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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM
Story Thus Far: http://pastebin.com/g1gAVmGb

You've been following the Krasick Centaurs for some time. Three days, to be specific. The fact you've not been seen by them is astounding, though from the looks of things, they don't really seem to concerned about being spied upon. They'll spend the better part of a day moving at a slow plodding pace, towing the carts through the grasslands, occasionally stopping and stabbing the contents within. According to Veles, they're preventing the fallen corpses from regenerating. In any case, they don't seem to be in too much of a hurry.

You are, however, farther south than you'd care to be. Well to the north northeast is the valley that would take you back to your ranch, and somewhere to the northwest is where Veles reckons that the Kozak's are holed up. Artyom has little knowledge off the holds to the south, apparently his time with Purobka consisted of drills and guarding, not caravan protection. Speaking of caravans, the lack of any visible roads has you wondering how they transport goods.

This is the fourth time today that the plodding pace of the Krasick soldiers has finally brought them out of your vision on the ridgeline, and your group moves to keep them in sight. Artyom, given his profile, has opted to hang further back, and keep watch for anything else of note. Marie has been keeping him company, only taking flight on the off chance you lose the procession you've been stalking.
As loathe as you are to admit, the hussars aren't giving you much of an opportunity to get info. Their archers are, if not alert, at least always on hand. And you don't fancy matching up your 'claybreaker' against a dozen armed centaurs. No matter how much of an advantage the rifle gives you. That and they've not given you cause to attack, since all you've seen them do is load the bodies and leave the scene of the crime. It'd definitely be easier if there were less of them, or if they actually attacked you.

In any case, you're just settling in to your next vantage point when Marie comes up to you, issue obviously on her mind.

"Miss Masterson, we're getting dangerously low on food. We've got maybe a day before we've gotta head back unless we can find some game." She says, worriedly.

As much as I don't want to, we should head back and think this through a bit more.

Sup Canid?
Not much, trying to balance getting back into a rhythm of these threads, getting errands done, and predicting the weather so that I actually can do both.
File: MassasaugaSkin.jpg (48 KB, 640x640)
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"As much as I don't want to, we should head back and think this through a bit more."

Veles, looks back from his patch of high grass he as been spying from. "You sure Sasha? This behavior from these soldiers is unlike anything I've seen with the Casimiran. It might be important."

"Yeah, that may be, but we're nearing the limit of our foodstuffs."

"We could always try and hunt for more." Veles counters.

"But then we would lose them anyway."

"We could have Artyom and I hunt for food, or maybe Veles could actually put that dog of his to work." Marie says, gesturing towards Dahz.

"Yeah, but that'd mean splitting up."

You see Artyom's expression, and translate [We are low on food, trying to decide if we should leave.]

[Whatever you think is best.] The burned hussar responds, expression unchanging.

"We also... could try and get them to attack us now." Marie says quietly.

"Force them to engage?"

"Well, there's only 12 of them yeah?"

"Only twelve she says." Veles scoffs.

Marie fires back, "You can shoot fire and roast hundreds of trolls, what makes this different?"

"The fallen are more a force of nature than a living creature. You need not worry about plot and tactics when your enemies only thoughts are consume and multiply."

>May as well head back.
>Split us up, have a pair fetch some game. (Specify who.)
>Engage the Krasick Centaurs.
>>Split us up, have a pair fetch some game. (Specify who.)
Have Veles and Marie look for something, Veles because he's probably good at it amd Marie because she can get back to us quick if something happens.

Not entirely comfortable making all the decisions.
>>Split us up, have a pair fetch some game. (Specify who.)

Seconding this.

I wonder it it'll take a bit for players to get here.
File: hussars3.jpg (157 KB, 800x532)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Rolled 14, 11, 18 = 43 (3d20)

"Veles and Marie, both of you head out and try and scare us up some food. Marie, run relay between us if anything happens. Artyom and I will keep watch on these guys, they're going nowhere fast. There's no szlachta holds nearby, right?"

"Just a few minor holds to the southeast. Krasick's is much further south."

You watch Marie and Veles leave, Dahz in tow, as you settle back down and watch the convey. Artyom, quiet as ever, simple settles himself down a little closer than where he had been standing.

It's mostly boring, watching the carts trundle along. You don't even see much in the way of interaction between the soldiers, just a simple professional affair. You recall that there at least was what appeared to be banter or good nature among the bralin hussars, but that appears absent here.

You end up changing positions twice before something catches your eye. A group of four of the hussars break off from the rest of the group, heading west with one of the carts.

[Is there anything to the west of here?] You ask Artyom, as he looks at the scene.

[Just the badlands, and then the wastelands from which the fallen come.] Is his reply.

What's in the badland? Anything of strategic values there? Maybe they hide their operation by "living" where no one would think of searching?
Do you want a breakdown of what you know of the badlands, or are you asking artyom that?

I was getting worried there.
Can it be both, but mainly asking Artyom.
[Is there anything in the badlands that is of military value that they'd be going out there for?] You ask, turning to Artyom.

[The badlands have wild game. Some of our more regal members would go out there hunting for game. Mountain Lions. Boar. That sort of thing. It is largely Kozak territory though. We had their permission to use their land, we were close and good relations were useful. Krasick has no such remit. The Kozaks kept the fallen from pushing inwards.]

[What about beyond that, the wasteland?]

[Home of the fallen, and the Bandyta. Those who avoid justice, malign, or otherwise cruel hearted Casimiran that cannot live among the Szlachta or the Kozaks eke out a living in the wasteland. How they survive I do not know.]

[Do you know any reason Krasick would want to go out there?]

[Mayhaps they have a deal with a Bandyta. I would not put it past them, attacking like they did.] The burned hussar growls.

You remember Veles and Tatiana mentioning something about the bandits. Only that they were a real hazard, and that the Kozaks acted as a buffer to stop both the degenerate trolls, and these outlaws from marauding in szlachta lands.

In any case, you note that the lie of the land has the larger group heading south southeast now, and with the smaller group heading due west, the gap between them is increasingly quickly, even as slow as they are.

>Follow the larger group
>Follow the smaller group
>>Follow the smaller group
Maybe if we catch up to them we can figure out what's up
>>Follow the smaller group
>>Follow the smaller group
They are the most suspect.
Let's go with the smaller one
File: centauanatomy.jpg (37 KB, 599x382)
37 KB
Rolled 17, 11 = 28 (2d20)

[Lets follow the smaller group. Maybe we can finally find out what's going on.]

[What about the others?]

You grab a branch off one of the shrubs and scrawl out a message telling Marie you're heading west on a spare bit of parchment. That should be enough for the harpy to figure out. To be sure, you prop the thing up and tie bow from the leather lace of your old pack.

You take off west after the group of four, hanging further back and only moving when you are sure the group is looking forward. The badlands are flat, and had you not at least had the cover of shrubbery, you're sure you could be spotted a mile away.

They eventually stop, some two hours later at a point, and a pair of them produce spades from the rickshaw and begin digging. The other two take up post with their bows, looking out into the badlands themselves.

Once the two with the spades finish digging, there is a pause as they move the wagon, and then tip it backwards, dumping its contents into the hole.

>Give me a 1d20+3 stealth roll.
Hi! Sorry I'm late to the party; I have classes until 21.00 tonight.

Follow the smaller group
Rolled 3 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Rolled 9 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Rolled 13 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Rolled 14 + 3 (1d20 + 3)


>16 & 17 vs 11

You notice the pair of bowman begin heading back the way they came. Which is, of course, right next to where you are. Both you and Artyom remain incrediply still, the centaur basically folded over himself in the brush he concealed himself in.

The two diggers proceed to tow the cart, hurring to catch up with the two rapidly approach, the pair look back at their compatriots right as they pass by you. You're no more than ten meters from the group as they pass by. You dare not breath as the continue, oblivious to your presence.

You only move once they have put significant distance between you and them, slipping out and towards Artyom, who's, despite his heavy armor and unweildy bulky, has managed to make a fairly well concealed ball out of himself. The two of you cautiously make your way over to the pit.

Inside are the corpses of the fallen, a pair already twitching as the beasts begin to regenerate. Artyom abrubtly skewers the two with the longest of his new blades, an estoc of sorts, though longer than any blade you've seen at nearly a meter and a half. The twitching ceases for now.

[I think.] Artyom says, after some time. [The Krasick bastards are making hives.]

Welp, time to capture one and see if this is true.
Light these trolls in the pit on fire; [italicize]loudly[/italicize].
(read: make an explosion)

Then, if they don't come back, go after them.
Are they trying to wipe out the Kozaks or are they trying to make them lose faces to whatever the name of the ruling clan?
What would they gain by doing any of this?
Beyond making life miserable for everyone, they might have a secret weapon that will destroy all of the trolls. So, by allowing the trolls to get farther up faster, they can be used to take out all of the competition, while also allowing them to claim all of the land that the trolls concur for them.
Mostly it will deface the Kozaks, though.
If the Kozaks are no longer trusted then they might die off or simply go away.If that happens, then SOMEONE has to take care of the trolls, and the Krasick's might be up to the job. If they ingratiate themselves to enough people, then they might have enough clout to be able to kill the current king and take his throne without much backlash.
Either way, I smell a Land-Spirit.
-continuation of >>42509774 -
They also might try the assassination during the chaos of a troll attack.
(The guards will be forced to defend the hold, leaving the ruler with far fewer guards than normal.)
[If they are, its about time we found out why.] You say, conjuring flame in one hand. You're not quite certain on how to make things go up... explosively, but a flame behind them had ought to get their attention.

The flames catch easily enough, and before long, the acrid black smoke of the trolls is wafting into the air. Westward and away from the hussars.

Artyom and you stand off from the flames, mayhaps hoping they'll get wind of the flames and come back, but they don't come.

[Well. That was a wash] You say, slumping your shoulders.

[Not exactly.] Artyom responds, gesturing to the north.

You draw your rifle as a score of centaurs come barreling down on your position, only to put it away as soon as you see Marie flying lead.

"We brought some friends." The harpy calls as she buzzes you. In the back, you can see Veles moving at his own pace behind the line of centaurs.

The centaurs halt a ways from the blaze, eyeing it, more than you. However, Veles trundles past tossing you and Artyom a hunk of dried meat.

<Sorry to have kept you waiting. We kinda ran into some Kozaks. Thing got a little hairy until I explained what I knew. I think the ataman is gonna want to talk to you.>

>calling the thread here. Internet is deciding to be finnicky. Sorry about the slow start there, I know this isn't an optimum day to do this. As always, hope you enjoyed it so far.
Always a pleasure.
see you next time boss
Thanks, bud.

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