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Cthulhu has been murdered.

His mangled, slashed up corpse washes up on the beach.

Should you be relieved or horrified that something else out there is capable of doing this?

Uh, wouldn't gazing at him (even his corpse) cause us to go comepletely insane?

It doesn't matter and nothing I can do about it will matter.

Roll SAN.
A guy drove a boat through his head. And it didn't even distract him. I find it hard to believe he can be killed, not even the Old Ones could do it.

Obviously he faked his own death. We could check the corpse and have a DNA test done, but his body isn't quite corporeal. Also I don't think beings from outside space and time have DNA...
You know Cthulhu isn't even close to top dog right?

Anything strong enough (high explosives, boats moving fast enough, probably a train, etc) is capable of destroying Cthulhu's corporeal form, and many (although significantly less) are capable of eradicating him entirely. Nyarlathotep probably could, Yog Sothoth, most of the Elder Gods, really.

The more relevant question is: what actually BOTHERED to kill him in such an out-of-hand way, why is it on Earth and will it stick around?

The plot thickens

Yes. Everyone on the beach must roll SAN.
Which makes what he said all the more terrifying.
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Not really. He's dead. We aren't. That means whatever killed him left.
Nyarlathotep accesses all spheres and powers azathoth normally would, though azathoth is not depowered in any way by this. There is nothing nyarlathotep couldn't do. That was my understanding of it, anyhow.

We need to do a cryptopsy and determine if the mangling is post-mortem. If it isn't, it might have been done by something like father dagon or mother hydra. Tsathogua or Ubbo-sathla are slimy, but could mangle like that too, I'd imagine.
About time you show up anon
You mean Outer Gods. The Elder Gods are gods of the dream world and much weaker than both the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods.
You sure? I think the gods of the dream world are simply called the "Other" gods. The ones I remember by name were Nodens and Bast.
The plot sickens?

>cthulhu's corpse was carrying an unknown illness that is an epidemic-tier future of the human race in danger illness.
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>I had awoken past midnight to find my office a haze of tobacco smoke. The room was dark save for the tiny ember at the tip of a phantom cigarette.
>"Detective Lovecraft, I see you've returned from the Dreamlands. Let me pour you a drink." said the voice.
>I hesitated to turn on my desk lamp, my brain was thumping against the inside of my skull. Instead, I reached into my desk and withdrew two clean whiskey glasses.
>I didn't need a light to know who was sitting across from me.
>The sound of her voice.
>It was the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep.
>Before I met her, I was sober. But once she brought me into the world of Weird Crime, I needed something to help keep me sane.
>She poured the two drinks with human hands, and I was grateful she had brought her own bottle. I had finished mine earlier.
>"Cthulhu is dead." She said, without any emotion.
>"So I saw." I said and took a drink, fast enough to barely avoid tasting the harsh liquid.
>It was all over the television. First the massive green body of the Elder God washed up on shore, then the reports of mass suicides as cultists killed themselves and took as many with them as they could.
>"Do you know who killed him?' I asked. I'm not sure she'd answer me honestly, but then again, I'm not sure she's ever been honest with me.
>"No," she said at first. "But I know why. The stars were right.
>"Something killed Cthulhu because he was about to wake up."
>I looked down at my empty glass, and I pushed it back towards her for a refill. My head had calmed down and the headache had been muffled into a fuzzy silence.
>Someone, or something killed an Elder God, and had saved them human race from destruction.
>"I want you to find out who did it," the Crawling Chaos said as she poured another drink.
>I let out a sigh.
>"Okay." I whispered. I wondered if I was sane enough to handle it.
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“That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.”

Elder gods die and undie all the time man.
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He didn't die, he was /killed/

Even that which can eternal lie, dies when it is killed!
A wizard did it. Have you learned nothing?
Where are you Douglas Adams when we need you?
Nylarthatopep, in the bedchamber with a candelabra.
Probably working at a hotdog stand in new york after successfully faking his own death just to see if he could
He's definitely been reincarnated as a dolphin.
>Should you be relieved or horrified that something else out there is capable of doing this?

Off the top of my head, this would be trivial for Nyarlathotep or big boss Yog-Sothoth.
>tfw DM made a dolphin in the game say "so long and thanks for all the fish" then fly away to another dimension as part of the story

Was funny at the time. Sort of unexpected in a "super serious business" type game.

More please!
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One last Night at the Opera.
Sorry, I have work tonight. Graveyard shift. I'll post again in the morning if the thread is still up.
I have an idea for Detective Lovecraft questioning Deep Ones at R'lyeh.
Was the death of the Elder God an inside job?
Is his dead forever, or will the body eventually reconstitute itself there?
Next time on Weird Crime!
What if killing Cthulhu would cause some kind of imbalance on Earth all along?

Better keep this thread up guys!
Choose Delta Green.
Cthuga, in the drawing room, with a pickaxe.
>Going insane looking at a giant squid man
I never got this. People would be scared and freaking the fuck out, but going clinically insane? He's not even incomprehensible like most other Lovecraftian monsters.
I always figured they invoked something like a deep-rooted rooted instinct that caused the human brain to crank it's panic response up to eleven and rip the fucking dial off.
please, for the love of all that is an unholy, tentacled and insanity-inducing horror... continue with this.

Part of it is supposed to be that their forms are "broken" in a sense due to existing in more than three spatial dimensions. Also because it was written long ago when women still fainted often and Lovecraft saw masses of immigrants as oozing shoggoths-like monsters and went even more nuts. Other than that I agree it's kinda silly in this day in age after being desensitized for decades on monster visages.
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Gaia killed Cthulhu

Deep ones, or rather deep one hybrids disturbed people because of uncanny valley. Yet if you read Shadow over Innsmouth you may notice that a lot of Freudian-style repression is going on. So even when it comes to GOOs you might be on to something.

You know what would be awesome?

If Gaia is a Great Old One.

We are children of a mighty Great Old One.
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This. There is too much tentacle porn and not enoguh tentacle horror.
I love it.

>Scientists study seismological data that seems unusual.
>One scientist notices some strange, aberrant patterns.
>Upon closer inspection it appears almost like singing.
>Scientist finds this an odd coincidence.
>Later scientist finds data on strange patterns found in the Earth's core.
>Scientist must now make a SAN check.
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I'd just like to point out that this can't be happening.

This isn't reality.

Cthulhu can't be dead, because the Great Race of Yith already predicted that Cthulhu will destroy the civilization of the race of intelligent animals that will replace mankind.

It has been reported that some victims of Nyarlatotep, during the act, would retreat into a fantasy world from which they could not WAKE UP. In this catatonic state, the victim lived in a world just like their normal one, except Cthulhu was murdered. The only way that they realized they needed to WAKE UP was a message they found in their fantasy world. It would tell them about their victimization by Nyarlatotep, and tell them to WAKE UP. Even then, it would often take months until they were ready to discard their fantasy world and PLEASE WAKE UP.
Actually, Lovecraft already described the origins of mankind.

We're made up out of the excrements of Shoggoths.

>elder things visit earth and create an empire
>elder things create shoggoths as slave workers
>elder things don't pay attention to the shoggoth latrines
>shoggoth shit washes into primordial ocean
>shoggoth shit turns into simple replicating chemicals
>replicating chemicals turn into cells etc.
>life evolves over millions of years etc.
File: Bender-Chef.jpg (111 KB, 500x375)
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111 KB JPG
"It's so sad when an Old One dies and you have to have a big clam bake and cook him!"
Now you're trusting the great race of Yith?

Gotta see sources for these.
Lovecraft was a pussy scared of foreigners and that we live in a godless universe, real people would be able to handle seeing freaky monsters with just getting freaked out at the time.
The thing is, Cthulhu is psychic.

His thoughts bleed over into humans. That's what's making you insane.

Imagine Cthulhu as a Tyrannosaurus with SKYNET built into his brain and a continious sphere of "OH MY GOD I'M TRIPPING BALLS HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" LSD around him.

It's not about the shape. It's about what it can do.
The Shadow out of Time and The Mountains of Madness.
pls faggot, see >>38392752
Except not all monsters are 'psychic' and yet they still cause sanity loss just by being ugly mudders.

Also in this example Cthulhu is super dead for real so his body would have lost any psychic abilities.
File: ghostbusters.jpg (28 KB, 495x330)
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Nah we're cool, it was just your friendly neighborhood Ghostbusters.

um. Ubbo-Sathla?
>what is a study in emerald
Those monsters cause sanity loss just by the realisation of those monsters existing.

People lose their sanity over girls marrying some guy that isn't them. People lose their sanity over murders and war. People lose their sanity over crashlanding in a jungle and barely surviving predator animals.

Sanity is a rather weak substance man.

I think people should read Illuminati! books more often for some taste of modernized Lovecraftian lore.

PTSD, mental illness and conspiracy theories make excellent modern translations for Lovecraft's '20s crazy protagonists.

You know, Delta Green, Twin Peaks (or just about anything done by David Lynch).

File: Spoiler Image (628 KB, 1920x1080)
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I said to stay out of my territory. He didn't listen.

Where the fuck are you people getting all of this? I don't recall ever hearing anything about annihilating Cthulhu in any of Lovecraft's stories, and I can't seem to find the passage in At The Mountains of Madness or The Shadow Out of Time that indicates that humans are the descendents of Shoggoth-poop. Is this some expanded universe stuff? Did I really just happen to miss this on my read-throughs?
you haven't really considered what a 4-dimensional being would look like in our 3-d viewpoint, have you?

Fuck yeah

Might look odd but not sanity-shattering.

I've read these recently and I can tell you that:

-Cthulhu is only injured minority by a boat in Call of Cthulhu, but retreats after that.
-Yithians didn't say what ended life on Earth.
-Elder things created life on Earth for food at first, then left them to evolve on their own and terraform the planet. They later adopted some species for work when shoggoths rebelled (for the first time) and had very early human ancestors as pets and livestock.
>-Yithians didn't say what ended life on Earth.
There's a quick line in The Shadow Out of Time that mentions Cthulhu waking up and destroying a civilization of animal-people.
you'd see sections of the 4-d thing, appearing and disappearing without ryhme or reason, exerting an incredible force even with minimal mass, all somehow linked together. oh, and it can see everything, you can never hide from it.
it's a fucking nightmare, the kind of shit you don't even speak about with your therapist, for fear of getting istitutionalized. that's about the definition of 'insane'!
>I don't recall ever hearing anything about annihilating Cthulhu in any of Lovecraft's stories
Some dumb HFY cunt started some dumb copypaste about how the steamboat killed Cthulhu a few years back because he was mad that Lovecraft's stories are all about humanity being small and insignificant.

People go crazy over all sorts of things. People have had psychotic episodes after dog attacks. Seeing all of your friends die, in a city that shouldn't exist, falling into spaces that your mind has difficulty comprehending, or by being grabbed up by a being that is both terrifying and exists in defiance of all natural laws, is stressful.

Escaping that island in your boat, only to see the creature swim after you *and actually gain on you* is perhaps even moreso. This is clearly not some kind of switch where "Oh, you saw that thing with tentacles, time for the mad-house." Hell, in Call of Cthulhu, only one guy on the boat actually loses it-- and I think we can forgive him for that. The other guy's fine (or, at least, as fine as you can be after going through all that shit).

Lovecraft's actual characters didn't particularly resemble anything like a "sanity" system as seen in tabletop media. Looking at things didn't generally make you go crazy. *Understanding* things was more dangerous, and even then, you're more likely to just kill yourself for perfectly rational reasons than to go insane. And the vast majority of his characters remain mentally sound through the entirety of their narrative--shakened, hopeless, and terrified, maybe. Perhaps even doubting their own sanity, on account of how unbelievable their experiences have been. But not insane.

And, though many of his characters do spend time in asylums, they're often *not* insane, but rather body-snatchers or reanimated corpses or something equally frightening, who've been committed for some reason or another.

Lovecraft himself wasn't very trigger-happy with the insanity thing. But, particularly through tabletop and video games that offer "sanity" systems and similar mechanics, the idea has become attached to him and his stories.
Not anon, but...

>Of course, finding the killer was easier said than done.
>Like all the big names worth their salt, Ol' Squidbeard had made plenty of enemies in his time. Lotta scum would pay top dollar to see him outta the picture.
>Top of the list would be the new big cheese of the city, guy who goes by 'The Kingpin in Yellow'.
>Word on the street was that he and his boys were looking to smuggle in something big from Carcosa, though R'lythian interferance was putting up some trouble.A business killing?
>Or maybe it was the old Black Goat and her Russians. Everyone knows the two used to be old flames.
>Relationship fell apart when Big C refused to share his monopoly on Endbringer privileges, though. Women, right?
>Or maybe someone closer to home. Dagon and his sister? Junior was always urging daddy to bring about the end. Guess he ran outta patience.
>Only one thing I know right now.
>I need a drink.
Darkest Dungeon explains it rather well.

It's not the fact that your sanity plummets.

It's the continious stress and fear that erodes away your sanity, until one day you either kill yourself just before the ghouls get you, or you decide to stab the police commisioner to death in the crypts just so you can GET THE FUCK OUT THOSE CRYPTS FUCK EVERYTHING I JUST WANT TO SEE THE SUN!

Great Old One gangsters? Fuck yeah.
File: Spoiler Image (12 KB, 175x175)
12 KB
Yet another anon contributing.
>I had no clear evidence that any of them had a direct part in the assassination.
>So many suspects in the goddamn pantheon, that I couldn't even fathom the actual size of the conspiracy - if there ever was one. Was I going insane? Or was it just the first sane thought in years? I didn't know anymore.
>As I came back to my office, I saw a movement behind my window. Leathery, slithering wings flapped over the fire escape.
>I recognized the old nightgaunt that used to be my main informer. He looked horrible, but then again, this was his business attire.
>"What do you have for me?" I said, already contemplating the thought of another drink.
>"I heard you on the case of the big sleeping bastard," he said. "Too bad I haven't got any news for you."
>He was clearly lying. It was his preferred method of engaging in conversation: he denied knowing anything until I fed him some tasty meat from some places better left unspoken.
>But I had no time for such trivial hunting. I needed answers, no matter where this would lead my already fragile mind. I grabbed him by the neck, forcing myself to keep an attitude despite his reeking smell. "Spit it."
>"I dunno who's behind it. But I know who they hired."
>"I'm losing my patience. Who? Old Shub? The Kingpin? The Crawling Bitch herself? I wouldn't be surprised if she orchestrated all this just to make me lose my marbles."
>"You got it all wrong. It's not the Old Gods."
>"It's Him. The Old Man. The Big H."
>I loosened the grasp on his neck, staggered by the revelation. The nightgaunt flew off in the night, leaving me alone and in need of a refill.
>How could I not have thought of him? It was obvious, in hindsight.
>I left, looking for the guy. This time it would be a tough nut to crack, but at least I wouldn't lose my mind.
>But having to deal with Henderson was still as dangerous as dealing with the big names. The guy had killed the Big C, after all.
>All I needed to know was why.
Buy metallic spiders lived on earth way after that until the Sun died.
there is no amount of money I would pay to see something like this...

except they already did it.
File: open your eyes.gif (2.95 MB, 544x612)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB GIF
It's obvious who killed Cthulhu.

Nyarlatotep is quick to anger and very territorial.
File: PBF053AD-Lord_Gloom.jpg (47 KB, 145x148)
47 KB
>Cthulhu campaign
>investigators enter the 4km long body of a unknown creature to find bio hazard and a way to dispose of it safely
>it turn into a gruesome Dnd-esque campaign when other parties are getting involved, parasites don't like to be disturbed, madness kicks in, etc...
>my GM face when
>Namedropping everywhere
>no consistency with CoC horror
this is animu tier, please stop
Another anon contributing too, I guess.

>Travelling in Carcosea is never easy. The roads twist and bend in ways seemingly impossible in an architectural standpoint.
>Still, it was beautiful. Gleaming gold and marble make up most of the buildings here. Yet I wasn't here to see them.
>I go to the Sinner's Delight, hoping Hastur would be there. I have some questions he'd like to answer.
>I buy a drink and get a table. He'd come soon. No rush anyhow.
>A few minutes later, an impeccable man comes in and sits at my table. Right in time.
>"What brings you here, Johnny?"
>"You know what brings me here Hastur. Don't tell me you haven't heard of his death.
>"Ah, the Big C. What about it?
>"something I'd like you to answer..."
>Suddenly, gunfire erupts from the entrance.
>A dozen Deep Ones carrying Thompsons spray fire around the place, shredding its inhabitants in a hail of bone.
>"Shit! We gotta get out, now!"
>I return fire, catching one in the eye lobe, spilling out its eye fluids and redirecting their attention to their bleeding sonny.
>We get out via fire exit, running to the car and getting out as fast as we can.
Beat me to it. But yeah, you have to remember losing sanity makes you more prone to losing more sanity.

There is arguments either way if this is realistic or not but by the time most investigators actually get to see Cthulhu they've already seen so much shit they're were already a breath away from going off the deep end. If a mentally unscarred person saw him they'd have a much better job handling it.
Don't forget that to a mentally unscarred person, the idea of travelling to an island that doesn't exist in the middle of the Pacific is total bogus.

The whole deal with sanity in Lovecraftian stories touches up on many aspects of UFO freaks, Christian cults and conspiracy theories - where "the sheeple" are simply completely blind to 'the truth'.
>no consistency with CoC horror
Just like most of Mythos after Lovecraft? People weren't going insane from seeing overgrown seafood in his stories.
Also having zero SAN doesnt it mean you're now a gibling idiot. It means you've seen the horrible truth. Sanity basically is shorthand for 'deluding yourself that anything you is futile and that you should just eat your shot gun now',

What if you don't deny things and already expected mythos shit like a veteran conspiracy theorist?
I figured it would be more like Neil Gaiman's A Study In Emerald, where the old ones have been around for centuries and everyone got used to it. Though here they rule as mob bosses rather than monarchs.
Whaaaaaaaaat is hero brine doing here?
There's a difference between expecting reptilians in jew suits in the White House and realising you're in a non-comedic version of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
They're all tainted with psychosium, a new element we haven't found yet originating from cthulhu and created in cthulhu worship. It is psychic and warps space specifically so your brain goes insane.

That theory got discredited along with the ether drift. We now know that psychosium exist naturally in the human brain to regulate attacks from the dream lands.

Cthulhu has no interest to making us mad, it's simply his giant colossal alien brain forms a bigger strain on the local noosphere draing all the extra psychosium from the area.
>Eldritch Abomination gang war?
File: Cock.jpg (3 KB, 124x104)
3 KB
>CoC humor
Cththulu is dead?

File: wide.jpg (90 KB, 720x272)
90 KB
I'm back!
I'm glad I inspired some people to write, I think /tg/ can use all the good writers it can.
>Pleased with my response, the Crawling Chaos stood up to leave. I saw that she had a different appearance from the last time I saw her. Tonight she looked like someone I used to know. Someone I knew...before I got into all this weird shit.
>I pray to a god whose existence I've come to doubt that Nyarlathotep hasn't been in my that long.
>I've cut all my old ties since I started working with Weird Crime. To think the Gods had been watching me from before. Before it all changed...
>"Before you go," I said, my voice cracking. "Where should I start?"
>"At the scene of the crime," she said, matter-of-factly.
>"I doubt the government is letting anyone near that giant, decaying heap." I said. She placed the bottle on the table and turned to walk away.
>"That's not where Cthulhu kicked the bucket." She paused at the door. There was something about the way she said the dead god's name. I'd never heard a human say it like that.
>"Then where?" I reached for the bottle and squinted in the darkness to look at it.
>Then she said it. "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn."
>I shivered at the alien speech. The door closed and I was alone with the bottle in front of me.
>I flick on the desk lamp to inspect my prize.
>I'm not even surprised at the dismembered tentacle floating within the bottle.
>I hesitate only a second before I poured another drink.
Bumping for more stories.

not same anon but.

>By the time I reached my vehicle we finally lost those horrible fish men.
>Hastur, on the other hand was bleeding his black, smelly blood all over his expensive gaudy yellow suit.
>His voice began to crack a little. We both climbed into the getaway vehicle. I do not wonder anymore what lies behind that pallid mask of his. If it were not there and his face were normal I shouldn't waste time wondering what expression his face could contort.
>He began to wheeze and cough. More of that nasty ichor began to stain my car seets.
>"Where should I take you?" I asked professionally.
>"My place my place..." The inhuman signature of his voice began to become more apparent.
>I fired up my car and began to drive out.
>Suddenly, the car was jumped by several others. At first I thought they were more amphibious abominations. I looked to my side, no these were men. They were the Feds!
>"Run run!" screamed my inhuman informant.
>It was too late. Somehow one of those humans, of they were, broke the glass of the passenger door, swiftly got the door opened, and another promptly dragged Hastur out.
>Why they did not attack me yet is something I dare not contemplate. Who these people were I do not dwell on. All I know is that as I froze in sheer horror I saw them drag my host to the ground.
>He screamed for help in a voice that I dare not recall. Another agent got a chokehold of me somehow and we began to struggle.
>I pushed this fiend away and knocked him away. Then before me was a horrid sight.
>This agent quickly fled the scene, and so did the others.
>What they left behind was my informant, covered in his stinky black ichor. His inhuman entrails exposed and rotting. His coat slashed up and mask removed. It would be redundant for me to say he was dead.
>Goodbye you magnificent bastard. Goodbye for now. I lit up a cigarette.
That is not dead which can eternal lie, motherfucker.
please continue
The squid man is a human interpretation based on psychic dreams. I always figured seeing a Great Old One like Cthulhu in person would be like seeing something so weird that trying to process its appearance breaks your brain. It has less to do with being big and scary as it does with being something human beings weren't built to come into contact with. Hence, "thing that should not be".
>every Metal Gear game ever
>I was being followed.
>I had packed my things after she left. I doubted I would return to my small apartment.
>On the seat next to me was my copy of the Necronomicon. It was heavily edited and bastardized, but the power within was still potent enough to summon the shantak I would need to get to R'lyeh.
>If that was where Nyarlathotep wanted me to be, then one of her shantaks would take me there.
>I could feel the impotent weight of the gun against my chest, it's ineffectiveness a constant reminder in my line of work. No matter how many bullets I pumped into those fucking monsters, I always made sure to save one for myself.
>In case I saw too much.
>In case I knew too much.
>In case I changed too much.
>I drove faster, so I didn't have to focus on what followed me, and so I didn't have to look at the carnage that surrounded me.
>There was rioting in the streets once the reports of Deep One raids spread. I hoped I would have to defend myself from looters or the gutter folk of the city.
>I flipped open the tome next to me to the page I needed. I doubted that I would be allowed to summon a shantak in peace, so I got started on the spell.>I had never cast a spell from a moving vehicle before, but if I was lucky I wouldn't explode or turn into stone.
>Foul purple light began to emit from the book, and I could smell burning upholstery on the seat.
>I chanted the worlds that would summon the shantak, that inter-dimensional beast which would carry me across the ocean.
>I was almost at the beach, and I had nearly completed the spell when the van accelerated suddenly and rear-ended me.
>The wheel lurched out of my hand and the vehicle flipped into the sand. I could hear the the soft noises of the beach, oblivious to the chaos that engulfed the world.
>I hung upside-down in my car, bleeding, but relatively unhurt.
File: Shantak.jpg (31 KB, 300x390)
31 KB
>The book had landed face-up on the ceiling, and still pulsed with it's sinister glow. I squeezed out the final words as best as I could, and then the spell was done.
>I crawled out of the car, clutching the Necronomicon against my chest.
>Standing in the soft surf was the shantak. It looked at me expectantly.
>It had started to rain.
>From the van their was a loud crunching noise, and then silence as a dark figure erupted from the van.
>It was a Nightguant.
>A servant of Nodens, the Lord of the Great Abyss.
>Immediately, the creature dived towards the shantak, but the elephantine size did not make it less graceful. It was already flying away, out towards the ocean. The Nightguant swiftly went to follow, but stopped at the surf.
>It hovered in the air, watching the shantak depart with it's black, featureless face.
>Several cultists were making their way out of the ruined vehicle. I could tell they weren't Cthulhu cultists, and their bodies did not feature the ritual scarring of the Nyarlathotep cults.
>"Detective Lovecraft!" one shouted and waved at me.
>"You're pretty chummy for someone who just rear-ended me." I said. The Nightguant still hovered nearby, it's tail lashing in some alien emotion.
>He looked sheepishly at the two other cultists, one of which was still bleeding from a head wound.
>"I apologize profusely, Detective Lovecraft, but we were sent by Nodens himself to stop you."
>"And what, tickle me to death?" I said, pointing a thumb and the faceless creature that hung in the air like the awkwardness of this situation.
>"Gods, no!" exclaimed the old cultist. "We're here to save you! Someone is setting up Nodens to take the blame for Cthulhu's death and you were going to be the one to do it."
>Suddenly it all made sense. She was playing me from the beginning. Maybe before even that.
>I was a pawn all along, and I would have seen whatever she had wanted me to see if I had ridden that shantak across the ocean.
File: Night_Gaunt.jpg (125 KB, 853x640)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
>"Damn it!" I shout. I toss the necronomicon into the sand, it's weight finally unbearable.
>With a flash the Nightguant impaled the dark tome with it’s barbed tail, and blood gushed from the pages.
>The bleeding cultist said quietly, "Now Nyarlathotep won't be able to track you so easily."
>"I can't run or hide from her forever." I wished that the bottle of booze didn't break so loudly when I crashed.
>If she was my enemy now, it would only be a matter of time until she found me.
>"You'll be safe at the temple for now." I let the cultists shepherd me away from the beach before stopped in my tracks.
>What did she intend for me to find at R'lyeh?
>What did she think I would do?
>What was I supposed to accomplish?
>"What was the fucking point!?" I suddenly shout. I can’t make any sense of it.
>"Why did she send me to find out who killed Cthulhu if she was setting up Nodens!?"
>”Why me!?” I screamed. The cultists looked at me with fear and pity. They could tell I was on the brink.
>Did Nyarlathotep really kill Cthulhu to save us, or did she want the credit for our extinction?
>Whatever the reason, I didn't intend to find out.
>I reached into my jacket for the gun with the bullet with my name on it.
>I put gun under my jaw, but I couldn't pull the trigger.
>I began to sob and I let the gun fall out of my hands and into the sand. Gently, the cultists of Nodens led me to their temple.
>Even in the rain, the Nightguant made no noise.
And that's all folks! Thanks for keeping the thread alive!
He saw a boat, had a heart attack
Bump, I want more people to read my stuff.

Sooooo noir
The adventures of Detective Lovecraft.
Would you mind if we continue on with P.I Lovecraft?
Go ahead. There are no hard and fast rules.
I never even said it was HP himself, if that gives you more creative freedom. I did hint at some of his habits and inclinations though.
I think we could use some mood music here.


>My head was throbbing against my skull. Blood flooded my mouth. Then, I coughed it out.
>All I could see was blur. Haze. For a moment I could not remember what was going on. What had been going on, or even who I was.
>Unfortunately it did come back in a few seconds.
>I found myself in a small cot bed in a hidden room. A Nodens cultist was right beside me. A high priestess perhaps.
>"I understand you wanted out, sir; but The Lord of the Great Abyss does not will it so."
>"Oh fucking great. Now these fucking gods even deny me the peace of death."
>"You say that as if death is peaceful"
>I snorted at that. How the hell do these cultists deal with all this weird shit and remain alive? I think they are all perpetually drugged, just as I am with my spirits.
>This cultist dressed in a modest white robe with sea-themed jewelry around her neck and waist. Her long wavy golden haired sparkled against her cherubic visage. I squinted at her a bit; a habit I've developed since meeting Nyarlathotep.
>She have me some tea and told me to rest before joining the others in the temple. As if rest was even possible now.
>As I morbidly contemplated what happened right before pulling the trigger, I began to be overwhelmed with curiosity. It didn't matter if the whole thing made no sense, I started feeling as if I had to know, even if it killed me again. Maybe I was too sober when I pulled the trigger to be possesed with great wonder about what is going on. Yet I am trapped in this vicious cycle of wonder and horror. From the looks of it, it might be an eternity.
>Suddenly the door opened again.
>Her black dress, her feline grace, her wide-brimmed hat and bright red lipstick pierced my field if vision once again.
>"Go ahead and kill me, it's the most merciful thing to do right now." I snapped at Nyarlathotep.

>I was caught between wanting to punch the living day lights out of her and kissing her. This was the web of trouble weaved by a daemonic dame in black. It would be an understatement to say she was the devil. And I mean that literally.
>"I'm so sorry what happened."
>"I already know you are a deceptive one. I wouldn't be surprised if every case was your doing."
>"No amount of proof could show either direction."
>"That's why I want to die. It's the only way out. I don't know what's real and what's not. All thanks to you." I sneered.
>"And yet we've been together so long."
>"And alcoholic"
>"You have no faith in yourself. Listen Randolph Lovecraft, you are becoming more frail than your hermit bookworm of a brother. There is something you need to see there. Don't talk as if it's your first time."
>"I can't say I am not interested. Are you setting me up? Is this all about saving the world so the world will worship you?"
>"No matter what I told you, you will not believe me. That is the curse of a trickster god like myself."
>She sat on my bed and gave me another intoxicating kiss on the lips. Why was she so interested in me? Why me as her pawn? Nothing makes sense. I shouldn't expect anything to make sense anymore. Yet my job was to somehow make sense of it all. I could feel no romantic pleasure in our kisses anymore, they were more like added signatures in blood to a diabolical contract.
>"Get up, we have a mystery to solve." She smirked.

Someone else can continue.
If you walked outside your house and saw an absolutely fucking gigantic physics defying monster you would be so scared it would likely become a traumatic experience that would cause you some degree of insanity, especially when you realize that it is real. Even if it wasn't you would probably question whether you were sober, and if you were you would book an appointment with a doctor because seeing that shit ain't normal.

All kinds of incredibly mundane things causes clinical insanity in normal people, to the point that every single human being on this planet will develop some kind of mental aberration in their lives. You think that a giant supernatural octopus demon monster god thing that's mere awakening is the end of the human race isn't going to give you a psychological disturbance?
>Going insane from someone shooting at you
I never got this. People would be scared and freaking the fuck out, but going clinically insane? Terrorists aren't even incomprehensible like most other human monsters.

Some people would say "awesome", and them run the fuck away. Remember in this world there are people deathly afraid of heights, spiders, and snakes. At the same time there are people who keep spiders and snakes as pets and falling out of airplanes as a hobby.

Even in HPL's stories a recurring theme is that many if the protagonists are scared but are fascinated at the same time. They pass by many red flags and warnings not to proceed but still are taken in by a sense of crazy wonder. This is why Dyer and Danforth decide to explore the ruins deeper and deeper in Mountains of Madness, why in "Dagon" the protagonist just had to walk out of the boat and approach the ruins, why Wilmarth had to visit the house even though the letter was an obvious trap written by Migos, why the protagonist in "Dreams in the Witch House" moved into a place he knew was the home of a witch who even he suspected at the time was tapping into some power that fascinated himself, it's why the protagonist at Innsmouth had to go there, it's why much of the faculty at Miskatonic has gone through the Necronomicon, it's why the protagonist in Call of Cthulhu had to make expensive trips around the world to gather information on the sources of the articles he inherited.
Most people who are afraid of snakes and spiders are afraid because they are dangerous, but also know that if you know how to handle them they can be relatively safe. People who are deathly afraid of snakes and spiders usually have a phobia, likely caused by trauma, that causes them to act in an irrational and often unsafe manner (mental illness).

Everyone simultaneously knows that heights are dangerous and can provide safety, it’s wired into your monkey brain to the point that you will begin to experience vertigo around the height where you will likely die or maim yourself if you fall. People also know that skydiving has an incredible array of safety measures to ensure that the person falling to the earth is not in danger, but their monkey brain is screaming at them and telling them that they're about to die (they're not). Thrill seeking isn't insanity.

In those stories, they were all motivated by something whether it be to confront a problem, learn more about the world, or pursue some kind of personal goal or reward. Afterwards they all suffered from insanity to varying degrees and became involved in something that ruined their lives or killed them, and/or made them completely unable to function in society and lead them into a spiral of self-destruction.

It isn’t a case of saying “Awesome” and running away, it’s a case of “Awesome, everything I know is over”.
>it’s wired into your monkey brain to the point that you will begin to experience vertigo around the height where you will likely die or maim yourself if you fall.

Excluding most native Americans right? They don't have that wiring.

Some more than others. Wilmarth was branded a lunatic because of warning people about the Migo. Danforth and after experienced a lot of stress; it was Danforth that snapped but Dyer continued being functional(we see him in Shadow out of Time on an expedition). Much of the horror was more to do with knowing, heck the protagonist of Call of Cthulhu never sees Cthulhu but is still scared shit and wonders if a cultist is going to murder him for knowing too much. In Colour out of Space the protagonist gets everything second hand and still gets freaked out. In Shadow over Innsmouth, well that would be a spoiler but the protagonist's reaction becomes batshit in another very different way. Another anon earlier pointed out that only a few of the protagonists in HPL's stories went insane the way characters do in games. Others were scared shit but still could move on.

In this day in age we are already pretty densensitized to such things as universal meaninglessness, the scope of time, and horrible alien faces. Now would we get scared? Yes we would. We would be freaked out by the whole "they do exist" thing. Yet it would be shocked that something considered fictional would be real. We would be caught in fear and awe. If we were in immediate danger we would more likely to be traumatized, at a distance, less so.

Around the time of HPL, Edwin Hubble discovered the Milky Way was one out of countless other galaxies. That did shock a lot of people, but not incapacitate anyone permanently and now it is common knowledge. I'm sure Darwin's Theory of Evolution may have traumatized some back in the day though and continues being something a lot of people cannot handle.

Throughout human history we have also revered things we feared, and even identify with them(especially dangerous animals like bears, sharks, tigers, wolves, etc).

tl;dr reactions to Cthulhu would be more mixed than going to the asylum.
cthulu is breddy strange.
What part of "That is not dead which can eternal lie" do you not understand?
He's just resting, pinning fr the abyssal trenches.
File: Spoiler Image (235 KB, 1280x720)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
I would call it a temporary psychosis. Some people can't handle gunfire and panic.
Though I think it'd be unfair to trigger them instantly and without warning.

Back in this day, there was not much distinction or research on mental illness. People back then believed anxiety was because you were not properly potty trained as a child. Today we'd distinguish things better. Some would react with PTSD, being normal but with nightmares and flashbacks. Some with overwhelming depression, others paranoia that Cthulhu/Dagon/shoggoths are right around the corner, etc.

y'all arguing about shit and ignoring this stuff.

>I had just attempted suicide, succeeded and resurrected by a cruel Elder God. Now I am on a boat with Nylarthotep trying to figure out who murdered Cthulhu. It's a great time to loose your sanity.
>You just can't make this shit up.
>Her black tresses danced in the wind against her ivory pale skin. She looked almost like a dame lifted out of the monochrome movies. Her violet tinged eyes full of all the grotesque horror of all that exists, and in a form so alluring.
>It took a bit of arm twisting to get out of the Nodens temple, but the Crawling Chaos did it so smoothly I couldn't help but be further seduced into her grasp. I cannot distinguish sanity and insanity anymore. Part of me is screaming. The other part is helplessly enthralled.
>On our way another boat in the horizon began to head straight toward us in front.
>The captain put on warning signals but they still plowed through the water straight at us like a train.
>The shantak on deck screeched in terror at the oncoming thing, immediately it charged.
>As the ship grew closer I could see it was full of more weird shit cultists oh great I gotta load my gun again.
>The shantak managed to stop the boats progression toward us. Bullets rained. I ducked for cover to load my gun. Nyarlathotep whistled and more shantaks were summoned out of horrid portals to stop the cultists.
>I could not distinguish what faction they came from at first, but the deep ones rising out of the water to flank us soon made it apparent. Why were deep ones attacking us, aren't they servitors of Cthulhu?
>That was actually a big clue. I now have my first suspect and motive.
>More shantaks arrived to dine on the fish frog humanoids, the captain steered off in another direction.
>Nyarlathotep sat next to me. A look of shock on her face. I didn't know if it was real or not, whatever it was she just wanted to let me know we both had the same suspect in mind.
>"Dagon?" she whispered.
I'm going to write some more once I get home. I think the new additions are great, and I think Nyarlathotep being ivory skinned is pretty creepy too.
File: 1414817488793.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB

Nylarthatopep can be anything Nylarthatopep wants to be, even a waifu or an anthropomorphic train.
>The water gurgled and frothed as the god rose from the ocean depths.
>The gigantic head of Dagon slowly emerged.
>I dared not look at it, but the sound of Nyarlathotep gasping made me look.
>The fish-like face of the god was horribly scarred, and open wounds were slashed across his cheeks and brow.
>Water and yellow-green slime poured out of the two empty sockets that held the god's eyes.
>His massive flabby lips were split, revealing the rows of jagged broken teeth within.
>He spoke in the dark language of gods. To my ears it sounds like drowning.
>Nyarlathotep responded, and a horrible cacophony of sound escaped from her mouth like bats of of hell.
>Dagon kept his distance. From what I learned from my brother, Dagon was a servant of Cthulhu as well as the lord of the Deep Ones.
>The conversation was beginning to make me feel sick to my stomach.
>Suddenly the boat lurched and Dagon ducked beneath the sea.
>Winged beasts with tentacled faces flew out from the waves and attacked the ship.
>"They're Servants of Cthulhu!" Nyarlathotep screamed, her alien voice struggling to speak a human tongue.
>The ship was starting to sink, and the cultists began firing at the flying creatures. The shantak were now in the air, but the Servitors were too nimble for the massive beasts.
>One by one I saw the cultists plucked out of the air and eviscerated.
>One of the green-skinned demons dove at me, but before I could take a shot, there was Nyarlathotep.
>Her arm had become a hooked tentacle, and it impaled the Servitor above us.
>"Are you okay?" she asked. It broke my heart to question her honesty.
>"He admitted it." She said. Her clawed arm flicked the dead Servitor into the sea.
>"Dagon killed Cthulhu?" I asked. It seemed insane that a minor god would kill his master.
>Nyarlathotep's arm became human again, and the creature's brown blood dripped from her white skin. I had a tan from being out in the sun, but her skin was as white as bone.
>"But why?" I asked. The ship was really taking on water now. I didn't care. "Dagon can't just replace Cthulhu, can he?"
>She smiled at that, like I had said something infinitely naive.
>"No god can replace Cthulhu. His death was politics."
>"You said the stars were right, and that it was time for humans to go extinct. You told me it had been foretold by the Great Race of Yith. Who has the power to change fate like that?"
>She looked at me again, like I was a child.
>"If only you knew what it was like, to be a god. There is only one entity I know that revels in fake prophecies and tormenting the minds of omniscient beings."
>Suddenly it clicked. Another god of madness had killed Cthulhu not to save humanity, but continue to play with it.
>The water was up to my knees, but Nyarlathotep stood on the water like it was solid ground. Nearby, a shantak paddled towards us. The battle in the sky was over. These fights between the servants of the gods seemed less personal than human war, and more like a formality.
>"It was the King it Yellow, the Elder God Hastur."
>"Exactly. Even though the stars were right for R'lyeh to rise from the ocean, Hastur tempted Dagon to kill Cthulhu so that Dagon may rule the oceans until the next time the stars are right."
>"So humanity is still doomed, but Hastur gave us a rain-check?" I said.
>"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die." she said, and offered me a hand.
>I almost accepted her story. It made no sense for a god to bend the cosmos to save one human, especially me.
>So I accepted her hand instead.

stop making me ship them
>I looked deeply into her strange eyes and said
I never considered this explanation for those assholes that go around breaking centuries old tombstones. Maybe they were fighting ghouls.
File: jewish-graves-s.jpg (78 KB, 573x398)
78 KB
So the swastikas are just to cover up the tracks of exorcists taking care of Jew-Ghosts, eh?
He's gonna be back up within ten minutes, unless it was a nuke.
If it's a nuke we've got about an hour to live.
No, just assholes with entitlement issues.
That's not really a thing in my area, they just seem to break them at random. Though the older graveyards are always hit the hardest.
Silly, we all know when jews die they become part of the skin of Shekeltron. For the day Shekeltron finally becomes whole the wealthy of the galaxy shall disappear.
Yeah only if they were kosher in death.

These tasteless jokes are a breath of fresh air for an ex-tumblrina like me.
File: image.jpg (414 KB, 800x1414)
414 KB
414 KB JPG
I would love to do more with P.I Lovecraft and Dame Nylarlathotep but I didn't insinuate the idea but I wouldn't know who to credit/ask even though I contributed.
I mean as in outside of 4chan stuff

My tumblr account is currently abandoned, there was also one other person involved I think. I left tumblr more than a year ago because of SJWs.

Alas part of the point of 4chan is anonymity. My suggestion would be to post everything and point out which ones are yours.
Yeah I didn't care about the issue until you mentioned it, I already have my work on the side, thanks for letting me use your stuff too.
It was really interesting seeing where you took my contributions and a good challenge for me to continue the story. tumblr is a lot LOT more bearable with tumblr savior. I filter all the SJW shit out.
If you want me to send you a cleaned up version later let me know.

Wait what was the URL again? Go ahead and tell me cryptically.

got it, it just didn't show up at first.

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