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  • File :1235704463.jpg-(85 KB, 284x455, warhammer_40000_dawn_of_war_ii_conceptar(...).jpg)
    85 KB Idranel Cont. Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:14 No.3829606  
    Continuing on from last night's thread. Idranel thread go!
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:15 No.3829619
    What's everyone's obsession with this dude?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:16 No.3829627
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:16 No.3829629
    Everyone wants to be the first to establish Idranel's personality... even though it's already been done months ago.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:18 No.3829639

    Her personality got pulverized by the Lucas-effect

    Getting killed off in a game where you got barely any screentime didn't do much for her mental condition
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:18 No.3829640

    She has none.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:19 No.3829644
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:19 No.3829645

    Delicious flat chest...
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:21 No.3829663
    She needs time to recover her mental prowess.

    Currently under the care of Governor Derosa, she'll be back to her normal racist-self in time.

    Though she'll have a soft spot for the mon-keigh that saved her, she's EXTREMELY pissed off at the Blood Ravens.

    She might just call them...

    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:21 No.3829665

    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:22 No.3829681
    Yeah I was kinda disappointed my new terminators basically curb stomped her. "Fuck you aliens!"
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:23 No.3829684
    Really the problem is we have this cabal of non-contributors who demand nothing but trite, boring lesbian porn that trails after LCB screaming WAIT WAIT ME TOO I HAVE IDEAS ABOUT LOVE until every single female in the DoW games becomes essentially the same fucking character only with a different hat.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:25 No.3829697
    Here here
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:25 No.3829701

    Don't look at me. I was the one asking for Tyranid rape.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:25 No.3829703
    God I wish she was real...
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:26 No.3829713


    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:26 No.3829717
    So she could attempt to blow your planet up?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:27 No.3829727
    I concur. Certainly, there should be more than "stupid double mon'keigh I kill you with mind bullets" but this idea that every female is a closet lesbian is getting old fast.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:27 No.3829728


    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:27 No.3829729
         File :1235705269.jpg-(119 KB, 789x401, 1202991203309.jpg)
    119 KB
    Because Idranel and Taldeer are the only Eldar with a spine.

    Pic unrelated since LOVE CAN BLOOM is already in use.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:28 No.3829735
    The problem is, it ISN'T change. It's changing nothing. It's the same old shit and there's a very good reason why none of it ever catches on, because it's the same few people continually pushing their wheelbarrow full of SHIT into every conversation involving anything that could get them their sad and lonely lesbian porn, and upturning the contents on everyone's feet. Then they wonder why everyone else departs in disgust leaving them to still have attained nothing.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:30 No.3829750

    9/10. You actually had me going for a while, there.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:32 No.3829761
    The runes were cast, the paths of fate were spread before her and Farseer Idranel of Ulthwe saw bloodshed and suffering besetting worlds in a prelude to an alien feast. Her predictions had held true with typically unerring accuracy, and now her force was set to war.

    "Who have they sent?" The Farseer asked as her seer stones floated gently down into her palm again, one at a time. The Warlock who had barely even entered the room paused a moment, wondering if he had walked in on something. His helmet hid his smile at his own response when realizing Idranel had simply seen him coming.

    "The monkeigh response is small. A handful of Space Marines... The Blood Ravens" The Warlock reported, his battle-honed mind sensing immediately the change in the air.

    "Then there should not be a problem. Their numbers are too small, they will not effect any change in our plans" Idranel stated with a veneer of calm, letting each stone fall from her hand into a pouch at her side.

    "Even so, we should be wary" The Warlock counselled, "They have after all defeated Macha of Biel-Tan, as well as both Taldeer and C-"

    "I am well aware of the Blood Raven's record with defeating those of our race incapable of keeping their ceremonial robes on" Idranel sharply interrupted, "Which is why I am promoting a radical new battle plan to defeat them amongst our own"

    In spite of the sense that he would regret the question, the Warlock pressed to enquire what his Farseer meant.

    "If you see a Monkeigh, an Ork or even a Tyranid... kill it. DON'T TRY TO FUCK IT" and with those final words the satchel of seer stones was hurled against a nearby wall, sending the durable stones skittling out the top and all over the room, and in a moment the rictus of rage on Idranel's face softened back to one of stern command again, "Do I make myself clear?"

    "Like the Dome of Seers" The Warlock answered, popping his collar up, "Crystal".
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:32 No.3829765
    I'll draw some, lemme pull out my tablet. What do you guys want?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:32 No.3829767
    It doesn't have to be lesbians. A trap is fine, too.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:33 No.3829772
    As the forces of Ulthwe emerged from the webway, Farseer Idranel leaned her light frame back against a tree, and conversed with the rangers who had come to the planet weeks in advance.

    "My predictions foretold of a large garrison that needs to be destroyed" Idranel explained, "You tell me you have found it?"

    "Yes my Farseer" the gentle, soft voice of the lead ranger answered, "A base of monkeigh citizen-soldiers. They seem alert as well. Listening in, it may be due to our presence on nearby worlds. I'll direct our listening equipment through so you can hear for yourself"

    There was a gentle click, and then clear as though they were using it themselves the voices of conversing PDF guards began to be heard.

    "So seriously, Eldar?"

    "That's what they're sayin'"

    "Oh man, seriously? I've seen holo-vids about them. They're lead by these psychics, and apparently the bigger their breasts the more powerful they are"

    "Grox shit"

    "It's totally true. Thing is, one look at human warrior and these bitches practically SHED their armour"

    Minutes later, the Warlock emerged with several Guardian guided Bright Lance grav-platforms moving behind him. Idranel directed the battery to set up, and aim at a single point high up in the sky.

    At a signal all fired at once, brilliant beams of light stabbing out into the sky, converging on something unseen.

    Soon after the sight of a small speck billowing smoke became visible, streaking through the sky and disappearing down amongst the mountains. Where the PDF base was, the Warlock noted to himself.

    "The monkeigh base has just been hit by one of their shuttles crashing" the lead ranger suddenly announced, "The base is in a panic"

    "Kill any of the primitives you see moving" Idranel stated coolly, "We shall move on to the next objective"
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:33 No.3829775






    after she goes through therapy for "Victims of George Lucas Discardments"
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:33 No.3829778
    >What do you guys want?

    And there's the problem. Current scribblefags just draw what they're told to. They don't come up with anything funny themselves and of course Anonymous just screams POOOOOORRRRRN at them.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:33 No.3829780
    There was a sense of something strange in the air, and then the Warp Spider Exarch's form filled it as he leapt back to Farseer Idranel's side. For her part, the Eldar seer had finished divining their next best course of action, and their combined intelligence would see to their next path.

    "The Orks only have rudimentary guard posted" The Exarch stated flatly, "If we move now we can take them all by surprise"

    "Very well" Idranel nodded, "Set our forces up as per the command feed I'll give you shortly, we will put the barbarians out of our misery"

    "So you won't be asking us to take one alive for you?" The Exarch quipped, and against all better sense continued when he saw Idranel's face twist into annoyed confusion, "Well, you are a Farseer of Ulthwe. They figure if you don't care for the monkeys you might have green fever"

    "Just go and be ready" Idranel sighed, subtly pressing a few buttons before feeding the command positions to the Exatch, "We have no time for such ridiculous indulgences"

    The battle progressed precisely as planned, though the Exarch never saw them progress that far, the Warlock finding him lying face down on the ground with a large trukk tire running over the back of his armour. The by-product of teleporting to the precise location at the precise time directed by his Farseer.

    "... you knew... she'd do that... didn't you?" the Exarch gasped as the Warlock helped him to his feet.

    "I didn't need seer powers to know that, no. Next time you take up one of our bets, jump in a little to the left" The Warlock answered simply, his collar popping of its own accord.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:34 No.3829784

    Not going to lie. I don't get this this. Why would Derosa want to take care of an Eldar that tried to blow up her planets. And fuck, I watched her die. She is dead, nothing can change that.

    I must be getting old.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:34 No.3829786
    Idranel being a complete badass. Mind bullets may be appropriate, but are not necessary.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:34 No.3829791

    Fuck yes. Keep going!
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:36 No.3829799

    All the DoW farseers playing poker. DO IT!
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:39 No.3829814
    7/5, a doi doi doi.

    Seriously, if I really wanted to send the thread to shit I'd just do what I normally do. I'd make fun of lesbian porn. Then the whole thread just implodes into "I BET YOU'RE GAY" or attempts to not appear sad and lonely whilst being obsessed about shitty porn.

    I reserve my right to mock the non-contributors of /tg/. They aren't the ones who draw anything. Write anything. Do anything. They sit there waiting for someone to do it for them. Sometimes they roleplay as characters in threads.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:39 No.3829815

    I think we have a winner, ladies and gentlemen.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:40 No.3829823

    Kind of like you?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:42 No.3829833

    8/10. Slipping a bit, but an A for effort and sticking to your guns.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:42 No.3829838
    Don't forget they're also the first to shriek /TG/ WE GET SHIT DONE at the slightest provocation.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:44 No.3829853

    What if there was a chance that Idranel's racist mindset for /tg/ was orchestrated by a single anon?

    Pushed it with a subtle grace, here and there...

    Fueling it, making it bigger and bigger until it was accepted.

    Now let's say that that same person is responsible for the deviance of Idranel's behavior in the past few days, as clearly the sexual want of her is rising rapidly and there is a dangerous threshold of what happens if she does not get corrupted by the Internet.

    But what do I know, I only did the "shit so cash" edits of Ice and Avitus on the previous thread
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:45 No.3829855
    Wow, you people complaining about non-contributers sure aren't contributing much, huh?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:46 No.3829862

    That's why I say make her a Trap.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:46 No.3829864
    strip poker?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:47 No.3829868

    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:47 No.3829869
    The battle to take the bunker had been quick, brutal and ultimately effortless. The Guardsmen stationed there were some of the best the Imperium had to offer, and had been anticipating the usual Eldar style of warfare, with every possible approach to the Imperial fortification heavily booby trapped to funnel Idranels army directly towards them. Expecting the Eldar force to be weakened and shell-shocked by the time it finally arrived from the various side-routes, the Imperials were unpleasantly surprised when Idranel simply pushed the entirety of her army straight towards the Bunker. There had been casualties, of course. And many other Eldar doubted the Farseers overly aggressive tactics. But the bunker had been captured before it could send word of the assault, and that was all that mattered.

    Idranel's eyes scanned across the line human warriors, each one kneeling submissively before an Eldar Guardian. Just as it should be, Idranel thought, as she strode into the room to address her captives. And, if need be, her own soldiers. The Eldar snapped to attention as she entered, fixing those guarding the human prisoners with a piercing glare. She had heard one or two of the Guardians questioning her orders, thinking them too brutal or unsympathetic, and Idranel planned on taking no chances.
    >> The Thin Fa/tg/uy 02/26/09(Thu)22:47 No.3829870
    This is why some contributers don't, anymore. You get bitched out when you do, you get bitched out when you don't, so why not just lurk?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:48 No.3829875

    Optional. Just think of it like this, they're all psychic and can see the future, how the hell do they play poker?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:48 No.3829876
    “Disgusting things.” The Farseer muttered, gazing disdainfully at the human nearest her. Mid-way through his short, pointless life, his ugly features were further marred by patchy stubble and a number of scars around his dull, bovine eyes. Turning, Idranel addressed her Guardians.

    “Some of you doubt my methods.” She said crisply. “Some of you think we should take…pity on these lower creatures. To minimise harm to them.” Idranel paused for a moment, letting her words sink in. One or two of the humans were staring up at her out the corners of their eyes, as if trying to make sense of the Eldar tongue. “Let me tell you this. The Mon-keigh are little better than Orks. They are both foul, barbaric monsters who run rampant across what was once our galaxy, who slay us out of ignorance, and bring war and death to all they touch. We would not show an Ork mercy. We shall not show a Mon-keigh mercy either. Each one of them we leave alive will breed, creating a new generation to impede our works.”
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:50 No.3829886

    I like where this is going.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:51 No.3829895

    The Farseer fell silent again. Many of the Eldar she commanded had been under the control of Farseer Macha, transferred to her control after the other Farseer vanished off on one of her sulks. “Perhaps your views have been tainted by other, weaker Farseers.” Idranel said, her voice suddenly hardening. “Farseers who bring shame upon our race, who lower themselves to fraternising, or worse, copulating with these…base species.” Idranel gestured with the hilt of her staff towards the nearest captive.

    “Things shall be different here. The Mon-keigh are to be wiped out wherever they are found. Spare none, be they armed or unarmed. Capture any officers you can for interrogation. There shall be no mercy, no pity, and love shall most certainly not bloom.”

    Smoothly, Idranel switched to speaking in a highly accented low gothic. “You are but animals.” She said to the captives. “And you shall be slaughtered as animals.”

    “Leave this one.” The Farseer said, returning to her own language and gesturing towards a human, his blood soaked uniform studded with a selection of medals. “I shall pull any useful information from his mind later. Execute the rest.”

    There was an awkward, unpleasant silence as the Guardians looked nervously at each other. Before, as one, they primed their Shruiken catapults and fired.

    Idranel turned away and smiled. She never grew tired of the sound of human lives ending. One day, she hoped, the last of the unworthy race would die, and the Eldar would return to their former glory.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:51 No.3829896

    Fuckyeah space nazi elves!
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:52 No.3829901
    Idranel was annoyed. The Warlock may not have had any precognitive powers to rely upon, but he could sense the ebb and flow of the power that radiated in the Farseer, and she was most certainly radiating discomfort.

    "Farseer Idranel, have you fors-" a wraithbone armoured hand popped up in front of the Warlock's face, silencing him more out of surprise than anything. For her part, the Farseer had not turned to face him, eyes locked down on a small wraithbone pad that resonated with a psychically projected image upon it.

    "Did I, or did I not ask you to be thorough when you chose Rangers and Pathfinders to perform the necessary duties in this system?" Idranel's voice was level, somehow. The Warlock felt himself getting more than a little concerned.

    "... none of them had taken part in Kaurava or Kronus, if that's what you're asking" the Warlock answered hesitantly.

    "I asked for an intelligence report on Meridian. What I got was" the pad was forced into the Warlock's hands, "This"

    Quickly, the Warlock scrolled through the 'report'... a lovingly detailed description of a human administrator and how much the Pathfinder desired to see Idranel and the monkeigh tongue-bath one another.

    "... I'm assuming he sent the wrong report" The Warlock sighed, "He came in high regard... but I guess he's been on the path of the outcast too long"

    There was an uneasy silence for a moment, before Idranel's anger seemed to fade away.

    "Well, he's been sent to Typhon to manage the Orks there" the Farseer explained.

    "Didn't you divine that the Blood Ravens would be arriving... there...?" the Warlock's words trailed off, as Idranel started to smile, her face with the predatory look of a Tyranid Warrior on it.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:52 No.3829902
    Honestly, how would you know if they did or not?

    People screaming OMG LESBIAN PORN EPIC LULZ XD are pretty obviously not contributing in any meaningful way though.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:54 No.3829909

    I don't know if you've noticed, but no one in this thread has been screaming for that.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:56 No.3829918
    Fuck you. You wrote, what? One story, and took a month to tell it? You don't have the right to bitch.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:57 No.3829926
         File :1235707030.jpg-(52 KB, 188x220, FapNoteRelief.jpg)
    52 KB
    Hi, I'm Kharn-writer. I just pasted three stories about Idranel I wrote previously and just posted a new one. So hey, what have you done lately?

    Asked for lesbian porn? Great!
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:57 No.3829927

    This is quality shit. SAVING FOR POSTERITY!
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)22:59 No.3829940

    Once again, note. There have been no requests for lesbian porn here. The closest we've gotten is one (1) for strip poker.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:01 No.3829948

    I asked for a high-stakes game of psychic poker, actually. I said the "strip" part was optional.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:01 No.3829951
    I guess all the babies must have gotten tired bawling for porn in the last two Idranel threads and have since gone to take naps.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:02 No.3829955
         File :1235707379.jpg-(274 KB, 1000x948, 40k AWESOME.jpg)
    274 KB
    You, sir, are awesome. You have made this thread awesome, and you should feel awesome.

    Pic related, it's just how awesome you are.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:03 No.3829956
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:03 No.3829957

    Well, go take that shit to the threads that need it.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:04 No.3829964

    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:09 No.3829983
    Good on you writefags for having the balls to post this shit. I've written a bunch of stuff, 40K and otherwise, but none of it I would put up here. The one that got closest involved Caerys teaming up with a Han Solo expy to rescue Taldeer from the Ordo Xenos... yeah. I think we're all glad I didn't post that.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:10 No.3829989
         File :1235707816.jpg-(51 KB, 480x361, CrashManFilthyLook.jpg)
    51 KB
    Cool massive butthurt, kid.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:10 No.3829990
    I like this one, I hope Idranel being sensitive about her flatness becomes a regular thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:12 No.3830001
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:12 No.3830004

    Fanfic is srs bsns, amirite?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:13 No.3830008

    Was there a Chewbacca expy?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:17 No.3830027

    Yeah. An ex-Sororitas who had a knack for tinkering with mechanical stuff. The AdMech does not approve, hence the *ex*-Sororitas.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:19 No.3830033
         File :1235708350.jpg-(49 KB, 477x768, fran.jpg)
    49 KB
    Was she sexy and brown?

    Actually I don't think I've ever seen a brown Sororitas. This needs rectifying.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:19 No.3830034
    What was the Chewbacca expy? An Ork?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:19 No.3830037

    Jesus Christ...
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:22 No.3830061
    I don't think I ever specified. But that does sound good...

    The Sororitas was the Chewbacca expy. A bruiser with a knack for machines. Although, and Ork could have worked as well... damn, I kind of wish I thought of that, now.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:23 No.3830071

    An ork. Ignore my retard grammar.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:24 No.3830077

    I demand an explanation as to what is happening in this picture. Its... amazing. But I need context or my mind will shatter!
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:24 No.3830078
    The wraithbone runes hovered gently in front of Idranel’s face, illuminating her pale features with a soft, blue light. She drew a slender finger through them, watching as they shifted and changed in accordance with her divinations. Everything was playing out as she had foreseen. Her Rangers had informed her of the human traps set along the alternate routes to the bunker, and Idranel had chosen to act as if she had already known. Truthfully, she simply did not have the patience to orchestrate such an attack when a simple thrust to the enemy gut would suffice.

    A noise from the corner interrupted her thought. The human officer had been restrained, ironically enough with the crude manacles the Imperials themselves used for detaining captives. Idranel had made quite sure the metal bands were tight enough to cut into his wrists. Sighing under her breath, Idranel waved a hand through the runes, their light dimming as the wraithbone scrying symbols gently floated down to rest.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:25 No.3830086
    “You’re going to kill me.” The officer said.

    “Yes. Eventually.”

    “After you’ve plumbed me for information, huh? What’cha got hidden up those delicately embroidered sleeves? Planning a nice torture session, get me to betray my sacred oaths to the Emperor?”

    “I don’t need to.” Idranel’s lip curled in disgust as she turned to the shackled human. He had been stripped to the waist, exposing the injuries he had sustained in the attack. Some of them had been cleaned, and had sported simple bandages until the Farseer had removed them. She suspected one of the two Guardians she had set to preparing the man had attempted to care for him. Idranel resolved to find out which one and discipline them accordingly. The Farseer walked over, reaching out to wrap a hand around the neck of her captive. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply.

    “S-strong grip for…for a pansy-ar-armed xenos w-w-witch…” The incessant noise of the human broke threatened to break Idranel’s concentration.

    “Be silent.” The Farseer replied, suppressing her anger. “Nothing you say has worth. A dignified silence would mark your passing far better than whatever petty insults you lay upon me.”

    “Say, m…maybe the r-reason you’re so strong is…is ‘cause you’ve got a nice pair down below.” The human choked out. Idranel could almost imagine his porking face, leering down at her. “I-I mean, you’re flat enough up…up top…”
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:26 No.3830093
    Reaching with her other hand, Idranel grabbed a handful of his hair, drawing her captives head forwards and slamming it into the concrete wall as hard as she could. The human went limp instantly, a small line of blood dribbling from the back of his skull. With him finally silenced, Idranel pushed aside the unconscious human’s weakened mental barriers, and began to plunder his mind. She saw his name, his friends, his family and his homeworld. The tears of his wife as he departed off to war, the laughter of his children as he played with them one last time. All irrelevant, all meaningless flashes of life from a meaningless creature. She tore the memories away and obliterated them as thoughtlessly as she would swat a parasite, pushing deeper. There. Troop movements, deployment schedules, listings of armour divisions and locations of the localised Imperial command network.

    Idranel cut the mind-meld, withdrawing from the human. Gliding across the room, she produced a silken cloth, wetting it and gently cleaning her hands of the human filth and sweat that had accumulated from touching him. Even her mouth felt dirty from conversing, however briefly, in his language.
    >> RAGESEER WRATHIRE 02/26/09(Thu)23:28 No.3830099
         File :1235708882.jpg-(49 KB, 300x422, Ragedar.jpg)
    49 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:28 No.3830101
    “Huh? Wh…where…who…” The human was awakening. Idranel turned to him, watching his slack-jawed face twist this way and that, trying to make sense of his situation with the fragmented, scattered memories Idranel had left in the wake of her mental assault. The Farseer had tolerated him long enough.

    Smoothly, she drew her Shruiken Pistol and shot him in the throat. Her runes leapt back into the air with a simple pulse of thought. The information she had torn from the mind of the now cooling body slumped against the wall would confirm what her scrying had told her.

    There was much work to be done. Idranel looked forward to it.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:29 No.3830119

    And that's me all done for tonight. Hopefully at least some of you enjoyed.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:31 No.3830130

    Love my nazi space elf. Thanks for reminding me how these motherfuckers started out as- cold, hard, calculating, and downright danerous.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:33 No.3830149

    Hey Rageseer! Good to know that you are still putting the fear of Khaine into the forces of chaos.

    So, whatever happened to that Codex Ragedar? did it die?
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:34 No.3830151
    Bless you, Anon. You're a testament on how to write a proper racist Eldar. Idranel herself would be proud if, you know, you weren't a filthy mon'keigh.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:34 No.3830154
    Don't completely give up Thin. Some of us are still waiting to see what happens to Jim on that death world you mentioned in the last chapter.
    >> RAGESEER WRATHIRE 02/26/09(Thu)23:36 No.3830171

    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:37 No.3830177
    Word cannot express how fucking awesome that writefaggotry was.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:39 No.3830192

    >human broke threatened to break Idranel’s concentration.
    "human threatened to break Idranel’s concentration."


    Correcting a couple of mistakes I noticed. Need to proof-read better.

    And thanks for the compliments, Anon.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:41 No.3830209

    Yeah, I was wondering about that guy's "porking face". Awesome story, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:43 No.3830220
    Wrathire and Idranel having angry sex


    do want!
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:45 No.3830241
         File :1235709940.jpg-(95 KB, 322x351, vigo.jpg)
    95 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:48 No.3830263

    That would be novel. Pair her up with a... male of her own species.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:52 No.3830295

    Whoa, WHOA! Let's not rock the boat too much here. I'm not sure if the world is ready for a heterosexual same-species couple.
    >> RAGESEER WRATHIRE 02/26/09(Thu)23:52 No.3830296
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:53 No.3830305
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:54 No.3830312
    You sick fucker. Take that shit back to /d/ right now.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:55 No.3830315

    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:55 No.3830316

    I imagine Idranel is usually too busy killing Mon-keigh or plotting how to kill more Mon-keigh to bother thinking about such distractions as 'sex'. She's a career girl.

    Plus I imagine she gets on with the Dark Eldar pretty well. "Hey, you want to slaughter a few thousand humans to feed your addiction to souls? Don't let me stop you. I'll even tag along and give you some help."
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:55 No.3830317
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:57 No.3830331

    Or they'd all jump her and commence the gang-rape. Since that's how the Dark Eldar roll. They prefer delicious Craftworld Eldar to dirty Mon'Keighs, anyway.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/09(Thu)23:59 No.3830347
         File :1235710744.jpg-(122 KB, 800x565, Édouard-Henri_Avril_(13).jpg)
    122 KB
    Check this shit out.

    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:00 No.3830353

    Craftworld Eldar and Dark Eldar are normally happy to live and let live. Most of the time they only come into conflict if their objectives directly clash, or one of the commanders has a grudge to settle. The Harlequins are happy to visit both cultures, so it's not like the Dark Eldar are fratricidal lunatics.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:00 No.3830354

    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:02 No.3830371

    Strangely enough there's a contradiction in the BFG book "Shadow Point" where it states the opposite, but the overwhelming majority of material supports this position.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:02 No.3830379

    Really? Everything I've read about the Dark Eldar, including a lot of official GW stuff, makes it seem like that Craftworlders and the Commoragh lot hate each other with the firey passion of a thousand suns. The Harlequins are different, since they have a direct line to the last living Eldar god, who the Dark Eldar probably don't want to piss off.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:05 No.3830399

    It's not "hate", IIRC. It's more like each side considers the other to be a bunch of fools.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:06 No.3830407
    More likely, being a good and proper racist Farseer, Idranel would just subtly influence the Dark Eldar to some incomprehensible ends.

    Dark Eldar rape and pillage a planet somewhere out on the rim of the galaxy. Returning from deployment, a small Space Marine company sees this horrific debauchery and chase the Dark Eldar halfway across the galaxy before slaughtering each and every one of them in a suitably violent fashion. Unfortunately this battle rage brings them under the influence of Khorne and they became a marauding Chaos Warband. In time they eventually attack a planet and kill millions of Imperial citizens and draw off a Guard Regiment. This ensures that a particular Guardsman who would have thrown on the next planet Idranel targets is not present. If he were there? He would have been responsible for knocking a speck of dust into her eye.

    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:07 No.3830416
    Do members of either faction ever defect?


    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:07 No.3830418
    well, in the fluff DE and CWE are set to hate each other eternally

    but functionally, say in the Eye of Terror campaign... very few Dark Eldar helped chaos, they spent most of the time raiding imperial worlds

    or fighting chaos directly

    They have mutual enemies.

    But yeah DE love eating other Eldar so that's a problem
    >> RAGESEER WRATHIRE 02/27/09(Fri)00:07 No.3830419

    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:10 No.3830434
    Blah blah blah Eldar. These guys need to have their shit ruined already. I don't care by who.


    Random guy: "Weren't there only *three* Chaos Gods before a bunch of Eldar decided to throw a ten-thousand year long party?"

    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:12 No.3830450

    Random Eldar: "Didn't Chaos have a pretty rough time in the materium before someone gave them several legions of power armored superhumans?"

    Imperium: "HERESY! DIE XENOS SCUM!"
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:13 No.3830459

    Craftworlders didn't cause the fall, they're made up by all of the people still sane. Most of them perished trying to save others.

    Even so, they still feel responsible for creating the Eye of Terror and dedicate their lives to fighting Chaos.

    I don't think there's any fluff instance where Eldar deny accountability for the Eye of Terror. They clean up their own shit.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:14 No.3830461

    And these are both reasons as to why neither of the races have been as cooperative as they should be since the Emprah died.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:14 No.3830468
    And the moral of this story is that in the grimdarkness of the 41st millennium, nobody is right and everybody is wrong.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:14 No.3830469

    Random Inquisitor: "Didn't Farsight go renegade after his Ethereal was killed and he was no longer forced to suffer for "the Greater Good?"

    Tau Fanboys: "XENOLOGY IS NOT CANON!"
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:15 No.3830478
    Yeah, but farseers like the wonderful Idranel here like to use humans as the mops.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:17 No.3830483

    Random Valhallan: "We just kicked your fucking ass."

    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:18 No.3830490

    The "MONKEIGH MONKEIGH YOU ARE INFERRRIORRRRRRRRR" eldar fluff is really the worst out there.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:19 No.3830504
    Orks actually are better than everyone else though

    Orks know it, Eldar grudgingly admit it

    Humans deny it
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:21 No.3830515
    Tau are probably the most arrogant. They know very little and think they're hot shit already. maybe naive is a better word.

    If not tau, then the Imperium. They are inherently better than everyone else, just because

    Eldar, well, they give reasons for it and explain it, so there's at least some logic or 'proof' behind their claims.

    Orks, Orks is da best.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:22 No.3830524
         File :1235712163.jpg-(175 KB, 800x600, frownbear.jpg)
    175 KB
    how about see just does her damn job of getting you killed and doesnt think about sex at all?

    thats not a stretch is it?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:22 No.3830525
    Oh yeah, I agree entirely. It's just that the subject of this thread is one of those oh-so lovable "SACRIFICE MILLIONS OF INFERIOR MON'KEIGH TO PRESERVE ONE ELDAR" types. And apparently we also love her for that.

    I for one am feeling conflicted.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:23 No.3830529
    That's like saying hurricanes are better than humans IRL.

    Orks are just a natural disaster. It's part of life in the galaxy, mopping up Ork WAAAGHs here and there. In fact, it better prepares everyone for REAL threats, like Tyranids or Necrons.

    Orks = target practice
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:23 No.3830530
    Temper it with the fact that most of them do die horribly.

    And then everyone goes and complains about the Ultramarines again.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:25 No.3830544
         File :1235712335.jpg-(49 KB, 600x420, ZEN_BANNERS.jpg)
    49 KB
    >>3830525That's like saying hurricanes are better than humans IRL.


    orks have a zen state of mind
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:26 No.3830554
    Would Eldar sacrifice a million humans to save 100 Eldar? Damn straight they would.

    Would the Imperium sacrifice a million Eldar to save 100 humans? Well, yes though they might kill those 100 humans just out of principle afterwards (ha ha, just kidding).

    Would you sacrifice a million niggers/chavs to save 100 people of your particular ideology? Of course you would!

    And there's nothing wrong with that. Unless you're a paladin, then you fall.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)00:30 No.3830581
    with 3ed, they wanted to make the Eldar less 'goodguy buddie dudes' that they felt was in 2nd ed.

    Except that translated to "let's make them act in a retardedly racist way with a goofy slur word"

    2nd edition had some gud Eldar fluff, where they don't go out of their way to despise humans (why would they if they are really better than them? Wouldn't even think about it then)
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)01:01 No.3830812
    Actually, wouldn't the Imperial kill a million eldars for no reason whatsoever?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)01:10 No.3830855
         File :1235715016.jpg-(146 KB, 526x722, Sororitas2.jpg)
    146 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)01:11 No.3830861

    Uhhh... Disregard that post, I meant to post it over in the Sororitas topic but got my tabs mixed up...
    >> King in Yellow 02/27/09(Fri)01:13 No.3830865

    You could always, you know, delete the post.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)01:14 No.3830871
    you're forgetting those are not humans and that everything made to non humans IT'S ALWAYS OK.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)01:38 No.3831015
    Idranel is a far cry from Taldeer in terms of manipulation and strategy. What she should've is a variation of what Taldeer did in Winter Assault to use everyone to fight the Necrons (At least in some campaigns). Basically if they had shown proof that the Nids were comming or led them Imperium into discovering that for themselves (since they tend not to trust Xenos, particularly the Eldar) then maybe use the Orks as a backup plan. That way the Imperium throws itself against the Nids (without having wasted time, manpower, and resources putting down and Ork uprising) and then if they fail then the Eldar can get the Orks to go nutz which buys them time to think up something else.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)01:59 No.3831148
    For some reason, after reading the writefaggotry in this thread I have the sudden urge to lay low her Nazi Space Elf superiority.

    Probably through raep.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:10 No.3831201
    Well, no. The whole point of her plan was to get a good WAAAGH! going so that the Hive Fleet would stop and throw down in a long-ass battle that would be somewhat of a vicious circle, at the very least lasting long enough to give Ulthwe some time to get further along in its orbit of the Eye of Terror and thus get out of the fleet's way. If the SPESS MAHREENS and IG just smash the Hive Fleet and send it running then it will run right into the Craftworld. Which makes me think that a DLC campaign in the future will involve Ulthwe setting up ambushes and such on space hulks and the like and eventually mounting a massive defense against the remnants of the Leviathan splinter on the craftworld itself, where you get the Wraithlord Idranel as a unit.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:13 No.3831220
         File :1235718804.jpg-(75 KB, 667x1000, 1163892163279.jpg)
    75 KB
    Can we get back to Derosa please? Need more badly written lesbo porn.

    Some scribbles might be nice.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:32 No.3831353

    Let's be fair, here. Humans had a pretty fuckawesome space empire before the fall of the Eldar. Technology was getting better all the time, people were happy, and the relationships with other species were cordial if not exactly warm. Then, *bam*. Eye of Terror, SLAANESH UP IN THIS MOTHERFUCKER!, etc. Eldar are ruined.

    Yeah, but also, the literal fucking the warp goes through during this means that humans basically can't use it anymore, what with the soul-eating hellbeasts and all. Entire worlds are cut-off and isolated. The more rural planets don't have it so bad, but what about all those densely populated giant city-planets? They're fucked. They run out of food, supplies, goddamn everything. They pretty much have to revert to barbarism just to survive.

    So, here comes Emprah to save the day, establishing the Imperium of Man. And his own pretty retarded policies (Magnus the Red can tell you all about this) lead to the Great Heresy, leading to Chaos gaining a bunch of shiny new toys.

    All thanks to: The Eldar! Yey! Waitaminute...
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:35 No.3831369
         File :1235720139.jpg-(165 KB, 1984x1488, 1151943546113.jpg)
    165 KB
    They should put her in a Warithlord.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:36 No.3831372

    In other words, humans have every goddamn right to be pissed at the Eldar. "YOU RUINED OUR GALAXY SPANNING UTOPIA! FFFFFFFFFFFF!!"
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:38 No.3831387
    What? I thought the fall of the Eldar happened circa 10000 BC.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:39 No.3831393

    As I understand it, current fluff has it happening at the height of the Dark Age of Technology. The Eye of Terror basically being the reason it ended. But GW goes back and forth on this from edition to edition.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:43 No.3831413

    And if you want to go by the older version, the massive warp fucking from the Eye of Terror is what causes the Emperor to come to be in the first place, so, same result,really.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:45 No.3831422
    So, the ultimate answer is "Lol dunno who cares about faggy space elves anyway let's release another marine codex yeahhhhhh."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:46 No.3831423

    tl;dr: Every bad thing that has ever happened in the galaxy can ultimately be blamed on the Eldar.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:47 No.3831430
    Alternately, EVERYTHING that ever happened in the galaxy can be blamed on the Eldar. But I just repeated you verbatim. My bad.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:51 No.3831447
         File :1235721096.jpg-(75 KB, 667x1000, 1163892114288.jpg)
    75 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:53 No.3831452
    I think Idranel should be a stone-cold bitch until she's raped by tyranids. Then she can't get enough tyranid cock.

    Tso Tsundere for Tsyranids
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:55 No.3831460
    If the world followed this advice, there would be no war.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:55 No.3831461
    It's always been shortly before the Great Crusade in the grand scheme of things. The Eye of Terror arises from Slaanesh's birth, and it sends ripples through the galaxy, causing the warp storms around Terra to dissipate and allow the Emperor to finally take charge.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:55 No.3831464
    Do we still not have any pics of Jeanstealer with her Carnifex boyfriend?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:57 No.3831476
         File :1235721427.png-(68 KB, 178x204, Stormtrooper.png)
    68 KB

    That's a terrible idea!

    ...where do I sign up for your newsletter?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)02:59 No.3831489

    I've always had this idea the Dark Age human empire was a lot like the Tau Empire. Expansionist and socialist with a rapidly progressing tech level. The people are content and things are, as they say, pretty awesome. Then they get fucked.

    In other words, the Imperium is the future of the Tau.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)03:00 No.3831494
         File :1235721601.jpg-(11 KB, 265x297, 1231299847450.jpg)
    11 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)03:01 No.3831499
    It was never a single empire, it was a vast sprawl of varied interests and holdings. Also, at its peak humanity commanded technology far superior to anything the Tau have ever made.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)03:01 No.3831501
    I believe that any Idranel/Derosa pairing must be Idranel returning to Meridian and trying to make amends for causing so much destruction by molesting an unwilling Derosa, who slowly warms to the Farseer.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)03:04 No.3831517

    Yet. Anything the Tau have made *yet*. Give them a while. They already went from stone age to "holy shit look at these flying cars!" in the same amount of time it took humans to move from stone age to bronze age.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)03:04 No.3831519
    Whatever. As long as it ends in sex.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)05:31 No.3832342
    There was Idranel toilet picture yesterday. Anyone saved that?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)05:42 No.3832397
         File :1235731349.gif-(6 KB, 230x644, 1233824160651.gif)
    6 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)05:43 No.3832407
    Dear 'Farseer'

    I knew, I am certain, love. This mon-keigh, this human woman, she was different from the Eldar in more ways than is apparent, and similar in so many others.
    Certainly, she had some of the crude and childish traits normally associated with their kind, but more than that, she had a kind of vitality, a kind of energy,
    I have not encountered before, or since. Our routine continued, for a time, and the memory of it alone holds an intensity no other experience can match. She
    would return, after a meeting, or seeing to some problems with the reconstruction, and I would find myself all but waiting at the door - More than a stranger who had taken me
    in when I needed it, more than the friend and lover I would never have considered one of her kind for, even, I needed her with a near-physical fervor. At times, I scared myself with my
    desire for excess, barely able to contain it, and when she came home to me, I could not manage even that. I loved; we loved, as I have never loved before. At times with such soft gentleness that I could not believe she was human, and at times with such vigor that there could be no mistake, all but tearing the clothes from each other, desperate for a closeness that could be acheived only in the pressing-together of our naked bodies, in the moans and screams that resulted, as we would grind against each other, both wanting the next inevitable climax and dreading it, in that it would herald the eventual end of our stamina, leaving us panting, side by side, capable of no more than whispering sweet words.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)05:45 No.3832413
    It had to end, of course. I knew that even without Seeing it. Sooner or later, someone would find out. Someone would suspect, and suspicion would build until someone dared investigate - and then it would be all over. Governor or not, there are few things the filthy mon-keigh masses hate more than us, and their deluded religious "Inquisition" would stop at nothing to end what we had, to end the life Derosa - Helen. My lover. -had given me, and take hers along with it - and dying in this place, this position, the strands of excess already encroaching upon my mind, would be an end too terrible to imagine. I believe Helen knew it, as well,
    but she even more than I needed this relationship, needed _me_, so much that delaying our separation was her topmost priority. We made plans together, discussing how to best slip me from this world safely, but slowly, and without the enthusiasm we found when else we were together. The plan, eventually, was to slip me onto a trade vessel, disguised as a mon-keigh, and for me to make my way to a planet known to harbor rogue traders, and through them to pirates of our kind, and eventually home. It did not go so smoothly as that, but I eventually took that journey, and survived it with no further damage, or humiliation beyond that of my disguise. But even so, how these mon-keigh live! The smells, sounds and speed at which they live and act, was as a torrent of filth washing over me, only the memory of Helen keeping me from hating them one and all. Regardless, returning to the final time of our private world of happiness, our farewell was as you might expect.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)05:45 No.3832416
    We made love, again and again, through the night before my departure. We wept, together and separately, and then comforted each other once more, but in the end dawn came, and we executed our plan of my escape. Our last words together, before our hands parted and I rushed off towards the space-port, was a promise: To meet each other once more, before she fades away with age, while still barely a child, as her kind do. Certainly, they have ways of extending this life-span, which might be available to her as a governor, but not by more than an instant, from our perspective. Despite this reality, it is a promise I fully intend to keep, come what may. I have since Seen war, and conflict with the mon-keigh "imperium", but that promise is one I will not go back on.

    So think on this, when you next look down upon the filth and chaos of mon-keigh worlds - even among them, there are good things. Even among them, there are individuals deserving of more than our scorn. And scourging them from the galaxy as the filth they resemble, were we even capable of it, would lead to a loss. Humans, too, can know love. And I am a better person for learning this.

    Farseer Idranel

    (Was her name Helen or Helena? I don't even remember.)
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)05:46 No.3832421

    Well, it was no scat. Boobs and stuff though.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)05:48 No.3832429
         File :1235731698.jpg-(16 KB, 138x132, 1205090740527.jpg)
    16 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)05:49 No.3832435
    I admit it's not very good, as writing or as an end, but having started it, I figured I should finish it regardless.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)06:01 No.3832479
    By the way, Kharn-writer, lovely job. You're not my hero, though, but... Lovely job altogether.
    Things people will ask for, next:

    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)06:06 No.3832494
    I'm voting for the warlock. The fact that he tricks people into teasing Idranel about love blooming so that she just as planned's them into the ground makes for a nice dynamic.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)06:18 No.3832522
    Artfag here: I can post it once I get back home.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)06:24 No.3832528

    As the wraithguard's hand made its last stroke, moving with a fluidity and grace almost universally absent from its kin, the stone within its body seemed to flicker rapidly, as if laughing.

    "My lord, the others will soon notice this body is missing from the ranks," a young spiritseer whispered, panic growing on her face as it had been for nearly an hour now. The spirit within the gem could understand the young ones fear; tampering with the wraithguard and making them do tricks was a common prank for initiates, but the penalty of having to hand-clean the entire unit of the stolen automaton if caught doing so was still a rather harsh one.

    Speaking in the language of the mind, the spirit withing the Wraithguards body said, "Very well my child, you may return this shell, and my vessel, to their proper places. Make certain that this letter finds its way onto the craftworld data networks, but be discreet about it."

    "As you wish Farseer. Please enjoy your rest."

    As he was removed from the body he had borrowed and carried back to his resting place alongside the other spirit stones near the craftworld's core, Eldrad Ulthran thought of the look that cross Idranel's face when she saw "her" letter upon her return. "No one calls my girls sluts and gets away with it... of course, I might have done it anyway..."


    Three months later, a scream, both vocal and psychic, reverberated through the halls of Craftworld Ulthwe. A certain Warlock and Warp Spider were on there knees laughing. And a spirit stone whispered inside its own mind three simple words:

    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)06:31 No.3832547
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)06:32 No.3832549
    But Eldrad got OMNOM'd by Slaanesh/trapped in the Warp :V

    Still, what a dick.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)06:35 No.3832557

    Naw man, he left behind little bits of himself in spirit stones on all the craftworlds or exodite planets or some crap.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)07:17 No.3832671

    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)07:41 No.3832761
    What if Idranel is suffering from split personality disorder now?

    One side is the original racist bitch.

    The other side is the sweet, caring optimist that tries to get along with mon-keighs.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)07:45 No.3832784
         File :1235738742.jpg-(94 KB, 1000x1200, 1235667887322.jpg)
    94 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)07:48 No.3832799
    The racist bitch was just her sweet, caring side being overridden by her sense of duty to Ulthwe.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)07:50 No.3832806
    I love how /tg/ ruins these fucking characters by making them porn icons. Oh, gee, how fucking original indeed.

    You fags swore up and down that this would be one character you wouldn't try to get involved in your kinky fantasies, and look how that's turned out. It's a goddamn shame, I can tell you that.

    Yeah, maybe I'm fucking whining, but after seeing you assholes go through hoops to get Macha fucked in the ass by the Emperor just because you wanted to whack it, you now insist on lesbian porn featuring Idranel.

    /tg/ canon is hardly serious business, but fuck, is it annoying seeing you fucks smearing your semen-encrusted hands all over everything.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)07:51 No.3832813
    So tsundere.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)07:52 No.3832814
         File :1235739132.jpg-(358 KB, 821x997, Mikuleek.jpg)
    358 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)07:53 No.3832818
    Thanks, I will. Give me a bit and I'll post the second part of my rant.

    It's about Vance "motherfucking" Stubbs, you'll love it.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)07:53 No.3832819
         File :1235739198.jpg-(26 KB, 221x221, ragefap.jpg)
    26 KB
    Don't deny it.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)07:54 No.3832827
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)07:59 No.3832843
         File :1235739543.jpg-(63 KB, 379x208, FapNoteChill.jpg)
    63 KB
    Oh look, shitty porn and the starving dogs clamouring for it. What a shock.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:00 No.3832853
    The internet tough guy in me wants to see you and your ilk collectively skullfucked by a rabid hyena for your shenanigans. I'm almost certain that this "It exists, therefore we must make porn of it" is carried over from /a/, and if your image is any proof then I'm right in my assessment. Combined with the irresponsible "fluffing" of anything and everything, you can and do often ruin good things. Take Vance Stubbs, for instance -- there was a pile of massive fail if ever there was anything. Attempting to make Stubbs more badass than Sturnn on the word of some Anonymous faggot that assured us that he was a member of Iron Lore and thus privy to how hardcore the IG General was, we all ended up with our collective foot in our collective piehole when we realized that we had honestly been backing the wrong horse.

    Intent on not recreating this disastrous pre-release memefication of one so unworthy, Idranel was approached with a wary curiosity, a desire to build on what we had already seen and heard of the character rather than making some random shit up.

    It worked fairly well. For having such a small role in the game, we still came to understand that Idranel really could give a lesser shit about humanity, and that she was pretty no-nonsense. Her only failing was trying to go head-on with the Space Maroons' massive plot armor. Now, because she merely plays a small role in the game, we have a dozen fuckheaded wastes of space insisting that this was as big a fail as Vance "motherfucking" Stubbs, and for THIS reason she should be refluffed into a lesbian fuckbunny. To make up for it.

    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:04 No.3832870

    Actually, it came from /b/.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:08 No.3832883
    No, I know that Rules #34 and #35 came from /b/, but it's hard to imagine a board other than /a/ that enforces it with such zeal... except /tg/. And if porn doesn't fit, well, then they'll figure out how to get that round peg into that square hole, if you get my drift.

    This is what I'm seeing with Idranel. There is nothing about the character to suggest a Derosa pairing, it's just /tg/ squeezing blood from a stone to get porn of its latest infatuation.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:09 No.3832890
    It'd be hotter if she was actually sitting on the john.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:11 No.3832897
    So are you saying you'd be cool with porn of Idranel if it fit the story more?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:14 No.3832914
    Pretty sure that would have been beyond the artist.
    >> note how I type some words in caps for emphasis Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:15 No.3832918
    Well, that's not necessarily my point, but yes, I think it'd be significantly less rage-inducing than making her yet another Lovestruck-For-Monkeigh-Fuck Eldar maiden. If it were more along the lines of Idranel hatefucking and rageraping Blood Ravens by way of premeditated vengeance, then that'd be okay, as it sort of fits the character. I'd still find it to be a needless sexualization, but at least it's justifiable, and it's not the samey-samey clone shit we've seen with literally EVERY ELDAR. I mean even Caerys got this nonsensical pairing with Selena Agna and a random Missionary at some point. The running gag should've ended with the first Dawn of War, it's time for SOMETHING new.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:16 No.3832924
    I tossed in the toilet as an afterthought. It's not like I actually planned the picture.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:18 No.3832930
    It shows.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:19 No.3832939
    If it helps, I'll probably rewrite the story from a slightly different perspective.

    If I get around to it, expect more crazy lesbian-for-xenos Derosa raping her crippled pet Eldar, possibly until she likes it, possibly not.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:21 No.3832947
    Art's not bad, but I'm going to have to request a more well-planned out picture of Idranel porn, for the sake of science.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:22 No.3832954
    >Derosa raping her crippled pet Eldar
    If it ends with a just-as-planned fatal end for Derosa, then and only then are you doing it right.
    >> 40Kfag from /m/ 02/27/09(Fri)08:26 No.3832967
    Idranel should be the angry aunt that keeps telling Macha and Caerys about how mon'keigh are the enemy and men in general suck - and each time she talks about an old boyfriend that she gets angry about.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:27 No.3832970
    Yeah, the LCB thing was cool when it was just LCB. Now it's really old hat. And to think that this fad started with an Ico/Metal Gear Solid spoof that Miko made and expected to be hated for.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:31 No.3832987
         File :1235741500.jpg-(71 KB, 402x325, FapNoteStraw.jpg)
    71 KB
    It's fairly telling that these twats have an incredibly powerful psychic entity in front of them and all they can think up is "LESBIAN SEX". Hell, even worse "OH NO SHE'S TOTALLY HELPLESS HERE COMES THE LESBIAN SEX TRAIN"
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:33 No.3832996
    So out of genuine curiosity, does Idranel's stupid midriff-bearing armor get replaced with something resembling her pre-retcon outfit when you earn enough wargear by playing online games? Or is she doomed to having the silliest design for a Farseer ever?

    PS why the fuck would Relic ruin a good thing by trying to show more skin.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:36 No.3833008
    It's not skin, you bloody dumbass. Using the army painter, it changes colour. Goddamn, you guys.
    >> Unhelpful Loli ♪ 02/27/09(Fri)08:37 No.3833012
         File :1235741843.jpg-(131 KB, 697x938, 1211721531024.jpg)
    131 KB
    Always room for lesbian sex.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:40 No.3833024
    Oh, haha. Silly me.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)08:42 No.3833032
         File :1235742166.jpg-(70 KB, 336x301, FapNoteDisapproval.jpg)
    70 KB
    >> Unhelpful Loli ♪ 02/27/09(Fri)08:47 No.3833047
         File :1235742430.gif-(147 KB, 726x1033, 1148536759550.gif)
    147 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)09:55 No.3833297
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)09:57 No.3833304
         File :1235746630.jpg-(256 KB, 847x1169, 7xj9g5c.jpg)
    256 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)10:22 No.3833440
    How about this:

    We keep the lesbian-storyline, but rewrite so that Idranel was, as a deceptive Eldar as always, just uses Derosa to get healed

    And just when Derosa thinks Idranel will stay

    "Ha! You pathetic mon-keigh, you think love will ever bloom with me?"

    And promptly walks out and somehow manages to get back to the craftworld, all the while we have Derosa shaking and trembling in the same spot.

    What a bitch
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)10:29 No.3833477



    Keep Idranel's personality, yeah sure she had a setback when she got her ass kicked by the Blood Ravens.


    Plus, breaking Derosa's heart would DEFINITELY be something a true Eldar would do, despite the good intentions as they are always fucking over the other races.

    Remember Tarkus? He got fucked over by a Ranger because he trusted the fuck. And his squad got wiped out in an ambush.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)11:04 No.3833699
    >Plus, breaking Derosa's heart would DEFINITELY be something a true Eldar would do, despite the good intentions as they are always fucking over the other races.

    If we utterly must keep the stupid lesbianism, do it this way. Idranel manipulates Derosa into hiding and sheltering her while she recovers; if she needs to put out to complete the illusion, then so be it. Then, when she's strong enough to return to her Craftworld, she simply leaves.

    Personally I'd like her to kill Derosa out of spite, but it might be equally realistic to leave her alive for some reason. Perhaps breaking Derosa's heart sends her on a spiral of self-destruction that leaves her unfit for duty and results in the infrastructure of the whole planet weakening.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/09(Fri)12:36 No.3834267
         File :1235756181.jpg-(4 KB, 109x139, Rene.jpg)
    4 KB

    Tradan in mah 40k LEZBIANS for SO GRIMDARK, SO MATUER.

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