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I have this idea for a Raven Guard successor Chapter thanks the Chapter Creation table, but I do like some help in fleshing them out.

Thought about this Chapter to have connections to AdMech, but have some Brotherhood of Nod in them.

Would you help?
> Brotherhood of Nod

I'm all ears here.
So they specialize not only in guerilla warfare, but also in inciting uprisings?
>Stealthy Tactical Marines.
>Laser Oriented Heavy Weapons
>Tech-marines have advanced combat Servoskulls/Servitors
>Experimental Cloaking (unlikely)
>Lotsa bikes and Land speeders, armed for quick surgical strikes

This and cybernetic bits/cyborg initiative stuff due to their connections to the AdMech.

Also very religious for Raven Guard successors.
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What manner of Space Marine would ever utilise such a tactic?

But to be serious, they'd incite said uprisings on Imperial Worlds that were annexed/conquered by the Enemies of The Imperium/on Imperial Worlds that split from the rest of the Imperium due to various means.

They'd also smuggle in weapons and train the populace in secret training camps into more guerilla specialists in order to reclaim worlds back into the Imperium.
Lots of cheap Auxiliary then?

While the Auxiliary fight along with their regular forces, their elites (armed with some really killy weapons) sow havoc and destruction behind before disappearing into the shadows...only to strike again from another place.

Pragmatism is their true weapon.
The way you describe them is as if they were Raptors, but with addition to what Nod is capable of.

File: CyborgCommando.jpg (40 KB, 384x500)
40 KB
I can't help myself to think that they might have a Cyborg Commandos among them.

So now to sum up what came from this thread, we'd have this:

> Raven Guard Successors.
> Have tech that is specialized laser weapons (for special weapons section), lots of cybernetics (due to their connections with the AdMech), as well as some sort of experimental cloaking/light bending technology (also probably due to their connections with the AdMech).
> Very religious.
> Specialize not only in guerilla warfare, but also in inciting uprisings on Imperial Worlds conquered by xenos/heretics, as well inciting them on worlds that split away from the Imperium in order to take them back. Also train the local populace in guerilla warfare.
> Loads of fast vehicles ranging from Bikes to Landspeeders.
So they have a LOT of REALLY good chaplains.

I'd say they might go a bit radical too, using more experimental and xenos technology.
Chapter Master Kane.

Every new Chapter Master takes that name, becoming Kane. Their old identity is put on the list of the fallen.


Ok, now for the chapter name.
The first part I'd agree on.

The latter however (the xenotech part) I'd discuss further.

Maybe the cloaking tech they use isn't completely xeno (though the AdMech they are allied with may have their Magos and Archmagos experiment with xeno tech and ancient STC [maybe something akin to what the Shadowblade has, but smaller] to create something for Imperial use).

And since they are Raven Guard successors with emphasis on guerilla warfare and such, they are the perfect testers.


I was thinking about the following names:
> Shadow Wings of Corax
> Marked of Corax
> Hand of Deliverance
>Crimson Shadow
>Talons of Corvus
I'd go with the Marked of Corax. If these guys have cyborg marines, then this is perfect.
I like Marked of Corax, but Talons of Corvus also have a nice ring to it...gonna roll a 1d12 for it.

1-50: Marked of Corax
51-100: Talons of Corvus
Rolled 86 (1d100)

Sorry, I meant 1d100.
86, so Talons of Corvus.
Back after lunch.

I was thinking about the fluff behind them with what was achieved in this thread.

Scribbling here and there.

Would go with Moritat Cybernetica.

The elites have Skiitari/Thallaxi grade augmentations.

Moritat Cybernetica is the equivalent of a tactical weapon, but creating one would cost large quantities of resources.
>notably, they are not fond of orbital lance bombardment
They probably use a lot of flamers, too. That's kinda Nod's whole weapons shtick. That, and robot scorpions, which might be too much even for 40K.
Pffffff. Would include something into their fluff.

Yer right. Nod loves flamers (dunno if add some chemical weapons to them, because Nod also likes these in their Chem-Sprayers).

The robot scorpion thing...I'll try to come up with something.

>Robot Scorpion
>Too much for 40k

That's LITERALLY an existing thing. Brass Scorpion of Khorne.
No, that's a Khornate robot scorpion. Completely different.
The Talons of Corvus are successors of the Raven Guard who were founded from the Raptors Chapter.

These marines are, just like any son of Corax, specialists in stealth and guerilla warfare.

However, compared to their brethren from other Raven Guard Successor Chapters, they have access to unique technology unseen among other Space Marines that is further backed with zealotry seen only among the Black Templars.

These marines are known to send in small numbers of their own to Imperial Worlds that were conquered by xenos or heretics, or simply seceded by the greed of their ruling elite, and incite vindictive fervor into the populace in order for them to spark an uprising. In order to make the uprising successful, the Talons of Corvus will even smuggle in weapons and hardware and train the local populace in hidden training facilities to shape them into lethal guerilla fighters.

The Chapter's beginnings were quite turbulent...to say the least.
The Raven Guard ships in the HH series have reflex shields which are cloaking devices. Corax even put one on a titan for lulz.
Do they use them to this day?

Or are they lost technology now?

> Cloaked Titan

Eat your hearts out Tau.
The Chapter was founded in M34 from a conflict that spanned since M33 when the Raptors took on the fight against planetary government of the Desert World of Sarrajev.

Sarrajev was known for being a planet heavily rich in resources, and despite the fact that it was a desert world, it did have some forms of flora and fauna that were well adapted to its extreme temperatures and scarce amounts of water (most of which was deep mined and purified for drinking since the metals and chemicals were toxic for the body).

Apart of that, the planet was also a Adeptus Mechanicus facility where experiments were conducted by the high-ranking members of the priesthood to create new models of various weapons, as well as to create even better bionics. The entire conflict was due to the fact that the ruling council, thinking that they don't need the Imperium, annexed the facility and declared independence from the Imperium.

Two decades later, along with two entire Imperial Guard Regiments, four Companies of Raptors landed on the planet in order to reclaim it, yet neither of them were ready for what awaited them...
When the Imperial Armies were making planetfall, they were immediately welcomed by a sky filled with flak, and when they managed to land...the council's armies of bionically enhanced soldiers and enormous warmachines. Despite this, the Imperials manage to deal some substantial blows to them, yet it gave little to hamper them.

Although they all fought bravely the Guardsmen and Raptors that landed were suffering enormous losses since the enemy had weapons none of them had. To add to this more insult, the enemy somehow had long range weapons that could shoot from the planet's orbit.

The resulting planetary barrage that was shot at the Imperial Navy and Raptors fleet crippled the ships, yet with a second barrage the ships would be destroyed for sure. Thus the remaining Raptors and members of the Imperial Navy abandoned ships and made planetfall.

Meanwhile the surviving Imperials were like defenceless infants in front of the rebel armies of Sarrajev's government council. The Raptors, unwilling to abandon the Guardsmen alongside they fought, steeled themselves for the worst...that is until another army appeared and gave the Imperials cover fire.

With the enemy thrown into confusion, the Imperials used it to mount a counterattack that managed to deal the rebels a truly powerful blow. The Sarrajev rebels retreated, and Imperials were victorious...although the price they paid was enormous, and the army they fought wasn't even the actual one, but a small war party.
Skitarii support forces.
Might do the trick.
This is good.

Also chapter colors. Black and red might be too cliche. For the heraldy the nod scorpion tail can do but it doesn't match up to the name.
Would go for black and red elements, but with addition of grey and certain colors that would describe their companies.

Instead of scorpion tail, I'd go with actual talons, but red.
GDI then. Or that one subfaction in Kanes wrath.
The latter.

Give me a sec and I'll make one in Chapter Generator.
Done. Hope it's good.

The surviving regiments lost 70% of their original force, while the Raptors lost 80 of their brethren.

What's worse, the main captains fell in battle. The only senior member of the Chapter was a Chaplain of extraordinary charisma and oratorical speeches known as Kane. The Guardsmen were no better, as the majority of their commanding officers also shared the same fate. This made the Chaplain the most senior commander of the surviving Imperial forces.

When the Imperials met the ones that aided them, they were glad that it was what they thought. It turned out that there were loyalists on the planet that rebelled against the ruling council, and that that the ones who did it first were members of the Adeptus Mechanicus that avoided being catched by the government and used to create more of the cyborg soldiers.

With their forces low, the Imperials joined forces with the pro-Imperial loyalists and strategized on how to take back the planet. From what the rebels could tell Chaplain Kane, most of the people on the planet were themselves displeased with what the ruling council did and anti-government thoughts were livid. However the people didn't have the right equipment and the council's armies were vast.

Chaplain Kane however had other thoughts...
Since most of the population were anti-government (not to mention that they were mistreated and acted as slaves at worst) and didn't lack in fighting spirit, they needed someone to push them onwards. A spark of rebellion that could ignite the zealous spirits of the people loyal to the Emperor.

Chaplain Kane gave to his brothers, the surviving guardsmen and the rebels a fiery speech that engraved into their hearts. The death of the fallen Raptors and Guardsmen would not be forgotten nor forgiven. The sorrows of the people of Sarrajev would be vindicated to the last. The rebels and the secessionist government would not escape the judgement of the righteous...and they'd pay for it with blood for what they did then and now. Yet for now, the Raptors and their allies needed to plan...and gain strength. The Raptors and Imperial Navy members that also made planetfall managed to avoid the secessionists. Now all that Chaplain Kane needed is time.

Two decades passed after the planetfall of Sarrajev. The situation on the planet was getting worse with every passing day. Riots were exploding at random in the many hive cities, while the ruling council gloated over their superiority...until there came reports of multiple raids on weapons and vehicle factoria, powerplant and deep-crust well sabotages, as well as reports of power armored giants that disappearing into nothingness after terminating the council soldiers.

The secessionists realized what was happening and didn't want to loose their grip on the populace. Guards and patrols were increased, yet with each day, saboteurs would deal crippling damage to the infrastructure, and public dissatisfaction reached critical levels and turned into outright hatred. Millions of people simply abandoned their factoria and left their houses to protest against the planetary rulers.

The council armies thought that they were facing simple mobs, but when they managed to arrive, they found out that it was much more.
Among the mobs were skiitari and guardsmen with cybernetic augmentations armed with powerful las-weapons that quickly made short work of the secessionist forces that were sent to attack the mobs of angry people.

The vox systems blared to life in all hive cities and a voice was heard. Calling himself, the Shepherd, the voice motivated the population to fight for their freedom against the unjust in the name of the one true Emperor.

The council would not let their rule fade away and ordered every single soldier and machine at their disposition to quell the uprisings. However barely anyone arrived to quell them, for when the transports were en route to their rendezvous points, the majority of them were shot from the skies by barrages of flak missiles and high-powered AA lasers that appeared out of nowhere.

At this point, white and black Space Marines appeared and called for the people to follow them to dispose of the corrupt leaders. Calling themselves the Talons of Corvus, these marines led the people to their freedom.

At the grandiose palace, the council made their final stand. Their most elite soldiers remained guarding the place and steeling themselves for the offence. The Talons of Corvus hit like lightning as they appeared out of the shadows. Using strange light-bending technology and materials, they caught off the defenders off guard as the marines' Attack Bikes and Landspeeders appeared out of nowhere and wiped out most of the forces loyal to the council.

The secessionists would not fall that easy and released something that would give them victory...A Warlord Titan that was stored in secrecy under the courtyard of the palace rose from its underground hangar with the intent of wiping out every revolutionary who threatened the council's supremacy...

Have some more.
The Talons of Corvus were not impressed at all with this and send out their own secret weapons against the titan. A simple marine that was altered heavily with bionics was dropped via a Stormtalon before the giant warmachine could activate its void shields. The marine proceeded to tear a hole inside the hull of the titan, crawl into it, and initiate his mission. Nobody knows what actually happened here, but one could say that it was a massacre when they managed to find out the results of this Astarte's actions.

With a earthshaking sound, the Titan fell before he could even come online, and it was a surprising turn of events that it fall backwards on the palace where the council resided. With this event, the planet finally came back into Imperial control after forty years of secession.

When contact with the Imperium was finally re-established, the Raptors were first to respond as an entire Battle Barge came to see if any of their brothers survived. The marines found them Raptors no more, but Talons of Corvus who, with the help of both the surviving guardsmen and the locals, retook the planet.

Chaplain Kane, who was the Shepherd that spoke through the vox, was happy to meet his Raptor brothers along with the surviving Talons of Corvus. The Astartes had much to tell of their efforts.

In the end, with Sarrajev reclaimed and returned to Imperial rule, the High Lords acknowledged the Talons of Corvus as a Chapter in their own right and gave the planet to them as a prize. Kane himself became the first Chapter Master of theirs.

To this day, the marines influence the councils and local population, while the name of the Talons of Corvus was synonymous with uprisings against traitors, heretics and xenos.
I know the loyalist has a jump pack, but it kind of looks like he's doing a drive by from the rhino. And now I'm just thinking of space marines and chaos marines as 90s hoods doing drive bys.
Combat Doctrine:

Being founded from Raven Guard geneseed, the Talons of Corvus share many similarities with their progenitor Chapter. Originating from the Raptors who themselves are successors to the Raven Guard, the Chapter inherited the pragmatism and marksmanship skills of the Astartes of the 2nd Founding. However, the similarities end here.

The Talons of Corvus utilize unique experimental technology they acquired from the Tech-Priests of the resistance groups of Sarrajev and perfected them to actual combat use. It is even said that the Chapter is trying the perfect the technology even further by hauling back to Sarrajev Eldar vehicles that were equipped with Holo-Fields. However lately their interest shifted to the Tau and their Stealth Suits, and in particular the XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit.

In addition, they sport incredibly powerful las-weapons that are even more efficient against their enemies, sometimes installing high penetrative repeater laspistols on their wrists that can shred even such armors as those of Chaos Marines. Flamer and missile weapons also have a deeper meaning for the Talons, as they were, along with bolters and las-weapons, the most commonly used ones by the Astartes to the point of becoming very skilled.

With their alliances with the Adeptus Mechanicus and ties with the various inner cults of theirs, they managed to gain unique cybernetic technologies that rival those of Iron Hands and their successors. It is evident with their higher echelons of command that all of their veterans and higher ups have bionics to various degrees.

Due to their structuring, each Shadow Company is led by a High Templar (the equivalent of a Company Captain) and always has at least one of each specialist in their ranks. These Theurgists (Bio-Theurgists being Apothecaries and Cyber-Theurgists being Techmarines) are known for being meticulous when attending the flesh and metal of both their brethren and their allies.
90's 40K was actually fun.

I really need to come up with something that would fit them.

>>43947665 (You)
The Deceptors (their Librarians) are masters of psychic deception and manipulation that use their powers to mask the presence of their brothers and allies and seed lies and disinformation in the enemy ranks The Confessor Chaplains are the spiritual leaders of the Chapter and have significant power. Each one is a skilled demagogue and agitator that can whip repressed populations of enslaved Imperial Worlds into forces to be reckoned so to fight against their heretical and xeno oppressors. This was actually useful against the Tau and their propaganda as very few worlds that were affected by the Tau Empire even had the thought about joining (while the rest simply rejected the alien's offers).

Every Chapter Master is a Chaplain, and is therefore chosen from among the Chaplaincy. The one who becomes Chapter Master dons the identity of Kane, the first Chapter Master, and thus continues to perpetuate the ideal that Kane is immortal. And indeed, every Kane was a brilliant as the last in both tactics and oratory. Some say that it is some form of hypnosis that makes the Chaplain think he's Kane, others think it may be some sort of cybernetic-based personality upload, while there are those who think it is good acting...or even something that is all these three all together.
The Talons of Corvus utilize heavily Landspeeders with their Shadow-Field cloaking mechanisms, Bikes of all kind, as well aircraft (also equipped with aforementioned cloaking mechanisms) and jump infantry armed with Bolters and Flamers (even Hand Flamers), whereas their Devastator Squads will gladly utilize Missile Launchers to the fullest. Apart of these however, the Chapter has some of their own unique vehicles that are not seen among other chapters.

The Gust Pattern Predator Tank is a smaller, sleeker version of the traditional Predator that was build from multiple STC with the help of Sarrajev Magos ranked Tech-Priests. It is smaller and more fragile than traditional Predators, but much more mobile and maneuverable for something that can carry equal firepower or equip the well Obelisk Pattern Long Lascannon.

The Phantom is another variation of the Predator. Whereas the Gust is to the traditional Predator, the Phantom is to the Whirlwind. Armed with traditional loadouts as the Whirlwind, as well as more traditional missile batteries (including AA ones). Thanks to its size, its Machine Spirit powered targeting matrix, and the same construction as the Gust, this vehicle can shoot while on the mover. The Phantom also comes with a Shadow-Field.
The Apparition Pattern Thunderhawk is another vehicle that uses Shadow-Field technology. Literally invisible, this Thunderhawk exchanges its transport capabilities for a bombing its targets with a variety of bombs and landmines. Before the enemy can even notice what just happened, it is all over.

The greatest achievement of the Talons of Corvus are its cyber-initiative program, and its pinnacle is the Moritat Cybernetica.

Named after the Moritats of the Legiones Astartes, these cyborg marines belong to the same category as Eversor Assassins, only much more durable and armed with an armament of unique weapons and cybernetics. The first Moritat Cybernetica was a volunteer of the Raptors that became the first Talons of Corvus who was particularly pragmatic and was the most eager to avenge his brothers. That same Moritat was later used to disable the powering up Warlord Titan during the assault on the Sarrajev Palace to bring the secessionist council to justice.

To become a Moritat Cybernetica is not only to become a living weapon, but also a grim avenger that uses both his skills and cutting-edge bionics and weapons to bring disproportionate retribution to the enemies of the Emperor. Indeed, many situations the appearance of a Moritat changed even the most undesirable situations in favor of the Talons.

For an enemy, the Moritat is a terrifying opponent that simply rejects death and who can, and will, slaughter their targets. Their cybernetic bodies can not only withstand punishment that can kill Terminators outright thanks to their construction and the built in experimental Shadow-Orb Forcefield, but can automatically regenerate. This cyborg commando is further armed with a pair of Ravager Claws with built-in Twin-Linked Sunstorm Las-Guns and a variety of explosives.

To meet a Moritat Cybernetica is to meet a ghostly grim reaper. To fight one is to fight a force to be reckoned with.
However, and every heretic and xeno are glad about this, altering a candidate into a Moritat Cybernetica takes much time, not to mention enormous resources as the cybernetic body of these cyborg killers are of the highest quality imaginable, thus require resources equal to that of a Land Raider in terms of quality. This means that among the thousand brethren the Chapter has, only two-three Moritats are active.
File: Kane.jpg (25 KB, 617x351)
25 KB
> This entire thread

This pleases Kane.
Combat Operations:

When dealing with planets that were conquered by aliens or heretics (or which seceded), the Talons of Corvus will infiltrate the planet and use their own serfs or one of the Sarrajev Skiitari or Guardsmen to infiltrate the local population and start gathering recruits while further fuelling strife and dissatisfaction among the locals.

When the infiltrator manages to recruit people to his cause, the Deceptors will mind-probe them for further information. If these are infiltrators themselves (or are tainted by Chaos), then they are killed on the spot...or dragged for interrogation.

The marines will train the recruits in various aspects of guerilla warfare and after they finish the course, are send out as sleeper agents with their trained abilities concealed via psychic hypnosis. These abilities resurface after given a command. It is done as a countermeasure to prevent enemy psykers from detecting sleeper agents. When given, these soldiers will regain their capabilities and will look for a weapons stash the marines hid to arm themselves.

When the riots reach a certain level, hidden well armed Skiitari and Guardsmen agents appear to aid the local guerillas. When the enemy is busy trying to control the situation, the Talons of Corvus waltz in and take out vital stratagems before the enemy reacts. They repeat the same until they simply wither their enemies.
Sometimes however, stealth, speed and tactical superiority fails and the Talons utilize their most potent siege engine.

The Purifier is the ultimate siege engine that the marines utilize. Created from Knight STC as its basis and combined with a gamut of other STC and unique technologies of Sarrajev, this gargantuan engine of destruction will tear everyone foolish enough a new orifice if somebody will stand in its way.

Resembling a giant scorpion, this machine was inspired by the actual Sarrajev Black Scorpions that are the size of a Leman Russ. Sporting two enormous War Claws with Flamestorm Cannons, a large Missile Battery against any enemy, and a stinger with both a giant power glaive and a Twin-Linked Long Lascannon, this monstrosity is piloted by the most skilled pilots of the Chapter. These pilots are wired into the Machine Spirit of the vehicle. This allows the machine to simulate any move the pilot wants it to do...that is if it is possible for the Purifier to execute.

How did they managed to create something like this is unknown. Some of the more conservative Tech-Priests of Mars see this as a mockery even if the thing does not have any heretical influences. Not to mention constructing one would take enough resources to build two Baneblades.

It is believed that the Chapter has only one such weapon, but every time a Purifier is destroyed, the remains are hauled back to the Chapter Homeworld. After that a new Purifier appears. There are speculations if the Chapter has more of these monstrosities, or they simply tenderly rebuilt existing the one over and over again.

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