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"Masamii! We're ready for you!"
Kaori yells from the back door. I look over to Cirrus.

"I got to go, you can stay here as long as you-"
She's already asleep. In the five or so minutes of silence, she somehow managed to close her eyes and drift away.

I am Itsukuma Masami. Today we're finally going to beat Asai.
We're gonna do it, I just know it.

But first, I decided to visit one of my cards to see if any of them had any idea how we could turn a monster into a human. The first card I visited, Cirrus, already had a person inside of it! Weird. She's here right now, sleeping in the garden behind our home. She doesn't seem like she knows much about how she turned into a person. That's okay, I didn't expect her to know any better anyway.

Right now, Mom and I are about to start crafting the card that will save the world. It's purpose? To turn Asai, an awful jerk of a monster, into a human.

Not really a GOOD human, but he'll be a human and may be able to face human laws. We'll have to see.

Carefully, I stand up and tiptoe away from Cirrus. She remains completely asleep in the shade, unaware that I'm moving away from her. Kaori gives me a suspicious look as I approach the back porch.

"..Where's Cirrus?"
"She's sleeping under the tree."
"Will she be okay if she wakes up and you're not there?"

That's a good question, I suppose I'll have to wait and find out!

We step into the living room where Mom is sitting, a single card on the drafting table.

"Are you about ready, Masami?"

>Sure! Let's begin.
>Hold it, I think ____ should go with us.
>>Sure! Let's begin.
>Sure! Let's begin.
>Sure! Let's begin.
>Sure! Let's begin.
>Sure Let's begin!

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I nod, taking a seat next to her.
"Sure! Let's begin."

She sighs and reaches across the table, repositioning the cards some more.
"Masami, I wanted to say this; I'm glad we're making cards together again."

That statement gives me pause for thought, usually we're doing it because we wanted to keep Asai out of our hair.

"I really do! It feels like we're bonding over something that both of us are good at. I'm glad you took a liking to making these cards. I just wish I was in better shape to make more of them with you."

"I don't like making them though." I cross my arms. "They just remind me of more things I have to give away to Asai."

Especially now that I learn that there could be people living inside of them, I want to give them away less and less.

"Oh don't be that way." She laughs, "Let's get started with this card before we start pouting at each other."
"Yeah, I agree."


It's the other world again, just as I left it. That gray, metallic shine coats every surface.
That's a worrying sight in the distance. Fortune HQ is the only thing in the other world that I can see from my house.
I'm positive Fortune HQ has moved again. This time, it almost appears to be slightly closer. Not much closer, but it's obvious enough to notice.

We need to get this thing done, soon.

"So, where do you want to start?" Mom turns to me with a smile.
"Um. I thought you knew where to start?"

She stares at me blankly.
"Where did you think that?"

Oh no, neither of us have any idea what to do!

>Okay, okay. People. We need something involving people. Like maybe a big party?
>No! The trick is that we need something that attracts people! Like an amusement park!
>Maybe something that makes people feel good? Like a spa?
>Food! Food gives life, right? We'll just make lots of food!
>Home. A place where you can feel safe.
>No! The trick is that we need something that attracts people! Like an amusement park!
I like >>41736990
Sorry for the delay

>Home. A place where you can feel safe.

Well, I'm off for the night, hopefully someone else shows up to take my place. Thanks for the thread!
Thanks for playing!

Sorry these posts are taking so long. I'm trying to do laundry in the background.
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"I think we should start with somewhere that you can feel safe."

Mom tilts her head, trying to think of such a place.
"..Maybe inside a big vault?"
"No, no." I shake my head. "I mean somewhere that you can feel REALLY safe!"

"Vaults are pretty safe."
"No! That's not what I mean! I mean.. Um."

What do I mean?
School? No, that place isn't safe.
A castle? I already made one of those.


"Yeah! Like, a comfy home. A place to stretch out and relax. People like that, right?"
"Well, I guess so, but- "

"Then it's settled! We'll make a place so comfy that Asai will WANT to come home to it! That's how we'll make him a human!"

"Err, You're gonna make him a human, through comfort?"
I cross my arms, "Well when you say it that way, it sounds silly."

"No no! I like that idea! Let's make a home!"
"Do you know how to make one?"

"Well, I've had some ideas for a home. The one I have is close, but I think we could do better."

We sit down and start drawing on the ground what we want this home to look like. I think it should have a nice big living room, with lots of comfy rooms lining the hallway. Mom eventually stops me after a while, apparently I was making something more akin to a mansion.

I think Mom deserves a mansion, though.

Together, we slowly shape and craft a house that feels as comfy as it does splendid and stylish.
We split it away from the other world, and put it in it's own cardspace.

Mom and I are walking inside of the interior now. I can tell she can't stay much longer, but at the very least it was fun creating it with her.

"This is nice." I say, flopping down onto the couch created inside.
"It's almost like." Mom hesitates, "It's missing something, though."

>Um, a TV?
>Yeah, People!
>It's not real, so-
>A test subject.
>Maybe we could try asking someone to try it?
>>Yeah, People!
>Yeah, People!
>It's not real, so-
>Maybe we could try asking someone to try it?
>Yeah people!

>It's not real, so
>Maybe we could ask someone to try it!

not much interest tonight, it seems. It is an off-night after all!

>not much interest tonight, it seems. It is an off-night after all!
I think that's compounded by the rather late time.
File: pout_clear_border.jpg (23 KB, 160x192)
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"Yeah, it's missing something."
"It is? What?"

"People." I look around the desolate living room. "Our home is home, because it has people in it. But no one lives here."

Mom seems confused, she crosses her arms.
"What do we do about that?"
"Well, um, we can't force people to live here."

"No, we can't. I don't think we should force anyone to live somewhere they don't want to be."

"Well, Mom! It's not real. It's not like we're actually forcing people to live here."
"I know, but-"

"Then. What we need are people, right?"

Mom nods.
"We could ask someone in the real world to try it. Maybe someone would like to try coming home."

"This isn't home though."
"Shh, it's fine!"

Mom sits back on the couch, thinking out loud.
"I wonder, if one of the monsters were to come home, would that mean they would become people? Only humans can have a home."

"So does that mean-"
I jump onto the couch next to her. "We can try testing on that friendly monster?"

"No! No testing on people!" She pouts.
"But Mooom!"

I frown. Sitting back with my head in her lap.
"How are we going to test if this can make monsters into people, then?"

She thinks about that question for a minute, before sighing.
"I don't know."

>Let's just ask that monster-guy, he won't say no!
>Hey, I know of a monster living in an abandoned mansion who probably misses his siblings.
>Let's try one of my cards again!

>Thread End
Everyone, I'm ending the thread here early because of lack of attendance and because we're not really getting anywhere. This may teach me to run this late at night

There's still a thread scheduled for tomorrow, though! And maybe if this thread can remain alive until morning, I will pick up where I left off on that last vote.

Thanks for the thread tonight. Maybe I'll see you in this thread tomorrow morning or a new thread tomorrow afternoon. Until then!
>>Let's just ask that monster-guy, he won't say no!

Thanks for running.
>Hey, I know of a monster living in an abandoned mansion who probably misses his siblings.

Thanks for running.
sorry for not participating, d&d kept me busy all might.long

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