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    File :1234360574.jpg-(268 KB, 1024x768, Qwaar_Jet_In_Nebula_by_Enterprise_E.jpg)
    268 KB 6GET Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)08:56 No.3679875  
    Previous thread

    Story so far:
    Kiith Somtaaw= badass
    no gundams allowed, omega boost and maccross is fine
    it is the best spae sim, thus all series must have a homeworld 2 mod
    we hope homeworld 3 is good
    they have tanks, but the tanks hover and MISSILE SPAM and EWS
    A show would be cool, but not from a pilot perspective
    We need to make a RP system

    For those who have joined us recently, it all started with a thread about Kushanii Mothership emerged in the WH40k galaxy and was hell bent on taking over Terra. We discussed it's chances of survival and how would they interact with other races.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)08:57 No.3679884
    I just hope we don't include any of the retarded fanfic "extended universe" shit from the PDS mod. Man, their RP forum is insane.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)09:04 No.3679909
    This is still on going?

    There are time when I love you, /tg/. This is one of them.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:05 No.3679915
    ...and good OP of every thread is screencaping them for future generations
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:06 No.3679920
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:06 No.3679922
    oh god another one man?

    i cant think of anything else to talk about!
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:08 No.3679930
    I think we should talk about The Beast some more, and how god damn freaky it is
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:08 No.3679932

    We better start statting shit, then. For instance, how about adapting the Star Wars Saga Edition system for running a HW RPG? With various statline profiles for the different kiith/factions?
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)09:08 No.3679933

    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:08 No.3679934
    at least we broke /tg/ record
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)09:09 No.3679936

    I'm going to say a big yes to this.

    God damn. I don't even play Star Wars and I want to try it.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:09 No.3679938
    At first glance I thought the OP was the Pillar of Autumn.

    Then I realized it was a ship that wasn't just a fat target.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:10 No.3679943
    I already imagine the drama and BAWWWWWing about Somtaaw being overpowered.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:11 No.3679948
    The PoA was surprisingly badass for an obsolete ship.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:11 No.3679949

    Soomtaw: counts as Wookies.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:11 No.3679950
    The beast = terrasque?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:13 No.3679960
    Kuun-Lan parts! We want beacon brain! Give us data or we take data with your parts!"
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:21 No.3680007
         File :1234362089.gif-(26 KB, 250x150, message_pod1.gif)
    26 KB
    Funnily enough the fan made HW wiki mentions the 'nids in it's article:

    Another resemblance is to the Tyranids from the Warhammer 40,000 mythos, shown in the quote: "You are what all life is to us - food!"

    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:52 No.3680142
    So if I'm after a Homeworld fix after finishing all the games where should I go next?

    a) Haegemonia: Legions of Iron
    b) Sins of a Solar Empire
    c) Something else
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:53 No.3680149
    Sins of a Solar Empire

    Hegemonia was lame
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:55 No.3680159
    Anything but O.R.B.
    After playing HW, I found that to be a disappointment.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)09:58 No.3680179
    If we're talking HW2, what is a good way of winning a Hiigaran vs Hiigaran matchup?

    I've tried the following:

    2xCollector from Mothership and Carrier, move Carrier to expansion point.
    Build fighter facilities simultaneously, queue Research Module at Mothership.
    Build 7x Interceptor at Mothership and Carrier, rush enemy resource collectors and destroy any early frigates/bombers they put out.
    Build Frigate/Corvette facilities, one at Mothership one at Carrier. Queue Advanced Research Module..
    Build 7x Torpedo Frigate and 10x Pulsar Gunship, research Advanced Torpedoes.
    Keep destroying enemy resource collectors, tech to Destroyers as soon as you have the economic advantage.

    This works UNLESS the enemy gets a Destroyer or too many Frigates out first. The minute you fall a tier behind, you die.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)10:04 No.3680233
    You've got too many anti-corvette ships.
    Torpedo frigates are good, but don't build Pulsars unless you're dealing with other corvettes. Build Bombers instead for anti-capital.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)10:07 No.3680258

    Some of O.R.B.'s back story was pretty interesting.

    I rather liked the "WAR WITH ALL" faction. Interesting ship design.

    But yeah, it was kind of a let down after Homeworld.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)10:09 No.3680266
    EVERYTHING was a letdown after Homeworld.

    ...of course except HW: Cataclysm. FUCK YEAH SOMTAAW
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)10:09 No.3680267
    This seems a good idea.

    So once the Interceptor rush is done and dusted, instead of going Pulsars build perhaps a mix of Gunships and Bombers (Gunships to take out enemy bombers - my initial 14 Interceptors are sacrificed to take out Collectors.)

    Also, I'm thinking build the Frigate module at my Carrier, so the slower ships have less distance to go and I can keep building Torp frigates when I'm building destroyers (or just PUT A MODULE ON YOUR MODULE SO YOU CAN BUILD WHILE YOU BUILD.)
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)10:12 No.3680286
    Don't get me wrong, the story wasn't that bad.

    But the implementation...
    Only way to get resources is from the mining bases on the asteroids, and those had a limited amount of resources. A very limited amount.

    You had to rush them in order to secure them before your opponent, but if you rushed too fast, you'd end up losing them to a swarm of enemy ships.

    And then of course there was the researching..
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)10:25 No.3680366

    Nah bro, T-Mat's are the 'Nids of the HW galaxy.

    "T-Mat: An ancient race of technologically advanced nomads who travel about the galaxy completely stripping star systems of all usable matter, energy, and biomass to sustatin their considerable consumptive needs. Though not overtly belligerent, the ruthlessness of T-Mat resource consumption, and their uncaring attitude towards the devastating effects of their practices, has resulted in their being feared throughout the galaxy. The appearance of a T-Mat mothership is ones space is rarely a good omen."

    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)10:27 No.3680389
    They obviously didn't have Siege Cannons back there
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)10:28 No.3680399
         File :1234366128.png-(10 KB, 799x252, nom.png)
    10 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)11:18 No.3680684
    So, can someone whip up a master list of all the characters for the series we have come up with in these last holy-god-did-we-really-make-six threads?
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)11:19 No.3680691

    I am likewise interested in this.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)11:23 No.3680719

    Also, for those interested, I could do a Warrior Kiith list for 40K.

    It'd be a couple of troops, some tanks, and some skimmers, though.

    A Somtaaw Siege Engine would have to be included in it somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)11:25 No.3680738

    Honestly, we don't know enough for it to be a legit homeworld ground army.

    Battlefleet gothic, on the other hand...
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)11:30 No.3680772

    Oh my god, if you walked into a game and slapped down a good looking Kushan Mothership, one or two people would rage and everyone else there would lift you up onto their shoulders and proclaim you their king.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)11:30 No.3680773
    I have no stregth to do it now, but here you go, all the threads.

    We DID make it SIX threads. Is this a new record o what?
    >> WE 02/11/09(Wed)11:31 No.3680781
         File :1234369882.jpg-(45 KB, 640x480, UnarmedMerchantVessel.jpg)
    45 KB
    Awesome Thread No 6 FTW!

    OP you forgot to mention the Delicious Flat Decks from the past thread, just a reminder.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)11:32 No.3680789

    I don't see how it can not be a record, at least for the amount of time, and certainly for the amount of time with actually continued discussion, not just on the same topic.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)11:32 No.3680793

    Not Familiar with the Gothic system, unfortunately. I really should download VASSAL and try it out with a couple of opponents.

    There are things we COULD do with simple soldiers. Perhaps something similar to the Kae Moda...

    ...Dear Jesus. What if the Kae Moda are related to the Homeworld series? It would fit in with the aesthetic, ot to mention the need to block out the Warp, the various drones and platforms...

    It might just work.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)11:40 No.3680835
    Well, it's been over 27 hours since the begining. I hope this sixpack will achieve legendary status and will be remembered forever (which means couple of weeks)
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)11:44 No.3680867
    >Kushanii Mothership
    >emerged in the WH40k galaxy
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)11:45 No.3680873
    I'm going for seven.

    Damn, now I want to write some fanfiction about a Sobani armada.
    >> Salamanders Fanboi !!5UlGlkaxBkH 02/11/09(Wed)11:45 No.3680878
    > Kae Moda

    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)11:46 No.3680882

    It's just discussion. Nothing set in stone just yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)11:50 No.3680920
    I note there was Rule 34 mentioned. Where is it? I must have delicious porn.
    >> WE 02/11/09(Wed)11:51 No.3680924
         File :1234371066.jpg-(279 KB, 584x876, RealODST.jpg)
    279 KB

    Everything is intermixed, thats Awesome and Scary at the same time...
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)11:51 No.3680930

    There is ALWAYS a way to fix things.

    After looking at the codex, I've been meaning to dump some ideas into the guys lap that I've been mulling over. The idea that the Kae Moda are actually a rogue Kiith just sounds like a better idea.

    Perhaps a Kushan Exploratory Vessel crashed into the ship. it would help explain some of the weaponry and mechanics, not to mention the idea that they've managed to hold their own so long.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)12:00 No.3681013
    We're out of things to talk about already!?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)12:05 No.3681058
    The hell do you mean "already"? Six threads not enough for you?
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)12:06 No.3681063
    How about we continue this discussion of the Kae Moda as a Kiith at a later time? Perhaps later tonight?
    >> WE 02/11/09(Wed)12:10 No.3681088
         File :1234372214.jpg-(22 KB, 598x366, IllyrianSteelLegionTrooper.jpg)
    22 KB

    Got my vote.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)12:10 No.3681094

    Sounds good to me. I'll try and cobble something of worth together.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)12:12 No.3681112
    A. hegemonia

    sins of a solar empire was lame
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)12:14 No.3681123

    Hey! I call shenanigans. The PoA was one of the smallest ships in the UNS fleet.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)12:18 No.3681156

    From the outside, maybe.
    If the level layout is anything to go on, though, it's got some sorta Ship of Holding-ness going on..
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)12:20 No.3681167

    Actually, the PoA was refitted between the Fall of Reach and the events of Halo 1. The MAC Gun was exchanged for a larger version, and extra armor was put into place. It followed the Protocol ( I forget the name ) that said you had to place a random Slip jump point before returning to UNSC space.


    Hegemonia seemed like Galactic Civ for my taste. Sins at least had the fuck awesome ship battles.

    Also, while I'm adding to this thread, I'll ask.

    I'm toying with the idea that the Kae Moda were actually a Vassal Kiith to one of the 8 important Kiith's on Kharak. The three I've chosen are the Soban (Military), the Nabaal (Engineering and Science division) or the Gaalsien (the Historians and Artificers).

    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)12:22 No.3681181
    I remember reading the first thread yesterday

    How the FUCK is this still going
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)12:26 No.3681194

    The wealth of background information and the general consensus that Homeworld was awesome. Oh, and the thousands of ideas and theories that we've been throwing around. Not to mention some pretty fuck win ship designs, discussions on weapons, statistics, the idea of turning out a Kushan, Taiidan, and various other factions into BFG, Star Wars RPG, and several other systems.

    I'm actually surprised that this hasn't gone well into 8 or 9 threads.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)12:26 No.3681197

    Gaalsien were fanatically religious, weren't they?

    I always figured the Manaan or the S'jet were historians and such, not the Gaalsien.

    Besides, the Gaalsien were 'supposedly' all dead by the time the Mothership launched.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)12:28 No.3681210

    Going from the Wiki:

    Kiith Gaalsien is one of the oldest of the Kiithid, with some of the oldest documents on Kharak bearing the Kiith's emblem. They are also one of the three main religious Kiith (the others being Ferriil and Somtaaw). Early in Kharakid history, the Gaalsien were a powerful spiritual and political force. Fanatically religious, the Gaalsien are the remnants of a great holy war between the Gaalsien, who believed that they were cast down onto Kharak by the gods as punishment, and the Siidim, who believed that the Kharaki were originally from Kharak and it was all they could hope for. The ensuing war, known as the Heresy Wars, nearly wiped out the Siidim and the Gaalsien, as well as most of Kharak's infrastructure. Only the intervention of the technophile Kiith Nabaal put an end to the Heresy Wars, and the Gaalsien time of dominance on Kharak. After the war, the Gaalsien leaders destroyed their holy city of Saju-ka (similar in their religion to Jerusaleum) believing it to be the only way to save Kharak. After this madness, the Gaalsien became an outlawed Kiith, and their numbers dwindled. Several acts of sabotage during the Mothership's construction were attributed to Gaalsien (or Gaalsien-inspired) individuals. Though Kharak was destroyed, it is possible that some Gaalsien sympathizers made it aboard the Mothership and carry on the old Gaalsien ways in secret on Hiigara.

    Perhaps the second generation of Exiles?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)12:30 No.3681232
    Homeworld is that awesome, I think.

    I've been wondering about the Beast. What prevents them from bombarding the shit out of a planet with Subversion Torpedoes, subverting it to make more Beast entities?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)12:34 No.3681263
    Six Homeworld threads?
    Must be a new record. Note the lack of trolling in said threads, Jesus Christ.
    Fuck, I love /tg/
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)12:36 No.3681277

    Perhaps it can only hold together in space? I'm actually watching a youtube run of Cataclysm (Currently waiting for Mu torrent to HURRY THE FUCK UP), and it suggests that the Beast was on a Taiidan Imperial planet.

    I've gotten that far into the run, and whether or not the Beast itself was affected in an atmosphere remains to be seen.

    As for the idea of the re-emergance of the Gaalsien? I'm going from the idea that the Age of S'jet had caused a schism between the Kiithiad.

    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)13:00 No.3681462
    >Though Kharak was destroyed, it is possible that some Gaalsien sympathizers made it aboard the Mothership and carry on the old Gaalsien ways in secret on Hiigara.

    There's your opening. You mentioned it yourself earlier in your excerpt from the HW wiki.
    I say go for it.

    The individual kiithid need more attention anyways.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)13:04 No.3681483

    Done. I'll work with the idea that the Gaalsien survivors became agents of dissent in the Age of S'jet, thus triggering a second Exile.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)13:17 No.3681577

    Now that I think about it, the Gaalsien would be excellent candidates for the being the Kae Moda.

    As >>3681462 put it:

    >Though Kharak was destroyed, it is possible that some Gaalsien sympathizers made it aboard the Mothership and carry on the old Gaalsien ways in secret on Hiigara

    A possible 'What if' scenario emerges where they're religious beliefs shifted to regard the S'jet as an actual deity. This fanaticism spread between some smaller Kiith vassals, harbored within the larger Kiithiad of the Somtaaw, Soban, and Nabaal until those in charge of the religion were discovered. Those who were caught were gathered together and sent away on a second Exile. It would explain the devotion that the Kae Moda have to their cause, and the supporters from the other Kiithiad who were banished (Nabaal technologies, Soban warriors, and Somtaaw resource capabilities).

    We have to remember that the Major Kiithiad actually possessed many vassal Kiithiad. It's entirely possible that the Gaalsien renegades managed to subvert some of these vassals to their ideals.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)13:31 No.3681659
    The Beast subverts organic material to create a control interface for machines. Organic material itself is useless without a machine to control, and vice-versa.

    It's possible it may learn to do things differently had it survived.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)13:35 No.3681683
    True, but the Beast seems to be capable of more than just controlling machines.

    Take a look at the Beast Mothership. There, it's managed to warp the structure of the Kuun-Lan's lower decks into an entire ship to the extent that it barely resembles what it was originally.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)13:43 No.3681740
    6 threads, over 24 hours...we've blown Ruby Quest's record out of the water gentlemen...
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)13:44 No.3681755
    The S'jet were scientists, not historians. Historians and chroniclers were usually the religious, and their own interpretations of the exodus were very apt; it was punishment from the "Gods".
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)13:47 No.3681779
    You mean when only the furfags are still awake?

    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)13:56 No.3681839

    What I am suggesting is that, during their time under the wings of the other Kiithiad, they slowly moved from the old gods to regard Karan S'jet as an actual, living deity. This, combined with the dissent caused as the Age of S'jet as the Kiithiad slowly started bickering amongst themselves, allowed the Gaalsien to re- emerge as a major Kiith, attempting to gain control of the S'jet and the Sajuuk. This uprising caused a massive schism between the Kiithiad, as those who had infiltrated the other Kiithiad began to show their true colors.

    This sudden schism threatened all the Hiigarans had worked for. With Great Hyperspace Network now active, they couldn't just abandon them in their own galaxy. They could ally themselves to the Taiidan Imperials, the Vagyr Remnants, or the Turanic Raiders.

    My theory would have to include the possibility that the Progenitors not only left a Gate system within their own galaxy, but several or more links to other systems outside of what is now the Homeworld Galaxy. It is entirely possible that the Progenitors were travelling between the stars (The general idea that the original race was sending out seeds to help breathe life into the stars) and seeded many different galaxies. Thus, Hyperspace gates would have (in theory) been placed between hundreds of thousands of galaxies.

    How's that starting to sound?
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)13:59 No.3681873

    Then let's keep this going, shall we?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)14:08 No.3681956
    Like Deep Space Nine, not that that's a a bad thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)14:19 No.3682042
    As I see it, ht next game will have to deal with the return of the Progenitors or an excursion through the gates from another galaxy.
    >> WE 02/11/09(Wed)14:48 No.3682315
         File :1234381703.jpg-(6 KB, 142x200, DesertTrooper.jpg)
    6 KB

    At first, I did have reserves about using the Gaalsien but it now has legs to stand. Seriously, after reading the Kiith's stories (from the PCXL CD) and seeing how they fall from power to become rebels I was truly expecting a MASSIVE Kushan-vs-Kushan war mid-campaign in both games*, but it did not happened, at last not at the level I was expecting.

    Anyway keep it up, it seems like you are onto something.

    *Kiith Somtaaw is faaaar too Awesome to fall to petty Fanatical babble.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)14:54 No.3682372
    PC Accelerator...?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)14:54 No.3682385
    Wait, is PDS that super complicated warfare mod, or does this just add a bunch of ships?
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)14:56 No.3682403

    >*Kiith Somtaaw is faaaar too Awesome to fall to petty Fanatical babble.

    I'm not suggesting Somtaaw in general. I'm suggesting a Vassal Kiithiad UNDER Somtaaw and the others.

    A few Kiith names would be required for this. Remeber, just because the Main Eight Kiithiad are in charge, it doesn't mean that hundreds of smaller Kiithiad are completely under their control. Cataclysm shows that smaller Kiithiads forged out on their own. The Kuun-Lann was just one Kiith under the Somtaaw name. It's possible that they might have been a primary family, or that they were actually a separate Kiith altogether. I'm going for the former, but that doesn't mean that there aren't other Kiithiad out there that would be susceptible to Gaalsien agents.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)15:00 No.3682436
    Version 7 adds various new ships, streamlines the research/build tech tree and tweaks a LOT of shit. Puts missiles on almost everything, more different guns, two new factions, and so on. It's actually not so complicated, it just looks that way.

    Get it. Play it. Watch a Liir'hra do pihrouettes in fucking space.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)15:02 No.3682458
    Pretty sure Kiith Somtaaw are actually featured as a minor Kiithid in the original manual, but I'm not certain. In any case, I'd expect the new Hiigaran republic is more like a conglomerate of dominions under the various major Kiithid including outlying territories and all that. They're all still Hiigaran.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)15:08 No.3682512
    other galaxies you say?
    epic space games you say?

    i liked freespace almost as much as i like homeworld...
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)15:09 No.3682522
    They're mentioned once.
    Though, if a single mention in a manual is enough for an entire game focused around them, then perhaps we may see a HW game featuring the Frerrn Aggregate.

    After all, they had only a single mention in the Cataclysm manual..
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)15:11 No.3682538
         File :1234383089.jpg-(443 KB, 1280x960, Sheika__s_Pride_by_pdsVajra.jpg)
    443 KB
    You need a good reason to play PDS? Here it is.

    That's a remake of the old Taidaani HC, the most cash battleship EVER, and some other thing. All completely brand new scratch-built ships, model and all.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)15:17 No.3682594

    .....I want to know why that Taii cruiser has a couple of Vaygr frigates strapped to it..
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)15:19 No.3682609
         File :1234383543.jpg-(377 KB, 1600x1200, Lavi_II_by_pdsVajra.jpg)
    377 KB
    Good fucking question.

    Here, have another brand new ship, This one is covered in DRONES
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)15:21 No.3682638

    Going by the Wiki, the major Kiithiad are the following.

    Kiith S'jet (Science Division and the overall voice of Hiigara, Karan S'jet)
    Kiith Hraal/LiirHra (Originally a manufacturing kiith, Kiith Hraal combined themselves with Kiith Liir to create Kiith LiirHra, a space technologies manufacturing company. This change came in light of the Mothership construction.)
    Kiith Somtaaw (A mining Kiith, possibly gaining greater fame and notoriety after the Beast Wars)
    Kiith Gaalsien (A religious Kiith that was all but wiped out after the Heresy Wars between them and Kiith Siidim [They believed they were originally from Kharak, not put here as punishment from the ancient 'gods'])
    Kiith Manaan (The Entertainers Kiith. They are distrusted by many, seen as looters and murders on par with the Turanic Raiders, though no actual link has been made to them.)
    Kiith Nabaal (The Technophile Kiith. It is there technologies that are heavily featured in many Kiithiad ships, and it is this Kiith that helped to end the Heresy Wars)
    Kiith Paktu (Farming and Agriculture Kiith. Originally small, they flew from the Heresy Wars until the Nabaal helped to bring about peace.)
    Kiith Soban (A warriors Kiith. Many soldiers come from this Kiith.)

    Second post will explain the Kiith'sa taken from the Wiki.
    >> From the Wiki Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)15:23 No.3682644

    A kiith can be a specific nuclear family unit or can extend to hundreds of thousands of members. These kiith can be anything from loose family associations to powerful connections to leaders in the Daiamid, the ruling council of the kiithid.

    A basic hierarchy exists among the kiith, and in a greater system of the kiithid. While originally the kiith were ranked according to seniority or experience, with the advent of technology, kiith members are now ranked by wealth or personal influence. Organization within the kiith is such that there is a primary family that makes important decisions, with a second family that hears disputes and makes recommendations, and also the groups of lesser families that have sworn allegiance to the primary family. The primary family is known as the "Kiith-Sa".

    In ancient times, the kiith'sa could direct the entire kiith to war, and demand that all families dedicate their resources to specific projects or purposes. While the kiith'sa still enjoy some of that power, their disputes and decisions now rest on the use of public referenda to resolve internal disputes, and also the Great Daiamiid, the central council for all kiith on Kharak.

    While the kiith are not static by nature, it is considered a matter of grave consequence to change kiith ties or relations, especially among warring or adversarial kiith. While this situation changed much with the shift of power from the kiith to the family, it "takes little stress for any Kharakian to think of their family first and Kharak second."
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)15:29 No.3682704

    I like my ships like I like my women, covered in drones!
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)15:50 No.3682900
    So, lets start a whole new chain of discussion.

    If Homeworld was made into a series, who would you cast and in what role?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)15:52 No.3682933
    You know what, /tg/?

    If I ever get bored, and don't have anything better to do, then I'll stat everything from the first homeworld out in aerotech.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)16:05 No.3683033

    Too bad the Quaar-Jet Evolved heavy cruiser was taken out of the latest PDS because Tel'Quessir decided to throw another hissy fit.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)16:07 No.3683051

    If at all possible, the voice cast from the game should do Karen S'Jet, Fleet Intelligence, and the Bentusi. It would be cool if they stole some of the sound files and worked them into unimportent background com chatter during some of the fights as well.

    Unfortunetly, no one has posted a master list of characters yet, so other roles are hard to do.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)16:42 No.3683344
    >Unfortunetly, no one has posted a master list of characters yet, so other roles are hard to do.
    Well, we didn't all agree about the cast. From what I can rmemebre we had (except Karan, Fllet inteligence, etc)
    Bob Somtaaw, who's ona mining wessel, shoots Taiidani fighters with pistol through the air lock and genarally is Awesome Incarnate
    Plumber Joe that accidientaly got with the marines on a mission to capture a carrier, mission failed but the marines forgot about so he hides on that ship now. He's now killing off Taiidani crew one by one and using his plumber skills and Kushani ingenuity he builds himself a frigate.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)17:03 No.3683584
         File :1234389802.gif-(23 KB, 250x150, ghost1.gif)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)17:04 No.3683602
    John Somtaaw waited. The stars above him blinked and sparked out of the void. There were the Beast in the galaxy. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to Kiith-Sa were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
    John was a miner for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the resorce collectors and he said to dad "I want to be on the collectors daddy."
    Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY TEH BEAST"
    There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now near the space station of the Hiigaran Navy he knew there were the Beast.
    "This is Kiith-Sa" the radio crackered. "You must fight the The Beast!"
    So John gotted his Siege Cannon and blew up the infected space station.
    "HE GOING TO KILL US" said the Beast
    "I will shoot at him" said the Naggarok and he fired the Nomad Moon. John SiegeCannon'd at him and tried to blew him up. But then they got in the gravity well and they were trapped and not able to kill.
    "No! I must kill the the Beast" he shouted
    The radio said "No, John. You are the the Beast!"
    And then John was a Bentusi.
    >> 008 02/11/09(Wed)17:31 No.3683894
    "This is resource miner Somtaaw to fleet command"
    "This is fleet command, report? You're ship is off the scope."
    "Yeah, some god damn Tiidani bomber hit me, took out my resourcer, so I hopped in my space suit and blew out the bastard's cockpit window with my shotgun and now he's sucking vaccume."
    "Uh.. good job.. we'll send out a scout to pick you up right away."
    "Don't bother fleet, I'm on my wan under suit thrusters. Just calling in to let you know I'll be a few hours late because I'm dragging the remains of my resourcer, the Tiidani bomber and the 'roid I was resourcing with me. Somtaaw out."
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)17:42 No.3684018
    For the love of Sajuuk, drawfags, you have this epic character and you are doing nothing? DRAW HIM
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)17:44 No.3684039

    No one knows what he looks like! He is not a man, but a force.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)17:46 No.3684065
    And then, in Cataclysm, you command an entire fleet of those badass motherfuckers.
    Poor whoever stands in ther way.
    >> 008 02/11/09(Wed)18:00 No.3684219
    "Fleet Command, this is resourcer Somtaaw."
    "Resourcer, come in? Scopes say there's a Taiidani battleship right on top of you! Do you need assistance?"
    "Negative Fleet Command, situations under control. they thought they could sneak up on me so I crashed my resourcer through their bridge. I'm calling to let you know I'm now in control of the battleship and bringing it back and also to get me another resourcer ready, I ain't done wrestling with that 'roid out there."
    "Are there any hostiles on the enemy capship? Should we have marines standing by?"
    "Negative Fleet, I brought my knife with me. They ain't a problem anymore."
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)18:05 No.3684270
    That makes no sense. At all.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)18:27 No.3684481
    Damn, /tg/, I'm impressed and a little worried about you.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)18:33 No.3684554
    I think what needs to be remembered is that the Hiigarans are fucking insane and fanatical. They torture an entire frigate's crew to death just for answers, they burn a swathe of destruction across the universe while capturing ships and slaughtering their crews for technology and resources, they blow up a peaceful(as far as we see) research station just because it's in their goddamn way.

    The waking Mothership crew also probably get a bit fucked up from the whole Garden of Kadesh incident where they butcher their distant cousins over what is, essentially, a religious misunderstanding.

    Shit, read the background in the manual. The Hiigarans are fucking bonkers, Kiith Somtaaw is also crazy as hell, they open fire on Bentusi evacuation ships that overwhelm them technologically and numerically in a last-ditch attempt to save the universe, they see their own flesh and blood devoured by the Beast and turned into weapons against them.

    Every last fucking Hiigaran has massively traumatic pasts, especially everyone who came from Kharak: "Oh hey, you were asleep for a while, your homeworld's dead! Have fun with that one! Oh and you're now essentially a minority with few-to-no rights on your new home!"

    By this point, I'm pretty sure that no Hiigaran Kiith even cares about the concepts of "mercy" and they don't understand what this "fear" is that other races go on about.

    A show should be nothing but tactical combat and huge explosions, maybe following a few pilots and bridge crew and their rises in ranks, etc. Just to add in some cool one-liners.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)18:42 No.3684661
    >> They torture an entire frigate's crew to death just for answers

    Considering that was within hours of the burning of Kharak, I think it's understandable, and that the torture may have had more to do with revenge than what was strictly neccessary for intelligence.

    >>A show should be nothing but tactical combat and huge explosions, maybe following a few pilots and bridge crew and their rises in ranks, etc. Just to add in some cool one-liners.

    Sure, that is how it would be if you did just a direct conversion. But the journey to Higara has a lot of potential for personal stories along the way. Just the character of Karen S'jet alone would be interesting to explore. After all, what sort of person volunteers to become (what was meant to be) permenantly wired into a ship?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)19:04 No.3684851

    Yeeeeah, I know, but at the same time, it takes just a teensy bit of crazy to torture an entire crew to death. And even if it was just "temporary" insanity, that's still the sort of shit that's going to leave someone pretty fucked up in the head.

    And seriously, no, don't focus too much on the characters and their "stories." That way you end up with bullshit that's more about interpersonal drama than interstellar combat.

    One thing, though, HW2 should not be fucking canon, that game was a pile of shit. A big, messy pile of shit with practically no coherence. Half the time, your next objective was something that had never been mentioned before: "We need to go find the Oracle! Why? I'm sure there's some implied reason or something! Except it's never been brought up at any point! Hoo hoo hoo!"

    Also, are Hiigarans and Taiidani human? I mean, obviously not all the races involved are, and Karan is the only Hiigaran we get to see in any sort of detail.

    For one thing, I've noted that in just about every animatic where we see Hiigaran silhouettes: None of them seem to have hair. Could just be cultural, but seems a bit strange that, as far as I recall, it applies to all of them.

    Also Turanic Raiders? These guys are awesome. Fucking space pirates who never surrender. They're definitely not human, though, in one ship description it's mentioned that they're in "liquid membranes" inside their ships. Could just be for the sake of negating some of the effects of heavy acceleration, or it could be because the fuckers are some sort of crazy space-fish-men.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)19:11 No.3684896

    Somtaaw didn't start out as miners, though, they were basically these loner monks who guarded a temple path covered in shrines. If I remember right.

    Which is pretty bad-ass in itself.

    Also check out the translated names of the Kuun-Lan and Faal-Corum, pretty awesome, if I remember right. Same for their science vessel, though I forget its name right now.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)19:20 No.3684967

    From memory they're the names of shrines their clan once guarded. Not just any shrines, but the hardest-to-get-to on top of a fucking mountain like Everest kind of shrines. They had to close them because of the big religous war that was goin on. Soon after, they became a mining Kiith because their leader had a vision of Sajuuk driving a red sword into the earth in a remote mountain region, they searched it and found the richest vein of iron ore on Kharak. That's pretty much how it all started.
    >> WE 02/11/09(Wed)19:24 No.3685002
         File :1234398270.png-(156 KB, 351x255, R&Mhit.png)
    156 KB
    >>And then John was a Bentusi.

    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)19:29 No.3685043

    Wait... Sajuk himself was giving these guys orders?
    No wonder they are so awesome. The progenitors themselves thought they were worth guiding.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)19:35 No.3685100

    >HW2 should not be fucking canon

    It can be salvaged, actually. I've been mulling over the whole idea while I drove to class today.

    Only to be told that class was cancelled. (Fucking hell.)

    I'll go more into it once I've gotten some dinner. My head's a bit light and my blood sugar sucks.
    >> 008 02/11/09(Wed)19:40 No.3685158
         File :1234399227.jpg-(134 KB, 800x600, sajuukdig.jpg)
    134 KB
    >>their leader had a vision of Sajuuk driving a red sword into the earth in a remote mountain region
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)19:41 No.3685166

    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)19:47 No.3685217

    I think what he meant was that you could have a Homeworld series without it being 'just' space explosions. Obviously the fights would be a big part of it, but they can't be fighting all the time. If nothing else, they seem to be able to do stuff while in hyperspace.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)20:00 No.3685327

    I'm reading the entire Homeworld Synopsis right now, from Homeworld 1 to Cataclysm, to Homeworld 2.

    I will make Homeworld 2's canon somewhat decent. This, I promise.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:04 No.3685368
    I just have this horrid feeling that it'll turn into an animu. I don't need lovable goofs, love stories, children, and all those other anime conventions.

    The first series needs as few people as possible; the groundwork needs to be laid so that following series can build upon it with individual characters.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:09 No.3685400

    Well, the new BSG series is somewhat like this. Take out the Cylon subplot, and you have lots of drama on the side.

    I don't feel it would fit Homeworld though. This is a big step in the history of their race, the first use of the hyperdrive... And it led to their entire people being exterminated so casually. That said, subplots involving certain characters would be amazing. I really liked the idea of the one Resource Collector who sees lots of fighter pilots dying to protect them, tries to transfer over, but is rejected because he's one of the best.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:10 No.3685408
         File :1234401056.jpg-(6 KB, 240x240, trav.jpg)
    6 KB
    As far as an RPG for the game, the Traveller system might work well, as both Traveller and Homeworld took inspiration and style from old 70s Sci-Fi.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:11 No.3685415

    Animu? I was assuming a live action program of Battlestar Galactica quality in terms of props and effects.

    A lot of people would be less likely to take it seriously as an anime, and its not like Galactica hasn't proven that a series with that level of production can work.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:16 No.3685458

    Well, you wouldn't has AS MUCH drama on the side as Galactica, but you need some. You need to put a human face on the Kushan (excuse the possible pun). If a cryotray is blown up before they can recover it, the audience needs to feel the loss. When the Taidan blow up a destroyer, it has to have effects on the rest of the fleet out side of one less set of guns.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:18 No.3685483

    It's not that the Beast can't do anything about inorganic stuff. It's just that they can't infect anything unless there's organic material aboard to be transformed into biocircuitry. If it has the raw materials it can probably build things the same way ships with manufacturing facilities build things.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:20 No.3685497

    Oh I agree, I'm just saying we don't need the whole shitload of infighting and whatnot that BSG has. The Kushan people are united in this whole mess, so there's really no need to any drama in that department.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:29 No.3685578

    Fair enough. The closest thing to any infighting might be some who resist the idea of allying with the rebel Taidan, but it wouldn't be a major plot point, mainly a sense of general distrust throughout the fleet.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:34 No.3685635

    You two arnt actually disagreeing, you know.

    Anyway, the Kushan don't really have the time to be fighting each other. In Galactica, shit takes years and there is a lot of downtime. The Kushan pretty much go from fight to fight, stopping along the way only to repair, gather and build.

    So, a few character episodes here and there, but only in between the battle episodes, which have multiple episodes in each "battle arc".

    And they better have a writer that actually understands tactics and the rough ideas of space combat. You have three dimensions, use them!
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:34 No.3685636

    Maybe explain a lot of Kharak backstory while in Hyperspace? History lessons, bored soldiers debating whose Kiith could beat up whose Kiith, etc.

    I think the Kharak backstory would have a lot more room for character-specific shit than the actual rush to Hiigara. During the rush to Hiigara, you've got a few early pilots, Scouts and Interceptors, who eventually graduate to commanding Heavy Cruisers and shit. Also S'jet, some of the Bridge Crew and the Science Crew. No romance, no "loveable goofs."

    The Hiigarans are a driven, serious people with a fanatical devotion to what they give themselves over to. Seriously, have you seen a single joke in the entire series of the games? The Hiigarans don't have time for jokes, they have motherfuckers to kill for Sajuuk.

    Anyone who was "goofing" around while they were on theri way to Hiigara would probably spend the rest of the time in the mothership's brig, performing hull repairs in an unshielded spacesuit or flying suicide bombers.


    So basically, what I said, except with a ten times bigger dose of fucking bad-ass.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)20:39 No.3685676

    I would watch the shit out of that.

    I'm almost done the read through of the Kushan push for Hiigara. I'll move on to Cataclysm within the hour.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:39 No.3685687

    OH! idea:

    Do the lost thing. There is little time for character development on the battlefield, and some characters (especially S'jet) have little reason to start talking about their past.

    Explain things in flashbacks. Show, rather than tell. this also builds up a bigger emotional connection to Kharak, as you see it as a planet full of people. In the game, Kharak is a picture in the background and some fluff.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:43 No.3685731

    Play them up like Chinese culture, whose sense of humor doesn't include sarcasm (The Chinese instead focus on physical slapstick comedy). They have one, but it comes up rarely if it all, and never on duty.

    Remember, they can be foreign, but if the audience is to identify with them they need to be people, so we don't want them to be totally emotionless.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:45 No.3685747

    Well, everyone who is on the Mothership signed up for colonization duty, and would have been chosen for their skills. They are probably serious folks.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:47 No.3685773

    Any goofing should be done by the most fatalistic pilots.

    The background of the Kushan can be touched up immediately in the first episode. They just need to set up the premise of Kharak, why they're building a mothership, how all the Kiiths came together, and Karan's sacrifice. Throw in hints of religious and other terminology to hint at more.

    First episode should end with the hyperspace jump back. Second episode starts with a burning Kharak.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:49 No.3685796
    The first two episodes should take place entirely on Kharak, with no idea of the horrors ahead. The audience should get caught up in the momentum of first finding their origins and then building a giant ark to return home.

    Then the world burns.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:51 No.3685819

    Except they were doing the test jump then. Yeah, there were a lot of intended people aboard, but they weren't setting off yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:53 No.3685840

    This. There's no fuckhueg emotional impact if you just go 'oh, their world's now burning' in the second episode. Some setting up is required to get the audience involved enough to care.
    >> WE 02/11/09(Wed)20:55 No.3685854
    That First HW40k thread looked so Innocent back then...
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)20:57 No.3685870

    Or maybe a 2-3 episode miniseries?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)21:00 No.3685903
    First episode: Backstory, introduces characters, shows us the Mothership. Mothership online, make sure someone says something along the lines of "I'll see you when I get back." Ends with the first hyperspace jump, the ship is enveloped in the classic hyperspace rectangle, and credits roll.

    Episode 2: Starts with, somewhere, a lone beacon (Taidani) begins to beep. Unexplained for now.
    Get us a bit more introduced to certain crewmembers, make it clear that hyperspace is not instant. Pop out, find wreckage, rest of the episode is devoted to battle.
    Last five minutes of collecting enemy wreckage for analysis back home, jump.
    Kharak is burning...
    End episode.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)21:02 No.3685918

    If you want events to proceed that quickly, you need to introduce a lot of characters that look like they will be important to the series, but have them all be dead when they return.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)21:03 No.3685922

    And look what we've done with it?
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)21:07 No.3685956

    Did you miss the part where we tried to connect Kiith Gaalsien to the Kae Moda Codex?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)21:15 No.3686000

    Bitch, did you just post an apology on 4CHAN?
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)21:30 No.3686116

    I hear the delete button is in style these days.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)21:33 No.3686135
    What's the alternative? Lie down and die?
    No, you die on the line with a bang that's coming from your reactors going critical AFTER you RAMMED your ship into another ship's cuts to make HER REACTORS overload.

    That's the theme in Homeworld. Or did you forget that the Vaygr asshole died in the middle of A GALATIC SHITLOAD OF BLACK HOLES but sent WMDs to his neighbors just to get the last laugh?
    >> 008 02/11/09(Wed)21:56 No.3686306
    I would place the first half of the season on Kharak, time to show the culture, the people, what exactly is going on, history and kiithid conflict over ideals, but for the most part, looking towards a bright future of finding their past on the home world. Families loading into the cryotrays. Mid-season would be the first jump and the return to find Kharak burning, the ANGER and horror in bridge crew and fighter wing pilots. Then the battle to save the cryopods where even crippled resource collectors are slamming into those Taidani ships in suicide runs because the pilots know their families are dead. Then somber loading of the cryotrays, showing slashes of destruction in the pod racks where the enemy tried destroying the trays, families cut in half.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)22:01 No.3686342

    ....Manly Tears.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:13 No.3686451
    This is now officially how it would go. All other ideas are inferior.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:18 No.3686497
    You know, we will never get a series. But if we can find a dedicated writefag, we might get a novella.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:28 No.3686575

    Maybe some Kiith infighting and Kharakian backstory to pack up the action. I seem to recall a pretty fuck-epic stand-off between the fanatics who wanted to stop the first Kushan spaceflight stuff, and their high priests, who stepped atop the spaceport's gun turrets and preached peace to the crowd while it launched.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:32 No.3686600
         File :1234409570.jpg-(20 KB, 603x380, Big Boss.jpg)
    20 KB
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)22:35 No.3686621

    I just had a vision of a pilot docking with the Mothership - nearly crashing on entry as he rips out of the cockpit to inspect the cyrotrays, only to see that the one that his wife had been loaded on was horribly damaged, before he drops to his knees with a strangled cry. Ship-wide coms reports there is still more frigates out there, and before anyone can stop him, he's back in his fighter and making a suicide run on the damaged frigate...
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)22:37 No.3686639

    Kiith Gaalsien saw there imprisonment on Kharak as punishment from the gods. Kiith Siimdi thought they were born on Kharak.

    Then the Heresy wars occured, with the destruction of the Saju-ka Capitol of the Kiith Gaalsien.

    Nabaal steps forward and stops the madness.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:40 No.3686665

    So... an orbital scanner is what noticed the shipwreck in the dessert, right? We could include that standoff, but only if what they were protesting was the launch of that first probe/satellite, and soon after it discovers the wreck.

    It takes 40 years to come up with the Mothership plan, and construction takes another 60.
    Introduce Karen S'jet at a young age, and her parents are working on the Mothership project. The Mothership has been an important part of her life since she was born, and thats why she volunteers to be Fleet Command: to fulfill her parents dream.
    >> WE 02/11/09(Wed)22:45 No.3686726

    You Nailed It.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:47 No.3686742

    This similar to what you were thinking? (Taken from the Cataclysm Manual)
    >No one embodies the Kushan hatred of the Imperials more perfectly than the man known as Iifrit Tambuur'sa. Iifrit is the last living member of the Tambuur kiith, and for the past twelve years he has lived largely in the new Taiidan Republic. Tambuur'sa and his young wife, Dava, were the only members of Kiith Tambuur who made the Gold List, back on Kharak; both of them were chosen as Sleepers, and they were frozen side by side some months before the Mothership was launched. Unfortunatly, when the Taiidani burned Kharak, they also turned and opened fire on our cryogenic storage units; Dava Tambuur's life pod was one of many to be irreparably damaged by the Taiidani and she died in transit to Hiigara. When Iifrit Tambuur awoke from cold sleep, he found that he had lost not only his entire kiith, but his beloved wife as well. He declared Paaura on the Taiidan Imperium, and several Kushan survivors who sympathized with his cause became honorary members of Kiith Tambuur, in order to share in his "eternal vengance". Out of respect for the ancient vow of Paaura, Tambuur'sa and his people were granted the use of a small frigate, and he has since become one of the most famous bounty hunters in this quadrant of the galaxy, credited with collecting the heads of over 300 Imperial war criminals.

    Iifrit Tambuur, awesome? Yes, or no?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:48 No.3686743
    10 years to build scaffold. 10 years to build mothership.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:48 No.3686748

    What would make that even more epic: he aims himself at the frigate (which has already taken a lot of damage), holds down the trigger and flys right at it, planning on crashing... and the frigate blows up just before he gets there. His ship goes right through the wreckage and is scorched, taking some damage, but he survives, much to his despair. He can't bring himself to take his own life outside of combat, and promises to himself that he will do it next time.

    In between now and then, he enters the Mothership's holding cells, drags out a Taidani prisoner, and beats him to death. This is not an uncommon sight for the next 24 hours.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:50 No.3686760
    Ooooooh yeah, I was just about to mention that guy if someone else didn't.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:51 No.3686770
    I retired all of my fighters, then built 80 bomber, then kamikazed all of them to defeat you.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:51 No.3686777

    in the Homeworld opening video:

    "100 years ago, a satellite detected an object under the sands of the Great Desert.
    An expedition was sent.
    An ancient starship, buried in the sand. Deep inside the ruin was a single stone that would change the course of our history forever.
    On the stone was etched a galactic map
    and a single word more ancient than the clans themselves:
    Our home.

    The clans were united and a massive colony ship was designed.
    Construction would take 60 years.
    It would demand new technologies, new industries and new sacrifices.
    The greatest of these was made by the scientist Karan Sjet who herself permanently integrated into the colony ship as its living core.
    She is now Fleet Command.
    The promise of the Guidestone united the entire population.
    Every mind became focused on the true origin of our people ...
    ... every effort on the construction of the ship that would seek it out among the stars."

    So, one hundred years ago, construction would take 60 years. They took 40 years to come up with it.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:52 No.3686785

    One guy got past the barriers and prayed under the rockets until they ignited, incinerating him. He became a martyr for the cause.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:52 No.3686786
    Bit off, there.
    20 years just to build up the industries in order to start working on it.
    10 years to build the Scaffold.
    25 years to construct the actual Mothership.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:55 No.3686810
    food for thought

    Steampunk Homeworld
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:57 No.3686827
         File :1234411045.jpg-(21 KB, 450x450, nabaal.jpg)
    21 KB
    Someone say steampunk?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:58 No.3686840

    It's rather appropriate really, in a bad way. The religious Kiith who were against it said that to go through with the mothership etc was to bring ruin upon their entire race...and they were right. To an extent.

    Perhaps they were the only ones who remembered the terms of the defeat, thousands of years ago, albiet in a mythical form. To them, everyone who wanted to leave must have seemed insane.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:58 No.3686841

    So... would it be an airship? Or a naval vessel?

    If its a naval vessel, its not going to look like the Mothership AT ALL. Airship doesn't work much either, but it could if were are prepared to accept STEAMSCIENCE!
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:59 No.3686846
         File :1234411154.jpg-(33 KB, 600x600, Gaalsien.jpg)
    33 KB
    We'll get you next time, Kiith Nabaal!!!
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:59 No.3686847
    The part about this scene that will nail it is that we see this guy just kind of keeled over, sobbing his brains out, but it's all silent except for some kind of sad music- some kind of gregorian chant shit done by a single female singer or something.
    And then as the noise picks up again, and you can hear him crying and alarms going off, you can just barely hear a voice crackling over on his headset.
    "....repeat, there's still one out there. Looks damaged, but it looks like it's doing a last ditch run at the mothership!"
    Cue realization and determined charge back to the ship while onlookers watch him semi bewildered.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)22:59 No.3686850
    I stand corrected. I was just going off of memory. 20 years isn't epic enough anyways.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:01 No.3686864
    A thing worthy of mention: the Kushans had to stripmine the shit out of Kharak to make those things
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)23:02 No.3686867

    Okay, that's fucking awesome. See, that's the kind of Kiith building I'm talking about: We see a need for something, so we say fuck the rules and make a new Kiith.

    Fuck year.


    Better end would be to have him break down as the prisoner breathes his last. Just have him wailing and striking the corpse as several guards stand silently nearby, one of them even looking away as he reports the death of another prisoner.

    In the background, a gunshot can be heard.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:02 No.3686871

    Its pretty clear that their "we were punished by the gods" legend was a corrupted version of the original story, the original particulars lost after generation.

    That's why linking that standoff to the launch of the Kushan''s first satellite that detected the ship with the guidestone in it is so appropriate as a start to the series.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:02 No.3686875
    I'm in favor of steampunk for just about anything, but not Homeworld. I just can't see it.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:04 No.3686889
         File :1234411475.jpg-(79 KB, 999x979, Kiith Nabaal.jpg)
    79 KB
    Suck it down.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:04 No.3686890

    That thing freaked me out and intrigued me at the same time. I wonder who built it, for what prupose, and how it made it out there...just floating silently for who knows how long...
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)23:06 No.3686899

    Perhaps early history, with the Nabaal being the first to discover steam power and gunpowder.

    But with the advancement of technological progress thanks to the discovery of the ruins at in the great band of Desert? Simple powder weapons paled to the great mass driver rifles that were discovered.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:08 No.3686915

    The Homeworld galaxy is full of aliens. There's an entire galactic council of races we have never see in game (outside of a few seconds of incoming hyperspace signatures at the end of Homeworld 1).

    Homeworld always gave me the impression that the world was so much bigger than the Kushan could ever have guessed.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:14 No.3686956
    Kiith Soban was founded when a man demanded vengeance and his Kiith-Sa refused to take it. He ripped his clothes off (the robes were like tartans, patterns and colors indicated your Kiith) and he took it on himself to have his revenge.

    From that day on, anyone could join the Kiith Soban by tearing off your clothes and pledging allegiance. They took no territory, but became soldiers and mercenaries, unrivaled by any other in Kushan society.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)23:14 No.3686961

    The original design for the Vaygyr was pretty badass. Environmental suits, gas masks, and four fingered hands and feet.


    Th Oldest documents on Kharak had the markings of the Gaalsien on them. It's entirely possible that they misinterpreted their exile as a punishment.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:17 No.3686984
    Plz to has Cataclysm manual pdf?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:18 No.3686986
         File :1234412285.jpg-(12 KB, 300x437, mothership steampunk1.jpg)
    12 KB
    shitty attempt 1
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:18 No.3686991
         File :1234412332.jpg-(23 KB, 700x437, mothership steampunk2.jpg)
    23 KB
    shitty attempt 2
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:18 No.3686992
    They retconned it with HW 2.

    "It was inferred in some production documents that Sajuuk was the name of a progenitor, who (in his dispair), hid his namesake ship after seeding the crew across the universe."


    Given that all the races of the galaxy speak the same language and generally worship the same deity, this only corroborates that the galaxy is all or mostly human.

    I think the Vaygr were changed into space vikings too.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:22 No.3687023
    scratch that last bit, that's only in fanfic.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)23:23 No.3687027

    This is why I'm going over the fluff and saying "Well, fuck the retcon, let's try and make it so that they thing's still important without all of the ALLAH ACKBAR crap attached to it'.

    Until the Kiith Gaalsien re-emerges, that is.
    >> 008 02/11/09(Wed)23:23 No.3687031
    Fleet intelligence had informed her of their enemy's name. The Taiidani and their Emperor Riesstiu IV. Karan glared out into the blackness of space, the sensors and telescopes built into the ship that was now her real eyes seeing far more then her body's eyes could: the burning of her world behind her, the remains of the space dock, the remains of her people. Karan quietly whispered to herself.
    "Hear me Taiidani Emperor.. we're coming for you. We're coming for all of you. There will be no mercy."

    From across the lightyears, a pair of eyes looked back, an ancient voice answered back.
    "You've forgotten your place, Exiles, I will have to remind you of it once again."
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:27 No.3687049
    Homeworld 2 sucked so much balls. Seems like every other line was AND THE PROPHECY SPAKE UNTOLD EONS AGO WITH PERFECT ACCURACY...
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:27 No.3687055
    Emperor Riesstiu IV the Second, a mad clone of a psycho who had his entire bloodline killed and himself cloned to succeed himself.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:29 No.3687065

    One thing. The Taidaani Emperor obviously blasts Karan with some sort of psychic attack before the final battle for Hiigara, and in at least one piece of official fluff, there are mentions of "psy-techs" piecing a traumatized pilot's brain back together.

    Does this mean some Hiigarans are psionics?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:30 No.3687078
    So? Beats fighting a war over nothin'.
    >> Taneru 02/11/09(Wed)23:31 No.3687083
    I suppose this is the time to post some of my own writings.

    The gunnery officer frowned, glancing up at the captain with a look of confusion on his face.

    "Sir, we are well within range. Should we not launch?"

    For a minute, Taleros simply stood there, staring out at the obscure desert world that had been condemned to death, simply because they had violated a treaty so ancient that none but the Imperial bureaucrats and the Emperor himself even knew it existed. Was this truly the right decision? Did this planet's inhabitants really deserve this? Millions of aliens, sentenced to death in the most horrific way imaginable, simply for daring to reach for the stars?

    Another minute crawled by as Taleros struggled with his emotions. The orders came from Emperor Riesstiu IV himself. Were he to disobey them, it would not only be the end of his career in the Imperial Navy, but likely his life as well. No, this lonesome world, this...Kharak did not deserve this fate... But orders were orders.


    Taleros sighed and dropped down into his chair. He hardly moved his eyes away from the screen and the doomed planet as he gave the order, a heavy weight settling on his heart as he did so. The Emperor would be pleased, yes, but Taleros knew deep inside that history would mark him only as a murderer of millions.
    "Commence surface delivery."
    >> 008 02/11/09(Wed)23:34 No.3687096
    Makes me wonder though, why would the Taiidani follow an emperor who's psychobonkers for so long unless they themselves, as a people, were just as crazy or had an unshakable absolute devotion.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:34 No.3687101
    citation needed

    The Vagyr showed up to fuck shit up, and suddenly the Kushan were tooling around to these ancient treasure troves that for some reason they only just now found, oh, and the regular normal hyperdrive that they found in the desert that they used to build their new hyperdrive was suddenly actually the ultimate artifact of unimaginable power that they somehow managed to smuggle as they were broken, stripped, enslaved, and thrown into the wilds of space.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:36 No.3687107

    Just as planned?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:38 No.3687119

    It's from Cataclysm, the manual maybe...lemme see if I can find it. A survivor of the beast from memory.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:38 No.3687120
    No, not just as planned. This is not 40k, where the more retarded it is, the better it is. When Fleet Intelligence considers The Ancient Prophecy From Beyond Time Immemorial to have as much weight as the latest scans, its lost something.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:39 No.3687129
    Hell, scan the manual. If its anything like the Homeworld manual there will be collective jizzing.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:41 No.3687142

    Hmmmm, could be. It might, however, require cybernetics in order to amplify it to anything approaching useful levels.

    Certain psychic individuals in Kharaks past could explain their religious devotion. You'd be surprised the sort of following you get when you ACTUALLY CAN PERFORM MIRACLES WITH YOUR BRAIN. Probably minor miracles of a fairly narrow range, but still.

    The Taidan must have psychics/psionic technology, for the aforementioned psychic attack on Karen S'jet. Which, by the way, pissed me the fuck off when I played.

    So, who else here went into the final battle with a retardedly large amount of salvaged ion frigates?
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:47 No.3687184

    Okay, under the entry for the Beast 'Cruise Missile', I quote:

    "Eventually a lone escape pod was found with one alive but nearly insane Manaani bridge officer aboard. When an psi-tech was finally able to piece her psyche back together again, the mystery was finally solved."

    That's the relevent passage.

    Basically she was a lone survivor from a group of Ion Beam frigates that got swarmed by the bastards. She was from the lone frigate of the group that managed to destroy the missle gunning for it. The ship was in turn cut to pieces by the infected beast frigates. The captain shoved her into an escape pod with battle telemetry just as the ship was being overwhelmed.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:49 No.3687200

    Ack, I wish I could, but I don't have a scanner.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:51 No.3687210


    "Eventually a lone escape pod was found with one alive-but-nearly-insane Manaani bridge officer aboard. When an psi-tech was finally able to piece her psyche back together again, the mystery was finally solved."

    And pretty much all this shit is quoted straight from the manual.
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)23:51 No.3687212

    Let's address that then, shall we?

    The Hyperspace core that was found on your world was based off of an ancient design. Perhaps it was Progenitor Relic, perhaps not. the signifigance doesn't come until the Vaygyr start making claims that the messiah has come: The Sajuuk-Kar.

    He claims that the Hyperspace cores are the key to unlocking the Sajuuk, a guiding key to the progenitors and their secrets.

    As Vaygyr raids increase, the pressure from the Galactic council mounts until the Hiigarans are once again forced into a war of attrition. The Vaygyr have spread quickly taking in Taiidan Imperial fleets and Turanic Raiders amongst their ranks.

    The Bentusi are, as usual, the mediators in all this.
    >> 008 02/11/09(Wed)23:52 No.3687217
    I agree, that's always bothered me about HW2. If you smear off the prophetic nonsense, you end up with a short escape, regroup, assault game that's pretty good. You also end up with a 1 hour game.

    The hyperspace cores never made any sense to me. Their big function is described as the "long jump" which is never used. I don't mind that the dreadnought and sajuuk are progenitor relics and that they were fighting over them, but that's not what the game should of been about. It should of been about two fanatical races fighting an all out fanatical war. Hiigarans and Vaygr.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:56 No.3687242

    I just want to know why there were only three cores, when it takes three to drive 1 Sajuk- class ship.

    And, if so, how far can Sajuk go? I mean, he has three hyperspace cores. Does that mean free hyperspacing between galaxies very fast forever or what?
    >> Eldrad, Actually The G Man !!srlFJqQzH9+ 02/11/09(Wed)23:59 No.3687270

    I'll get more into that later.

    Right now, as part of the "Cry like a little bitch" section thanks to the memories of Kharak's burning, I found this abomination on Youtube.


    God. Damn. Fucking. Spicanos. FUCK THEIR TECHNO WITH A RUSTY IRON FORK.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:59 No.3687273
    Nevermind that, if there are only 3 hyperdrives EVAR, then only the Motherships should have been able to go anywhere. Whereas in Cataclysm you had CARRIERS tooling around by their lonesome.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/09(Wed)23:59 No.3687278

    DO NOT go between galaxies.
    That's how you end up getting eaten by the Beast.

    I do NOT want to see a Beast infected Sajuuk. It would make my cry.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)00:03 No.3687305

    1: there is a difference between a hyperdrive and a hyperspace core. Its the difference between a +1 sword and a +5 keen vorpal sword.

    2: I think this thread is starting to autosage, and if it isn't right now it is damn close. Are we really going to make a new thread and go for seven?
    >> Taneru 02/12/09(Thu)00:03 No.3687315
         File :1234415037.gif-(31 KB, 250x150, siege_cannon1.gif)
    31 KB
    "Charging Siege Cannon now."
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)00:06 No.3687340
    pissed me off to no end
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)00:13 No.3687385
    well i dont think we can swing another one. Six threads and no trolling, that's something magical in itself.

    Good job guys, and goodnight sweet thread
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)00:18 No.3687430
    Might as well try for a seventh.

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)00:19 No.3687443
    The Kunn-Lan, Fal-Corum, and Clee San are all named after temples on the Somtaaw's pilgrimage route on Kharak. They mean purifying flame, silent wayfarer, and truth seeker respectively.

    Also, this site has all the manuals, although the HW2 one has bare-minimum backstory.

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