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    41 KB Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)13:38 No.4022165  
    Sup /tg/, let's talk about gods. Namely concept of gods or deities you think are essential and/or awesome.

    I'm making a homebrew where a major part of the game is going to revolve around a pantheon of gods, the powers they grant (Divine magic), how they affect the world, how the players can interact with them and so on. I have come up with a few gods I feel are interesting, but not many enough. Any tips?
    I try to make atleast most of the gods be somewhat interesting combinations compared to the "established norm" of high-fantasy pantheons. Like, combining two aspects of gods that normally don't go together or make them otherwise stand out.

    What I have so far is:
    *A mysterious Death God that no one really knows anything about. Whereas all the other gods are more or less exposed to the affairs of mortals, at least insofar as what their aspects are and what personality they have, no one publicly knows anything about this god other than that he is the God of Death.
    *A goddess of healing and disease. Works on a give/take basis, she won't heal someone without also afflicting them with some manner of disease or illness and similarly won't afflict someone without also healing them in some manner. Is also a symbol of law in many places, adhering to her neutral and Status Quo personality.
    *Twin gods of Luck/Divination respectively, with both being gods of Light as well. Basically trickster gods who you have to constantly appease. Hard to read and will often seemingly do random or even conflicting actions
    *A god of Pain/Fire. Is also a god of Double Natures, that revels in all things that are two-faced and double natured. Enjoys his followers developing an alternate personality that is in many ways the opposite of their own. Priests of this god often seek to embrace the suffering to rid them of their pains

    What more gods should I add? Otherwise, let's just discuss awesome god-concepts in general. Inb4 Xom
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)13:41 No.4022179
    God of Fear, for as long as there are mortal men present, there will always be fear and a powerful being to feed upon it.

    Also, possibly a god of weather/crops. Pray to them to get good rains for your corn and hopefully a winter that won't kill all of your cattle.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)13:44 No.4022201
    Deity of divinity, who decides who gets to be a deity within the plane assigned to him. He is a huge dickhead and swaps roles once in a few weeks, giving the new folk portfolios according to their skills and character. Hilarity ensues.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)13:49 No.4022226
    Needs more Cthulhu
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)14:12 No.4022290
    I have a god who oversees: war/slaughter and justice.

    I think more important than what the god thinks they rule, is how the different groups see the god, and what aspect they worship.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)14:54 No.4022303
    God of Orgasm
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)15:56 No.4022318
    God of Betrayal, he will inevitably betray any and all who follow him or worship him and use them for his own personal gain in some way and it is he that manifests the will for betrayal in any characters that do so. (So it becomes possible to un-do NPC betrayals given appropros stats and such)

    God of Magic Balance: Not like a standard God, the God of Magic Balance's job is to ensure that all magics in the world remain in equal quantity and strength. Meaning that the God must sometimes allocate gifts of magical prowess to specific people if it's opposite is growing in strength. Aside from being a good way to introduce a magic user to the party (or create the main bad guy, whatever) it also acts as a questgiver if your party are non-retarded enough to quest for the benefit of a single party member (the magic user) or quest for the ability to peramanently weaken the big baddy.

    God of Terrain: He who shapes the earth and keeps all forces of nature in balance, if the terrain is unpassable, then the God of Terrain is sending a warning to the party.

    God of Rocks Fall And You Die: use sparingly.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)15:59 No.4022334
    God of Chaos: I think you already know who this is
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:01 No.4022345
    Try to stay away from god cliche's to make them more interesting. For example, in my camapign world I have a dwarf sun god. Now, most gods, such as Apollo or Amon-Ra, watch from the sun, and look down at mankind. Not Hetous. He throws the sun across the horizen every morning. And at night, he forges weapons and artifacts inside for the other gods, or perhaps a powerful mortal, to use.

    Feel free to steal this one, i have plenty more.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:02 No.4022351
    There is no Peter, Only Zuul

    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:02 No.4022352
    God of the Seas/Water. Make him an easily angered and demanding god. Ships have to offer vast offerings to appease him or face his wrath of huge giant sea monsters.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:03 No.4022359
    A diety that has two faces, one lawful good, one lawful evil. It's Paladins don't fall as often, they just worship the other face. It's known that it is the same god, but the two different religions that worship him are at each other's throats all the time... religion is a strange mistress.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:04 No.4022366

    I'm taking that and making him a neutral god aspect of the god of life.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:05 No.4022368
    Needs another deity obsessed with order and balance that finds the dorf's sun overnight and brings it back to him... Only for the sundorf to toss it out the next dawn again. Repeat for every single day.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:08 No.4022383

    >A mysterious Death God that no one really knows anything about.

    Maybe based on Anubis or Osiris?

    >Twin gods of Luck/Divination respectively, with both being gods of Light as well.

    I had an idea for that awhile ago. Fate- Goddess of destiny. She chooses your eventual end. Chance-goddess of the path. This fickle goddess chooses how you will reach your end.

    Chance is whimsical, and difficult to appease for long periods of time.

    Fate can be cheated, but you will incur her wrath (she just happens to plan out natural disasters).

    They would be the major deities of a matriarchal polytheist religion.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:13 No.4022406
    Seasonal gods can be good. Or one god with multiple personality disorder. It's pretty obvious what kind of personality each season entails, Winter being bitter and easily angered, Spring being hard working and generous, Summer being happy perhaps a little overbearing on worshipers, Autumn being... er... well the middle ground personality. Normal, not bitter or angry but not partically happy. Worship of this god gives different gift depending on season, mostly being relevant to the season itself.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:16 No.4022436
    Actually, the best version of the twin gods of fortune i've seen come from discworld. Fate, who always plays to win, and The Lady, who always plays not to lose, and won't ever sacrifice a pawn.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:18 No.4022446

    >multiple personalities

    Many of the Egyptian gods and goddesses had this trait. Can't remember her name, but the lioness headed goddess, although a deity of protection normally, almost destroyed humanity when she god angry. She was only stopped when Ra tricked her into drinking a flood's worth of blood-red alcohol.

    The deities that did change personalities also changed their names .
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:20 No.4022461

    Mine are shinier.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:22 No.4022484
    The god would of course have to be a teenager, preferably a teenage girl. Who else could be that hormonal?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:23 No.4022495

    God of the Broken Cycle:
    A neutral god whose temples are attended to in large part by undead, and a number of his priests are lichs (undeath represents the ultimate breaking of a cycle). He's also prayed to by commoners who are looking to break bad habits, or a string of bad luck. Homosexuality is favored by this god as it breaks the cycle of reproduction. Revolutionaries pray to him and incorporate his symbol into their battlestandards as they want to break the cycle of whatever government is in power. Et cetera.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:26 No.4022516
    That's Sekhmet, if I recall, and she's rather similar to Kali. Speaking of her, the Indian crew and their avatars should be mentioned.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:30 No.4022540
    god of knowledge/madness - he gives knowledge and secrets freely to those who ask, but madness lurks behind his gifts. those who ask too much are afflicted by delusions, paranoia, schizophrenia and other mental diseases. he will make you the greatest mage in the world, but you will lose all sense of reality.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:30 No.4022550

    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:36 No.4022588
    God of Cheetos
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:38 No.4022603

    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:45 No.4022687
    simcity god - helps people build massive cities and cultivate civilizations only to destroy them though horrible natural disasters.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:47 No.4022699

    "There was always an argument about whether the newcomer was a goddess at all. Certainly no one ever got anywhere by worshipping her, and she tended to turn up only where she was least expected, such as now. And people who trusted in her seldom survived. Any temples built to her surely would be struck by lightning. Better to juggle axes on a tightrope than say her name. Just call her the waitress in the Last Chance saloon."
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:50 No.4022711
    Genesis 1

    1 Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem.

    2 Da Urfs no had shapez An haded dark face, An Ceiling Cat rode invisible bike over teh waterz.

    3 At start, no has lyte. An Ceiling Cat sayz, i can haz lite? An lite wuz.4 An Ceiling Cat sawed teh lite, to seez stuffs, An splitted teh lite from dark but taht wuz ok cuz kittehs can see in teh dark An not tripz over nethin.5 An Ceiling Cat sayed light Day An dark no Day. It were FURST!!!1

    6 An Ceiling Cat sayed, im in ur waterz makin a ceiling. But he no yet make a ur. An he maded a hole in teh Ceiling.7 An Ceiling Cat doed teh skiez with waterz down An waterz up. It happen.8 An Ceiling Cat sayed, i can has teh firmmint wich iz funny bibel naim 4 ceiling, so wuz teh twoth day.

    9 An Ceiling Cat gotted all teh waterz in ur base, An Ceiling Cat hadz dry placez cuz kittehs DO NOT WANT get wet.10 An Ceiling Cat called no waterz urth and waters oshun. Iz good.

    11 An Ceiling Cat sayed, DO WANT grass! so tehr wuz seedz An stufs, An fruitzors An vegbatels. An a Corm. It happen.12 An Ceiling Cat sawed that weedz ish good, so, letz there be weedz.13 An so teh threeth day jazzhands.

    14 An Ceiling Cat sayed, i can has lightz in the skiez for splittin day An no day.15 It happen, lights everwear, like christmass, srsly.16 An Ceiling Cat doeth two grate lightz, teh most big for day, teh other for no day.17 An Ceiling Cat screw tehm on skiez, with big nails An stuff, to lite teh Urfs.18 An tehy rulez day An night. Ceiling Cat sawed. Iz good.19 An so teh furth day w00t.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:50 No.4022715
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:50 No.4022717
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:50 No.4022720
    20 An Ceiling Cat sayed, waterz bring me phishes, An burds, so kittehs can eat dem. But Ceiling Cat no eated dem.21 An Ceiling Cat maed big fishies An see monstrs, which wuz like big cows, except they no mood, An other stuffs dat mooves, An Ceiling Cat sawed iz good.22 An Ceiling Cat sed O hai, make bebehs kthx. An dont worry i wont watch u secksy, i not that kynd uf kitteh.23 An so teh...fith day. Ceiling Cat taek a wile 2 cawnt.

    24 An Ceiling Cat sayed, i can has MOAR living stuff, mooes, An creepie tings, An otehr aminals. It happen so tehre.25 An Ceiling Cat doed moar living stuff, mooes, An creepies, An otehr animuls, An did not eated tehm.

    26 An Ceiling Cat sayed, letz us do peeps like uz, becuz we ish teh qte, An let min p0wnz0r becuz tehy has can openers.

    27 So Ceiling Cat createded teh peeps taht waz like him, can has can openers he maed tehm, min An womin wuz maeded, but he did not eated tehm.

    28 An Ceiling Cat sed them O hai maek bebehs kthx, An p0wn teh waterz, no waterz An teh firmmint, An evry stufs.

    29 An Ceiling Cat sayed, Beholdt, the Urfs, I has it, An I has not eated it.30 For evry createded stufs tehre are the fuudz, to the burdies, teh creepiez, An teh mooes, so tehre. It happen. Iz good.

    31 An Ceiling Cat sayed, Beholdt, teh good enouf for releaze as version 0.8a. kthxbai.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:55 No.4022754
    * The Avatar of Emptiness who represents everything that has become a shallow tradition, people just going over the motions of real worship. He's not necessarily hostile to creation, just something that's anathema to the real gods, because he's essentially lack of belief made manifest.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)16:59 No.4022785
    God of Rocks Fall And You Die? What a stupid idea for a god tha*BANG*
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)17:00 No.4022788
    This is a good thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)17:03 No.4022815
    The "A Malazan Book of the Fallen" novel series has an fuck-awesome pantheon of gods, you should check it out.

    But, hey... now that I think about it, those gods kinda sound like they were inspired by them already. First god is Hood, second god seems to be a combination of two godess sisters (Health and Virulance, can't remember their names) and the third god certainly sounds like Oponn.

    Good for you mate.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)17:03 No.4022818
    "Who the fuck would worship a deity of immovable ro-*CLANG*
    "FUCK YOU"
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)17:06 No.4022847
    A god of darkness. Not evil, and only associated with shadows and nighttime through symbolism, he's the god of the hidden. Spies, refugees, and other keepers of secrets form the bulk of his worshipers.

    He has a natural antagonism with people who try to uncover secrets, like adventurers seeking lost or buried treasure, and must be propitiated by them.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)17:06 No.4022851

    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)17:10 No.4022880
    Or be worshiped by them. Teenagers and women. And farmers, of course.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)17:10 No.4022887
    A god of death who is so jealous about his/her/its job that actively combats anyone who takes a life and is not him/her/itself.

    A killer-killer.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)17:11 No.4022898
    A god of Darkness and Illusion.

    I like it!
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)17:12 No.4022908
    Well, Xom obviously. ALL HAIL XOM.

    Also, a God of Tidiness. Lawful Neutral to the extreme, he demands that all be clean and tidy. Beggars? Kill and burn them to clean up the streets, or give them some nice clothes and set them to work brushing to streets. Littering? Death.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)17:42 No.4022939
    Soliel is the Goddess of health and Poliel is the Goddess of pestilence
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)18:04 No.4023013
    God of insecurity.
    God of insanity.
    God of consciousness.
    God of information.
    God of humor.
    God of beauty.
    God of language.
    God of *
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)18:13 No.4023105
    *A goddess of healing and disease. Works on a give/take basis, she won't heal someone without also afflicting them with some manner of disease or illness and similarly won't afflict someone without also healing them in some manner. Is also a symbol of law in many places, adhering to her neutral and Status Quo personality.

    This should be the death and fertility god as well and the chief deity in the pantheon.
    Fuck mysterious thing no one knows anything about. And fuck death gods that are hurf durf I kill you.
    In fact, any god that is hurf durf I kill you shouldn't exist except as a foil to other gods. No one would worship Nerull or Erythnul, so they should exist except as figures in other diety's myths.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)18:46 No.4023458
    A god of family, vengeance, and murder. His doctrine holds that family is an extension of the self, and should be treated as such. He also believes firmly that all slights should be repaid in full if not further. The upshot of this tends to be clans of his worshipers hunting down and killing those who have wronged (or annoyed) them... and then all their relatives. Quite popular amongst those who are into multi-generational blood feuds anyway.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/09(Thu)18:57 No.4023570
    Out of synch with regular settings alignment God.

    The God of Rot? Good. He symbolises life after death, a circle of all beings regardless of type reliant on eachother. To rot is to sustain your world and those who choose to live in it regardless of their choices. A truly selfless act.

    His paladins seek out those who would destroy to feed the earth. They're they smiting type, but likeable enough guys if they haven't caught you with your hand in the evil jar.

    Something like that.

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