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ARCHIVE: suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Below%20(Quest)
LAST: >>41208613
OP IMAGE CREDIT: iluvnippon on DA
Update information at https://twitter.com/belowquest


You are a young Lamplit elf by the name of Ilafi.
All your life you have lived in Ksana; a vast, busy subterranean city, made of the excavated caverns around you and the cheap imported wood bought from the Sunlit, a higher caste that lives on the surface. From the day you were born, it's been a struggle for you and Esjah, your loving mother. She did everything she could as a single mother, working unreasonable hours to support her moody little boy suffering from hallucinations.

A month ago, she was forced to murder the brother of an important Sunlit elf in order to protect you. Afterwards, she arranged for you to be sent away to Ksatul, the city of the Dimlit, just beneath the city- an environment where gaslamps cannot be used, and crystals light the way.

Some of your questions have been answered by Earka, a hooded Greeter who suffered a similar fate years ago. You aren't sure if you can trust him, as he's stated that he absolutely hates your father for getting himself and their families gunned down by the Sunlit. However, he has been very helpful to you.

Today, your friend Teomo woke you up and took you to the mines to see the recently unearthed giant mushrooms. You arrived just in time to hear a rousing speech from Jul'alu, a peculiar woman in charge of Ksatul's mining operation. After she finished, you snuck away into the mines to see them for yourselves, and ran into Earka, who is down there to inspect what may be poisonous mushrooms. He led you and Teomo to the mushrooms, and after a bit of sight-seeing and talking, you return to the entrance, only to find that Earka is missing, and the room's started to flood with cave gas.
Teomo, being fully aware that standing in a room full of cave gas is generally not a good things, takes the time to speak up. "That's really fucking bad. Where's Earka?"

Probably sitting safely in some pocket where the gas can't affect him, you figure. "Just run!"

"But wha-"

"Forget it, there's no time!"

He looks absolutely shocked, and a bit angry with you. "I'm not leaving him down here to die, are you out of your mind?"

"We don't have the time to argue!" You start running for the exit, and he grabs you by the arm, blocking his face with his shirt. You pull and tug away, but make sure to follow his example.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Ilafi?" He might just give you a clean hit to the jaw if you don't answer, given the way he's looking at you. Gas or no gas.

>"I'll explain later, just go!"
>"He's the one that started this, he's probably safe!"
>"Why are you trying to be a hero? There's no time for this!"
>>"I'll explain later, just go!"
>>"He's the one that started this, he's probably safe!"
Rolled 1 (1d2)


>>41247550 (1)
>>41247740 (2)
Dammit Teomo. Haven't you heard the parable of the children who kept jumping into a lake one by one to try to save all their drowning friends, only to end up drowning too.
"I'll explain later, just go!"

"Excuse me?" His look of anger turns to one of complete disbelief. "You need to stop."

"Trust me!" You shake him off, and start running for the exit. When you look back, he's still standing there, looking particularly hurt. "I don't know if I can do that."

Is he really doing this now? "What? No, you don't understand-"

"No, you don't understand! You expect me to just walk while a guy we could save dies down in the caves?" You REALLY don't have time for this.

"He's not go-" "You don't fucking know that!" That's the loudest you've ever heard him. "Ilafi, I don't know if I can trust anyone who says shit like that. Don't you dare say that!"

You're really not sure what to tell him.

"I'm going to go look for him, I should be fine, if you're going to help me, go looking in that direction, otherwise, just go."

The crystals are growing brighter, and an odd, tingly sensation washes over your body. Judging by how bright the crystals are growing, it's only going to be a matter of minutes before it reaches a high enough density to knock you out.

You'd love to just hit him over the head with a rock and drag him out, but you're not strong enough to do either. Kohme did that once in one of his books. You're not anywhere near as cool as him. Thing is, Teomo thought you were cool. But now, given the way he's looking at you, he's starting to see the truth of the matter. He's still your friend, though. But given the circumstances, he might not listen to what you have to say.

>Leave Teomo and run.
>Help Teomo find Earka.
>Try to talk him out of it.
>>"It's going to be fine. Please, just trust me."
>>"Earka's the one that started this, come with me."
>>Help Teomo find Earka.
Dammit. He wouldn't believe it anyway.

Promise you won't die down here though, Teomo.
>>Help Teomo find Earka.
>>Help Teomo find Earka.
Well whatever gets only-friend out of the death caves the fastest. Trying to save him here.

it's a sign.
"Fine!" There's no time to argue about this. He won't listen, any way.

He gives you a look that suggests that you've disappointed him greatly. At least, that's what you gather from it. He runs off in search of Earka, and you head in another, occasionally turning your head to look at him until he fades from sight.

"Earka!" You call for him several times, and while you're honestly wondering why you're calling out for a man that's probably aiming to kill you and make it look like an accident, your friendship with Teomo's more important.

The crystals don't get any duller. It's starting to get worrysome. "Earka! Are you there?" You continue to search for him, running through the damp mushroom forest. You can hear Teomo shouting in the distance as well. It really does seem like a fruitless endeavor. Just as you're about to turn back, you hear a similar cracking noise, followed by more hissing. This time you can clearly make out the direction it came from. What the fuck is going on?

Curious, you approach, hiding behind mushrooms with each slow advance. "Ear-" And then you see a hooded figure lying facedown next to a large, strange-looking crystal. It's an off yellow color, incredibly bright, and it appears to have a few cracks in it. This one almost appears to be losing its shine, compared to the other crystals. Earka's gathering knife is lying a good ways away from his hand. You're really unsure of what happened here, and there's not too much time left to really try and figure it out. But...

>...you hurry and carry Earka out of there, shouting that you've found him.
>...you check Earka and try to get him up, but leave him if he won't.
>...you leave that bastard where he is and get the fuck out with Teomo.
What if it's still a trap? He has a few minutes.

Grab his knife and yell before touching him?

>>...you hurry and carry Earka out of there, shouting that you've found him.
>...you hurry and carry Earka out of there, shouting that you've found him.
so basically i'm trash for starting so late
i wanted to at least wrap shit up with this specific situation but it's getting late and i need to get myself in the right mindset to go job hunting tomorrow

how long are yall gonna be around
how many of you are even there right now
i'll continue if you guys will stick around for it
Wait continue another night you mean? Since job hunting mindsetting sounds like it would take the night.
I mean I can spend about two more hours finishing this shit up here before I reach my limit, it's really nothing, the main concern is "are people actually going to stick around if i do"

I'll continue another night either way, but I wanna know if I can continue right now.
For me at least I should probably go to bed soon too, probably should have earlier honestly but I didn't want to miss this.

So ending it for the night is cool by me.
aight then
deuces for now
next thread announced on twitter
i'll be sure to make it go for more than 30 posts lmao
should i even archive short threads like this?
i archived 5-2 but at this rate it's going to be 10-3 and i didn't archive 8-2
i'll worry about it later i guess
Yeah man go for it. Archive dat shit.

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