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The year is 1312 AD. The Shinigami Quincy War in which Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto established the supremacy of the Shinigami as the Senders of souls and Guides of the dead was 300 years ago. Ever since there have been high tensions between the newly established Soul Society and the survivors of the Quincy war, but for the most part Incidents were avoided.

Until 10 years ago…

The Quincy suddenly attacked, somehow luring Hollow into Soul Society. The western wall of the Seireitei was brought down and hundreds of Shinigami lost their lives. By the end of the 10 Year War the entire 11th division had been eradicated to a man and several Captains had been grievously injured.

You pushed through your studies in the Shinigami Academy as quickly as you could, hoping to join the war but it ended before your last year.

The new year brought a new teacher. Advanced combat teacher was a man named Drex Creos. He was a taller man with a tan complexion and was clearly NOT from Japan.

“Alright. You’re next kid. Step forward and announce your name.”

>Hazuki Hitokawa

>Toma Sasenki

>Sougen Washi

>Create a name

>>Name with the most votes will be the name. Japanese names only please.
>Saikou Tsurugi

The Supreme Sword!
Eh second

“My name is Saikou Tsurugi.”

You hear Creos Sensei snort. “’Supreme Sword’ Huh? Well we’ll just have to see about that won’t we?” He’s smirking so maybe that’s a good thing.

The introductions for the rest of the class goes by quickly until a woman speaks up, her voice a little shaky.

“Um…Creos Sensei? Were…were you in the war?”

The girl is either timid as heck, which given what she’s trying to do with her life, is a massive problem…or shes a fangirl which is a larger problem.

“Sakura right? Yeah I was in the war. In fact I was one of the ones who helped take care of the asshats that were bombing Seireitei with a giant catapult.” Drex explains getting looks of awe from the rest of the class.

You find your hand unconsciously drifting towards your training bokken on your belt as you mull over your thoughts before deciding how to respond to such a claim…

>Doubt. There’s no way that actually happened.

>Agree. If he’s saying it, it must be true to some degree.
>Something Else
>Agree. If he’s saying it, it must be true to some degree.
Mild skepticism
>How did you take care of said ass hats sensei? Could we get a demonstration?

“Sensei, not like I’m doubting you or anything…but that seems a little farfetched. Maybe you could give us a demonstration? Just to show us an example of what a full Shinigami is like and all.” You ask, careful not to be insulting, but not hiding the fact that you think his story might be a LITTLE exaggerated.

“Hmm…” Creos Sensei thinks it over for a second as he looks around the class. You can see they look interested as well.

“Ah what the hell. As long as I don’t hospitalize the whole class it shouldn’t be a problem. Alright then wise ass, you and Sakura vs me. And try to put ME in the hospital k? I like having breaks.

“Wh..what? Me? Um..ok. Saikou?” Sakura turns to you, her hazel eyes looking for help.

You draw your weapon and assume a stance as Sakura comes up next to you, her own bokken held in a reverse grip.

The rest of the class backs away, giving the three of you room.

Creos Sensei assumes a loose stance, his hands holding no weapon.

“Aren’t uh…aren’t you gonna use a weapon Sensei?” you ask. Wouldn’t be fair to beat up an unarmed opponent after all.

He looks at his hands and a small look of shock comes to his face. “Right. Not going all out. Shit. Sorry.” He quickly grabs a longer bokken, the same length as an odachi. “Sorry about that. I kinda forget about this thing some times. By the way. FRIENDLY! SPAR! NO KIDOU FOR THE LOVE OF GOD”!

This guys an idiot…

>Attack, bum rush him using your speed to smash through his guard.

>Attack carefully, look for weaknesses in his form and strike those.

>Stay on the defensive. Let him attack first and try to learn his style

>Tell Sakura to attack first and follow up with her
>Use Hakuda with our Zanjutsu. Encourage Sakura to support use with defensive moves while we attack.
You give Sakura a quick glance. “Give me some support.”

She nods, her grip on her bokken tightening.

You dash in and opening with a leaping kick, trying to take Creos Sensei in the face with your foot. He easily sidesteps the attack and as you land and turn you bring your bokken upwards, trying to land a blow on his arm or wrist. He casually deflects the blow and you see him raising his weapon to attack while you’re vulnerable.

Instead, he blocks Sakura’s attack from behind and pushes, knocking her back several feet. Taking your chance, you bring your foot up intending to kick him in the jaw. Instead you only manage to hit his hand, sending his bokken skyward as he flips away from being between you and Sakura.

“Are you ok Saikou?” Sakura asks as she comes over to you.

Creos is watching you two with a look of amusement and a casual smirk

You catch Creos Sensei’s falling bokken as the rest of the class cheers.

>Good job Sakura!

>Stay on guard.

>Something else

>Good job Sakura!

>Stay on guard.
>>Good job Sakura!
>>Stay on guard.
“Good job Sakura! But don’t let your guard down yet.” You tell the girl.

“Don’t worry. I’m alright Saikou. Zanjutsu is my specialty.” She tells you, a confidant grin on her face that wasn’t there at the start of class.

Creos Sensei lets out a bark of laughter. “Not bad at all. You cover each other pretty well and your forms are smooth.” He points at the larger bokken in your hand. “But that was for your protection not mine.”

He lunges in and it’s hard to follow his movements. Raising both bokken you block a downward kick, even as it drives you to take a knee. Creos Sensei flips off of your guard launching another kick at Sakura. The girl narrowly avoids it, her bokken striking out. Creos Sensei catches the blade and lands before throwing Sakura bodily away from him. The girl skids to a stop next to you, catching herself before getting hurt.

“Any ideas Saikou? He’s fast and strong….” Sakura asks as Creos Sensei bounces on the balls of his feet and lunges for another attack…

>Stay on the defensive and look for an opening.

>Meet his attack head on.

>Throw yourself to the side to give yourself more time

>Something else
>Time for trickery. Reverse the tactics, go on the defensive while Sakura attacks. Use his size against him by making him work to attack the smaller targets. Work on getting into his blind spot when he's busy with Sakura.
“Sakura, go first. I’ll cover…” You mutter as you assume a stance, throwing away the larger bokken.

For a moment you think she hasn’t heard you, then she kicks off at the last second, charging Creos Sensei when he gets within five feet of you.

Caught off guard he’s forced on the defensive as Sakura lashes out with a flurry of bokken attacks. However, you see the exact moment you were waiting for.

As Sakura attacks Drex spots an opening and attacks with a two fist combo, aiming for her face and torso.

Moving fast, you block the two blows, putting yourself and your bokken in the way. Not losing motion, Drex brings his leg around to kick you as Sakura uses your shoulder as a lever to vault a kick at Creos Sensei’s face. He twists, sacrificing the attack and his footing to avoid the attack.

With a kiai you attack, swinging your bokken at the whipcord thin man’s ribs. You feel a satisfying tremor in your arms and the blow lands and Creos retreats.

He glances at the blow before looking at you and Sakura as the class cheers before he gives you a nod.

“That’s EXACTLY how we took down the Quincy. Shuffling tactics, working as a team, and not being afraid to throw ourselves in harms way. Good job Saikou, Sakura. The two of you did very well. You still have a lot to learn, but that was a clean hit and your teamwork was spot on.” Drex appraises you both with a grin.

A: Thank you sensei

B: Sakura did most of the work

C: We probably could have taken you alone

D: If we were able to beat you that easy…why are you the Sensei?

E: Something else
>A: Thank you sensei
>A: Thank you sensei
Couldn't of done it without Sakura.
“Thank you Sensei, but I couldn’t have done it without Sakura.” You say as you bow.

Sakura bows as well, her black hair covering her face. “Thank you Sensei!”

“And the rest of you!” Creos Sensei snaps, addressing the rest of the class, their cheering dying almost instantly.

“This is the kind of fighting you all need to master if you even want to DREAM of being a Shinigami! Saikou! How confidant were you in that fight?”

“Honestly?” you take a moment. “Not very…”


“I was worried…if you fought in the Quincy war that means you survived fighting those monsters” Sakura adds, saying Quincy as if it were a curse.”

“You all must fight like your life depends on it in EVERYTHING! Always look to your teammates for help. You’re never alone. You always have a family to rely on. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve lost because they went off alone. Now we’re gonna train. I have one year to make sure your Hakuda and Zanjustu are worth looking at. Let’s get to work.

One thing is for sure…this is going to be an interesting year….

>That’s all for tonight. Real Life came up.

So…how bad am i? Any questions? Suggestions?
>So…how bad am i? Any questions? Suggestions?
was ok, maybe some more character buildup but i'm interested enough to see where you go with this
Interesting so far.

Saikou leans towards mixing hakuda with zanjutsu so I imagine his technique is a lot like Mugen and Sakura being a traditional kendo fighter is like Jin.
Unfortunately i neither have one nor want one. But im going to try to do the wednesday nights at 7 or 8 and saturday at 5ish. i have those days off for work thank god

appreciate it. still very new to these.

i'll keep that in mind. but sakura is traditional only in the sense she doesnt mix hakuda and zanjustu too often. otherwise she fights with a murder grip
>Unfortunately i neither have one nor want one.

You'll need one for people to know when you're running.
Is Saikou a male or female name? Bcause i can't figure out which one it is...

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