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File: NEW LIFE OP.png (31 KB, 500x500)
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Hey guys sorry for starting so late but I am actually in a lot of pain and the reson im starting its because laying down isnt helping at all so if its not helping at all, may as well just start the thread anyway.

Let me know when you show up and we'll try to salvage today, despite the time.
im here
How are you? sorry about starting so late. Lets see if the others show up as well, and if not we could do a sidestory. Who would you like to focus on? I was thinking maybe a day in grandpa's life.

Also, these are my main champions for top, mid, adc, sup and jungle :-D
>I was thinking maybe a day in grandpa's life.
him then maybe Stella we haven't done a side story of her
Miel Lewds when?
Or Tanis, for that matter.
A side story with grandpa would just involve him making decisions without considering the consequences, or him ignoring growing problems until they boil up into an armed revolt.
File: festival shadow.jpg (128 KB, 969x572)
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128 KB JPG
Honestly I feel like Miel's would be us abusing our position. Tanis would be alright since I get the feeling she looks forth to it more than we, but just not yet. I want her to appear more first, you know?

If you really want something with Miel, I see two options, either everyone agrees on what sort of thing they would like for it, or I just type it out and send it to your mail or something like that.

Still do we have 3-4 people, it seems. Do you want to continue with the normal story or have a sidestory? I apologize for being so late, I just really didnt want to stand up but laying down isnt helping
What does Miel II do in her spare time?
Or Miel, now that she has an empire to run?
We only saw a little bit of her having a tea party with Athena a while back.

Maybe we could see a day from the perspective of our majordomo as he oversees two mansions now.
>Honestly I feel like Miel's would be us abusing our position
Isn't that because we don't interact with her much unless we need to have her do something for us?
Can't we try to build up a relationship with her more than us being her Godzilla?
File: fluffiest yin.png (876 KB, 1024x576)
876 KB
876 KB PNG
Ah, did you guys like the idea of a sidestory for today? we did had the Aritsu x Lyann encounter today to go through, too. I was thinking about it all week and decided to have them talk from the heart for a bit and maybe have some cute lewds?


>Sidestory with Grandpa
>Sidestory with our majordomo
>Sidestory with Grumnir, our dwarven friend and smith
>Regular thread

I dont think we can have a sidestory with Stella since she's literally right next to us at the moment.

Ah, I feel you are right. I will try and make that happen in the future
>>Regular thread
>Sidestory with our majordomo
We should get an idea of what our Imperial holdings are doing.

It'll be helpful when we get back to the main story.
There's lots of social links to work on, and lots of work that still needs to get done.
Like spending time with Miel so that we're a fellow Coalition leader and benefactor of her empire, not the kaiju that attacked her kingdom and kidnapped her.
And procuring a succubus assistant.
And checking on our financial and industrial properties in Albion and the Coalition.
And the progress of the shipyards in the Empire.
And planning with Miel to construct Mana Fortresses for her Hegemony.
File: drinking buddy.png (925 KB, 1125x1600)
925 KB
925 KB PNG
>>Sidestory with our majordomo
>Regular thread

Well for now we are tied, though if we stay tied, I think we should go with the regular thread since that was the idea at the start. Anyway waiting for a bit for more votes
I lost internet can't pay not sure when I will get it back so your quests will be -1 for the foreseeable future. but please still archive them so I can read at the library
File: is the spirits get it.png (931 KB, 1125x1600)
931 KB
931 KB PNG
Ah if we have less people, we should probably do a sidestory after all. So, you guys want to see something short with our butler, then maybe something with Ren, to sort of round it up?
Butler first.
File: barley ghoul.png (968 KB, 1125x1600)
968 KB
968 KB PNG
arlgith, let me think for a moment...
Oh! do you want it to be a sort of 4th wall breaking thing? I just thought it would be amusing if the butler was talking to us about his life and duties. Or it can be amore normal thing.
i say normal
More normal, please.
File: best lamia 2.jpg (30 KB, 800x600)
30 KB



Every morning, mister Tenten Li wakes up in a comfortable but not overly luxurious room. This room has actually seen several generations of his family, and to him, it is home.

Of course, he didn't simply get his posicion handed down to him. He had to start training as a regular servant and went through almost every job in the manor before becoming a butler and finally the head butler.

Well, his official position as the head butler is a merely ceremonial now, since there are no other butlers right now.

This is because even though mister Li himself is a loyal citizen of the empire, his latest master attempted to seize power and was exiled, dishonoring his ancestors.

For a while, mister Li worried about what would happen to the duchal house, but in the end, the young hero who saved the empress was given the title of duke in charge of the capital city, making him into the unnoficial new minister of the left.

Thus, this became his house.

Well, even if the young master owns the house, he doesn't actually spends much time there, and that will probably be even less now that he has been given a small island and built a new manor there.

This doesn't means that mister Li's work has been lessenged, however, but quite the opposite, since his young master asked him to take care of both manors for him, even going as far as giving him charte blanche to recruit, buy and hire servants as needed.

Indeed, this means that mister Li will soon become a proper "head butler" after all, as soon as the people he is training as butlers are up to the task.

Getting up before sunrise is part of mister Li's nature. He dresses up in a white robe and goes outside to practice a light series of martial arts exercises. On this, he is usually joined by a few other staff members, all from the empire as well.

Then he goes back inside and takes a bath before dressing up for the day's work.

File: healthy lamia.jpg (218 KB, 1024x1467)
218 KB
218 KB JPG

His clothes are traditional for his position in the empire. Rather than the black pants and twintails jacket that one of his counterparts would wear to work, he dresses in high quality work clothes that are not too different from those of a clerk or merchant.

A bright red, long jacket and hat make up most of his actual uniform, with soft, comfortable pants and shoes. He is free to choose whatever pants and shoes he wants, but of course, he tries to match them to his jacket. Perhaps if the young master choses a banner and colors of his own... no, he would definitively change his jacket and hat to match his new master's colors.

By the way, the uniform of the rest of the service staff is actually quite similar, but his jacket has a gold and black design to it to set him apart, and he has a gold watch's chain hanging from a pocket to help him coordinate his daily work.

Once mister Li is properly groomed and dressed, he goes out and starts his rounds, beginning by the kitchens-

The sun is rising now. If the young master was home, mister Li would oversee his breakfast's preparation in person and send a maid to deliver it to his room. Since that is not the case, however, he simply has his own breakfast together with the kitchen staff, and informs himself about the pantry's need.

Managing the food sticks is a very minor duty, but it is all the same one that he takes seriously. The kitchen staff [Item Box]es can store anything that they will frequently require in their duties and keep it fresh indefinitively, but the most luxurious products must be kept under lock and key.

Wines and other liquors are famed to improve by aging, as well, so there is still a physical pantry and wine cellar. Well.... the master of the house is quite young, but he is almost of drinking age.

I feel like we should get property in all of the Coalitions lands, not just for ease of treestriding but also for proper maintenance and support for Miel's embassies.

And we could get a valet and a combat maid squad.

But maybe that's making things too complicated with a butler hierarchy overseeing over a dozen mansions.
File: 0003.jpg (235 KB, 1200x1707)
235 KB
235 KB JPG

Of course, if the young master asked for the products in the wine cellar, they would be readily available to him, but Mister Li is actually quite happy to see that such has not been the case, except in the few occassions when visitors have come by.

On the other hand, the young master has been visited by the empress and the imperial princess several times already, therefore mister Li feels he has more than just cause to worry about the quality of the goods both in the liquors and foodstuff reserves.

That's why, the chief cook is trusted with the highest quality goods and given a stipend on a regular basis so he can wander the markets looking for the very best.

Once everyone has had their breakfast, mister Li inspect the house staff that would normally interact directly with the young master and his guests. Uniforms must be spotless, and there is not even a need to mention that personal grooming must be of the hghest standards.

Currently, there are 3 manservants and 7 maids. There is of course, a large number of other servants, such as stable hands, gardeners, general workers and the like, but they are not required nor expected to interact directly with the master of the house nor any guests, so they are not included on the daily inspection.

Speaking of which, the young master gave mister Li quite the amount of funds to secure servants for the new manor, as well as a basic description of the type of servants and working environment he wanted for them.

Mostly locals of the region, bought off local slavers after being captured, rather than legally convicted. Mostly elves, mostly females.

Mister Li was actually somewhat relieved once he realized the young master wanted to "rescue" his new servants, rather than build a harem of slaves. But, this also meant that it was now his job to properly train the new staff for their duties, and he takes his job very seriously.

Should the head butler have access to the portal, or rent a boat to the island?
i say portal
Definitely portal. Much more convenient.
Portal access. Also the authority to allow workers through the portal.

Perhaps through the use of Miel Hegemony operatives, we can supply locals with Weapons and training to fight off slavers, making the slave trade contract to just those convicted of crimes and sentenced to labor, or those that want to work off a debt.
That way we can keep our hands clean of any overt interference with the regional economy.
File: jade islands maid.jpg (75 KB, 668x1024)
75 KB
Oh that pic looks rather nice. You know, Ive been thinking of writing our thread into a light novel format and need someone to do a illustration or two per chapter, would you be interested?

>Definitely portal. Much more convenient.


Once things were up and running in the capital's manor, mister Li goes to the back gardens and greets the honey faery guards at the portal.

The young master has established these beings as residents of the manor, and they work as defacto security personnel.

Well, they are a bit too small for house chores, and their working class rarely goes out of their hive, albeit the city dungeon delvers have begun seeing more and more honey faeries join their parties, or simply enter the foodgeons in parties of their own.

Walking through the portal takes but a moment, and mister Li immediately becomes grateful for his silk jacket and cotton pants.

The weather is the same as in the capital, but the main house is a fair distance from the sea, while this is a small island, and the sea breeze makes the weather not only hot, but also humid, which is a rather uncomfortable combination.

Accordingly, the island manor is built with a strong structure, but also has light walls and plenty of sliding panels to help it stay comfortably fresh.

By the way, mister Yi informed himself about the clothes of the native elves, and having found that they typically wear very little or no clothing, had to reach an agreement with them on the matter of uniforms.

That is why, respecting their culture (in accordance with the young master's wishes), they finally settled in a much lighter and fresher uniform for the island house's staff.

Well, mister Li also wanted to inspect the [Item Box]es of the resident kitchen staff and make sure that they were properly supplied, but thankfully that seems to be the situation.

<--how's this as uniform? too light for a tropical island manor? too covering?
>would you be interested?
Sorry, not mine. Just found it on tumblr.
>how's this as uniform?
Very nice.
I like the uniform. Maybe lose the arm gloves.
File: mako beach.png (1.16 MB, 809x1169)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
They sort of match the stockings, wouldnt we have to get rid of those too?


Well, right now the problem is accessories. These were tribal elves and they like to wear accessories such as earrings, hair beads, bracelets, etc. Should mister Li ask them to remove them to be more uniform and orderly, or allow them to keep them?

It could offend them, but it could also help bring them together despite their different tribal backgrounds.

>Let them keep those, its part of their cultural heritage
>That's not a real excuse to be out of uniform. They can wear whatever they want on their free time, it's not like we are taking their stuff from them.
>Let's at least all agree on the same accessories to help them come together as a single group or tribe
>Let's at least all agree on the same accessories to help them come together as a single group or tribe
There should be a common accessory or accessories, to show they're part of the Duke Lightbringer household staff.

We should probably have Li talk with our main family majordomo to work out how main and branch family staffs should work together.
>>Let's at least all agree on the same accessories to help them come together as a single group or tribe
Pick a bangle, collar, or necklace with Eldric's family crest prominently displayed.
File: i wanted green taric.jpg (260 KB, 924x1440)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
>>>Let's at least all agree on the same accessories to help them come together as a single group or tribe
>Pick a bangle, collar, or necklace with Eldric's family crest prominently displayed.

That feels more like a suggestion on which accessory to agree on. I think it sounds okay. Anyone has a different suggestions?
>Anyone has a different suggestions?

Maybe a hairband, that instead of simple white has the family sigil on it.
Or some kind of hair ornament thats woven into a maid's braid?
What about the Lightbringer seal done in gold or silver, about the size of your hand, that hangs from a chain that either is tied around their waist or is hung from a belt.
To make it more useful, maybe mke it a pocket watch instead, so that the maids can get used to the concept of time.

Also silver or gold could be used to show their level in the maid hierarchy.
>silver or gold
And include the other metals too, like Adamantite, orihalcum, and such.
As much as I like the pocket watch idea, it might be seen as too much favoritism for the island staff.

We should be careful that we don't cause problems among our employees.

Maybe something simpler, made with local materials like sea shells or coral, pearls or whalebone would be better.
File: delicious sona milk.png (729 KB, 802x1200)
729 KB
729 KB PNG
Alright, how about a hair bead or another hair accessory with the family crest on it? They can wear their own tribal stuff when they are off duty.

Also, just realized it would probably be a good idea to either send them to work on the capital's manor in small groups to learn manners, or have a veteran maid come live here to teach them. Opinions?
I think rotating them into the capital would be better. It'll help them and the capital staff feel that they're all part of a bigger organization.

Hair bead is fine.
have the veterans go and teach them
Both would be ideal. Rotate to the capitol for training, and have the head maid of the island be an experienced maid to keep things in line.

Alright so rotate the staff between both manors and have some experienced maids go to the island as well. Seems good to me.


Having reached an agreement, their tribal accessories will be removed while they are working, but they can use them freely in their off time.

Speaking of which, the concept of off time seems interesting to them, since they thought they would be slaves, so mister Li had to explain to them that they would only work at the manor for about 5 years before being allowed to go or stay as they wished.

And that is why, their mood is greatly improved and they happily agree to the relatively light rules of the house.

Incidentally, the garden staff wants to know if they should plant flowers or fruit trees around the manor.

With his authority, mister Li decides to seed decorative plants around the house. Since the whole of the (admittedly small) island belongs to the young master, there is no reason there cannot be an orchard a short distance from the house, but the area around it should have as elegant and graceful an atmosphere as possible,

With that, mister Li returned to the city manor, and spent the rest of the day taking care of small details, such as arranging to have several large clocks delivered to the island manor.

It is important to help the staff develop a schedule and sense of time, after all. And a clock is a very useful item in the kitchen.

With that, he spent a little more of the funds entrusted by him by the young master, but... it was all spent in useful things. Yes, surely the young master will approve.


How was that? want to stop here for today since it was just a sidestory? want to discuss about tomorrow? I was thinking in having a heart to heart talk between Aritsu and Lyann, leading to some lewd, though im not sure if it would be full girl on girl action or just a kiss or what. Suggestions?
it was nice thanks for running

tho i have no idea how to help you on the Aritsu and Lyann sorry
>full girl on girl action or just a kiss
Start with kissing and touching, and imply with fade to black that they became intimately familiar with each other's bodies and weak spots.
File: horny girl huge gloves.jpg (127 KB, 1050x1024)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I think thats fine. Well, Ill see you tomorrow. Hopefully I'll feel better by then
File: 1382067660722.jpg (115 KB, 823x523)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
I like it.
> I was thinking in having a heart to heart talk between Aritsu and Lyann, leading to some lewd, though I'm not sure if it would be full girl on girl action or just a kiss or what. Suggestions?
Full lewd please.
I liked the previous scene where Lyann and Eldric bullied Aritsu. More in that vein would be fun. But that's just my fetish, so no need to force it on everyone else.
>The King Of All Night's Dreaming
Sorry about not being able to participate in XWF Manager when you revived it, dude. My new job conflicts with my questing time, and I can't get up in 4am to quest anymore.
>Ilya's maid fetish
They never brought it up again after that one time, which I thought was a shame.

But maybe that's something that the usually meek and submissive Aritsu could do to a Lyann wearing a maid uniform?
In a setting with self-regenerating dungeons providing an outside source of raw materials as well as actual, physical currency, would Adventurer Guilds also function as banks?
I'm assuming that the dungeons all over the world drop the same currency, so we'd have a global currency, meaning that there probably aren't money exchangers.
Kingdoms that need a quick way to pay off debts would send a company of Royal Guards down into the local dungeon to raise funds instead of using the traditional methods of minting more currency, right?

Could the Miel Hegemony, with it's network of Hive Colonies/Embassies, function as a bank network and trade union, with bank notes and letters of credit allowing businesses to do business without transporting large sums of physical coins?
But when a single person can move around thousands of gold coins by using their [Item Box], is there really a need to use paper money?
is okay, we are mostly doing these thurs and fridays now
File: 031.jpg (518 KB, 797x1200)
518 KB
518 KB JPG
I had thought about that, actually. I am still undecided, since I sort of want the coins dropped to be more valuable based on the country's overall controlled dungeons/territory. If you have 1 dungeon, its coins arent that vabluable, but if your nation is big and has many, their coins are moew valuable, albeit the gains from havingmultiple dungeons are diminishing the more you have, so there's not much point or inventive to be super big. The Heavenly Empire is the biggest/oldest country and its coins pretty much are already as valuable as they can be. They pretty much have no motivation to get more land.

An extra dungeonwould raise the currency value by like 0.0001% and there's very little point in wasting soldiers lives conquering terrain by that point.

And yeah, I dont think people uses paper money since you can stack 999.999.999 of the same item in the [Item Boz] and it has highly reduced weight.

....even so Im pretty sure a normal person couldnt carry more than the equivalent of 50 metal bars in their [Item Box]

And Aritsu attacking maid Lyann sounds hilarious, but she would probably have to "turn off" the dancer jobs first since that pretty much makes it so people always have a "ah, thats nice" reaction to her clothes regardless of what they are. With dancer and its subjobs "off", her appearance and charisma would work "normally"

Anyway, going to bed, goodnight
I am so lost

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