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File: NEW LIFE OP.png (31 KB, 500x500)
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After dying in a plane accident, our MC was reborn in a world following the laws of old console RPGS. Now aged 12 (almost 13), Eldric is enjoying his new life as he goes to magical university in the city of Albion.
i thought i was late im actually right on time cool.
How are your eyes? Get the surgery yet?
you need a ticket first its sorta like a deli counter he is not up for a few days.

great to have you
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146 KB JPG
hi, yes its late. sorry about that. I got back from the hospital hours ago and kept watching the time to start the thread but the clock didint seem to move so i went to do other stuff and came back and it was still early so went to do other stuff... etc

no, just got a time for another eye curve exam on monday, then have to talk with the doctor about the surgery

Started reading the Spear Hero sidestory where he goes back in time... so far it looks like no raphtalia!? wtf!
First time being in this thread at all, but I just want to say good stuff KOANG. Been reading this thread from the archives, and I hope things go well for you this new year.
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277 KB JPG
Thanks, hope you enjoy it.

Alright, let's see... I guess I almost ruined the story flow with that big time skip, since i am somewhat worried about the surgery ruining my eyes and having to end, and got too pushy, so please lets just forget about it, alright?

So, lets proceed as originally planned, with a few more events until helping Asmund. Also, I felt like I should mention it, tho it really should be obvious, but we need to be the ones to push things with Mako, because she's not the pushy type herself, at all.

Anyway, having said all that,


Having lunch under the large tree of the university's northern garden feels nice during autumn. The evergreen covers us with wide leaves, projecting a deep shadow that shields us from the still strong sun rays.

"Aaah~" -says Lyann as she tries to spoon feed Eldric
"Lyann, I can do that myse-!"
"Aaah~" -she repeats with a smile
"Aaah" ~he says after giving up

"M-muhh... I-I want to try doing that..." ~says Mako as she gently pokes her fingers in front of herself.
"That's it, princess!" ~says Ami
"You need to be more daring!" ~finishes Mai

Yes, we finally are able to tell which is which. Well, I wish we could say we are that much keener now, but really, Ami got a short and fluffy hair cut, so we'd have to be stupid to fail at it, now.

"Uhh!" ~Mako blushes a bit as her shadows praise her boldness, and covers her pretty face with both hands.

"Sister?" ~Ren leans her head slightly to a side, not really understanding the situation.

That is correct, right now, Eldric is enjoying a beautiful, ideal scene the likes of which you normally only get after you beat the game+ and got a perfect run in order to unlock the harem end!

You jelly?

Well, Ren doesn't seems to be the least bit attracted to him, really, but she still enjoys sharing lunchtime with everyone, all the same.

File: Lyann070.jpg (214 KB, 800x600)
214 KB
214 KB JPG

Also, the young empress and the princess bring their lunch from home, now that we pick them up every day for school.

So, perhaps it would be unavoidable that our gluttonous wolf sister would hang out around them during lunch time and shamelessly wag her tail and make puppy eyes at them until they feed her. She fell in love with the western cuisine of the Heavenly Empire during our stay there.

Still... she still has a bit of the mess hall's lunch on her face. She probably rushed through it before making her way here.

"Ah, here, Stella" ~Ren indulges her and gives her a bit of her pork.
"Aaahh~" -she's shameless, isin't she? we should probably admonish her about it in the future and try to correct her behaviour.

I mean, it would not be funny if she was lured to some strangers place with food, you know? and then, that person said something like "in exchange for food, let me-"


She happily receives Ren's treat as she wags her tail, lying on her side by the empress' side.

>Admonish Stella
>Ask Ren not to spoil her
>Admonish both
>Admonish both
Go in to exact detail of "Stranger Danger!"
>Admonish Stella
>Admonish Stella
>Admonish Stella
>>Ask Ren not to spoil her
File: ren nadeshiko 002.jpg (387 KB, 1177x1700)
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387 KB JPG
>Admonish both

>Admonish Stella

>Admonish Stella

"Hm?" ~she arcs her body a little bit to be able to look at Eldric, still wagging her tail

She's still wearing the summer uniform, which is to say, a short skirt and a silk shirt. Combined with her figure, the effect of her current posture is that her generous breasts are standing out against the tight shirt, and her bare legs are exposed as she happily rubs her thighs together while wagging her tail.

Pretty much all of the beast race boys passing by can't help but to look at our little sister with improper eyes, and so do many of the boys from other races, too.

Well, it's not like we can't understand them, but she's a child, you know!? It's all just more reason to admonish her a little bit.

"Stella, please sit properly"
"~kay" ~she sits with her rump on the grass, her feet at either side of her hips while her tail keeps wagging before her. She looks at us for a moment, and then asks for a treat.

Yes, you sit when told to, but why are you asking for a treat? you are a wolf, not a dog, you know? a wolf!

*sigh* "Listen, you need to be more careful around people. Since you are cute, people may want to steal you"
"Te~hee" ~she says looking all happy and holding her smiling face with both hands as she shakes her upper body slightly~ "Brother said I'm cute"

[That's the bit you focused on? oy!

"Stella, please don't just ask people to feed you, and don't just lay down everwhere... try to imitate Ren, alright?" ~Ren is a proper empress, you know? she has excellent manners and correctly feminine behavior.

She may be sitting on the grass, but first she stretched a cloth over it, you know?

As we say this, Ren is getting fed a strawberry half by Mako. The little empress loves sweets.

"Kay!" ~says Stella with a cheerful smile


Is this really alright?

Yes Mako, do it. you can't let Lyann have Eldric all to herself.

[Ah, I want to admonish Ren, too, but I get the impression I would step into a landmine as far as the shadows are concerned]

Anyway, I should mention. During summer, and in the months since, both Mako and Ren have grown up a bit. Just a bit. They are about a head shorter than Lyann now, and you can tell that they will be exceptionally beautiful in a few more years.

What is this? does any of my class or items have a [Growth Correction] effect for the girls around me, like in a certain LN?

Well... I guess it's not really important. As for our lab work, thanks to a unexpected helping hand, a equation that had been acting as a road block in our Dungeon Heart research, has been solved.

Really, who was it? when we came back from lunch to the lab, the answer had been written at the end of the blackboard, and there was just Aura, napping all curled up in Okaba's seat.

"Aura, did anyone came into the lab?"
"Uh... I dunno..." ~sleepy
"..." ~Asmund, Eldric and Okaba just stare at the blackboard for a bit
"This is a little..." ~says the count
"Well, let's get to work" ~the prince seems used to it? or is he just too practical to let it bother him?

Thus, we finally found an effective way to keep the dungeon hearts alive and productive. A generator built around it produces about 100 times more energy than a regular generator, but, should we try and gather more dungeon hearts?

>Let's gather some more wild dungeon hearts
>No, they're living beings, right? cutting up an animal's heart just to have it pump for us is a little...
File: nadeshiko naginata 001.jpg (85 KB, 661x1000)
85 KB
I feel that we cant count on Mako being more agressive for at least a couple years more.

On the other side, after years of seeing Lyann and Eldric, it may just be motivation enough for her to be more daring?
>No, they're living beings, right? cutting up an animal's heart just to have it pump for us is a little...
>Let's gather some more wild dungeon hearts
Living things the Dungeon Hearts may be, but they are also the things keeping the Boss Monsters and other monsters, sapient, thinking beings, trapped in a never-ending cycle of resurrection and death, with no hope of escape.

I mean, yeah, we need our foodgeons, but the wild ones can be harvested for their Hearts. We just need to make sure that we don't overharvest them.
>Let's gather some more wild dungeon hearts
>>No, they're living beings, right? cutting up an animal's heart just to have it pump for us is a little...
Yeah little iffy on the whole ethics of this. We should try to learn more about dungeons and dungeon hearts before we do anything. We don't even know if they're sentient.
>We don't even know if they're sentient.
Considering that Atruma was the Final Boss of a wild dungeon, is perfectly sapient, and if not for our intervention would have gone insane from being trapped in a single room for her entire existence which consisted of being cut down by adventurers only to be resurrected to have it happen again, what does that make the Dungeon Heart that powers that situation?

I would not mind gathing them, if we knew what they were more.

We know so little about them, just wiring them in seems like it is asking for trouble.

If I could know for sure they are nonsentient I would have no problems with it. Also there is worries that at some point they could do something and suddenly spawn dangerous monsters. Nothing has happened yet of course.

More research on there nature before going too large scale. The other, small generators we atleast know the principles behind them.

>No, they're living beings, right? cutting up an animal's heart just to have it pump for us is a little...
So, how is having livestock cut up for meals different from having livestock cut up to generate electricity?

I see no difference personally. One produces yummy bacon, steak and chicken, the other would make needwd power.

I think just currently we don't know enough on them, from a practicle standpoint.
Can we talk to Brass about Beastman puberty and reproductive cycles?
We should find out from him if Stella and Zoe will go into heat, and we need to talk to them about not leading boys on with mixed signals.
They're not intentionally doing it, but because they're so naive, it's probably really problematic among the boys of the school.
File: Ren Nadeshiko Wallpaper.jpg (913 KB, 1920x1200)
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913 KB JPG
>No, they're living beings

>more wild dungeon hearts

that reminds me some swiss(i think?) scientists began cloning sheets of beacon, but its too greasy so theyre looking into a way to make it work out. Personally, I want to say "isn't it a muscle? why don't you just shock it to have it react and pull on a weight? that way you give it a work out"

Well, the dungeons are not sentient, but you are right to suspect that there's a LOT you dont know about them. Its info thats meant to come to us much later

btw, yes, this pic is pretty much I imagine Ren, bodyshape-wise
So are the Boss Monsters that the Hearts have trapped inside them, but I don't see you being concerned about their quality of life.
File: modern aberrant ren.jpg (99 KB, 740x740)
99 KB
that sounds fair. Do you prefer the info directly, or want me to type it in character?
and mako as well since they are twins.
In character.

Yes, we should try to learn more about the Hearts, but for that we should be getting more samples so we can run more tests and comparisons. Right now we only have one Heart for our experiments.
In character would be nice
>Yes, we should try to learn more about the Hearts, but for that we should be getting more samples so we can run more tests and comparisons. Right now we only have one Heart for our experiments.

I have no problem getting any more hearts, in a smaller number if we can find out what happens. Maybe see how they interface with the dungeon too.

I don't think farming for generators is a good idea until we understand them.

Also with our small generators, running them serial, parallel or with a crystal super capacitor should let us produce power levels we need for most currently.
Yes, but the option "No, they're living beings" means we don't collect any wild Dungeon Hearts.
At least if we collect some more, we can decide whether to hook them up or keep them separate in order to run more tests.

In character.

Stella and Zoe must be giving off so many signals to hormone confused guys.

They are 100% innocent. They have the bodies of 15 year old super models or pinups with a very cheerful and friendly personalities.

The levels forces the physical age up, but without the mental stredd that would likely cause a serious mental change. So now they are enjoying life like a pair of prepuberty girls, who happen to be geniius level smart and kore interested in having fun.
>mental stredd

Mental stress.

Damned phone touch keyboard.
File: angry ren.jpg (157 KB, 800x600)
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157 KB JPG
of course


When we are leaving the lab to go home, we find a group of beastmen boys patting and feeding Zoe.

She's sitting on a stone bench in the gardens, near the lab, waiting for us, with a quartet of beat tribe boys giving her food and patting her behing the ears.

Unlike Stella, Zoe its much more ladylike. She is sitting properly in the stone bench, legs crossed and back straight as she holds the kebab she's been handed with a handkerchief... but that's it.

She's just as unguarded around people as Stella is, and is happily purring as her class mates pet her.

After pulling her away from the boys... well, how do we explain to her why what how when...

She looks at us with wide, bright eyes that are spilling innocence.


She's about.. let's see.. chronologically... 3
She looks like a 15-16yrs old bombshell, tho. I wish there was a subtler way to say that, but, honestly, she looks great. Not only is she a clump of health that seems to shine on her own, she's sensually shaped and curvy.

"Eldric?" ~she blinks while looking at us
*sigh* ~we pat her gently while thinking...

Ah! that's right, isn't it?

***A little bit later***

"Uhm? you are worried about that?" ~says Brass while working out with a heavy metal jar full of lead balls.
"Yes, could you please tell me about the beastmen reproductive cycles or whatever? every time the boys at school gather around them, I'm worried"
"Heh, you are a wonderful older brother, aren't you?" ~he says in a good mood

[Is working out that effective? Well, I remember that I've gotten stat boosts from studying...]

File: Swimsuit Ren.jpg (334 KB, 768x2463)
334 KB
334 KB JPG

"Of course, you already know that the "environmental pressure" ability exists to help beastmen children survive isolated from their parents, right?"
"Well, if their tribe was to be decimated, just a few children could rebuild it in a year or two. The accelerated growth has that king of boost to fertility, as well."
"That only makes me worry more!"
"Well, it also eliminates the estrus period. They won't go into heat, as it may risk their survival to go around spreading their scent around in the wild."

"That's better" ~Eldric sighs, slightly alleviated
"But like with humans, even if their heat period is gentler, it is also all year round?"
"Humans have no such thing"
"Don't you? and yet your population is about a hundred times higher than that of every other race."

"Alright, I'll give you that. So they won't go into heat, but they are fertile around the year?"
"That is correct."
"...that is both reassuring and worrysome."
"Well, you humans seem to manage. If you are that worried, just explain things properly to them?"

[Maybe I should get them a chastity belt. No, that has complication of its own. I can see them enjoying the idea of having a baby of their own, too, something like "I can be a mommy!?". Ugh, that image is stuck on my brain now]

>Have a talk with them and explain to them what they can and can't do
>Keep a tight watch on them
>Other. Honestly, I have no more ideas and hope you do
Another good question for Brass would be, how do tribes deal with accelerated growth kids entering puberty? Do the fathers give them "talks" like humans?
>Have a talk with them and explain to them what they can and can't do
>Keep a tight watch on them
Both.Knight Templar Big Brother mode go!
>>Other. Honestly, I have no more ideas and hope you do
tell dad and mom's they will help.
>Other. Honestly, I have no more ideas and hope you do
Find a Beastman mother, talk to her about how to broach the subject to Beastman daughters. Get tips, get information.

Then have a talk with them and explain to them what's happening, why there are things they can and can't do, and why sending mixed signals and letting boys do what they want is actually bad for them.
>>Keep a tight watch on them
>>Other. Honestly, I have no more ideas and hope you do

Enlist mothers help. She should known what to do!
>>Have a talk with them and explain to them what they should and shouldn't do
probley should get moms involved as well
>Have a talk with them and explain to them what they can and can't do
File: Fuck Me Already.png (114 KB, 599x428)
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114 KB PNG
Let wolfman give us a clue as to how to handle this. He's right about humans too, they have a... reputation when it comes to sex.
human male: they say the elemental god of sex is a human

ever other race: what who says that there is no such thing.

Human male: look like I have a slot to fill ;)
File: forbidden love.jpg (57 KB, 402x564)
57 KB
JSYK originally, I was going to make Python into a human but since everyone seems to think of him as a beastmen and it has not been relevant before, let's go with that


>tell dad and moms

>Find a Beastman mother

>Have a talk


From what Brass says, the way each tribe handles such children vastly changes according to the tribe

In warlike tribes, with high attrition rates, children are forced to grow and breed by the tribe elders, then used as disposable soldiers.

More peaceful tribes will pick such children and do their best to give them a proper, loving environment.

Everyone else falls in between.

As for his own tribe, Brass says that he was raised a slave so he doesn't has such knowledge.

Well, we leave Brass and get ready to go back home, when we come across Sam, Brass friend.

"Good evening" ~he greets us politely and nods
"Good evening..."
"Is there a problem?"
"Ah... in a way, there's two."

He looks at Eldric for a bit...

"Can I help?"

Right, Sam's a reptile type beastmen, right?
We explain the situation to him.

He's a surprisingly kind person, actually. His mostly reptilian appearance give off a colder feeling.

Well, guess this world isn't the kind where all reptiles are evil and ratlings are all betrayers and such.

He sits outside on a barrel to hear us talk, nodding from time to time.

"Ah, my tribe would usually pair such children with each other. No, I don't mean forcing them to breed or anything. If it happens, it happens, but it is important to let them have a friend who is going through the same circumstances. It is true that many such friendships end in marriage, but that's seen as a beautiful childhood friendship blooming into love, you know?"
"..I see..."

Well, there's the thing about them both being girls, so that won't quite work... No, I mean, it could work, but... that's forbidden love, isn't it?

File: forbidden love 003.jpg (13 KB, 232x218)
13 KB

"I don't think that could work."
"Well, how about finding out what the boys think of them?"
"I think I have a pretty good idea of what their classmates think of them"
"I forgot you are human. You'd be surprised. Children like that are smart and beautiful, but they are still children. To beastmen, they are no more alluring than human children are to "proper" humans. Which is why slave breeders sell them off in other race settlements."
"That is... actually that is very reassuring."

>Talk to their classmates before anything else
>Have "the talk" with them together with mom and dad

Captcha: Sftbwbs

Am I alone in thinking that captcha is lewd?

>Talk to their classmates before anything else

then still

>Have "the talk" with them together with mom and dad
>Talk to their classmates before anything else
You're not alone in thinking captcha is lewd.Also why the fuck does it want me to take an Adval!?
Por que no los dos? And yeah, it's a bit lewd, it says "soft boobs" in a way that you may find on a custom license plate.
>>Talk to their classmates before anything else
>>Have "the talk" with them together with mom and dad
this seems like a both like talk to the boys then moms and dad
captcha has always been lewd
Hello there King!

I've been missing a lot of threads because I am busy with university, and since I study away from home I don't have a 24/7 internet connection.
It's nice to see you again!
>Talk to their classmates before anything else
>Other: Find a Beastman mother
Look, we should be sure that there aren't other biological surprises. Lynda and Ellie are great mothers, but they're a human and an elf, not a Beastman woman.
>Talk to their classmates before anything else

Find out first. See how the other beastman view the girls.
Remember that it's not just the Beastmn students but the Human and Elves as well.
File: forbidden love 001.jpg (9 KB, 299x168)
9 KB

"They're cute"

That's the most common answer among the beast tribe boys.

Well, Python (Sam) did mention that "proper" people would find them cute the way most races do with children. Does that mean that the beast tribe can tell when one of their own has been force-leveled?

Still, let rewind a little... what was that scene like, again?

Right, four beast tribe boys were sitting and standing around Zoe, petting her head and giving her f--

...if I mentally change Zoe into a child... isn't it an adorable type of scene? its just four guys asking a child if she's lost, and keeping her company, right?

And this morning when Stella was stretched in the grass, their expressions...

[How adorable]

It was a feeling like that, wasn't it?

Well, only from the beast tribe, tho. Humans, elves, and a few of the dwarves and majin, they did had a more guilty (lewd) look in their eyes, right?

So... beastmen are safe? No, wait, it depends on the tribe, right? Brass said so, in the warlike tribes, such children are forced to breed to keep the tribe's numbers up.

Still, such savage and uncivilized tribesmen are not the type that would be sending their children to a magic university, right?

Right. That is probably correct.

Well, even if that means the beastmen are safe, what about everyone else? we should probably still ask dad and moms to have a talk with them, right?

But, isn't it too soon? I mean, they're children. They should be allowed to have an innocent childhood, right?

Ah! this is hard! Zoe, Stella! Big brother is having a hard time because he worries about you so much!

Let's... let's ask dad.. no, wait, dad is ... well, he's a nice, awesome dad, to us, but we're a boy.

Let's ask moms. Yup, let's ask Linda and Ellie what they think.


I'm a bit lost, suggestions for that conversation?
File: forbidden love 002.jpg (12 KB, 230x219)
12 KB
thinking up ethics for alien races its surprisingly difficult. Halp
just informing them of what eldric learned just to keep them up to speed.

with what specifically like courting or some thing.
Explain how guys may get taken in by their looks and charm. That what they may want from the girls may be more than they're willing to give.
That there may be good guys but some will just want them for their bodies.
That doing such things have risks, and responsibilities.
File: Thinking Loli.png (139 KB, 600x660)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
It is difficult, but the main thing to focus on is mental maturity. If it has the body of a child but the mind of an adult you can fuck it (good luck getting a date with a non-pedo though, vamp lolis and the like got a raw deal man). If it has the mind of a child but the body of an adult you're in a much more questionable area, yet you may not be able to really tell that's the case and just think of them as having led a sheltered life if they remain innocent in response to your flirting or even overt propositioning (e.g. Let's go to a hotel and get busy).

It really is a conundrum though. On the one hand they should enjoy their innocence, but at the same time there's the risk of them getting taken advantage of by the less scrupulous if they retain it.

Decisions decisions... We should start with our parents at any rate, after all they are technically their parents too so this is as much their problem as ours.
Maybe something at the very end of always being able to trust Eldric
>Mfw Eldric is now the Good Guy Greg of this universe.....
What have we wrought upon this world...?

No clue here, but somehow I picture a scene where someone has less then pure ideals on the girls and the beastman students slaps them down hard. They understand and form a kinda fan club to protect them too.

Or else Lyann finds out and she almost puts the boys in the IR.
And if Eldric finds out....Well not even the gods could help them....
File: Future Loli.jpg (122 KB, 405x371)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Also, forgot to add that mental maturity isn't really an age dependent thing. Some people reach full adulthood yet mentally they're still kids in the areas that matter (emotional response to hardship, petty desires that cause them to throw a fit if they go unfulfilled, lack of long term goals or a coherent view about the world, ect)...

For example, say there was a race that only lived for around 10 years before they died. By the age of 2-3 most of them would be "adults" as we term it, yet it'd be a hard sell indeed to say a human girl of that age is mature enough to make big decisions about life.

Ultimately, it's a very hard line to draw between childhood and adulthood in these cases. You pretty much have to play it by instinct in the end and pray to god you guessed right or else they're gonna develop some issues.
How is Eldric's Dad coming along in is Rocky montage?

Maybe there should be a quick scene of his Dad going "alright, I'm finally stronger than my kid" and then Eldric pulls out a dragonforce or lifts the side of the house so that Stella can get at one of the mice hiding underneath the floorboards.

And then he gets kind of dissappointed and immediately turns around back to the dungeons.
Or you could actually talk with the adults of the race that the person in question is from, instead of blindly going in off your gut instinct. There's no need to be stupid about this, and you're just throwing in points and details tangentially related.
Aren't you the fucktard that tried to say that the magic here is the same as some anime, even though they're completely different?
Why are you back again?
You are a most unpleasant person, relax, you'll live longer. Besides, the question itself is hard one to answer even in RL. Mental maturity can't be said to be attained at X age for sentient beings, it's a continuum with one side being childhood, the other adulthood. The beastmen would be in a better position to know perhaps, but even they could guess wrong.

No, but you lot do confuse me. There's no reason we can't all be civil.
File: zoe pajamas.jpg (195 KB, 617x850)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>with what specifically like courting or some thing

>Good Guy Greg

I imagine we did explain him about proper leveling, tho


We talk with our moms, and explain our fears to them. Ellie listens with a worried face, while Mom just nods.

"...Eldric sure is a good boy" ~says Ellie with a smile

Mom stands up and smooches us on the forehead (yes, we are sitting)

"Eldric, do you think we should forbid them from going out?" ~asks mom
"Well... no"
"And school?"
"They need to socialize, right? If you are worried, you could simply bring them home every day after class, but we can't just keep them inside a bubble because they may get hurt going out into the world"
"B-but mom..."
"You are worried about the very worst of people. Pretty much everyone at school knows about their circumstances by now. Yes, some boys will look at them and -think- bad things, but using your imagination to dream of a pretty girl is not a crime."
"But they're my sisters!"
"Awww, honey"

Mom hugs us and gives us a few pats on the back

"You are such a good boy"

Ellie joins in the hug, too. Ah, this feels nice.


>I guess I'll trust in mom's words and just let things be?
>No! next, I'll buy them chastity belts!
>I guess I'll trust in mom's words and just let things be?

Mom knows best
Hi man, how have you been? nice seeing we have new and old people showing up today
>I guess I'll trust in mom's words and just let things be?
Trust mom, she knows what she's doing.
tell our sisters that if someone tries to take them some where to talk to us first so we can either meet them or scare them off.

i can explain in more detail if you want.
Mom is right, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be talked to.
They still need to learn proper manners for formal functions.
Second.Deleting old vote
>I guess I'll trust in mom's words and just let things be?

I trust moms words. Besides we have a lot of well known friends in school and no real enemies.

It will be fine.

Looking atbit a different way, probably some of the other beastnkin kids see them as little sisters too, cute to spoil.
File: modern zoe 001.jpg (626 KB, 810x1080)
626 KB
626 KB JPG
Alright, that sounds like the best option.


Well, we have a short talk with them. First, we had to dangle some candy so they would pay attention, but, they probably understood. Probably

Well, they're adorable. There's no reason just us would feel that way, ater all. Looking at their classmates with less suspicious eyes, it does look like they are quite fond of, and take good care of, both Zoe and Stella.

They're idol-like, I guess?

Just in case, we are taking them home with us every day.

I have a feeling that we'll be the scary older brother forever shooing away the boys, you know?

Anyway, time moves on.

It is a cold evening outside with everyone together in the living room. Lyann is sitting by our side while we sit Athena in our lap and teach her to read.

Zoe and Stella are laying together in the couch, both of them shapeshifted and somehow curled up so as to make an almost sphere-looking mass of soft black and white fur.

I know it's cold outside, but cats and dogs aren't meant to cuddle up like that, you know?

Mom is gently craddling Elysia in her arms while Frederick sleeps in a dad's arms.

This is a perfectly homely scene, isn't it? anyway, it is now when Ellie decides to make an announcement.

She clears her throat and announces "I'm pregnant"

We discussed about it before, but I realized that we forgot to actually make it happen. It was 1 new brother, right?
>Alright, that sounds like the best option.
Actually, a better one is to remind Stella of what her life was like before Eldric found and rescued her and Brass.
That there are bad men like the dwarf slaver, who will take her from us, if she isn't careful.
If someone wants her to go with them, she should come to either Eldric or Lyann first.
>It was 1 new brother, right?
I think so.
it was just 1 brother
File: zoe 025.jpg (4.88 MB, 4082x5957)
4.88 MB
4.88 MB JPG
oh, that would work really well, but she is always afraid of waking up back in a cage, so i dont really think you need to remind her of it.

Also, it would make her distrust everyone (especially dwarves)


I guess both Stella and Zoe really ARE napping, since there's no reaction whatsoever from them.

Everyone else goes to celebrate the event with her, and you can probably feel the happiness all the way from the street.

Well, we look forward to our new sibling
When you do arrive, know that you are arriving into a very good home, full of happiness.

Well, we are using treestride to go to the dungeons in Eopolis and the Heavenly Empire, now. The dungeons in Albion only go as far as floor 40, so they're not going to be enough for our needs.

Uhmm... should we invite Ren?
>Yes, obviously. She may be unable to come for various obvious reasons, but we should at least invite her
>No, she's not quite in our inner circle yet
>Yes, obviously. She may be unable to come for various obvious reasons, but we should at least invite her
>>Yes, obviously. She may be unable to come for various obvious reasons, but we should at least invite her
we are a duke in her country its about being polite.
>Yes, obviously. She may be unable to come for various obvious reasons, but we should at least invite her
>Yes, obviously. She may be unable to come for various obvious reasons, but we should at least invite her
It's about being polite.
>Yes, obviously. She may be unable to come for various obvious reasons, but we should at least invite her

We can ask her to keep it quite, but the extra stats will be useful long term for her, especially as empress Besides she Is Mako's sister, can't we trust her like we trust our cousin?
Even if she doesn't come with us, she can still be in our party and getting XP.

As Empress, boosted Int, Wis, and Charisma would really help her as a ruler, and all of the citizens living under her rule.

I'd even argue that it is an ethical imperative that we help to level Ren so that she is a more intelligent and wise ruler.
File: zoe 023.jpg (733 KB, 1024x1448)
733 KB
733 KB JPG
>Yes, obviously

A spring evening, we ask Mako and Ren to come home with us.

"The duke's home? it would be our pleasure to accept" ~says Ren
"A-ah! i-I haven't gone to Eldric's home in a while!" ~Mako says softly

Of course, it's not such a fun event as a date. We just want to talk with Ren away from prying eyes.

And thus, the empress of the world's greatest country is sitting in our couch, enjoying chocolate milk while she pats Zoe's head.

Well, our parents make all sort of complicated expressions.

We explain Ren about our reasons for inviting her, and about how leveling more than 1 job at the same time would help her.

"We understand. It does sound very useful indeed. However, we will probably not be allowed into such thing as a dungeon."
"We could go into a dungeon in Eopolis, right?" ~asks Zoe as she gets scratchings
"We... our shadows would not allow it"

Well, that's only obvious

"You can still join our party, and receive experience that way" ~says Eldric
"Oh, that is true, is it not?" ~she says while enjoying her chocolate~ "But we fear it would be an abuse from our part..."
"Not at all. I am the one proposing it, remember?"
"A-alright... thankyou" ~she smiles, and leans over to kiss Eldric's cheek

Everyone stares

"What? is it wrong? we had seen everyone doing this at situations like this, so..."
"Ah... no, it is probably not wrong, its just..."
"Well, we would not do so at our home country, but one should follow the customs of wherever one is, right?"

Ah, she probably picked it off Lyann, Mako, Stella and Zoe.

Should we explain her...

...no, I guess its fine to keep this for ourselves.

Meanwhile, Mako is looking apple red.

"I-i want to smooch Eldric, too!" ~she says as she hops down from the loveseat and moves over
"Ooooh! princess! so daring!" ~says Ami
"I-i'm not!" ~well, that stopped her
"No,no, go on" ~cheers Mai

She's frozen, uh?

>give her a pat on the head, and smooch her cheek
>tease her
>give her a pat on the head, and smooch her cheek
>give her a pat on the head, and smooch her cheek.
>>give her a pat on the head, and smooch her cheek
>give her a pat on the head, and smooch her cheek

>Also, it would make her distrust everyone (especially dwarves)
We just remind her that Honoria and the Palace Guards all helped to rescue her, too. Being a bad person is not confined to a race.
>>give her a pat on the head, and smooch her cheek

This has the benefit also of having her get beet red too.

Besides, it is what she wants.
>give her a pat on the head, and smooch her cheek
Mako a best.
File: zoe 022.jpg (139 KB, 700x700)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
"Mako, don't force yourself" ~Eldric gently pats her head and gives her a gentle smooch
"B-b-buuut!..." -well, thats one of the prettiest shades of red we have seen yet

As the end of the school year approaches, we start planning this year's vacations.

Last year, we took down an evil minister
The year before that, we went to Eopolis
And the year before that, we visited Opal city

Perhaps this year we could visit Blacklake? from Asmund's tales, his home does not sound like a nice place to vacation in. Plus, its almost artic. We can't hope to see the girls in cute swimsuits in such a place.

...maybe if we enchanted their swimsuits... nah

We are thinking about it during lunch, when Okaba says something.

"I'm, sorry, what?"
"I said, another dungeon has been found. We probably should acquire an extra heart for our research, correct?"
"Right. So, has its bottom been reached?"
"Not yet. It is completely a wild dungeon, but it has been explored up to the 15th floor, so who knows?"
"Alright, we need at least 1 more so we can compare it to the one we have"

In another table, we can see Stella being pampered by her beast tribe classmates... our first instinct is going over there and pulling her out, but... looking at the scene with a pure heart, it really is just a touching, innocent scene.

"What is it?" ~asks Okaba, following our line of sight
"I'm always worried about those two"
"Uhm? why?"

I guess Okaba sees them as children, too?

>Let us go and get this dungeon heart as another college expedition
>Let's do this privately
>>Let's do this privately
i dont trust the council of mages in this city.

quick question it was Aura who finished the problem wasn't it?
File: zoe 021.jpg (329 KB, 700x957)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
obviously, but we have OoC knowledge
>>Let us go and get this dungeon heart as another college expedition

As we go, lets also catalog any species in the dungeon and try to negociate with them. Some may or may not be sentient. Better to find out and explain we are freeing them.instead of killing them.
>Let us go and get this dungeon heart as another college expedition
>>Let's do this privately
File: zoe 020.jpg (479 KB, 768x1024)
479 KB
479 KB JPG

>college expedition

You guys love your ties
I totally hit the o key on purpose
Let's do this publicly, nobody has to know just how far our research has come after all.
I'm fine, though I couldn't join you for the whole thread. Once I'm done with the exams, I'm sure I'll have to read a lot to catch up!
I stopped reading after the thread when we met the vampire guy and the second succubus, who tried to prank us in the school bathroom
File: zoe 019.png (1.01 MB, 1207x1200)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
We run into some troubles this times. The principal wants to see our notes to measure if it is worth it to spend more resources on the expedition.

We talk with him for a while, and finally pretend that it is a huge burden to us, but we are willing to finance the expedition ourselves. Of course, with a smaller team, which turns out alright for us since it lets us keep our findings to ourselves with greater ease.

And so, a few weeks after that...

"Uhmm... this is quite annoying"

The first floor was goblins. They are "fortunate" into that they have not gone crazy yet, but they are quite agressive, nonetheless.

>Just ignore them and walk through
>Insist in making them a deal of some kind (roll 1d100)
>>Insist in making them a deal of some kind (roll 1d100)
Rolled 22 (1d100)

>>Insist in making them a deal of some kind (roll 1d100)
why not.
Rolled 44 (1d100)

>Insist in making them a deal of some kind (roll 1d100)
A long-term study on the outside to see if they can rank up into a civilized race. They can get their freedom once we remove the Dungeon Heart, and not be doomed to endlessly be killed.
Rolled 53 (1d100)

>Insist in making them a deal of some kind (roll 1d100)
>Exterminate the gobber menace.
Like we could ever converse with Dwarves after suffering gobbers to live
File: zoe 016.jpg (231 KB, 700x923)
231 KB
231 KB JPG


We talk with them for a while, and finally convince them to let us pass and prepare to escape the dungeon when we take away the heart.

Setting the basecamp as the waypoint for the keystone, we enter into the dungeon.

Of course, normal monsters at this level are not a problem for us, but we go slowly since we promised to record each monster and their weaknesses, which means shocking, burning, freezing, drowning and stoning every non intelligent monster type we come across.

"What do you think of the dungeon so far?" ~asks Asmund
"Why ask that?"
"Well, it seems so... new"
"It was reported as a new dungeon" ~says Okaba
"But, aren't dungeons meant to spread off older dungeons? where did it grew from?"

Those goblins in the first floor were much more talkative than the crazed ones we have found so far, and there's barely any dirt or dust. It really looks quite new.

"Even if it is new, what difference does it make?" ~asks Okaba
"Maybe none" ~Asmund comments as he sort of glides down the hallway

Still, we find the dungeon heart as early as the 20th floor. The dungeon boss is a large chimera, but it looks like a bruiser type of monster, so there's no chance to negotiate with it.

The dungeon heart itself looks clear blue, almost transparent, unlike the red, almost-black one we already collected.

It's more like the heart we saw in a foodgeon in Honoria's city.

Roll 1d100
Rolled 36 (1d100)

Rolled 62 (1d100)


Wonder if dungeon hearts form from clumps of mana.

Mana that is seeing out into the world and then end up as bugs in the system, given life.
Rolled 34 (1d100)

Rolled 85 (1d100)

If Dungeons grow naturally, we should find out the conditions for a Heart to form.
File: zoe 014.jpg (241 KB, 907x830)
241 KB
241 KB JPG

"Asmund, why didin't you bring Dawn with us?"
"I don't usually take my little sister into dangerous places, you know? I want to ask you, why do you take Stella and Zoe along into danger, instead"

Oh, so this fellow also sees them as children, huh? good to know.

"Well, I was just thinking..."
"Yes?" ~the count looks at Eldric
"This place looks brand new, right?"

The count nods

"And the goblins at the entrance are still reasonable enough." ~we continue~ "And there's hardly any dust or dirst. You could almost say it smells like a new house. And the gem is blue like in a foodgeon, not red like in the natural dungeon we saw before"
"So, you think someone spent 10000g to make this place up? what for?"
"I have a bad feeling about it. Let's get the dungeon heart and leave"


To those interested, new shieldbro manga chapter
>spend 10,000G to make a private foodgeon
>plan on getting all kinds of exotic meat drops
>not three weeks in, some adventurers go in and take out the Dungeon Heart
thanks for the link also have you ever read a webcomic from Korea called "the gamer"
File: zoe 012.png (1.04 MB, 1090x1300)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
yes but it hasnt been updated in english in over a month, or at least not in any of the sites I go to
If you have a link up-to-date, please share it

Of course, a lvl 20 boss isn't really worth mentioning.

We quickly killed it with a couple of stone arrows and recovered the dungeon heart.

As for the goblins, they steered off towards the north east after watching us dispatch the dungeon monsters as they reached the surface.

I could say it was a sight and tale of epic proportions to see our party (Asmund, Aura, Okaba, Lyann and ourselves) take out hundreds of monsters, but, the truth is that trying to pass a fight with lots of low level monsters as anything but a slaughter would be a embarrassment.

Well, after taking the preserved bodies of several monsters and stretching them over the capsite's tables to research them, we began cataloguing and ordering them for transport.

Thankfully we can treestride, because otherwise, carrying all these samples back to the university would have been a pain.

We make it through the portal and into the university gardens, then head over to the lab.

Our generator/heart hybrid is missing, as are our miniature generators.

The door is broken, and our scroll racks have been ransacked.

"!?" ~we stare at the mess

Out of reflex, we run out and go check on Mako and Ren. They're fine.

We go back to the lab, but find Asmund is missing.

"Where's chocula?"
"He said he wanted to check the notebook he left on his room"

A few minutes later, we hear him cry out loud enough that we can hear it on the first floor.

(his room is on the fourth floor)

here's a link to the one i go to the last update was on Christmas
Oooooh those bastards.....
File: zoe 011.jpg (155 KB, 850x1200)
155 KB
155 KB JPG

Dawn is missing, and he is holding a crumbled up note.

It really doesn't needs to be said, but his father had been keeping tabs on the two of them. He took advantage of our absence to steal our prototypes and take Dawn back.

How did he know what we had been doing? perhaps one of the lab assistants.

"Why did he took Dawn?"
"She's a precious specimen. Why wouldn't he want her back"
"Well, I guess now we know what we'll be doing now." ~we say
"Sbastia is a cold place, right? I'll prepare some winter clothes" ~says Aura

"Wh?" ~Asmund looks back at us. He honestly looks quite scary right now.

He's not mad at us, tho. He calms down after a moment or two, and asks us:

"You guys are coming?"
"Duh!" ~adds Lyann

Well, we were planning on going at one point or another, anyway. The problem is, we lost the initiative.

***End for today***
File: zoe 008.jpg (64 KB, 491x706)
64 KB
My eyes are on fire, AND it looks like a properly cliffhanger-like place to stop for today.

Hopefully we'll continue next week?

Anyway im gonna apply some eyedrops and rest for a bit, then come back to answer questions and/or comments
Don't strain your eyes too much. Rest if you need it.
so heres the plan
step 1 go to the city
step 2 disable the mana network
step 3 rescue dawn
step 4 recover our research
step 5 kill Asmunds father while insulting him and calling him names
step 6 profit
how close is she to lv100 slave?

2 and 5 should be done at the same time to avoid him bugging out
4 can wait till after 5 and we can take his research too and we don't give a fuck about 6
I had a thought them flying ships use magic to make them selves lighter right? is there magic to make things heaver?

could we do some Mass Effect shenanigans?
point to point air ship super speed towers

hipper fast needle crossbows/guns with weapons grad cooling magic it would be a constant fire that never overheats

mass/velocity beading sheds so any projectile to hit us lose impact and slows way down before hitting us

Well. We need to arrive at the city, rescue dawn, disable asmunds father.

The order of priority is

1. Rescue Dawn.
2. Kill Asmunds father.

To do this we may need to shut down the mana network. We may instead may just need to get to his father, hit the silence sword and cut him apart.

Everything else is minor. Regardless I think our research is heading out into the world anyways.
When this is all, ALL over:
>SO, Asmund. Why didn't you bring Dawn with us again?
File: zoe 006.png (1.08 MB, 770x1000)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
eh, his logic was sound. I think. His dad just took advantage of it

Thing that in retrospec is seen a thousand miles away.

His dad is a real piece of work, but that has been established already.

Of course, the fact that he would piss off so many groups at once seems a bit risky.
IF he knows everything (and I'm curious as to how exactly he did if that is the case) then he got scared. Dungeon Heart powered generators could enable Asmund's mana stores to outmuscle his own given a few years. Fearing that eventuality, he gambled and forced a confrontation now instead of later.

Logical, but risky, as he would also know about our bloodline and network and how we'd likely get involved in that case. He's banking on his abominations and mana stores being able to beat us all as we are right now. We unwittingly put him in a corner, this was his reaction to that.
good thing we level up Savior so we can say not to magic and just fuck him up.

also I say we kill and store don't let him truly die.
we don't want reincarnation BS biting us in the ass. hell he has the perfect preservation method right in his labs.
hey guys, good morning
Ah vat grown clones Rei style. We'll be sure to fuck those up good on our way to him. Leave him no vessels to catch his wayward soul once we ash his physical body. Should also look for potential phylacteries and shatter them with extreme prejudice, being a lich is a classic thing for BBEG's to be.
How are your eyes doing?
the answer never is "better" sadly. They dont hurt atm, at least

Also, that lich comment reminded me, have you guys read overlord?

anyway, I feel like advancing the story would be rude, so would you like an omake or such? and if so, of what?
An Omake with Miel's little honey empire, or of Atruma having a tea party with Miel, Ren, and Honoria.
both are good

fuck yea overlord
A friend just sent me a link to "Dawn's Excellent Adventures"


I dont even...

Something with Miel or Atruma.

Atruma never really gets much characterisation.

We should likely of had some of Miel's daughters set up elsewhere eventually. Likely one in Eopolis and one elsewhere. I would not be surprised if Ren welcome one also.
think you lost your trip
also dad, mom diving fun times or grandpa uncle political nightmare would be cool
I have no idea why the trip goes away sometimes. Is it a parasite looking for a new host or something?

uhmm... something with Atroma, then? let me finish breakfast while thinking of something
Omake: Dad and Uncle Dan, drinking at the bar after a day of dungeon-diving, with Cedric drowning his sorrows in ale, saying how he feels so driven to be stronger. Dan and the other adventurers are like "Ah, c'mon, it's not that bad, you're pretty high level".
Then Cedric says how his son is still such a higher level than him.
Dan and the others are like, "Dude, you're comparing yourself to ELDRIC? Come on, that's just asking for disappointment."
to be fair we haven't leveled anything too high we just leveled every thing a bit and that's OP as fuck, also we can use every job ability at once, and we got some very good gear. and chant less casting
What we need to do is continue to aggressively level so that we can beat our grandpa consistently.

The Gods of the world realized that he and his pope/Scion friend just weren't enough to win against the approaching apocalypse/Cascading System Failure, and got us: a born Scion with the intellect and knowledge to min-max not only ourselves but a party of adventurers.
Alright, typing. I think Im going to go with Atroma having a tea party out in the garden with Athena and both Miels.

Also for some reason all image uploads are failing so I cant post any image. Can you guys upload images?

And sort of unrelated, but I found this manga called Haru to Natsu which made me think of Eldric x Mako x Ren. Give it a go if you want
>that's OP as fuck
Granddad can still kick our ass, as can the family butler and family nursemaid, and that Scion-Pope.

We only seem OP as fuck because we lucked out and got Epic gear in the starter zone, and used it to stomp around the mid-game zones, and figured out how to min-max properly.
We're still far from being able to solo end-game content.
Nope, there's some kind of problem with 4chan's image upload servers.
you mean people who have been using the leveling ideology we have for 60-300 years plus?
well no shit.

also we should really invest time into project max enchantment gear for us and lyann we got the power/money it just takes time (mostly us figuring out what bonuses we want)

"Honey please" ~says Atroma as she kneels next to the low table outside

The spring days up in the mountain are just fresh enough to enjoy being outside, and warm enough to do so without needing to wear a lot of clothing.

Athena, Atroma, and both Miels are sitting around (or in Miel's case, on top of) a small wooden table as they have tea with cookies.

Well, none of the girls are really allowed to use the kitchen... Atroma just doesn't knows how, both Miels are physically too small to handle the teapot, and Athena is only 4, so...

They're having cold fruit tea brought over by Ellie mom, same as the cookies. Of course, they are still having fun and pretending its hot, and blowing over the cups before drinking it.

"Alright" ~Miel II pours a tiny cup worth's of honey into Athena's tea cup, holding it with both hands.

Even tho she's quite strong thanks to adventuring with Eldric, size still matters. Well, even a strong man wouldnt be able to lift a sphere of packing foam weighting 70kg. Sure, a stone weighting 70kg? no problem. A huga sphere weighting the same? no

"What do you say?" ~gently chided Atroma
"Thank you" ~says Athena, gently
"Good girl"
"Yaah!" ~the little girl blushes and covers her face with both hands, shaking her upper body to left and right

At first sight, this scene looks like a couple of sisters in the garden when seen from the street. But a more careful observer would notice the "dolls" on the table moving on their own, and the fact that the bigger sister has horns, and a tail.

Athena calms down just as quickly as she got flustered, and switches gear to try and sell a cookie to Miel.

"Miss, would you like a cookie? they're worth two many lots of gold!"
"Wh- ah... yes, please" ~says the faery queen, handing two imaginary bundles to the girl
"Would you like another?"
"Yes please" ~she hands her two more imaginary packages~ "Thankyou"

Athena picks the imaginary packages and stores them in an imaginary item box.


Linda comes out with more tea. Now that she's left her job at the university, she's able to spend time with her children at home, and do as much research and reading as she wants, but if you asked her which one she prefers, she would immediately say her children are her number one priority, of course.

Also, she tried borrowing one of Ellie's maid uniforms once or twice, but it always ended with Cedric picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom, so it somehow or another became a naughty look for her.

So, she's simply wearing a long summer dress with an apron, and soft fluffy sandals right now. Her long blonde hair carefully braided behind her.

"Here's more tea" ~she says as she places the jar on the table, and picks up the empty one.
"Thankyou, please have these many golds" ~says Athena as she hands her the imaginary packages
"Oh, this must be some high quality tea, then?" ~she says as she leans down to smooch her daughter on the forehead before going back into the house

At the door.

"Aww.. I wanted to take the tea to them" ~says Ellie with a little pout
"No! these golds are mine!" ~jokes Linda, and smooches Ellie gently

"Your mom maid makes great tea" ~says Miel as she sinks her tiny cup into it to refill it.

Of course, again, she COULD lift the jug, but it would be very hard to handle at her size

Meanwhile, Atroma seems to just be having fun by sitting there and nibbling at the cookies in silence.


Uhmm... should I focus on anyone in particular, or is it fine as it is?
just do what you do its all good
How about the Chess Club, and the Albion Chess Championship?

We haven't seen them in a while, and I imagine that Eldric is still the Club President.
And since a few years have gone by, surely there are now enough players of chess among the students and the nobles that a tournament could be arranged.

It's fine.

Of course, dropped trip again.
Ah, come think of it, I guess im biased because i live in the western world, but I just assumed people wore shoes inside the house and buildings. Should they instead take their shoes off and/or have indoor sandals? since they are technically coming from the not-asia culture

ugh, why does this happens?
I suppose. Or maybe it's more predominant in the South, since they retained more of the Empire's culture.
that sounds likely as well, since the north is colder so taking your shoes off may be a pain


*sigh* ~Linda lets out a big sigh as she sits by the window to look at Athena
"What is it, mistress?"
"Doesn't she looks like she's having so much fun, even tho she's playing with three monsters? what is a monster, then?"
"Isn't it because they're Eldric's pets?"
"Pets? I guess so?... he doesn't treat them like pets, however... oh, Ellie...?"
"When will you call me Linda? I think we've been through more than enough already, haven't we?"
"I... could not do such a thing... I still feel so very blessed, being part of your family, and... well..." *BLUSH*
"Hmm..." ~Linda smiles as she looks at the pretty elf girl~ "But that's it, you know? you ARE part of the family."

Linda crosses her legs and pours herself a little bit of cold tea with honey.

"If you say that, I'll just get more embarrassed, mistress"

[Well, whatever, it's a good look on you] ~thinks Linda with a mental sigh

Meanwhile, outside...

"..nd this many golds for that cookie!" ~says Athena
"No, no, that's too many golds" ~says Miel as she tries to haggle for the cookie
"No! you have to pay two many golds for it!" ~cries out Athena
"Ah, fine, fine" ~sighs Miel as she hands the two imaginary golds

Atroma pours herself more tea and grabs another cookie. Well, she's fine within the garden now, but she still tries not to look up towards the open sky.

She's seen Eldric riding on his mount before, and has thought about flying herself, but... that was a very short-lived idea.

As she's thinking such, Eldric and Lyann come back from school, and open the garden gate.

"Eldric!" ~Athena runs over to hug his legs
"Ouch!" ~the young man whimpers out softly as Athena headbutts his family jewels

Lyann chuckles a little, and extracts Athena from Eldrics legs to lift her up and hug her.

"Hey, what about me, I don't get any hugs?"

"Iiii...." ~whines Eldric as he tries not to bend over

"Ooops, I think you broke him" ~says Lyann looking at Eldric's face

I guess a headbutt to the balls hurts, no matter how much hp you have, uh?

"I bloke him?"
"Broke. So, how are you going to compensate me, Athena? you know, that part of your brother is really important for my future, and the future of your nephews, you know?"
"I have these many golds" ~she says as she parts her hands to show she has a lot of golds
"Uhmm... I think I want a kiss, instead" ~says Lyann
"Kay!" ~Athena smooches her
"Uhmm... one more!"
"Alright, now we're even!" ~declares Lyann

"Hnnn..." ~whimpers Eldric as he straightens up~ "Ah!... don't I get a say on this?"
"Nope" ~says Lyann
"Nope!" ~says Athena

Eldric sighs


How was that?
heh, I really like the way the older sister keeps trolling her younger twin


I think I will try and write Ren and Mako like this, too

Moot, explain to me why my tripcode keeps going away!
>Atroma pours herself more tea and grabs another cookie. Well, she's fine within the garden now, but she still tries not to look up towards the open sky.

Agoraphobic dragon.

Dragon that can easily fly in the air, and is likely higher level then 95% of the people in the city easily.

>"Doesn't she looks like she's having so much fun, even tho she's playing with three monsters? what is a monster, then?"

I think Linda raises a good question, what is a monster really?

It makes me wonder how Atroma would be welcomed in other places, as she is a dragon. Granted a friendly and curious one. I wonder how Grandpa reacted when he was introduced to her.

Or what the family nanny and butler thought when they saw Eldric had some 'monsters' that were really just people.
Pretty good.
How about Cedric having a crisis because both his son and his father are far stronger than he is.
You really want to see dad collapse don't you


This is some high class trolling
I'd still like to see the Albion Regional Chess Championship.
Wait, wasn't the Chess Club one of the few places of refuge for Elves that were being bullied because of the Yellowleaf Kingdom's actions during the recent war?

How are the elves in the Chess Club feeling now?
Wasn't the Secretary of the Club an elf with a crush on Eldric?
seems fine to me. Ill think of some way to make it more interesting


I think I fell in love with the older sister's classy trolling style. This will be Ren-Mako's relationship in a couple of years

seriously, what is it with my trip?

Chess is probably one of those activities that is very popular because not only is it a game to play, but it likely can raise stats.

I can see playing it as a way to raise Int and Wisdom as it requires both knowledge and good decision making.

So I can really expect it to stay popular and not be a fad.
adorable have this many golds
aren't the butler and nanny just types of monsters too? I thought the butler was a former dungeon god.

that's just mean Cedric is a god's dam war hero save many live and lead men in combat he is the manliest her don't care who is stronger he knows real strength comes from leadership.

every one has a crush on Eldric (Lyann has such a hard job of keeping bitches off him)
would love to see some of her struggles keeping them away.
Then I would like to see more of the Secretary, getting registration forms and other paperwork ready for the tournament, trying to get close to Eldric, and him just not noticing.
>aren't the butler and nanny just types of monsters too? I thought the butler was a former dungeon god.

We were told the Butler was a former God, a straight retired one.

>every one has a crush on Eldric (Lyann has such a hard job of keeping bitches off him)
>would love to see some of her struggles keeping them away.

The only one I think Lyann has really accepted is Mako. Then again Mako is the only other girl most of the players have shown interest in setting Eldric up with also.

I think part of it that reduces how hard it is for Lyann (and Mako) is just how high their Charisma and Appearance are. Other girls may be interested but then resign themselves because of how out of there league both of them are.
Oh I think I just got an idea, from one of those ero doujinshi. Going to lie down for a bit, tho. Back in 10 minutes or so
so the other girls (nerdy Elves) write dirty fanfics about Eldric Lyann and Mako?

like twilight fan fics? o god I want to see Lyann discovering some of these.
better yet Eldric finds Ami and Mai has been collecting them.

No, there's a rather famous (funny) doujinshi where a elf girl says "you want to rape me, don't you? just like in those ero doujinshi" and I was thinking in borrowing a line from there.

Also these eyedrops make my head hurt
that one were the Orc keeps putting off her advances ?
ya know our elf secretary really needs more screen time how about she asked to be a maid for eldric when he gets his own home.
No, this one actually IS porn
But it got famous because it is also funny

Ugh, those drops make me eyes super sensitive, the screen is blinding. Will do my best, hold on.


*cliff cloff*

Aritsu's heels resound on the hallway's ceramic floor. The Yellowleaves princess walking from enchanting class towards the chess club, going through the inner hallways as she holds her books.

Normally, such a beauty would have a fanclub or at least a sizeable group of pretenders, but because of her origins, she's rather lonely.

That is not fully true, however. She's also a cery strict person so that tends to scare people away.

Its not like she's only strict on others, however. She's the type that is the most strict with herself, and actually relaxed in her expectations of others. It just goes to show how hard she is on herself when, even so, other people find her overbearing all the same.

It is spring, but she is still wearing her winter uniform. This despite the fact that the temperature is high enough to cause a line of sweat to run straight down her back.

Of course, this is because the official uniform change is still two weeks from now.

Therefore, she is currently wearing knee-length high heel boots, a long, black wool skirt which only just shows her ankles, thick black stockings, a white (thankfully silk) underwear-like tshirt, a shirt, and a red, long sleeved lady's jacket with the school's insignia on the left shoulder.

Even tho the sun outside is bright enough that it can be called blinding, and even thos we are up in the mountains away from the cooling influence of the sea.

In other words, the weather is hot to a point where people living close to the sea simply cannot imagine. If you live far inland, however, you probably know the type of heat we are talking about, here.

In such case, you probably have a very good idea of the type of heat the elf princess is facing right now.

>The Yellowleaves princess
She never told Eldric that she is royalty, and he never worked it out, either.
That kind of denseness is really embarrassing in a main character that's supposed to have 40 years of social experience.
didn't you want to have the yellowleaves go through a civil war and have eldric help the royalty reclaim power since they want to join the coalition?

I think that was put on the back burner, we never touched on that yet.

Hopefully King has a successful surgery and can then afterward sort more stuff out.
its sorta obvious our dick is a princess magnet
I am now sure Lyann is a lost princess of some land/tribe
ya i really hope the surgery goes well.

But, she's that type of person.

As she emerges into the outer hallway, she takes a left and heads for the chess club room.

The chess club has changed room about 3 times now, constantly moving into a bigger one.

Right now, in this hot spring day, there are about six dozen people inside a room which is already feeling too small for them. Of course, everyone is wearing the summer uniform.

Even tho the windows and door are open.

Even tho the club president donated a cooler box which is constantly pouring cool air into the room...

Well, this is a parallel world story, but most of those reading it have at one point or another gone into a hobbyshop full of people during a hot day, right? there's really very little need to say so, but the heatwave that kicks Aritsu in the face as she comes in is no joke.

Well, its a chess club, so there's noone shouting "waaaaagh!", or "for the emperor", at least.

She greets the people along her way, and goes to sit behind the president's desk.

It really its much more her desk than Eldric's, to be honest. She keeps the records of the club members, tracks their wins and losses, does the game transcripts, writes down activities, and quietly organizes countless other little things in order to keep the club running.

"Goddess of Moon, Woods, and Sea,
Each wish in thy name must come to be.
Powers and Forces which Tides do make,
Now summon Thy waves, my spell to take"

She chants a spell and refills the empty jugs in the cooler, then opens the club's journal while she waits for the water to cool down.

Of course she can't use chantless magic. It is not such a common thing, no matter how easy Eldric and his sisters make it look.

[Ariza writes with such sloppy penmanship, you would not think she is a girl] ~even in her thoughts, the strict, cool elfin beauty with glasses does not use contraptions

>It really its much more her desk than Eldric's, to be honest
Eldric really does have a problem with responsibility. He goes from one project to another, and hardly does any oversight for those things not immediately in front of him.
He really is the Tony Stark of the Fantasy RPG world.
Except without the drinking problem or the womanizing.
we can give him a drinking problem.
>without the drinking problem or the womanizing.
I'll give you the "without the drinking problem", but...
>or the womanizing.


"A, miss secretary, good evening" ~one of the club members walks over and pours himself some of the water

"You know, you really should wait a 1/2 hour before doing that so the water is cooler." ~says Aritsu as she looks at the young man

"Yes, yes. This is good enough. I'm parched"

Aritsu sighs, and goes back to writing down the game transcriptions into the club book.

Not five minutes have gone by, when another three students come by the cooler box and pour themselves some water as well.

"It has not been half an hour, yet" ~she says without looking away from her work

"This is good enough, really"
"Miss Aritsu, don't be so strict. This is fine"
"Isn't it fine this way?"

She sighs and continues her work. Having written down all the games from the previous day, she starts looking for the most common moves, her eyes darting from time to time to the magical clock that prince Okaba donated for the club room.

It not only tracks general time, it can also be used as a timer for quick, timed chess matches.

Well, most of the students prefer to play without the time limit, so it mostly gets used by the princess as a general clock, tho.

Little by little, the water in the jugs starts going down as the club members come over and pour themselves a drink.

She can feel her sweat running down her spine with
that is

29:30 ~ there's just about one glass of water worth left in the jug

29:40 ~ Eldric and Lyann arrive, and naturally head towards the cooler

29:59 ~ She starts moving her arm towards the water jug, but Eldric already poured himself the last glass.

"Aritsu, how are you doing?" ~he greets her politely as he drinks it down, then refills the jug with a gesture and goes off towards a table to play a chess match with Lyann

Womanizing specifically being seducing women, for the sole intention of having sex and throwing them away when they no longer interest him, and never developing any kind of emotional attachment.

>Eldric not even bothering to chill the water with a simple spell
Yeah, Eldric shouldn't be this oblivious to office etiquette.
I dont think Eldric has a "cool just a little" spell. If he tried to, he would turn the water in the jug into a solid block of ice and maybe break the jug in the process.


She sighs, and clicks the timer in the clock, setting it for 30 minutes, feeling her tongue shrink inside her mouth.

Having found the most commonly successful moves, she writes them down as part of the chess club work book and guide to chess.

It's the club project, but she's really pretty much the only one working on it.

Her penmanship is clean and attractive, with every single character identical to every matching character. She's worked on her penmanship a lot, after all. She's the club's secretary, so it was simply obvious to her that she should have a writing that was as clear as possible,

[Ah, now, I can...]

She entwines her fingers on her lap and stretches her arms downwards as she makes a happy face and supports both feet on the floor, getting ready to stand up and pour herself a well deserved drink.

That's when Okaba comes in, greets her, picks the jug and takes it off towards the table where Eldric is after replacing it with a jug of tea from Aura's item box.

...Aritsu stares at the jug of warm tea, feeling her tongue crack in her mouth.

[Should I be angry?]

He did trade a jug of water for a jug of tea.

[I guess no?]

Feeling her head slightly dizzy, she sighs and decides to relax a little by playing a chess match with someone. She goes towards an empty seat and starts playing while keeping an eye on the tea jug.

She's quite good, tho she herself does not see it that way. If you ask her, it is only natural, since she is the one that writes down everyone's games and checks which are the most commonly successful moves for their project.

As the clock says 29:40, she gets up after winning several matches, and heads over towards the cooler, just to have Eldric get to it before her again.

"p-President...." ~her killing intent pours out of her pointy ears

>I dont think Eldric has a "cool just a little" spell.
Use an ice arrow spell to create a shaft of ice. Then simply break it up into ice cubes.
Eldric has got to apologize to her or at least buy some thing extremely expensive.

because he is dense when it comes to her.
>doesn't help with the big year-long club project
>obliviously leaves behind warm water when he knows that the room is sweltering
>hasn't even bothered to get a real water cooler even though it would be trivial
Man, Eldric can be a real douchebag, can't he.
im just sitting her laughing to myself for one simple thing Lyann basically just claimed Eldrics balls for her self.

>that part of your brother is really important for my future
While that's not a bad idea, I do hope you plan on washing your hands first

uhmm... how would you make a water cooler?


"Aritsu? ah, want me to pour you a glass?" ~he says with a refreshing smile after drinking one himself
"...yes please" ~she says with a thread of a voice as she lowers her pointy ears down and casts her eyes towards the floor
"Here you go."
"Thank you" ~she says meekly
"You need to be more assertive, you know? Would you like to play a... ah, never mind." ~Eldric pours her a glass of cold tea, refills the empty jugs in the cooler, and goes back to Lyann, Aura and Okaba

*Sigh* Aritsu takes the glass with both hands, and takes a sip. The cold tea is delicious, and she can feel herself smiling.

"Uhm? I thought you would invite her to play with us?" ~asks Lyann
"But, is she any good? she's always losing when we play"
"Ah, she does, does she not?" ~adds Okaba
"Isn't it because of that?" ~asks Aura as she pours the cold tea into everyone's glasses~ "You know, that?"
"What?" ~both Eldric and Okaba look at her
"Well, a elven female cannot move before a strong male... I think?" ~says Aura with a smile

***Aritsu Omake, End***
>how would you make a water cooler?
A magic cooler designed to hold water, with a spigot valve at the bottom, all held up about 1.5 meters off the ground by wooden legs so that people can open the valve to get chilled water, and simply use magic to refill with water.
yea one pitcher of water for 72 people yea we should really make a water cooler big 5 gallon carboy enchanted to constantly be filled with water and a cooler ring at the base perhaps a heater one to so it has hot and cold running water.

wouldn't a healing spell work just as well as washing hands?
so thats why she is so passive around Eldric its they way female elves court.
>***Aritsu Omake, End***
All I got from this was that Eldric, for all of his meta-knowledge and thinking himself better than oblivious anime main characters, is just as dense as most harem protagonists.
As well as being a terrible project manager and team lead. He hasn't even thanked Aritsu for her work, and without her the entire club would grind to a halt.

And Eldric was supposed to work on the project as part of his promise to Lynda, but he's thrown all of the work onto Aritsu and he never helps out.

And finally, an enchanted water cooler would be easy for him to make, especially with his knowledge of how modern water coolers work, yet he hasn't done anything to make the lives of the club members easier, or lessen the work load on Aritsu.

Though it does a good job of showing how the players will only pay attention to what is immediately in front of them and don't consider the followup work for their projects.
and we will fix that.
The "cant move in front of a strong male" was a joke based on the doujinshi, and on the fact that you "move" in chess

Aritsu always loses by default to Eldric and Okaba because she can't "move"

I tried to upload the specific page but 4chan is still not letting me upload pics (and yes i censored it first)

>Though it does a good job of showing how the players will only pay attention to what is immediately in front of them and don't consider the followup work for their projects.

That was the point, yes.

They keep asking for a chess tournament, but that would probably be Eldric telling Aritsu he wants one to happen and she meekly lowering her ears and saying "alright"


censored it
Fucking trip

Also, apparently I can embed images into my posts now? wow.
>Eldric telling Aritsu he wants one to happen and she meekly lowering her ears and saying "alright"
Then how about getting Eldric to go and design/print the registration forms, talk with the Headmaster to get it approved, ask the Club members to submit designs for the advertising posters, and working with Aritsu to find a venue.

Make him, and us, work for it.

Though, unless we do it as a sidequest from before Dawn's kidnapping, we'll need to wait until after we deal with Asmund's father.

Yeah we as the players tend to run all over the place.

We invent things and dump the rest of it on someone else.

Part of it i think is just the time frame we are working it, jumping from major plot point to point.
>the time frame we are working it, jumping from major plot point to point.
Well, King's upcoming eye surgery and the very real threat of losing all sight is a pretty big impetus for him to force everything forward without giving time to handle the details.
>Then how about getting Eldric to go and design/print the registration forms, talk with the Headmaster to get it approved, ask the Club members to submit designs for the advertising posters, and working with Aritsu to find a venue.

That sounds fine. Are we inventing the printing press soon?

Anyway, any other ideas for Omakes? and I imagine that at some point in the future we will probably help Aritsu with her problems at home?

Funny fact: I didint plan on having her be a princess at first, but since the players asked for a way to help fix the fuck up that is the politics of Yellowleaves, she sort of fell into the role
how about one for Mako and Ren.
>Are we inventing the printing press soon?
With Craftsmen able to Craft books after copying them once, wouldn't that compete directly with early mechanical printing presses?

Until printing presses powered with magitek motors become available, wouldn't Craftsmen actually be faster than a printing press?
for books, yes, since its 1 book = 4 mp

But for something like leaflets and posters, it wouldnt be very economical, and even for books, you are still limited to

Write/copy whole book once -> can now use craftsmanship to make copies

So its still something done by one person

Anyway, since its an Omake, do you want something now (they're aged 12), in the near future (15?) or further up down the timeline? (17+?)
go with what they are now.
Now please.
Now, during the school year, well before began planning what to do over the new summer break.
Uhmm... so much more cute than anything else, uh? Im gonna have to think about it for a bit. I think I squeezed my cute fibers a lot already.

Back in a few minutes, gonna get a glass of water and take a shower while I think.

Could you suggest some ideas meanwhile too?
mostly the change in daily life for both of them, Ren with an interest in why Mako wants to marry Eldric, with her own thoughts on him.
>Ami and Mai
I would love something with them in it

Well we could do some Shenanigans as we try to go ahead and invent better quality paper and a printing press.

Or have a day in the life of Dawn as she runs around trying to prank EVERYONE.
uhmm ill start thinking on stuff for it, but i guess well go with Ren and Mako first

so hard to think of fun but cute pranks. I guess im just a meanie, all i can think of are pranks like from japanese tv

As for Ren, I always wanted to comment on her background, so I apologive for the following rant.

In imperial China, emperors raise to power and fall from power was, by the confucian scholars recording history, constantly attributed to their failure to keep the Mandate of Heaven.

If the emperor is a proper father figure for the country, is responsible, virtuous, and acts properly by upholding the proper virtues and traditions, then heaven smiles on him and his mandate is secure.

If the emperor is lustful, cruel, foolish, etc, then heaven sends plagues, famine and peasant uprisings and it is replaced by a new emperor.

Of course you could instead point out that floods, famine and peasant uprisings tend to cause changes in dinasty, but that doesnt sounds as ppetic or has a moral lesson tagged unto it, does it?

Thus, in order for a dynasty to keep the Mandate of Heaven, it needs two thinks.

Ren and Li

Ren means "acting in a proper manner" AND it also means "virtue". Confucius said that Ren is the embodiment of all virtues, and "he who seeks Ren has already attached it". Meaning (imho) that he who desires to be virtuous, and makes a solid effort towards it, its already, thanks to his virtuous intent and deeds, virtuous.

In its meaning of "proper behavior", you need to remember that you need to consider your proper behavior as follows:

Ruler to Ruled
Father to Son (which in this universe would be Mother to Daughter, I guess)
Husband and Wife
Elder Brother to Younger Brother (again, this would be elder sister to younger sister)
Friend to Friend

So as the current empress, Ren's name is very meaningful and important, as well as being me just basically color-coding a ruler and naming her "good girl"

Ren also means love in japanese, btw. Just throwing that out there.

The other important factor that leads to a dynasty keeping or losing the Mandate of Heaven is Li or tradition.

Looking back to the past for guidance, and following the example of your distinguished ancestors as a guide to a good future.

So yeah, me naming the loyal general of the Heavenly Empire "Li" is also me just color-coding him as a good guy.

This means that the Heavenly Empire is ruled by Ren (Virtue/Love/Proper behavior) for civilian matters, and General Li (Tradition and respect for one's ancestors) in military matters.

Also, Eldric picked up two items called "Mandate of Heaven" from the Regent when we beat him... he should probably give those back. Im just assuming that he did, but just throwing that out there as well.

So anyway, typing
i assumed we gave them back as well.
yea we total gave them back
You were making a <.< face when you typed, that, were you not? or was it a :9 face?

***Heavenly Palace, early in the morning***

Leena sneaks into the kitchens and steals four big leafs of bread, a entire smoked ham, and a jug of milk, storing them into her item box and sneaking out the same way she came in, walking invisible, upside down, using her thumb and index toes to grab unto the roof beams.

She is already having a good day.

Her mood is so good that, if she hadn't been so heavily conditioned against it, she would hum as she passes the imperial lionmen patrols on her way back to the imperial bedroom.

For almost 4 years, she had seen her beloved empress wake up with tears in her eyes after a terrible night every single night.

That recently ended, however, when Duke Eldric took down the Regent, returned the Mandate of Heaven to the empress, and much more importantly, brought back the empress' sister back into her life.

So... yes, she is in a very good mood.

She goes into the imperial bedroom, and crawls up into the space between the fake roof and the real roof of the room before pulling out her loot and sharing it with her sisters.

It was interesting to find out that she, too, had sisters she did not know about, but the fact that they had been dutifully protecting the imperial princess all this time was certainly not a surprise for her or any of her sisters.

It is what the shadows exist for, after all.


Can someone check if you can post images again please?
There have been a variety of definitions for the term Rén. Rén has been translated as "benevolence", "perfect virtue", "goodness" or even "human-heartedness". When asked, Confucius defined it by the ordinary Chinese word for love, ai, saying that it meant "to love others".


While slicing the ham and preparing everyone's breakfast, Leena looked down unto her sleeping charges.

The princess and the empress were hugging eachother gently in their sleep, with the empress' head resting against the princess chest.

Well, for now, it still was a rather smooth place to rest against, but Leena remembered the previous empress, and had seen painting and sculptures of the ones before her, so she was fairly certain that would change soon.

Ren was wearing an ankle-lenght one piece chemise in golden silk, while Mako was wearing white.

Both girls looked happy and peaceful, which in turn calmed Leena's heart.

She looked towards her sister in the north wall, and got a "everything alright" sign, and it repeated itself on the south, east and west walls, so she began moving around, delivering each of their breakfasts in turn.


"Hnmm...!" ~the small empress was waking up, squeezing her sister while rubbing her face against her and finally opening her eyes.

This caused Mako to reply in turn, squirming and rolling away before continuing to sleep.

Ren looked down at her twin, and gently poked her face.

[Well, it's still early]

It really, really wasn't. Eldric would show up to pick them up soon, but Ren loved to pamper Mako, and who would naysay the empress?

File: Dungeon keeper.jpg (93 KB, 640x808)
93 KB

Image Test.

Think of this as true form of dungeon heart.
that shit is creepy as fuck.
File: ren 05.jpg (500 KB, 800x916)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
yes, i already described it as a Red orb/gem, remember?

Rén also includes traits that are a part of being righteous, such as hsin, meaning to make one's words compliment his actions; li, which means to properly participate in everyday rituals; ching, or "seriousness"; and yi, which means right action. When all these qualities are present, then one can truly be identified as a chün tzu (君子), or "superior man," which means a morally superior human being. Confucians basically held the view that government should be run by ethically superior human beings who concentrate solely on the welfare of the people they govern.


Ren sat up straight, and headed over to the warm water basin in a corner of the room to wash her face.

She did so twice, and then walked over to the small shrine in the opposite corner, she raised a prayer for their mother, asking her to watch over them today, too.

"Your highness, breakfast" ~a voice came from the hallway
"Wait a minute, please"

The empress went back to the bed, and gently shook Mako until she woke up. It wouldn't be proper for the servants to see her beloved sister's sleeping face.

That was a sight for her alone.

"Ren?" ~Mako sat up slowly, rubbing her eyes gently as she woke up
"Yes, you must get up now"
"Alright" ~the sleepy princess let her sister guide her to the water basin, and washed her face before praying to the family altar.

She was still quite sleepy when Ren throw her robe around her and helped her put it on, then tied it around her waist.

This was an every day routine, but Ren would never chide her beloved sister.

File: ren naginata 002.jpg (692 KB, 2100x1400)
692 KB
692 KB JPG

Once breakfast was over with, Ren helped Mako to dress up for school.

Normally, this would be the task of maids, but Ren preferred to do so herself. She patiently brushed Mako's hair and dressed her up, then enjoyed as her sister returned the favor, both girls putting on the university's uniform as they went into the gardens to wait for Duke Eldric.

"Good morning, my empress, my princess" ~the aged lionman greeted both girls with a deep bow
"Good morning, general." ~The empress acknowledged him, and greeted him back
"Good morning!" ~said Mako enthusiastically.

She really loves the beast tribe people. Well, every single one she has ever interacted with has been a nice person.

The general opened his eyes startled when Mako started patting his head and rubbing behind his ears, but kept his posture until he was allowed to raise his head.

"Mako, that is quite enough, do not embarrass the general any further"
"A-ah! is it wrong? b-but he's a good general, right? I just felt like thanking him..."
"It is my honor!" ~exclaimed the old lionman.

Well, what do you know, looks like the animal headed males of the beast tribes CAN blush.

"Thank you general, please raise your head. I hope you will continue to take care of the realm during our short absence." ~says Ren. Actually, Ren had always wanted to try patting the grandfather-like general, too!
"Of course, my empress!"

A quiet humm by the peach tree let them know that Eldric had arrived to pick them up, so they said good bye to the general, and headed towards him.

"Eldric, morning!" ~said Mako enthusiastically
"Good morning, duke"
"Ah, yes. Good morning, your highness"

Two shadows appeared behind the empress and the princess, carrying their textbooks and lunches.

"Shall we go?"

As the girls nod and accept his party invitation, he used treestride again to bridge the distance to Albion, the portal reopening next to the apple tree in the duke's garden.


After picking up Lyann, Stella and Zoe, their group made their way towards the university.

Zoe was a liontribe beastman, but she was cute and sweet, so Ren felt like it was alright to pet and pamper her.

She would never do this to the lion guards back home, but with Zoe, it was alright.

Thus, she indulged herself in patting and caressing the liongirl's soft head and ears.

Once they began moving towards the university, she enjoying walking quietly among the people on the street. Nobody here knew her, and she was able to walk down the street without the fuss that would have happened back home.

Still, much more interesting was the way her sister stared at the duke Eldric. Even Ren, who had still to know such feelings herself, could guess what she was looking at.

But, it looked like the duke did not look at her sister the same way. It was quite different from the way he looked at his redheaded servant girl. It was more like, how she would look at a cute, small animal.

Well, there wasn't much that she could do to help that. It would probably change in time, right?

That red headed girl, she was quite pretty. Even the empress had to admit that. Well, once they got back home, she would ask her advisors about it.

'What should they do to grow into a shape that was alluring to men?' ~Something like that

And so...

It was seen as the normal worry of a growing young woman, and thus, the court sages saw upon it seriously. and began research into it.

Raising their young empress into a peerless beauty.

Well, of course, the fact that the duke was willing to help them raise their levels was helpful, according to what he explained, but doubtlessly,. a "high appearance score" could mean a lot of things.

It could mean they could be impressive in any number of ways. They could be alluring, intimidating, scary...


Mako is still a cut small animal currently. Hard to look at her as anything but that, until puberty hits her.

Probably hit her hard.
Ren got her researcher to look into making her prettier.
she will always be adorable !
what else would a 12-14 year old girl do with limitless wealth and manpower do?
start up orphanages for slave kids or invent new items to advance the improvement of life.
If you go blind King, couldn't you use a text to speech on your computer? I once played pathfinder with an almost completely blind person and his phone spoke whatever was on the screen out loud. He also rode a bicycle through the city, I'm not sure how he could manage that.

Some blind people teach themselves Echolocation and do it so well, they can do all sorts of active sports.

Takes a lot of training to master of course.
only on life+ you only do that shit on round two.
File: delicious beach Ren.jpg (916 KB, 1400x2000)
916 KB
916 KB JPG

Well, the general answer was that the empress and the princess would doubtlessly grow into fine beauties. They just needed time.

Of course, Ren wanted a way to help her sister now.

"Instead of looking at a way to change your outward appearance, perhaps you should look for a way to change let the beauty of your inner self shine forth?"

This was the advice of an elder advisor.

The young empress considered it.

[How do I...?]

"What do men want from a woman?" ~she wondered out loud during her bath

"I am so glad you asked" ~said one of the shadows.

It was Ami, one of the shadows that had been guarding her sister before now.

And thus, Ami sat with Mako and Ren to give them a talk about what men want.

This went on over the weekend, and when Eldric went to pick them up on monday...

File: 1381858905293.jpg (172 KB, 1280x497)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
this is gonna be good.
File: 1372319146588.gif (1.43 MB, 640x360)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
Don't do it king....DON'T YOU DARE RUIN OUR CUTE MAKO!
File: Dis Gon Be Good.gif (1014 KB, 420x236)
1014 KB
1014 KB GIF
think about its not ruining if the attempt its self is cute.

I wonder what the rest of Ren's advisers think of Eldric.

He did bring back Mako, forcefully removed the evil minister, returned the family heirlooms and finally gave Ren her freedom of action back.

But he is from the barbaric east, the former colonies. But his family is basically the rulers of one of those colonies also, one of the ones that does have a bit of trade.

He is recognized as a Duke by the Empress also. As expected of high nobility he controls a part of the production of one of the most important items, the new airships. The General was impressed by them and ordered them immediately to make internal troop transport easier.

I imagine that they are conflicted if he is a good match for the Empress's sister.
File: Mako Tsun.jpg (48 KB, 375x523)
48 KB
Peaches grow on trees, right? Im not sure if peach = damasco (spanish), but if it is, then they do

And thus, armed with Ami's information on what Eldric likes, they wait for him on that monday morning.

The portal opens with a quiet humm, as usual, next to the peaches tree in the palace's inner garden.

"Good morning your hi..ghn.. what are you wearing?" ~Eldric just stares in confusion

Mako is wearing a traditional western dancing outfit, which includes a pair of many layered silk pants, with a bright and flowing matching jacket, with colorful laces hanging from Mako's wrists.

It looks as if a rainbow had puked all over a burka.

You can just barely see Mako's eyes under all that clothing.

Eldric's likes #1~ he likes girls in dancer clothes

"It's a traditional western dancing outfit!" ~says Mako loudly. The fact she's so hidden under so many layers of clothes actually encourages the usually timid girl.
"It's... cute" ~says Eldric as he makes a complicated expression

Noone can tell, but Mako is smiling happily under all that.

"Uhmm... will you change or are you coming to school like that... did you lose a bet?"
"No?" ~Mako says, slightly confused
"Ah, please change into your school uniform."

Somewhat later, they are sitting in the garden of the university during lunch break, when Mako asks for Ami's help, reaching into her item box and pulling out a dozen or so still hot kebabs.

Eldric's like #2 ~ he likes kebabs

"Oh, you brought a very interesting lunch today" ~says Eldric as he receives one from Mako
"Do you like it?" ~asks the little princess
"Yes, thank you"

Mako smiles radiantly

Later still, Mako gifts Eldric with a small cat and dog sculpture she made using metal magic.

Eldric Likes #3 ~ he likes cats and dogs

"Thank you"

Mako's smile is still brighter, and when Eldric gently smooches her on the forehead, she can't stop smiling until she gets home later that day.

peaches do in fact grow on trees i had one.
peaches come from a can

File: delicious beach mako.jpg (770 KB, 1400x2000)
770 KB
770 KB JPG
>peaches come from a can
that's a truly classic ero doujin


Later that night, as Mako and Ren are sleeping, the shadows are having a meeting on the roof.

"You know, I don't think that was quite the effect the empress was looking for"
"B-but I am certain that duke Eldric likes girls with dancer clothes, kebabs, cats and dogs!" ~says Ami
"You know, I think the idea was to change the way she acts, not buy his love with clothes and gifts..."
"Got it! I'll put more effort into it!"

The next monday, after another weekend-long talk

"Eldric, we made an orphanage!"

Things Eldric Like #4 ~ he likes helping orphans

"Uhm? but, didin't orphans in your country already get adopted by the monasteries?"
"Yes, but, now they can study law and come into the government when they grow up, instead of joining the church or the workers"

[So... now we have bureaucrats that were literally raised for the job? is this... good, or bad?]

Eldric is confused.
Eldric trips and hits the floor
He hurts himself in his confusion!

"Ah.. I guess that's a good thing? depending on how you educate them"

A bit later, as they play chess in the clubroom, Ami loudly declares her lose to Mako.

Things Eldric likes #2 ~ he likes smart girls

"The princess is too smart. Truly, truly smart!"

Mako looks towards Eldric
The duke has a smile on his face, but his eyes look like they don't know what to do

"Ami..." ~she says softly
"Yes, my princess?"
"I don't think this is working..."
"Hmm... please wait here for a moment."

Ami goes over to Eldric, and asks him something, then comes back

"The duke says that he likes you a lot"

Mako blushes into completely new shades of red, and covers her face with both hands.

Things Eldric likes ~ Eldric likes his dear Mako a lot

When she runs away due to embarrasment, he runs after her, hugs her, and pats her head gently to calm her down.

The little princess enjoys the hug, but its still blushing brightly until she goes back home.

File: mako 001.gif (787 KB, 240x320)
787 KB
787 KB GIF

"Ami, please come here" ~says Ren
"Yes, my empress?"

Ren whacks Ami on the head with the edge of her hand. Of course, its a very gentle blow

"Don't do that again"
"A-ah! no, my empress!"
"Still, that looked fun"
"What was it, my empress?"
"Making Mako blush"

Ami could feel something strangely dangerous stirring inside her empress.

This was the day the tiny empress got a taste of how fun it was to make Mako blush.

***Mako and Ren Omake. End***

Of course, this is Ren's slightly sadistic side coming out in a fun way
ohh boy sadistic Ren
File: mako.jpg (92 KB, 866x1280)
92 KB
lots of "fufufuf" and "ara ara" in the future

Well, I guess that's enough Omakes for today? i took a lot of breaks to rest my eyes, but I think it worked out okay.
ohh boy "ara ara" in bound

well this is a good point to stop if you want.
File: dancer mako.png (378 KB, 640x697)
378 KB
378 KB PNG

Of course, the most obvious jokes and tropes would be Ren pretending to be Mako to incite Eldric, no?
thanks it was great

They are sisters, but shaped in different ways. Mako was chased out of home and depressed and then spent relatively happy time in magic school, with her friends. She however missed out on etiquette training. That shows because she does not always act like a proper princess now. She was corrupted by Mai, Ami along with Eldric and his family.

Ren had no real friends. The closest ones would be her shadows but even then since she was the Empress they had to be more formal. She had a few others around she could somewhat trust, but no doubt the Palace when the minister was around was making sure to keep her isolated.

Now she has a chance to really branch out. She is more open around people compared to the very shy Mako now.

She also knows how to act like an Empress now.

>Of course, the most obvious jokes and tropes would be Ren pretending to be Mako to incite Eldric, no?

I think Ren could pull off Mako for a bit, before she threw it off. I think Mako in reverse could not do it as well, since she does not have as much training in the Palace.
only if eldric figures it out and lead Ren on that would be funnier.
File: delicious dancing mako.jpg (126 KB, 640x800)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
And of course, after a point, Ren actually acts a LOT like Mako. ie she gets super embarrased

Captcha: Ncest

really captcha?
of course it will be great.

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