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At the moment of his death during a plane crash, a 29 yrs old chemical engineer and fellow fa/t g/uy wondered about how many little details his mind latched on to while trying to keep him alive.

Such as his favorite, lucky d20, flying off his pocket and bouncing around in the mayhem that surrounded him.

Well, he must have rolled a critical success in someone's reincanation tables, because the next thing he knew, he had been reborn in a world of sword and sorcery the likes of which he had always dreamed of.


It is a warm summer morning in our house at Albion Magic City
File: makes me think of zoe.jpg (352 KB, 707x1000)
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352 KB JPG

Zoe's Everyday Life 1 – Did you know? Male lions sleep 15 to 18 hours a day, while females sleep 8 to 15 hours a day, but a good daughter still gets up early and helps at home.

In a cute room full of plushies and books, there's a bed by the window.
Anyone looking at it would think 'this is a girl's bed'.
That much is unavoidable. If you look at it for too long, you'd even see an aura of flowers flying off from it among delicately pink girly waves.

Though the comforter cover it's pink and frilly, that's not the root of such girly mood.

Shortly after the sun rays start bathing the bed through the window, movement can be observed. The sheets seem to tremble and squirm as the person under the bed stretches and curls.
A very girly, somewhat small hand pokes out from under the covers. Its fingers are thin and delicate, with clear pink, well trimmed nails.
However, they don't have any nail polish on them. They're just naturally girly.

This very girly hand moves around slowly, searching for something.
That something is a plushie in the shape of a child knight.
Once contact is established, the plushie is immediately pulled into the warm darkness under the sheets.

“Good morning, brother dear!” -a happy, somewhat sleepy voice purrs under the sheets

Movement can be seen, and it is easy to imagine someone rolling to the left and right as the plushie is hugged. Shortly after, a bunch of soft white fluff emerges from under the sheets. It has two pointy ears on top. The ears look soft and fluffy, with a delicate pink inside.

As the girl turns around, a beautiful face that seems to overflow with youth and femininity comes about.
It has a warm smile and closed eyes.
That is because Zoe is still enjoying her waking up rites, squirming about under the sheets and hugging her Eldric plushie.
Eventually, however, she turns to her side and opens a light golden eye. Some may call it gold-colored, but it is not such a hard and metallic color such as gold. It is thus better to call it honey-colored, instead.

It takes a few seconds for her to move from that position. This is because Zoe is extremely weak in the mornings, and weaker still against cold.
Her bed is warm and comfy, and it takes some willpower to come out.

But, though she is one of the youngest members of her family, she has things to do. She has responsibilities, and Zoe is a good girl. Therefore, she sits on the bed and rubs her left eye as she looks for her sandals on the floor.

Zoe has two mommies, but they are busy with her newest siblings: Arlon, Elysia, and Fredrick. So, she can't stay in bed for long.

After letting out a big yawn and stretching like any kitten would, she goes to wash her face and dress up in her school uniform.
As it is her summer uniform, she is wearing short socks instead of stockings. Her skirt is also lighter and shorter than the heavy, long one she wears in winter, and her mommy Linda replaced the thick sleeves on her shirt with thin, light ones made of silk.
The result is spotless, so there's no problem at school.

Once she is wearing her school shoes and lacy tie, she goes downstairs and pulls her apron off the kitchen rack.
Of course, she has her own apron. It is a white and pink apron with kitten paw prints all over.
Also, it is quite big so her uniform won't get dirty as she does kitchen chores.

Lions are weak against mornings, so you'll have to excuse her as she yawns.

Thankfully, her human mom placed a fire stone in the stove, so there's no need for wood or coal. She only needs to pour some mana and it starts heating up.
File: monk zoe.jpg (138 KB, 850x1133)
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138 KB JPG

The reason she wakes up extra early is because everyone likes her fresh bread, so she has to pull up her sleeves to prepare the dough, roll it up, cut it up, anoint it with a thin layer of oil and place it in the oven, so it will become warm, tasty bread by the time daddy comes down.

Daddy is always the first to come down from the bedrooms upstairs. Whenever Zoe isn't around, he prepares everyone's breakfast.

Everyone prefers Zoe's bread, however. So dad usually just slices some fruits to go with milk and honey and whatever pastry was left from the day before.

Speaking of honey, Zoe has to go out and into the greenhouse to greet Miel, her brother's queen bee pet, and ask for the freshly filled honey pot that everyone loves.
Most of the neighbors get theirs on their doorstep every morning, and a worker bee shows up to collect during the day, but Miel likes Zoe a lot, but that is not why she has to go pick up the honey herself.

Usually, daddy will be in the kitchen by the time she comes back. That is the case today, too.

“Good morning, daddy” -she says with a smile as he gently scratches behind her ear
“Good morning” -he says with a smile

Even if he doesn't has to help with breakfast, dad likes to be downstairs to greet everyone as they come down.
Normally, that means Athena, Linda and Ellie and the babies, then Eldric, Lyann and finally Stella. Of course, this isn't a comletely fixed order, and its not like they can't come down whenever they want.

Sometimes Lyann comes down before Zoe, and prepares some pastry for everyone's breakfast. And sometimes Stella is first, and a fierce battle breaks out as Miel tries to defend everyone's honey. Yes, that is why the honey pot can't be trusted to the doorstep.

Zoe does her best to hold back her yawns, but did you know that lions are very weak against mornings?
File: centaur knight.jpg (965 KB, 1450x1500)
965 KB
965 KB JPG

Still, she loves watching everyone enjoy her bread at the breakfast table before school. When her mommies kiss her forehead and send her off to school, she is happy to have made them happy.

She's actually a very good girl. Even if she's exceptionally weak against mornings.

That0s it for Zoe's Everyday Life 1. Will have more by next thread. Now back to our regularly scheduled adventurous and lewd quest thread

In the morning, I woke up with a wonderful sensation as my Lyann's lips pressed on mine. Ah, I finally am thinking of her as mine, but don't be confused. It's not the “my slave” kind of mine, it clearly is the “my love” kind of mine.
Yup, she's mine. If someone else looks at her too much, I'll punch him
Touching means losing a hand. Absolutely no exceptions for any guys.

I know I am mentally 40 something, but I can't help but being jealous of vague, nonexistent guy shapes. She's wonderful and soft and everything about her makes me happy. My body feels happy everywhere she's touching me. Thus, my stomach, my chest, my arms, and of course, little Eldric, everything feels happy as I hug her while we kiss.

Last night, we had our first time. I'm not counting the time with Aritsu in the bath house. Fun as it was, it was different. That's how I feel, anyway.

How in love am I? I wish I had dragged her to our manor in the Empire and given her a first time on a flower covered in rose petals. Yes, I feel like the house is ours, and not just -mine-.

“Good morning” -Eldric whispers in between kisses
“Good morning, Eldric” -she says with a radiant smile and bedroom eyes
“Aha!” -he lets out, with a smile
“What? What is it?!” -she looks at him startledly as he squishes her tighter against him
“You dropped the master thing”
“I.. I … uh... but...”
File: weapon sword.jpg (134 KB, 850x996)
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134 KB JPG

“Say Eldric again” -he says with a smile and a kiss
“Ah... that is... somehow more embarrasing, you know?”
“I knew the master thing was you just messing with me!”
“It's not ike that!” -she says while going apple red, for some reason.
“I love it when you say my name, tho” -he says as he kisses her- “So I won't stop kissing you until you do”
“Then, I'll never say it!” -she smiles at him

He rolls them both so he's on top.

“Until you say it, however, all we'll do is kiss” -he smirks
“T-that's not fair...!” -she pouts as she gently caresses his body with her thighs, trying to encourage him on

He leans down to kiss her.

“...Eldric...” -she gives up gently
“I love you” -he kisses her again, and moves forth
“What is it?”
“D-don't ask me that, you idiot!” -she says beet red, large tears of embarrasment hanging from each eye
“Why, what is it?” -he smiles at him
“I... I came a little when you...”
“What a naughty slave. Shouldn't you wait for your master?”
“I'm afraid that's impossible” -she says, red as an apple from head to toe- “I love you too much, Master” -she says with a completely happy expression

What a daring declaration... well, her collar doesn't lets her lie to him. So these are her true feelings.

“I guess we'll have to work on it” -he says as he kisses her and moves slightly...
“Nnnhh!” -she moans as she cums a little bit, her arms hugging him as tightly as she can.

She cums a little bit whenever he moves inside her. Well, indeed, it seems they'll have to work on it.

Not that he's against such 'training' but they have things to do today.

*kisses her* "Come on, we have some dragonslaying to do today, remember?"


IIRC, we are taking along Zoe, Stella, Aritsu, Atroma and Lyann, right?
File: weapon gauntlets.jpg (127 KB, 850x1119)
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127 KB JPG
Hi hi. Lets wait for at least 1 more person to show up. Also, while looking for some fun lion facts that I could use for Zoe, I found out about this, lets see if I can paste it without appearing as spam http://www.whitelionshomeland.org/

Interestingly, according to this, white lions are an actual subspecies instead of just being albino lions. Well, im sure there ARE albino lions as well, anyway.

They were found in 1975 or so, and the few found (together, btw) were quickly taken to zoos and by private individuals with the excuse that white lions wouldnt be able to hunt (because being white they would be spotted by prey) but they have recently been reintroduced to their environment and they dont seem to be having any trouble hunting by themselves, with two stable prides already supporting themselves.
File: weapon dual swords.jpg (110 KB, 850x1119)
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110 KB JPG
btw did you like's Zoe's little sidestory? and was the bit with Lyann too lewd? I was writing more for Zoe but then I realized it was already too long so split it into several parts. I think I will post the parts separately
huh didn't even know that was a thing.

the zoe sidestory was nice and i have seen way more lewd writing completly left alone

also i dont know if were going to have alot of people today
File: weapon halberd.jpg (87 KB, 850x856)
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>also i dont know if were going to have alot of people today

Why, is there some important sport's final game on today?

Also, yeah, I thought "uh, that's odd" when I checked some facts about lions and saw that there was "white lions" at the very bottom of "lion species". Really, I thought they were just albinos but apparently they're and actual thing left over from when lions were more spread. Probably evolved for snowy areas, I guess.

Even so, I don't know if that qualifies them as a separate species? are the leopard and the snow leopard separate species? same thing, right?
>Why, is there some important sport's final game on today?

its the day before the 4th of July (United states of America's independence day) so people are out buying food and fireworks for tomorrow
O-oooh I see! right, that makes sense. I guess we should start with just 1 more person, then.

It feels like a bit of a waste to have posted all that extra writing and not having a thread, you know?

Also, for the 2nd part of Zoe's daily life, I inserted some jokes about the extreme love of cats the dwarves of dwarf fortress seem to have
> I inserted some jokes about the extreme love of cats the dwarves of dwarf fortress seem to have

sound like it could be funny
File: 010.jpg (400 KB, 1200x1640)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
I have to remember have Honoria call for help due to a giant carp lurking in the underground ruver under her realm.

Anyway, any funny, cute or lewd requests for next time? I think I could start the threads with short bits of text like today from now on.
maybe what honoria does or thinks about eldric's shenanigans seeing as how she is one of the few women not attracted to him due to her dwarven sensibilities
File: create water.png (27 KB, 398x451)
27 KB
She's not around him enough to really have an opinion on most of them... but wouldnt it be funny if she was secretly with him just so she could pet Zoe?

Because dwarf, therefore she loves kitties.

Oh, also, I found out a english translation for one of the light novels i was reading and based this thread on. Tho its not a great one, mind you.

A guy goes to another world through a web game interface, but first, he rerolls his stats a shit-ton of times to get max on everything (really, if it pisses the gods, why did they placed a 'reroll' option in the first place, right?) AND an artifact-level magic sword.

There, he finds out that his basic "appraise" skill lets him see if items have slots or not to place cards in, and that the natives of the world cannot see that. Yes, I got that idea from there. Other than that, the story is only noticeable because he decides to fill his party with nothing but beautiful slavegirls.

Slave harem in the labyrinth of the other world. https://wartdf.wordpress.com/current-projects/#Slave
hola first thread ive seen active been following long time
hey man, do you speak spanish? thats fine, my primer lenguage es español, de todos modos. Soy de Chile. De dónde eres? Un gusto tenerte en la thread. Esta no es muy activa, sin embargo, pero si no tienes problemas con el inglés. podríamos empezar ahora que tenemos 2 personas, ya que parece que hoy no vamos a tener más que eso.
>but wouldnt it be funny if she was secretly with him just so she could pet Zoe?

that would be pretty funny and she frequently travels to (i cant remember the name of the country Mako and Ren are from) just to pet the lion guards.

well hey
no, just engilsh im afraid
File: fashionable mage.jpg (136 KB, 1500x1500)
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136 KB JPG
Oh, okay. My bad. I saw your hola and got excited. Guess we can just start, then.


Thus, it is still early morning when we have Lyann, Aritsu, Stella, Atroma and a sleepy Zoe already in the party.

Everyone is standing in the back garden before treestriding to the orc capital together.

"If anyone has to go to the bathroom, go now because there's no bathrooms in the dungeon!" -says Eldric, full of confidence
"Kay" -Stella breaks off and goes into the house
"Okay" -Atroma follows after her

Somehow... will they be alright, those two? they lack any tension, don't they?

"Brother, I got fresh bread, and mommy Linda gave me ham and milk for lunch time" -says Zoe

Somehow, this one also lacks any tension, but she seems prepared... somehow. If only she stopped yawning.

Once Stella and Atroma come back, everyone huddles together to treestride from the garden's apple tree.

"Ah! wait!" -Stella runs back in, and comes back out after a couple of minutes- "I needed to wash my hands. Ready!"

In a moment, the garden is gone, and everyone is standing next to a tree in an abandoned garden in Petak, the orc capital.

"Alright, let's go to the caverns, then."

By the way, Stella is wearing a soft-looking, short black dress. It's a cute summer dress, but it doesn't feel very protective at all.

Zoe is wearing a sensate pair of short pants and soft shirt under her armor. Also, a good pair of leather boots with a thick sole. I guess she'll be alright.

"Stella, why are you not wearing any shoes?"
"We are going to the lava caves, right? I have a lot more fire resistance than my shoes do"

...is she right, or is she wrong? it sort of makes sense, but...

*facepalm* "Fine, but... just make sure to say something if your feet hurt, alright?"


Once we show our adventurer's IDs, we are allowed into the tunnels beneath the city.

Indeed, this is the first time we go into a old fashioned cavern network instead of a dungeon, isn't it?

The black floor feels quite warm, and the tunnels are ample and dark. Well, pretty much everyone has magical gear and its combined glow is enough to lit up a decently sized area around our group.

"Presi-- Eldric, isn't this bad? any monster will see us coming" -asks Aritsu.

By the way, the elven princess is wearing a pair of long leather pants with a light shirt under her silver armor.

Somehow, with her nice body, it feels like a waste. It feels too sensate and too little fantasy-like, you know? elf girls should wear small, skimpy green dresses or even smaller, fantasy-like clothes!

Well, I'm sure that if we told her to do so, she would comply, but.... yeah, that would be bad.

Anyway, maybe we should use magical torches and keep our weapons sheated until the last moment? it's not as if everyone in our group has a stealth ability.

>Lets try to choose our fights and draw as little attention as possible
>Whatever,. let's just mow down anything that looks at us funny

<-- something more fantasy-like. For example, this pic
>>Whatever,. let's just mow down anything that looks at us funny
>>Whatever,. let's just mow down anything that looks at us funny
>Whatever,. let's just mow down anything that looks at us funny

You know, this reminds me of a LN thread a few days ago where people were complaining about Rudeus from Mushoku Tensei being so timid when he was some sort of supermage, and wishing he was more courageous.

Also, no comment on my suggestion to accesorize Aritsu with a more fantasy-like wardrobe? I will lose my motivation for lewd jokes if you guys just leave me hanging like that.



"It's fine. It's fine. We can just blow up whatever comes at us, right?"
"It'll be fine"

Like so, we kept going until the cavern opened into a huge underground space with dark stone bridges stretching across and over a flowing lava river, the light of which painted the scene in shades of red and sharp black shadows.

"Indeed, this feels ery fantasy-like. Maybe a balrog will show up?"
"What is that? is it tasty?" -Stella tugs on our left sleeve softly while looking at us
"...I wonder"

Well, we could cross the black stone bridge and continue into the caverns across the river, or go down and follow the shore of the lava river.

>Let's go across and keep checking the caverns
>Let's follow the river.
>>Let's go across and keep checking the caverns

>no comment on my suggestion to accesorize Aritsu
i plan on getting sexy underwear for her an every one else.
>Let's go across and keep checking the caverns

Also, no comment on my suggestion to accesorize Aritsu with a more fantasy-like wardrobe?
We need some turtleneck sweater with chest cutout. Aww yess. Sensible and sensual all in one.
>Let's go across and keep checking the caverns

regarding armor you could go with something formfitting like magical chainmail
Oh thanks god I finished swallowing the water before I opened that pic. That's hilarious, where is it from? it seems like a joke on the old elven chainmail description. "Form fitting and so soft and light it could be used under your clothes"

>We need some turtleneck sweater with chest cutout
You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. Since she's the scholarly type, she could also wear a pair of large, rough glasses.

>Let's go across and keep checking the caverns

As we begin crossing the black rock bridge, the massive heads and necks of a pyrohydra raise out of the lava, molten rock dripping off its scales as it readies to attack our group.

"You know, this has been a rather peaceful expedition, so far." -says Eldric as he casts a entwinned, chained cold spell at the closest head, without turning around to acknowledge the huge monster.

It hits like a truck, freezing the monster's head and blowing a frozen crater on it as big as a car, then bouncing to the other heads and maiming them in a similar manner.

The monster falls down into the lava river and disappear.

The rest of the hydras decide not to show up, after all.

"I was thinking that, too. It may be because this is a natural ecosystem rather than a dungeon, so monsters don't just spawn out of nowhere. They need an actual cycle of life, you know?" -says Lyann


Aritsu is speechless. She had her levels raised by Eldric, but hadn't really gone into combat with him yet, and she's already past having to go to the university dungeon for class, either.

Stella looks sad.

"What is it?" -asks Atroma
"I wanted to try what does hydra taste like...." -she sniffs softly
"There, there" -Zoe pats her head gently

"So, you are saying we should be careful with what we kill down here?"
"Right, we could affect the balance of the local ecosystem"
"Well, it's not as if we are shouting and luring them to us. It should be fine if we just defend against things coming our... aww..."
"Eldric, what is it?" -Aritsu asks worried as they finish crossing the bridge
"It fell back into the lava. We can't check its loot that way!"

They go down the cavern until they reach a wall. It feels warm and smoother than rock.

>Let's hit it
>Let's go back
investigate the wall
sauce : http://bikiniarmorbattledamage.tumblr.com/post/100993570563/littlemure-submitted-to-bikiniarmorbattledamage

>Other magic like stone shaping? if not, just hit it

Looking at it carefully, it looks too smooth to be natural stone. Is it a single giant rock?

[Lava Wurm]
[Level 121]

Oh, if we step back a little bit, just barely in our field of vision, we can see a floating sign... it's been a while since we bothered to check anyone's level.

Uhmm... so its a [Lava Wurm], eh? Somehow, I thought it would be actually made of lava. Do these things create the tunnels?

I guess we could try giving it a kick and making it move, but something this size, it would be annoying if we got swallowed.

Should we attack it? Even if it is a high level monster, if all of us attack it at the same time, it would surely die before it can reply. I sort of want to learn what it drops, too...

>Hit it with everything
>Try to make it move
>Go back
>Try to make it move
>>Try to make it move

i get the feeling attacking this thing might cause a cave-in
File: medium bone set.jpg (585 KB, 810x1080)
585 KB
585 KB JPG
>Try to make it move

>i get the feeling attacking this thing might cause a cave-in
That's a very good point

"How do we move the worm. Should we walk without rythm?"
"What?" x5
"Ah, just thinking out loud"

Attacking it would cause it to squirm, right? as high level as we may be, if a volcano drops on our heads, we're still dead... right?

"Anyone has an idea on how to make it move?"

As it turns out, they do

>Tickle it
>Kick it. It'll make it want to turn around and see who's kicking it
>Maybe we could debuff it? it won't make it jump like an attack, but it'll get it moving
>Try and peel some scales off
>Caress it gently
>Take a bite off it

Eldric stares at Stella at that last comment, and sighs.

What should we do?
>>Tickle it
failing that
>Maybe we could debuff it? it won't make it jump like an attack, but it'll get it moving
>>Tickle it
most hilarious option goooo
>>40991208 >>40991263
>Tickle it

"Alright, we'll go with Atroma's suggestion, then!"
"B-but I wanted to bite it..." -Stella pouts.

Just how much of a glutton is she?!

Well, even if we say we'll tickle it. Are wurms ticklish? are we near its tail or near its head? does it even matter?

Regardless, everyone imitates Atroma and starts tickling the wurm by rubbing slowly right at the edges of its scales, where one connects to the other.

Does that means dragons are ticklish there= that may be good information in the future.

After a few moment, the wurm seems to tense up, and tries to shrink away.

"It's working!"

Soon enough, the wurm starts quickly sliding away, and we can see the rest of the tunnel. All of a sudden, we are face to face with a confused looking group of monsters who were on the other side of the wurm.

If I had to name them... they're [Lava Toads]. They are bright red, with a thin layer of flame covering their bodies. They have long yellow lines that go from their eyes back across their backs. They're just sitting there, but they are already 5 feet tall.

Yup, they're huge, as far as frogs go. Also, they're all around level 90. We certainly are not in the starter area any more.

We stare at them for a moment, and they stare back at us.

These are not dungeon monsters, right? these are normal animals, and they have probably never seen a human, or an elf, or... well, you get the idea.



>Let's try walking by their side
>Let's add one to our menagerie. We have 5 spaces left
>Let's attack them
>Let's try walking by their side
where are those dragons
>Let's try walking by their side
murdering everything in the area isn't getting us near the dragons
>Let's try walking by their side

The frogs eye us warily as we walk past. Well, a frog is capable of eating things larger than itself, so if they are not attacking it may be because we are not their natural prey or they can somehow sense the difference in our levels.

Finally having crossed the entire tunnel, we ...

Eldric covers Stella's eyes, while Lyann covers Zoe's and Aritsu covers Atroma's.

The dragons... in the middle of what probably looks like a rather comfortable lava pool, they're mating.

Should we come back later?

This never happens in fantasy stories!

Well, we knew we were coming after mating dragons, but we never thought the quest description was being so literal! They're really going at it, too!

Oh gods why!? about what dragon dick looks like, that is not something we needed to know!

'Do we come back later? it would be terribly rude of us to interrupt, right? I know I would hate it if someone came into my room and caught me with one of the girls' -it's what Eldric is thinking right now.

>Erh... let's be back later
>Keep watching and wait for a smoke break or something
make a stone wall with magic and try to get their attention see if we can talk it out if not atleast the wall will be great cover from a breath attack
>Erh... let's be back later
treat others like you want to be treated
also stay and enjoy the show is out, think of the children
>Erh... let's be back later
>make a stone wall with magic and try to get their attention see if we can talk it out if not atleast the wall will be great cover from a breath attack

Does either of you want to change your vote, or should I toiss a coin for it?
change mine>>40991890
not like i cant do that when we come again.
hey king do the pastebins exist yet?
File: light leather set.jpg (673 KB, 810x1080)
673 KB
673 KB JPG

"Ah? what? are we playing?" -Stella sounds cheerful
"Yes, please try walking like this for a little bit..."

We take the kids away. Both Aritsu and Lyann have a red face. Now that we know what they are, the sounds of rubbing and groaning seem extremely loud to our ears.

Thus, we sat in a circle some distance inside the cavern, waiting for the dragons to take a smoke break.

Meanwhile, Zoe, Stella and Atroma are having lunch. They are completely unaffected by the noise.

"Dragons are quite fearsome, aren't they?" -asks Aritsu, red to the tip of her ears
"Y-yeah..." Lyann nods

Neither of them are talking about their battle prowess, of course. Well, it's been several hours of hard and fast action back over there, and it doesn't looks like it will be letting off any time soon.

"Wait... let me see that quest note again..." -Eldric unfolds the poster

"A pair of mating dragons... please take them out before they finish mating. Time limit is a week..."
"A week..." x2
"You don't think they can keep going for a week, right?"
"Hold on, lets take a look around"

After getting up, the group explores around. Eventually, they spot a large amount of gold and silver ore in another room.

Ah, right, dragons like wealth in stories, right? I guess we should praise them for bothering to dig it out themselves instead of attacking some Lonely Mountain and a dwarven realm, or something.

"Why do dragons like wealth so much, anyway?" -Eldric says softly
"They don't, it's part of their reproductive cycle. The female needs to eat large amounts of gold and silver in order to lay eggs" -says Zoe
"How do you know that?"
"I read a lot!" -she says happily

>Let's throw the ore into the lava pool. After that they can mate all they want, so long as there won't be any eggs
>Let's take this ore into our item box. We can ransom it back to the dragon
>Lets take this ore away into our item boxes. After that they can mate all they want, so long as there won't be any eggs
File: Stella Mithril set.jpg (265 KB, 686x1000)
265 KB
265 KB JPG

With the gold gone, won't the dragons go and get more? I dont know if they know of a secret vein, but it wouldnt be funny if they attacked the city.... maybe we should just...

>Capture one or both. Problem solved
>Lets just kill the horny lizards

I can't use pastebin, it's way too much white for my eyes. That screen blinds me when I try
>Erh... let's be back later
Man am I late.
>>Let's take this ore into our item box. We can ransom it back to the dragon
try and talk them into finding another mountain to nest at

they will most likely fight us first
Offer to pay them to relocate.
Maybe to our manor they get a n isolated place to raise their young in safety, we get dragons as our estate guards.
File: fine steel set light.jpg (200 KB, 1000x1016)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
>try and talk them into finding another mountain to nest at
>Maybe to our manor they get a n isolated place to raise their young in safety, we get dragons as our estate guards.

Im going to count those as two to relocate, but our state is in the middle of a city, I dont think two squirming dragons would pass unnoticed.

hey, are you alright?


Alright, fine. I know what to do, now.
By the way, did this fantasy-like world suddenly got an adult rating since we lost our virginity?
No, Zoe was for sale as a sex toy, right? so it was always like that.
We are over thinking this.


And so, we took the large chunks of raw gold and silver ore into our item box. Thankfully they stacked, so we only used two slots, one for [Gold Ore] x 25 and one for [Silver Ore] x 42

I wonder how much this would be worth if refined and made into proper coins? anyway...

Leaving our innocent back, we head over towards the dragons. Lyann is within sight range of us, and Aritsu is within range of them with the girls. If a fight breaks out, they will run over in no time.

Of course, clearing our throat does nothing.
Man, I don't want to have to see this.

So, a fireball near the roof of the cave.

If they said something like "you make me see stars", I think I would just go home.

"Ah... ah!... ah!... ah?"

They noticed. They stop their loving and look around until they spot us.

"And what in the name of fire do you have to say before I smack you!?" -the male is clearly upset

Well, I would be upset too.
I can sympathize

"Well, you see..."

>The orcs hired me to move you elsewhere. I have taken your gold and silver, and will give it back if you comply.
>I want to beat the daylights out of you!
>If you want your ore back, you'll come with me. (Add them to our menagerie, at least temporarily)
>The orcs hired me to move you elsewhere.
this >>40992941
and if they ask why we tell them we have there gold and silver
>>The orcs hired me to move you elsewhere. I have taken your gold and silver, and will give it back if you comply.

"Wait, what? what was that about gold?" the dragon(ess?) asked with a oddly sensual voice that does not match her monstrous body at all
"I have taken your gold and silver ore, so you won't be able to lay eggs. If you want it back without a fuss, please agree and move elsewhere. Even if you kill me, it's not as if it will all just pop up, right? I'd take it and everything else on my item box, to the grave"
"...listen, human, you..."

At this moment, the female kicked him off from her and moved to the other side of the room.

"No, wait, you listen, what gold, what silver? I told you, I think you are cute, but I don't want to settle down!"
"But, Tanis, sweetie"
"What? what are you going to say!? I was perfectly clear, right!?"

Ugh... I don't want to watch this. Couple arguments are a pain to watch.

Still, job well done? Maybe...

>We should leave. Yeah, let's just leave
>Wait, hold on, let's see what happens next.
>If the male wants to settle down, we could offer it to settle down with Atroma, right?
>Before the male gets bitched to death, we could capture the female.
TANIS (Τάνις): Greek form of Phoenician Tanith, possibly meaning "serpent lady. In Egyptian her name means "land of Neith."

For those who enjoy knowing the origin of names
>>Wait, hold on, let's see what happens next.
Tigrex armor is not exactly "medium bone". Nor does it use very much bone at all(although it DOES use a lot of fangs and claws).

>Pull out Atroma and ask her what she thinks.
>>Wait, hold on, let's see what happens next.
bro you were a booty call
>Wait, hold on, let's see what happens next. + +
>bro you were a booty call


>Pull out Atroma and ask her what she thinks. +

I guess a tail slam is the draconic equivalent of a slap?
Uuugh, that gotta hurt
Well, they're arguing, but it doesn't looks like it'll turn into an actual fight with, you know, HP going down and all.

"Ah, I'm going to leave your ores over here, alright?" -not like I need to piss the male off or anything
"Wait, don-- oh, shit"

The female stares at the piles for a moment...

"How many eggs were you hoping for? that's enough for a small clan!"
"Tanis, it's only because I love you so much"
"We're done, just take your rocks and leave, alright!?"

The male sighs, he moves towards us, changes shape into a tall, tanned young man with dark red hair, and takes the gold ore into its own item box.

I guess he must have levels in something?

"Tanis..." -he says as he turns around

The female is still in her original form, her face near the entrance we are at.


The male walks past us and leaves. He gives Atroma a once over and keeps walking away.

"Ugh, I knew I kept him around for too long..." -the female, Tanis, complains to nobody in particular


>Yes, let's leave now
>We could capture her now

If you had chosen to offer Atroma, I had some jokes in mind, like "Oh, so you are into the sheltered dungeon type now?" to make a reference to catholic school girls, and maybe a "You can't seriously compare that mass produced thing to me, right?" since as a dungeon monster, Atroma should technically respawn a lot.

So, uhm, want to come with us because the Orcs are still pissed you're here.
uhh can you still leave the Orc's are still a little angry.
>uhh can you still leave the Orc's are still a little angry.

"Uhmm? what do they have to be angry about? I'm the one that had her room invaded at an intimate time, you know?!"
"Well, they don't want a dragon's nest under their town." -Eldric doesn't adds 'and who could blame them'
"That should be fine. I don't want any hatchlings, either. Me being here probably helps them in that regard, right? its not as if another dragon can just move in with me here"
"Well, having you nearby makes them nervous"

>They're worried you'll eat them
>Well, anyone would get nervous around such an attractive and progressive female
>>Well, anyone would get nervous around such an attractive and progressive female dragon. I mean you must get a lot of dragon admirers who'll come down to visit. We meet dragons on our trips all the time looking for good female dragons.
>>Well, anyone would get nervous around such an attractive and progressive female

thats one of the problems of being a strong independent dragon lady who dont need a man.
>>Well, anyone would get nervous around such an attractive and progressive female

but they probley want taxes governments always want taxes you are in there land...
File: dragon Tanis 001.jpg (569 KB, 926x1360)
569 KB
569 KB JPG
>Well, anyone would get nervous around such an attractive and progressive female

>thats one of the problems of being a strong independent dragon lady who dont need a man.
O just hope she doesn't do the finger snapping, head swaying thing


"Aaah, it is as you say. Well, I guess there's a lot of dragons in the sky, and all that" -says Tanis
"Right, besides, you don't need to limit your options, either. I am sure you could find a interesting male even quicker if you looked among a wider spectrum"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, do you have anything against humanoids?"
"No... not really"
"See? dragon population might be low, but if you just want to have fun with no hatchlings coming out from it, wouldnt a interracial partner be the best for you? you are not a racist, are you?"
"No, no, I don't have anything against other species!"

>Well, there you go. Have fun!
>Well, how about coming with us?
>>Well, how about coming with us?

I've got an uncle you'd probably get along with.
this so much this >>40994614
introduce her to uncle Dan
File: dragon Atroma.jpg (98 KB, 640x800)
98 KB
>introduce her to uncle Dan

By the way, you like that pic for Tanis? I couldnt think of any other or find a better one on short notice


"You are a bit young to be picking girls in a cave, aren't you?" -she says as she changes shape into a sultry green haired female with a luscious figure and suggestive clothing
"He's not picki-" -Lyann starts, but Eldric interrupts her
"Actually, I was thinking that if you agree to coming with us, you could meet people without effort. I already have someone in mind"
"Oh? well, it sounds interesting, but your party is full"
"That's alright. I still have room on my menagerie"
"That's funny. You are funny. I'm a level 150 boss class monster, you know? If you can take me into your menagerie, I'll go with you"

[Tanis has been added to your menagerie, do you wish to assign her to an item? while possessing an item, a monster will add special abilities to said item, and will gain a small percentage of your experience as you adventure]

>Yes. My armor is free. Usually Atroma possesses my sword and Miel II is on my head gear.
>No. I'd rather keep Tanis available as a summon
>>Yes. My armor is free. Usually Atroma possesses my sword and Miel II is on my head gear.
>>Yes. My armor is free. Usually Atroma possesses my sword and Miel II is on my head gear.

the pic fit
>Yes. My armor is free

'Wait, what...?' -I can hear Tanis' voice coming from roughly around my chest. I guess she really was on my armor now
"Well, a deal's a deal, right? don't worry, I did not trick you. I genuinely think you will enjoy coming with us"

As I checkin which way she enhances my armor, I talk to her.

As for the changes on my armor...
[Fire Absorption] Beyond being immune to [Fire], [Fire] attacks heal you
[Flying] You can grow wings and fly at your normal movement speed. Some special weapon or magical tricks may affect this
[Cold Weakness] You take double damage from [Cold] attacks.

Oh! it is finally here! a staple of dantasy settings, I can finally grow wings and fly by myself!

Uhmm... there's a special option? looks like I get to pick... can't be changed after selection....

[Fire Control] You can control fire attacks within 15" and force them to target you. As long as there are fire sources neaby, you can heal as if you were resting even during combat.
[Body of the Dragon] You can gain [Immunity] to any one [Energy] type

Uhmm... being immune to cold would sure be nice, but the first option basically gives fire immunity to those aroundme, right?

>Immunity to a energy type
>Aura of Fire Control
>>Aura of Fire Control

I'm really bad at choosing perks and bonuses though.
>>Aura of Fire Control
who cares about the cold if you can become a firebender
File: dragon beastmen dancer.jpg (271 KB, 691x1000)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
>Aura of Fire Control

Alright, that settles it. Tanis was a surprisingly useful addition already.

'Hey, I'm a level 150 boss, you know!? how could I get tamed by a boy!?'
"Well, I'm fairly high level, you know? don't worry, you'kk have fun"

And thus, we began our trip back and out of the lava caves.

Let's end here for now. I can't force my eyes much and it's time for my eyedrops and other stuff, anyway.

I will skip on tomorrow's New World thread. I wanna rest my eyes, and it will be 4th of July anyway so there will probably be zero people online anyway.

Of course, I'll still be here for a while if you want to suggest or ask anything. I'm just going to apply eyedrops, take out the trash, and come back.
thanks for running

also remember is the 4th of July so i dont know if your going to run or not but if you might not get alot of people.
>>Immunity to a energy type
Cold. Because Munchkin.
im sorry sir but you are late on the vote.

>also remember is the 4th of July so i dont know if your going to run or not but if you might not get alot of people.
Thats why I said Im skipping tomorrow's New World thread. I will take the chance to rest my eyes

hey man. You just arrived home? we just finished, but I hope you liked the thread.
>Thats why I said Im skipping tomorrow's New World thread. I will take the chance to rest my eyes

well see you net week then.
I wasn't able to post for a few hours, but that suggestion to relocate the dragons to our estate was referring to our island manor, not the one in the capital.
Oh, right! that was a good idea, sorry I didn't got it
Lewd bullying of Miel when?
Is Eldric going to have her put on a revealing dress for their dinner?
Would our dwarven tailor friend see it as a challenge worthy of his skill to create lingerie that small yet highly detailed?
File: mako dancer 001.jpg (413 KB, 520x723)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
Ah, I have lots of ideas, but honestly I don't think they are IC for him, so please help with some.
Maybe Miel wants to be lewdly bullied?
She asks for a private dinner with Eldric, shows up in a sexy dress, then after dinner stands up and undresses to reveal her specially commissioned lingerie, and asks her Master if he's pleased with what he sees?
File: school swimsuit.jpg (195 KB, 850x921)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
that's hilarious, somehowm but also out of character.

Let me think... I was thinking that they could have an argument that evolves into him "punishing" her somehow? maybe about him forgetting to lock the door so Stella keeps coming in.

"Don't talk bad about my cute sister!"
"How is she cute!? she ate an ogre just the other day, didn't she!?"
"Y-you are just a bug, I'm not gonna let an oversized fishing bait say bad things about ly little sisters!"

A few days later, he pulls Miel out of a tiny but very strong cage and ties her to the end of a fishing line. The pond is actually a mineral spring and there's no fish, but he's counting on her not knowing that.

Of course, along the way they both discover the fun of tying her up. She will of course offer a (token) resistance each time.

But that sounds too long and almost fanfic-like, I think

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