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Hey guys, no intro today since im a bit late (sorry about that btw). Just let me know when you get here and lets start
User 1 here.
Howdy. Watching Gate while waiting for the rest
woke up late
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I am here, but sadly working. Won't be posting much.

Alright, lets start. Let me see... right I remember now. Typing
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I saw that the deleted post from two threads ago didn't get archived, so I saved the text of the post. Meant to post it last thread, but I was working.

Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/41281451/
Text (Had to cut it in two since it's too long with the link.)

Mako seems rather relived at not being her sister's toy for now.
She was going to complain about her swimsuit, but by comparison, hers may as well be a long dress, after all. All the same, she used all the sarongs to make herself a skirt, so the girls had to take one each from her.

"N-nooo!" -she whimpers softly whenever they take one from her
"Ah, I'm sorry, princess" -says Yin as she takes another sarong from Mako to tie at around her waist

Soon enough, the small parade of beauties make it to the beach, where Eldric has prepared a small party area and is busily grilling the meat.

"You know, I think we all feel cheated that you are still wearing your normal clothes" -says Ren
"Ah, right, I will be back in a minute, then. Can someone please watch the meat?"
"Lyann, shouldn't you volunteer to help your master?"
"I'm not that good a cook"
"I meant, to change his clothes"
"P-please stop. I am sorry if I ever offended you" -she says while covering her face with both hands

File: 249728.jpg (466 KB, 1280x1024)
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466 KB JPG

Once we are back in swimming trunks, we let our menagerie out to play. The harpies seem wary of the sea, but Mr Crabby and our kraken certainly enjoy it.

Also, they scare away any monsters from the area, so the water should be quite safe,now.

"Sir, what are these outfits made from? is there any special reason they look this way?" -asks Yin
"Well, I convinced a tailor I know to make them with silk and cotton. Any important bits should remain opaque even if they get wet, and they're hopefully comfortable?"
"...yes, it does feel quite nice" -the fox girl says while she inspects herself, her tails swaying softly in the breeze.

Ah, it would be fine to touch fluffy tails, right? this is a happy, wholesome event, so its fine, right?

And while we are wondering about it, Mako walks over and casually hugs some of Yin's tails.

"So fluffy" -she says while rubbing her face in them-
"p-Princess, that tickles..." -she says softly as she turns slightly red

File: school swimsuit.jpg (195 KB, 850x921)
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195 KB JPG

"Thank you" -Mako receives her kebab with both hands as she smiles, sunshine bathing her face. No, it's more like she's shining when she smiles.

Well, that's what it looks like, anyway.

"You are welcome. Ren, here's yours"
"Thank you" -the empress seems quite recovered as she receives hers with her right, hiding her face behind her fan once more.

Now, there's a line of shapely redheaded ninjas behind Ren. Is it alright to say that they all lust for Eldric's meat.

It's fine, right? it's just a joke, anyway. Since the empress brought them out into the open, the shadows seem to have gotten permission to play around, so they want to try this barbaric thing called a kebab as well.

Uh... their outfits are meant for mobility, but... yeah, they do look kind of lewd, somehow. It is fine if we get them all swimsuits next time, right?

It should look like a uniform... right?

Well, in the background, a flock of cute, petite girls with wings is playing in the shallow waters. The harpies give off a childish and innocent air that... yea, its fine if they don't have swimsuits right now. It's just our group here, so it should be fine.

We really should get them something soon, though. Same for Atroma.

By the way, Atroma is also nude, but... she's in her dragon form, and just her head peeks out from under the water. Does she feel comfortable that way? Hey, are you really alright like that?

By the way, Tanis... we are trying not to look at her too much.

"Hey, why are you wearing these?" -she seems interested in the idea of clothes for swimming
"Well, Eldric likes them? he says they're swimclothes... no, swimsuits"

Lyann is having a glass of juice while talking with Aritsu and Tanis at the table.

They seem to be talking quite naturally. Well, things such as swimsuits should be something that exists because of our own sensibilities, and nothing more.

Would it be fine if we introduce the concept of a nudist beach one day, then?

File: swimsuit 044.jpg (203 KB, 599x858)
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203 KB JPG

"You're Ami, aren't you, teacher?" -we ask the shafow before us
"Ah, you can tell me apart from the others? should I be happy about it?"
"Not really, its just... ah... here you go."

She's the only one that is holding three kebabs with each hand. Teacher is the tomboyish power-type, and she eats like that, too.

Even if they are identical septuplets, she's the only one that can keep up with Stella's wolf hunger at the table.

At least they left us one.

Its not as if we are out of meat either. The [Item Box] sure its convenient. You can store ingredients on it, and they will keep indefinitely, and we do have plenty of ingredients we just never sold after our dungeon runs.

Ah, Atroma came out of the water, and wrapped a towel around herself. She's been living with us for long enough to develop a sense of modesty, after all. Well, lets sit with
*Left side of the table*
>Between Mako and Ren
>Between Ren and a shadow
>Between a shadow and a shadow (multiple options there)
>Between a shadow and Tanis
>Next to Tanis

*Right side of the table*
>Between Lyann and Aritsu
>Between Aritsu and Nisa
>Between Nisa and one of her sisters
>Between a harpy and another (also multiple choices there)
>Between a harpy and Miel II

>At the head of the table
>>At the head of the table
>>At the head of the table

so there is no fighting
>Between a shadow and Tanis
File: Saiyan pride.png (1.63 MB, 1680x1050)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG

Just wanted to pop in and say keep up the work. I usually read your thread in the archives, since I work 60-70 hours a week and do not have time to participate.

Just keep doing what you're doing King, I appreciate it.
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256 KB JPG
>>41433928 >>41433966
>head of the table

>Next to the naked dragon slut
I wish I came up with a better joke, but there's three little children crying and screaming outside my window while their moms talk about stupid shit, so my brain is much right now.


Yeah, let's sit (technically) next to Mako and Lyann. Let's enjoy lunch together.

"Here, aaaah" -Lyann tries to feed us a cheese bit with her fingers.

She looks like she's having fun. Yeah, she's having fun. It's a nice mood, even with the harpies chirping and petty infighting with each other.

"Aaah" -we open up and kiss/suckle her fingers, making her blush and pull her hand back as if she had been burnt.

It's rather nice how she can still blush over little things after everything we've done.

"Eldric, aaah?" -says Mako, trying to imitate her friend
"Aaah" -we gently take the piece she's feeding us.

That's more than enough to draw a smile out

"Mako, close your eyes and aaaah" -says Ren as she pulls one of the meat bits out of her kebab

Ren smooches her on the cheek

"Uh? but..." -she says with a smile as she also gets a hug

Ren really loves her sister, uh? being apart from Mako may have been as hard for her as it was for Mako to be apart from Ren.

"S-sister, what are you doing...?!" -she whimpers softly as Ren feels her up while gifting us a mischievous smile

No, she just wanted to tease her a little bit. Probably

Well, taking care of keeping such a long table well fed its actually pretty tiring, so after lunch, we just lay down on a towel and make a stone wall to provide some shadow.

The girls go back to play in the shallow water. Why do girls like that so much?

Not like we are complaining about the sight, of course.

"Eldric, here you go" -Lyann brings us some fruit juice and sits down on the sand next to us, legs folded under her.

She looks quite lovable in her swimsuit, with her hair loose and sticking to her like that.

File: swimsuit 036.jpg (144 KB, 850x733)
144 KB
144 KB JPG

"Thank you" -Eldric sits up and rests his back against the stone wall.

By the way, it is wider at the base, so it won't topple over with just that.

Lyann sits next to him, this time keeping her legs stretched forth, her knees slightly bent as she leans in for a kiss.

"Ah, what was that for?"
"Nothing, I just love you"
"Alright... can I have another?"
"Alright" -she smiles as she leans in again

*Long loving kiss*

"Are you actually tired now?" -she asks. Well, his attribures should allow him to stay up for a week, but handling 22 girls, some of which he is romantically involved with, and some of which he's a big brother figure to, could wear anybody out.
"Yup. Just want to lay down and be a potato"
"Can we be a potato together?"

They lie down on the towel side by side, just holding hands and looking at eachother with a smile. It is quite the wholesome scene.

Four minutes later, however, he's covered in girls.

"I can accept the harpies, but why are the shadows trying to sneak in, too!?"
"It seemed like the popular thing to do?" -answers one from somewhere in the mess of limbs and softness

"Uwaaa... E-eldric, are you alright!?" -Mako is standing on the sand, looking somewhat worried while Ren just smiles behind her fan by her side

>"It's fine, really." -stand up lifting the ball of girls and lower them on the sand gently. Let's just ff to the following morning and go back to adventure!
>"W-why is... who's hand is that!?" -Place the girlball on the sand, and admonish them a little. Let's have a little more beach fun
File: swimsuit 034.jpg (251 KB, 850x1177)
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251 KB JPG
By the way, someone called himself an expert in rejoicing. Could that person help me proofread something and dial the rejoice settings a little higher?
>"W-why is... who's hand is that!?" -Place the girlball on the sand, and admonish them a little. Let's have a little more beach fun
>>"W-why is... who's hand is that!?" -Place the girlball on the sand, and admonish them a little. Let's have a little more beach fun
>>"It's fine, really." -stand up lifting the ball of girls and lower them on the sand gently. Let's just ff to the following morning and go back to adventure!
File: swimsuits 001.jpg (587 KB, 1250x1167)
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587 KB JPG
>>"W-why is... who's hand is that!?" -Place the girlball on the sand, and admonish them a little. Let's have a little more beach fun

Well, nobody admitted to it, but Tanis was licking her fingers with a mischievous smile.

"Weren't you all playing, anyway?"
"But... I wanted to be with the president"
"We wanted to play with big brother!" x9
"It looked fun" x7
"I'm not really very heavy at all" -says Miel II

Alright, we have a lot of people, maybe we could play a soccer match... oh, we have 22 people, that should work fine.

We have them make a line and simply start going "you, team 1, you team 2" as they come up, then assign ourselves to whichever team is short a player...

"Tanis, please wear something"
"It feels very unnatural. Do you have a problem with my body? I have plenty of confidence on it, you know?"
"Ah, it is nice, but humanoids usually... wait you are not a dungeon boss, so you should know about society!"
"...tsch!" -she clicks her tongue when she's caught
"Please at least accept a pair of pants and a shirt. You can cut the pants if you want, it'll be like shorts"

Now, we ended up with Ren, Mako and ... why are there 14 people on our team?

The shadows inthe other team switched teams to be with Mako and Ren, that's why.

"Ren, can you please go to the other team? that way we can balance things better..."

Well... now we have 3 and 4 shadows. Alright

By the way, the shadows have been leveled up thoroughly, so if they were serious, this could get quite bad.

Let's have a chat with the lot of them. That's why, we call them over and ask them to hold back.

As for the results... whenever Mako shot at the goal, their shadow goalkeeper turned into a cripple, and whenever Ren got the ball, she got a 4-shadow team flanking her to intercept opposing players.

The harpies flew off with the ball caught on their feet. That makes air game take on a new meaning, but it's not illegal... I think

File: aritsu mako swimsuits.jpg (638 KB, 2899x2156)
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638 KB JPG
Somehow, Tanis and Atroma tended to clash a lot, and it always ended up in a catfight.

In the end, they both got expelled so they had to sit at the side of the field. Well, its hard to tell if Tanis was a bitch or not... I mean, Atroma seems to have completely forgotten about her agoraphobia while bickering with her, so... maybe she was being big sister-like?

She doesn't look the type, but... maybe?

If you want to know who won... I don't think it matters. Mako looked cute running around with the ball, Lyann was a sight to see whenever she jumped for the ball as her team's goalkeeper, and Aritsu actually managed to break out of her delicate and super feminine normal self for a while, and play like any other girl.

Well... to be honest, I think they all had different expectatives. Lyann seems happy to have stopped a lot of shots, Ren is going "fufufu" as she praises the shadows for their work.... really, what was everyone trying to do.

Since everyone ended covered in sand, we went for a dip in the water.

"Sir, let me pour some water on your back"

>"Thanks" -Play with Yin a little bit
>"Its fine, see?" -just sink down to wash off the sand. Its better not to favor any of the girls too much

Remind me, we did came up with tanning oil, right? anyway, I think its alright if we FF a bit after this. Do you want some lewd scene with any specific girl/s or just move to the next morning?
>>"Thanks" -Play with Yin a little bit
sure we can FF
>>"Thanks" -Play with Yin a little bit

Must maintain proper boss employee relations.
File: swimsuit 029.jpg (215 KB, 850x1244)
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215 KB JPG
You know, come think of it, IIRC I think China had a soccer-like game that court ladies played with a silk and paper ball... while wearing full fourt regalia and super high-heeled sandals, so it could be quite disastrous if someone wasn't paying attention.
>"Thanks" -Play with Yin a little bit
I'd like to see a lewd scene with Tanis.
It feels like she's the type that would go straight for what she wants and views it as a fun activity and not something to get attached about.
File deleted.
>It feels like she's the type that would go straight for what she wants and views it as a fun activity and not something to get attached about.
Yeah, that sounds about right

>>"Thanks" -Play with Yin a little bit


Yin splashes water on our back, and then asks us to crouch down so she can do our head.

"There's no need for that, I can take care of Eldric, you know? no, its more like, I take care of him" -says Lyann as she wades over with the water up to her waist
"It's fine, she's just helping me get the sand off, love"
"L-love... y-you hd never called me love in public before."
"Really? should I start now, then?"
"Uwaa...!" -Lyann goes so red her skin matches her hair right now

Yin sighs. It's not as if she had never seen a couple forgetting about the world before. As she starts to leave, however, she eeps when Eldric catches one of her tails.

"Here, let me return the favor"
"Sir, ah..." -she shivers as she feels Eldric's tight grip on her fluffy tail, going meek

A few moments later, he lets her tail go, and pours some water on her to wash off her sand. Then realizes there's a line for the same treatment...

I guess tanning oil or at least sunblocker is a must... actually would sunblocker be needed? in this RPG-like world, does sunlight follows the same rules as in ours?

It may count as some minor damage source, maybe? that's why the skin tans after all, right?

So, with how high level most of them are, sunblocker is probably unneccesary, but if we ever want to see Lyann turn into a delicious brown girl, or Aritsu as a caramel-colored elf, tanning oil is a must.

Let's add it to the list.

That night, we came back to the beach with Lyann and Aritsu and... it was a wonderful night with a sky full of stars. It was wonderful on the sand... and by the rocks, and in the water, and on the grass under the palm trees, and against the palm trees...

Yup, it was a night we will remember for many years.

King, you should delete that image. That's the one that probably got you banned before.
File: swimsuit 014.jpg (166 KB, 850x1094)
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166 KB JPG
Thanks for the warning... I honestly don't think it was such a lewd pic. I couldnt see anything even after looking at it for a bit, but ok

You know, if we just FF over them like this, I dont mind inserting more sex scenes. You know, just mentioning they happen rather than going on a play by play... anyway...


Afterwards, we made it back to the manor and enjoyed a warm bath and eachother until it was late enough into the night to be early in the morning.

Once Mako, Ren and Yin were back safely in Mantequira, we made it back home and escorted Aritsu to her dorm.

Of course we could have [Treestride] to the dorms, but... enjoying a elven princess while riding a carriage through a fantasy city, isn't that what our fellow fa/t g/uys would do?

By the way, enjoying the princess only went as far as Eldric pulling her into her lap and kissing her for the duration of the whole trip. Just in case you wanted to know.

On the ride back, we pull out our journal and notice...

"Have arrived at Heven safely. The tree has been planted in my private palace's inner garden, feel free to visit any time you want."

Oh! Okaba finally arrived to his home, uh?

>Stop the carriage, run down, grab Aritsu in our arms and carry her back on board, we are going to a new continent!
>Calmly organize a trip to Okaba's home. Think about who we take with us.
>>Calmly organize a trip to Okaba's home. Think about who we take with us.
>I couldnt see anything even after looking at it for a bit, but ok
The material over the breasts is transparent.

>Calmly organize a trip to Okaba's home. Think about who we take with us.
Remember that we have to go to the office, as well as our lab. We have responsibilities now.
>>Ask about what kind of reception we should expect.
File: beach swimsuit.jpg (377 KB, 650x1038)
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377 KB JPG
>>>Ask about what kind of reception we should expect.
that seems to fall into the "take our time and prepare" option. But Okaba would probably answer "which kind fo you want?". It's his own private palace, so he can throw you a garden party, organize a concert, an opera, or an orgy if you want him to

(the orgy part was a joke, mostly)

>>41436492 >>41436503
>>>Calmly organize a trip to Okaba's home. Think about who we take with us.

Also, that's an effect of all white swimsuits, that's why my mom said never to wear white swimsuits


Over the next few days, we are quite busy indeed. Thanks the gods for the treestride spell.

Going to our island manor to inspect the new staff.
Going to our manor in Mantequira to help set up the beehives on the back garden.
Setting up the teleporting platform between them so they're protected by upwards of a million bees.
Working on our thesis
Working on the office
Playing with our little sisters and brothers

Meanwhile, we have to decide who we are taking with us. Well, it's not as if we expect any trouble...

Uhmm... once we link Okaba's teleport platform with the one in our home, we can go back and forth any time, so a small one should be enough, right?

Lets see... Lyann, and, do we need to bring Aritsu along? actually, maybe we could ask her to stay in Mantequira for a week or so and help out Yin at the offce. Either one of them could do that, actually.

Isn't Lyann a bit too dependant on us? maybe she should help Yin while we are away, let her find out she's quite competent on her own.

Who do we take?

>Aritsu.She's a princess, may want to start diplomatic relationships. Actually, should we invite Sinoe as well?
>Asmund. He's a ruler too, so, same reason
>Honoria. Same as above
>Dawn. Okaba's home has lots of succubbus, right? lets help her socialize
File: swimsuit Kalliira.png (571 KB, 650x1200)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
sorry it took me so long to reply, lost net for a while
>>Aritsu.She's a princess, may want to start diplomatic relationships. Actually, should we invite Sinoe as well?
>>Asmund. He's a ruler too, so, same reason
>>Honoria. Same as above
>>Dawn. Okaba's home has lots of succubbus, right? lets help her socialize

we are trying to unite the kingdoms to fight the ERRORS
>Aritsu.She's a princess, may want to start diplomatic relationships. Actually, should we invite Sinoe as well?
>Asmund. He's a ruler too, so, same reason
>Honoria. Same as above
>Dawn. Okaba's home has lots of succubbus, right? lets help her socialize
Let Okaba know that we're bringing a diplomatic mission first, so that he can set up the party properly.
Also let Mako know she's going as part of the Imperial diplomatic party.
File: swimsuit 012.jpg (199 KB, 661x920)
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199 KB JPG
You have one person too many, sine a party is 6 people. Well, we can carry more people with ease, but in case of trouble, a party is 6 so one would be l-- ah, nm, can probably party up with Okaba and Aura, so maybe we can bring three more, come think of it?

Lets see...
Party 1

Party 2
Ami or Mai

Alright, im happy that this time we are taking Honoria along.

You guys want a build up to actually going? you know, going to Sbastia, talking with Asmund, going to Opal, taking with Honoria, going to Mantequira, talking with Ren to take Mako, then going, or do you want to just skip forth to arriving there?

I have a couple of scenes in mind if you want to build up to it, but it shouldnt be anything too relevant.
skip to it this has been a long time coming.
Thats my opinion too but I want to stick with not going the way -I- want to go and going with your votes, so I had to ask.

Also, you guys alright with glossing over the naughty scenes or do you prefer more detail?

Waiting for someone else to say something and then we'll go one way or the other
Build up properly.
And a reminder that the Miel Hegemony is one of the largest nations on the planet, even if its citizens are among the smallest.

The current level of lewd is fine for posting here to keep the speed at an acceptable level. If you want to get more detailed, use a pastebin.
File: best elf swimsuit is best.jpg (3.61 MB, 5935x4069)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB JPG
I hate pastebin, though. The white is hell for my eyes. What about typing stuff in a pdf and posting that instead of a picture? if someone wants to read it, they can click the pdf normally and it will open in a different tab

Anyway, we have one for just going ahead and one for building up, how about someone rolls 1d2? in case of 1 we build up (quickly, tho) and in case of 2 we just FF to it
Invite all diplomatic partners along with our tentative allies of other species. We need to solidify our war council, giving everyone a heads up in advance about what to prepare for the meeting would be nice too though.
PDF's don't get archived, though.
Maybe put the PDF's on Dropbox or some other fileshare site?
File: swimsuit 035.jpg (233 KB, 917x882)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
oh i have a mediafire account. That should be fine, I think. Also, that way we can get sweet cutesy naugthy scenes and the anon that keeps asking for more intense stuff can finally get his kink tickled with a submissive miel scene, I guess

Anyway, Im gonna type something for the talks so we dont keep losing time.


For the next two weeks, we are quite busy every day. Thankfully, the time zone difference between the eastern and western continents, coupled with our through-the-roof endurance, means we can have a 18-to-20 hours long workday and somehow manage.

Asmund's own teleport platform is up and running, now, so he is more than happy to come along, but explains that he plans to return back home every night.

We got pranked by Dawn, so our hair smells like strawberries for the next week. Lyann says she likes it, however, since it reminds her of when we were smaller than her.

Well, the pink succubus' jokes are harmless enough, so we just sigh and go with it. Also, she's a few inches taller and much more developed now... according to Asmund, succubus can just develop overnight, so that's not strange at all.

It's a little strange to see a beautiful young lady look so sensual and refined while she runs around chuckling after a successful prank, but it has a gentle charm of its own, after all.

We just need to make sure she doesn't teach bad things to our little sisters.

Honoria signs right up, but since this is a diplomatic mission, she is bringing along her honor guard, and her waiting maid.

By the way, Kallisto is no longer a "public slave", and is now officially working as Honoria's waiting maid. She was quite happy to see us, and impressed with our growth.

Right, we were just under 10 the last time she saw us. Her little brother has grown a fair bit.

File: Swimsuit Ren.jpg (334 KB, 768x2463)
334 KB
334 KB JPG

I want to invoke the "Our elves are different" trope, but it seems most species grow at the same speed until maturity, and then slow down depending on their race, so gnomes, elves, dwarves, etc, all grow at more or less the same speed until they reach maturity.

By the way "physical maturity" seems to vary a bit from one species to the other. Elves' aging slows down to a crawl on their late teens, while dwarfs seem to have a wide gap between the ages at which either sex is considered mature.

Anyway, that means that Aritsu actually is a little younger than Lyann? the 40+ years old inner us feels a bit like a craddle robber now...

Anyway, the hardest to convince, was actually Ren.

She wanted to go herself, and leave Mako in charge, but general Li made quite the scene so she had to give up on it.

Plus, I don't think we could have realistically moved the 10000 honor guards that are meant to escort the empress if she ever travels abroad.

She's been going to classes in Albion together with Mako, though. Is she keeping that secret from the general?

Also, we sort of kidnap, sort of pick up Miel. She's technically still a member of our menagerie, so she "shouldn't" get asay on it...

Honestly, she will probably enjoy the trip, seeing so many new and different flowers and plants. Right?

Right. This is for her own good. It's not just because she's fun to bully. We are not a bully. Right?

Actually, Alard wants to tag along as well.

We had thought we would suffice as representatives for Eopolis but... yeah, we don't really live there, so it's probably fine?

Anyway, this has turned into quite the large group, somehow.

Okaba says its fine, but... it feels like we are imposing.

No, that's just the common sense of our old life talking. If we had dropped at a friend's home with 30+ people, we would have been the worst friend ever.

This is a diplomatic mission, and we have a lot of important people, on a visit to a foreign nation.

File: washuu swimsuit.jpg (179 KB, 850x1207)
179 KB
179 KB JPG

Besides, Okaba's home is a palace, not a regular house. It will be fine, right?


And so, we all gather at Ren's palace garden and make the jump towards Heven in groups of 6.

As we arrive, a beautiful garden greets us. Exotically colored plants shine bright blue and purple on the edges of the garden, with carefully trimmed blue grass that is criss crossed by paths of white, grind sea shell.

The bright blue, green and purple peaks of a nearby mountain, covered with trees all the way to its peak, seem to greet us from beyond the edge of the garden.

By the way, the garden...no, the palace itself is high on a mountainside, with low fences on every side.

We arrived looking towards the south, and when we turnaround to towards the north, we see a palace of very pale blue stone with plenty of high arches and golden roofs.

Honestly, the colors here feel a bit too bright and neon. It reminds us of an aquarium... well, its a different culture, so lets try and not offend our hosts.

Speaking of which, Okaba is waiting for us, wearing long white pants and a blue sash. He's shirtless, and wearing the kind of pointy, upwards-curved shoes one would see in a disney movie about a street rat and his genie.

Aura is wearing a similar pair of pants, but she is also has a length of silk going down from her collar, keeping her upper body's modesty as something of a fancy swimsuit top.

Her horns are decorated with many little golden ornaments from which tiny, short chains dangle, either just falling down or reaching for another ornament a few inches away.

By the way, Okaba is not wearing any jewelry himself other than a magical ring on each hand.

Behind our friends, there are over a dozen servants of various races, dressed in simple white pants and shirts.

It takes us a moment to realize, they are all wingless. We sort of expected to see wings on everyone's back once we came here.

File: elf 010.jpg (190 KB, 600x960)
190 KB
190 KB JPG

This is what I thought of when thinking of Okaba's home


Well, with this heat, you want to dress light, and if you have wings, you'd have even less of a reason for a shirt, jacket or robe, after all.

"Welcome, it is a pleasure to see you are well" -says our friend as he walks over to shake our hand with a smile
"Thank you for welcoming us. We should move a bit, since more groups are coming"
"Of course, please come this way. Once everyone has arrived, I'll properly guide you into the palace"

Our friends groups start arriving one after the other, and once we are all here, Okaba and Aura guide us ahead.

Indeed, it is a palace built in the side of a mountain's peak. It has several floors, and looks amazingly sturdy, yet beautiful.

From pretty much every window, balcony and hallway, we can see the cliffs falling down almost as if they had been cut smooth down, and the clouds far beneath.

How high are we, right now?

Okaba guides us to our rooms, and invites us to join him for dinner, once we have settled and unpacked.

"I'll unpack, you can go play!" -says Dawn, and Asmund sighs a little bit
"That's how it is, so I guess I'll join you now?" -says the vampire lord
"I will appreciate that" -says our friend, and then looks towards us- "I hope you enjoy your rooms. See you at dinner, then we can have a private meeting afterwards"
"Alright, we will join you at dinner, then"

Our room is quite spacious. It consists mostly of a large... no, it would be more fair to call it huge. A huge bed with golden pillars and a high roof. There are silk curtains secured against each pillar, and numerous velvety pillows.

The room seems to have about everything, from a large tub to several closets and other furniture, with numerous wooden curtains and other partition makers here and there so every guest can arrange things to their liking.

We should lt out Miel II, Nina, and Atruma. They can fly, so this palace's architecture should really feel good for them.
Fahima should by brought along as well, to how that some of the monster tribes can be civilized once they learn a language.
seems good, sure


"Oh, the building is amazing, but the furniture is rather scarce, no?" -says Lyann as she tip-toe dance-walks around the room
"It may just be a minimalist aesthetic sense"
"I see..." -comments Aritsu

>"Aritsu, aren't you staying with your sister?" / send her to her sister's room. It would be rather odd to have her stay with us, no?
>"Aritsu, will you be staying with us?" -politely invite her to staying with us
>"Oh, I have a use in mind for those metal rings hanging from the bed pillars.. and yeah, the ones on the walls too." -Grab the elf princess, and do some very naughty things to her.

Anyway, lets close the thread here guys. I'll write something to post in the opening posts of next week's thread based on what you choose. Also, the week of the 10th of august i will be in the capital again for what hopefully will be the last medical checkup
>>"Aritsu, will you be staying with us?" -politely invite her to staying with us
>>"Aritsu, will you be staying with us?" -politely invite her to staying with us
>"Aritsu, will you be staying with us?" -politely invite her to staying with us
File: healthy elf.png (596 KB, 800x1200)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
>>>"Aritsu, will you be staying with us?" -politely invite her to staying with us
Alright, I'll get to work with that for next week. See you tomorrow guys
See you tomorrow, thanks for running.
thanks for running see you tomorrow

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