, fly up and shoot at things from above, alright?
>>Alright, fly up and shoot at things from above, alright?
File: stella ears explained.jpg (137 KB, 640x480)
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137 KB JPG
>>>Alright, fly up and shoot at things from above, alright?

"Yes Master!"

"...no, half of you go with Lyann."
"But I like Master"
"...I can't send half of me, I need all of me"
"Can we send some feathers instead?"

"Look, you over here, you go with Lyann. And you over there, you come with me."
"All of us?"

Somehow, we got them to do it properly.
Alright, us! babysitting ain't that hard!

...one of the harpies in Lyann's group is coming after us

"I want to go with Master"

She's the runt of the lit-- wait, would it be, the runt of the flock? either way, she's the smallest one.

"..Alright. Can you please go with Lyann, then?"
"Ah, yes Master."

We send another girl towards Lyann. Well, this one's the smallest one, so it's fine if we keep her around, right? whatever makes her feel safer.

And finally, we go into the dungeon.

***About 5 minutes later***

"No, don't chase the chickens, shoot them!"
"But they haven't done anything to me?"
"T-they're evil chickens, so shoot them!"

***About 10 minutes later***
"Now what is it?"
"Its hard to pull the bowstring while flapping our wings."
"...I think I have some crossbows..."

***About 20 minutes later***
"Master, I got a weird thingy..."
"Me too"
"Me three..."

Uhmm... they reached level 30

"What does it say?"
"Its really quiet"
"Maybe it's shy?"
"It should speak?"

They look at each other, then at us with a "what?" look in their eyes.
How do monsters manage to level up in the wild if they can't read? do they just click whatever to make the screen go away?
Honestly, I feel as if we should be the ones being asked about it. I mean, they're our pets, right?

"Nina, you can read, right? what does the message read as?"
"Would you like to evolve into a Harpy Harrasser Y/N?"

"Thank you Zoe for teaching her to read."
"What was that?"
"No, nothing." -we have to pat Zoe's head and give her a treat when we go back

Oh, maybe if we have them level the Thief Job, they can turn get access to a Stealth Harpy Evolution?
So in addition to Race, Class, and Job, Monsters can get access to Evolutions as well?
So... harrasser


I guess this came up because they're been using ranged weapons all this time.

4chan froze for me for a bit
Are the Evolutions permanent, or can they evolve into something else later?
We don't know, we have never before actually tried to level up our pets.
But, I still remember when people whined because i wasnt clear enough saying that Eldric would get extra mp by using spells before he was 10, so i guess this time i will reveal some spoilers.

There will be branches.

Harpies dont really have a melee branch.
If you say no on the ranged option, the magical one will pop up. If you say no again, the rogue one will pop up., If you say no again, there wont be another chance until 30 more levels
I want Rose and Nina to go Magic, the littlest one and another to go Rogue, and the remaining 6 to go Ranged.

That okay for everyone?
brb gonna feed cat, 10 minutes top
File: 0003.jpg (235 KB, 1200x1707)
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235 KB JPG
>I want Rose and Nina to go Magic, the littlest one and another to go Rogue, and the remaining 6 to go Ranged.

Strength 25
Dexterity 50
Constitution 35
Intelligence 7
Wisdom 10
Charisma 20
Appearance 20

Rose and Nina (mages)
+25 int
+20 wis
Can use Wind and Wood Spells

+15 Dex
+15 App
+15 Cha
Can use [item box] (just 5 slots, though) and [stealth]

+10 Str
+35 Dex
Can use [Wind Wall] to block projectiles, and [Wind Bless] at will, which causes their projectiles to ignore wind resistance.

They also all got +3 to int, Wis, cha and app, and +10 to str, dex, and con from leveling up. Interestingly, monsters dont seem to get bonus points

The harpies are playing around with their new abilities.

"I can carry lunch now"
"Do you have lunch now?"

"Alright, listen up, don't go flying on your own. Let's keep going as we were."
"Yes, Master!" x5

***5 minutes later***

"Uhmm... the boss room is closed. I guess Lyann's group got to it first, so let's wait until they are gone, alright?"
"Lunch?" -the harpies approach you, hoping for food during the break
"Alright, but just a little, alright? I don't want you to get too full to fly."

How do they fly, anyway? let's see...

We pick up Rose gently by the waist, and lift her up.

---She's basically weightless. She's like 10 kilos, top. Well, she's quite petite, but she would be at least 3 times as heavy if she was a human.

*She giggles as we hold her* "Master, it tickles"
"Me too!"
"Me too!"
"I want to play with Master, too!"

>Keep looking into it
>Alright, let's play and build some intimacy, I guess
>>Alright, let's play and build some intimacy, I guess
>Alright, let's play and build some intimacy, I guess
File: classical siren.jpg (258 KB, 720x502)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
>>Alright, let's play and build some intimacy, I guess

"Alright, alright." -we place down Nina and grab the next harpy, tickling her a little before lifting her.

It is interesting to try and figure out how they "work", but they are girls, children, and we shouldnt just treat them like samples to be studied.

They laugh happily whenever we play with them. Yeah, they're good girls once they're properly socialized. That does make you wonder about other humanoid "monsters", though.

The tiny one is just sucking on her thumb as she looks at us playing with her sisters. She has very soft, platinum blonde hair with matching-colored feathers growing here and there.

Ah, her wings are light brown. I guess that since she has blue eyes, if she had white wings, she would look like a certain angel from a videogame.

We should probably give her a name... let's see..

>Adrianna (she who is very holy)
>Agnes (pure)
>Alexandra (feminine of Alexander)
>>Adrianna (she who is very holy)
Despite being a Rogue, we could have her pick up the Bishop Job alongside Zoe.

"Come here"
*she stares at us with big blue eyes*
"Adrianna, come here"

A small window pops up
You want to name your harpy as Adrianna?

'Yes' -we confirm the option mentally

"Am Adrianna?"
"Yes. Come here"

She pats pats closer with little steps, looking at us like a dove would look at a snake.

"Oh, you are practically weightless. Do you even eat anything at all?"
"Yes" -she says softly while we lift her
"Uhmm... well, then I don't see how you canbe this light and small." -we have absolutely zero issue gently throwing her up and catching her.
"Ah! m-Master, I'm growing dizzy!"
"No, no, this is dizzy"

We spin in place while holding Adrianna's waist. She lets out a little cry, but then starts laughing. Ah, she's petite enough we can pull her and hold her with just one arm.

"Here. say ahh" -we pull out some cookies and hold them in front of her

Adrianna om nom noms the cookies while we hold her. She really is the runt of the litter. Well, now that their levels are higher, they will probably grow into their adult forms tonight.

>Let's feed them all plenty with fat and protein-rich meals
>Let's give them a natural diet like they would have on the wild. Lots of fruits, some meat.
>Let's just set the table and let them eat whatever they want
>Let's feed some in a way and others in another. (which ones do you want to be slim and which ones do you want to be curvy?)
>>Let's just set the table and let them eat whatever they want
>Let's feed some in a way and others in another.
Adrianna, Rose, 1 harpy harasser - mostly fruits and some meats, cookies
Nina, 1 harpy rogue - protein-rich
Remaining 5 - whatever they want

I want to see which way some of the girls tend towards, and to have some variety.
>>Let's just set the table and let them eat whatever they want

Surprise me
change this>>43970583
to this>>43970613
File: 0004.jpg (228 KB, 1200x1699)
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228 KB JPG
Alright, I'll write it and their stats down. Any way, they will grown into an "ideal adult form" so they won't be ordinary or plain in any case.


The boos room opens, and we can see that the exit is closed, so it is our turn to fight the boss.

Well, we could certainly solo it, but it will be good -actual- battle experience for the harpies so let's just draw its attention away from them whenever they get in trouble.

"Nina, you are in charge, so what do you want them to do?"
"Nina is in charge?"
"Can I order a nap time? and cookies?"
"No... you can have cookies after the fight."
"yaaaay!" x5

Well, the boss can't fly, and the boss room is more than large enough for them to just harrass it to death with little trouble.

Really, it doesn't really matters how tough and strong it is. If it can't deal with flying opponents, it's nothing but exp for our harpy flock.

By the way, it was a large black lion with a snake as its tail. I guess it's some sort of low-level monster.

Well, it's just a lvl 30 boss, so you can't expect much from it.

It dropped a [Good][Lion Skin]
It's not exactly a king's ransom, but since it gave them good exp, we would definitively farm it if we had the time.

The exit door opens. On we go to floor 31

***An hour later***

As we move down to floor 37, Rose reports that she has that level up window again.

Well, it makes sense that they would have some sliiight difference in how much exp they each have.

"Does it bother you? can you keep it there for a little bit?" -that way we can level them up all together
"Somehow... I really want to play with it." -she says while biting her lower lip

File: 0005.jpg (1.38 MB, 2075x3012)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG

I see, so that's how the "system" makes monsters evolve in the wild. Even if they can't read, they feel compelled to play with their level up message--- no, it would be better to call it a class up or evolution message, I guess.

"What does it says?"
"There's this letter that looks like two V's..."

Oh, this is going to take a bit...

In the end, it says "Would you like to evolve into: Harpy Witch Y/N?"

A witch, uh? It kind of sucks that it doesn't shows every option right away. Should we go for it?

From Mage, to...
>Witch (Balanced debuffs and damage spells
>Hexer (specialized debuffer)
>Sorceress (specialized on damage spells)

Yes I know that IC we don't know the other options, but its better to have all the info OoC isn't it?
Rose to Witch. Nina to sorceress.
Maybe just say that we had Nina cycle through the choices first?
>>Witch (Balanced debuffs and damage spells)
File: 005.jpg (384 KB, 1133x1600)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
oh fuck my life, the previous post didn't show up. Alright, really quick. I apologize but it was a large post.

Basically, Witch gave Rose the ability to use [Decrease Resistance] as passive, which means her targets have their resistances lowered by one degree.
Absorb > Resist > Normal > Weak >Feeble

Sorceress gave Nina the [Return Fire] passive which means she can answer attacks with spells, and now she can also use fire spells.

It also raised their stats but honestly it was a big job to calculate. Will do it again later.

File: 0006.jpg (1.17 MB, 2106x3012)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Right now they have

Rose (Witch) and Nina (sorceress)
Strength 35
Dexterity 60
Constitution 45
Intelligence 42
Wisdom 40
Charisma 30
Appearance 30

"Alright..." -we raise her as a sorceress in the end

A little bit later, the other girls receive the same message windows. We make Rose into a witch, to have some variety.

The other girls are receiving the same window message as well...

Rogue options
>Assassin (huge chance to trigger effects of weapons. Pretty useless without gear)
>Seductress (only "melee" option for harpies. Basically the tank of the race. Uses lure ang taunt skills)
>Thief (vastly increased [Item Box], also [Stealth])

Ranged options
>Archer (Moderate range increase to ranged weapons, huge attack speed boost)
>Ranger (ranged weapons and [stealth])
>Sniper (Huge range increase to ranged weapons, extra +50% critical damage and critical chance on-hit)


'Alright, Nina is a witch, and Rose is a sorceress... actually, to get the most out of her new evolution, she kind of needs to get hit, uh? should get her better armor than the others, I guess.'


Calculating the other girl's evolved stats...
>>Thief (vastly increased [Item Box], also [Stealth])
>>Sniper (Huge range increase to ranged weapons, extra +50% critical damage and critical chance on-hit)
Adrianna - Thief
Other rogue - Seductress

2 harpy - archer
2 harpy - ranger
2 harpy - sniper
File: 0007.jpg (192 KB, 1000x1440)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
These are for Nina and Rose after evolving into sorceress and witch
Strength 38
Dexterity 63
Constitution 48
Intelligence 94
Wisdom 47
Charisma 37
Appearance 37

These are right now, before evolving again
Rogues (Adrianna +1)
Strength 32
Dexterity 72
Constitution 42
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 13
Charisma 38
Appearance 38

Ranged (2)
Strength 42
Dexterity 92
Constitution 42
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 13
Charisma 23
Appearance 23
File: blue harpy.jpg (636 KB, 1355x1200)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
We have 5 harpies with us

Nina - Sorceress
Rose - Witch
Adrianna - Thief (I think?)
Blue Harpy - Seductress

When I say blue, think really bright blue, almost metallic blue. If you have ever seen a tropical bird, you know what Im talking about

Two other harpies have to evolve into either

So, suggestions?
File: 008.jpg (437 KB, 939x1400)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
Well, meanwhile

Adrianna (Thief)
Strength 54
Dexterity 94
Constitution 64
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 16
Charisma 41
Appearance 41
[Item Box] = (Level x2) + 5 slots
[Improved Stealth]

Blue Harpy (Seductress)
Strength 35
Dexterity 75
Constitution 64
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 31
Charisma 45
Appearance 60
[Item Box] = 5 slots
[Lure] Single target taunt
[Proclamation] Large area multi target taunt. also triggers [Regeneration] on the harpy

So sniper for the last harpy?
Ranger and Sniper
Yes, Sniper.
So Lyann's group has the other 5 Harpies?
2 Ranger, 2 Archer, 1 Sniper?
Let me see.. I think I miscounter

Eldric + 5 harpies = full party
Nina / Raven / Sorceress
Rose / Flamingo / Witch
Adrianna / Canary / Thief
Blue Harpy / Blue Bird (haven't really decided the specific type, there is a surprising amount) / Seductress
Brown Harpy / Hawk / Sniper

Yeah that leaves us just 1 harpy. It seems you guys want a sniper rather than a ranger or archer, right? Also, you are alright with naming them slowly like this, right?

So lets see...

Eagle / Sniper
Strength 45
Dexterity 114
Constitution 45
Intelligence 28
Wisdom 45
Charisma 26
Appearance 26
[Wind Wall] Blocks projectiles
[Wind Bless] Projectiles ignore air and wind resistance
Passive [Magic Arrow] Can't run out of ammo
Passive [Eagle Eye] +50% increased critical chance and criticals do +150% damage instead of +100%

Other than the names, that's all the harpies in our group.


We finally catch up to Lyann's group before the Dungeon Heart room.

Lyann is talking with the dungeon boss.
They are having a picnic right in the dungeon heart room.

"This is Eldric" -she introduces us as we approach.
"It is a pleasure to meet you." -the Siren seems rather polite.

She is somewhat larger than we imagined, but definitively not as large (long) as Fahima.

Well, our harpies made a run for it as soon as they saw the picnic baskets and the snacks, and are now going om nom nom with their sisters, sitting on the floor.

"Alright, let's wait until the girls finish their meal, and we'll take the dungeon heart. Once we meet on the surface, I'll add you to my menagerie. Is that alright with you?"

The siren nods nods with a smile.

By the way, the final boss room was an aquatic battle room, with plenty of pools and floating platforms moving around.

There were numerous and large sharks in the water. I guess those would be her adds.


<-- did we ever decide on a name for her? i guess i should assign her one. Boss monsters are usually named
I know I'm in the minority, but I'd like to have Eldric interact with Tanis more.
She's an adult woman, compared to the little sisters he's mostly surrounded with. And I want him to get in some sweet /ss/ time with Tanis before his birthday.
We decided on Lyra up at the start of the thread.
File: basic is better i guess.jpg (147 KB, 1600x1005)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
<-- I like this design, actually. The hip armor and collar look pretty nice

For names, I think
>Marina (too "in your face"?)
Eldric's Team
Blue Seductress
Brown Sniper

That's it, 6 members.

So Lyann's team:
Lyra, like we decided at the start of the thread.
File: sea siren.jpg (401 KB, 1215x717)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
Oh thanks for reminding me


They will definitively die when we take the dungeon heart and they end up on dry land, but... well, they're just fish, its not as if they were sentient. Im sure Stella would like some shark soup. It's not as if we'll just leave them around and waste them

Well, we examine the dungeon heart... of course, we should try and take it with us if we can, rather than just destroying it.

Since it is a rather new dungeon, its not particularly big. Yes, we can carry it with us after breaking it loose.

As a living thing, we can't put it on our [Item Box]. of course.

"Alright, everyone get ready!"

We remove the dungeon heart, and the structure immediately starts shaking and trembling. As the place starts collapsing, we run like hell towards the surface.

By the way, Brass, Python, Stella, Mako, Alard and Zoe are taking out the dungeon monsters as they reach the surface, and Lyra is running... well, floating by our side.

Making it out while fighting the monsters is not as fun as it sounds. We should have used a teleport ring like we did last time when we were with Okaba. The range was short enough for it.

Well, hopefully we won't forget about it if we ever need to do it again.

The harpies are happy to be on the surface again, and are fluttering about while chasing after sunlight and bugs.

"Ah... we could have also carried a small plant with us and used [tree stride]"
"It would have been annoying to carry a plant in your hands the whole time" -says Lyann
"...I guess."

We are tackle-hugged by Stella.

"Brother, look look, I got all the monsters!" -she says happily as she shows us a pile of loot
"Yes, good work" -we pat her head as she wags her tail in happiness

I wonder if we could finance our own private research institute now.
File: koi siren.jpg (243 KB, 1215x717)
243 KB
243 KB JPG

"So, Lyra, are you alright joining Eldric's mengaerie now?"
"I'd like to just travel with Brass and Python, but I would get attacked, right?"
"Yea... right now, you would."
"Then yes, I am ready." -she says

Each time I add a new member to my menagerie, it feels as if I should be able to throw something and cry out "go!". Obviously a slip from the gods, there.

Lyra Selene, lvl40 Water Boss (Siren)
Str 76
Dex 90
Con 85
Int 125
Wis 185
App 102
Cha 185

HP 430/430
MP 5500/5500

P [Mana Shield] Damage dealt to Lyra is substracted from her MP first
P [Mana Absorption] Enemies casting spells within 100" add the mana cost of their spells to Lyra's Mana Shield
P [Magical Flight] Can be temporally dispelled
P [Water Breathing]

[Encore] - Forces an opponent to repeat its last action continuously or until it takes damage
[Mana Burn] - Replaces all elemental spells. Deals pure magical damage that affects both HP and MP.

Uhmm... to be honest, she has good skills, but her HP is absolute trash. Wait, am I biased because of our own level and attributes giving us insane HP?

Mana Shield. I knew it had to exist! I want that

If she was fused with a weapon... the weapon would gain +100% water damage
If she is fused with an armor or accessory... mana absorption


I mean, its a great ability to have, but I want that mana shield skill!

>Ask if she knows what abilities her own monster card gives
>Let's not. Don't want her to think we are planning on killing her or something like that
Now that we know about Evolutions, we should find some time to level-grind Pinchy and Squidward to see what Evolutions they get.

>Ask if she knows what abilities her own monster card gives
>Let's not. Don't want her to think we are planning on killing her or something like that
>>Let's not. Don't want her to think we are planning on killing her or something like that

i gonna delete my old vote in a min
File: eldric pet.jpg (150 KB, 552x294)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
>see what Evolutions they get.
It seems you forgot this pic or werent around for it

>>Ask if she knows what abilities her own monster card gives

>>Let's not. Don't want her to think we are planning on killing her or something like that

Im curious though, why did you assign all of lyann's harpies to ranged evolutions?
File: 1415760362026.jpg (362 KB, 560x800)
362 KB
362 KB JPG

"Thank you for helping Lyra, young lord." -Brass shakes our hand and pats our shoulder
"It was nothi... uhm?"

Looking at our hand, its a monster card. This is Lyra's Monster Card

Right. Brass and Python had to fight her, once. And they got the best possible drop, apparently.

Lyra Selene
MaxMP + 12%.
Enables usage of [Water] spells up to Lv 5.
Compound on : Armor or Accessory
Weight: 1
Drops at: .001%

The water spells are useless, we can use all of them up to lvl 10, after all. Well, it may be useful for one of the harpies, maybe? but honestly, the truly amazing part id the extra MP. +12% is huge. For us, anyway.

Should we use it ourselves or give it to someone else? and what happens if we reinforce it with a [Kobold] card?

Lets put it away discreetly.

"Alright, let's go back to town, and have a good meal now."
"Yes, we have to celebrate Lyra's freedom."
"I wonder, wouldn't the dungeon be reborn if you place the heart back in the cave?"

>Return the heart
>Keep it

Not sure if the images on this folder are SFW. Let mw know and ill remove them as needed
>>Keep it

might just send Lyra back into the dungeon or something weird
>Return the heart
We should test it to see what happens.
This is an unexplored field of science we are treading upon!
File: 1415761156528.jpg (54 KB, 495x700)
54 KB
need a tie breaker, but either way, its considerably later than usual. Should stop the thread for tonight and continue tomorrow.

Gonna take a shower and come back to read comments and such.
If it sends Lyra back into the dungeon, then we can just take the heart again.
These are the questions that we are working to answer.
we'd have to run through the dungeon and stop the out pour of monsters or that makes another siren

thats all lot of work for that same result again and Brass was using this as a the cave as a warehouse he should have it back
Everyone is already here to stop any outgoing monsters and if we're just bumrushing down to the bottom, we can do it in an hour. It's not a lot of time in return for finding out something that no one has done before.
File: 1415772483757.jpg (110 KB, 800x1250)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Well im going to store the thread. God willing, See you tomorrow, guys.
hey guys if you are around please let me know if my stream is working. Im trying to see if it works but it seems to kill my fps somewhat serious


I have a pretty decent compuitet and internet but cant get it to run right
nm my fps drops from 170 to 40 or so and thats just unplayable. See you tomorrow

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