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Blazblue, Destiny's Herald Quest 15: Politics As Usual
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Ben%20Herald
Follow me on Twitter @DeadSpike4tw
Character sheet at http://pastebin.com/KcG8QSZX

Last time:
>You happened to notice Jin and Tsubaki having a discussion that Yayoi seemed very tense about. They left before you could hear anything.
>You left to find Newton, only to find that he was searching for you. Apparently Iron Tager had been tearing up about a quarter of Iwatsu to get to Hazama.
>Grabbing your gun, you go find Noel, only to catch her carrying laundry. You awkwardly wait outside her door while she changes because you can't waste time finding the lovebirds.
>When you two get back, Iron Tager has torn a line through another quarter of the city, and you intercept him.
>The scientist Kokonoe is a bitch, but you generally manage to call her bluff enough to negotiate the exchange of Ragna the Bloodedge for assistance capturing Hazama.
And now you're wishing you didn't exist and trying to down as much of the free booze you can without looking suspicious.
It is good, though. American whiskey. You're surprised they have the area to grow the materials for it, but then again, where would humanity be without alcohol?

You refill your glass as Byakuga continues yelling at Relius.
“So now we're negotiating with Sector Seven? After they threatened to release Ragna on us again?”
“Keep in mind that they also captured Ragna, Head Yayoi.” Relius is as smooth as ever. You still hate his guts, though.
“That doesn't matter! We're going to help capture someone for them on the CHANCE they hand over Bloodedge! If he gets released, all of that effort will be for nothing!”

Relius turns to you. “Major Herald, you were on the negotiating team. Would you care to explain why you came to the decision you did?”
Shit, was it your turn to talk?
You put down your drink in a hurry.

>”I didn't have much time. If anything, the fight would have done more damage than it was worth. We can renegotiate later.”
>”Kokonoe wouldn't be asking for help if she didn't know we could outfight her.”
>”Sector Seven can't afford to spark conflict with us, and they know it. We hold the cards here.”
>”Ragna's been on the losing end on every fight he's been in on the past week. Releasing him is a bluff meant to spark fear.”
>”I didn't have much time. If anything, the fight would have done more damage than it was worth. We can renegotiate later.”
>”Kokonoe wouldn't be asking for help if she didn't know we could outfight her.”

Noel and I could take Tager easily, Hazama could take Noel and I easily. Hazama and Ragna were on about equal terms last I saw. If we want to come out ahead we need to table at least one of the threats here. Ragna or Hazama. Ragna is supposedly caught, but even if he isn't we take Hazama out we can focus on Ragna with all our force. If Kokonoe Plays us false we take Taeger and Hazama out regardless. We play this smart NOL comes out ahead with minimal loss of life.
>”I didn't have much time. If anything, the fight would have done more damage than it was worth. We can renegotiate later.”
>”Kokonoe wouldn't be asking for help if she didn't know we could outfight her.”
You furrow your eyebrows and try to keep your eyes off of your sorely-needed whiskey.
“First, Head Yayoi, I didn't have much time. Kokonoe, representative for Sector Seven, apparently has a short temper. We would have risked a good portion of Iwatsu to take him down.”
You shove your glass aside so you can focus. “Besides, Kokonoe wouldn't have asked for help if she knew she could outfight us. We would have beaten and probably killed Tager had he engaged. And even if she had been able to actually capture Ragna, Hazama is more powerful than perhaps Major Kisaragi, your daughter, Lieutenant Vermillion, and I combined.
I don't know what Hazama is planning, but he's too strong to be left to move freely. Even if Kokonoe betrays us, she would have to expose Iron Tager, allowing us aid against Hazama and costing them Tager in exchange for the release of someone we were already fighting.
Either way, if she turns on us, I'll be the first target, so we get out with minimal loss and the risk is on my head.”
Byakuga considers this for a moment, calculating holes in your ideas.
“Well spoken.” Relius says. “Major Kiseragi?”
“Captain Hazama has seemingly turned on the NOL. However... Someone of his position will likely be ready for anything we can prepare against him.” Jin drums his fingers on the table. “We need a trump card. Something he couldn't possibly know about before we could even consider attacking him. Something new- or else something so overwhelmingly powerful there would be no escape.”

“Well, I have another consideration to make. Can we really risk going after Hazama at this point?” Byakuga asks. “I mean... He is still an NOL officer, even if he has deserted. We could offer him a pardon, so this whole negotiation would be a non-issue.”
Tsubaki speaks up. “Father... I'm sorry, but Captain Hazama is an extremely deceptive person. He... He seems to lack any empathy at all. If it was in his best interest to kill us all, he wouldn't hesitate to do so.”
“Still... We need to remove as many problems from this situation as possible, and that's the easiest way of removing Hazama as an issue.”

You take a drink.

>”There's no negotating with Hazama. That man is a snake.”
>”It could be a carefully-laid trap.”
>”I still say Kokonoe's betrayal is worth risking.”
>Wait for an opening
>Study Relius
>Study Byakuga
>Study Jin
>Study Tsubaki
>Keep drinking
>”There's no negotating with Hazama. That man is a snake.”
He was the captain of intelligence, you give him an inch and he'll take your head off. You pardon him, your daughter, Noel, and I would be dead within the month.
>Study Relius
>Study Byakuga
>Study Jin
>Study Tsubaki
>”There's no negotating with Hazama. That man is a snake.”
He was the captain of intelligence, you give him an inch and he'll take your head off. You pardon him, your daughter, Noel, and I would be dead within the month.
>Study Relius
>Study Byakuga
>Study Jin
>Study Tsubaki

You put your glass down “There's no negotiating with Hazama. That man is a snake and will take your head off if you drop your guard for a second. If he comes back, he'll likely kill me, Vermillion, your daughter, Major Kiseragi, and possibly you, probably in that order, and certainly within the month. He led the Intelligence division- he probably knows everything there is about poisons and assassinations and planning.”

Your eyes turn to Relius first. He's enjoying this, smirking and drinking wine of his own choice at his leisure. Probably part of his manipulative streak.
And you can't trust him, like Kokonoe said.
Byakuga is next on your line of people to check. Unlike Relius, he's not liking this one bit- in fact, he's the most tense person here. The two make a nice contrast.
He's staring at the table, and you can almost see the smoke coming out of his ears. You wonder is he's ever dealt with conflict like this before.
Jin hasn't seemed to change from how you know him. Still cold, still calculating. He's eying up Relius suspiciously as well. Your gazes meet, and you seem to share an understanding that there's more here than meets the eye.
Tsubaki is almost as tense as her father, her gaze shifting between Byakuga and Jin at short intervals.
File: Relius_Clover.png (62 KB, 256x256)
62 KB
Relius leans forward. “Well, I think I can safely say that it would be in our best interest to consider the fastest way to capture Hazama.”
The other four members at the table, including you, look up at him in slight surprise.
“What? But he was your co-worker!” Byakuga stares at the Colonel incredulously.
“Oh, please. I've had a lot of coworkers. Some were more scrupulous than others. It's a shame, but he must pay for his crimes.”
“That's absolutely correct- I mean, I agree with the Colonel.”
“Come now, Miss Yayoi. We're comrades in this. There's no need to be so formal.”
“So we're going to be capturing Hazama?” Jin asks. “I assume that either I or Ben will be leading the retrieval.”

>”We'll need everyone we can get.”
>”It might be dangerous. Are you still injured?”
>”You should lead. You have more experience commanding- such as in the War.”
>”I'll lead. I was the negotiator, so the target's on my back.”
>”Colonel, your suggestion?”
>>”It might be dangerous. Are you still injured?”
You're a far better fighter than I, but Hazama is like a shark as much as he is a snake, if your hurt he will focus on your injuries.
that being said
>”We'll need everyone we can get.”
“We need everyone we can get, but it's still going to be dangerous. Are you still injured?”
Jin shakes his head. “No. I've completely recovered.”
You look at him for a few seconds in disbelief.
He responds in kind with a glare. “I have medical records this time. I've been cleared for combat, and I'm completely functional.”
“Well, if he exploits your injuries-”
“There are no injuries to exploit. I've fully healed.” Jin looks back at you. “I'll be fine taking point if I need to.”
Relius nods. “That would probably be for the best. Herald will keep an eye on Tager and provide ranged support. As far as I can tell, Jin is still the better melee combatant.”
“That's true.” you tilt your head in deference.
“I'd like to accompany Major Kiseragi at the front.” Tsubaki says, a bit sheepishly. Her father looks a bit concerned.
“I am part of Zero Squadron, so it's my job to punish those that break off from the NOL. Hazama has done so, so it's my responsibility to take him into custody.”
“If Hazama is as dangerous as you all say, you may be hurt!” Byakuga states. “I can't risk my heir getting stabbed in the back by some super-powered traitor! She'll die, and there won't be anything I can do to stop it! If it was some thug, there would be no issue! But I'm not letting Tsubaki put herself on the line!”
“Father, please.”
“Head Yayoi, that's not your decision to make.” Jin states without malice.
This silences the table. Relius's face flashes with a grin, but then moves to being serious.

>”Jin's right, you know.”
>”Head Yayoi, I think it would be best to let Tsubaki choose where she wants to be in the capturing force.”
>”You can come with us if you really want to be certain of her safety.”
>”Tsubaki can protect herself.”
>”Jin is too much of a threat for Hazama to risk attacking Tsubaki first and giving away his position.”
>”Hazama will attack me first, Head Yayoi. I know it.”
Thank you, one anon who saved this session.
Your loyalty will forever be known in the halls of the Librarium.
>”Jin is too much of a threat for Hazama to risk attacking Tsubaki first and giving away his position.”
>”Tsubaki can protect herself.”
She's a better at melee than I am.
>”Hazama will attack me first, Head Yayoi. I know it.”
I really messed his plans up also I seem to have a talent for annoying him in no small measure.

I try.
>”Jin is too much of a threat for Hazama to risk attacking Tsubaki first and giving away his position.”
>”Tsubaki can protect herself.”
>”Hazama will attack me first, Head Yayoi. I know it.”
You try to wave away the concerns. “Head Yayoi, Jin's too much of a threat for Hazama to give away his position to attack Tsubaki first. Besides, she's still part of Zero Squadron, and thus fully capable of protecting herself.”
He narrows his eyes at you, seemingly unconvinced.
You sigh. “If it really makes you feel better, Hazama will almost certainly go for me first. Apparently I have a tendency of irritating him and foiling his plans. Somehow.”

“Father. I'll be fine. I'm not a child anymore.” Tsubaki reassures Head Yayoi.
Byakuga is basically grinding his teeth in frustration, thinking for an excuse to argue. “Fine. But if anything happens to her, it's on your head, Kisaragi.”

“Don't worry, sir. I take all of my responsibilities personally.” Jin hisses coldly.
There's a stare-off between them, for some reason. You're confused for a second, and then realize that this is a father/son-in-law conflict in the making.
Are they really serious?

Relius interrupts it. “Well, if that is all, we'll discuss the specifics when we have a link to Sector Seven and Kokonoe. I will see you all at a later time- experiments to run and paperwork to do, the such.”
He stands up and walks out. Byakuga turns to you. “Actually, Herald, stay back for a while. I have something to discuss with you.”
“And not me?” Jin raises an eyebrow.
Tsubaki almost looks irritated at this point.

>”Jin, not now.”
>”I actually have somewhere else to be.”
>”Can it wait?”
>”Are you two going to stop bickering already?”
>Start drinking
>Start drinking
>”Can it wait?”
>”Are you two going to stop bickering already?”
I'm not interested nor politically savvy enough to have any interest in Duodecim except to know their my bosses. Can you two future in-laws stop having a pissing contest and concentrate on the psychopath we need to beat at hand?
>Start drinking
>”Can it wait?”
>”Are you two going to stop bickering already?”
You raise a finger and put the whiskey glass to your lips.
The three others stare at you until you've finished draining it.

You wipe your mouth on your sleeve when you finish.
“Ah, sorry. Can it wait? Or are you two going to keep bickering in the middle of a discussion involving capturing who is possibly the most dangerous man in the world?”
“What?” Jin and Byakuga say in unison.
“No, seriously. You future in-laws are butting heads in a manlier-than-thou competition, while, by the way, we're trying to discuss tactics, that, if implemented improperly, could kill me and everyone I know and care about. So excuse me if I'm being a bit impatient here. If you two are going to argue over Tsubaki, which you obviously are, could you not do it here? Please?”

More tense silence.
You pour more whiskey, as you hate tense silence.
“Why- I... You... I can't believe this.” Tsubaki storms out.
Jin glares at you before going after Tsubaki and Byakuga puts his face in his hand, breathing deeply.
“So what was it you wanted to talk about?” you ask Byakuga.
“Just... Never mind. We'll talk about it later.” He stands up in a kind of daze before leaving.
It's just you and the whiskey, now.

>I'll bet Noel would be down to drink.
>I'll bet Newton would be down to drink.
>You know what? I've had enough.
>>I'll bet Newton would be down to drink.
>I'll bet Newton would be down to drink.

Booze is better with buddies, as they say.
You can't remember who said that, though.
Huh. Probably for the better.
You consider where to put the whiskey, but eventually give up. You can buy some more.

“You look like shit, dude. What happened to you?” Newton looks almost alarmed.
You're having a hard time caring as you eat your excuse for a sandwich in whatever the hell this bar's name is.
You swallow before responding. “Jin and Byakuga got in a pissing contest, probably over Tsubaki. I called them out on it and Tsubaki got mad as hell.” You take another bite and swallow. “Also, whiskey.”
He shakes his head and eats one of his wings. They call them buffalo wings, but you don't think buffalo have wings. Still, with seither...
“Shit. That sounds awful. So how are you gonna deal with it?”

>”Deal with it? It's not my problem.”
>”Probably get smashed.”
>”Probably sleep it off.”
>”Get bitched out by Jin and Tsubaki and Byakuga, I guess.”
>”I came to talk to you about it, man.”
>”Probably talk to Noel.”

(I noticed that I'm basically writing a book with my word count at this point. Jesus Christ.)
>”I came to talk to you about it, man.”
>”Probably talk to Noel.”
and then
>”Get bitched out by Jin and Tsubaki and Byakuga.
Probably committed career suicide, but fuck it I never expected to get past warrant officer anyways.

Welcome to questan, long quests can fill literal novels.
>”I came to talk to you about it, man.”
>”Probably talk to Noel.”
>”Get bitched out by Jin and Tsubaki and Byakuga.
“I came to you to talk about it, man.” You start to chew on your sandwich again. “Then I'll probably talk it out with Noel when she sees me, then I'll get bitched out by Jin, Tsubaki, and Byakuga, and then I'll probably never get promoted again because I pissed off one-sixth of the Duodecim.”
Newton pauses for a second. “Holy shit, I forgot about that. You're not gonna get drawn up for that, are you?”
“Nah, I'm too valuable at the moment. But still, I never expected to get past Warrant Officer, so it's all good.”

The more you eat, the more your head clears. It was probably a good idea not to drink.
Soon, you two start finishing up and get the bill. But before the waiter can collect the change, some thugs decide to shove the dude over and steal the money.
“Hey, the fuck, man?” Newton stands up halfway, before getting shoved over by one of the two.
“This is the guy that fought Ragna the Bloodedge? I don't believe it!”
One of them has a mohawk and is wearing the stupidest leather jacket you've ever seen, and the other has a skinhead cut and piercings where piercings should not be.
Both of them are larger and taller than you.
“He's a complete shrimp! You're not just some lookalike, are you?”
“But he's got a gun and everything!”
“Nah, anyone can buy a gun.”
Piercing guy turns to you. “I'm Jack and this is Joe. We're basically the toughest dudes around here, so we don't appreciate it when you stinking bluecoats start getting uppity cause one 'Ben Herald' showed up. If you're him, It's hard to believe!”
He laughs.

>”Are you kidding? You have really picked a bad time to start a fight.”
>”No, jackass. I'm the dude that looks exactly like him but isn't.”
>”Stop being assholes and let people eat.”
>Use your Drive to 'drive' these idiots off.
>”You wanna pay for that?”
>>”Are you kidding? You have really picked a bad time to start a fight.”
>”Stop being assholes and let people eat.”
>If you push this I hope you're fine with what little you have in the way of brains coming out your ears.
>Have your drive ready just in case.
File: Mohawk_Idiot.png (142 KB, 250x448)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
>”Stop being assholes and let people eat.”
>If you push this I hope you're fine with what little you have in the way of brains coming out your ears.
>Have your drive ready just in case.

You stand up. “You know, you probably COULD have chosen a worse time to pick a fight, but I doubt you would be smart enough to pull it off. So stop being assholes and let people eat.”
“Ben, come on. They're just riling you up.” Newton tries to sit normally.
“Yeah, listen to your chicken of a friend.” Mohawk turns to Newton. “You're eating chicken, so I guess that makes you a cannibal, eh?”
“Heh, that's pretty funny, but what's even funnier is that this chump thinks he's the real deal.”
“You know, I hope you like gambling whatever brains you have coming out of your ears, because that's what you're asking for.”
Sonic energy crackles at your fingertips.
“Oh yeah?” Piercings gets up in your face, his terrible breath creeping you out. “What are you gonna do about it?”

>Bang noise When he flinches drive you knee into his head. Knock him out. Look at his friend. Deal with him as necessary.
You raise your right index finger.
Piercings looks at you weirdly.
“Hey, what the hell are you-”
A gunshot sound cracks from your finger, causing the creep to clutch at his ear. You use the opportunity to grab his head and drive it into your knee. Piercings slumps back, whining and clutching his head.

“Hey! You don't get to do that! Only we get to do that! Eat chain, pig!”
He throws a steel chain that you manage to grab out of thin air. His face turns pale with fear when he sees you move so quickly.
“What the hell! That's not possible!”
He grits his teeth and pulls, hoping to throw you off-balance.

>Roll 2d6 against 5
Rolled 4, 1 = 5 (2d6)

Assaulting a poor waiter, causing a public disturbance, assaulting me. You not that bright are you?
File: Spoiler Image (1010 KB, 900x563)
1010 KB
1010 KB PNG
>Roll 2d6 against 5
You're caught off-guard by the sudden pull-
-but manage to get your footing in time and pull back.
“Assaulting a poor waiter, causing a public disturbance, assaulting me. You're not that bright, are you?”
“What? No way!” He growls. “Well, I'll show you what for when-”
“Hi.” Newton pulls a fist back and hurls it to go through Mohawk's skull.
A gigantic CRUNCH can be heard as the towering man falls, and hits the floor with a room-shaking crash. One of the waitresses screams.
>Pic related
Your friend smirks. “Can't let you do all the lifting.” He wrings out his wrist. “Sorry about that. We'll, uh, make it up to you, I guess.”
One boy in the background points and claps. His mother pulls him to her and stops him.
The manager comes out, carrying a two-sided axe. “Now what is it? I swear, if it's...”
He lowers his weapon when he sees the floor. “Well, hot damn. Someone finally got them before me.”

>”Um, what do we owe you?”
>”These guys 'regulars'?”
>”Sorry about the mess. We'll leave.”
>”And you are?”
>Stay silent
>”Um, what do we owe you?”
>Um, what do we ow you?
File: Axe_Wielding_Owner.png (70 KB, 310x396)
70 KB
>”Um, what do we owe you?”

After the man puts down his axe, the restaurant mostly goes back to normal.
You wonder why a child was brought to a bar-cuisine establishment, but that's hardly the strangest thing you've seen today.
The owner looks over the damage and says, “Honestly? Just pay your bill and send the capture bonus here. It should pay for the damage. If it doesn't, they will.”
Newton looks around. “You sure? I think I left a couple of teeth scattered, too. Might hurt the health inspection.”
The owner smiles. “It's good to see that at least someone in the NOL cares.”
“We try.” you say. “But those guys were pissing me off, anyways.”
“Heh. They do that. Stupid punks think they run the place because they can beat up some low-level officers. Funny how they talk tough but run when they see me.”
“Yo, old man.” A man in a red jacket steps inside. “What's going on in...”
He looks at you.
You look at him.
Nobody else seems to recognize him for some reason.
He sighs. “Well, shit.”
Newton looks at you with a raised eyebrow. “You know him?”

>”So Kokonoe was lying after all.”
>”Don't step on the teeth.”
>”You know, I'm not even surprised anymore.”
>”Newton, you've got to be joking.”
>”This guy's the manager... uh, citizen.”
>”So Kokonoe was lying after all.”
>”You know, I'm not even surprised anymore.”
> So Kokonoe was lying after all
>Newton you've got to be joking
File: Ragnas_wanted_poster.png (112 KB, 450x768)
112 KB
112 KB PNG

You two stare at each other for a bit, and Ragna tentatively steps into the restaurant, sweating and looking at you with nervousness- It's not that he's afraid of you, it's more like he expects something to fall on him while you're around.
“So Kokonoe was lying after all.” You watch him order and hand the menu over the second a waitress comes to his seat.
Your shoulders slump in defeat. “You know, I'm not even surprised anymore.” You sit down.
“Dude, what? Do you know that guy from somewhere? And what do you mean 'Kokonoe was lying'?”
You nearly slap your friend. “Newton, you've got to be joking. That's Ragna the Bloodedge!” you hiss.
“Ragna the Bloodedge?” the old man says. “Nah. Ragna the Bloodedge is some sort of ogre.”
“Actually, he's human, I think. But are you serious?” Newton squints at him. “He doesn't look like his wanted poster at all.”
“Wanted poster? I FOUGHT HIM...” You nearly yell, but manage to keep your voice down.
“Huh. Now I've seen everything. You mean to say you're that Ben Herald guy and he's Ragna the Bloodedge?”
Newton nods. “Actually, this IS Ben. I can vouch for him, and he's got his ID, I think.”
You pull it out. The old man squints.
“Huh. Well, that explains a lot. Well, I haven't got much taste for rewards, so if you'd be so kind as to not destroy my restaurant while you arrest him- assuming he is Ragna- then I'd really appreciate it.”
The old man drags the thugs, unconscious, out the back, and then gets out a broom to sweep up the debris.
You put your cash on the table and look at Newton. He shrugs and looks at you.
“What are we supposed to do? It's not like he's hurting anyone right now. He might not even be Ragna.”

>”We wait for him to leave and follow.”
>”Go for backup and tell them Kokonoe lied. I'll talk to him.”
>”Screw it, I'm just gonna try to knock him out.”
>”I really don't know, honestly. This is kind of surreal.”
>”I really don't know, honestly. This is kind of surreal.”
Write in
Go and talk with him, ask about rachel
Have a talk with dad and ask why he isn't with mom?
Clarification: With Newton present or not?
Probably not a good idea with Newton present.
Nah tell him we'll handle this
Right, Newton's going for help.
File: Momma and Daddy.png (232 KB, 560x315)
232 KB
232 KB PNG

>”I really don't know, honestly. This is kind of surreal.”
>Go up and talk to him, ask about Rachel
>Have a talk with dad and ask why he isn't with mom?

Your brain is fried.
Whether it's the alcohol or the stress or the fighting or the fact that the sworn enemy of the NOL is eating pork chops in front of you, you're not entirely sure.

“So what are we gonna do?” Newton asks. “You're the man with a plan.”
“I... I'm really not sure. This is super surreal.” You nearly start crying. “Uh... I guess I'll talk to him... Distract him while you go for help?”
“Uh, sure, but... You gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, I'll be fine.” You wave Newton away, and he slips out as you sit down at Ragna's table.
Ragna is now three inches from panicking, but calms down when the wiatress comes back.
“Oh, are you ordering, too?” she asks cheerily.
“Yeah, uh, just fries or something.”
She leaves, and Ragna hisses, “What the hell do you think you're doing?”
You breathe in deeply. “You know Rachel Alucard, right?”
Ragna goes from nervous to angry. “Yeah. Why?”
“Because... um, she said I was her... 'son'.” You use finger quotations.
“Fantastic. Why should I care?”
“Because... and this Is kinda why I wanted to talk to you...” you hesitate.
“What? What is it? Spit it out, dammit! It's bad enough you're talking to me like we're buddy-buddies!”

“...Because she said you were my, uh... 'dad'.” You blush uncontrollably.
The SS-Class criminal Ragna the Bloodedge, infamous throughout the world for his ruthlessness and killing power, begins to scream like a little girl.

I think that ends things for tonight.
Any questions?
Is Ragna going to appear on Jerry now?
So how bad is Ragna taking the news?
File: Screams_Externally.png (114 KB, 279x241)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Doesn't he wish.
Pic related.
Is he wondering if Racheal did the deed without his consent?
That is running through his now-overloaded mind, yes.
How would Ragna react if he learned what purpose Rachel created Ben for?
>"Mom says you never call."
>"No, I'm not hearing this. No. No, no, no. Not happening."
>"When you coming home, Dad?"
>"Hey, someone call Child Services!"
At this point?
He'd probably start crying and rocking from side to side.
Oh, by the way.
When do you guys want to do next session?
I just want to make sure it fits your schedules.
Probably earlier in the day?
How soon till Nu 13 appears and overloads on seeing "two" ragnas together
Either is fine for me
File: Sharing_Is_Caring.jpg (189 KB, 790x632)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
She would probably 'overload' for an entire other reason, if you get my drift.
>"TWO Ragnas?"
>"YAY! That means I can love you twice as much!"
Or she, in an effort to focus, will offer to share with Mu-12.
Weekdays or weekends (Friday as a weekday)?
File: NuLovesRagna.jpg (46 KB, 512x382)
46 KB
And in the spirit of Nu-13,
(I'm still here, though)
I fell asleep after I made the roll, glad two other Amina picked it up. Even if I think talking to Ragna is a move of dubious intelligence. The run time being sooner would be fine. As for nu could she mistake us for Ragna?

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