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Hello and welcome to another edition of Succubus Lord Quest! Family drama-over edition!

Last time on Succubus Lord Quest, we took control of Erika in an attempt to capture the mad scientist Sloth demon that originally started the war between the Okarian and Miyian clans, which was a rapid success after defeating horrors from beyond imagination and injuring several other teammates. During this entire time, Brooklyn casually enjoyed a delicious Mocha. The Sloth demon in question was given to Rebecca for holding and ‘interrogation’.

We now continue the day after of those events!

For information on characters and old threads:

File: CastleRock12292006.jpg (36 KB, 500x375)
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“Pardon me Dutchess Brooklyn, but it’s time to wake up.” One of your maids says to you.

You gently wake up, stretching as you absorb the dim morning light that is filtered through the howling winds and fast moving snow outside.

“I hope this isn’t an omen.” you mutter while looking out the window.

“Judging from what Nalika said to me, I think it just as well might be.” Ada says as she strolls into the room behind the maids, carrying a clipboard with her.

“What’s wrong with Nalika?” you ask getting up out of bed.

“She found out this morning that Rage Demon King Raj would be coming here today, and apparently she needed time to ‘prepare’ for that.” Ada says looking over the notes.

“What!? He’s coming here today!?” you ask getting out of bed in a panic. “W-Why didn’t anyone tell me!? We’re still repairing the castle and I haven’t made any arrangements!”

“With all due respect, we only found out this morning. I will admit that this is rather... eerie speed for someone of such statue to be visiting us.” Ada say exclaims.

You cup your hands to your mouth and exhale, nervous about this whole upcoming affair. You expected a Rage Demon Noble to come and visit you, but not this soon and certainly not without warning. “Do we at least have a time of when he’d arrive?” you ask.

“Soon.” Ada replies.

“Soon?” you ask.

“That’s what his letter says, soon on this date today, which we only got this morning.” Ada replies.

A) Try not to panic. Panic.
B) Interrupt Nalika and get as much information from this Rage Demon Noble as much as possible.
C) If he’s a King, then he’s certainly made a name for himself. Hit the library and see if you can learn anything about him quickly.
D) Attempt to learn the basics from native Wrath Demon culture quickly, cultural misunderstandings are the literal death for negotiations.
E) Other

(You may pick 2 before he arrives, A is a freebie if you want to pick that one)
>D) Attempt to learn the basics from native Wrath Demon culture quickly, cultural misunderstandings are the literal death for negotiations.
>E)Have our Cheif who certainly isn't a Demon Empress make a feast.
>F) If he’s a King, then he’s certainly made a name for himself. Have our minions hit the library and see if they can't find out anything quickly.
Works for me

You take one more large breath before moving your hands away. “Alright, this isn’t a problem. We can do this. First step is making sure everything goes smoothly. Is Shiva still mooching off of us?”

“She normally sleeps in until noon.” Ada clarifies.

“Good, wake her up and toss her into the kitchen with Alex. If there’s anyone that knows Wrath demon food it’d be her.” you instruct.

“She’s going to be quite difficult to wake up.” Ada replies.

“Just literally toss her in there then and tell her she’s not allowed out until she makes a feast.” you order Ada. “Myself and some others are going to head down to the castle library and see if we can find out anything about this Kaj or Wrath demon nobility in general.”

“The Okarian solution for everything then, heading to the library.” Ada retorts.

“Compared to blackmailing people and hanging them upside down from roofs?” you reply.

“...Yes I suppose I walked right into that one.” Ada replies.

Heading to the library and reading up about basic Wrath Demon mannerisms yourself, you discover that indeed the Wrath Demon noble race, the Asurans, are a very physical race, often living on worlds with significant hardships not because they were driven there, but the Asurans see hardships and enduring them as part of their Pride. Disagreements are settled with duels far more often than with other races, even Pride demons occasionally having duels of wits or cunning. Pride demons mainly attend a religion similar to buddhism from the Old World, but more focusing on perfection on the body. Ever since the last Emperor/Empress came into power, the Wrath demons have been largely fractured since then. While this has lead several major Wrath Demons of all sorts attempting to be warlords over specific areas, the Asurans are usually on top but practice a more laid back type of government, where even kings are known to congregate with those of lower status. Looking at Shiva you are understanding why this is the case. Otherwise the cycle of Wrath demons appear to be bursts of high activity with bouts of relaxation in between.

Looking up the Wrath Demon King Kaj you can see he has made quite a name for himself. Son of the Demon Emperor/Empress (even the book doesn’t know), he quickly made a name for himself by conquering several rising Wrath Demon warlords of other races who sought either his position or that of his father/mother, the Nightmares and the Ogres. He is noted for being stern in his rulings, but at the same time having a wide heart for those under his rule. Noted as well was his attempts to beat the current Demon Emperor/Empress several times... and having each one of his arms broken as a result each and every time.
File: images.jpg (5 KB, 300x168)
5 KB

“...Maybe we shouldn’t have put Shiva into the kitchen.” Wilhelmina says looking at the book.

“Only if he knows she’s there.” you reply.

“Have you thought about some of the notions to put forth towards him then?” Wilhelmina asks.

(Anything you want to add/mention?)
Can't think of anything.
Its hookers for mercs basically right? With added superscience weapons/armor for wrath demons who can't afford artifacts.

Hookers and possibly a vacation destination like Las Vegas yes.
Ah, Cool. Can't think of anything else right now.
Sounds like this will be a very entertaining family reunion.

“Well this will certainly be a very eventful family reunion.” you reply.

“It appears we don’t need to worry about changing the weather. Shame, I wanted to test out my latest invention.” Amanda says looking at the book.

The next bit of activity focuses on getting the castle guard ready for the incoming guests, making sure that you put on your best display of arms from your forces while sending diplomats waiting at the interdimensional gates. You yourself put on your ‘formal’ demonic attire to prepare for the event as well.

“Does this thing have to push up my breasts so much!?” you fume as you shift the uniform around.

“Is it comfortable at least?” Ada asks you.

“...Come to think of it yes, I rarely have any shoulder problems when wearing this thing.” you truthfully reply.

“Then quit complaining.” Ada replies as she looks over the paperwork as both you and her head to the audience chamber. “We got word from a runner that the Demon King’s escort has arrived and he’s entered the city proper.”

“Everyone in place?” you ask.

“But of course, I made sure of that.” Amanda replies.

“And what about Nalika?” you ask.

“She claims that she’ll be out a little while later.” Amanda replies as she readjusts her ribbon on her blouse.

“We only need to wait for him to come to us.” Wilhelmina replies.

“Excellent, everything is in order in.” you say sitting down in your throne, arms on both sides as you observe your throne room in repair. “...You sure they’ll welcome this decor.”

“If you prove to them that you’ve been fighting I’m sure they’ll enjoy that more than showing off. Sets a... different tone compared to the Pride Demons they’re so used to dealing with.” Amanda replies.
File: blizzardBeach_680x300.jpg (69 KB, 680x300)
69 KB

About ten minutes later, your messenger gives word that the Wrath Demon Kaj has officially entered your castle. Several minutes later your throneroom doors open wide up, showing a parade of dark skinned Asurans, the first two in the lineup holding up a royal banner that shows the image of a lion roaring on red, parting ways to show a troop of Wrath demons in full plate armour, each of them carrying swords and spears as part of their armament into the room as well. Parting ways once more to show a large carriage being pulled by two massive and snow covered Lion’s, striding into the room and showing an Asuran man standing on what appears to be a throne on his carriage, wearing what appears to be a golden lion furred robe and mane around his neck. His muscular physique fit for a statue, well defined muscles over a yellow and red leather armour chestpiece that appear to barely contain his form. All six of his arms cross, stern look on his youthful looking face. The Lion’s themselves seem to stop just short of the throne, roaring loudly in the room.

“...I sense a theme here.” Wilhelmina comments.

Brodin wanders out from behind a pillar, staring at the scene blinking for a second. “...Woah... I must’ve had some really strong shit last night...”

“Demon King Kaj, I, Dutchess Brooklyn, welcome you t-”

“Where is Nalika?” Kaj says in a stern tone of voice, interrupting you.

“Nalika?” you ask.

“Yes, where is Nalika. I was informed by a letter that she currently resides here.” the Demon King Kaj replies, his voice even rumbling like a Lion’s.
Politely tell him where she is.
Yeah... that sounds about right.
Were Lions a wrath demon import or something?
Are you just going to let him walk all over you?
Do you have a better suggestion? Should we refuse to tell him where she is?
He will meet her, he does not need worry. We'll even have his mother there.
These guys seem to value strength so I don't know if we should be super polite about it but sure tell him
This, so lets tell him that she's getting ready and WE are the Duke/Duchess.
Fine with me. Just glad we have an actual audience now.
Speaking of I just happened to catch this after missing a lot of threads have we banged a dude yet or are we still into purest love only
Still Purest Love, although we have the option to finally get a magitech dick soon due to Wilhelmina having a high-enough Spirit Control (confirmed by Sandact).
Sounds hot >>39943423
Building on >>39943330 :
"I AM DUCHESS BROWNING and you will show respect in my domain as I show you in yours, Demon King Kaj!"

Tempered with our knowledge of Wrath Demon Etiquette, obviously. We really should buy that skill up a bit.
File: u19128262.jpg (49 KB, 300x470)
49 KB
“Nalika is in the process of getting ready as we speak and will join us momentarily, do not worry about it.” you reply to him, your voice stern and unwavering. “Secondly my name is *Dutchess Browning*, and I demand you show me respect in my kingdom just as I would show in yours.”

“No, you demand my attention. One of the primary reasons I came to this shattered piece of rock is to see her. If we were merely going to discuss trade than I would hav-”

“Apologies for me being late Dutchess.” Nalika says as walks through the door with a handful of paperwork. “I was in the process of colla-”

Kaj’s face stops like a hunter noticing his quarry of prey. Your eyes trace to the location to where he’s staring at, seeing Nalika in the corner.

A dreadful thought crosses your mind. What if he hates nearly all of his family? In such a case then you are probably going to be ruling a crater moreso than an actual castle by the day’s end.

“...Oh no...” Nalika mutters to herself.

Kaj’s stern look suddenly seems to evaporate, his stern look replaced by a smiling face of pure joy as he opens his arms up. “Nalika! My favorite sister!”

“NO! GO AWAY!” Nalika yells out as she drops her paperwork and attempts to run in the other direction.

Kaj is off his Lion’s and across the audience chamber in a flash to grab Nalika by one of her arms. “Oh come now! Is that any way to say hello to your brother which you haven’t seen in ye-”

Nalika replies by placing her hand across his mouth, a brief blue glow seen in in her hand before a small explosion engulfs them both. As the dust slowly settles, you can see Kaj happily trying to talk about some things while Nalika has her hand across his mouth, still frowning.

“...Oooohhhh... So he’s that type of person.” Amanda replies.
This a prompt?
If so "...I see this a common trait with your family."

Yea, prompt.

My bad for not saying.
I vote we take pictures, let the comedy sketch run its course, then get back to business.
File: 1362754161637.jpg (147 KB, 500x360)
147 KB
147 KB JPG

"...I see this a common trait with your family." you reply looking at the pair.

“Why can’t I have a normal family like everyone else in the world!?” Nalika replies to you.

Kaj takes Nalika’s hand on his face and slowly moves it off of him. “Now now my dear sister! You shouldn’t be ashamed of admitting your feelings towards me!”

“I’m not!” Nalika spits out.

“I know that you can barely contain my excitement to see me!” Kaj replies with a large smile on his face, eerily similar to Nalika’s.

“Your definition of excitement is wrong as per usual!” Nalika barks back in comments.

“Oh come now! You always used to enjoy coming to my castle before, trying out all sorts of dresses! The good news is that I’ve bought a ton of dresses in anticipation of our next reuni-”

Nalika then makes a sudden and violent jab with her knee, hitting directly towards Kaj’s crotch with a thud you can hear all the way from your throne. You wince at the same time as Kaj does, before he slowly crumbles down to his knees and bites his lip to maintain his composure.

“I’m not your dress up doll anymore.” Nalika says dusting off her hands.

“...To the negotiations then?” you ask Kaj.

“Yes.” Kaj replies in a high pitched squeal.


A few minutes later, after Kaj has had time to recover, you move over to the makeshift dining hall area. A backup room Dio had installed and are thankful for it’s existence. Tall glass windows overlook Old TO, each of them rattling as the sounds of the blizzard can be heard howling outside. The long, marble table has been laid out containing both oriental and national dishes as the smells of ripe food fill the air. Both you and Kaj side at the table alongside your respective advisors, Nalika getting roped into sitting next to her brother.

“Ah yes! A feast fit for a king! It’s been ages since I’ve last had a proper meal!” Kaj says as he sits down at the table.
File: 1362207165039.jpg (193 KB, 1024x682)
193 KB
193 KB JPG

“Have you been terribly busy as of late?” you ask him.

“But of course! Lately there has been some territorial disputes between the Nightmares and the Sloth demons, though we suspect it may have more to do with third party setting us up. Either way, a man of my age thrives on challenge!” He says taking a seat, reaching over to grab an entire pig as part of his meal. “Besides, where else can I find such dainty Succubus foods!?”

“...That’s an entire pig.” you comment.

“Pig!? Interesting! I didn’t know you ate Sloth demons physically as well as draining them!” Kaj roars in laughter as moves to cut off a part of the pig.

(What do you want to say here?)
Just cam to apologize for not being able to play tonight, I really like your stuff. I'l try and catch the next chapter.
"So to business then. I could use large amounts of military force to beat up on pride demons, which you have in abundance. You have use for many things that I can provide such as entertainment and affordable high quality weapons and armor. Shall we discuss price?"
"Well eating them is the only thing to do, they aren't active enough where it counts! So have you been thinking of challenging your strength or maybe your subordinates?"
"One day, I'd like to meet one that was actually interested in logic or rational discourse. You said something about territorial disputes? Would you like me to help make sure it's a reasonable challenge? I could investigate what's going on and make sure it's not unreasonable, but just highly challenging."

Bring up >>39944800, along with ideas for specialized training grounds and workouts in unusual environments as a part of the resort. "Rest isn't the point of this venture, it's a regimen that will provide what we have in abundance, be it super-science, magic, or stealth."
File: 1421195994994.jpg (1.56 MB, 1920x1200)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG

"One day, I'd like to meet one that was actually interested in logic or rational discourse myself.” you say as you put some fish on your platter. “So to business then. There are quite a few things that you have that we wish to acquire.”

“King Kaj has a great many things! What in particular do you wish to have?” Kaj says extending his four arms.

“For simple starters we need some necessities for our mortal population, most importantly food.” Amanda explains. “I did some research and found out that you had quite a bit of land under your holding, so surely pastures must be amongst that land.”

“That they are. What in particular do you wish to provide in exchange?” Kaj replies.

“Entertainment. We believe the lands we live in, while difficult to live in, provide unique challenges for Wrath demons who want to train or go on expeditions. Likewise we have a large colosseum for any sporting events, and enough city, ruined or developed, to be converted as we see fit. We are currently retooling Old TO to function as a... unique hub of entertainment of various sorts.” you reply.

Kaj laughs loudly, giving a pat on Nalika’s back. “You have found good company here Nalika! Yes, I believe quite a few Wrath demons themselves would enjoy such places on their time off! Trading that for food should not be much of a problem at all.”

Nalika grimaces as she receives the pat on the back for a second. “...Is home doing alright for the moment brother? I heard you were at war with the Nightmares and the Sloth Demons.”

Kaj’s face grows stern for as he seems to recall some memories. “I have full confidence that our home shall stand, but I do admit these attacks by the Nightmares and Sloth Demons grow more and more wearisome by the day. The creations of the Sloth Demons have numbers that seem to blot out the sky itself while the Nightmare’s illusionary tactics continue to be a thorn in our side.”
File: 1421693140064.jpg (65 KB, 720x490)
65 KB

“If I may, I may possibly have a solution or at least partial solution to that as well.” you add.

“A solution? No offense Dutchess, but while I commend your ability to ward off a Celestian attack your military is still in absolutely no state for any kind of warfare right now.” Kaj replies to you.

“Oh I’m well aware of that, which is why I’m seeking to help fix that. See one thing we recently gained access to is a vault of Old World Miyian Technology, top of the line and easily on par with whatever the Sloth demons could come up with.” you reply. “It’s only based on their Protestia super science, which means strictly defense, but I believe this could be a major boon to you. I’ll let my Miyian advisor here explain.”

“Thank you Dutchess. My name is Amanda Hemmingway, daughter of the Hemmingway Water company, treasurer and advisor to the Dutchess. The technology we developed is indeed primarily defensive oriented. It will not help you on the offense, but defense wise it will greatly bolster the staying power of your troops. With the technology we have, we could ensure that Nightmares could not phase into your castle or that even the largest armies of the Sloth Demons would cause the death of your elites by papercuts.” Amanda explains. “It would be able to protect both the mind and body your troops very efficiently.”

“Hmm...” Kaj says running a finger against his cheek while taking a bite out of of a pig leg, chewing it slowly and thoughtfully. “And you request this armour in exchange for troops?”

“If that’s not too much trouble to ask.” you reply.
File: 1362756015555.jpg (3.51 MB, 1500x2121)
3.51 MB
3.51 MB JPG

“I have ample reserves of men, that isn’t my concern. Indeed we could badly use new armour, even if superscience armour has it’s quirks. However my main concern is that of politics.” Kaj replies, pointing the pig leg at you. “If I had some of my reserves stationed as part of an attack force, then that would cause the Pride Demons to come barrelling down on us, and the last thing I need right now is a third party added to these border disputes.”

“I’d call Valvatoz’s army a bit more than a border dispute brother.” Nalika replies.

“They won’t get past our Eastern lines, it’s just that I don’t want to re-establish relations with them after I worked so hard in the first place to get them. But that armour and fortifications...” Kaj says tapping his finger against his cheek in deep thought. “How about this. Since a large section of my own population will be coming here, I will dispatch my own guard to help protect the city against any sort of hostile invasions or major attacks, but they will not join any offensive actions you wish to take against Valvatoz or his men. Additionally, if you have any Aide, Ayarian, or Okarian assistants than they would be most welcome.”

“Why those particular castes?” you ask.
File: 1421709039394.jpg (143 KB, 800x600)
143 KB
143 KB JPG

“Nightmares are fond of using mental or illusionary attacks, something which Aides and Ayarians are proficient in dealing with. Okarians are useful as they excel in more than one magical element, something our Djinn are not that proficient in and Greed Demon mercenaries are in short supply. Plus them doubling as spies would add some flexibility to our forces.” Kaj explains. “In exchange I can put in a good word for you for our nation's mercenary guild, who will most certainly be willing to work for you in exchange for entertainment and money and are officially not involved with me.”
"That sounds reasonable. Frankly, We would rather our disputes with the pride demons remain a "local" matter until we are capable of going toe to toe with them once more anyway."
sounds about right. I'm going to bed.

though any succubutts of the castes he wants who go will have to be volunteers
"It sounds excellent. I'll have my people work out the particulars. There is one other thing, as well. Those border conflicts? What if we could provide services to help make things in the coming conflict a more reasonable challenge? I have a few ideas that could turn this into an extremely interesting and above-all entertaining exercise for your kingdom.

We would scout your opposition, making sure we aren't noticed and make sure the playing field remains challenging, including surprises, but not...overwhelmingly so if it would prove disastrous. Unless it might need to prove disastrous. One of my knights, Erika, should be able to design quite a few reasonable campaigns to help train your troops."

And with that, goodnight, Sand.
File: 1362755494731.jpg (1.75 MB, 1500x1043)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
"That sounds reasonable. Frankly, We would rather our disputes with the pride demons remain a "local" matter until we are capable of going toe to toe with them once more anyway." you reply.

“Very good! A toast then! To a deal to which the both of us agree to!” Kaj says raising a mug of ale into the air.

“And hopefully to a long and fruitful relationship.” you say rising your glass of wine up in response.

Both you take a respective mouthful from your glasses before your mugs hit the table.

“Now let us feast! Onto the main course!” Kaj says rubbing two of his hands together.

“Oh don’t worry, we have more than enough where that came from~.” Shiva says walking out of the kitchen with another coaster of food while wearing an apron. Kaj’s face immediately seems to freeze in it’s spot, causing both you and Nalika to slink down into your chairs somewhat.

“A... cook I see.” Kaj says, his head slowly turning towards Shiva’s grinning face.

“Oh yes, been at work all day in the kitchen making the very food you’re eating right now. But the good news is I’ve baked you all some lovely sweet deserts~.” Shiva says putting some pies on the table.

“I don’t like sweet flavors.” Kaj replies to Shiva still smiling.

“Now now, you don’t want to offend foreign lord’s and their tradition of culture, do you?” Shiva asks him. “...Oh I see, from the way you’re moving your arms I can tell that you broke them all in the past. Is using that fork to cut pie too much for you?”

(Input something here)
eh, I would be hesitant to commit to something like that right now, we need to get our own shit together first before we go and get dragged into another war, and dont' think we could remain uninvolved and unknown, they would find out and drag us into it
try and make ourselves invisible and get ready to shield the food and our friends if need be

"Shiva if you want to start a fight at least do it where it won't cause damage I have to pay for to get repaired."
"A fair point Shiva. Still, its the duty of a host to see that one's guest's needs are accommodated yes? And that would usually include their culinary preferences if it was known to the cook."
My idea here is to do basic scouting, give them advice, and keep it up month-to-month. The Laminians would love the chance to do this, along with Ayarians, and any other stealth users and strategists.
"Shiva, our honoured guest's tastes should be taken into account. Anything too sweet isn't needed, however King Kaj, you said you wanted a challenge, well why don't we see if there are unusual dishes that border on sweet but could still tempt your tongue. You'll never know until you try."
Kaj is Nalika's sister right? which means Shiva is his mom, I bet she overfed him sweets all the time as a kid
I gotta leave for now, thanks for the thread Sand, good to see this back, again
File: 1312607074875.jpg (325 KB, 1600x1200)
325 KB
325 KB JPG

"Shiva, our honoured guest's tastes should be taken into account. Anything too sweet isn't needed, however King Kaj, you said you wanted a challenge, well why don't we see if there are unusual dishes that border on sweet but could still tempt your tongue. You'll never know until you try." you reply.

“Oh no! It’s not that I dislike eating them, it’s just... bad memories is all.” Kaj replies.

“Another topic then, what sort of border disputes are we talking about?” you ask. “I know a few of our agents could use the experience and would provide an all above amusing diversion to what they’re normally used to.”

“Mainly just disputes between the Nightmares and Sloth Demons at the moment, but there are occasionally other problems with Djinn, Dragons, Celestia, or other Asurans as well.” Kaj replies.

“Adventurers?” you ask.

“They’re *everywhere*.” King Kaj replies. “Most of the time they just defeat my soldiers in combat in some remote outpost thinking it’s significant, when in reality that outpost serves as a part of a scouting network which fails to report in, causing us to lose land and terrorize my people. They’re smart, but they’re not trained to think more than five minutes past their fighting goal.”

“Reminds me of someone else I know.” Nalika comments while taking a sip of her drink.

It takes a second for King Kaj to get the reference before his face lightens up. “Ha! Your sense of wit hasn’t dulled at all I see!”
File: 1423253257419.jpg (1.14 MB, 1515x1000)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG

King Kaj continues to laugh for a little while longer, before he notices Shiva in the corner of his eye, taking a pig bone and snapping it into two in Kaj’s sight.

“The good news is we have many Succubi who are capable with precognition and spying. While I cannot promise they can eliminate the threat of adventurers or sneak attacks, they can surely help make them far more infrequent.” you quickly say to get Kaj’s mind off the bone.

“Hm? Oh yes! A novel idea to say the least!” King Kaj replies to the idea.

(Anything else you want to say/mention to King Kaj officially in the feast?)
Nothing that comes to mind.

Could ask him more about the sloth and nightmares. Also do the myrians have some sort of feud with them?
OK this thread's a zombie right now. We'll continue tomorrow.

talking about adventurers.
Lets move on to the next scene afterwards, but sure.
Only thing I can think of is if he has anyone good at permanently killing immortal undead like that damn Draegur.
The easiest way to stop the Draegur is to find out who created it with a super-science lab.
Ack I got some block.

We'll continue this next week when I got some ideas on how to flesh out scenes. Kaj will be staying a few days at least.
cool, thanks for the thread Sand, cya next week
Can we at least vote to spend exp and have you answer questions?

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