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  • File :1237378117.jpg-(210 KB, 1024x768, German_garden_gnome.jpg)
    210 KB Game Concept: Elf-Hunters. Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:08 No.4012655  
    System: None in particular, any modern or supernatural.

    Setting: Elves are real, gnomes are real, yeti are real, trolls and sasquatches regularly eat people's livestock. Otherwise it's the real world.

    Concept: You're an elf-hunter, or gnome-hunter, all-round supernatural exterminator. You're not secret or anything, because everyone knows the damn things exist, they just pay you to deal with them. Lay traps and ambushes for prancing elves, trick trolls into the sea, hunt sasquatches and put down poison for the gnomes before they disassemble someone's car again, or re-arrange his garden for the fifth time with their annoying little wheelbarrows.

    Game style: Low combat, high puzzles/diplomacy.

    Crawling headfirst into a gnome burrow might be a bit like a miniature dungeon crawl, with traps, his angry pet moles and rats, etc. but generally the trick is more in how to lure him out and trap him before he flips his wig and fucks up something your client likes, than it is to just line him up and shoot him.

    Seems workable? Or completely retarded?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:09 No.4012662
    For some reason this would make a perfectly regular Hollywood family movie...
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:09 No.4012663
    >completely retarded
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:10 No.4012669

    C'mon, elaborate, what are the failings?
    >> Gaow? 03/18/09(Wed)08:13 No.4012691
         File :1237378436.jpg-(21 KB, 244x350, Thosewhohuntelves.jpg)
    21 KB
    I don't have anything to add. Just reminded me of this.. crazy modern humans running around a fantasy world in a T-72, catching and stripping naked every female elf they meet as they search for spell fragment that were cast out onto the skin of elves.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:14 No.4012693

    You didn't say we had the explain why >:O

    I dunno, I guess I'm just terrified of gnomes.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:18 No.4012717

    Well I'm telling you to explain yourself now.

    Imagine if those gnomes were in your house, in the attic, in the walls, under the floorboards. Those molehills in your garden? Oh, those aren't moles.

    You can hear their singing in the night, cheerful and boisterous. They eat your food, they harness your dog to pull their carts.

    One day it gets too much: Time to call an exterminator for the little fucks.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:19 No.4012721
         File :1237378782.jpg-(130 KB, 666x911, Parsee Bridge Colors.jpg)
    130 KB
    >System: None in particular, any modern or supernatural.
    >Setting: Elves are real, gnomes are real, yeti are real, trolls and sasquatches regularly eat people's livestock. Otherwise it's the real world.
    >Concept: You're an elf-hunter, or gnome-hunter, all-round supernatural exterminator. You're not secret or anything, because everyone knows the damn things exist, they just pay you to deal with them. Lay traps and ambushes for prancing elves, trick trolls into the sea, hunt sasquatches and put down poison for the gnomes before they disassemble someone's car again, or re-arrange his garden for the fifth time with their annoying little wheelbarrows.

    So basically, nWoD Hunter focused against studying and beating up changelings? Let's just load up on cold iron weaponry and we can go to town, though piercing the Mask is going to be a hell of a problem without Unseen Sense (Fae) or that True Sight of St. Abel ritual of Benediction.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:21 No.4012732

    I got the impression that most nWoD Changelings could put up a decent fight, and that some of them were definitely fucking scary. In this case I was more imagining the vast majority as either more annoying than horrifying, or too stupid to really cause any serious damage with what power they have.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:22 No.4012735
    Gnomes? Water. Gas. Daschunds. Electricity.
    If it works on moles, should do those gnomes right in.

    Elves and sasquatches, that's another cup of tea. Expect to be looked down by the real manly guys, hunters of big eldritch game.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:22 No.4012736
    And the tank runs on radishes, and has the brain of a cat.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:24 No.4012749
    I support this on the grounds that it gives me an excuse to smash those creepy little red hatted bastards.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:26 No.4012762

    Yeah, there are probably rednecks who hunt yeti and wendigos for sport. You're more like the plumber whose jeans seem physically incapable of covering more than half his ass, except with a horseshoe, lucky rabbit's foot and cold iron buckshot in a shotgun.


    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:33 No.4012805
    > Setting: Elves are real (...) Otherwise it's the real world.
    > Concept: You're an elf-hunter

    Good, I take out my flame-thrower.
    We're eating elf tonight.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:35 No.4012819

    Oh, yeah, no doubt, if you're a bit low on cash, you can sell the gnomes to a Chinese restaurant, too. Pretty much like chicken after they take off the heads.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)08:42 No.4012863
    Yeah, there are probably rednecks who hunt yeti and wendigos for sport.

    Hell no, not rednecks.
    Gentlemanly Great White (yellow, black, whatever) Hunters with pith helmets and full plate armor, willing and capable of paying exorbitant sums for travel to where the dreaded Sidhe lurk.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)10:52 No.4013288

    Maybe a Steve Irwin-alike? Who goes out and tackles Wendigo, drags hissing, snapping gnomes out of their burrows, etc. and shows off their genitalia/horrible claws to the world?
    >> Mitchell Henderson !!3DEMVmXcfez 03/18/09(Wed)11:13 No.4013369
    This isn't a game.

    ... At least, not in Iceland.
    >> MuppetMaster 03/18/09(Wed)11:13 No.4013371
    Wake up, man. There have been sasquatch in the area around Mobile, Alabama for years.
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)11:21 No.4013400
    I'd play it. It'd probably work pretty well with GURPS, since it sounds pretty low-level. The PCs would probably start out as 100-point characters with simple gear, then work their way up.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)11:23 No.4013410

    But why would you use GURPS for anything? Unisystem is simpler, faster and generally better, while accomplishing all of the same things with less fuzz.
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)11:32 No.4013451
    I am not familiar with Unisystem, so I can neither confirm nor deny your claims about it. However, I like GURPS in that you can do literally ANYTHING with it. There's an entire book about bioengineering and everything that goes with it. There's a book about how to simulate any martial arts style, real or fictional. There's a book about traveling through parallel dimensions and fighting dinosaur-riding Nazis with magic and lasers.

    Of course, that's just in defense of the system in general. In terms of supernatural exterminators, there's probably a more fitting system out there.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)11:39 No.4013481

    Unisystem is pretty much the same sort of one-size-fits-all system. Simple resolution mechanic: 1d10+stat+skill. If your result is 9+, and over any opposing rolls(if there are any), then you succeed.

    It's simple and fast, and I love how fragile characters are. Just resilient enough that minor slipups don't kill you, but fragile enough that any sort of major idiocy gets you dead, while smart plans let you wipe the floor with enemies.

    I've tried GURPS a couple of times, both times I pretty much just gave up and threw the book at someone before I was halfway through character creation. Pile of shit in my eyes, sorry to say it.
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)11:45 No.4013507
    Well, we can just agree to disagree.

    "Fragile characters" does sound like a fitting feature of this setting, which was one of my reasons for suggesting GURPS.
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)12:19 No.4013664
    Bumping because this thread is too good to die.

    I'm thinking that exterminators could only hunt sasquatches by setting up traps. They're big and strong all right, but they're only about as smart as a labrador retriever. Hunters, on the other hand, prefer to do it the old-fashioned way with a camo suit and a high-powered shotgun, but that's because they're either testosterone-poisoned hicks or jaded thrill seekers. Exterminators might not be manly or honorable, but they get paid and they stay alive.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)12:27 No.4013699
         File :1237393660.jpg-(76 KB, 720x477, bullseye..jpg)
    76 KB

    Dr. Genome, mister, sir, how would one go about creating a master of throwing in GURPS? I'm afraid I have a rather crippling case of The Dumb today, and can't seem to find the books that would help me create a character that can turn any bit of detritus into a deadly weapon.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)12:40 No.4013759
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)12:47 No.4013798
    The Trowing Art skill sound right up your alley, though you'll need Trained by a Master to do it. The rest should be intuitive: lots of ST for damage and range, lots of DX for accuracy, et cetera.
    >> Radical Inquisitor Gene !!5DHr+X02Frt 03/18/09(Wed)12:47 No.4013804
         File :1237394867.jpg-(46 KB, 505x768, 1236976667231.jpg)
    46 KB
    can we get a baneblade?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)12:48 No.4013810

    Big, strong, and resilient as fuck. It's not just a matter of a single bear trap, you're going to need to drop five trees on him and then shove him down a canyon.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)12:50 No.4013820
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)13:00 No.4013889
    On the other end of the spectrum, you have chupacabras. A full-grown adult is the size of a ten-year-old, and can take about as much damage as one. But the sons of bitches are FAST. They need to be to run down deer, which was mostly the only thing they ate before humans came in and started building farms everywhere. On top of that, they can jump farther than any other creature their size, both vertically and horizontally. Sure, they'll flee as soon as you shine a flashlight in those big bug eyes of theirs, but when they get cornered, watch out. They can't do too much damage with a single bite, but their saliva is an anticoagulant, so you'll bleed like crazy. The best way to get them is to poison the livestock, but obviously that's pretty counterproductive.
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)13:11 No.4013969
    Bumping again for the same reason.
    >> Radical Inquisitor Gene !!5DHr+X02Frt 03/18/09(Wed)13:14 No.4013998
    Chupacabras is supossed to be man sized, quick as fuck and also a vampire
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)13:27 No.4014108

    A) His concept is better.
    B) Anticoagulant means more bleeding means more blood to suck. Vampire bats to do it.

    Gnomes: They're almost human, but tiny. Kinda like kobolds, they dig burrows, hide in walls, steal shiny things, some of them set up traps, and they breed like rats. Poison's classic, but they're often too smart for it. You'll want traps, you'll want pressure-hoses into their burrows and for the last few you might have to dig your way into their homes.

    The ones who live in department stores sometimes build crazy shit out of things they steal.

    Elves: I imagine some of them are arrogant sidhe who would be our equals and then some if they weren't too arrogant to use technology. As it is, they've got bows and swords and often cults of idiot humans. Usually the cops take care of them.

    Others are just little fluttery fairy-like things: Use bug spray, but be careful, some of them are blood-drinkers.
    >> Radical Inquisitor Gene !!5DHr+X02Frt 03/18/09(Wed)13:29 No.4014135
    My apologies Sir, only one thing to criticize, in a constructive manner
    Chupacabras means "Ram Sucker"
    In Fact, Cabras can be used to describe Rams, Sheeps and the such.

    Good Luck good Sir, your setting is awesome
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)13:31 No.4014154

    Yeah, I think he intended them as mainly preying on animals, not biting humans unless you cornered one and tried to grab it or it had to go through you to get away.
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)13:35 No.4014176
    I was thinking that elves would be like gnomes, but clean-shaven and more magical. They're the bastards who steal babies and spoil milk when they can get away with it, which is less and less these days. Elves mostly live out in the countryside; they don't last too long in cities.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)13:40 No.4014218

    Gnomes are the unshaven little assholes in red hats, while Elves are kinda like Leprechaun... from the Leprechaun movies. Dressed in green, prone to dancing, riddles, kidnapping and sabotage, also relatively smart. The Gnomes mostly fuck shit up because they mistake your toaster oven for a public urinal, elves rig your toaster oven to explode and fill your eyes with glass shards, then steal your kid and force your spouse to answer riddles to get your daughter back.
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)13:47 No.4014259
    Idea: some humans can use magic, but nobody bothers anymore because there's nothing magic can do that technology can't replicate. Why bother learning to light fires with a snap of your fingers when you can just buy a lighter with pocket change? You can only learn it through a handful of eccentric schools or oral traditions passed down through generations like old German folk songs.

    Still, having a magician (that's the official term) on your side can be helpful when you're in the supernatural extermination business. Just don't get your hopes up about just how helpful.
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)13:48 No.4014268
    Sounds about right.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)13:52 No.4014298

    Maybe have a few varieties. Either you can do old pagan rituals, you can do black magic or you can wave around holy water and stuff.

    The problem with holy water and prayers is that it only works if you're actually devout and faithful, which few people are. Black magic tends to require that you sacrifice your soul or engage in creepy rituals, but is pretty close to traditional magic.

    Pagan stuff tends to require big rituals and for some reason stone circles. But it's efficient and locking out elves from someone's house. Like a supernatural padlock.

    And of course no human's gonna be a match for an elf at the top of his game.


    So, what are we lacking, anyway? Wendigos? I'd say they're probably the worst thing you can meet. Like bigger, emaciated-looking sasquatches without hair, thankfully they only hang out where it's fucking cold, but their thing is that they just drag people away and eat them, or livestock, but unlike the chupacabras they actually PREFER people.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)13:56 No.4014328
    > Wendigo
    Also they can fly.
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)13:59 No.4014348
    Eh, I think that magic should be a little more low-key. You can get most spells worth casting done with a totem and maybe a little blood.

    Would wendigos still be possessed and transformed humans? Because that just adds to their horribleness. Wendigos are the kind of thing that you call the ARMY to take care of, but some very experienced exterminators might have a chance at taking one down with minimal casualties. And by minimal casualties I mean at least two guys, maybe three.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)13:59 No.4014350

    They can? I never heard that. I always heard them described as essentially just mutated cannibals.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)14:02 No.4014364

    The magic's debateable, and secondary, most exterminators really wouldn't have any truck with it for the most part.

    Wendigos: Definitely an option, yeah. Cannibals and such, twisted and mutated. Maybe those who manage to get away from a Wendigo with just a bite or something risk being transformed themselves.

    Killing a Wendigo is as much luck as skill, since they're good at hiding and they don't come out unless there's a total white-out situation, a blizzard where no one has a chance in fucking hell of catching them.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)14:04 No.4014378
    In the stories I was always told, it would swoop down on you, grab you with it's claws, then fly parallel to the ground, slowly geting closer and closer to the ground. Then it'd turn you into a long red streak.
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)14:04 No.4014379
    Of course, it's important not to confuse wendigos with yetis. Yetis are to sasquatches as polar bears are to grizzlies, which is still pretty nasty, but not nearly as bad as a human-possessing spirit of primal hunger.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)14:08 No.4014404

    So basically still big and stupid, just a bit more ambush hunter and adapted to places that are high and cold, like the Himalayas.

    Trolls? Giants? Any other thoughts on fairies(as in the tiny, winged kind)? Should there be stuff like vampires and ghosts?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)14:09 No.4014409
    This is the greatest idea ever. I love it.

    I can just imagine it. You walk out of your front door and step in Gnome crap. Your garden? Been rearranged 10 times in the last week. Now you have posies and bushes in a row.

    Your car? IT'S ON FUCKING CINDER BLOCKS BECAUSE OF THOSE FUCKING GNOMES. Your dog? You've had to keep it inside and locked in the most secure closet in the house because those Gnomes keep trying to get at it to use it as a beast of burden for their fucking wheel barrows. And then there's the looting. You've lost all your Garden tools in the last week, as well as food from the kitchen. You think they're growing in sophistication, and that it's only a matter of time before they go for electronics. You tried to tell the Johnsons that a gnome infestation was a serious problem, that the longer you left them, the more they would expand and loot, and the more friends they'd call over and attract. Now the whole Neighborhood is infested. Just hiring some neighborhood kids to go nuts with some Shovels isn't going to cut it, they are too many of them and they're too well entrenched.

    It's time to call a Specialist.
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)14:12 No.4014432
    Not sure about undead, but trolls are definitely good enemies for exterminators who have graduated from gnome-hunting. Most trolls are actually rather small, and look like squat humans with bulbous noses and horse tails. They usually lurk around forests and streams, eating anything slower than them. Up north, however, you start to get the big fellows. They're as dangerous as bears, if not more so.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)14:12 No.4014436
    You are now picturing Dale Gribble gasing gnomes
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)14:16 No.4014461

    I imagine the trolls as a step up from sasquatches. Bit smarter, but about as bright and gullible as your average Downsie. Mostly they just want to be left alone, and humans can make friends with them, but occasionally one of them starts stomping farms. Usually dealing with them is a matter of air support or just tricking them into leaving.

    Undead? Yeah, it'd not be too fitting. Any suggestions what else we could work in, though?


    That's a great intro, I love that.
    >> Dr. Genome 03/18/09(Wed)14:18 No.4014476
    Oh, and on the subject of gremlins: in the early stages, it's easy to mistake a gremlin infestation for a gnome one. They have similar habits, and are about the same size. The important difference is that gremlins can fuck up machinery like nobody's business. There are two distinct breeds: the scrappers, who can completely dismantle a car engine in ten minutes, and zappers, who emit some sort of natural static that bends electronics over and rapes them to hell and back. Both of them can be dangerous in a fight if you don't come prepared.

    The Germans used them to mess with Allied machinery in World War 2. Some people say that's how they got to America in the first place. The worst part was when they'd get them on planes and the poor little buggers ended up sending themselves crashing down because they just couldn't resist their instincts. Almost makes you feel sorry for them.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)14:22 No.4014507
    >> Anonymous 03/18/09(Wed)14:23 No.4014518

    Can you IMAGINE terrorists with a breeding colony of "scrappers"?

    Also how similar would they be to movie Gremlins? Would they be more like those or more like smaller, geekier Gnomes perpetually covered in electrical burns and engine grease?