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Always trust your Quartermaster edition.

Welcome to Sky Ships and Sanctaphrax a /tg/ homebrew based on the Edge Chronicles Series.

Last Thread;

Out of date) Original Pastebin;

WIP Google Doc;

Updated Race list:

Isolated Flora list:

Character sheet

Titanpad for dumping content to be formatted for the Doc

Thread 1 : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36261395/
Thread 2 : https://archive.moe/tg/thread/36343881/
Thread 3 : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36420920/
Thread 4: https://archive.moe/tg/thread/36501450/
Thread 5: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36636588/
Thread 6: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36766823/

Working on:
Writing up the Google Doc.
Equipment and weaponry.
Looks like the last thread was bumped off before it hit the max.
Doing some more work on Google Doc Races today
Always trust the Quartermaster.

I learned that lesson well.
Wouldnt mind seeing a skyship where the Quartermaster role was the 'Captain' and there was a Pilot/helmsman who wasn't in charge.
Has anyone collected a list of all the statted equipment from the different threads?

If not, that'd be fairly handy to have in a pastebin/the Titanpad.
'fraid not on my end.
I vaguely recall someone, I think it was Captain doing some work on them. I might take a break from the doc in a bit and have a look
I've listed the Trogs and Trolls on the doc now. Havent filled in their details yet.
We've had lists before contributed by various guys but I haven't taken anything I or anyone else has written and saved it.
Well I suppose that's something we can ask the next person who pops by asking to help to do :P
Long have I trained to perfect the art of passing the buck.
Question for the thread.

Why are the old hardcover so much better than the new dust jacket ones?
I only ever had the paperbacks with full cover illustrations that extended onto the backcover.
Also, Waifs have now been listed.
"Waif Telepathy"
Is now a 'Special ability" to be listed on that section of the character sheet. As is a flitterwaifs Flight.

Thinking of statting up Elves Aura sight to be a special ability also.
In terms of Balance Both Flight and Telepathy are worth 2 starting skills each.

Aura sight doesn't seem as powerful an ability as these two. Should it be worth 1 skill or two?
It should be well-known that Quartermasters are the most trustworthy members of the crew by now, guys.
For great success, ensure your quartermaster has one or two close friends who serve as muscle and guards on board!
Our Quartermaster's friends seem to be a little dead.

Due to events that in NO WAY relate to me or marlin spikes.
As I'm doing these races in the Google Doc, I'm only copying in the pastebin description temporarily as a placeholder until I type up a full description as per the Webfoot examples.
Treat Aura Sight as one skill, for now. It's basically a less-useful Waif Telepathy for the most part (albeit without the attached social stigma).
My thoughts exactly.

I'll add a Chapter on special abilities after the Skills chapter.
They essentially work the same as skills at this point except you can not level them up and they can only be acquired by racial templates.
Are there going to be any other racial abilities? I can't really think of any off-hand.

Also, do the Flitterwaifs actually get any racial skills at all, with the Telepathy and Flight counting as two each?
Shrykes have a racial immunity to the effects of the twilight woods.
At the moment that's simply represented by a dice level in Resolve. It could be a special ability though.
(Hm. Maybe they were descended from a glister mutated Caterbird or something? )

In terms of Flitterwaifs, yes they do not have any starting skills. Which somewhat suits their feral nature.
Dwarves, Long-Haired, Furrow-Browed and Tusked Goblin Clans are now listed.
>>36794376 and >>36794144 were me.
Seeing as they do still get background skills, giving flitterwaifs no racial skills does make sense.

I would count the Shryke Twilight Woods immunity as one skill (drop the point in Resolve), as it's ridiculously situational: it has no effect once you leave the Woods.
Yeah. That sounds perfectly fine.
I'll write that up once I add Shrykes to the Google Document.

I'm heading off for a bit now. Hopefully the thread doesn't die again.
Excellent. Progress is always good.
I should be able to keep the thread alive for now.

>>36794469 was me, for the record.
Even talking about the Twilight Woods ruins one's mental acuity, it seems.

Is the alchemy all being discussed in the chat or some such?
We worked a bit on alchemy in the titan pad yesterday , nothing today afaik
I did take a look and it seems to be going well.

The Great Leaguesmen Hunter is definitely going intonmy next game.
*into my

That aside, Helmtuft did nothing wrong.
It did really strike me as something that would fit quite well into the setting.
That reminds me. I should really think about how We're going to break up the Setting sub Chapters in the Book

X - Setting
1 - Locations
a -Stone Garden
b - Undertown
i - Western Quays
2 - Differing Physics
a - Floating rocks
b - Floating wood
c - Mother Storm and Weather
d- Magical Substances (Chine, Stormphrax)
e - Glisters
3 - Flora
4 - Fauna
5 - Other beings (Gloamglozer, Glisters)

Maybe the Setting section is more for the GM to read. But there should be minor player overviews of the information. Characters in the Edge Chronicles shouldnt know about everything and anything that exists around the Edge as its canon that they generally only know about a their small experiences. This way the GM can throw things like Wig Wigs at players and have them learn the fun way.
Also include Organisations and Factions in there somewhere
File: Twig and Shryke.jpg (192 KB, 768x1010)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Just some art to keep it going.
Organisations would be subcategories within the area notes, as they tend to be region-specific: the Merchant Leagues of Undertown, the plethora of factions within Sanctaphrax (one for each major school, plus Viaduct Scholars, Knights Academic et cetera) and the various Deepwoods tribes and so on.
There are, to be precise, 222 schools in Sanctaphrax. However, 200 of them are Viaduct Schools, so I suppose we can represent them as one faction, similar to grouping the Merchant Leagues (unless we want to have some larger leagues as individual fractions of their own?). For the rest, you have the seven great schools, fourteen minor schools and Fountain House, which was just that specialist. Without further ado:

Great Schools:
>School of Light and Darkness
>Knights Academy
>College of Cloud
>Academy of Wind
>College of Rain
>School of Mist
>Institute of Ice and Snow

Minor Academies:
>Academy of Breeze
>Academy of Dawn
>Academy of Drizzle
>Academy of Dusk
>Academy of Fog
>Academy of Gloom
>Academy of Gust
>Academy of Hailstones
>Academy of Lightning
>Academy of Sleet
>Academy of Squall
>Academy of Thunder
>Academy of Whirlwind

Then there's Fountain House, which is rather basic and thus perhaps unsuited to being a faction.
The United Leagues of Undertown Free Merchants are far simpler to divide.
I can't recall any one league having the anything near the idiosyncratic divisions between the academics, so it probably isn't necessary to do a writeup for each league. Regardless, it wouldn't be wrong to note that there are some divisions, primarily into four categories:
>The Blood Leagues.
>The Flight Leagues.
>The Leagues of Toil.
>The Leagues of Plenty.
There were multiple leagues within each division, of course, but those are already listed in the pastebin and are more useful as flavour than as factions in and of themselves.
Deepwoods factions, I have no idea. Hopefully the thread will still be alive later to list some.
Depends really on what era you are in.

First Age has no real "factions" to speak of other than "X tribe" and Deepwoods tribes hardly scheme or plot against one another.

Second and Third Age is when you get the factions.
They aren't so much mechanic-worthy (I've probably been phrasing it wrong), so much as a GM aide that forms part of the setting writeup for that area: in Undertown and Sanctaphrax, factions and their rivalry are a major part of everyday life.

I very much disapprove of the notion of having a faction space on the character sheet to show with whom the character is affiliated, as most will be unaligned sky pirates.

Thus, if there aren't any major factions in the Deepwoods in the FAoF, we don't need to invent some, as they're just fluff.
File: Ruptuspentephraxis.jpg (143 KB, 512x897)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
The High Leaguesmaster is obliged to display the most spectacular sense of fashion.
His grandson, however, completely failed to inherit his style.
File: Mistsifters.jpg (203 KB, 768x859)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
I hope someone else is around or this thread will go the way of the last one.
I mean...then you just need to say stuff like

>Slaughter Tribes
>Woodtroll Villages
>Termagnant Trog holes
>Wandering goblin tribes.


He's a big guy.
Keeping it alive
Cowlquape should've just let Vox do the heavy lifting.
And we still dont know how many Earth Scholar Schools there were.
I'd imagine some of the Minor Academies used to be Earth Schools and were Viaduct schools who jumped forward and took over buildings after the Purges
For right now, I would just go with the Second Age deal where Earth scholars go out and spend shitloads of time studying just one thing.
True. Though we do know of at least one 'group' of Earth Scholars who were studying into New Life
And it was Earth scholars who had majority of the power on sanctaphrax during the early to mid first age with Sky scholars starting out as a minor faction

But I'd imagine there were Schools where the various Earth Scholars who studied similar things got together and discussed it.

Major Earth Schools could include:
Sapient Species
Water bodies.
Soil and Earth
Rock Studies (Flight Rocks and Edge Rock)

Then you'd have viaduct schools of things:
Shrubs and bushes
Birds and bees.
Goblin geneology

Knight Academy totally used to be at least 50% Librarian Knights too.
Those sound good.

I don't know if Librarian Knights even EXISTED prior to the Second Age, nor the Knights Academic.
Knights Academic have been around since the founding of Sanctaphrax. They were founded to protect the Rock and the academics who lived there.
As The Earth Scholars were originally in control of the city at its founding it stand to reason that the knights academic would have started out with plenty of Earth-bias
Oh sure, I mistyped on the "nor", but the Librarian Knights as we know them likely were more like traditional knights or holy warriors as they were in that time.
Likely Guardians of Sanctaphrax on prowlgin back in suits of armor yeah.
Frog Knights best knights.
Much more comfortable than riding a hammelhorn for sure
Alright, Time to get back to work on the Google Doc!
I should check that out sometime.
It's currently 64 Pages. Not all content written in there is finished yet though. Some of it is just placeholder
Just finished outlying the Lop-Ears.
Half-way through Symbites.
Symbites done.
And with that, all of the Goblin races are now listed on the doc.

All that remains name are the 'Other races'
As Elves, Trogs, Trolls, Goblins and Waifs are listed under categories. Should the other races be under a category together.
"Assorted Races?"
Did we end up reaching a consensus on the play by post game?
Going away for a little bit, be back in about an hour
I am good anytime this week after tomorrow.
File: Clodwit.jpg (142 KB, 966x850)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Good for whenever.
I'm not sure if we have a GM yet or an agreed upon platform.

If it's play by post, we should have the GM have all out character sheets so they can roll stuff for us when acting as a group while we aren't online if everyone else is.

If all the regulars participate even occasionally, we might have enough for a full crew.
Good to see you Captain.
Was it you who compiled a list of Equipment?

Distantlands Anon
Wind Jachal
Maybe a regular Anonymous poster

That's a party of 7 with 1 GM

Give the GM an NPC or two and we'd have a proper full crew.
Yeah I just threw it on the titanpad with a few tweaks.

Speaking of which, couldn't titanpad work as a platform? Might not have dicerolling, but I'm willing to use the honor system and physical dice.
Pirates are essentially violent thieves.
There is no honor among thieves.
There is no honor among Sky pirates.

We could use Titanpad I suppose. >>36811528

Looking into Roll20 currently which someone mentioned before.
Account creation takes like 20seconds and looks like no verification is required
Could probably mock up a Character sheet template to use with it. It's all html and css so shouldnt be too difficult.

If its too fiddly and not good for PBP then we can just use the titanpad
Roll20 seems pretty easy to use to me, has a roll feature that's pretty nice too.
Turns out you need to be mentor level subscriber to do custom character sheets on roll20.
We can share screenshots?
Probably, if not we can just use imgur.
My imgur-fu is weak, but I'll try.
I'm thinking I might Roll up my character and see what kind of personality/character I can make out of what I get.
I'll need to update the roll charts, as the races have changed a bit since I made them.

Also Professions need to be updated with the new Skill names/Skills
> Class blocks (WIP)

Combat, Tracking, Medicine, Diplomacy, Subterfuge, Earth Culture

Tracking, Flora, Fauna, Medicine, Alchemy

>Deepwoods Hunter:
Combat, Tracking, Flora, Fauna, Climbing, Earth Culture

>Earth Scholar;

Earth Studies, Alchemy, Diplomancy, Subterfuge, High Culture, Earth Culture, Gather Information

Trading, Diplomacy, Subterfuge, Under Culture, Status, Gather Information

>Knight Academic:
Prereq: Knight Academy Training
Sky Scholarship OR Earth Studies, Athletics, Combat, Animal Husbandry, Sky Sailing, Diplomacy

Athletics Combat, Tracking, Subterfuge, Under Culture, Medicine

Subterfuge, Trading, Diplomacy, Perception, Under Culture, Fine Tools

>Mire Caravaner:
Prereqs: Past experience with the Mire
Tracking, Perception, Flora, Fauna, Animal Husbandry, Diplomacy

Prereqs: Not sure. Wealth? Influence?
Diplomacy, Subterfuge, High Culture, Under Culture, Status, Gather Information

Prereqs: Age chunk among Skyship crew
Combat, Sky Sailing, Sky Culture, Fine Tools, Construction, Diplomacy, Subterfuge, Gather Information

>Sky Pirate;
Prereqs; Crew, Skyship,
>Sky Pirate Skills:
Combat, Perception, Climbing, Balance, Navigation, Sky Sailing, Sky Culture, Rope work, Construction, Diplomacy, Earth Culture, Trading.

>Sky Scholar;
Sky Scholarship, Navigation, High Culture, Sky Culture, Diplomacy, Subterfuge, Gather Information

Combat, Tracking, Fauna, Animal Husbandry, Subterfuge, Earth Culture

>Stone Pilot:
Prereq: Apprenticeship
Balance, Flight Stones, Sky Sailing, Sky Culture, Construction, Fine Tools


Thievery, Perception, Gather Information, Under Culture, Athletics, Tracking, Subterfuge
Updated the Professions quickly, Let me know what you think.

Also added Thief as a temp one as we dont have any class that uses thievery currently

I need to add Resolve, Cooking and Aquatics to a few also. Shall do that in a bit. Gotta run for now.
Also Not sure If I like having Status on a few of them, I'll fix it up later.
I'm somewhat confused as what Politician as a class is supposed to represent.
As far as I can remember in the books there were no dedicated Politicians in Undertown or Sanctaphrax.
Politician does indeed seem out of place.
You may also wish to change "Leaguesmen" to "Leaguesman", as every other class description is in the singular.
Ah cool. Thanks I missed that.
Its all editable in the Titanpad currently
Just dropping in to say that you anons are doing the motherstorm's work. The Edge chronicles are my all time favorite series of fantasy books and I couldn't wait for an adaptation to be made ever since I picked up the first book.
All the support is appreciated! :)
Alright, all fixed now on the Titanpad.

Added a few more changes also
Going to remove Politician for now and put it under a potential classes category
Added a few potential professions to the Titan pad.
Mariner: Those who work with boatcraft, watercraft and fish in the Edgewater river/Lakes.

Chef is simply a profession for those wishing to learn cooking or become a ships cook.

The other is simply because I thought it'd be handy to have a profession for wildling uncivilized characters to take.


>Savage /Wilding / Barbarian class
Prereqs: Little contact with Undertown/Sanctaphrax civiliation.
Combat, Athletics, Tracking, Climbing, Flora, Fauna, Aquatics, Perception, Resolve?

Prereqs: Experience with seacraft or the Edgewater river
Aquatics, Ropework, Balance, Under Culture, Fine Tools, Athletics, Fauna, Trading,

Prereqs: None
Cooking, Alchemy, Diplomacy, Fauna, Fine Tools, Gather Information, Trading, Resolve?
Savage seems like it could work, as someone who, as you mentioned, had little contact with civilisation.
I'd recommend skills as follows:
>d4 Tracking
>d4 Combat
>d4 Fauna
>d4 Flora

Basically someone who has the means to live off the land, whether plants or animals.
We have Deepwoods Wilding as a background currently with those four + Perception as the options for starting skills to choose from.

I was kinda trying to create the savage profession as the profession that the background would 'lead into' but I dunno if its really needed.
>tips tricorn hat

Sky Pirates operate fairly analogous to the iconic pirates of the Caribbean during the 15th and 16th centuries. With the exception of being nicer, in general they function as guys who will steal shit from ship that have it and do under the table or black/grey market trading and function with conditions nicer to the ships that they fight.
... Parlay?
I was thinking more of the democratic method that they have for deciding new captains.

(of course, Mediterranean pirate is where it's at)
Pretty sure the prevalent message that comes across through the books is:
>Be the Quartermaster
>Kill the Captain
>Become the Captain.

Though I suppose we do see the voting thing happen twice also.
Quartermasters confirmed for junta leaders.
File: Varislodd.jpg (72 KB, 478x753)
72 KB
Hopping off again for a bit.

I'll leave Varis to keep an eye on the thread.
>couldn't even siege the tower of night

How on earth do you maintain an aerial siege in what amounts to flying bicycles?
Also, whoever has the newest list of skills, could you dump them in the titanpad? I'd like to go back through professions and see what skills could benefit from the inclusion/replacement of new skills.
File: Spoiler Image (13 KB, 177x284)
13 KB
>Couldn't even tend a flight rock.
>Not technically the Gloamgloazer's half-sister.

There's pleb tier, and then there's this.

I see. I misunderstood.
A profession does seem suitable: without one, it's not possible to play an entirely-feral or recently-civilised character, which should be an option.
Ergo, I support a Savage profession, perhaps with the prerequisite "has the Deepwoods Wildling background".
I don't think it requires the background. You could play a disgraced Leaguesman who went feral and now has only his hat as his companion in the Deepwoods.
I'd think it would be his claws.
The hat serves more as a tent.
Forgetful me neglected to make the point: remove the requirement, but specify (as professions do) that the time is spent living wild, for whatever reason.
I would love my party to come across a weird bundle in the middle of some shrubs, only for a naked and muddy Leaguesman to wiggle out of it and start screaming at them as he balances it back on his head.

One age block sound appropriate?
Lots of peddling.
It is a profession and would, thus, use two age categories as normal (age chunks? Some of the older stuff uses that terminology).

Therefore, our disgraced Leaguesman will have plenty of time to practice evisceration with those fashionable talons.
I meant as a prerequisite- spend an age chunkblock in the wild before you really connect with nature, and then you can take the profession. It would put you behind on progression a little but, though...
I don't think a prerequisite is really required: while it offers a good array of survivalist skills, it wouldn't be worth dropping an age category to take it when other options exist.
That's fine. Just realized I missed the decision to remove the requirement.
So it goes.
File: The Face of Innocence.jpg (20 KB, 129x163)
20 KB
The classic howl of a barbarian.
Man, he really bulked up in his later years.
File: sweetgum (1).jpg (556 KB, 2560x1920)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
Ravenous Sweetgum
This tall, barely buoyant tree has star-shaped leaves and produces a distinctive nut, which has both terrifying and alchemical properties.

As an ingredient:
Ravenous Sweetgum Nut:
Recipe: Boil or roast nuts to kill them
Behavior: Increases digestive abilities
Used for: Treating poisons that reduce appetite, or potions that allow the user to subsist on less-than-edible material (grass, leaves, etc)

When the fruits are ripe, they fall to the ground and skitter about on their spikes, similar to echinoderms. The seeds are released only after the pod consumes sufficient flesh with each tiny mouth, often rolling over carrion or those unlucky enough to wander through a grove in fruiting season.
Its in the google doc and on the character sheet in the first post, but ill paste them into the titan pad next time in on a pc
Dumped them in the Titanpad now
Should cooking also be used to determine whether you correctly prepared and removed the poisonous parts of an animal?

After you've identified the poisonous parts with fauna that is.
Sure, no reason not to.
Keeping the thread alive.

I'll be doing some more Google Doc work soon,
Sounds good!
Gonna start on Profession Layout in a little bit. Hopping off for an hour or two though.
I might try thumbing through to see what lore bits or locations I could put in.
Why the Fourth Age is the best.
Fourth Age?
All right, I'm back on the doc again.
I feel like I've done so much work on it, but there's still so much to do >_>
The Fourth Age is alluded to at the end of The Immortals, shown in the Farrow Ridges, and presumably is what the Nameless Ones is set in.

Pretty much the Third Age, but with Flight Rocks and Sky Pirates back in action, and the Phrax-crystal monopoly broken.
Ah okay. Haven't read Farrow Ridges or Nameless ones yet.
All Races are now listed in the Google Doc.

Feel free to fill in some information in the template if you feel inspired. Use the Webfoot Goblin subraces as examples of what final content should look like / be worded like.
Haven't read Nameless Ones.
[Earth Scholarship intensifies]
Bring me Barkscroll Treatises!

Also, working on Laying out professions in the Document currently.
All right. Done typing out the skills and layouts for the Professions in the Google Doc.

Hopping off for a bit now.
Everything is certainly looking very impressive, it must be said.
Its gonna be awesome once we get all the content finished then we can make it look like a proper rpg book.
Hopefully by then I'll be available again and thus able to help in ways other than in the thread.
Youve still been loads of help in the thread :)
One does what one can, but off a phone that demonstrably hates me, not that much is possible.
File: 1418104628429.png (205 KB, 889x678)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Your keeping the thread alive, while it could be dying, your doing skys work!
File: 1324946646631.png (183 KB, 855x311)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Any time we're all likely to be in the titanpad chat at once? I'd like to start getting at skill changes for professions.

>deepwoods slug cults
That seems doable around now.

Concerning prerequisites, should we standardise the number of options available to a no-prerequisite profession and determine how many additional choices a prerequisite allows on a case-by-case basis (you still have to select only two, but a prerequisite-containing profession offers a larger spread)?
Sounds good. 5 seem like a viable spread for no-prereq professions?
Five does indeed seem about right.
Captain can have a spread of about seven or eight, as it has quite a high prerequisite (owning one's own ship).
Maybe Quartermaster gets six, as the prerequisite requires only spending an age category/chunk aboard a ship, easily attainable with the Sky Pirate profession, which contains skills useful to an adventurer.
Is this appropriate or should the benefits be larger/smaller.
Alternatively, we could just standardise to "has a prerequisite: 2 extra skills in the array of choices", which removes a lot of work in terms of considering each prerequisite individually.
So how long do you think it would take to back-pack that?
Two days, because that's how long a backpacker taking all the necessary precautions would survive.
File: 1418498691774.jpg (361 KB, 983x1699)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
Hopefully this is suave enough to keep the thread alive.
Just suave enough it seems
Also, When you update Professions, update the ones in the Google Doc as they are the most up to date ones currently. :)
mfw I see the thread on page 9
Also, barkslugs are despised enough to become a derogatory name to call someone.
File: Scrabster.jpg (49 KB, 426x663)
49 KB
>Scrabsters were twelve-legged crustaceans which infested sky ships and ate their cargo. One of the more serious pests, a scrabster infestation could completely destroy a sky ship's cargo if it was left unchecked, consuming many goods such as tallow candles.

Assuming that's a regular sized candle, those things are pretty big and would be fun to find an infestation of in the cargo bay.

... I wonder if you could train one.
Forget those, get yourself a pet wig-wig
>How to get Sky-Fired.
Write Big Introduction to EC RPG, What is an RPG etc

---------CHARACTER SECTION---------

Character Creation
Write Introduction
Write Rolling a Character Section
Create Updated Roll Tables

Write Race Introduction
Create Race skill overview table
Fill in details for 90% of races.

Pretty much done unless including the "Rare Backgrounds" suggested in an earlier thread

Write "What is a Profession"
Fill out Details for all professions
Finalise skills lists
--------MECHANICS SECTION----------


Target Numbers



Write Skill Descriptions for:
>Earth Studies
>Sky Culture
>Sky Sailing

Write Skill Level Descriptors for:
>All except Rope-work and Athletics

Expanded Skills Chapters:

Write "Introduction To Alchemy"
Write "Gathering Ingredients"
Write "Making a Potion"
Create Layout for Reagents
Create Layout for Products


Aura Sight
Twilight Immunity

---------SETTING SECTION----

-Floating Rocks
-Buoyant Wood
-Mother storm
-Magical Substances

Write run down of Locations in the world
-Stone Gardens
--Include Mechanics of Twilight Woods
-Sky (Include mechanics of different levels)
--Open Sky
--High Sky
--Middle Sky
--Low Sky

-Flora List
-Fauna List
-Other life list (Great ones, Gloamgloazer

-Howto: GM
-Sample NPCS
-Example Campaign
Take a log-bait full of them and send it flying up into someone else's ship.
>/tg/ - Unconventional weapons
Quick thoughts.

>What is an RPG etc
Don't need this.

Mechanics for Sky (open sky etc) should not be under the setting section should be under Mechanics.

Rare backgrounds doesn't sound amazing. With the variety of backgrounds/skill packages you have you should be able to plug in anything and make it fit.

I know you guys want Alchemy to be awesome but right now it's pretty generalized and fairly strong. Might want to split some of that stuff into Earth Science.

In the GM section you should probably put an example of a couple turns of play. Example campaigns are pretty arbitrary. And people have more trouble figuring out how the dice pools work and such.
I suggested a while back that if you need some hardcore weaponry just sky-fire logs at other ships.
>What is an RPG etc
I'm planning on making this a fully functional RPG Book that any Edge Chronicles fan can pick up and learn to play.
Its also quite handy for getting your friends who are fans of the book but have never played Pen and paper before to have.
It's fairly generic and easy to write those sections, but they're low priority thus I'm leaving them for now.

Alchemy on its own is simply the putting together of the different bits to make something
Its useless without the other skills to identify and correctly gather the required reagents:
Flora Fauna, Earth Studies, Aquatics, Sky Scholarship and Flight Rocks.

>Examples of play
Yeah thats what I meant in my head by Example Campaign, I meant more like an example session.

>Rare Backgrounds
Wrote those up a few threads back, General consensus is that They were a Good addition, but we'd see if we'd put them in later. So I'm thinking splatbook material.

>Mechanics for Levels of Sky
Maybe I'll move that up to be in a Sky sailing expanded skill chapter.

Also, who are you? I recognize your writing style
Distantlands? System?
Just regular anon?
Also, Combat skill gets its own Special skill chapter to describe how combat works.

Should Equipment come under "Character section" Or Mechanics Section?
Currently writing up the Special Ability section of the Book.
I'm System.

You can tell because I'm always against making people more 'special snowflake' and lean more towards broad strokes and generalizations.

I get how Alchemy works. However combining materials in any way is mostly a Alchemy roll. There should be some distinction, or at least at higher levels Earth Science is required for something considering it's also a science of combining/changing elements and what not.

But I haven't read a lot of the stuff you guys have done. Last I posted I was still iffy on the amount (or lack thereof) of skills and the effect on similar looking professions. But more professions got added anyway so now I'm just out of the loop.
Special Abilities to be broken down into two categories: Racial and Gifted depending on how they were obtained

-Waif Telepathy
-Aura Sight
-Twilight Immunity
- Waif Flight

-Others granted by GM during a campaign
-Caterbird hatching witness
Earth Studies is a significantly rare skill at this point and is only obtainable through two backgrounds and two professions.
The way I justified the current way it works is that Alchemy is a 'Earth skill' currently so its a sub-part of Earth Studies in the same way that Flora and Fauna are a sub-part of Earth Studies.
But I do get what you mean.
Perhaps Earth Studies should be used to scientifically identify the properties of any substance gathered?

>Gathering Resource(Flora, Fauna, etc)
>Identify Properties (Earth Studies)
>Create Product (Alchemy)
>Use Product to heal someone (Medicine)


Professions are still heavily in flux, Which were the ones you were concerned about?
>using alchemy for healing
Miss Spikesap had the right idea
Who was the lady that boiled Amburfuce alive?

What was her name?
Hopping off for a bit.
Listed a few Special abilities, will continue them when I get back
Could work?
Maybe you need Earth Studies to interact with certain materials or something? I'm not really sure. Like I said I'm behind, you guys have done a lot of amazing work and I feel like a dick just flinging ideas around now.

I'll take a look at the professions again though.
>Book introduction
I'll try get one ready and copy it into the TitanPad (editing the doc is a nightmare without a computer).

More or less as above.

The "What is an RPG?" section is mostly necessary for when, eventually, we compile everything and put out the release version: as Edgeraces mentioned, the book has to be friendly to people who aren't familiar with traditional games.

>Rare backgrounds
I'll agree on this. They were planned to be available only from random rolls, but at this stage they're mostly unnecessary.

At this stage, Alchemy is one step in the process: gathering ingredients and discerning their effects, as well as making use of your concoctions, all fall under the portfolio of different skills.

>GM section
Examples of play should only be written once the rest is finalised, so that they represent an up-to-date portrayal of the rules.
Monster special abilities might want to be included in there, just as mechanical reference.

I imagined Earth Studies to include a broader idea of both Flora and Fauna, as well as geography and geology. That is a fairly limited use of a skill so far, even with Earth Studies identifying for Alchemy.
A good introduction would kind of nice for sure,

One thing though is the race list is enormous and should probably be cut down to a dozen entries. Especially since it's the first thing and goes on for 30 pages. I suggest a bestiary or maybe shrink them down a couple fonts or something.

Looks amazing though, gotta say.

I think Earth Studies should bordering on the extreme arcane in the FAoF at least. the Gloamglozer is made by Earth Scholar stuff so that's no joke.

Just as an example; in curse I kind of imagine Linius had about a D10 in Sky Studies. Makes a ton of Earth Study tests and levels in it to get a D6-8. Gets Quint to start adding a D6 and he gets excited on rolling a 20+.
Suddenly crit fail.
Earth Studies includes the following:
>'Scientific' knowledge of everything in Earth This is very broad and can be used on its own, and also used for boosting Flora, Fauna and some Aquatics rolls.
>Geography of the Edge
>Racial Genetics and classification
>Identifying properties of various substances.
>Reagent Identifying
>Everything involving Glisters
> Gathering soil, rocks and other earth-based ingredients.
>Geology of rocks in general.
>Academic understanding of Physics of Edge materials.
>Cutting down Race list
Those are Fightin' words .

I understand what you mean though. The Races, Background and Professions Chapters are the descriptive sections. Once the PDF Is bookmarked / Contents list finalised they can be skipped easily. Each Chaper will have a full 'Quick Info Table' Which will just contain the mechanical stats of each choice. Allowing the player to choose at a glance, then look up the details on their choice if they wish.

The Formatting of the google doc currently is by no means final, Normally there are multiple columns in most RPG books in the Character creation sections with smaller fonts. This will be sorted out towards the end Its currently laid out as is for ease of editing.
>Monster Special Abilities.
I was thinking about that, Not sure If It'd be better suited for the Fauna list section. Though the line between Sapient and Animal in The Edge Chronicles does get blurry
Taking another break from the doc
From a gameplay standpoint, only the rock and soil deal sounds especially different than me rolling say..."Woods Lore" or "Sky Pirate" lore to know locations and flora/fauna to know about stuff.
Pretty much, I feel like Earth Studies is hardly arcane enough. It should be unique reagent identification or something.
Consider that Bungus knew about his glister powder but Linius didn't. Despite the latter being a skilled alchemist and sky scholar.

I know you're afraid of your work not being seen. We could just move it from the front of the book or into a supplement.
Bookmarks are all well and good for a pdf. But almost half the document will be list of races. Not only is that lengthy to leaf through if you have a physical copy, but it's also pretty overwhelming to have to consider a dozen variations for each race if you're a new player.
Just my opinion.
>>36851296 >>36851419
There are plenty of overlaps between skills, that's part of the idea of a heavily skill based system. It allows players to look at what skills their characters have and come up with ways they can apply their skills to different situations.
Flora and Fauna in general is a more practical knowledge about plants and animals, the kind of information you would have from growing up around them and having regular interactions with them.
Earth Studies contains the kind of knowledge you would acquire from reading treatises and barkscrolls in a library.
Flora and Fauna will give you an more indepth knowledge of a specific area, whereas Earth Studies can be applied to a wide variety of situations.
I'm all for it to involving knowledge of glisters, chine and riverrise water / other earth magical elements. So when making Alchemical products with Earth Sciencey ingredients, ie Glister bits etc Earth Studies should definitely be involved.
> Work not being seen and moving it to a different section
It's not really about work not being seen, at this point I'm the one who's written up and outlined the majority of the current Background, Skills, Races, Professions and now Special abilities sections of the Google doc. So I'm sure at least some of it will end up in the final thing.

I'm a strong supporter of the wide variety of races available for players as its one of the core reoccurring themes is the sheer number of races and subspecies that the main characters encounter, each with their own little unique habits and differences.

>Moving it to a different section.
This may be a solution in the long run, but I do not see a need for it at this point in time as the document is nowhere near completion.
The full list of races, backgrounds and professions could be moved to the setting section potentially with the summaries, tables and explanations being presented in the character creation section.
I'm also thinking Mechanics might go before it.

Currently, the race chapter is one of the few sections which has been fully laid out in the doc, that's part of why it currently appears to be so massive, not to mention the copious amounts of white spacing I've put in it . The setting section including Flora and Fauna lists can easily become much larger than the entire character creation section.
File: download (1).jpg (10 KB, 251x201)
10 KB
Seriously? That's all he wrote on there?
>I'm a strong supporter of the wide variety of races available for players
Isn't that the idea of races giving you some skills and just taking a couple? Easy way to keep them unique?

Either way. The list is comprehensive and cool.
Though I imagine most people won't want to sit and read about a dozen different kinds of subspecies when you could just put Waif and be done with it. Like this;
>All subtypes of Furrow-Browed Goblins have Combat, Athletics and Perception
I mean you could replace every entry with
>Rolled/Player selected skill
As one skill difference is fairly negligible.

There is appeal in quantity but before there's an attempt to balance and flesh out race options it might be easier to narrow focus and make a handful tight and usable before moving on..
There are 32 different skills available in the RPG. A Standard character at creation can take 13 skills.
Assuming there are no double ups (Which is probably a rare choice), there are still a minimum of 19 other skills that the character will be unskilled in. Choosing which skills your character starts with is important and that's one of the reason why having the different 3rd and 4th slot is important, it allows player limited extra choice without allowing them to essentially minmax.

The Backgrounds have the "List 5, Pick 3" to represent variety of different lives players can come from
Races have select a race and then a subrace as similar sort of method of selecting skills they want their character to have

The real issue here is Goblins. They vastly outnumber the other groups of races with variety and thats why you get clans with only slight differences between them.
Each of the 3/4 skills are racial divergences I've based upon their lore in the books on how they differ from the rest of their similar kin.
There are also two races which allow the player to choose skills: Fourthlings and Grey Goblins, both of which are amalgam races with mixed heritage, this choice represents the variety these races present.

I think once I've done up the quick reference table, which simply lists the races and their associated skills, it will be much simpler for players to just quickly glance at their options and select a race, then proceeding to look up additional details on their selected race if need be.

As for people just writing "Waif" on the sheet, we never really see generics in the books. Sure we see more commonly occuring types but they're still reffered to by name, Generally Nightwaif's or Waterwaifs for waifs.
I'm not sure if you looked at the rolling chart percentages tables I made, Back in thread 3/4 I think?
Each major group(Goblins, Trogs, Trolls, Waifs, etc) Have one or two races that have higher percentages than most of their other kin, these are the 'main races' of each group and the ones we see most frequently. (Hammer/flathead Goblins, Woodtrolls, cloddertrogs etc) If we were do create a 'Simplified list' for beginners to put in the sample character creation instructions, These should be fairly simple to Isolate. Certainly something to consider though.

Sorry about the walls of text. Sometimes I get carried away >>'
File: StraightOuttaDeepwood.jpg (41 KB, 492x389)
41 KB
Who's going to the Great Convocation of Banderbears this year?
Hopping off for a while again, hope the thread survives
I'm fully in support of keeping the full list. However, it's likely for the best to move the detailed list to near the end of the document (just as most RPGs put spells near the back), probably adjacent to fauna and flora details.
Keep the proposed abridged version where the current list is.

We should probably do something similar with professions.
Even putting things on the Titanpad is a nightmare, so I'll just post here when possible.

The fundamental basis of a roleplaying system is the means of determining whether an attempted action succeeds or fails. In Skyships and Sanctaphrax, this is determined through rolling a pool of dice (one per character involved in the attempt) against a target number (TN) decided by the GM. If the sum of the results of the pooled dice equals or exceeds the TN, the action is successful. If the sum of the results of the pooled dice is lower than the TN, the action is unsuccessful and each character that contributed a die to the pool loses one Edge Point.

>Critical Success and Failure
A critical success represents a character exceeding what is necessary and emerging triumphant. On a critical success, the character scoring it regains 1d4 lost Edge Points (up to the actual Edge Point cap).
>If the pooled results of the dice pool exceed the TN by 5 or more, all characters that contributed a skill die to the pool are treated as having scored a critical success.
>If one character contributes a score of 12 or higher, that character scores a critical success.
A critical failure represents an abysmal effort that completely fails to accomplish anything. Any character experiencing a critical failure on a skill roll loses an additional Edge Point, for a total of two.
>Should the pooled results of the pooled dice fall short of the TN or more, all characters that contributed a die experience a critical failure.
>Should a character contribute a score of 1 or less, that character experiences a critical failure.
Multiple critical successes and failures from the same check do not stack, but they do cancel (ie. rolling a 12 but still failing by 5 is an ordinary failure).
That reminds me: are we calling the system Skyships and Sanctaphrax (as per the thread opener and some of my outdated stuff) or the Edge Chronicles Unofficial Roleplaying Game (as per the new character sheet)?
We could, of course, use the latter as a subtitle of the former, but whatever we do it seems relevant to clarify that point at this stage.
Skyships and Sanctaphrax is an attempt to translate the Edge Chronicles (by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell) into a tabletop RPG. The system is, at its core, designed around preserving the feel of the books while at the same time creating a means of arbitration both intuitive and fast.
The Edge is a vast place, filled with danger and adventure. Within this system, players assume the roles of people within this world, trying to survive or even prosper. Although merely staying alive is a difficult task, with treachery and scheming being commonplace in the world - alongside nature's own perils - those that can will find themselves richly rewarded.

The Deepwoods, the Stone Gardens, the Edgewater River, Undertown and Sctaphrax. Names on a map. Yet behind each name lie a thousand tales - tales that have been recorded in ancient scrolls, tales that have been passed down the generations by word of mouth - tales which even now are being told.
What players of this game shall do is tell some of these tales.

>What is an RPG?
An RPG (Role-Playing Game) is a game in which a group of individuals forge a shared narrative within a set framework of rules. To do so, all players but one create a character, an avatar that player controls within the game world. The final player acts as the Game Master (GM), serving in the twin capacities of arbitrator of the rules and the one responsible for creating the story and playing every character other than those in the hands of players.

Discovering that the only PDF I have on hand with this sort of introduction is Dogs in the Vineyard was not pleasant.
To be fair, he was dying at the time.
That's no excuse.
He kept it short and simple for effect.
I like the introduction.

Skyships and Sanctaphrax is really First Age specific. If, by some longshot, we end up doing Age of Flight subsections (explaining the variation over time of the setting, possible skill changes, etc) it'd be great for the First Age segment, but I don't care for it as the ultimate name.

Duly notes. I'll use TECURPG for all future references the system (and possibly correct current instances too).
If we deal with the Fourth Age of Flight in a sourcebook, we're calling it Skyships and Sanctaphrax 2: Stormphrax Boogaloo.
File: More Suave than Thaw.jpg (456 KB, 1107x1712)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
Suave is required; posting Wind Jackal.
I'd assume if we ever get around to 2nd and 3rd Age, we'd have different names.

Like Barkscrolls and Battles or Stormphrax and Sword.
"Barkscrolls and Battles" does work pretty well for the eventual Second Age sourcebook.
For the system overall, I think we can go with The Edge Chronicles Unofficial Roleplaying Game, especially since a rather nice logo exists as of the new character sheet.
Oh that name was me simply trying to create a placeholder logo which looked similar to the ones found on sheets from real games. I just couldn't make skyships and sanctaphrax fit well. i dont mind what its called :)
Truth be told, more of the Second Age is about skullduggery and shadow-y wars.
Skyships and Sanctaphrax
Barkscrolls and Battles
Stormphrax and Sword/Phraxengines and Freedom/Glades and Gallivanting
I'm not too fussed about what it ends up being called either, but it seemed important to know due to the fact that I deemed it appropriate to refer to the system by name in the introduction (and probably some other documentation).
>Stormphrax and Sword
>totally not me projecting Mount and Blade.
The Expanded Edge Chronicles? The introductions in the books take great pains to remind us they're just one plot arc of thousands occurring simultaneously.
Second age has too many to choose from
Librarians and lancers
Goblins and guardians
Shrykes and stonesickness
Skycraft And screetown
Expanded Edge Chronicles is a bit long and doesn't get that...I dunno...flair.

"Adventures on the Edge"?
>>36860556 Alternatively
2edgy4chronicles: the rpg
We're done.

We got a name.

Everyone go home.
Verlix and Varis.

The Expanded Edge Chronicles does make thematic sense and is far less unwieldy than TECURPG, it must be said. I assume the core book has the subtitle "Skyships and Sanctaphrax" because it includes all the relevant FAoF setting details and is, indeed, mostly focused around the First Age of Flight.

I'm trying to shy away from character names and sticking to adventure themes. Otherwise, The Tower of Night and The Great Glade.
I'd normally avoid names, but that was the fastest way for a lazy reprobate like myself to mention Vox.

And where are we without atrocious, forced memes?
>>36860606 (is actually brilliant, but it still proves the point).
In that case, we cannot have banderbear or woodtroll antagonists and tripweed is fucking awful, no questions asked.
Banderbears were secretly behind everything. It's all detailed in the Protocols of the Elders of the Convocation.
I feel like having the party come across an actual wild and violent banderbear would totally throw the party member who have read the books
Yeah, if no players have a character as one, the first banderbear introduced should seem pretty intimidating- huge, muscled, and very, very armed.
Banderbears did Stone Sickness.
So one day, someones gonna show chis and paul a printed copy of this, right?
I really like the edge and would like to see this project finished, but I have nothing to contribute and am saddened by the lack of people in this thread. Bump.
If you can track them down.
This is the 7th thread, weve been working on it for over a month now:) we'll get there eventually
For one month it's coming along nicely.
Yeah, i'd say we've accomplished quite a bit so far
I'll try and set up another playtest.

I'm good just about anytime if you guys want to do a online game.
Going out camping tomorrow. Won't be around for a bit, but should hopefully come back with some more OC for Flora and Fauna.
Avoid Wig-Wigs
Always watch for tarry vines.
If you want herbalism autism, look no further than pic (document?) related.
This in on the tier of "Elf Sex Expert".
I think these spontaneously generate in the dark corner of a hard drive where worldbuilding PDFs are kept, without anyone ever realising until they're forced to look through the folder again.
I think I missed something here.
Are we talking oakelves or barkelves?
read it as "The Guide to Herpes"
/tg/ PDF threads are strange places.
Strange places that our work will one day be posted perhaps?

Was planning on doing some more do work today, but I'm quite exhausted and anything I type up would probably end up being rubbish.
*doc work
File: 289px-Deadboltvulpoon.jpg (19 KB, 289x479)
19 KB
Don't worry about it; we aren't exactly on a tight schedule at this stage and quality is of foremost importance.
File: 480px-Gianttreefromp.jpg (56 KB, 480x643)
56 KB
Man, Deadbolt was the coolest.
A pity about his father.
That makes Deadbolt even cooler.
Do we know if Thunderbolt was a good parent? He probably wasn't, but Deadbolt certainly reveres him and Deadbolt is cool enough to have his head screwed on properly.
From Deadbolt's dialogue, we can assume the two never really knew each other.
Fair enough. That puts him in a similar camp to Twig and he turned out pretty well too, so perhaps Cloud Wolf had worked out some secret to fatherhood that we've all missed.
If anyone in this thread ever has kids, ditch them as soon as possible.
That way, they can end up like Deadbolt.
Or Quint.
Or Twig.
Or Cowlquape.
I suppose that means that they'll be pretty cool, with a possibly-questionable sense of fashion.
Rook was split from his parents pretty young also, nate also to a lesser extent.
Rook wasn't bad either, despite his flight-related disadvantages.
I need to reread my rookbooks, my memory has parts missing , mainly from vox
Saving the thread from the barkslugs
damn barkslugs
>became a Librarian-Knight and then commander of all Freeglade Lancers

Nigga' did fine.
File: lancers.jpg (42 KB, 400x557)
42 KB
Lancers were pretty awesome.
File: 220px-Image-3.jpg (25 KB, 220x455)
25 KB
Edge Dwarves are quite different to traditional dwarves.
I love the Dwarves
File: 549px-Tuntum.jpg (58 KB, 549x479)
58 KB
A Racial average Size/Height chart would be super useful for edge races. Are Dwarves smaller than waifs? Are waifs smaller than oakelves?
This may seem like a mildly retarded question, and it's O.T.

but as an adult, are the books actually worth reading?
They're still enjoyable as adult and do have quite a lot of adult themes in them.
There's violence, murder, death, 'drug' usage, alcohol, slavery. So if the 'kids book' part is making you wary, don't think too much about it.
I think you're going to get a bias answer from everyone who posts here, but I'd say it's worth giving them a shot.
They're ok.
Not amazing but they're certainly creative and some of the stuff is pretty neat.
If you had to revisit a kids' book series, it'd be a good bet.
File: 1400214348018.jpg (19 KB, 545x380)
19 KB
>Books arranged out of chronological order
>Not even arranged in release order
This, more or less. The prose isn't always spectacular, but it's solid enough and the stories themselves tend to be filled with enough mature themes to hold one's interest - they definitely aren't overly-saccharine or childish.
This is the order I prefer.
We had this conversation in the first thread I think.
I always recommend publication order
File: HEY KIDS.jpg (28 KB, 229x452)
28 KB
Dont feed the Woodtrolls.
Currently doing some work on the rolling system of character creation. Will post when done :)
Doing some minor race stuff on the doc while I take a break from rolling stuff.

So, question about the direction in which we take this: how much OC do we want to do? In specific, while the books primarily show the urban areas and fantastic temperate forests, there are also fens, caverns, rainforests, and swamps (the latter of which is my most familiar landscape, living in Central Florida).

However, the scenes from those are typically short or they're only mentioned in passing. Rather than spreading out canon species and fluff, I'd rather try to take what we've seen as examples and attempt to recreate the biodiversity for other biomes. Thoughts?
I'd say we flesh out or extrapolate the canon content we have first, then maybe have oc splatbooks?
But if you've got any ideas or are inspired now, rite it down in the Titanpad! :)
Oh god, what a horrible typo. I feel bad reading it.
Man, I do typos all the time.
I'll do it rite away.

That's the thing though- the feel of the books is this vast, diverse setting, and because the books are, you know, narratives, you only see what characters see. That means that the entire series' Fauna list (as an example) is 228 entries, most of which are a single sentence description. I dunno, I want more wild combat encounters than Wig wigs, Banderbears, Halitoads and Hoverworms. Ideally, each monster would come with a corresponding Fauna TN to even identify it, which means we need at least a dozen, if not two, creatures that can be a significant encounter.
I agree with fleshing out things that have only the barest mention and possibly adding some pure OC: as I mentioned in the draft for the introduction, our aim is to stay true to the feel of the books and that general feeling is one of a massive, diverse and, above all, alien world.

While doing so will be important eventually, it should be left for later (or work on it now; I'm not the co-ordinator), as classics suffice for the playtesting phase and the bestiary can, therefore, be completed later.
I Understand what you're saying.
Hm, it makes me wonder if some sort of "Animal Creation" Chapter for the DM would work.
Just a bunch of lists of different abilities, elements of appearances , prefixes (oak,bark,wood, etc) and suffixes (Wolf,worm,slug) etc. and other choices that they can mix and match at will or roll upon tables off to generate animal encounters.

Roll a d6 to determine what kind of Fauna TN difficulty it is.
This also detirmines the dice level of the animals Power/Ability

Result - Threat level - Dice level of ability - TN to identify
1- Harmless - d4-1 - 2n
2 - Potentially Harmful -d4 - 3n
3 -Dangerous d6- 4n
4 -Deadly d8 - 5n
5- Monstrosity d10 - 6n
6 - Gloamglozers sidekick d12 - 7n

Then Roll for a animal
1d100 on a list of special abilities (This gives the prefix)

Then Roll for the type of Animal
1d100 on list of basic animal types (This gives the suffix and the base skills of the animal)

For example
Roll 1d6 For Threat Level - Rolled a 4
Deadly Animal

Roll 1d100 For Ability - Rolled a 53
Say 53 Is the Animal Ability Infectious Bite Which has the prefix Septic

Infectious Bite.
Speical Ability which will deal a roll of its dice level in damage once per day until treated if a player fails a combat check against the animal.

Roll 1d100 For Animal Type - Rolled a 5
Say 5 Is a Wolf.
d6 Combat
d4 Tracking
d4 Fauna

Final Result
A Deadly Septic Wolf - TN To identify is 5*N
d8 Infectious Bite
d6 Combat
d4 Tracking
d4 Fauna
I like it. I used Fauna as the example but I'm really more of a Flora guy, honestly. If you wanna start the headers for the d100 lists in the titanpad I can contribute a little, though.
Threw up the titles for you on the titanpad, I dont have time to work on it currently. About to hop offline.
Not even sure If I like the idea yet also.
File: Thevarislodd2.png (1.23 MB, 1089x795)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
I'll throw some stuff in there.

Anyone else who wants to hop on the titanpad to see the progress, I thrive on feedback.
I've just posted a secondary creation theory in the titanpad chat.
Let me know what you think
Posting it here also for discussion
Edgeraces: Point buy
5:55 Edgeraces: Roll for number of points you get to spend
5:56 Edgeraces: Each Ability, Animal is labeled with 1-6 pointts
5:56 Edgeraces: DM rolls a dice for whatever level encounter they want
5:56 Edgeraces: d4 for an easy encounter
5:56 Edgeraces: d12 for an insane one
5:56 Edgeraces: Dice result detirmines how many points
5:56 Edgeraces: Say he wants a moderate encounter and rolls a d6
5:57 Edgeraces: Gets a 5
5:57 Edgeraces: He Buys a Wolf which is 3 Points
5:57 Edgeraces: Hover ability with 1 point
5:57 Edgeraces: Venom ability with 1 point
5:57 Edgeraces: Hover wolf with venombite?
5:58 Edgeraces: Alternatley
5:58 Edgeraces: Buys worm with 1 point
5:58 Edgeraces: Boosts it size by 3 with 3 points
5:58 Edgeraces: Gives it Swarm with 1 point
5:58 Edgeraces: Swarm of giant worms
Obviously not balanced or even thought through sufficiently. Just my train of thought.
Apart from the fact that it slows play, I like it. If nothing else, it'll help determine the relative power (and, thereby, the frequency on random rolling tables) of various abilities.
Basically, it's worthy of an appendix or a spot in a supplement; for the core work, we can stick almost entirely to the canon, only extrapolating the once-mentioned critters and plants in terms of OC.

It's going to be very difficult to balance as-is and create-your-own-monsters will make that wonkier still, especially if every trait is identically priced.
I'd have different traits worth varying amounts depending on their power.
Same with different animals being different amounts.
Leftover points can be spend in size or boosting the animals skills?
Was me.
Sounds about right, all in all.
As per your first draft, Hovers (more or less fluff) is worth as much as Swarm (no injury thresholds) and poison (probably a persistent debuff), which doesn't seem quite right.
Regarding points based on the roll of a die, remember that the average results are going to be fairly close together.
Yeah those values aren't right at all.
Im sure we'll figure out decent values for them all eventually
For now the core book is of far greater importance.
Gonna take a break for now, though. I'll be back around later :)
File: Edgedancer.jpg (46 KB, 515x547)
46 KB
File: Keris.png (285 KB, 300x546)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
Damn Slaughterers.

In our first game, the captain of our sky ship hit on our Slaughterer doctor looking "for some of that red meat".
To be fair. Slaughterers do sell red meat.
Die barkscrolls
Barkslugs rather
Earth and sky, do not let the thread die
Doesn't take much to kill a barkscroll, in my experience.
He didn't get any either way.
>Distandlands Anon
>"Doesn't take much to kill a barkscroll, in my experience."
It's a Barkslug impostor! Get him!
And you had the chance to go down in history as the first person to ERP in our system...
Barkslugs will be barkslugs, I suppose.
I've made the resolve check now, I swear.
Stop stabbing me!
Only because I don't want to risk rolling crit fails on the combat skill test.
Okay, I'm gonna try and finish up the updated race rolling tables now.
So people have any preference on if I should order the races alphabetically or by Common->Least Common?
Ah drat. We just hit Autosage. And we almost made it to a whole week on this topic.
I prefer in order of frequency. As you're arranging them for random rolling, order them by the meaning of the result, which is usually from most common to rarest.
For instance,
>01-30: x
>31-45: y
and so on.
Yeah, that's mostly how I had it last time
It actually works out alphabetically for the first chart anyway

>00-29 Fourthling
>30-49 Goblin
>50-74 Other
>75-84 Troll
>85-94 Trog
>95-99 Waif
Ah Wait, Other should go before Goblin
>00-29 Fourthling
>30-54 Other
>55-74 Goblin
>75-84 Troll
>85-94 Trog
>95-99 Waif
Next question, How rare should banderbears be?
We see them A lot in the books, but its always kinda implied that its rare to see them
Also, Shrykes.
We do meet a lot of Shrykes, but they're mostly in the second age.
Banderbears are already relatively uncommon due to being in the "other" category. Within that, however, I'd advise a relatively high chance, as banderbears make goos NPCs.
Shrykes are also populous enough to avoid being regarded as rare and any relative scarcity is gained through being part of "other".
The new thread is up.

How does this look ?

>00-24 Slaughterer
>25-44 Mobgnome
>45-59 Shryke
>60-72 Oakelf
>73-81 Barkelf
>82-90 Banderbear
>91-95 Spindlebug
>96-98 Fettle-Legger
>99-99 Bushnymph

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