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Starting super late today, sorry about that. Power blackouts are coming and going today
That's okay, we can be patient. Though that must suck for you, with how hot it is.
is every one running their air conditioning or fans?

Eh, honestly its not that bad, but its of course annoying as hell. A bit ago the document where i was writing a cute intro for today got lost and auto recuperating it failed, too

The power has been coming and going so im a bit worried about my HD

We had gone and notified Fahima's people about being allowed to go back home, right? want to go back to our own home, or would you like to look around in the Petalka, the orc city?
i think we went home after we went to the bath house to clean up.
We didn't go home, and we haven't gotten the reward for taking care of the dragon problem.

We went from the magma tunnels to the bath, then went to meet with Fahima's people. Want to go get the reward now, then what? go back home, spend the night out (we should take our little sisters home first, tho)
we did it was the serpents heart a legendary crafting item and we picked to make an accessory out of it
>spend the night out (we should take our little sisters home first, tho)

lyann and aristu date
No, that was a gift from the salamander's for helping them go back home.

Also, what do you think of this for Aritsu? I really liked it, but its too large to post here


Bikini armor jokes aside, I actually like this one a lot for her
Once we get the reward, we can drop off our sisters at home and check around Petalka.

No, that was a reward from Fahima's village for negotiating their return to the volcano with the orcs, getting them recognized as intelligent people, and for getting their old village drained of magma.
unfortunately i cant view it some reason

also i forgot about the reward for moving the dragons out my mistake
you click it and it shows a white image? try holding down ctrl and using the mouse wheel. Its so big you may be looking at a white space. Zoom out

Alright, so go get the dragon reward, take the girls home and go for a night out in Mantequira or Petalka?
>you click it and it shows a white image?
no it says 403 forbidden.

Mantequira its been awhile since we been to our island manor
Petalka. Though I can't remember if we introduced Aritsu to our staff in Mantequira.
Anyway, typing.

We talk for a bit with the salamanders, and call out Fahima so she can go back to her people.

They are quite interested in her clothes, since normally their fiery aura would incinerate anything of the type.

As you are saying your goodbyes, Fahima shakes her head, and asks to stay with you. Surely, she says, going with you will grant her wisdom beyond what she would acquire living in the volcanoe's magma pool.

Well, its not as if that would be a problem, so she becomes a permanent part of your menagerie.

Once the group makes it back to the city, the next stop is the local adventurer's guild.

The place is rather small. The local adventurers use it just as a pick up point for quests and rewards, but they seem to be hogging the open air restaurant and inn next door.

Normally, one would call such a place a tavern, but the orcs seem to really love good food and wine.

Between that and their love for cleanliness, its hard to think of them as the savages most people's seem to take them for, but these seem to be the exception, rather than the rule.

The clerk at the adventurer's guild greets you politely and asks you for your adventurer's card, after which he hands you the reward.

The clerk is wearing a pair of comfy. high quality leather and wool pants in white and black, with a good pair of boots and a wide belt with a silver belt buckle, but his upper body is nude except for some complicated, magical-looking tattooes.

He comes back with our reward in a small wooden box, and hands it to us reverently.

The [Short Sword of Swift Death] can be enhanced with any one spell. After that, whenever it strikes, it will subtract the mana from the user's reserve and cast the spell on the target. It also has 5 empty card slots. Base damage of 50, but its ability makes it mostly meaningless. It strikes one extra time per turn.

>Let's keep it for ourselves
>Let's give it to someone else (who?)
>Let's sell it
>Let's take it to Grummir to improve
File: prime aritsu large.jpg (1.67 MB, 3000x3307)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
Lets see if I can post it after all...
This one and 1 more
>>Let's give it to someone else (who?)
let hold it then give it to Athena on her 10 birthday

that fits
>Let's take it to Grummir to improve
I wonder what he can do to it.
File: prime aritsu small.jpg (204 KB, 701x1113)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
This is the other pic I think works great for her, but its more tanky than agility

Either one is good for her as a serious adult, tho. Rightnow im having too much fun bossing her innocent self around and getting her into lewd outfits and situations.

Yes, I plan to have her grow out of it

>Let's take it to Grummir to improve
>let hold it then give it to Athena on her 10 birthday

Uhmm... either one of you wants to change your vote?
change mine
File: aritsu 008.jpg (125 KB, 600x839)
125 KB
125 KB JPG


We go out and take a look at the blade. It is just over 2" long, and quite wide- It looks like a very solid weapon, but you get the feeling that it is made for thrusting rather than slashing, albeit it should be able to do that, anyway.

"Lyann, can you store it for now?"
"Sure" -the blade dissapears into her [Item Box]
"Let's go home, now"

Heading into the backstreets, we reach the empty house whose garden we have been using to treestride back and forth for a while now.

Maybe we should see about buying the place? it wouldnt hurt to have a safehouse in each capital. Its not as if we cant afford it, anyway.

Emerging on our own backyard through the orange tree, we touch base with our family before going to Mantequira for the night. After all, we should show ourselves over there from time to time.

With the time difference, it will be the middle of the night when we arrive there.

"Aritsu, can you come with us?" -we suggest to her softly
"Ah! ... y-yes, I just need to let my sister know..."
"Alright, let's go tell her, and come back, then."

"Eldric, if you are going to the college and back, you'll be just in time for dinner" -says mom as she gets hugged by Stella and Zoe on their way in
"Alright. I'll buy some dessert, then"

>Go by treestride so we can be back in a moment
>Go by carriage. Maybe we could do some slightly lewd things to the elven princess?
>Go by treestride, and use the extra time to take Aritsu to meet master Tazar for a new and fabulous outfit/armor. Pic very much related
>>Go by treestride, and use the extra time to take Aritsu to meet master Tazar for a new and fabulous outfit/armor. Pic very
>>Go by treestride, and use the extra time to take Aritsu to meet master Tazar for a new and fabulous outfit/armor. Pic very much related

i plan on doing lewd things to her in mantequira
>Go by treestride, and use the extra time to take Aritsu to meet master Tazar for a new and fabulous outfit/armor. Pic very much related
Also do that we can suggest new and lewd dresses for all of the Miels.
File: aritsu 007.jpg (333 KB, 1000x1494)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
>Go by treestride, and use the extra time to take Aritsu to meet master Tazar for a new and fabulous outfit/armor. Pic very much related
>i plan on doing lewd things to her in mantequira
That makes me think, should we ask our parents for permission for a weekend and go in the morning to the island manor to check on how it is going?


We treestride over to the university's oak tree, and escort the princess to the dormitories' entrance.

She comes back after a few minutes, and nods as she explains that she is ready to go. She is carrying a small backpack with her... right, no [Item Box]

"Alright, let's go see some friends of mine, now"

We take her to the shopping street. The sun is still half way towards the horizont, and there's plenty of people in the streets.

"Apples, Oranges or Melons, how do you like them apples? Apples, Oranges and Melons!" -the feminine voice is loud and clear as Kalkah keeps calling for customers.

The attractive brown-skinned elf girl is wearing a short dress with a plated skirt and a white shirt. She looks more like a maid than a street salesgirl, but that's not a bad thing.

"Ah, young master Eldric, you are with a new girl today? should I tell Lyann about this?" -she says with a playful smile
"She knows... actually, we're running an errand for tonight's dinner. Could you give me two dozen apples, please? the biggest and juicest, if you could"
"Alright. That will be 50 coppers"
"Give me a minute...." -uh... we don't even carry coppers any more. I guess a silver will do?

Kalkah looks at us for a moment....

"50 coppers, please"
"That's 1/2 a silver, can't you give me change?"
"Ah, sure"

I wonder if she doesn't knows how to calculate that? but she's selling stuff, she should be rather good at addition and subtraction after years of selling stuff on the streets, right?

"You could give it to me in fruit if you don't have enough coins"
"Oh, then, how about 5 watermelons?"
"Thanks for your patronage"

File: chess club aritsu 001.png (685 KB, 800x600)
685 KB
685 KB PNG

"You know a lot of girls, pr- Eldric" -our efficient secretary-turned-lover says with a tiny hint of reproach in her voice
"Uhmm... I don't really discriminate by gender, but we are near the shop of a male friend of mine. I guess you'd like to meet him?"
"Ah, I wasn't... but... yes, I would be happy to meet your friends" -she says with a little smile

We take her hand, making her blush for a moment as we pull her towards a secondary street and head into master Tazar's boutique

As usual, there's nobody at the front desk, albeit we can see our friend sitting at the head of a massive, solid-looking table a few meters into the shop, busily sketching.

There's a paper bin full of scrapped ideas by his feet. Uh, paper is pretty expensive in this world.... well, he can probably afford it.

"Are you ever going to hire somebody to man the front desk, master Tazar?" -we ask loudly, then hit the bell on the desk, once
"Uhm? ah! if it isn't my favorite client! How are you, young master?!"

"Very well, thanks the gods. I'd like to ask you to work on my lovely friend here, from top to bottom and inside out, please."

>Go for heavy defense
>Go for ease of movement
>Go for enhanced magical power
>Go for style
>Go for broke, surprise me, as always!
>>Go for ease of movement
>>Go for broke, surprise me, as always!

that pic is what i think Aritsu would ware for her everyday cloths
File: aritsu 006.jpg (865 KB, 1653x992)
865 KB
865 KB JPG
I know, right? no tummy window, tho, or leg slit. Otherwise, pretty much exactly that, I think

Alright, so give him charte blache but keeping agility in mind. Right?
yep that works
I think it would be between this pic >>41137823
and this pic >>41137129

Which one do you like more?

Maybe its the exact same outfit without and with a long jacket on top? the jacket uses the cloak slot, I think.
i like this >>41137823 one more still lewd yet still dignified
File: aritsu 004.png (564 KB, 529x840)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
Yes, but im saying that from behind it could be like >>41137129 normally, but the jacket keeps her modest

Anyway, lets with that I guess. Typing
File: aritsu 003.jpg (191 KB, 740x740)
191 KB
191 KB JPG

"Uhmm" -the dwarven tailor looks at the elven princess with a critical eye- "You are carrying a sword. You any good with it. miss?"
"I can defend myself! still, I mostly use it as a casting wand"
"I see, so you are one of those multi talented types. Could you please undress?"
"I'm a tailor. I need to take your measurements, of course"
"Oh, right. Of course"

On Tazar's instructions, Eldric closes the curtains and locks the door.

"Uhmm... you're still growing, right?"
"Y-yes sir"
"Alright, lift your arms, please... lower them, touch your toes without being your knees, up you go... twist to the left... now the right... thank you, you can dress up now."
"Thank you for your hard work"

As Aritsu goes behind the wooden curtains to dress up, Tazar takes some paper and pen out to sketch some ideas, asking Eldric for his opinion.

"Shouldn't I get a say on this?" -asks Aritsu from behind the curtain
"The canvas doesn't gets to choose what the paintor does, nor does the stone tell the sculptor where to chip away!"
"Master Tazar is a serious artist, don't worry, he trats us all like this. I don't get a say on my clothes, either" -says Eldric

In the end, they go with a very sturdy, yet soft top with long sleeves and reinforced strongpoints which would display her generous assets without bothering her movements. A long, flowing jacket with vibrating colors will cover her back down to her ankles, saying with the wind's lightest touch.

"Oh, this looks fun. Could you raise the heels a little bit?"
"Sure, like this?"
"Right, right! tiptoes give such an ethereal feeling, don't they?"
"Eh, president, this is battle armor, right?"
"You'll be fine, your agility and endurance are huge. You won't even notice!"
"Uuuuh..." -she lets out a worried little whine

File: aritsu 002.jpg (631 KB, 1754x1754)
631 KB
631 KB JPG

"How about making this bit longer in the front, reaching to mid thigh? it looks quite distinguished. Sort of like a tabard. To compensate, the back could be exposed..."
"Oh! I like that! You know, there's this thing called a thong... let me show you..."
"Ah! you always tell me about interesting stuff, young master!"
"I really can't look?" -asks the worried princess
"You can't"
"You can't"

"I want to reinforce the waist a bit..."
"That looks good"
"Uhmm... miss, you aren't one of those elves allergic to metal, right?"
"Alright. Then, it should be fine. I'm going to add a soft leather layer of course"
"Of course"

"So, when will it be ready?"
"I can use [Craft] for most of it, but the fine work will take me at least a couple of days."
"That is alright. About my previous request?"
"Here you go." -he hands us a small chest full of Honey faery-sized clothes- "That will be 126 golds
"I am sure it is worth every copper. Here you go"
"None of it is magical, of course. If you want I can make some interesting stuff for next time?"
"No, I think a regular wardrobe will be fine, thank you"

Having concluded our business with master Tazar, we head back home, just in time for dinner.


"I haven't seen your work on that laboratory thesis" -chides mom (gently) during dinner
"Aritsu and Lyann are helping me with that. We are not behind on it"
"Oh, alright then."

"Uhmm---? they are helping you ┬┐with the thesis' right?" -asks Dad giving us a look
"We are also adventuring together"
"Ah! alright then."

"In fact, we want to go to Mantequira this weekend, to check some stuff." -lots of fun stuff. But there's no way we are saying that at the dinner table
"Fun stuff?" -when dad asks, Lyann almost sprays her apple juice

We need to start taking our job and responsibilities more seriously.
that awkward moment when we go back to tazar and our dad is there buying sexy underwear for both our moms when we are also doing the same thing.
File: aritsu 001.jpg (670 KB, 1754x1754)
670 KB
670 KB JPG
I suspect that's what uncle Dan buys for dad, for new year. Sexy clothes for both of dad's wives. So he can't forget about buying new year's gifts.

For both our moms, he probably buys much more classical and/or utilitarian gifts.


"You are almost of age to marry, you know? I still remember when you said you wanted to marry every girl you knew"
"I was 9!"
"I said 'you can marry anyone you love, everyone you love!' remember?"
"Yes, dad" -Eldric replies, red as an apple

"I want to marry brother!" -says Stella, happily
"Me, too" -says Zoe without looking up from her meal. She does raise her hand, however
"Me! me!" -says Athena, both hands up

"Uhmm... good luck, son" -says dad, trying to keep his face as serious as possible while a smile pushes through
"Dad! see what you did!?"

He gets scolded tenderly by both mom Linda and mom Ellie


Later, by the orange tree in the garden

*sigh* "Father can be so sharp when he wants to be" -says Lyann- "The other day, he asked me if we were using protection!" -she is red from head to toes as she remembers

We can't say anything for a few moments

"Let's... let's just go. [Treestride]!" -we take Aritsu and Lyann to Mantequira

Mister Lin, our butler, welcomes us. It is quite late in Mantequira, so the fact that he's in pajamas under his best robe its perfectly understandable.

He sends a servant to prepare us the bath and three rooms.

Well, even if three rooms are prepared, he won't say anything if we only use one. I think

"Would master enjoy a meal while your bath is prepared?"

Urge to say "I will have these two as a meal, on the bath", rising...

"No, we already dined, thank you. We will have a little bit of a beverage on the tea room while we wait for the bath, however"
"Yes master"

>Ah, we probably SHOULD do some work on the lab thesis...
>Let's enjoy having the girls pour us a drink
>Let's have a serious talk about the future
>Ah, we probably SHOULD do some work on the lab thesis...
>>Ah, we probably SHOULD do some work on the lab thesis...

we also need to introduce uncle Dan to our new dragon friend
File: elf 006.jpg (590 KB, 750x1000)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
>Ah, we probably SHOULD do some work on the lab thesis...

You are so responsible, anons

Anyone remember WHAT our thesis was about? I seriously can't remember
ohh it was about the slots items have
File: elf 005.jpg (604 KB, 1200x858)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
Uhmm... wasnt that Okaba's stuff? or did he present the coalition enchanting? I think one of us used coalition enchanting as thesis and the other was going to present the slots, but I cant remember who was doing what

Unrelated, but GATE ep 2 is out, with subs

he did the enchanting i rember when we told him about being a scion we also showed him our ring and he made glasses (with wings on them cause he is wired dude) that was like our ring.
File: elf 003.jpg (360 KB, 800x1227)
360 KB
360 KB JPG

Ah, alright. So, do you guys want to release the glasses? I could see some trouble coming up if everyone can identify such things with ease. We could release a large and heavy work station where you insert an item and it tells you which cards, if any, it has, what do each do, and how many available slots, if any, there are,

In other words, do you want to release full info on it, or keep it as something that you usually will see in smithies and forges?

I can think of a few reasons for each
Don't have time to post since I'm at work, but I wanted to swing by and say I'm glad to see this back :)
King, that anon is wrong.

Anon, please don't spout off what you think is right, because it's usually wrong.
>For this, he is researching other races magical culture (specifically their curses) and has just landed its flying ship outside a neutral orc town.

Our thesisis curse and their uses.
That'd the second time you got something completely wrong in this thread. Maybe you should stop.
File: elf 002.jpg (151 KB, 800x1321)
151 KB
151 KB JPG

Ah, right!
Alright, let's see,,, we got that fat book of curses from Petalka, Lyann knows a lot of debuffs, and Aritsu knows about elven curses, right!

Then, let's see... should we order them alphabetically, or by mana cost, then alphabetically? you know, by spell level, basically

Anyway, right now, it looks like its simply collecting and organizing info, but oi course, we have unmatched mobility thanks to our treestriding compared to scholars of the past, so it should be a fat and important book by the end!

Alright, so the next day we go in the evening and collect info on debuffs and curses from mantequira as well? that seems fine, right?

We actually had good reason to take our secretary along, then!

Alright, then, typing

eh, he was trying to help. After all the stuff that happened to me, that's nice by itself
its been 3 months since we talked about what we doing the thesis on so forgot what it was on fuck off.
ah, before I start typing, anything lewd you'd specifically would like to see happen tonight?
You couldn't even get something from yesterday right, and all it took to confirm the thesis topic was a three minute search on archive.moe.
If you can't do that when you admit that it's been a long time and you can't remember it correctly, it's you being stupid and wilfully getting things wrong.
I think we should also use the opportunity to see if Fahima and Tanis know of Monster-only curses that we could use in our thesis.

Have Lyann start teaching Aritsu the Dancer Job. Including all the lewd dances.
i was under the impression we were talking about the reward we got from the serpent tribe for getting the town back for them not the orc's dragon quest.
File: wilf elf.jpg (291 KB, 597x941)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
>Have Lyann start teaching Aritsu the Dancer Job. Including all the lewd dances.

That seems a good idea, but is it a good idea to sit through it? I mean, shouldnt we watch when they've made some progress?

I liked the idea of asking Fahima and Tanis, tho I dont know if they would know something new. One was relatively low level and the other is a brute force-type, right?

We got a large ruby

Any other requests?
It was pretty explicitly about the dragon quest, though.
>we haven't gotten the reward for taking care of the dragon problem.
It's pretty clearly about the quest concerning the dragon, since it says "dragon problem". Not a lot open to interpretation there.
>We got a large ruby
i know that it called the serpents heart.
We can sit through it because Lyann and Aritsu should be wearing as little as possible so that Aritsu can see all of the motions Lyann makes, and Lyann can correct Aritsu more easily.

As for Fahima, she may get access to some as she levels. For Tanis, she must have heard of odd curses and debuffs in her long life.
File: elf devadasi 001.jpg (88 KB, 500x800)
88 KB
That quest gave us a magic sword which strikes twice and triggers "on hit" effect on each hit


Well, I guess /tg/ is rather nice and moderate at this hour? so just dancing, right?

I like this pic for elven Devadasi since they are a combo of holy priestess and sexy dancer
I know what we got as the reward for that quest, the Short Sword of Swift Death.

The point being made here is that this anon >>41139648
Thought we were talking about the salamander village reward when it was explicitly about the dragon quest reward, and they have been getting things wrong throughout the entire thread.
>That quest gave us a magic sword which strikes twice and triggers "on hit" effect on each hit
Are you answering with the quest rewards because you honestly can't follow or see what the argument is about?
I know English isn't your native language, so I'm just thinking that maybe that's why you answered questions which hadn't been asked.
File: elf 001.jpg (53 KB, 409x800)
53 KB
just trying to give you guys a excuse to stop arguing


By the time we are done collecting all the info in a single tome, the bath water has had to be heated up almost two dozen times.

Well, it's not as if we are worried about fuel expenses, anyway. The modern person inside us feels sort of guilty about keeping our staff up just for that, but honestly, we hardly ever show up, so isn't working for us more of a job with a 6-days long weekend every single week?

Well, probably not, if mister Lin keeps the house as tidy as he seems to...

Anyway, by the time we are done, it is easier to say "it is early" than "it is late".

"Alright, let's go to the bath, and then bed" -says Eldric as he stores the notes inhis item box.

If he left them to Lyann, she would try and work on them in her own time, and Aritsu doesn't even has an [Item Box],

Uhmm... should we "enslave" the elven princess? we can easily get her 20+ levels as slave in a single evening, so she doesn't has to carry around backpacks and folders all the time.

Come think about it, should we try and make a scion out of her?

Well, that's too serious a topic to decide on a whim. We really need to think about it more seriously.

We get up and help the girls up, then take their hands as we head to the bath.

Of course, it is a notAsia! type of bath, so it has a changing room before the bath itself...

"Let me strip you"
"Ah... yes" -Aritsu says meekly as we walk over to her

The elf princess lowers her ears meekly as we take off her cloak and start unbuttoning her shirt. She has nothing to be jealous of. Her figure is quite sensual and curvy. Not as much as Lyann's, but it has an air of softness and feminine fragility to it.

Ah, let's not linger too much right now.

With a little kiss, we make her smile before taking off her skirt, and sliding both hands under her panties in order to slide them down her shapely legs.

File: elf dancer 004.png (1.37 MB, 990x1110)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG

Should we talk with master Tazar about side-tie panties? this is good on its own, of course.

"A-aaah! p-presi--ah!" -she whines and pushes against Eldric's head as he kisses and plays with her pink pearl
"Uhmmm... spread your legs a bit, don't close them!"
"Y-yes..." -what a good, obedient girl.

After making her whimper for a little bit, we turn towards Lyann, whom had already stripped.

"Ah! did you want to take mine off, too?"
"...you're no fun, sometimes"
"Aww... but now we get to take yours off" -she says with a smile

Then it is Eldric's turn to moan, for a while.

I want to fast forward to the next day and have a little bit of lewd in bed, then go out and collect info on curses and go to the island manor. Im NOT against lewd at all, but I think its more fun to suggest than to explicitely show, you know? you guys alright with that?

>Let's FF to morning
>Give us the details!
>Let's FF to morning
Don't forget we still need to do our job at the Palace, and where we can Touch Fluffy Tail.
>>Let's FF to morning

when its eldric 15 birthday i want full disclosure.
File: dark elf.jpg (77 KB, 1280x720)
77 KB
Let's FF to morning

>when its eldric 15 birthday i want full disclosure.
That made me laugh


The sun rays gently enter the room, bathing the young lovers in a warm glow.

'Uhh... I need to mocernize curtains soon, the ones we have now are way too thin!' -it's what our hero thinks as the sunrays hit him in the face

As his face twitches and he spins around, a soft, beatuful blonde beauty with long ears greets him with a little smile.

"G-good morning, president" -she says softly
"Ah... I told you to call me Eldric"
"It didn't seem to bother you last night though." -says our radiant redheaded childhood friend as she climbs over our shoulder to rest her pretty face against out arm- "When she said it, nor when she screamed it"
"Please don't say such embarrasing things in the early morning!" -says the elfin beauty as she blushes and covers her mouth with both hands.

'Nice work!' -Lyann really seems to understand our preferences

"Nor does it seems to bother you when I call you Master at those same times, either" -she says with a huge knowing grin

'She knows too much!' -is what comes to mind along a sigh

"Shouldn't we visit Mako while we are here?" -asks our beloved redhead
"We'll see her in the evening, since I'm dripping by the office"
"Office?" -asks Lyann. Right, that's a term that doesn't exist here
"The bureau. I should show up and do some work before miss Yin explodes"
"So, an office is a place of work" -says Aritsu. That seems to have gotten her interest.

Well, in another setting, I am sure she would be the hyperefficient secretary type.

Yup, she would look great with a silk shirt, a miniskirt and heels. And round cute glasses.

Lyann disperses our delusions by leaning forth for a kiss, and then giving one to Aritsu, as well.

File: elf wedding dress.jpg (270 KB, 849x1522)
270 KB
270 KB JPG

"Well, that's it, i'm awake on both heads now. Thank you very much"
"It's alright. I will take responsibility" -she says
"Of course you will! you too!"

It's a while before we get out of bed, and have breakfast

*** Later (the sun is halfway towards the zenith by now) ***

With a flower on each hand, we look around the magical shops inMantequira, buying anything we can find about curses.

Well, most of them seem to be related to birth control, in many different ways.

For example, causing someone's children to be born with snow-white hair.

It may sound rather innocuous, but snow-haired children are basically the children of concubines, and cut off from the inheritance lines. It is a way to prevent power struggles, it seems.

Curses to make sure all your descendants are male. Well, it is a matrilineal empire. I guess that with a little work, it could be used to ensure a girl is born?

Anyway, it's that sort of curses.

In a way, these are quite scary. Why would you curse a unborn child to have some deformity?

Quite scary indeed.


>Let's send notice of our arrival to the palace. We would certainly get invited to lunch
>Let's invite Mako and Ren to have lunch at our manor
>Let's just show up at the office to work. Its almost guaranteed that Ren will find out we are here that way.
>>Let's send notice of our arrival to the palace. We would certainly get invited to lunch
it would be rude not to
>Let's send notice of our arrival to the palace. We would certainly get invited to lunch
File: healthy elf.png (596 KB, 800x1200)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
>>>Let's send notice of our arrival to the palace. We would certainly get invited to lunch

After buying the things we were looking for, we go back to our manor and send notice to Miss Yin that we will show up that evening. That should let Ren know within minutes.

Indeed, soon enough, we get a imperial summoning/lunch invitation.

Well, that was as expected, so let's go.


I'm sorry guys, I know we started late, but can we stop here for today? I need to get my eyedrops and rest my eyes for a while. Tomorrow we will have our New World thread, if anyone is following that one.

If nobody wants to play it, we'll just continue REBORN with a special, alright?

Hope you had fun. I will apply eyedrops, go take a shower, and come back for questions and suggestions, as usual

i look forward to New world
File: modern elfies are ok.jpg (225 KB, 800x800)
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225 KB JPG
back. Hope the lewd wasnt too much, or too boring

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