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/tg/ - Traditional Games

At the moment of his death during a plane crash, a 29 yrs old chemical engineer and fellow fa/t g/uy wondered about how many little details his mind latched on to while trying to keep him alive.

Such as his favorite, lucky d20, flying off his pocket and bouncing around in the mayhem that surrounded him.

Well, he must have rolled a critical success in someone's reincanation tables, because the next thing he knew, he had been reborn in a world of sword and sorcery the likes of which he had always dreamed of.

Leaving our friends a safe distance above us with the rockit ship, we venture towards the brigand's campsite to spy on them.
Waiting warmly.
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Hi hi, sorry for being late. Got distracted with a "one page only" thread which showed me some really nice manga. Sadly most of them were one shots
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Well, hopefully its not SO late the others wont show up at all
oh, that got translated?
but as you can see, quality is terrible. It looks like its from 30 years ago. Its almost as bad as the first jojo vento aureo scans
I'm here just late
So, are we starting, or is there not enough players?
Might be typing
Im posting this tiny bit right now to let you know that yes, im typing, sorry. Got dragged away from the keyboard


Alrighty, lets start then.


With Ami, Aritsu, Mai, Miel and Lyann (me so smart, me can order things abctically ;) ), Eldric moves closer to the bandits campsite to try and spy at them from the top of the cliff.
With Ami, Aritsu, Mai, Miel and Lyann, Eldric moves closer to the bandits campsite to try and spy at them from the top of the cliff.

Their campsite shows their military training. It has good, solid outer walls, adding a final layer to the natural defense that the cliffs themselves give them, as well as an orderly, organized campsite structure.

The place does not look like a bandit's camp at all. It is clearly a military base, albeit a small one, or so it seems on first sight.

There is a tunnel entrance, with its own guards, which means it is important enough that even while being behind the natural defenses of the cliff, the walls, the outer wall sentries, and the entire campsite with soldiers, there was a need to post guards on it.

"What do you think, should we go and take a look?" -asks Miel II as she hovers in mid air, stealthed

>Not yet, let's watch for a little longer
>Yes, let's try to make it past the guards
>Let's just capture them. I'm sure explanations can wait until they are all securely tied
>Yes, let's try to make it past the guards
>>Yes, let's try to make it past the guards
File: 010.jpg (400 KB, 1200x1640)
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400 KB JPG

As the group descends the cliff towards the campsite, they notice that the soldiers even have standard meals in a open mess hall.

This is looking more and more like a base and less like a bandit campsite with every passing moment.

The soldiers are relatively high level, as well, with most of them being over level 60 in their classes. Of course, they are not a enemy beyond you, but they are high enough to be quite the elite force among normally trained individuals.

"There are magical traps in the entrance" -says Aritsu through the "group chat"

>Let's go in when someone else does
>Let me study them for a while and see if I can disarm them
>Let's go in when someone else does
>>Let's go in when someone else does
File: 016.jpg (476 KB, 1200x841)
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476 KB JPG

"With the guards right there, I don't think we have time to study them" -says Eldric through the group 'chat'

Indeed, even if they can't see you, even a blind man tends to notice when a large group of people are right there next to them. Thus, our group waits for someone to go in, and tag along together with a group of soldiers.

The inside turns out to be larger than expected. Apparently, the alquians have adapted a foodgeon to their own needs, and have "tamed" the first floor to use as extra living space.

Well, it would be unlikely that professional soldiers would have any trouble dealing with level 1 chickens, after all.

"Somehow, I think it was for the better that the princess did not come" -says Ami
"She seems scared of chickens, for some reason" -says Mai

Yeah, that is probably our fault, isn't it?

Not that we are going to say so

Anyway, walking around in stealth, we can see that the soldiers have converted several rooms into barracks and weapon stores. They have quite a bit of supplies. It's not as if they were going to retake the north from here.

The base is "big" but not big enough that they could capture a city with it, let alone the north.

After looking around for a while more, we reach a large chamber that is clearly not part of the original dungeon. It has machinery and heavy wooden platforms, and parts of what we recognize as the wreck of a rockit ship.

There are numerous civilians going about, studying the rockit generators, as well as the ship itself. More worrying however, is that there are two small rockit ships of a design we do not recognize, and a third, empty docking station.

>They're studying the rockit ship they took down during the war, here.
>It's an advanced scout base?
>It's a miniature rockit shipyard
>>They're studying the rockit ship they took down during the war, here.
Sorry if this has come up before and I forgot. How are magical traps keyed in Eldricworld? Is there an item, or a password, or is it keyed to people's aura's or whatnot?

BTW, How is your health? Any news on your surgery?

>It's a miniature rockit shipyard
If we're going to destroy the shipyard, we should wait until the third ship returns. And make sure to get all copies of their notes.
>They're studying the rockit ship they took down during the war, here.
It's a black R&D facility, probably producing their own rock-it technology reverse-engineered from an example they captured.

We will need to capture this entire facility and take everyone prisoner to be held and interrogated at a black site.
Good point. We need some more surveillance to get a full count of the people working there. And figure out how they're sending messages and intercept them.
File: 031.jpg (518 KB, 797x1200)
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518 KB JPG
>Is there an item, or a password, or is it keyed to people's aura's or whatnot?

Seriously, it depends, it can be any of those.

>BTW, How is your health? Any news on your surgery?
blinder every day. Its like being lost in DEEP mist all day every day. Cant see my hands if I stretch my arms. Surgery will be the 12th and I will be traveling on the weekend before then.

>destroy the shipyard

>>39693444 >>39693599
>capture this entire facility and take everyone prisoner

So, wait for the 3rd ship to return? everyone stays stealthed until then, or want to send someone (I assume Miel II) to inform the others of what is going on?

Any specific plans?
Send Miel II out to inform the others. We'll tell them, via party chat with Miel II, when the last ship arrives. We'll coordinate a two-part attack.
We'll take control of this ship dock first, while Brass, Python, Miel II, Mako, and Atruma attack the front gate.
Have brass and everyone outside attack first during the confusion then have eldric's party attack as well grabbing research notes and high ranking officials.
Alright, sounds like a plan.


While it is true that no plan survives a encounter with the enemy, the problem here is different. It simply takes too long for the other ship to return, if there is a third ship at all.

In the meanwhile, from what your group hears from the scholars in the room, it looks like the alquians have decided to go for massive, low-floating fortresses rather than large battleships.

The first of these fortresses is already being secrety built somewhere in the desert, it seems- As for rockit ships, they will be used as fast speed scouts, harrasers and messengers, with the intention of each carrying a two man crew. An artillery wizard, and a pilot.

This way, they plan to swarm and beat the Coalition's large ships the same way a swarm of monster wasps takes down a gryphon.

Their large mobile fortresses will be all terrain, mobile fighter carriers. It looks like they want to build an airship carrier on land.

On the one side... that would be good to have around when the [ERROR]s attack, but not so good before then.

For now, however, the most important thing is that these people have both the knowledge and the practical skills to build and equip small rockit ships with magic cannons of unknown power.

Just as they reverse engineered our rocket ship, we could reverse engineer their magical guns, right?

As sunset begins approaching, the scout returns, and docks, its small crew of two stepping down after anchoring the ship to its station, while another crew begins preparing for take off.

>Let's attack now
>Let's try and steal their information on magical cannons first
>Let's attack now
It's more important that we get all of them than that they survive.
We can always pause their Death Counters and revive them later.
>>Let's try and steal their information on magical cannons first

We could possibly expand on this info and make something to defend from it
>Let's try and steal their information on magical cannons first
>Let's attack now

I realize its my fault for starting late today, but how many people do we have? 5? we need a tie breaker. Also fml captcha is just pictures today, makes posting so hard for me
>Let's try and steal their information on magical cannons first
Alright, there's our tie breaker.
I hate this picture captcha btw ; _ ;


"It's alright, begin attacking outside now. We're going to take the hangar and secure the scholars" -says Eldric through group chat
"Alright, we're starting" -answers Miel

With that, Eldric heads over towards the scholar that seemed the most important and grabbed him while everyone else began attacking.

The crew on the scout ship takes off, and begins attacking your allies with the cannon. As it turns out, it packs quite a punch for a single-person weapon, doing as much as 300 points per shot, which is quite considerable against normal people, but not really enough to cause your allies to pause.

Mai runs ahead and up the wall, before jumping unto the ship and taking out the pilot, causing the ship to crash with a cloud of rocks, dirt and wood against the walls.

As you watch, the soldiers react in a surprisingly fast manner, organizing in groups of six and moving in towards your friends. It does not seem as if they will really be a problem until the officer in charge shows up, however.

He realizes that your friends out level his troops in an impossible manner, and instead of trying to take you down, he instead orders them to kill the scholars and burn the ships.

Except for the scholar you caught at the beginning of the fight, they are quickly killed by the soldiers that had been protecting them until then, and with Zoe coming in from the outside, you fail to stop the death counters on them.
Lyann does manage to debuff the soldiers to the point where the fight is effectively over after a few minutes, however, and you did manage to save one of the alquian rockit ships, plus one of the scholars that developed them.

With the base under control, you need to decide on what to do about them.

>Let's give them over to the orcs. They were pretending to be brigands to mask their presence, so they should have plenty to answer for.
>Let's call for a coalition ship to pick them up. They ARE war prisoners after all.
>>Let's call for a coalition ship to pick them up. They ARE war prisoners after all.

When or if the orcs start complaining we offer them a spot in the coalition
>Let's give them over to the orcs. They were pretending to be brigands to mask their presence, so they should have plenty to answer for.
The war with the Empire was officially over.
They are soldiers working at a black site; the Empire either has to admit to it, or disavow their existence.
The soldiers aren't useful to us; the scholars were, and we only got two of them out of this entire mess.

>and with Zoe coming in from the outside
Doesn't Eldric have Necromancer to stop the Counters?
Couldn't Lyann or Eldric have revived the scholars to reset the Death Counters? It's not like the soldiers were doing enough damage to interrupt spellcasting.
Keep the scholar and give the soldiers to the orcs
Right, but he was protecting the elder scholar... I suddenly feel like I am writing for Maooyu Yusha or RE:MONSTER calling people by their jobs.

Also, an armistice is not really a end to the war, its more like a truce with war status "on".

Anyway, another tie. One vote for handing them over to the orcs and one for handing them over to the coalition

well, yes, that was implied on giving them to the orcs.

So, I guess there's no tie, then?
>I guess there's no tie
No, doesn't look like it.
File: Crossover For Science.jpg (462 KB, 702x692)
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462 KB JPG
Damn it sucks being smart. You go to all that school, do all that research, figure out all that stuff... and the instant the operation is exposed you're the first people they kill off. What a ripoff.

Then again, it is kinda their fault for not thinking about that. I'd have thought of an escape plan beforehand given how it's a black site. You know they're going to kill you first if they get discovered, have a plan to make your great escape for the winning side. It worked for the Nazis, it'll work for you.
File: nice pauldron.jpg (1.58 MB, 1086x1382)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG

Actually, doesn't shieldbro has the bad habit of calling people by their jobs, too? I wonder if its a meme, a inside joke, or just the lazyness of the authors at work. Well, its easy to remember who is what and whom that way, I guess.


Well, with so many prisoners, the orcs have no option but to send for troops from their capital to help move them, and by extension, us, to the capital.

This is so we can be properly thanked in their capital, by the way.

Well, we wanted to make a trip there, so it works out fine for us in the end.

The trip will take about four days, so every night we use treestride to go back home.

It's not as if we can just go anywhere without letting our families know. Also, now that things are under control, we take the chance to leave the scholars in the hands of dad and uncle Dan.

Mako also needs to go back home. Brass and Python have work to do as well.

Well, if its just a trip, we don't really need everyone, right? we can travel with the soldiers during the day and go back home at night.

>Yes, that seems fine
>No, we should stay with them overnight to keep an eye on the prisoners, should anything happen.
>>No, we should stay with them overnight to keep an eye on the prisoners, should anything happen.
>No, we should stay with them overnight to keep an eye on the prisoners, should anything happen.
File: dizzy mako.jpg (277 KB, 1280x960)
277 KB
277 KB JPG

Alright, in that case, who would be staying with us? I assume Lyann, Miel and Atroma, but what about Stella, Zoe, Aritsu?
lets send zoe and stella back we will keep aritsu with us
Aritsu, to help us go over our research.
Zoe to help us in teaching the harpies.
Stella will just want to stay with Eldric because she's still a big baby.
>Stella will just want to stay with Eldric because she's still a big baby.
Also, she wants cuddling and petting.
I think Zoe could actually start helping with our research soon, too.
Technically, going by stats, Stella should be able to help, but just because you are smart doesnt means you are a scholarly type.

Uhmm... I wonder if we could raise a flag with Aritsu? a single scene, or something more AND less lewd, like a "light threesome" with Eldric sitting with Lyann and Aritsu on his lap?

Anyway right now it looks like we need a tiebreaker
posted the wrong link this one >>39695571
change this one

sorry other guy my fuck up
That's my vote.
i am sorry

i hope king saw that i deleted that post.
File: predator 002.jpg (142 KB, 667x950)
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142 KB JPG

Alrighjt I got confused, sorry. Let's try this real quick-like

>Keep Stella and Zoe here
>Send them home
>Have a cutesy personal scene with Aritsu
>Have a cute-but-lewd scene with both Aritsu and Lyann
>have neither cute nor lewd and just arrive at the orc's capital

>>Keep Stella and Zoe here
>Have a cute-but-lewd scene with both Aritsu and Lyann
>Keep Stella and Zoe here

>Have a cute-but-lewd scene with both Aritsu and Lyann
File: cuddly swimsuit elf.jpg (124 KB, 595x842)
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124 KB JPG

Well, let's go with this, then. It's quite late, so after this we'll stop for tonight. Next week we should be able to play normally, but on saturday I will be traveling so tomorrow's New World thread will be the last in a while. The surgery has a chance of leaving me blind so there's a chance next week's threads will be the last, too..

ok good luck with surgery when it does come

tho im ready for the lewds with Lyann and Aritsu
File: healthy elf.png (596 KB, 800x1200)
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596 KB PNG

Well, as for the rest of the day, it was all spent wrapping things up in the alquian base. There were a few stragglers, but for the most part, it was all done before midnight.

These soldiers were quite strong by the standards of normal people, but we had little problems dealing with them. If you ask, however, Okaba would say it is not unfair since we had to train and earn our abilities just like everyone else.

It's not as if we are doing something impossible for other people, after all. There are small groups of soldiers in Opal, Eopolis and the Empire leveling up the same way we did, even now.

Anyway, even if they did not had the power, they were quite disciplined and gallant in their own way, I suppose.

If our force advantage hadn't been so large, we would definitively have faced serious troubles.

Once everyone was subdued one way or another, we sent Miel to inform the orcs about it.

Since the soldiers had posed as brigands, they had been attacking the nearby communities semi regularly, so even they cant complain if they end up as slaves for a few years as punishment, right?

Besides, they tried to kill the scholars as soon as it became obvious they would lose. It's not as if we are overflowing with sympathy for them to begin with,

Once the orcs had them properly locked and loaded, we sent Mako, Brass and Python back, with out thanks.

Mako can't just wander about in the mountains however she pleases, and the guys have a business to run.

By the way, the orcs bound the soldiers wrists before them inside small wooden racks reinforced with metal bolts. Its both effective and quite permanent, since it would take special tooks to break them open again. Other than that, they are in cages just tall enough for them to stand if they lean forth a little, and loaded side by side in the wagons.

We have never witnessed a slave caravan, but there's a feeling that it could be a lot worse than this, you know?


While thinking that, Eldric looks at Zoe and Stella. Well, Zoe was a baby, so she wouldn't remember anything about that, but it took years for Stella to convince herself that her current life is real, you know?

It took quite a while for her to agree to wear shoes, you know? and even now, she's pretty much a cuddle bug at night. Out of everyone else, she's the one that most often ends up in our bed, and honestly, there is a feeling that when she is not sleeping with us, she is in someone else's bed every night. She's a child who just can't sleep alone.

"What is it?" -she looks at Eldric with a happy expression as she wags her tail.
"You're a good girl" -we gently pat her head as she wags her tail. She has a radiant smile as she gets praised and petted.

Stella stands on her tiptoes and lets us pamper her. She really enjoys it specially when we gently caress her ears.

Well, after petting her for a bit, we let her go.

"Please be careful" -says Mako as we send her off with a little smooch.

Oh, she's fine with a little peck on the lips, now? Maybe we can move on towards something more daring soon?

If she overheats from blushing, that would be fine and fun on its own way, of course.

Of course, Ami and Mai go back with her.

Brass and Python cheerfully shake Eldric's hands as they go back to their shop. They got lots of ÑFine] quality orc goods for cheap, so they should be alright.

Mom (both of them) were quite nervous about us going with some orcs. It looks like they both had complicated feelings about them, which is not really that rare. Mom was an adventurer, and orcs are not that rare a spawn in dungeons, not to mention the wild tribes you may find on the surface.

Ellie is an elf, so... yeah, there is almost certainly a background thing, there, even if she's from a sea-bound nomad tribe.

File: queens blade elf.jpg (291 KB, 600x800)
291 KB
291 KB JPG

Ah, that reminds us, we should check on our "summer house" soon, and invite everyone to it. Many of our acquaintance are quite beautiful, and we can look forward to introducing them to modern swimsuits.

From what we saw during our summer break in Eopolis a few years ago, people in this world use those big one piece swimsuits that look like sport clothes right now. Well, at least in Eopolis.

The elves we met in the Jade islands were pretty much exactly what you'd expect from tropical islanders, however, even more so, exactly what you'd expect from cute elf girls in a old tome RPG within a tropical beach setting. There was no actual nudity, but it was quite fanservice-y, really.

Not that we're complaining.

Anyway, once we convinced our moms that we would be just fine, we went back with Aritsu, Lyann, Stella and Zoe.

Apparently, Aritsu wanted to stick through to the end this time, since she was tired of always staying back while we went around having adventures.

Really? taking down a top secret military base wasn't enough for one day?

Well, since it was already quite late and the caravan wasn't going to move until morning, we spent the night at home and left shortly after sunrise.

The orcs were busy caring for their prisoners. You can say a lot of things about the orcs, but they serve orc-sized portions to their captives. On that front, the former soldiers had nothing to complain about.

While normally, travel through the mountains is less than safe, a convoy this big is not really a target for lone, wandering or random monsters, so we made a pretty good distance, considering that the orc's idea of roads is just a well-used trail.

Come night, tents were set up and the prisoners were let out of the cages, then secured to the sides of the wagon they had rode all day, and led into the larger tents. If they want to run away, they will have to do so while carrying the wagon with them. The animals are in a different tent, by the way.

Man, I really want to stroke Miel's hair and back.
She's so fun to bully, that lewd bullying her must be extra fun.
File: busty elfie.jpg (257 KB, 810x1080)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
I hope you guys don't mind my awful writing style, but im trying to copy the way most LNs seem to be written.

Fine, fine, but Miel or Miel II?


As we watch the orcs move the prisoners about, we realize we are now the defacto guards of a slaver's caravan. Aren't we the type of target heroes attack? Well, they're criminals and war criminals, so it's not as if we have much sympathy for them to begin with,

Oh, that's right. These guys are going to start a five-years long public slavery sentence, right? but that reminds us, the elves back in Opal city, their five years must have ended already, so they're actual citizens there, now. Maybe we could go visit them sometime?

I wonder what happened to Kalliira and her little brother, and to the other elf slaves that must have gotten their citizenship already.

Well, if nothing else, they all have at least 1 trade now, so they should be fine, right?

Lunch is... quite large. Orc cuisine really satisfies both in quality and quantity. Even Stella had enough with one portion.

Aritsu seems to be having a problem with hers. Is it a matter of taste? it's really quite good, but we did had quite the bit of trouble with local food when traveling abroad in our previous life, and it was all human food. If national borders and cultural heritage so greatly shape and affect the taste of food, how much greater must the difference be between completely different species?

Well, Stella and Zoe seemed just fine, same as Lyann. We did notice the food was a bit more spicy than we are used to, but not to the point of being bad, by any length of the word.

"Aritsu, you can just eat whetaver you want. You can even take some bits from my meal if you want. I'll eat all the bits you have problems with, alright?"
"Ah, tha-thankyou, president!" -she seems quite relieved

She doesn't go adventuring with us so I want her to feel "appreciated".
File: elf underwear.png (503 KB, 600x800)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
How come now we have more IPs than during standard thread hours?


By the way, that fantasy trope about elves being delicate and graceful eaters who cultivate muschrooms and other vegetables in eco-friendly farms in their magical forests? our experience in this world says that's nothing but writers idealizing their favorite race.

Any and all elves we have sat down to eat with are highly carnivorous, to the point where jokes aout Ellie's delicious meat is not even a joke. Aritsu seems to lean that way, too, and in fact seems to have no trouble with the meat parts of her dish, and ours, leaving the greens and veggies for us.

"Eldric, that's not fair" -Stella pouts a little as we give Aritsu our meatballs and take her veggies.
"It can't be helped, Her taste buds are different from yours, right?"
"Uuuuhhhh" -Stella seems really unsatisfied about this.

Actually, it seems the vegetables are almost all spicy stuff. I wonder if that's traditional of orc cuisine, and if elves are bad with spicy stuff.

Thinking back about it, I guess it is possible? Ellie's cooking has next to zero spicy stuff on it.

Oh, in that case, I guess it's not that Aritsu is bad with veggies, she may just be bad with spicy stuff.

Somehow, that seems like the sort of information which may contain high pranking potential, for the future.

A few minutes later


Well, the orcs did not ask anything, they just assigned us our own tent. And when I say us that means everyone in the party.


and are you planning on appreciating her right in front of her hive, or take her away first? maybe invite her to dinner or something?
>How come now we have more IPs than during standard thread hours?

its about the same
>How come now we have more IPs than during standard thread hours?
Probably because I'm on a phone and moving enough to switch IP's.

>in front of her hive or after dinner
If its just Miel, of course after a nice dinner.
Though doing both Miel and Miel II at the same time does sound interesting.
File: elfie 001.jpg (423 KB, 775x1000)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
Hah, nice timing, the cat just came demanding petting, so im gonna use it as template for Zoe

>doing both Miel and Miel II at the same time


Well, they may have assumed that we are a party of adventurers, and those folks do tend to sleep together all the time, right? in a non-sexual way, I mean. Sharing the same inn room, sleeping together under the stars...

On the other hand, they may have assumed we are some sort of harem king, as well.


Well, we have a puppy girl (yeah, I am really unable to think of Stella as a 'beast' girl), a kitty girl, a redheaded childhood friend, and a cute elf princess, so, isn't that a fantasy harem typical of modern-day JRPGs and eroges?

We should probably work on adding more males into our social circle, specially now that Okaba and Asmund both had to go away because of important duties.

Well, it's not like these arrangements are a trouble for most of us. The only one that would have a problem with it is the elven princess, right?

While thinking on what to do, Eldric sits on his 'bed' and idly caresses Zoe on the back of the head.

Our white lion little sister has such cutesy taste in pajamas. She's wearing a silk pair of shirt and pants, with a careful slit to let her fluffy tail through, which she constantly sways as an s, back and forth as she lies down next to us.

Her hair is not the silky type, but its not bad at all, either. It's more of the soft and fluffy type. It feels nice, like petting a rabbit, maybe?

Little by little, she crawls up on the bedroll until she's crossed over Eldric's lap on her back, squirming, stretching and curling with almost closed eyes as she seems to demand scratching and caressing on her tummy, chin and tail.

Oh, she's purring.

Though teasing Miel with threats of doing this in front of her entire hive, her dress on the floor as we gently stroke her from the top of her head, down between her wings, and across her backside before sliding back up, would be pretty fun.
File: Stella Lightbringer.jpg (45 KB, 375x523)
45 KB
personally, I would totally type that. But I think that would not be of everyone's taste, so probably won't, sadly. I've been thinking on typing some lewd stories in case I do go blind, and posting them as a pdf next week, tho. So if you have any requests, now its the time to make them.


"...i'm sorry about having involved you in a fight" -says Eldric
"Hmmm? I don't mind, I like being with brother" -she says as she stretches on her back
"Well, you should go back to your bad now."
"Can't I sleep with brother?"
"I guess you can sleep in the bedroll next to mine?"
"Alright!" -she says happily as we tuck her in for the night

After a goodnight kiss, she stretches on her tummy and goes to sleep

At that time, we feel a strong killing intent, and realize that Aritsu, Lyann and Stella are all looking at us with an angry face,

Stella looks particularly dejected, with her tail between her legs.

By the way, she's the type that sleeps with a huge shirt on, and nothing else.

Well, its fine if we pamper her a little, right? so, we sit back down and pat our lap.

She immediately cheers up and crawls over the bedroll to our lap, then casually just tosses herself unto our legs, and squirms a bit to get comfy, then turns over unto her back, and waits for pettings, wagging her tail while smiling with a smile so sparkling, its dazzling.

"Brother, pettings!"
"Yes, yes"

Well, it's not as if we had anything against it. So we gently and thoroughly pet our little wolf sister behind the ears, on the sides, on her tummy, and under her chin.

By the way, her hair is similar to Zoe in that it feels soft and fluffy rather than silky, but it isnot a bad feeling at all, either. Also, her tail is a bit firmer, but its underside its really really fluffy, and she makes funny noises when we let her there, albeit after a few minutes of it, she ran away and crawled into a bedroll by herself.

File: delicious brown stella.jpg (166 KB, 1098x1625)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
btw, I need better Stella pics. If you can find any good puppy girl pics, please post them, thankyou


"Stella, what happened?"
"That tickles!" -she says as she hides inside her bedroll- "Good night!"
"Alright... let me see your face?"

She pokes her face out of the bedrroll, and gets a goodnight smooch.

"Yay!" -she looks all happy

Why does the killing intent feel even heavier now?

Ah, right, those two.

Aritsu and Lyann are looking at Eldric with complicated expressions.


>Let's jokingly sit back down and order them unto our lap. What, do they want to be petted too? (One of them is naturally submissive and the other will happily take the chance, tho, so... yeah)
>Take a deep sigh, then offer to make a metal screen around Aritsu's bedroll (Have a confession by the elf princess behind the curtain)
>Other (because im open to suggestions)
>>Take a deep sigh, then offer to make a metal screen around Aritsu's bedroll (Have a confession by the elf princess behind the curtain)
then can we
>>Let's jokingly sit back down and order them unto our lap. What, do they want to be petted too? (One of them is naturally submissive and the other will happily take the chance, tho, so... yeah)
>Take a deep sigh, then offer to make a metal screen around Aritsu's bedroll (Have a confession by the elf princess behind the curtain)
>Let's jokingly sit back down and order them unto our lap. What, do they want to be petted too? (One of them is naturally submissive and the other will happily take the chance, tho, so... yeah)

Alright, but no cuddling threesome, then. I guess it was more of a question on how did you want the relationship between Eldric and Aritsu to go. Where do you want the dial to lean towards, really

Cutesy <===I===> Dominant

Anyway, back in 10 minutes, going to take a shower. Could you guys please look for good delicious brown girl pics for Stella on the meanwhile, please? short hair is best, but im not picky
Cutesy <==I====> Dominant
I'm leaning more towards cutesy.
>Cutesy <=====|=> Dominant
i just want to make sure for my vote but i want a cutesy relationship
>Cutesy <=====I=> Dominant
File: swimsuits are best 2.jpg (859 KB, 1320x874)
859 KB
859 KB JPG

Alright, so more cutesy than a "traditional" elf relationship, then.

Typing.. wait


Uhmm... So, how about something similar to what Eldric and Lyann have then, I guess? with Aritsu trying to indulge him, while Eldric wishes she was a bit more independant.

I could see it going into a feedback loop between Aritsu and Lyann, tho. Something like "What do you think of this, isin't this cute?" as Aritsu draws a sketch of a bikini on a white sheet, then Lyann draws on top of it and comments on how Eldric prefers more exposure, so then Aritsu goes "in that case..." and it ends up as a microkini or a slingshot swimsuit or something like that, with Mako either futilely trying to stop them, or getting dragged along with them

Unrelated, but this fucking captcha made me so hungry... im glad there's a sandwich place around here which is open all night because I dont feel like cooking at this hour
>Alright, so more cutesy than a "traditional" elf relationship, then.
Yeah, that.
>I could see it going into a feedback loop between Aritsu and Lyann, tho. Something like "What do you think of this, isin't this cute?" as Aritsu draws a sketch of a bikini on a white sheet, then Lyann draws on top of it and comments on how Eldric prefers more exposure, so then Aritsu goes "in that case..." and it ends up as a microkini or a slingshot swimsuit or something like that, with Mako either futilely trying to stop them, or getting dragged along with them

"Alright, Aritsu, please come over here"
"Yes, of course!" -she says in a hurry as she kneels by his side.

To him, it looks as if she is just waiting for his "obvious" next step so she can get into bed.

He creates a thin but solid metal sheet, which could be used for anything after its immediate purpose. He bends it a little so it can stand on its own, and places it next to the bed roll.

"Alright, now you can change in private." -he says with a nod, then jokingly adds- "Call me later if you too want a good night kiss, alright?"
"A-ah! y-Yes!" -she almost jumps in place, but crawls behind the curtain and starts getting changed while Eldric goes back to his own bed roll.

"Fuuuu" -Lyann is pouting and blowing through her soft lips, making them vibrate as she pouts in a bad mood
"You aren't jealous, right?"
"I am!" -she says, matter-of-fact
"Aww... but Zoe and Stella are just babies"
"Stella is less and less a baby every day." -she turns around, still pouting
"C'mon, they're my cute little sisters which I like to pamper"
"Besides, you know I love you, right?"
"Uuuuh..." -she stops pouting, and starts blushing as she looks away

As much as she tries to act pushy and seductive, she can still be quite easily teased and embarrassed when we want to, apparently.

Ah, this is nice, it's been a while since we've been the ones on the attack, what with her crawling on top of us all the time and calling us "master master" as she makes sexy expressions.

Leaning over, Eldric gives her a little smooch on her exposed neck.

She falls back a inch and covers her neck with both hands, as if it was a deadly attack.

Oh, this feeling its just so fun. It's really been a while, uhm?

"Let me give you a kiss"
"!!!" -she is off balance, and her blushing face is the best- "Don't wanna" -ah, she recovered a little bit-

File: swimsuits are best.png (1.28 MB, 754x1080)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG

"You're my slave, right?"

She looks at him with a serious look, then looks away as she lowers her hands.


Ah, wait, wait! back off, pushed too hard, she's into it now, we were just trying to tease her!

She looks too adorable, though, so...


"Don't be jealous, alright? I love you the most."
"...alright" -she says softly


"Ah... p-president...?"

Oh crap, we forgot!

Right, Aritsu was still awake, right.

"Oh... well, this is..." -what do we say? this definitively, probably, looks like we are taking advantage, does it not? ...maybe
"Uhmm... p-president... please come here"
"Yes, I'm sorry"

Doubtlessly, the serious, cool and beautiful secretary of the chess club is about to admonish us.

We have seen and heard about her admonishing the other club members when they behave improperly, so... yeah, this probably, definitively counts, right?

Yeah... I guess this counts.

Eldric kneels like a good boy, expecting to be admonished.

"Ah, please sit over here" -she says
"Here?" -he moves closer
"A bit closer"
"Yes, there"

Oh, she looks really nice in her pajamas. Perhaps we should say "as expected of a cool, mature beauty", right? well, she's an elf. Just because she looks around our age, it does not mean much.

Well, elves mature at normal human speed up into about 15, right? then their aging slows down almost to a halt.

So, she could be 15, 16. or 539, and would still look the same, right? Well, did we ever ask or hear how old she is?

I think no

Anyway, she is wearing quite a mature set of pajamas, isn't she? A set of panties and matching nightgown in silk and lace.

Well, even in her school uniform and her every day clothes, we knew she had a nice figure, but it's hard to decide on where to look.

"Uhmm... President..."
"Ah, yes"
"Yes, I am sorry" -assuming its about the kiss we "forced" on Lyann

>"Yes, I am sorry" -assuming its about the kiss we "forced" on Lyann
File: swimsuits are best 4.jpg (178 KB, 850x682)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Also, you may have noticed that she openly and clearly says when she's jealous. This is because
1) I don't have anything against a tsundere here and there, but nowadays we are up to the neck on them, so I'd like to pass in my own stories, if possible.
2) She IS extremely smart, AND good at magic. She is perfectly capable of making her own equipment, with curses. In this case, "can't lie to her master" and "must answer truthfully". Its been this way for months now, tho, but it seems nobody has noticed. Maybe she just seems like a very honest girl?


"G-goodnight kiss... y-you said..." -says she
"!!!" -it takes him a moment- "I was joking... do you... do you want one?"
"y-You know about elven imprinting, right?"
"I... I really like you. I..." -she says softly, while her eyes tear up and her pointy ears fold down- "...my everything... it has decided on you, so, please take responsibility for it"

We can hear a "fuuuu" sound coming from Lyann's side of the tent

"Oh" -says he
"Yes" -she nods
"And this..."
"Its permanent. Yes"
"Alright. If you are really alright with the lazy me..."
"It is alright. I already know that president is somewhat lazy and selfish"
"Ah... I am sorry" -we did make her do pretty much everything in more than one project, and on the chess club, right? we can't really argue with her about it
"And you tend to flutter about from project to project about as much as you go from girl to girl"
"I am ashamed"
"But that means that I can be of use to president, correct? you'll need me to organize your everything all the time, so I know you will treasure me. Probably"
"Y-yes! I definitively will!"

*in their awkward silence, the fuuuuuing intensifies*

Lyann please.
I love Lyann. Super cute.

And Aritsu too
>but it seems nobody has noticed. Maybe she just seems like a very honest girl?
she was always honest so her cursing her self is very subtle change that most wouldn't even notice
File: swimsuit leona.jpg (86 KB, 612x842)
86 KB

"So..." -she says
"Yes, I am sorry." -apologizing for having her imprint on him- "I should have been more careful"
"..can I?"
"G-good night kiss"

Well, it's not as if we have anything to complain about.
That's right. This is a situation most men would love. A cool, super competent beauty calmly explaining to them that she can't live without them... right?
The least we can do after gratefully accepting her feelings, is making sure she has a great life by our side.

Well, we already have MICROSOFT kinds of money, so one more girl is not going to be a problem. I think mom is going to be angry, maybe.

Yeah, probably. Well, Ellie will probably help us explain, right? yeah, it'll be alright.


Slowly, Eldric leans forth. Aritsu pulls back for a moment, somewhat startled, but then forces herself to lean forth as well.

With their shades flickering on the metal screen, they kiss.

"You know, Mako's going to be Eldric's wife, and I'm the concubine!" -says Lyann, her head peeking over the metal curtain
"Wut? what? when did you decide that!?"
"Isn't it obvious? you expected Mako to be the concubine? I think Ren would have Ami and Mai kill you if you said as much. Besides, its the best for you, in many ways. Politically, financially... that's the best solution, you know?"

"T-then... I'm the second wife!" -says Aritsu
"There is no way I would allow someone who came in third place to end above me!" -retorts Lyann
"Lower your voices, please! the whole campsite will hear, and you will wake the girls up!" -Eldric admonishes them with a firm whisper
""I'm sorry"" -they say at the same time

Ah, they are actually pretty obedient.

But, what's this about a legal wife, a concubine and a second wife? did Lyann already decide on the pecking order at some point? where's my input on all this!?

>No, wait... it's fine this way, isn't it? like she said, this is for the best. Just shut up and take it.
>I really wan to... (suggestions?)
>>I really wan to... (suggestions?)
3 wives no exceptions, no first wife no second or third just equal wifes
I... have no suggestions, sorry.
I like that, imposes his opinion but its really nice about it

waiting for more votes, tho at this hour you are probably the only one that's still here.
>>No, wait... it's fine this way, isn't it? like she said, this is for the best. Just shut up and take it.
File: lewd swimsuit ren mako.jpg (126 KB, 640x800)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
option 1
option 2
no opinion, I guess?

So, need 1 more still
>I really want to... (suggestions?)
Have three wives, because I don't want kids with Lyann to be removed from the line of succession.
and there's our tie breaker

Alright, so finally got to the lewd part. I dont anticipate it being very long, but I think it needed all this background build up, right?
~it not like one of the women around eldric hasn't been pushing for a physical intimacy~
File: swimsuits are best 3.jpg (350 KB, 618x900)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
yeah but the vote that won was a lewd yet cute threesome, and that was hard to set up


"Look, I think I should get a saying on this" -says Eldric
"But, isn't this for the best?" -Lyann seems puzzled. She probably gave it a lot of thought, but she has always thought of herself as our slave, so that definitively colored her opinion about this matter
"No, it's not the best it can be. Not at all" -says Eldric as he shakes his head and negates with his hand- "I don't want a slave, or a concubine, or a second wife"
"I'll be the lover, then?" -Lyann leans her head to a side as she tries to make sense of it
"No, I'll just have three wives. That's it."
"But..." -starts Lyann
"President..." -Aritsu looks like she has something to say
"No. You are always saying that you will do as I say, and ... actually, you've always been doing as I said... so, I should have noticed before, and been more careful... anyway! anyway!"
"We're doing as I say, now!"
"I'm going to have three wives. If Mako is alright with that. And Ren doesn't has me killed"

Ah, talking these two into it was easier than we'd hoped... now, assuming it all goes as well with a certain precious black haired princess, we should have a ridiculously happy future, right?

It went so well, it's dangerous in its own way. Let's try and NOT get used to it, alright? yeah, let's try. Go, me!

'B-but we can try it just once more, right? it can't hurt... just once more. The previous one was for their own good, so it really doesn't counts.' -this is Eldric trying to rationalize something he really wants to try

*clears his throat* "So!"
"Lyann, please come around to this side of the curtain, alright?"
"Ah, sure"
"And Aritsu, please move a bit closer..."
"No, here"

Ah, this is bad, in several ways. It really its seriously dangerous. An addictive feeling any man could get addicted to.

Mako will be first wife, of course.
we just solved that issue
File: swimsuit simple.jpg (239 KB, 600x800)
239 KB
239 KB JPG

"n-now, Lyann"
"Please sit here"
"No, closer"
"No, here"

With both girls sitting next to each other in front of him, he gulps softly, and leans forth to kiss Lyann for a bit.

Of course, they have kissed plenty of times before. This is a very passionate, love-filled kiss.

They gently taste eachother's lips and tongue. She blushes brightly as she is being kissed so close to another friend, but quickly gets over it and into the kiss itself.

He pulls back gently, and looks at the bright red elven princess.

"I am going to kiss you now" -he says, trying to sound as calm as possible
"Y-yes!" -she says as she tenses up

Of course, this time he's much gentler, and the kiss is much more chaste, just the first of a series of gentle little kisses.

"I want us all to be happy together" -he says
"Thank you"

Again, he goes to Lyann for passionate, sensual kisses, and then to Aritsu for sweet, gentle ones. This repeats a few more times until the elf relaxes and tries answering to his lips.

After that, all three of them gently kiss while entwining their hands together. Eventually, he begins kissing them elsewhere, and albeit they continue to caress and feel each other's with their lips, they never let go of their hands while doing so.


You guys want to stop here? its pretty late. If you want to stop, I'll wrap it up, and if you want to continue (for a bit), I guess it will get a bit more lewd
we can stop it is pretty late.
I would love to continue, especially with more lewd stuff, but don't you usually stop like 4 hours earlier than this? Rest your eye's, man.
File: lyann 005.jpg (406 KB, 1200x660)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
yeah i was wondering about that, normally my eyes burn a lot earlier but i got a new set of eyedrops and i guess theyre much better.

Anyway, let me wrap it up
Yeah, if your eyes are beginning to hurt, it's best if you end here.
File: i hate sfw policies.jpg (181 KB, 850x964)
181 KB
181 KB JPG

After a while, Eldric kisses Aritsu while Lyann kisses his neck and chin, then its his lips on the redhead's lips while the elf girl tries kissing her shoulders... eventually, the candle goes out, but not before they lose track of who's lips are on whom, or where.

By morning, they are all cuddling on top of Aritsu's bedroll.

"D-do you always sleep naked?" -says Aritsu
"Yes. Eldric likes it a lot"
"What, no I don't"
"He does"
"I've tried to get you to wear clothes at night!"
"He really likes it"
"s-Should I...?"
"I'm sure it will make him happy"
"No, it won't!"
"You are saying that, but little Eldric is up and listening attentively"
"That's a natural reaction!"
"I guess I should..." -concludes the elven princess
"It'll make him happy"
"No it won't!" -he says while covering his face, blushing crimson red

'This is a bad omen, right? are they going to be like this all the time?' -he thinks to himself -Though a part of me IS happy about it... no, Bad Eldric, no!'

They smooch him on his hands, and hug him.

Alright, I'll see you guys tomorrow. Hope you liked it
Thanks and good night! It was a great thread.
thanks for running see you tomorrow
Later, King.
I pray you don't go fully blind. But hey, even if ya do, you seem to have gained a friend or two that could compensate. Dictation is a thing and you could do it with a good enough friend.

I pray you have attracted such people unto yourself. Even if you lose a sense, a limb, or some other factor, we're all people and the best seek to support those who lack through no fault of their own. A sad yet beautiful thing that is...

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