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Previously on Medieval Pokemon Quest

A 14 year old boy is sent on his pokemon journey with his trusty Turtwig, Teddy. Hunting in the the forest and checking out a lake nets him Carla, the Clauncher. We travel to Bluerock city and join up with a trading ship. Bunking with the wealthy Jesse, Barry learns to sail and trains his pokemon. Barry escorts Jessie to her ultra-rich uncle and learns of the civil war taking place in Hoenn. After a night at a mansion, the pair explores the jungle and gain new partners, a Bagon and Croagunk. They then walk through the botanical garden and return to the ship.

On the trip home against the currents, a pirate ship is spotted and board the Painted Wailord. The pirate captain attacks your room with his Greninja. Luckily, we fight off the scum and watch Teddy evolve. Resting against the wall, you have a highpoint in every boy's life, your first kiss. You are informed that as the slayer of the pirate captain, you are now the owner of his ship. You rename the Grim Greninja the Garrulous Grotle. You and Jessie get kitted out in poke-armor, then you meet her parents. An awkward dinner later, you leave and wake in the morning to see Jessie and her father.
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Going off to Hoenn, you learn to read and are banned from Jessie's cabin. You go to a captain's meeting, where you here some interesting tidbits. Locked out of her cabin, the two of you go off into the markets of Lilycove city. Ending up on the beach, you fall asleep and wake to the sunset. Walking back to the ship after escorting Jessie to her cabin, you are robbed by a red headed thief. Learning her story, you offer her a job on the ship, as she turns out to know some carpentry. You go on an expedition for new pokemon, making friends with a Mankey and naming him Jack. Jessie finds a Ralts, while Alyssa befriends a Luxio. On the last day in Hoenn, you go out with the girls to find books for the journey home. The markets seemed extra crowded that day.

A wild storm drives you off course, when you spot a small boat on the horizon. Held within the boat is the twins, Emma and James. Telling their story by switching speakers mid-sentence, you learn of their town that was taken over by pirates. You sneak through the swamps surrounding the town to do some reconnaissance. On your way out, you are stopped by a group of men. Luckily, their leader recognizes Emma and doesn't stab you. A few days are spent with the group, which is composed of all the people who escaped the pirates, in which you plan your attack on the town. Creeping up at night, you are able to take out a large number of pirates before the alarm is raised. Commanding your army of fighters, you destroy the pirate's battle lines. The pirate captain challenges you to a duel, which you accept. A few bruises and a broken rib later, you defeat the pirate. Blacking out, you wake to see the ceiling of an infirmary.

As you wait for your ribs to heal, you explore the town you saved. You meet up with the twins Emma and James, and get aquatinted with their grandfather. He lets you in on the town's secret, an emerald mine hidden behind the town.
File: empoleonarmor.jpg (29 KB, 236x600)
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You buy a strange bracer with red crystal and a white flute at a rare item shop, then go on an expedition into the swamps around the town. Off answering nature, a spinarark jumps out. Using your White Flute, you stop the angry pokemon from biting off your Caterpie. The giant bug folows you home, and creeps you out for a few hours. Philip gives a speech and announces a marriage between himself and Emma. The twins and their grandfather decide not to go along with that, and you take on the twins into your services. Sailing to Kalos, you earn to fly with a Sky Suit and catch a Fletchling. Leaving the region to their silly accents, you sail on to Blurock City.

Barry talks with Jessie, then the first ship battle of the quest takes place. We learn the use(s?) of the runic bracer, and sink the pirate ship. After the battle, the loot is distributed among the crew. The crew promptly redistributes the loot, the ones with the best poker faces becoming much richer. Jessie gets home, where her father is waiting. Leaving the pair, you return to the ship. With a reward for the sinking of the pirate ship, you order some new armor.
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137 KB JPG
Recovering from a poisoned blade, you arrive at the temple. Your party splits, heading off to the different sectors. Falling asleep on the Steel mountain, you have a dream. Flying through the air, you meet yourself below the mountain. After waking, five years go by. Focusing on Swordsmanship, Magic, and Trading. During the timeskip, a race of nomadic horsemen from the Eastern Steppes invade your country. You climb a massive slate cliff to assault a Ryttere(horsemen) controlled castle. Once inside the keep, you capture a Rytterean girl. In the keep's library, you find a tome on a new type of magic that can be learned by Displacers. James finds one on Fire magic, and many other tomes that could be on other magiks. You talk with the captured girl, who you find is named Nara. You learn some political workings in their culture(Four elite warriors and a king), along with the news of her father's magic

>wall of text over

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Prof.%20Sequoia
Your team
>Teddy the Grotle(Grass)
>Carla the Clauncher(Water)
>Brandt the Shelgon(Dragon)
>Jack the Primeape(Fighting)
>Charlotte the Ariados(Bug/Poison)
>Felix the Fletchinder(Fire/Flying)
Your inventory
>Aggron Steel Grosse Messer Sword
>Bisharp Steel Parrying Dagger
>Aegislash Hoplon
>Empoleon Steel Plate
>Aggron Steel Plate
>Mespirit Runic Bracer
>White Flute
>The Garrulous Grotle
>The Staunch Clauncher
>Unnamed Gunship(Fourth Rate)
>Displacement Magic(6 foot wide portals, 20 foot range)
Jessie's team
Alyssa's team
Emma's Team
>Female Nidorina(Poison)
James' Team
>Male Nidoran(Poison)
Climbing from the hanging bed, you go through your daily ritual. A light blue Ariados silk tunic, one of your best, goes over your head. A pair of pants, a darker blue, go on as well. A black leather belt goes on next, holding your dagger and coin purse. A splash of water, provided by Carla, sets your yellow hair dripping. Felix hops on your shoulder, which is protected by a thick strap of Donphan leather. The heat from the pokemon dries your hair, which you style to it's preferred state. Checking in the small mirror, you exit the cabin.

A meal of fresh bread, vegetables, and Rapidash meat stop the hunger inside your stomach. General Vici is expecting you tonight for another briefing, but today is open.
>What do?
>Go to the library
>Talk with...(who?)
>Practice Magic
>Practice Sword fighting
>Explore the castle and surrounding lands
>Write in

I really need to cut the intro down
>Talk with Nara
Let's see if we can't find out more about her people whilst also warming her disposition towards us. Maybe take Jessie/Alyssa/Emma (whoever's around) with us to provide female company.

Also, intro is long but nicely informative for anyone new. I don't think there's issue with it
I always thought pokemon would be cooler without the modern tech. An age where pokemon would be formidable opponents if not out right rulers of the world.

Just imagine the intelligent ones. Humans could be the underclass and pokemon the lords.
wait for the dragons

Any lines for the conversation?
Her father captured the castle in order to prove himself right? What are the Sha'Shan's machinations however - simple expansion of his Shandom?
What is the extent of his rule - what numbers his armies?

Alongside some questions about other aspects of her homeplace, like foods, indigenous pokemon, traditions, etc, something to put her a little at ease with. (Unless it just triggers acute homesickness)

We could also offer to try teaching her our language
Wandering around inside the keep's stone walls, you stop by a few of the men's camps. Many are playing cards or repairing their equipment, while those that drew watch sleep in the tents. Entering the keep, you overhear three men, knights judging from their dress, arguing over an off-color Zebstrika. Inside the keep's reception, cleaned of reminders of the battle, you meet up with Emma. The two of you walk back to the ship, where provisions are being loaded.

Accompanied by Emma and Charlotte, you remove bar from Nara's door. The wooden door swings out, into the hallway. Within the cabin/cell, Nara sits on her bunk. Coughing slightly, Nara opens her eyes and looks up at you.

"Hello Nara. I wanted to check up on you. This is Emma. She's one of my friends." You introduce the blond girl, Charlotte standing lightly on the wood planks.
"Hello Emma. Narangerel. Bar-Ry calls me Nara." The Rytterean girl stands, half a foot below Emma, and bows her head to Emma.
"It's nice to meet you Nara." The tall blond girl bows back to Nara. "Why don't you tell me about the Rytterean lands. I've heard a lot about the Steepes, but most people haven't been there."
"Steppes good. Lots grass, good for pokemon. People eat what they catch. Mare milk to drink. Rapidash and Zebstrika cover lands. Battles between Shans. Father win many. Lose to Ice women. Now Sha'Shan rule." The girl sits down on the hardwood planking, the two of you following her example. Charlotte forms the last side of the square, her mandibles moving back and forth.
"Why don't you tell us about the Sha'Shan. Why did he send your father out here?" You ask, petting the giant spider.
"Sha'Shan want more land. Sent father to take castle. Gold here. Take gold home. He, Sha'Shan, conquer many families. Not all travel together. When left, 250000 pokemon. 150000 people." Damn. Thats a big number. "Everyone ride. Zebstrika. Rapidash. Mamoswine. Some strange others. Giant scaly things."
>What say?
>"You said before that there'll be no ransom for you - that you are expected to return by your own means. If we were to release you right now, though I do not think that'll be an option right now, do you think you would be able to make that journey?"
>Then offer to train her in the ways of hitting people whilst she remains a prisoner of war on our ship
File: Zebstrika.jpg (114 KB, 450x470)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
"You said before that there'll be no ransom for you - that you are expected to return by your own means. If we were to release you right now, though I do not think that'll be an option right now, do you think you would be able to make that journey?" You ask, the asian girl perking up at the mention of release.
"If Zebstrika still live, yes. She's my mount. Wrong color. Father say lucky. Shiny. Blue where white should. Purple for black. Nara can fight. Bows and sword best. But lance fine." Wait. That Zebstrika the knights were arguing about. It looked wrong, but you never got a good look. Maybe you could find it.
"Okay Nara, I'll see what I can do. Until the war is over, you are going to have to stay with me. Is that okay with you? We might be able to trade you for a knight, if you want to leave immediately." You promise the girl, but as you end she is already shaking her head no.
"Have to do by self. Family not accept if not. Prove self." The short girl bows her head in thanks.
>What do?
>Go see the knights about the Zebstrika
>Stay here(say what?)
>Write in
>>Go see the knights about the Zebstrika
It's shiny hunting time
>Go see the knights about the Zebstrika
Leaving Emma with Nara and Charlotte, you walk down the wooden hallway. Shortening it with a portal jump, you exit onto the rocking deck. Another portal to the pier, then a few more to bypass the stairs, and you reach the castle walls. Instead of waiting for the iron portcullis, you open a gate into the courtyard. Portals save so much time. Walking to the stables, you find that the Zebstrika is eating oats(gotta make gains) from a trough. No knight is near, however a stableboy is brushing down a Rapidash.

"Boy! Come over here. Who lay claim to that pokemon?" You point over at the shiny Zebstrika.
"That would be Sir Randolph Killington's new mount. He says that he slew a massive barbarian who rode it. I believe him too, only he could fight a mounted Rytterean with only a sword." The stable boy answers, gazing over at the sparkling pokemon.
"Where could I find Sir Randolph?"
"He should be at the lord's table, sir. The general is celebrating the capture of the castle." You hand the stableboy a gold piece, more than he'll make in a month. The boy thanks you profusely as you leave, stopping only as you portal-jump away.
>How would you like to talk to the knight?
>Puns(insert puns)
>Write in
No reason to antagonize off the bat, we simply request of him the Zebstrika, if necessary citing that it will bring us the captives favour and trust and thus information. Naturally he'll want some compensation, presumably we can afford to simply pay it but if not a duel or something might suffice.

If he gets crotchety, we can bring into question the story of how he claimed it. I somewhat doubt a solider would be using the Shan's daughter's personal mount, I say it's more likely he came across it stabled out of the fray.
Still writing, longish post
No worries, I'm just here reading a book. (Which leads me to find the new posts 10mins late anyway)
Teleporting through the solid wooden door, you enter the feast hall. A large oak table has been set with trenchers and stew, roast Grumpig, and a massive Rapidash cooked whole. Berries, fruits, and vegetables litter the tablecloth, a large pile of apples and oranges near the head. Each chair and bench is stuffed full, men in silk and steel devouring the meal. A few of the men look up at you, your portal closing behind you. Walking along the wall, close enough to touch the cotton banners on the wall, you pace to the head of the table. General Vici and a few of his advisors look up at you, the general's eyes widening slightly.
"Hello Captain Barry. I did not expect you to come. My messenger couldn't find you." The balding man stands, level with you. A small amount of grease stains his green silk shirt.
"I was interrogating the prisoner. Odd, my crew didn't tell me that someone was looking for me."
"Yes... uh, well." The general stammers, before you interrupt him.
"Now, if you could point me to Sir Randolph Killington. The prisoner claims the shiny Zebstrika as her own, but I am told that Sir Killington has lain claim as well."
"Oh, well. Sir Killington is there" The man gestures to a man, his head dipped. Greasy black hair hangs down, covering his face. A hooked nose is all that is visible through the hair.
Walking back to man, you tap on his shoulder. The head lifts, revealing his face. A large hooked nose sits in the center, leaning to the right, it seems that he broke it and it never set right. Beady brown eyes stare out from beneath a heavy brow. Clean-shaven, nothing hides his yellowed teeth. A cleft chin juts out, pulling his lips outward.
"What?" The man grunts
"You are Sir Killington, correct?" The man nods, "I've heard tales of your new mount. How did you come about it?"
"Ah, another admirer. I was fighting my way inside the castle, the courtyard awash with flame. Rapidash were running straight into spears in their hurry to escape. One of the barbarians, huge, almost seven foot, was on the 'strika. He rode down on me, a saber flashing in the light. I hit the blade up with my shield, then as he was riding past, I got a good hit on him. He circled round, pulling on the reigns. Long story short, I killed him." The man smiles, his crooked teeth not meeting their partners.
"That is a very good story. Shame no one saw you fighting. One man did see you slip off to the stables, but that was likely a mistake."
"The hell you saying, you dirty nomad?" The man stands, towering over you. "Saying that I'm a liar?
"No, merely that someone else has a different story."
"Who? I'll kill the little bugger, swear it on Arceus.
"The owner of the Zebstrika"
"You little shit. Believing a Rytterean, only a nomad would be so stupid. I'll show you who the owner is. Where is the horsefucker? I'll kill him."
"He is a she, sir."

The hall has gone quiet, the men looking up at you. A giant, easily over 300 pounds and 6'6, and a slight blond man, 5'10 and 170 pounds tops.
"Insulting my honor like this shall not stand. I challenge you to a duel. I'll even let you pick the weapons, gotta make up for my opponent being a filthy nomad"
>What weapons?
>Write in
Is it honourable to fight with magic in duels? And do we dress up in full plate, artefacts and whatnot? That bracer of ours will likely be of use fighting this guy
magic is generally seen as another tool, like an arm or leg. You get to choose dress, full plate all the way to being completely nude. Your choice
Sick, well we'll suggest full plate and sword then.
"Well then, I accept. Two hours, in the courtyard. Swords, I think would be best."

The giant pulls a glove from his belt, rearing back to slap you with it. Instead, you open two portals as he throws the slap. Intercepted by a whirling vortex in space, the hand travels through the portal. The exit portal to his right shoots out his hand, slapping himself across the face. You open another portal beneath you, sinking into the floor. "Two hours."

Two hours later, decked out in your Aggron Steel, you depart your ship. Grey steel glints softly in the afternoon sun, your blue cotton cape flapping in the sea breeze. A black leather sword belt holds your messer and dagger. The red metal bracer, covered in red crystal writing, sits on your forearm. The other is covered in cotton, protected by the large round shield. Your legs burn slightly from the walk up the stairs, no portals to preserve your PP. Your friends follow, decked out in fine silk and furs. Nara comes as well, free of constraints. Entering the castle, a crowd stares at you. The visor of the helm shields your face, but all viewers know you buy sight. The news of a duel has been circling the castle, men betting on the outcome. James places a bet on you of 100 gold, finding that the odds are unfavorable to say the least. Ten to one, at least if you win James will be a good amount richer.

You enter a roped off square, James acting as your second. The combatant enters, steel glinting in the light. Encased in Aggron steel from head to toe, Sir Killington has forsaken his shield. Instead, he wields a massive two-handed sword. A long dagger sits on his hip, the blade waving like a flame. His beady eyes stare out at you, full of hatred. General Vici walks to the center and talks of the rules. No throwing sand, no running, and it ends when the loser is dead or begs for mercy. Ending, the balding man walk out of the ring.
A gong is struck, and the duel begins. The steel clad giant rumbles forward, his sword held with a disturbing ease. A flash of red pierces your vision, the world dyed the color of blood. It settles down, your vision normal except for the reds being brighter than normal. Your armor and weapon become light as a your bracer glows slightly. Inside the steel helmet of Killington, a look of fear flies across his eyes. From his view, unknown to you, the nomad's eyes just changed from blue to a flaming red. The two-handed sword slams into your shield, rocking you to the side.
>What do? Roll 1d100 for choice
>Retreat, use magic
>Stay in close, where his reach useless
>Portal under his feet, trip him up
Forgot the last option
>Write In
Rolled 49 (1d100)

>>Stay in close, where his reach useless
Let's use magic as a finisher if we need to pull a fast one. If we can beat this brute through sheer combat prowess it would look better in front of the crowd
Rolled 23 (1d100)

Rolling the next two dice since I'm not sure anyone else is here
Rolled 80 (1d100)

you didn't see anything
Rolled 43 (1d100)

And finally last roll.

Also, switching choice to writein:
>Wait until he comes in with another strike and using the power from the bracer swing up with the shield from a low stance aiming to deflect the greatsword far back and stagger him
>Could also go for tripping him over by hooking a foot behind his legs whilst this happens. Fighting on ships should give our footwork a massive bonus
Staying in close, you try to negate the knight's reach. He backs up while swinging, twisting at the hips. The blow knocks you off balance, teetering on one leg. Planting your foot, you duck under a followup swing. The blow misses your head, but catches on your horn. It rocks your head, dizzyingly strong. Shaking off the blow, you punch forward with the round shield. The rim of the metal shield slams into the flat of the blade, sending it upwards. Before you can follow up the blow, he releases the sword with one hand. As it circles round, he punches with his steel clad hand.

The gauntlet slams into you with the force of a tackle. The metal hits you in the center of the chest, driving the wind out. The sword swings up, scraping along the ground. It slides across your side, sparks flying as metals collide. Backing off to gather your wind, you shield yourself from the tip if the sword.
Barry HP 232/235
Killington HP 478/478

>What do?
1d100, best of three
Rolled 28 (1d100)

Killington can move his sword telekinetically? Or have I misunderstood?

>Jump back to gain some distance, baiting him into attacking
>When he comes to attack, raise the shield to block it but open a portal that his attack swings through
>Whilst he's caught off balance from the lack of impact go for a slash at his knees
>The portal destination is unimportant but naturally opening it behind Killington for him to hit himself would be neat
Rolled 59 (1d100)

Rolling for the second time
Rolled 62 (1d100)

sorry, he let go of it with one hand. The left punched you while the right swung around
Rolled 35 (1d100)

Oooh, of course, he was holding it in both hands. I feel bad about breaking out the portals then but as the saying goes, all is fair in a fight.
Rolled 19 (1d100)

You back up, shield held lower. The knight swings at your head, pulled in by the opening in your guard. The two-handed blow whistles through the air, intent on cleaving your head. Instead of raising your shield, you open a portal next to your head. The exit portal, placed behind the man's knee, swirls in the air. The steel blade disappears into the blue portal, Sir Killington is thrown off balance by the lack of contact. The blade reappears behind him, crumpling the thin steel protecting his knees. Blood spurts out, and a screech of metals rubbing together rings out.

The knight limps backward, leaning to the left. A trail of dark wet dirt follows him. While he backs up, you open a portal under the foot of the knight. The edge of you blade goes through the portal, slicing into the leather boot of the knight. Retracting the blade, you circle round with the tall knight
Barry HP 232/235
Killington HP 456/478

>What do? 1d100, best of three
Rolled 70 (1d100)

>Press the advantage, charge in shield raised in front of you and cleave down onto his left shoulder.
>Try to avoid further use of portals

If we can wound one of his arms enough he'll struggle to do, well, anything with that two handed sword
Rolled 27 (1d100)

Second roll
Rolled 39 (1d100)

And third roll
Rolled 49 (1d100)

Pressing your advantage, you rush at the giant man. He raises his sword up, bringing it down on your upraised shield. The blade jars your arm, smashing into the steel shield. Both sword and shield slide to the left, leaving the knight's side open. Driving the point of the messer between the rondel and through the light mail, you stab up into the armpit. The metal links part, the point driving deep into the joint. The blade jars, stuck in bone. In your peripheral vision, the arm spasms and releases it's grasp on the sword.

The remaining arm swings up at you, the wrist twisted wrong. The flat of the blade slams into your side, hitting the floating rib. Even one-handed, the sword blow is hard enough to crush the skin and muscles. Backing away from the wounded Sir Killington, he throws a right hook. The metal clad fist misses, spinning the knight around. He spins with it, his sword held upwards. His back to you, you lift up the Aegislash shield. He completes the spin, his sword swinging with terrifying speed. It slams into the shield, knocking you to the ground.

>what do? 1d100, best of three
Rolled 96 (1d100)

>Stand back up at distance, ready a stable fighting stance
>"Killington! I give you this chance to declare defeat! In this time of war I have no intention of fully incapacitating you if it can be helped!"
Rolled 3 (1d100)

Forgot HP

Barry HP 230/235
Killington HP 437/478
Rolled 25 (1d100)

Rolling second time for the sake of it, I guess there's a 1 in 50 chance for a meaningful difference
>we score high on yelling things

Anyway, if he doesn't back down how far do we take this fight? Do we finish him off? Would save us potential vengeance issues. I say this with the assumption that there's any other anons here, like this guy >>35460251
Rolled 6 (1d100)

And third roll

Haha, is that Killington's action roll too? This round went terribly for him
"Killington! I give you this chance to declare defeat! In this time of war I have no intention of fully incapacitating you if it can be helped!" You shout, the words muffled and changed by the steel jaw visor.
"Fuck you and your mother, ya ugly nomad" The knight responds, his voice laced by rage and pain.

The knight, encased in dense steel, barrels toward you. Scrambling to get off the ground, you open a portal beneath you. Dropping away, you reappear twenty feet to the left. Fighting through the pain of his wounded knee, Killington turns to you. The knight reaches you as you get to your feet, his sword kicking up sparks along the rocky ground. You collide, two pillars of steel, falling to the ground from the momentum. He ends on top, four hundred pounds of steel and muscle, pressing down on your chest. The metal begins to buckle, pushed in by the weight. You upa, hips rising off the ground. His leg, trapped by your own, gives way and you roll across the ground. Between his armored legs, you slam your shield into his hips again and again. Any attempt to swing is blocked by the same shield, and on the ground he is unable to get much power for his attacks. The thin metal plates and codpiece dent and change form with each strike, drawing pained grunts from the knight. You block a relatively weak attack with your sword, pushing the arm back.
An armored glove slams into you head, sending you sprawling off the knight. Climbing shakily to your feet, you see Sir Killington struggling to rise. Opening a portal under your lost sword, you grab the sword as it falls from air. Holding it upside down, the pommel facing the sky, you stomp down on the injured arm of the knight. Something breaks beneath your steel shod foot, eliciting a moan from Killington. You begin to retreat, not willing to kill a defenseless opponent. The knight struggles up, pushing with his good arm. The sword remains on the ground, abandoned. Instead, he rips the flame shaped dagger from it's sheath.
Barry HP 230/235
Killington HP 362/478
>What do?
Rolled 41 (1d100)

>Reach through a portal and bash him over the head with the hilt of your sword
>Whilst he's stunned attempt to disarm him
>More portal trickery as appropriate, eg, tripping him, backhanding him from behind, etc
Rolled 19 (1d100)

Second roll
Rolled 96 (1d100)

And third roll
Rolled 14 (1d100)

damn, these rolls man

>Nat 1
Yeah... Butterknight is in for a beating
Backpedaling, you fall back into your guard stance. Shield facing Killington, you open a portal in front of it. Driving the shield through the portal, it comes out from behind his knees. The metal rim slams into the joints, knocking Sir Killington to the ground with a grunt. Another blow with the rim to the temple knocks him to the ground, reeling. Opening a portal above his wrist, you kick the armored hand. The hand spasms when you shatter a wrist bone, the knife falling to the ground. More blows, rained down from all angles, pummel the steel giant. Grunts and ringing steel echos within the stone walls of the courtyard, onlookers screaming for him to fight back. A careful slice from your sword cuts the straps on his helmet, and a kick sends it tumbling into the crowd. The onlookers jump at the souvenir, having their own little duel for the helm.

"I yield." The knight grouns, unable to take anymore. "I submit to Captain Barry of the torterraen nomads." The man moans, bones broken and blood streaming from wounds, ending the fight. A groan goes up from most of the crowd, while a few scattered men cheer your victory. Four men rush onto the field, a large stretcher carried between them. Two chancey follow, along with a Blissey. The giant is rolled onto the stretcher, then carried to the infirmary. With each step, the body releases a moan. You are handed an egg by one of the Chanceys before it waddles off. Pulling off the Aggron steel helmet, you notice that one of the horns is now bent slightly. Your friends crowd you, cheering and congratulating you. Nara walks over as well, a slight smile on her face.

"Thank you Barry. Father gave Zebstrika to Nara as Blitzle." The Rytterean girl smiles. She then rises up on her toes, planting a kiss on your cheek.
You walk back down the stairs to your ship, your friends in a group surrounding you. Before heading down, James walks to a man who is handing out money to men with blue strips of paper. He hands James two large bags of coins, an angry/sad look on his face. Back on your ship, you strip the steel and sweat soaked cotton off. A shower of cold water from Carla, then a new tunic refresh your battered body. A light meal of Rapidash steak and potatoes, and you retire to bed.

The next day, a messenger tells you that you are wanted in General Vici's war council. A glass of wine to steel yourself, and you head off to the castle keep. General Vici, Sir Killington in multiple casts and bandages, and thirteen other men look up at your arrival.

"Ah, nice to see you again. I was planning to tell you yesterday, but with the duel, I thought it would be best to wait to today. We have gotten news from the southern front, a besieged castle to be exact. The Ryttereans have captured a city, which straddles the river that will be our main road into the middle of the region.
File: river.jpg (12 KB, 743x557)
12 KB
"Normally, this wouldn't be too bad. But the river is crossed by three booms and three bridges. Each boom is independent, meaning that we must take over each bridge. The bridges are fortified, with two levels. The top is for normal cargo, while the second is made up of murderholes to rain arrows and hot sand on anyone who passes below. The supports have been refitted, acting as cannon batteries. The booms trail a solid metal net, which prevent the Sharpedoes from escaping."
"Wait, Sharpedoes?"
"Yes, they were imported from Hoenn to make another line of defense against invaders. Upstream of this town, sits the castle. It is one of the newest, built with cannon in mind. It has over a thousand cannon, with the means to make gunpowder and shot. Sitting on an island, it is perfectly placed to control the river. We have to liberate it. Since you will be leading the force, we would like to know how to assault the town?
>Go under the booms
>Starve out the town
>Stealth into the town
>Blow up the bridges
>Write in
>>Stealth into the town
>"With the castle under siege we don't have the time to passively starve them out of the town. A full frontal assault down the river will be a disaster with those cannon batteries."
>"Thus we must take the alternate route. I suggest a land based stealth operation to deal with the river defences. If we can spare it a closed deck galley set down the river would prove a fantastic distraction for this."
What about that little tributary to the north? Take small boats there, and pop up where they aren't expecting near the castle, and flanking the bridges.
By the way, that map - is the orange the town and the grey bit the castle? And do the arrows designate the flow of the river or where we come from?

And is that a sneaky stream going round the side? Is paddling our armies through that and striking at the town from behind an option?
Orange is town, Black is Boom/Bridge, Grey is castle.
Way we can attack from.

"The tributary is an option, perhaps. Notes on it say that it is full of rapids and waterfalls. It is never used for trade, but is a popular spot for suicides. There has been reports of someone surviving the trip down it. We would be going up river, which would change the approach greatly/"
>going upstream against rapids
We can't do that, can we--
>water pokemon errywhere
Oh, right. We can probably have them pull some very sturdy boats upstream.

How big a portal can we make again? Taking the rapids flow and sending it through a portal to blow people off the bridges seems like a neat idea.
Well, since it's upriver we can't float an unmanned closed galley at the boom/bridges since it's going the wrong way.I still think a stealth approach is best, the tributary seems like it's going to be far too taxing to get a significant force through, not to mention maintaining a supply line. With a small elite force we should be able to portal onto the bridges and clean up during the night.

>Displacement Magic(6 foot wide portals, 20 foot range)
six foot diameter circle, range of 20 feet

The main river is free of most obstructions, and the bridges are over a hundred feet tall at the top of the arch
Alright then, I'm for the stealth option then.

Do we have intelligence on the besieging force's numbers?
A rough estimate. 3000 to 7000 combatants
And how many of these are manning the town's defences?
The town lacks walls, instead relying on it's central location in the country and being able to shelter inside the bridges
Sorry, wasn't clear, I meant how many would be manning the bridges and cannon batteries

As a sidenote, we should probably not let James set fire to a town since it's populace is ours and burning your own stuff when retaking it kinda sucks too
Sorry, the Ryttereans are not familiar with gunpowder weaponry. However, they will likely have learned from captives of experimentation. Expect the cannons to work at a lower speed and accuracy, but still working. The bridges will likely have one to three thousand men per shift
Stealth mode: Activated
Tributary Y/N?
Anything else
Tributary: N

Other than that, I'm afraid I have to say thanks for running and good night
good night, hope to see you next thread
Roll 1d100 for stealth, best of three
Rolled 18 (1d100)

Rolled 59 (1d100)

Rerolling so we don't die
Sailing down the coast of the region, you turn east into the mouth of the Ralken river. Sailing upstream, your crew is on constant lookout for any sandbars or felled trees. One tree, a massive sequoia(yay, self-inserts!), needs to be removed from a bend in the river. Teams of Bisharps, Scythers, and Machoke chop the tree into easily moved pieces, which are then dragged from the waters. Once the tree is removed, you head back up the river. Landing at a small oxbow in the river, you disembark. The force, containing 2500 fighting men, hike through redwood forests and grasslands. When the scouts report that the town is in sight, you settle down in the long golden grass. Waiting for darkness, you slip into the tall corn and wheat fields.

Lookouts, illuminated by torchlight or Rapidash flames, are visible in the darkness. Off to the right, a mass of Rapidash and Zebstrika are picketed. Bowstrings "twang" lightly, and the lookouts fall to the ground silently. Men are left in their place, holding torches on their mounts. The force is split into teams of fifty, then disperse. Stalking through the shadowy alleyways, you hide or kill the wandering Ryttereans.

Everyone is gone, goodnight.
>Thread Over
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