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Old Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/43944461/

Quick Summary on the Chapter:

Raven Guard Successors that were founded from the Raptors Chapter in the M34.

Figure of Legends and first Chapter Master was the Charismatic Chaplain named Kane.

Just like many Raven Guard successors they specialize in stealth, guerilla warfare and are pragmatic. From their Raptors parent Chapter, they have the same marksmanship capabilities.

However, they have some unique tech and have also cyborgs among them. They additionally specialize in inciting planetary wide uprisings on Imperial Worlds conquered/annexed by the enemies of the Emperor.

Essentially a space marine chapter that is essentially a more heroic take on The Brotherhood of Nod.
> Nod Marines

Sounds fun.
Almost forgot.

Drawfags welcomed.

They still need some fleshing out.
So Nod...

They have cyborgs of their own?

Wouldn't they have some form of relationship with the Iron Hands then if they are this into cybernetics?
Another thing Nod, and by relation they, should specialize in is something very unique for 40k - digital warfare. In addition to PR, Nod has excellent hackers and digital intelligences. I can see them having noosphere equipped techmarines who specialize in the interfacing and pacification of hostile machine spirits, hacking enemy systems out from under them. With the way technology is magic in 40k they could be seen as tech diviners.
There are differences between the two.

The whole cybernetics thing with them was a) out of necessity in order to retake the planet of Sarrajev (now the Chapter's Homeworld) back into Imperial control and b) at least they didn't suppress their emotions like the IH used to do.

Agreed. That's a thing that I forgot.

So another thing to add to their Cyber-Theurgists.
Tau fighting the Talons of Corvus

> Ta'Unar crew! Initiate bombardment of the positions of those damned gue'la!!

Ta'Unar Supremacy armor deploys, but instead of firing on the marines, it started to shoot the Stormsurges.

> Ta'Unar crew!! Are you insane!!? YOU ARE SHOOTING YOUR OWN!!!


> WHAT!!!?

From a position far, far away...

> In the end, all heretical and xenos machines will serve Kane and Emperor.
they could also work with vanus temple
Or overall with the Officio Assassinorum as a whole.

Would see also the Temple Masters and the Grand Master of Assassins being interested in the Chapter's Moritat Cybernetica (aka: not!Cyborg Commando).
Or against. Perhaps the two have irreconcilable differences in the use of digital warfare. Or worse, perhaps one covets the technology or information of the other and probing attacks are common between the two. Perhaps this led to intervention by an Inquisitor of the Ordo Sicarius!

Just some ideas.
> Be Vanus Assassin
> Try to hack into Tau network to cause a generator malfunction
> Suddenly get signals that someone is also trying to hack in
> Try to find out who that is while still hacking into the power plant
> He's doing the same things
> Try to pinpoint and probe the asshat while, again, hacking the generator
> Hack generator, go to hack that bitch
> He also hacked the moment you hacked and is also trying to pinpoint ya
> The battle against Tau ends and you are still trying to pinpoint the bitch
> Inquisitor of the Ordo Sicarius tells you to stop
> You stop and at the same time the one you were trying to pinpoint also stops

Would be delightful hacker to hacker combat.

But yeah, Vanus would use the informations to track targets and manipulate events to kill them.

Talons of Corvus would on the other hand use these talents of theirs to liberate people by sending them information other than propaganda.

They'd probably be hated by Tau for this...and wouldn't give a flying damn about it.
They would be extremely useful against the tech and PR reliant Tau and I could see them waging a guerilla war against them except for the giant wall of fire and everything
What if, as these guys are kind of like Nod, they had Tiberium Weapons.
>Going full Nurgle
Best not, the Inquisition doesn't look kindly upon this kind of thing
File: CyborgCom.jpg (44 KB, 617x491)
44 KB
Tau controlled Imperial World:

On the large screens the Water Caste spewing their propaganda:

> Blah, blah, blah, Greater Good, blah, blah, noble Ethereals.

Suddenly the giant screens go snowy and a room with black and with red neons.

> Brothers and sisters. The Tau occupants have been lyin to you for too long.

Shows them pics of Tau blowing up food and hardware transports and replacing them with their own while Tau try to shut it down without any results.

> The Tau do not want you to live better lives. They want just another servant race for their Empire.


Ethereals send in Fire Warrior Cadres to suppress the uprisings, but space marines in white and black power armors managed to disrupt all communications and sabotage vital stratagems.

The world falls silent while an Imperial Armada is heading its way.

Will come up with something different.
Okay, that flopped but say this with me:
>Stealth. Tanks.
Already covered in the previous thread.

The Phantom Artillery Tank.

Sleek, fast, yet fragile. It moves and shoots at the same time. Can be equipped with the same loadouts as a Whirlwind, or with a missile launcher similar to a Cyclone one.

Is equipped with the experimental Shadow-Field cloaking mechanism.

Lethal from afar. Even more so up close.
Well I guess I'm bad a Nod Stuff.

If Nod used Tiberium, then the Talons of Corvus will have their own unobtanium.

Their homeworld is rich in resources. Some quite rare.

Among them is a unique mineral that allows them to create unique vehicle upgrades and assassination tools. It's also used by their Theurgists to create new weapons and to convert candidates into Moritat Cybernetica.
If they are Nod...who's GDI?
The Tau fit the bill.
> Loyalty is all.

Would see Terminators this way.
They kinda are color-wise.
NOD Space Mahriinees!? Yo, I like.

What could I contribute?

"The Ways of Kane" as their private complemental tactics codex, covering things like noosphere purging (both digital and human sense, cyberwarfare and psyops in one).

Are their cybernetica are used to augment terminators? And make a kind of Cyborg Commando? Perhaps something done only to the captain of the first company.
This unique mineral is already established? Because as Nod pursued Scrin tech, they could equally be using some xenotech acquired on their homeworld or nearby.
Well they are Raven Guard Successors who stem from Raptors, so they take a very pragmatic take on the Codex like their Raptors progenitors, but utilize unique laser and cloaking tech, are very religious, their 1st company is composed of marines that have a lot of cybernetic bits and the cyborg commando is reserved for the Moritat Cybernetica. A murderous cyborg space marine that is equal to a tactical weapon (who is pretty much like the equivalent to a Space Wolf Lone Wolf in this case).

They also use a lot of missiles and flame weapons.

The xenotech would be that they haul Eldar Tanks (of various conditions) back to their homeworld to have their AdMech allies analyze them to further improve the whole cloaking mechanisms of theirs (and lately with trying to get their hands on a Ghostkeel Battlesuit).

Also specialize in causing uprisings on Imperial Worlds that were taken over by xenos or heretics. And what some anons added, also in cyber-warfare to add additional edge in counter PR. Needless to say, they are the natural enemies of the Tau in this case.

Also dunno if there is a mineral in 40K that is somewhat a version of Tyberium, so gonna have to dig deeper in this situation.
But something about that "The Ways of Kane" can be added to their fluff.
>The xenotech would be that they haul Eldar Tanks (of various conditions) back to their homeworld to have their AdMech allies analyze them to further improve the whole cloaking mechanisms of theirs (and lately with trying to get their hands on a Ghostkeel Battlesuit).
Now this I like, maybe they incorporate artificially grown Wraithbone into their Cybernetics somehow? By artificially grown I mean its is placed into a mold of the needed part and infused with psychic-growth-bullshit until it's the right shape, the components also have attachment points for armor and wiring grown into them.
Now that's some heresy.

NO. Even they think it's too much to create something like Wraithbone of their own (not to mention finding a psyker powerful enough to grow it).

However they do try out new alloys for their cybernetics and their vehicles.

On the other hand their cybernetics look sleek and aggressively looking (like Nod's), but aren't fused (mostly, except for a auxiliary machine spirit wired to a cyber targeter for their Moritat Cybernetica's cerebral core).

Also with the appearance of the Tau, the issue of Iridium appeared, so the Talons of Corvus would love to take samples of Iridium for Imperial use (but their own first for experimentation).

I'd go with them studying Eldar Tanks because Holo-Fields.

Imperial-grown Wraithbone?

But as a plus, no Phantom Pain.

>Also with the appearance of the Tau, the issue of Iridium appeared, so the Talons of Corvus would love to take samples of Iridium for Imperial use (but their own first for experimentation).
"The Imperium calls for wetwork, and we answer, no greater good, no just cause."
"They will know fear." - Brother Moritat Cybernetica Akkan before embarking on a seek and destroy mission against World Eaters Chaos Space Marines
I'll be honest with you, if we don't get the Reaper Warmech out of this, then I will be most put out.
Well there is their ultimate war machine that has Knight STC as a basis and elements of a shitload of other STC, as well as their own research.

The Purifier War-Walker.

Based off the giant Black Scorpions of Sarrajev and dwarfing over even the Brass Scorpion of Khorne, this vehicle comes into play when any other option failed.

Has a pair of War Claws that shred super-heavies, a missile battery with various missiles, and a stinger tail with a giant blade and an equally large Long Lascannon.

Sadly they have only one such thing and it costs as much as two Baneblades resource-wise.
Oh, and almost forgot.

The War Claws also have two Flamestorm Cannons for maximum purging.
The air was damp and heavy. It was the 67th day of the battle for planet Arret, known to Tau as Gu'Lannath.

Once a Agri World of the Imperium, Arret was vital to the functioning of several worlds. Although life was quite peaceful, the local Governor was bored to no end. Although its people loyal, the government was less than pleased with overseeing how the scrubs would farm and export food to other worlds...until the Tau came.

The aliens came in peace, offering the people gifts and tried them to join the Empire. At first the aliens did little contact, only to increase it little by little until they managed to gain permission to build an embassy. Many of Arret's population were dissatisfied with what the governor did. Even if their intentions were peaceful, the Tau were still Aliens. And Aliens cannot be trusted as due to many incidents in both human and Imperial history.

Not much time passed and the governor announced that the planet will be seceding from the Imperium. There were uproars in many places, yet these were quelled very fast and brutally. Soon Tau settlers were appearing and settling in along with their auxiliaries. With time the planet was slowly being turned into a Tau Sept world.

The people were less than happy about it, but didn't have the power to go against the new Tau rulers as human sympathizers appeared and kept the population in check along the aliens.

The people lost all faith as they were additionally bombarded with Tau propaganda. All was lost until that one day came...
>Talons of Corvus will have their own unobtanium.
I don't think they should. Tiberium causes mutations and such. They've already got stealth tanks (>>43963405) and a special snowflake Knight (>>43965079). They don't need anything else like that.

Have flamers be preferred weapons for Tactical Squads and Heavy Flamers be common on Terminators and Devestator Squads.

I think Scout Sergeants would train civilians and turn them into Militia, arming them with whatever is on hand.
All I know is the devestators GOT THE ROCKETS.
Don't worry. It won't affect them. It won't even be tiberium.

Just a kind of mineral they use for their cybernetics.
It might cause mutations in the people they incite. What powers normal cybernetics? Why would the Chapter need a special power source?

Why not fission batteries or plasma cells or something?
"Brother Alphonse, xeno armour 200 meters to your north-northwest. Your suggestion?"


[Missile Spam]
Loads of them. And in many flavors.

How about special circuitry and an experimental power source for their Moritat Cybernetica?

The mineral wouldn't cause mutation, but instead would be highly unstable and would require much care when handling.
This could work. It has to be constantly harvested on their home world too, as the mineral veins 'grow' as if they are part organic.
Albeit slowly and only in the deepest parts of the planet.

And even then it would require advanced mining and harvesting equipment.
For some time someone was breaching into the alien's broadcast network...something nobody tried. The Tau realized how dangerous that would be, thus they tried to put in multiple countermeasures into them. The next day all of these countermeasures were broken and the ones that tried to hack in. Before they were cut off by the Earth Caste engineers, the entire Tau Propaganda Hub and the broadcast screens flooded with a simple message: "Freedom from xeno oppressors will come".

For the first time, the people regained something they thought lost...HOPE.

The Tau were troubled and Fire Warrior and Gue'Vesa patrols increased, yet that didn't help. Power plants and factories were destroyed, leaving Cadre bases powerless. Despite their superior tech, Tau science facilities were hacked and had their systems compromised. before the aliens and their sympathizers could do anything about it, sensors managed to pick up Imperial ships heading their way.

Despite the difficulties, the Tau Empire's forces managed to ready their defences...they had however no idea with what they were dealing with when the Imperial Guard Regiments landed.
> Shas'Vre! Send in your team to eliminate those tank columns. Shas'Ui, take your team and suppress the Gue'La Stormtroopers. - commander Mon'wern'a barked through his comms. A seasoned Shas'O, Mon'wern'a was known to be a deceptive warrior who'd mercilessly use the enemy's failures against them. However...he was furious. Multiple times he tried to catch the humans that were raiding the Tau assets, but every time he was close, he was made a mockery as the perpetrators disappeared before he could react. Now to add to this, Imperials were invading.

> You shouldn't be so furious Shas'O - a voice from behind the Battlesuit-clad commander spoke - Although you may have experienced difficulties in those past days, but do not grieve, for we Tau shall triumph after this is over.

Honored Aun'el T'Hovass was an old and experienced Ethereal. His predecessor left him the planet in his care after he came to such an age that he was forced to retire. Now that the Imperials came to retake it, he needed to have every Fire Warrior at his disposal.

> Your excellency, these Gue'La are no match for our cadre. With these I can deal every time. The actual problem were those damnable sabouters. HOW THEY EVEN HACKED INTO OUR BROADCASTING SYSTEM? Because of them even your skills oh honoured did little to ease the situation.

> It is indeed a terrible thing to experience Shas'O, yet we mustn't lose hope in this case.

The moment the Ethereal said it, a impressive explosion appeared in the city. The sound and earth-shaking power caused the two aliens to turn to face the sight.

> SHAS'O!! We have a problem! There is an uprising commencing, Gue'La in black helmets are appearing all over the place! - shouted one of the Tau Shas'Ui sent to secure the city plaza through the comm. And Mon'wern'a thought it wouldn't get any worse.
On the city streets, the humans with black helmets fought the Gue'Vesa in a bitter meatgrinder. While the human collaborators tried their best, they couldn't fight off the waves of fanatical fury that was hitting them with blinding speed.


The war cries were heard clearly with a resonating power. The gunshots hit their targets. More Gue'Vesa were falling down one by one. None was spared.

Knowing about the situation, the Tau on the plaza were prepared for the worst to come.

> Six Broadsides, nine Crisis suits, twenty Fire Warriors and also equally as many Breachers. We're well entrenched, thus they'll have to spill way too much to remove us. - one of the Fire Warriors spoke with confidence.

> Don't underestimate the Gue'La Shas'La, they are known for their stubbornness and fighting capabilities. Their fanaticism is beyond reasoning. - rebuked the Shas'Ui.

> But Shas'Ui, we have superior firepower and we can simply wipe out the advancing insurrectionists in the tight corridors.

> I told you not to underestimate those humans Shas'La, so better sharpen your sight and watch out for them.

The Tau were indeed heavily fortified and entrenched, yet someone was in the shadows. Lying hidden and waiting for an opportunity to strike...
> Brother Augustus. Prepare the beacons. - a sound burst from the vox.

Below the plaza, a white and black Space Marine was sitting in complete silence until the orders were given. He stood up and activated his vox.

> Orders received Brother. Kane and Emperor be praised.

In that moment he put his hand into the back of his backpack and took out a small, cube-like device. The marine glued it to the roof with an extendable metal stick. The moment the the marine placed the device, it activated. After this... he simply started to run through the underground tunnels with all his might.

> Augustus to Command. The beacon is set. All green for bombardment!

Meanwhile the Tau that were fortified on the plaza were awaiting for the insurrectionists when they suddenly heard something whistling...and that whistling was becoming more and more louder.

> What the...


Before any of the aliens reacted, the plaza was leveled with a precise barrage of missiles in the center. The ground trembled and pieces were flying everywhere, both regular infantry and Battlesuit ones. Only a three Crisis suits managed to survive. Damaged, but still active. The pilots saw with horror at the carnage that was wrought. Nobody else survived. The leading Shas'Vre activated his comms.

> Shas'O. The plaza has been compromised. Only my team survived. I repeat the plaza was com... - before he could finish both his fellow Crisis pilots were shot from long distance by lascannons. Confused, he didn't saw a figure in the sky descending on him. Before the Shas'Vre could react, the figure's sword cut his suit's legs.
Would there be suicide bombers that work for the chapter? Of course not Space Marines, but like servitors or volunteers from the militia?

Would their Chaplains be called Confessors? What about CABAL or LEGION? Would their Dreadnaughts be stylized to look like Avatar War Mechs? I assume >>43965079
would be modeled after the Redeemer.
The suicide bombers can be replaced with Servo Skulls with explosives (they hug the target and go BOOOOM SHAKALAKA!!!!!).

The Confessor Chaplain is a thing, so it's covered.

CABAL and LEGION...have to think about it, but they ain't gonna be A.I., that's for sure.

Dreads will have something from the Avatar War Mechs.

The Purifier War Walker is literally a giant scorpion that dwarfs over the Brass Scorpion of Khorne.

Maybe CABAL and LEGION can be the two oldest Dreadnaughts in the Chapter (both former Kanes) or something.
Or maybe the first Talons of Corvus that knew the first Kane. Now as Venerable Contemptor Dreadnoughts who serve as the bodyguards of each new Kane.

That would be good enough.
The Battlesuit fell, and as it lied on the ground, the pilot saw his assailant. A SPACE MARINE! The Tau tried to retaliate, yet the white and black Astartes cut off one arm and shot the other one's Plasma Rifle with his beam pistol or whatever thermal weapon he had. Now defenceless, the alien could only throw curses at his adversary.

> DO AS YOU WILL, YOU'LL NEVER HAVE THIS PLANET, FOR THE GREATER GOOD WILL PREVAIL! - the pilot shouted at the marine that was clearly unfazed

> It's hard for me to understand why would you fight for something that doesn't exist alien. - replied back the marine - You and your Greater Good are false. Your promises to the people are false. See how they are now fighting against you. In your technological feeling of superiority, you fell to your own hubris.

This stupefied the Tau. He didn't know what to say. As he struggled with coming up with the appropriate response, the marine shot him in the cockpit with his Infernus Pistol. A second later the Tau was vaporized in his own suit.

> Go to the Realm of Souls alien...that is if you do have a soul. - with this, the marine activated his jetpack and flew away. As he left the plaza, the militia of the insurrectionists flooded the place and placed their flag into the nearest Broadside derelict.
That'll work. Truly ancient members of the Legion.

The Guardians of Kane do not sleep for they are LEGION and CABAL
And they also fullfill the following:

LEGION - He commands an army of Combat Servitors and Servo Skulls. Each one kept in stasis and awakened when needed to fight. He also is in charge of the Chapter's most brutal offences as he knows well how to channel his fury in combat.

CABAL - The scholar priest to LEGION's warrior commander. He overlooks the Chapter Tombs under the main temple. Here the Talon's most honoured rest for all eternity, as do all Kanes of times past. Here, when every Kane dies, his corpse and his successor come into the tombs...and from there a new Kane emerges.
Awesome. You got the drastic homage to Nod covered with that. I'll try to think of more subtle ones.

How about their neophytes being known as "Eyes of Kane", spying and policing the general populace? I get the feeling they are near the Tau already, so they counter the bluish propaganda. I imagine Ordo Xenos being mostly oposed to this, with a few inquisitors pleased with the help.

Pic could represent an Eyes of Kane complying Basilica, including gun servitors and the tail releasing skull drones to watch and scan.

As an alternative for the strange tech used in their equipment, the kind of non-STC tech that the Admech had in their Krios and Triaros vehicles.

Techno-cant warding
Interlocking energy fields
Galvanic traction drive
Powerful on-board fusion reactor

Moritat Cybernetica and the War Walker could benefit, or require those.

That's fucking cool.

If they are venerable contemptor dreadnoughts, just as the AIs were a source of tech for Nod, their systems could be the origin of the tech for Moritat Cybernetica and the Purifier.
I'd actually make the "Eyes of Kane" a sub-group of Veterans of the 1st Company.

The Neophytes are the equivalents of Shadow Teams (albeit younger).

Some of the regular battle brothers are the actual Shadow Teams who are busy with ramming beacons everywhere for long-range missile barrages and to snipe people with their modified Stalker Boltguns.

The Moritat Cybernetica would have a unstable, yet efficient power source that is required for them to pull off ridiculous stunts and to power their Sunstorm Repeater Las-Pistols (these shred Chaos Marines like crazy).

The tech you mentioned needs more research by me, but could be useful.

The latter part of your post...

CABAL and LEGION were the first prototype Moritats and survived long enough to be interred into heavily modified Contemptor Dreadnoughts.

The Purifier utilizes a specialized system that connects the pilot's brain with its machine spirit, allowing the war machine to move very naturally and with incredible grace.
The situation was not good for the Tau. Not only was the plaza compromised, but in the tight streets explosions claimed the Fire Warriors. Insurrection forces were sweeping like a tidal wave. Every building had red flags all over them, and cheers were heard.



The cries of triumph were becoming more and more frequent. The soldiers that were fighting the Tau occupants were happy for the first time in their long days. All these fights, all these skirmishes and acts of sabotage...all to regain their freedom.

> The palace is not far from here. We move there and claim our freedom back! - exclaimed triumphally the leader of the insurrectionists - Do not just stand here! TOPPLE THE TAU AND RETURN TO THE TRUE IMPERIUM!!

The roars and cheers escalated as the insurrectionists moved onwards. They have moved way too far to now back down. They'd see the aliens driven away and the governor hanged for treason against HIM on Terra.

From afar, a group of Stealth Suits observed the whole situation from atop of a large building.

> This planet is lost.

> You are telling it to me?

> You two quit it. Ready Burst Cannons for we're going to lead them away. - replied an XV25 pilot - Also you Shas'Vre. You ready for this?

A large battlesuit appeared from the shadows with two drones flying around it.

> Let me warm up my stealth systems and I'll stomp them well. Let's see the Ghostkeel in action.
The Stealth Suits decided to go first and to secure a fine spot for shooting as the Ghostkeel pilot readied himself. The trio activated their jetpacks and flew high into the sky. When they achieved the highest acceptable altitude, their sensors suddenly screamed insanely as they detected missiles flying at them. It was so sudden and fast they couldn't dodge them. The three suits were hit at the same time and fell down to their doom.

The XV95 was all that was left, and he was both surprised and horrified. How did the enemy knew about their presence? The Stealth Suits shouldn't be this well detectable, especially from this distance. As he tried to collect himself, his A.I. detected something that also shouldn't be possible. An enemy dangerously close to him...and before he could even react, both his drones were shot by fast shots of lasers. The battlesuit turned towards the attacker.

It was cloaked. Did the Imperium also have such advanced stealth technology? When the pilot tried to locate its enemy, the attacker made himself visible.

A space marine unlike the ones the pilot met when he was still a XV25 user, this one was outright fear inducing. Long claws with built in las-weapons of unknown pattern. This wasn't however the most characteristic element of the Astartes, but the sleek and menacing cybernetics that were exposed and which blended with his unique armour that was also sleek for one used by the Astartes. The helmet itself had a terrorizing look. In this instant, the marine uttered the words that made the pilot ready himself for a fight.

> TARGET IDENTIFIED. XV95 GHOSTKEEL BATTLESUIT. COMMENCE TERMINATION. YOU SHALL KNOW FEAR. - exclaimed the menacing cyborg marine as he leaped in an instant towards the Battlesuit.
Will end for today.

Will finish tomorrow if the thread will be alive at that time.
So is their traditional greeting a nod?
File: Spoiler Image (138 KB, 719x1111)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Oh you...

Yes, but it is very common and not the only type of greeting.

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