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File: Noel Poem..jpg (9 KB, 284x177)
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Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest Special Edition: End of Part 1
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Ben%20Herald
Follow me on Twitter @DeadSpike4tw
Character sheet at http://pastebin.com/KcG8QSZX

Noel Poem ❤
>Like a leaf on the wind
>Or some seaweed on the sea
>I'm never really certain
>What the future has for me.

>Jin is always angry
>And he kinda hates me
>But I know that I'll always
>Be friends with Tsubaki.

>From sea to shining sea
>I know I can see
>All the seither here reflecting
>The sunset back at me.

>I've found a bit of love
>And my friends will never cower
>I really do believe
>That people's bonds are power.

>I'm writing all these poems
>But I can't think any faster
>So is five poems enough
>Or will we face disaster?

Jin Poem
>Oh, come on, Noel
>It can't be really hard
>Are you really out of brain
>Or are you just a re-

And I think we're done with poems for now.
Thanks for showing up. Any questions, or should I get straight to the recap?
Rolled 30 (1d100)

Write more bad poesy.
Hey Deadspike. So How angry is Terumi with us? How come NOONE heard our fight in the brig? Relius amused or annoyed by us?
Noel, get back here.
>But Jin is being mean to me!
I will cut your screentime in half if you don't get back here.
>You wouldn't! I'm the waifu!
Ben can always get another one.
>You... Mmmmm...

Noel Poem ❤
>Mister Deadspike is a hack
>And he lacks any kindness
>I wonder if he's just mean
>Or perhaps completely mindless!

About as mad as Noel is at me right now.
Nobody heard your fight in the brig because plot and because NOL officers are naturally lazy.
Like, they get Improved Laziness as a class feature.
So did Ragna and Terumi sleep through the fight too?

Are we going to have to drill our officers on standard procedure?

Has Noel's ability to cook improved?
Ragna is in stasis.
Terumi gives no shits.

Almost certainly.

It's improved to an infinite degree.
>You really mean it? I take back everything I've said about you!
Well, yeah. Improving from 0 to 1 is an infinite improvement because everything times zero is zero.
>I take back most of the things I've said about you.. and I have a few more.
Huh I thought Terumi would at least get a kick out of us getting whacked on the head.

So Tsubaki thinks of us as her brother now? Jin and her marriage is still on? Jin and Byakuga still having a whose is bigger contest?
Yes, yes, and yes.
That tends to happen with hierarchies and empires.
Anything else?
Rachel keeping tabs on us? Anyone we don't know about know of us?
You don't know all the people from your past, if that clarifies things.
Recap Time:

>The Wheel of Fate Is Turning...

>Enter Name
>B E N H E R A L D

>You step off a magic hovercraft carrying a magic rifle and a magic pistol.
>But they're not actually magic. More on that confusing bit later.

>Hazama: My name is Captain Hazama. You will learn to hate me like I was your abusive father. But you already have one of those.
>Ben: What?
>Hazama: Spoilers. Go advance the plot or something.
>Carl: You know where Ragna the Bloodedge is.
>Ben: No.
>Carl: But you have to! My detective skills are flawless!
>Ben: Kid, I don't care if you're Conan or Holmes. Get out of my way so I can get drunk.
>Carl: I will fight you!
>Ben: You and what army?
>Carl: Robotic Sisterfu Activate!
>Ben: That army.
>Noel: Carl, go back to being a cute shota instead of a psycho one!
>Carl: Never! Family Issues Brigade, away!
>Noel: Who are you?
>Ben: The new Protagonist. Let's get drunk.

>At The Restaurant
>Ragna: Oh, shit, it's the fuzz!
>Tao: Meow?
>Chase Scene Begins
>Ben: Stop, subhuman!
>Noel: That's racist!
>Ben: I was talking about Ragna.

>Chase Scene Ends
>Ragna: I was framed!
>Ben: You blew up an entire NOL Branch on tape!
>Tao: Meow?
>Ragna: Failed my bluff check. Let's Rock!
>Hazama: You know how I said you were gonna hate me?
>Ben: Huh?
>Body begins to dissolve
>Hazama: Yeah.

>Somewhere else
>Rachel: I am going to explain everything and nothing at all.
>Ben: That sounds both needlessly complicated and annoying.
>Rachel: Probably. But I don't care.
>Off the Ship Again
>Carl: Where's Ragna?
>Ben: He's at a Chinese Restaurant.
>Carl: Why should I believe you?
>Ben: Why not?
>Carl: This is satisfactory.
>Noel: What was that?
>Ben: A successful bluff check. Let's get drunk.
>Bang: Hey, wait a minute! I was supposed to be in there somewhere!
>Ben: Nobody cares about you, Bang.
>Bang: Miss Litchi cares about me!
>Ben: No, she really doesn't.
>(Bang runs off sobbing)
>Ben: So about getting drunk.
>Noel: Let's go capture Jin instead.
>Ben: Dammit, fine.
>(Russian Background Music Intensifies)
>Ben: Huh. I think I saw some foreshadowing. And Iron Tager.
>Noel: Can you call Makoto?
>Ben: Nope.

>Entering the Branch
>Ben: Hello?
>Jin: Hello. I am Jin Kisaragi. I am not quite as much of an asshole as Hazama, but I act like a stuck-up prick.
>Ben: Figures. We need you to come with us.
>Jin: Like hell.
>Ben: New plan. Wait for Ragna and Jin to fight it out.
>(Ass-Kicking of Jin Occurs)
>Ben: Let's go.
>Ragna: The fuck are you?
>Ben: Have you hear about our mistress and saviour the Imperator? Noel, shoot him in the back.
>Ragna: That's a weird name for an Imperator-
>Ragna: I see what you did there.
>(Ass-Kicking of Ben and Noel Occurs)
>Ben: Fuck this, let's beat feet!
>Noel: Gotcha!
>Hiding Spot
>Ben: We're awfully close together.
>Noel: First girl always wins.
>Ben: Huh?
>Noel: Hey, look, it's Ragna.
>(Ragna enters Elevator Shaft)
>Ben: It's character-defining moment time.
>(Cuts elevator line- Tom Petty Background Music Intensifies.)
>Ben: And that's how I got to level five.
>Noel: I want to have your children.
>Ben: Of course you do.
>Hazama: And I'm here to ruin your fun. I'll take Jin, thanks. Yoink.

>Chinese Restaurant (Bang's sobbing can be heard in the background)
>Memory Flash!
>Man: My name is Greg. You're likely never going to see or hear from me ever again, but I play the part of worldbuilding.
>Girl: I'm a possible love interest you forgot about! Hope that doesn't bite you in the ass!
>Noel: I'm going to tell you about my backstory.
>Ben: We need to get a hotel room.
>Noel: Hey, the romance subplot needs to develop first.
>Ben: Fine.
>Noel: Now I'm going to tell you about future characters you may meet- I mean, my friends.
>Ben: Awesome.

>On the way to the Hotel
>Tager: Sorry, but the plot says I have to introduce myself and Kokonoe.
>Kokonoe: I'm the cat-bitch scientist of Sector Seven. I hate you, but I hate Hazama more.
>Ben: Fantastic.
>Kokonoe: Did you kill Ragna?
>Ben: Yes.
>Kokonoe: Bullshit.
>Ben: Why would you ask me if you don't believe me?
>Kokonoe: Fair enough. You can pass.

>At the Hotel
>Rachel: Hello.
>Ben: The fuck?
>Rachel: You're not a real person, and your destiny is to kill Ragna.
>Ben: Already did that.
>Rachel: I mean, really kill him. Also, he's likely going to destroy the world.
>Ben: Okay, explain, please?
>Rachel: No.
>Ben: Why not?
>(Rachel Leaves)
>Ben: Dammit!

If you guys want to change topic, I can put this on pause.
Anything else you need answered, or anything else you want to talk about?
This is fine so far boss. I can wait. I'm having a giggle from the recap.
>Tsubaki: You're evil.
>Ben: I'm not evil.
>Noel: He's not evil!
>Tsubaki: Noel, go to your room!
>(Noel Runs Inside, Crying)
>Tsubaki: You're evil!
>Ben: I'm not evil. Also, your husbando a shit.
>Tsuabki: Don't you talk shit about my husbando!
>Ben: Still not evil. Hazama is evil.
>Tsubaki: Hazama is evil?
>Hazama: I'm not evil. Also, your husbando is awesome.
>(Tsubaki squeals)
>Ben: You're evil.
>Hazama: You bet your ass I am.
>Hazama: Also, that guy you killed?
>Ben: He's dead.
>Hazama: Not dead.
>Ben: Fuck.
>Ben: Time to make rice and angst.
>Noel: I smell a plot point!
>Ben: Teach me Ars Magus.
>Noel: Teach me how to cook.
>Ben: You can cook.
>Tsubaki: She can't cook.
>Noel: You're evil!

>Noel's Room
>Ben: Time to develop the romantic subplot!
>Noel: This sure is a great time to write my sadomasochist poetry.
>Ben: Hey, Noel, let's 'train'.
>Noel: Shit! Uh, I'm not doing anything suspicious. Come in.
>Ben: Well, what's this? Aww, it's so cute!
>Noel: Really? I mean, no, I'm supposed to be embarrassed!
>(Noel Runs Off)
>Ben: Privacy invasion. My favourite crime.
>Tsubaki: What do you think you're doing?
>Ben: Uh, these poems involve a lot of swords for some reason. And blood.
>Tsubaki: What Noel writes is her own business.
>Ben: Do you know what 'hug.exe' is?
>Tsubaki: I'm serious.
>Memory Flash!
>(Ragna Destroying Stuff And Things)
>Ben: Wow, I never realized how good the Protomen were until now.
>Tsubaki: Focus.
>Ben: On what? Your obvious crush on Jin?
>Tsubaki: Just because I deny it doesn't mean it's true!
>Ben: ...Okay.
>Tsubaki: What do you care for? It's not like you're my brother or something.
>(Hazama Laughs In Background)
>On a Train
>Ben: Now, we're on a train.
>Random Soldier: I'm going to instigate a fight I can't possibly win!
>Tsubaki: Please don't.
>Random Soldier: Too late!
>Hazama: Maybe for you.
>Ben: God damn, why is always me who has to do everything?
>Hazama: Hey, you are the protagonist.
>(Thunderous crash)
>Ragna: Somebody call?
>Ben: Fuck it all, abandon car.
>Hazama: Ha, no. Time to kill this random soldier to show how evil I am.
>Ben: Not on my watch. Time to use those powers that we've been building up.
>(Train Shakes)
>Ben: Next stop, Hell. Everyone else get off.
>Hazama: Oh, you motherfucker.

>Off The Train
>Random Soldier: Wow, I sure do love concussions. My name is Newton, by the way.
>Ben: I'm getting some beef jerky.
>Tsubaki: The hell is that?
>Ben: Read the line above yours.
>Newton: Hey, how about a slice of life scene to break things up?
>Ben: Why not?
>(Restaurant Scene)
>Noel: Well, I'm going into a food coma.
>(Noel Falls Asleep)
>Ben: Don't mind me...
>Tsubaki: Get a move on, date rapist.
>Ben: Fine. I'll go talk to your bitchy boyfriend, then.

>In the Medical Wing
>Ben: Yo, where's that guy I saved?
>Guy You Saved: I'm going to whine about how much I hate you despite the fact you saved my life.
>Ben: You're an ungrateful bastard, aren't you?
>Guy You Saved: Probably.
>Ben: Now to talk to Jin.
>Jin: I'm gonna be even more pissy than usual.
>Ben: Cry me a river.
>Jin: Nobody talks like that to me!
>Ben: See if I give a fuck.
>(Jin Rages Futilely)
>Ben: Yup, let's move on.
>The Next Day
>Ben: Shit, time to wake up.
>Jin: I'm going to condescend to you.
>Ben: So nothing's changed, then?
>Jin: Pretty much.
>Newton: Good news!
>Ben: Hazama's dead?
>Newton: Nope. But I get more screen time. Also, check out this rock wall whose rocks move seemingly at random.
>(Wilhelm Scream)
>Ben: That seems needlessly dangerous.
>Newton: It is! Isn't it great?
>Drill Instructor: New Meat, you're up.
>Ben: Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
>(Continues To Climb Wall)
>Ben: I hate quick-time events!
>Newton: Wrong media type. Keep GOing
>(Rings Bell-Sigil)
>Drill Instructor: Congrats, you developed as a character. Kinda. Now do some laps.

>Drill Instructor: I am neither going to question the fact that Jin Kisaragi is out of the medical wing nor ask why he has rigged the setup to spar with Ben.
>(Jin Rape Face)
>Ben: No way in hell I'm losing my virginity to anyone other than Noel.
>Jin: I'm going to try to intimidate you with my crazed demeanour and-
>Ben: Heads up.
>Jin: What? No! I wasn't ready!
>Ben: Too bad.
>Jin: I'm a serious threat, dammit! Take me seriously!
>Ben: Hm. No.
>Jin: Do you know who I am? I-
>Ben: Will never have children?
>Jin: Good luck... explaining this to Tsubaki.
>Ben: Oh, shit, that's right.

Break now?
This recap is hilarious. I can clearly see this being an episode of an abridged series.
>Jin: Do you know who I am? I-
>Ben: Will never have children?
>Jin: Good luck... explaining this to Tsubaki.
>Ben: Oh, shit, that's right.
All of my kek boss. All of it. If you need a break take one.

Same here bro.

No, I meant, for other questions or anything else.
I guess I can ask one: Remember how we nearly exploded when thinking about Noel's three sizes? If she thought about us in a similar way would she explode too?
What happened to the guy we saved?
Any signs of Carl or Bang?
Taeger eave the city or what?
How tweaked is cat bitch scientist..... I mean Kokonoe?
Is the archive for your first thread lost forever or should I look harder?
Oh, she already has.
Guy you saved is coming with you. He's rooming with Newton.
Carl is on the move after you all.
Bang is following him.
Tager is already in Iwatsuchi.
Kokonoe is mad but not as mad as she could be. She's mostly just angry that you called her bluff.
Lost forever, sadly.
It wasn't that great, though. You know how the first few works of any new 'artist' look terrible after you go back from their newest work?
Pretty much that. This is my first real quest, so it took me a few threads to really get rolling.
How does BEn compare physically to your average person? Average Nol officer? What would be his best stat?

Wouldn't Gjallarhorn work better with Ben suspending them with sounds like an ammo stockpile, then Pulling out his gun and shooting them with Something akin to sniper sonic to detonate it?
Well that sucks. I wanted to see some interaction between Ben and Family Issues, the character.
Blazblue is set in a pseudo-magical future and his body is 'designed', to a certain extent. He easily exceeds the capacities of most ordinary, untrained people.
He is better at most things than the vast majority of NOL officers, but his weakest stat would likely be STR for sheer lifting power and the like.
His strongest stat is INT, but it's also augmented.
>Family Issues, the character.
We're talking Blazblue here. You're going to have to be more specific.
Would Gjallahorn be subject to revision/improvement(when Ben improves that is)? It's strong but doesn't quite have the "Lol get rekt" vibe yet.

Would you say Ben's case of genre savvy is his strongest asset?
>Family Issues, the character. Now in grape flavor.
>Vengeful grape flavored.
Valkyrie Veil and Carl's Astral got an update for CP.
It's not uncalled for that Ben's might for Season 2.
Suggestions are welcome. >>40654135 is especially good.

>Would you say Ben's case of genre savvy is his strongest asset?
You bet. It helps that he has access to literally thousands of years of information (though he doesn't know it).
It has to do with the Ghost Grimoire. Do you want me to introduce?
It also comes in bubble gum, mint, blueberry, icy blue raspberry, and the new Bullet Orange flavor.
Oh, and how could I forget the strawberry-vanilla edition?
Anything else?
If not, I'll introduce our unsung hero, the Ghost Grimoire.
I was thinking use one hand to lift the target with sound(side profile of course) them struggling a bit then Ben turning drawing his rifle one handed pointing it at them, pulling the trigger on sniper sonic(still one handed) detonating the charge, then spinning the rifle and returning it to its holster.
Unless someone has something better, that's what we're running with.
Ah yes the original flavor
Neat, I imagine it's a bro.
Also if this was actually in the game it'd be a block trigger like hakumen's one step to far and they're caught in a screaming hell, literally.
Without further ado, let's introduce the Ghost Grimoire!
(Spotlight falls on Ben.)
>Ben: What? Is something supposed to happen?
Give it a minute.
>Ben: Hey, my chest feels really tight. What's going on?
(Ben's body begins to implode to his chest)
>Ben: You bastard! I'm gonna sue for this!
(Vortex focuses Ben's body into a concentrated ball of seither.)


>Noel: Did you just kill the main character?
I said give it a minute.
>Ghost Grimoire?: Ah, yes, there we go.
(The ball of seither grows eyes.)
>Ghost Grimoire: I don't particularly like this form, but I like the recreation of Ragna's even less and this lets me distinguish myself from Ben.
>Noel: What? So- you're the grimoire?
>Ghost Grimoire: Why, of course. Did you think Ben could handle Ragna and his ilk on his own?
>Noel: Maybe. But what do you do?
>Ghost Grimoire: I observe things, and I recently observed an opportunity to change the future.
>Ghost Grimoire: Additionally, I consume and funnel seither to Ben, augmenting his natural Ars Magus potential.
>Noel: So you have thousands of years of information on hand? How does that work?
>Ghost Grimoire: Let's start from the beginning, shall we?
A long time ago, someone failed to do something very important. Their universe was doomed.
But to attempt to prevent this from happening to another universe, they created me from the remains of one of their greatest heroes.
I am not like the Murakumo Units. They are tempered, and prepared, and have a natural form.
I am similar to a Cauldron in its natural state- a pure tap to the Boundary and the Azure within it.
I have no capacity with which to access that Azure's true power, however, so I can only consume and funnel seither, and I can only do the latter with a host.
I suppose you could even say that, among the Azure Grimoires and their ilk, I am the weakest- even more so than Ragna's Grimoire.
I myself do not know much of my origins.
I only know that the 'Rachel' of another universe had a hand in my creation, and that I was forged from Ragna the Bloodedge's remains.
As I developed, I was driven by a need to know. A need to know and to watch this universe and its shifting.
And I took an initiative that Rachel did not.
I have heard Rachel say that she does not believe Ben is a real person- this was likely due to her realizing my interference.
I do not know even if I have a soul- I possess no true ability to Observe without the help of a human being, though I can take down data.
This was likely an attempt to prevent me from being monitored by Takamagahara.
However, when I bond with- more like possess- a human, I can synchronize myself with them and, for a bit, exist, in a sense.
My bond with Ben was a result of this. I happened to come across a child, and attempted to possess him to observe the world from his perspective.
My initiative was to retrieve more data. I succeeded, perhaps too well.
From the feelings this child gave, and the knowledge of the man who aided him, he was weak. Dying.
I had never processed such things before. It was a feeling of emptiness, which I 'knew' but never truly realized.
But then I left, and the cycle returned to normal.
I don't know why, exactly, but I came back, and used the excuse of reading data to modify the child's fate.
Then I saw who he became. I felt who he became.
And I did so every loop, each time a little more.
I began to learn what it truly meant to be alive.
And then I found my way to face Ragna, my hated enemy- who I intuitively knew I was designed to destroy.
And I could not do it. I would not do it.
When I faced Rachel, I could not explain why I failed.
She knew that her alternate self had designed me for that purpose. But somehow, she understood.
And I went back, and relived my life as Ben.
And then, I used my power as an Grimoire to consume most of his memories before when he should have died.
Memories are connected to the soul, and I had the ability to draw away parts and parcels of my subject- of Ben's- soul.
Perhaps I thought he would go mad. Perhaps I feared the repercussions of my actions.
But I did so anyways, and in an extraordinary feat I'm not sure I can replicate, used what I had learned from studying the research of Sector Seven to recreate Ben's body- specifically, the ideal version of his body.
I knew what was going on in Kagutsuchi. And I knew I had to somehow, stop it.
So I hijacked Ben's body and 'guided' him to Kagutsuchi, using my past knowledge of his personality to play his part.
I can only offer an explanation... and an apology.
Your thoughts?
So are you now more or less Ben? Considering his memories and expressions come from you? What drew you to him? How deeply are you two connected?
So does this mean Noel fell in love with Ben or with "You" Ghost Grimoire
Ben's memories and expressions are his own. I merely picked and chose.
The the similarity between him and I is like seeing a scene in life and seeing a roll of film played on that scene. Perhaps you see more data in the film than you observed in reality, but you were actually present for the real-life situation.
I was drawn to him by the opportunity to observe the data of a child's perspective. I had never done so before, and context clues indicated that this particular child was important, somehow.
The closeness of us is symbiotic. I provide seither and information, he provides a soul and true memory.
I have been keeping my influence to a minimum.
I realize that Mu-12's Murakumo Unit properties recognize me, but Noel's affections for Ben are, from my perspective, genuine and focused on him, personally.
I do not wish to see Mu-12 come to 'fruition' if I can prevent it.
If Ben was died or expunged from existence would you? Can you see if we've done anything blatantly wrong in this timeline? If you're made from Ragna couldn't you just resonate with his grumpier and cut his either access!
So is Mu-12 the only Murakumo unit that can recognize you or are there other of the cast that can sense you.
>If Ben was died or expunged from existence would you?
No. Firstly, under ordinary conditions, Takamagahara resets 'death' between loops.
Secondarily, I have no soul of my own, so the closest issue I might have is being dispelled.
Fortunately, however, there are only three magicians currently in existence who could dispel me. Unfortunately, one of them works with Hazama and the other one is unappreciative of my existence and would destroy me if it furthered her goals. I am, of course talking about Kokonoe.
>Can you see if we've done anything blatantly wrong in this timeline?
Not yet. The time loops have been re-placed by Takamagahara. I can only plan as well as anyone else looking in on the situation with knowledge of its workings. There simply aren't enough repetitions to give me an idea of how things are going to work. But killing Ben or someone else to reset affairs would simply be counterproductive- Terumi depends on knowing what's going to happen and his predicative abilities to work.
If things don't match his plans closely enough, he loses most of his leverage. I'd rather draw away power from him than risk matching wits with him- he still has more experience than me.
>If you're made from Ragna couldn't you just resonate with his grimoire and cut his seither access!
I could. It would be dangerous, though. That function leads into my self-destruct sequence, though I could likely prevent it if need be. It would be very difficult to accomplish for any period of time.
Any Murakumo unit, as well as any Observers.
This includes Relius, Hazama, Kokonoe, and Rachel.
They do not 'see' me so much as know that I exist.
Can you modulate yourself to avoid looking like Ragna if we meet Nu 13? Cause that wouldn't end well. Can you anchor yourself to Ben to avoid being dispelled?
So do you know of way of rubbing Hazama out for good, no resets for him kind of deal?
>Can you modulate yourself to avoid looking like Ragna if we meet Nu 13?
I could attempt to hide behind a stronger presence, perhaps, or temporarily disconnect from Ben. It would take some coordination with him to do this, and, if I left, he would slowly return to human limitations- fairly powerful, for Ben, but in danger from Nox Nyctores wielders and the like.
>Cause that wouldn't end well.
You are correct.
>Can you anchor yourself to Ben to avoid being dispelled?
This would risk myself irreversibly becoming a permanent part of Ben. If he died, I would die.
I would effectively be assimilated into his person.

There is a way, but I am hesitant to do this.
I could bind myself simultaneously to Ben and Hazama at the same time. Then, as they say, since a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, if Ben is consumed into the Azure (which he could be in the Boundary) Hazama would be as well. It would take an almost agonizing amount of time (several weeks) to fully take effect, but it would definitely work.
This was the plan used to eliminate Ragna. When a soul returns to the Azure, there is no known way to bring them back. I was barely able to maintain Ben's existence for the short period it took to reconstruct his body- the Observation involved was almost impossible.
If at any point I had failed to Observe him, he would have been lost forever.
>This would risk myself irreversibly becoming a permanent part of Ben. If he died, I would die.
>I would effectively be assimilated into his person.
Well if someone tries to dispel you, that would in effect mean both you and Ben would be fucked, since they know how keep you from helping him, food for thought.
No, you misunderstand.
There would be nothing left to dispel.
I would give up my position as a construct of magic to become part of Ben, a human.
The possibility does tempt me, to be honest- to truly 'be' a person.
Are there any other questions?
If not, I'll write up the rest of the recap and pastebin it, as well as this, for future use.
>Lost forever, sadly
Nope, https://archive.moe/tg/thread/37758332/
Thank you. I really did think it was lost forever.
File: DEAD-SPIKE..jpg (61 KB, 640x360)
61 KB
All right, then.
Pool closes in 15 minutes, until then I'll field anything.
File: Their Real Use.png (432 KB, 480x640)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
Finish the recap!
File: Ninja Guitar Duel.jpg (48 KB, 600x375)
48 KB
Hey, what would happen if Mu-12 would met Ben? What would ben react to Mu-12 and her...clothes.

Also tonfa and guns? With sonic attacks? Fuck that.

We need a gun guitar for Ben. Let him rock out.
Also, could you give the rest of the recaps?
Dead spike?

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