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You've chased the demons into the darkness and you've most probably lost them.

After hours of mindless running you've found a dead beast spirit. The wounds are jagged and ferocious.

You don't know where Anne's gone and you don't know where the beasts have gone.

You turn back and look at the dim and minuscule green that shines on the horizon, representing Agathi's sanctuary.

>Turn back and rejoin with the students.
>Go back but leave the school and find something new to do.
>Keep chasing for Anne.

>Last thread archive: https://warosu.org/tg/thread/S35855464#p35855464

>Twitter: Pecan_Pie_Land
I am pretty much at a loss on whether to continue chasing anna or return to school
we might just be digging ourselves deeper into the hole
its already our fault that she is at this predicament
>Keep chasing for Anne.
File: weqweqw.jpg (67 KB, 983x1218)
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You run for hours more and you feel it's too far gone. She and whatever those things were are gone. Suddenly there's a giant flash on the horizon ahead of you.

You hesitate only for a moment and then dash towards the blazing light. It takes you a while but soon your in range.

There are three hulking and oddly shaped silhouettes that are nearing Anne? Yes it is Anne. She's radiating some kind of light from herself.

As you draw nearer and nearer you pass more and more dead beast spirits. Their bodies strewn about like the first one you passed earlier.

You're suddenly very sure that she's going to win this fight. And as you watch you're right. She slays the remaining three beast spirits after a few seconds of sparring.

"You shouldn't have come out here." She says, slowly losing the glow that she has. "I have it under control."

>Ask her how she did that
>Check if she's alright
>Join her on a walk back
>Ask her what these are and why they wanted her so bad
>Join her on a walk back

It appears that you are right. But I did not know that then. You did run away from them at first.

we have several hours to walk back. we might as well fill them with some questions.
>Ask her how she did that
>Check if she's alright
>Ask her what these are and why they wanted her so bad
File: wquyre.jpg (30 KB, 588x832)
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She starts walking slowly at first, rubbing at her temples multiple times and there's something about her that seems drained.

"Magic of that extent really takes it out of me.." She says weakly.

"Yeah, how did you do that? The master wizards got their asses handed to them how did you defeat them?" You ask and she hesitates.

"I.. I'm a very good wizard first of all.. But I've also got some help." She says and looks at her staff for a long moment.

You two begin walking a bit faster.

"Did you get hurt?" You ask.

"No, nothing too bad. I just hope none of the others got hurt because of me." She says.

You look away for a moment because you know that at least one person got hurt, thinking back to the dark skinned elf, thinking back to his guts laid across the yard and the beast that had entrails hanging from it's mouth.

"Why were they after you?" You ask after a silence that seemed like an age.

"I've destroyed many of them and thus I've become a major target of their kind. It's getting worse too, that's why I go under the Alias Anne instead of Alyssa, my true name."

"That must be hard, not being able to live with your actual name." You say trying to sympathize.

"If it'll keep people safe, it's worth it." She says.

The rest of the walk is pretty silent. Once you near the sanctuary she tells you to go back to the school and check up on the ones there.
She says she needs to speak with Agathi at his sanctuary.

You nod and go to the school. There are many dead students and more wounded. You go to assist in the main room where everyone eats and as you do an apparition appears.

It's a dim and faint spirit that emits a bright blue and fills the room with this aura.

"Yasuo is wounded. If you should try and escape, you should now before he is healed."

It then vanishes.

>Go on with the intent of healing wounded
>Find agathi and tell him of the apparition
>Find Porter and tell him of the apparition
>Find Anne and tell her of the apparition
>Write in
>Go on with the intent of healing wounded
Can't leave them to die. and we aren't ready yet.
>>Go on with the intent of healing wounded
Paladins gonna paladin.
File: weqweqqweqweqw.jpg (20 KB, 588x832)
20 KB
You start tending to a boy Porter directs you to. It turns out to be the Half elf boy that had challenged you to a duel a few days ago. His back is torn up terribly but Porter just told you to bandage him up.

You do so and he asks where you've been.

"I was looking for Anne but I found her." You say.

"Ah," He says.

You finish up his bandages and tend to a few more people. There are lots of wounded. Those things came through and tore everything apart leaving only scraps of some people and leaving others with wounds they'll never forget.

"Do you have any idea what those things were?" A fellow student asks as you bind her thigh.

"Beast spirits." You say and leave out the part where they were hunting Anne.

She must feel guilty enough as it is.

You help out until you've helped all you can and then pass out on your bed in your room.

You wake up the next day to the half elf boy yelling at you.

"Hey wake up Paladin! They apparently caught a beast spirit! It's downstairs" He says and walks away slowly and awkwardly as if in extreme pain.

You sit up and put on your armor. You ache from all you did yesterday.

Downstairs there's a loud sneering and barking sound.

"WHO ARE YOU!?" A large elf shouts with a glowing blade to the things neck.

The beast itself is tied down more than enough times to the floor boards.

You and the wounded and untouched students are surrounding the beast watching with curiosity and hate.

"Nik Tao Maruska." It says in a low tone and then leaves a purring noise afterwards.

You don't understand.

>Go find Porter and ask him what you should do
>Go find Agathi and ask him what you should do
>Write in what you guys think you should do
>Go find Porter and ask him what you should do
he is our teacher.
might also mention the apperition
>Find Anne and let her know they've managed to capture and interrogate one of her pursuers.
I guess that is fine too
heck, we can do both

anyways QM, I am going to sleep, its 1am here. seems like you got a replacement player now
I think you should consider timezones for when you run a quest
File: iuitytuyut.jpg (16 KB, 455x649)
16 KB
You find Anne and tell her that they've captured one of her beast spirits.

"Thanks for telling me." She says and then pauses. "But there's really nothing to hear from the thing."

"Oh, okay, I just thought you'd like to know." You say and then you awkwardly leave.

You walk back to the school and on your way you see many students rebuilding one of the walls that was destroyed because of the beast spirits.

Inside Porter's giving lots of orders to different students to go get things like bags or a staff from Agathi.

You ask him what you should be doing and he looks down and then back up.

"Your training is vital right? Why don't you go back to see one of our best mages. Fawnsworth." He gestures towards a room tucked beneath the stairwell.

You go back there and tell Fawnsworth why you're there.

He's very stern for a second and then nods, "Okay I guess if it's what Porter wants."
"I can give you magical advice but I'm mainly good with the sword if you'd like to learn more about that."

For the pen is mightier than the sword! And spellbook blows both of their asses out of the water.
File: weqwqeqweqwe.jpg (25 KB, 353x1095)
25 KB
You tell him that you want Magic. He nods.

"Magic it is then."

After hours of teaching and the whole day of you practicing, you can summon a wobbly spirit cat thing.

It's supposed to be a Tiger the teacher says and you nod.

"It's my first time and all." You say.

"You should come back tomorrow." He says and you agree and leave.

The next day in the yard there's a mourning ceremony for all of the dead students.

A tall man approaches you after the ceremonies when you're going to see your magic teacher.

"Hello, you seem to know a young woman that's very dangerous. Alyssa yes?" He asks.

You're suddenly shocked and you hesitate.

>Yes, I know her
>No, I don't
>Who are you?
>just run and go tell Anne
>>No, I don't
>>Who are you?

Ha, supporting this.
>Who are you?

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