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Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest Part 21: Chinese Prostitute Edition
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Ben%20Herald
Follow me on Twitter @DeadSpike4tw
Character sheet at http://pastebin.com/KcG8QSZX.
Pastebin recap (FULL!) at http://pastebin.com/tP7CNjkM for those people too lazy to archive binge.
Last time, you defeated Litchi and literally nobody but you seems to care.
Litchi is a little unconscious, so she can't really care at the moment, either.
Litchi is literally worst girl.
Anyone who turns down Bang Motherfucking Shishigami for Arakune is Worst Girl.
She has great boobs, tho'.

Also, Welcome back, DeadSpike.
Now you're in the prisoner's holding bay with a woman you hardly know who you've just knocked unconscious.
It would look really sketchy if she hadn't attacked you first... In fact, it looks really sketchy either way.
But what can you do? She was going to unleash Arakune, a blob...thing... that literally eats people.

Whatever. Time to get help.
Or not, if you really want to let her wake up to interrogate her.

Right now, there seems to be nobody here, and no sign of a response from the upper deck.
You remind yourself that the NOL really needs an overhaul if it wants to continue to be the effective world government.
Stretching your muscles, you recover from the rush of the fight and consider what to do with Litchi.
You ponder your decision.

>No way am I risking her attacking me again. I'm going for help.
>Maybe she has some useful information. Let's see if she's willing to talk when she wakes up.
>Lock her up- we're already in the brig, after all.

A welcome very much appreciated.
But just saying, Litchi remembers Arakune as Roy. We don't.
And Bullet/Bang for the win.
Also, Firefox, I will slap your shit if you don't stop being such a gigantic bitch.
God damn, sorry for the slow post.
>Lock her up- we're already in the brig, after all.
>No way am I risking her attacking me again. I'm going for help.
Also going over the complete abridged, it's great thanks.
You struggle to carry the admittedly large woman to a containment cell.
She's heavy, for whatever reason. How she moves like an acrobat with that body weight and distribution escapes you.
Regardless of that particular quandary, you're able to place her relatively softly and safely into a cell, before stepping outside and operating the seemingly foolproof locking mechanism.
The cell buzzes to life- she will be air-conditioned, apparently. The miracles of Ars Magus never cease.
Now to go get some of that backup you were looking for before you fought her.
Stepping up to the stairs, you unlock the first porthole with your keycard, turn it open with the secondary wheel-based bolt, and then shove the heavy metal outwards to open.
Apparently someone else was on the other side of the door, because when you do, there's a slight grunt.
Jin steps back and reels from the clip he received from the door.
"What are you doing here?" he asks with a hiss. "This is the prisoner's bay!"
"I just fought a stowaway." you mutter. "You showed up a little late."
"A stowaway? Impossible!" Jin says "How would they get past the security?"
"I don't know, how did you escape from your medical containment?" You reply.
"Well, I... That's not important at the moment."

>"Her name is Litchi Faye Ling. Do we know who could have given her the entry card?"
>"Is anyone missing?"
>"Never mind. I'll just talk to the others about the breach myself."
>"If you don't believe me, go down there and check."
>Write In
>"Is anyone missing?"
>>"Her name is Litchi Faye Ling. Do we know who could have given her the entry card?"
>"If you don't believe me, go down there and check."
She was after that black blob thing. Also security here is shit, Like massive shit. WE fought and I spammed m sound ars and NOONE noticed it. I mean C'mon!
"Is anyone missing? She was after that black blob thing." You step forward.
Jin shakes his head. "Everyone seems to have retreated to their respective rooms. If there is someone missing, they escaped my notice. And who is the woman you're talking about?"
"She's the intruder. Her name is Litchi Faye Ling, and she dresses in red Chinese garb. If you don't ebelieve me, go down there yourself and check."
You continue. "And you might want to think about COMPLETELY OVERHAULING the security here if she was able to get past literally everyone with nobody noticing."
"I'm afraid that's not my job." Jin is unmoved by your request.
"It's everyone's job! How do you guys expect us to function if thing like this happen all the time?" You're a bit miffed at this disregard for protocol.
"Hey, guys?" Newton steps in behind Jin and leans on the superior officer. He's looking a bit dizzy. "I just had the best worst dream ever."
Jin rolls his eyes and pushes Newton out of the way. "Newton, get off of me. Besides, I don't think anyone wants to hear about your dream."
"Nah, man, hear me out." He's still a little bit unsteady, his eyes are kind of dull, and he waves his hands to signal that you should listen.
"There was like, this chick. And she was really pretty, and then she asked me a question- don't remember what it was..."
"And then what?" you seem to have a pretty good idea of where this is going.
"And then she kicked me, really, really hard. I mean, like, super hard." Your friend still seems dizzy. "I mean, it was like I had been hit by a car in the head."
He waves his hands again. "But she was really, really, pretty. And she had huge boobs. It was awesome."
Jin looks at Newton like the latter had just swallowed a snake.

>"Newton, are you serious?"
>"Did she say anything else?"
>"Newton... Go lie down."
>"You see? She just walked in and took him out! We can't allow this kind of thing to happen!"
>>"Newton, are you serious?"
>"Did she say anything else?"
>"You see? She just walked in and took him out! We can't allow this kind of thing to happen!"
No Wonder Ragna had been running rough shod over the NOL, our protocols and security are shit. I mean the guy isn't all that bright, I kicked his ass with the application of a little common sense.
Your mind is imploding at the sheer idiocy of this situation.
"Newton... are you serious?" You're doing all you can to prevent your teeth from grinding to dust. "Did...Did she say anything else?"
"She said sorry. And something about not being used to fighting people." The man's eyes slowly seem to be coming into focus.
"Well, that just seems more like incompetence on Newton's part." Jin still isn't budging on this.
"Jin... You cannot actually be serious." You are trying to contain your fury, with midding results.
"You really want to know why Ragna is running roughshod over the NOL? Because we have terrible security and shit protocols! I mean, do we even walk guard rounds?"

Jin raises an eyebrow. "Are you telling me that the world-class criminal Ragna the Bloodedge is an incompetent?"
"I defeated him by not getting in his fucking way when he attacked!" You almost bark. "He's a strategic moron! Pepper him with Ars Magus attacks and keep him contained, if you have to! It's not that damn hard!"
"What kind of training do you guys do that leaves you incapable of dodging Ars Magus attacks when they're the main tools of criminals like him?"
Jin is silent.
Newton is slowly coming to. "Um, did I say some weird stuff? I feel kind of like throwing up."
"Not here, please." Jin glares at him with disdain.

>"Screw it, I'm taking this up with Relius."
>"When we get to Iwatsuchi, I'm confronting Kagura and some of the Duodecim about their policies."
>"Are you even listening?"
>"Forget it, I'm going to find Noel."
>>"When we get to Iwatsuchi, I'm confronting Kagura and some of the Duodecim about their policies."
Newton go to the infirmary
Jin, I'm going to get a drink.
Turning around, you bolt the door behind you a little harder than necessary and turn to Jin and Newton with a frustrated glare.
"Newton, go to the infirmary."
"R-right." Your inferior of rank shifts squeamishly.
"I'm getting a drink, so I'd appreciate it if you don't bother me, Jin."
The blonde man shrugs. "No promises."

Once again, you focus, trying to contain your anger. "When we get to Iwatsuchi, I'm confronting Kagura and some of the Duodecim about their policies." You storm off.
"You do that." Jin himself walks off, and Newton, a bit guilty, retreats to the medical bay as requested.

You sit down in the ship's equivalent of the den with what's left of the whiskey you brought from Iwatsu, and think.
This is impossible. No world-spanning nation could actually function with this level of incompetence.
Is it deliberate or something?
But that's...
There's no way anyone would actually design their military to be incompetent... Right?
Something seems to click in your head.

Could it be...

>This is part of Hazama or Relius's plans?
>This has something to do with the Cauldrons?
>Only a small part of the NOL is like this?
>I'm misreading the situation and this is a fluke?
>That the NOL is a puppet government?
>That the Ikarugan War killed off most of the capable soldiers?
>Ragna is secretly a genius and I've walked into his trap?
>I don't have enough information to come to a conclusion.
>(Take A Drink)
>>This is part of Hazama or Relius's plans?
>>This has something to do with the Cauldrons?
>Someone in power whether it be jute or de facto has set this up
>(Take A Drink)

Moved to phone need support other anons!
>Is the NOL doomed to being lazy?
Naw, couldn't be.
>This is part of Hazama or Relius' plan?
Or are they possibly in cohoots with each other.
Okay. This is likely having to do with Hazama or Relius's plans.
Maybe they're working together?
You nod. That makes sense- Hazama was captured and not executed by Relius, and Hazama seems to be playing this out.

The important part, though, is that someone, whether them... Or perhaps even the Imperator... has allowed this situation to play out.
The NOL isn't completely helpless, but against people like Ragna and Hazama, they're sitting ducks.
It's not a matter of sheer laziness- this is deliberate. You're sure of it.
The skills they need to fight the Grim Reaper are being with-held as part of a plan.
And the Cauldrons are related to this plan. But what?
You take a drink. The alcohol burns your less relevant thoughts away.

You know the Cauldrons have something to do with souls. And the Boundary.
But what are these soldiers all for?
Perhaps they need their souls?
You snap your fingers.
That's it. Souls. Souls are important for a lot of powerful things, like the Azure Grimoire and Nox Nyctores.
Lots of them, but too weak to individually resist.
And why would they learn to resist? The NOL treats them well, and their job is helping people. They're basically set.
But all these souls... should they somehow collect them, what for?

>Another Nox Nyctores
>Another Azure Grimoire
>Lots of small Grimoires
>Something Else (Write-In)
>No, souls don't have anything to do with this.
>That's enough thinking like this for now.
>Write In
With all the death, and souls released, it'd have to be something big
>Another Nox Nyctores
One bigger and stronger than all the others maybe? But it could be anything really. You can do a lot with that much power.
>Something else
Maybe create another Power ful humaniod like myself. Maybe I should question our new prisoner. She seems to know about Souls.
>Another Nox Nyctores
>Something Else

That type of scale means that whatever they're making, they're going whole-hog. At least, if you're right.
Whatever it is, it's going to be big, and it's going to be bad.

A Nox Nyctores more powerful than any of the others?
Possible, but with that kind of power, nearly anything is up for grabs.

A newer, more powerful Murakumo Unit... or something like you?
You don't like the thought.

You need more information. How are you going to get it?
Litchi might be a good source... if she's willing to talk.
Alternatively, there was that one time when you had some sort of 'synchronization' and it granted you information. You could try that.
You could even go archive-hunting or ask Tsubaki what she knows.
And then there's Relius and Hazama.
Confronting either of them would definitely be dangerous, but it could also yeild some high-level info if you can get them to slip up.

>Talk to Litchi
>Talk to Tsubaki
>Talk to Relius
>Talk to Hazama
>Talk to someone else
>Check up on Newton
>Think a bit more
>>Check up on Newton
>>Think a bit more
Aw, dammit.
>Attempt to 'Synchronize'
Should be an option.
Replace think with sync
>Try to 'Synchronize'
But before that,
>Check up on Newton.
You stand up and walk over to the medical bay.
Newton seems to be nearly asleep, but does not comment as you look to check on him.
He's just lying there. It's a bit odd to watch.
"You okay?" You ask. "You were acting pretty odd a while back."

"Yeah. The doctor says that I'll be fine. No real damage, and no chance of dying if I fall asleep, like they say sometimes happens."
He turns a bit on the flat cot. "Pretty comfy, actually. I was thinking of catching some Zs and hoping I feel better after that kind nap."
You nod. "Okay. See you then."
He waves as you go.

Stepping out, you're happy that your friend is alright. But there's something else you need to do.
As you return to your seat, you attempt to focus on that feeling you remember from your 'synchronization'.
You focus on it more and more, and feel like time is slowing down- like you're in some sort of haze outside of regular movement.

The whole room shifts. You're seated in a white void, on the same chair, sadly without the scotch.
In amazement, you blink as you see a young man with blonde hair and red eyes looking back at you, wearing old-fashioned Western European garb, complete with a cravat.
He raises an eyebrow at you. "Is this form satisfactory? I wasn't sure how to differentiate us."

>"Who are you?"
>"Are we in my mind, or somewhere else, or what?"
>"Yeah, I guess that... form is fine."
>"Why are you dressed in old-fashion?"
>"Are you that person Rachel thinks I am- her 'real' child?"
'Scotch' there should be whiskey.
Ben's too drunk to care, though, other than the fact that the liquor itself is gone.
>"Why is the whiskey always gone?"
>Are you by chance related to that Rachel?
You seem to be a relative.
"Are you related to Rachel, by any chance?" Shifting a bit in your chair, you talk to the man across from you.
You're a bit uneasy, because of the sudden change of setting, but you feel a bit more at ease with this person than you would normally with the loli you suspect is related to him.
He seems to be sitting in a replica of the chair you are currently in.
It's actually sort of uncanny.

"I suppose you could say that. I am a manifestation of the Ghost Grimoire, a converter of seither that has taken up residence with you to achieve mutual goals."
His voice is smooth and calm, with a British accent, but he seems a bit somber. "I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused in helping bring you to your current situation, but that doesn't seem to be what you're looking for."

Sitting more fully upright, he asks you, "You came here for information, yes? I have quite a large store of it. Our link is stronger, now, but still too weak to waste time with."
He clasps his hands and leans forward. "Of what do you wish to know? You'll need to prioritize."

>"Do you have any idea what they're planning on using all these souls for?"
>"What do you think they're preparing for in the Arena?"
>"Will you restore my memories- can you?"
>"Have you got any data on how do defeat Relius?"
>"Have you got any data on how to defeat Hazama?"
>"Noel... What's up with her, exactly?"
>"Are there any foes I don't know about that I should?"
>"How do I increase our synchronization?"
>"What should I know about you?"
>"Do you have any idea what they're planning on using all these souls for?"
What a epspecially slow thread tonight.
Oh, thank God, I thought the thread had gone ded. Was gonna post MGS GAME OVER and all.
I KNOW, right?
Both of those were me. What happened to the other fellow in the thread.
I honestly have no clue.

"Based on what they were planning to do in the other existence I was part of..." The Ghost Grimoire hesitates to answer.
"The Imperator wishes to make this realm a realm of 'true death'- a world where things that die will never be reborn-. No reincarnation, no new life, no time loops."
The Grimoire breathes in deeply. "To do this, she- the Imperator is a she- requires over ten thousand human souls as 'material' for an object called the Embryo. It can create warpings in space and time known as Phenomenon Intervention."
Crossing his legs, he explains. "Phenomenon Intervention is a powerful technique- some call it 'the power of God'. It allows the invoker to rewrite time as they see fit, to a certain extent."

He looks at you with serious eyes. "I have been feeding you the information that you would have lost because of the Phenomenon Intervention bringing about these loops."
"Needless to say, you must not allow this structure to be formed. I will help you in this endeavor."
He shakes his head. "But time is short. Your next query?"

>"What do you think they're preparing for in the Arena?"
>"Will you restore my memories- can you?"
>"Have you got any data on how to defeat Relius?"
>"Have you got any data on how to defeat Hazama?"
>"Noel... What's up with her, exactly?"
>"Are there any foes I don't know about that I should?"
>"How do I increase our synchronization?"
>"How do we kill the Imperator?"
>"Is there any way we can hijack the Embryo?"
>"What should I know about you?"
It seems I will be the savor of this quest tonight.
>"Will you restore my memories-can you?"
Maybe you should proplably start earlier with this quest for now on.
"Your memories?" The man in olden garb shifts uncomfortably.
"I can. But they will not be pleasant."
There is a waist-high bow of apology from him. "I apologize for my audacity, but part of the reason I with-held your memories from you was to make it easier to guide you without distraction."
"I have been subtly influencing your decisions by making particular courses of action more present in your mind. Allowing the full extent of your past life to come forth would make our relation much more difficult." He prepares with a strong set of his jaw for your reaction.
"This is your decision. If I restore your memories, you may not like the results, but you will know who you truly are. They will return when you leave this place."

Your answer?
>"Restore my memories."
>"I don't need my memories restored."
>"I'll decide later."

Probably this.
>"I'll dcide later."What ever happened in the past may not be necessary at the moment.
"A prudent choice." He, if you can truly call a Grimoire male, smiles genuinely. "Your tempered reasoning has produced results far exceeding my expectations. In my measure, you are a good ally."
He refocuses himself. "Our time is growing shorter. Another of the remaining two pieces of information I believe I can grant you."

>"What do you think they're preparing for in the Arena?"
>"Have you got any data on how to defeat Relius?"
>"Have you got any data on how to defeat Hazama?"
>"Noel... What's up with her, exactly?"
>"Are there any foes I don't know about that I should?"
>"How do I increase our synchronization?"
>"How do we kill the Imperator?"
>"Is there any way we can hijack the Embryo?"
>"What should I know about you?"
>"Are there any foes that I don't know about yet?"
>"Noel...What's up with her, exactly?"
It seems I am the only one here. Very lonely being the only player.
Yup. I really do need to change the play time, don't I?

"Foes... The Imperator qualifies, I suppose. She is a powerful user of Ars Magus, but allegedly she relies far too much on the art."
"Another is the mighty Phantom, a mentally-manipulated 'ghost' of Konoe Mercury, Kokonoe's mother. She is a powerful magician, and engaging with her is a deadly endeavor, perhaps more so even than with Hazama."
"Hakumen, the White Void... He is more likely to be an ally than an opponent, but he could see you as a threat to this world. Wearing the Susanoo armor, he is by far the most powerful of all- except perhaps the Imperator. His power is limited, though- his true body remains in the Boundary."
"Nu-13... The successor t4o Mu-12, the Murakumo Unit you know better as Noel Vermillion. Obsessed with Ragna the Bloodedge, Nu's destructive power is gratuitous."

"And speaking of Noel..."
"Noel Vermillion, in my originating timeline, is the Successor to the Azure. This gives her almost unparalleled manipulation of seither and Ars Magus, though her true capacities remain untapped, and will be difficult to unearth."
"If she is returned to her Mu-12 form, she will become an opponent the likes of in your current state you have no capacity to face. Hakumen would find it difficult to overcome her."
"Bolverk is the equivalent of a restraining bolt on her powers. If her emotions ever become completely uncontrollable, she will begin the transition into Mu-12."
"There is little, if any, time left. I will see you another day. Disengaging synchronization."

The blank, white world around you crackles into static and then changes back to your original location. It seems that very little time has passed, for whatever reason.
You ponder what was said, and prepare for your arrival tomorrow.
You put the whiskey back.
Drinking will have to wait.
And this seems like the end for tonight.
I will be re-evaluating my schedule to provide a better play time for you all.
I work lmid-day to late on Thusday to weekends, so perhaps an early/mid-morning schedule might work best.
Next time, you arrive in Iwatsuchi, and someone you weren't expecting is waiting for you.
Im guessing its not going to be something good, huh.
Not necessarily.
Last post of the night, though,
File: DEAD-SPIKE..jpg (61 KB, 640x360)
61 KB
Should have said second to last.
Hey Deadspike other anon who disappeared here if you're still reading this I had to sleep. You start kinda late so I usually pass out half way through when other anons show up

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