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Archive Here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Ben%20Herald
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeadSpike4tw

I apologize for the late start-up- personal obligations I should probably have taken care of sooner.
Last time, you fought a blob-monster that tried to eat at least two people, and might have succeeded had you not intervened.
You were informed by one of the branch's commanders that Colonel Relius Clover wants to take a look at your blob thing. Several questions have spawned from this.
>What does Relius want from this monster?
>Is he really Carl's Clover father?
>Why are you just now remembering that Iwatsuchi is your home?
And, on a side note:
>Where on earth are Tsubaki and Jin?
Something else: Protoculture has taken time out of his day to draw me some images of Ben, and I'm going to post them when I find an appropriate moment. I'd like to thank him for that, again.

But back to the story. Now you're sweeping up the mess as two calamities have occurred within the span of a few days,
You have this evening and two more days to prepare for the trip to Iwatsu and meeting Kagura Mutsuki.
Oh nice, one of the Blazblue quests.
awaiting eagerly, Dead Spike.
File: noel_smirking.jpg (167 KB, 500x452)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
"Iwatsuchi is your home? But that makes no sense. Earlier you told me that-"
"Yeah, I know. This amnesia isn't really doing me a lot of favours." You scratch your head and look around at some of the soldiers, who seem to be a bit confused at Noel's outburst.
You lean in closer to Noel and continue. "Listen, I don't want to attract more attention than I already have- there are a lot of people trying to screw us up right now."
"Yeah, alright. It's just... Never mind." She shakes her head. "So what now? The kitchen is clean, and I don't think they're going to have any more sparring after what happened to Jin."
It's still an hour before you read for dinner, so you have som e time to work with.
Despite the past grim atmosphere after the attack, it's surprisingly cheerful outside.
She bobs too and fro a bit, smiling. "I've got an idea."

>Going on a walk?
>What about that poetry?
>Maybe we should find Jin and Tsubaki.
>...Are you coming onto me?
>Let's hear your idea.
>We can't afford to slack off until we know this place is safe.
>Let's hear your idea.
>>Let's hear your idea.
File: 1428890473678.jpg (114 KB, 600x600)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
"Let's hear your idea." you say. Some of the clean-up crew is still at it, but the blob itself is practically gone.
"Well, I mean, um... I was wondering if you wanted me to teach you more Ars Magus?" She stutters.
You get the feeling that wasn't her original idea, but she keeps going forward with it.
"I mean, you taught me how to cook a little, right? And I said I would teach you how to use more Ars Magus! So... I'm going to train you!"
She seems a bit courageous while saying that, for some reason. However, you're not about to refuse her.
"Sure, where do you want to train?"
Her face goes blank in embarrassment. "Oh, right, the training rooms are off-limits right now." She shakes it off. "I know! We can practice in one of our rooms."
>Tsubaki will get the wrong idea if she sees you. Jin will probably try to kill you, if not you both. You two will probably end up in the tabloids if found out.
>However, this may be a good opportunity to get closer to Noel.
You think about the options for a second before responding.

>We'll go to my room./Do you want us to go to my room?
>Let's go to your room./Do you want us to go to my room?
>How about somewhere neutral, like a courtyard?
>Maybe we should do something else.
>Let's go to your room./Do you want us to go to my room?
Dammit,. that should read:
>Let's go to your room./Do you want us to go to your room?
"Do you, uh..." You feel a bit awkward phrasing this. "Do you want us to go to your room?"
She nods, seemingly oblivious to the implications. You can tell, however, that she's a little excited. For what reason you can't determine.
"Go on ahead," You say. "I'll be right there- Just need to check that everything's alright."
She looks a little down for half a second, before nodding and making her way back to her room, the cooking book she had before in tow.

After a few quick questions passed between yourself and the commander to amke sure nobody was seriously injured, you start walking into the female wing.
It's a bit more imposing than you were expecting for such a mundane set of hallways and housing- maybe that's just because of the social faux pas of a man being here?
After a few minutes of nervousness, you make it to Noel's room- or, at least, the room labeled to be hers.

When you knock, she promptly answers the door with a smile. "Ah, you're here. Right, let's get started."
She points you to the single chair in the room, and she sits on the bed.
"So what do you want to learn first?" She asks eagerly, flipping through the pages of the book.
"There's shields, activating Grimoires, maps, lights, emotion-affecting-(that's off-limits most of the time, though), and images, even healing. All sorts of stuff! Do you have anything you want to start with?"

>Shields? I think I need to work on those.
>What are Grimoires, and how do I use them?
>Mapping seems useful. Let's start with that.
>Lights and images? That might come in handy.
>Why are emotion-affecting ones off-limits?
>Healing sounds really powerful. I think we should start with that.
>Is there anything else?
>Actually, I wanted to talk about something else.
>Mapping seems useful. Let's start with that.
>Why are emotion-affecting ones off-limits?
>What are Grimoires, and how do I use them?
You smile back. It's nice to see Noel enjoying herself. "Mapping seems useful. Let's start with that." You clap your hands together and lean forward to listen.
"She tells you about 'marking' areas with signatures of Ars Magus- some towers do so for communication, doubling as positioning locations.
There are also 'bricks' outside of town areas that mark more sparsely-populated areas for use in travelling and hunting beasts tainted by seithr. These boxes run off of seithr, which is in no short supply.
She explains it mostly has to do with determining which locations are where and memorizing their signature to get your bearings with.
After a few tries, you manage to form a crude map of some of the main points in the city- some major communication lines, the three or four signatures of the NOL branch, and that restaurant you were at earlier.

You work at that a while, then query out of curiosity, "Why are emotion-affecting Ars off-limits?"
Noel shifts uncomfortably. "Well, they're used mostly for sedating when there aren't enough chemicals or it would hurt the person too much to work otherwise. But... affecting someone's emotions can lead to dangerous results, so it's generally a good idea not to do it."
She tries to change the subject. "Anything else?"
Tapping your chin, you ask, "What are Grimoires, and how do I use them?"
"Well, they convert seithr to do all sorts of things. Some of them can get really weird, though, and they're really hard to control unless you know what you're doing.
here are some Grimoires that are safe and mass-produced to simplify a lot of mundane stuff, like keeping track of vast areas of a map- though you still have to use Ars Magus to make them work, and they're generic, so you may not always do what you want. That gun of yours is a good example."
>Fixed: I'm really out of it for some reason.
She points at the rifle you carry on your back.
You pull it off and hold it out. "This is a Grimoire?"
"Well, yeah. In fact, you can already do at least some Ars Magus because you can wield it. Some people can't." She looks away awkwardly.
Their whole world seems to run on Ars Magus. It seems strange that some people can't use it.
You look at the clock.
Damn. 15 minutes before you have to go.

>Can you tell me anything more about this gun?
>What do you mean, some people can't?
>Is there anything else you want to go over?
>Dinner is coming up.
>I need to ask you something else.
>Is there anything else you want to go over?
>Dinner is coming up.
You decide to drop that train of thought.
"Anything else you want to go over?" you ask. "Dinner's coming up." You point at the clock.
She looks at the clock and blinks a few times before putting the book away. "Well, um, I guess we should go to that, then." She closes the drawer she put it in before opening the door and leading you out.
The two of you manage to get to the cafeteria un-accosted, but you get the feeling your behavior is letting off the wrong message.
One or two people stare at you two as you enter the food line, and the chef gives you a raised eyebrow and a smirk. You give him a killer glare right back, and he chuckles silently.
You sit down with some bread and pork chops and corn. Noel sits across from you.
But before you can begin a conversation, you see Tsubaki stride in, almost beaming., She takes a tray and sits down herself- it seems unusual to say that, considering she's from nobility, but it's true.
She's grinning from ear to ear and seems on the verge of humming as she eats.
"Um, Tsubaki?" Noel asks.

Tsubaki finishes chewing and swallowing her last bite before responding. "Yes, Noel?"
"You're acting a little... different- today. It's ...nice, I guess?"
The redhead seems bit surprised. "Well, I suppose I can be a bit harsh at times."
"A bit?" You mutter.
She glares at you before turning back to Noel. "Are you concerned?"
"No, I'm just wondering why." Vermillion continued to eat.
"Well..." Tsubaki began to blush a bit. This pause is as good a time as ever.

>"I think Jin confessed to her."
>"I think Jin reciprocated her feelings."
>"I think someone got a promotion."
>"I think something came in the mail."
>Let her have this moment.
"I'm betting She and Jin had a heart to heart."
>I Think Jin reciprocated her feelings
"So things went well with Jin I take it?

"I'll bet she and Jin had a heart-to-heart." You interrupt her and smirk. "I take it things went well?"
This causes Noel's eyes to light up, and Tsubaki to turn as red as her hair.
"Oh my gosh, really?" Noel asked. "I mean... wow! Congratulations!"
"It's nothing a-as far as that!" Tsubaki backtracks, pulling her hat down slightly to cover her head. "I Just... talked with him about... a few things. I mean, we've known each other for a while, and..."
She begins kneading her hands together and goes back to eating, too embarrassed to continue talking.
"Tsubaki!" Noel almost sounds angry. "You can't leave me hanging like that..."
"Yeah, congrats." You give her a thumbs-up, and she pouts at you. "I'-I'll tell you later, Noel."
Noel sits huffily at the table, and Tsubaki is trying not to make eye contact.
The situation has become mildly awkward. Now what?

> So how is Jin doing, by the way? I mean, healing?
> What are we gonna do after dinner?
> I'm gonna just relax and think in my room after dinner. Come talk to me if you need anything.
> Write-In
> So how is Jin doing, by the way? I mean, healing?
He still hate me?
> What are we gonna do after dinner?
> So how is Jin doing, by the way? I mean, healing?
"So how is Jin doing, by the way? I mean, healing?"
Tsubaki looks at you with the most sardonic expression she can muster, and is silent.
You keep eating, waiting for an answer. "He still hate me?"
She sighs and looks down. "The doctors say he'll be out in time for us to leave-probably sooner. I don't know how bad his injuries are, though."
Putting down her napkin, she questions you. "I meant to ask- How hard did you hit him?"

You recall your fight with Jin.
>A gut punch knocks his breath out of him, giving you another split-second to work with. That's all you need, as you draw out your right hand for a good-old-fashioned uppercut with everything you an throw into it.
>You sidestep an overhead chop and hammer him in the jaw before dancing out of his reach.
>You dodge to the left and slug him in his good shoulder, making him gasp in pain.

You shrug your shoulders and continue eating. "Eh, he'll be fine."
Tsubaki is unconvinced, but you continue. "So what are we gonna do after dinner?"
Yayoi finally sighs and gives up. "I don't have your schedule, so I wouldn't know. There might be some paperwork waiting in your room, though- on the promotion and everything that's happened recently."
Noel, however, has another idea. "There's some ping-pong in the..." Her suggestion wilts under Tsubaki's gaze. "Um... never mind."

>Look, I'm sorry I interrupted you, but you don't have t take it out on Noel.
>I'll see how fast I can get that paperwork done so we can play.
>I'll deal with the paperwork later.
>Actually, I wanted to relax and think.
>Actually, I want to apologize to Jin.
>I'll see how fast I can get that paperwork done so we can play.
>I'll see how fast I can get that paperwork done so we can play.
File: Rachel.Alucard.smarmy.jpg (484 KB, 1250x1080)
484 KB
484 KB JPG

You try to brush off the tension as much as you can before finishing eating, standing up, and saying,
"I'll try to get that paperwork done as soon as I can so we can play."
Noel nods. "Right."
You get the feeling you've made a mistake in dealing with Tsubaki as you go to leave for your room.
She glares at you slightly as you go. Is she just being overtly sensitive, or are you being insensitive?

That's not for worrying about right now.
After about three minutes, you make it to your room and unlock it.
And then you turn the lights on to see that fucking vampire from before.
She's sitting there, in the middle of *your* room, with a teakettle on *your* desk, and she's just sitting there on a black beanbag that you never bought like she owns the place.
The sudden surprise at seeing someone else in your room unnerves you, and you slam the door shut before locking it.
"Rachel, what the hell?" you hiss. "What are you doing in my room?"
"Well, mothers do need to check in on their sons from time to time." She smirks. "Have you seen your father recently?"

> "Mom", huh? Fine.
> I have seen Ragna, if that's even who you're talking about.
> I am not your son.
> Tell me what's going on. For real this time.
> Get out.
> [s]You're not my real mom![/s]
> Write-In
This is me.
>> I have seen Ragna, if that's even who you're talking about.
> I am not your son.
> Tell me what's going on. For real this time.

> [s]You're not my real mom![/s]
if it leads to gag end.
It does.
I'm gonna need a second vote to write it up now, or I'll post it at the end.
>"I killed him again"
> Tell me what's going on. For real this time.
File: like_omigod.gif (915 KB, 500x281)
915 KB
915 KB GIF
>Fixed. AGAIN.
"If you mean Ragna, yeah, I have seen him. I'm pretty sure I killed him. Again."
"Oh, dear. We can't have that, now can we?" She giggles. "But I think you will be happy to know that Ragna survived, albeit with some serious bumps and bruises."
She took a sip of her tea. "I'm afraid he doesn't have much grey matter left to spare on concussions like that, so do be more careful next time."
"Spare me the pleasantries, and tell me what's going on. For real this time."
"My goodness, is that any way to talk to your mother when requesting something?"
"I do say!" The beanbag talks, and you nearly scream. It's some sort of anthropomorphic cat or something!
"Yeah! You can't talk to the Princess like that!" a red blob, similar in some ways to a bat, flies into your vision. You grab it, and it feels like a rubber dog toy. Weird.
"Shut up." You say, and then turn back to Rachel. "You're NOT my mother, and I am not your son. You are, however, the person withholding important information from me. So talk. Tell me what's going on, for real this time!"
There is a slight tension as Rachel considers the issue.
She sighs like a patron being told her favourite meal is out of stock in a restaurant. "Very well. I will answer three questions no longer than a sentence- and keep them short, or I might ignore them out of boredom. Besides of that, I'm afraid I can't tell you much more."
You've got three questions: time to make them count.

>Write In.
Huh. I didn't kill the thread, did I?
"Do you have any idea what Relius Clover wants with that monster?

I don't think you did, I'm just struggling to stay awake myself
She frowns.
"That monster? Sad as it was, you did deal quite handily with it. It was one of his colleges. But still, the man named Relius Clover wants to experiment with it. He's very interested in souls, you see. He will do anything to create a perfect 'doll'."
She took another sip of tea.
"That is question number one. A decent choice, but one that could have possibly been better. But I suppose you're saving the larger questions for last?"
While you're writing up your questions, I'll string together the gag reel.
"Why am I just now remembering Iwatsuchi is my home, did Relius have something to do with that?"
Rachel looks at you pitifully.
"Iwatsuchi is not your home. It is a ghost of a memory. Your namesake... Ben Herald... Is dead."
She closes her eyes, and seems to experience some sort of sadness.
"Seithr is a very interesting material. It can contain bits and paces of memories past. It's what you sued to infiltrate the NOL when you were originally 'cast' out of the Remains of Azure Ragna left behind and the huge clouds of seithr created from his attack on Akitsu-Kō. You used it to make a 'mask' for yourself- to integrate into the world, undetected. And it seems that mask has fit too tightly to take off."
She turns away. "I am sorry."
>Feel free to take an action instead of asking a question.
God damn, I need to sleep soon.
I'll clock out once I've finished the gag reel.
Also, if there was any time to punch Rachel, now would be it.
Gonna post the gag reel on pastebin.
If this thread is still here in the morning, we'll continue, otherwise I might make another.
I'll wait a little longer for your questions/actions.

I'm spent, but I'll say I enjoyed the gag reel. Thanks for running
If anyone's till into this one, I'll close the book on this session and this particular 'issue' once and for all.
Well, I'm still here.
No idea what to ask Rachel, though.
The last two questions you asked were about people- is there anyone you need to know more about?
Alternatively, Rachel said she couldn't tell you much more than the three questions you ask- maybe there's a reason why?
I'm acually not the guy who was asking the last two questions.
but if I may suggest one...
Well, either ask her why she can only answer three questions (which ooc we know is because she's supposed to be an observer. Probably) or ask how Yukianesa and Bolverk are affecting Jin and Noel.

How, not if. The difference may be important.
On second thought, I'll go with
>How are Yukianesa and Bolverk affecting Jin and Noel?
Yeah good one. Backing this just woke up.
For someone who's just been told that his memories are a lie, you react pretty well, opting to use your last question before deciding what else to do.
"How are Yukianesa and Bolverk affecting Jin and Noel?"
Rachel seems surprised you're not visibly angry at her, and answers, "The power of a Nox Nyctores is to amplify some emotions, and remove others. Thjis is because the weapons are actually composed of specially smelted human souls- this gives them an Artificial Identity- in essence, the weapons 'are' people, just in a form, to alien and inhuman to hold a conversation or speak regularly with- at least for most people."
She stands up, and the teakettle vanishes.
"I shall be taking my leave, if you don't mind. I did appreciate our chance to talk, even if you did not."

> "Yeah, sure."
> "Thanks for the information, I guess."
> "Are you going to do this all the time?"
> "I don't suppose I could ask you some more questions?"
> "Yeah, mind apologizing for ruining my life?"
> Write-In
>> "Thanks for the information, I guess."
> "Are you going to do this all the time?"
> "I don't suppose I could ask you some more questions?"

After she leaves "Vampires, no sense of right or wrong"
>"Yeah, sure."
>"Thanks for the information, I guess."
>"Bye, Mom.
You shake your head as a portal appears out of goddamn nowhere and a breeze of rose-scented air flows out.
"I don't suppose I could ask you some more questions?" You hold out a finger to halt her, but she smiles and turns back, saying, "You just did."
"Well, sure, but- are you going to do this all the time? What about-" You're grasping at straws here, but she waves you off.
"I will give you information when you need it and not before." She smiles. "Farewell, my child."
You roll your eyes for must be the umpteenth time and grit your teeth. "Thanks for the information. And... bye, Mom."
She smiles at that, and steps all the way through the portal.
When you're sure she's gone, you slump onto your bed and sigh.
"Vampires. No sense of right and wrong."
>Had to change computers because reasons.
I think this ends this session.
I'll try to get up another game (with better timing) this week to make up with my shittily-timed one yesterday.
If you, the player, want to ask ME any questions, I'm much more open than Rachel.
I won't spoil any gigantic points, though.
I would ask questions but I gotta get to work. Thanks for running!
Feel free to ask me questions and follow me on Twitter @DeadSpike4tw, for anything out-of-game or game-time suggestions. (Wow, did I just say that?)
I appreciate you guys playing- in fact, this wouldn't be up if you weren't.
I'm going to try to get the plot to catch up with you either next session or the one after.

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