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>++Initializing Heads-Up Display++

>..:::.Culter Dei Kabuki v3.52:::..


>--Codex Scientia--
>Knowledge is power, guard it well. ~Games Workshop

>Health: 100
>Energy: 100
>Mental Balance:100
>No functional or systemic damage

>Strength: 6
>Psi: 4
>Accuracy: 3
>Tech: 2
>Medicine: 2
>Agility: 4
>Karma: 2

>-All systems functional. Full conscious control engaged in 3.. 2.. 1..


You wake up unceremoniously from the state of unconsciousness obliged by the week-long voyage across the void. While you wait for the chemicals keeping you asleep to be washed out of your bloodstream completely, you attempt to remember your briefing.

Croon lost contact with a research station orbiting around the volcanic planet of Coldh, and the Secreta was quick to volunteer its services. Officially at least. Hushed rumors of upper echelons using their influence to force E.Y.E into action were met with sudden reassignments to objectives long written off as unattainable, and at least one public execution of a loud-mouthed recruit.

You, Slavoskivich and Dhul Saif were volunteered to retrieve the data banks of the station, and attempt to locate what remains of the "team" sent by Croon. No specifics of what the team is were uttered, none were asked.

A good five minutes pass while you're collecting your thoughts, and you notice the room you're in is still pitch black.

>Call out for your team
>Use your EYEvision to navigate towards the window panel or the light switch (-5 energy, -1 upkeep)
>Keep reminiscing
Looks like Culter Dei use a North Korean knockoff of Linux, which steals most of its source code.

Create a cyber ghost to lighten the environment.
Those things must be useful for something, right?
Woo its back! A pity its getting late here and I'm heading to bed soon. Thanks for running Cap, and good luck fellow anons, I hope you accrue much brouzouf while I'm asleep.

>Call out for your team
>5 minutes and letting the alea decide our fate.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

>1: creative usage of Ghost
>2: wake up call
Third anon has entered the game!
No sense in spending energy in a complex process when you can produce your own light in a creative manner. Unplugging yourself from your hibernation pod, you hop into the floor and stare at somewhere "up". In truth, the only reason you think you have an unobstructed path between your eyes and the ceiling is the fact you didn't bang your head against anything. Good enough.

>-2 energy: 98

The pale light and eerie undirected sound echoing across the walls of the ship give you a brief window to take note of your surroundings. A pair of open pods, in front of your own. Which means-

A shot from a BOSCO sinks into the ceiling. "Damn it Ivan!" Your team mate Slavoskivich growls out, in the quickly darkening room. "I've told you a thousand times before, don't use your Ghost for no reason!"

"Well, not my fault you practically undergo hypno-indoctrination shooting silhouettes day in and out."

"I have to keep my skills sharp."

"Since your brains are a lost cause, eh?"

"Fuck off. Dhul, flick the switch."

The quiet Culter in heavy armor stomps along the ship, and with a flick of some panel unseen in the dark, bathes the room in pale yellow light. "Good dreams, everyone?"

"I had that dream again, where I'm shot down into a million pieces.", you say.

"The recurring dream? You really should get that checked with the Librarium."

"Nah, those freaks scare me."

"You're kind of freaky yourself, with your obsession with Psi powers."

"That's.. different."

"I'm waiting to hear -that- explanation." Slavi pipes in.

>Attempt to conjure some kind of credible explanation (4d4+Psi(4), DC 12)
>Impose team discipline and bring the mission to an official start
Rolled 1, 3, 3, 4 = 11 (4d4)

>Attempt to conjure some kind of credible explanation (4d4+Psi(4), DC 12)

sleepy anon signing off here, looking forward to catching up on the thread when I wake up, good night all.
Rolled 4, 3, 3, 1 + 4 = 15 (4d4 + 4)

>Impose team discipline and bring the mission to an official start
This is irrelevant. Begin the mission.
>>Impose team discipline and bring the mission to an official start
Let's go!
>Authoritarian command it is. writan
"I don't have to bother Librariums with Psi Powers.
File: 1000hoursinpaint.jpg (58 KB, 1280x772)
58 KB
"You'll be waiting then. Mission starts: now. Make your preparations and present yourselves at the landing bay in 5 minutes." You speak in a commanding tone with ease, having worked your team mates for long enough to know they know when they're overstepping their boundaries. As expected, they salute you with their "yessirs" and head towards the armory. Although you're not entirely sure about why Slavi is heading there, seeing as he sleeps with his sniper rifle. Strange fellow.

You have some time to gather your thoughts about how you will proceed with the mission. The map Croon agreed to provide your team loads up into your sight, allowing you to study the theater of operations. There has been some obvious censorship for the sake of whatever corporate secrets are involved, and one large area of the station in-3rd floor is marked out grey. What you can see, is that there is a lift you can take to access the research lab, and the sleeping quarters, both located on the -2nd floor. A control station is accessible via corridors, according to the info it controls the security systems, hatch locks and defenses.

It would seem as though Croon is being unsubtle about having you do its dirty work. The information you have will let you perform your mission without a hitch, to be sure. At least, if no unforeseen events happen... For now, you have to come up with a plan.

>Take the corridors towards the control station
>Head towards the lift, from there
>a) Research station, possible location of the data banks
>b) Sleeping quarters, location or indications to the whereabouts of the previous team

It would be wise to choose a loadout as well. Pick 0-2 (each weapon reduces Agility Bonus by 1):
>Facere Mortis Daisho
>Hunting Machine

Pick 0-1:
>Black Crow
>Bear Killer
>Dual BK13
>Take the corridors towards the control station

Bear Killer
>Damocles, Motra and Black Crow.

Go to the Research Station and look for clues.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

>rolling for tie breaking
>Quick intro to the combat mechanics of the system I am dubbing AVAscript as a pun on another bastardized system that has a bare minimum to do with its name origin.

>Each weapon has a d6 dice pool and an innate strength, which must roll above its target's resistance which is dependent on context. For instance, the HS010 would have a high pool, but its poor accuracy and damage would make taking down an enemy reliant on more rolls of, let's say above 5, than a Hunting rifle, who'd have a much smaller dice pool but would only need a 2. Number of dice are affected by both weapon RoF and situational circumstances. Accuracy decreases the limit the dice must roll above.

>This thread is very much a test run.
You ponder your options for some time, measuring the pros and cons of each. Ultimately you decide it best to head straight for the main objective, and look for clues there. Assuming of course the elevator is in working condition... From your experience however, they either function well even after a century. Or fail dramatically regardless of maintenance state.

You head towards the armory. Inside, Dhul Saif has picked up a Sulfatum, wisely choosing not to carry his Excidium into the constrained confines of the station. Slavi only picked up an emergency Medical Kit and a GTC222. Reaching into the portable rack, you produce a Motra, a Black Crow, and your trusty old Damocles. Some might call it a clumsy workhorse, a butcher's tool, a longknife for techno barbarians. You've consistently proven them wrong as their dainty Holly Forge Katanas were shattered by your blows.

A throaty grunt from your friend Dhul awakens you from the unbecoming gushing over your sword. You can already tell your team mates are practically amputating their tongues to prevent themselves from saying something 'clever'. You set up your weaponry in their respective mag-holsters, and turn to them.

"We will enter the station via the cargo bay. Be on the lookout for any contacts. Do -not-..!" You turn to face Slavi ".. Fire upon a target before confirming its friend or foe status!"

"Yessir." You can almost feel his urge to bring up that time with the cyber eagle rider gunmen. The thought brings a mixture of shame and psi shock nausea.

"Move out."

The cargo bay seems to be entirely devoid of life. The typical sight of large crates stacked across an otherwise empty and unremarkable large cube of a room does little to reassure you this will be an uneventful mission. Whatever they were doing here involved moving large amounts of cargo back and forth. Across the floor there are automated rolling carpets and large, mechanical arms hanging from the ceiling, presumably to facilitate the handling of large metal crates.

"Clear." Moving ahead stealthily, Slavi announces that no entity, hostile or otherwise, was detected. You follow the faint transparent shimmer of his cloaking device as he enters the corridor. "Blood spatters detected. Walls breached. Possible hostiles ahead." You give one last look across the cargo bay, noticing up ahead the window frame of a cabin overlooking the procedures, still supporting the shattered remains of glass. If you had to conjure up an amateur's guess, it would be that it serves to remote control the cargo bay's machinery.

>Move on and let sleeping dogs lie
>Attempt to use the machinery to open a crate
Can we operate the machinery remotely? If so, then assume an ambush location and open a crate via the machinery.
How much freedom did the contract grant us?
Were we explicitly told not to look into the company's work?

If we are free to act, open one of the crates. Might contain something nasty that might be related to the situation.
>It was not a contract as far as you know, and no such explicit declarations were done. That said, they obviously weren't keen on sharing any details, if they intentionally obfuscated areas of the map.

>That shall be a 4d6+Tech(2) at a DC of 16
Rolled 2, 4, 4, 5 + 2 = 17 (4d6 + 2)

Fuck it! Let the dice roll!
>And you don't drop a crate on your head. BRB going to have a shower then write
By the way, do you want this thread archived, and if so, as what?
>Worry not, I am keeping track of its pulse
>Back and writan.
You could try jumping towards that cabin, hopping around the crates for good measure. Instead, you decide your cyberbrain might as well do something useful and control the systems remotely. You take a deep breath. "Dhul, establish a killzone on the tunnel entrance. Slavi, keep your head down and do not engage any hostiles unless ordered otherwise."

"What are you going to do, sir?" Slavi's short pause before 'sir' does not go unnoticed. This microscopic breach of conduct bolsters your confidence, instead.

"I'll take control of the bay's hardware to open up one of these crates and find out what exactly is going on here."

Another long pause, followed by a rather long breath. "I'll report any developments in the area ASAP, sir."

That's a good little scout.

You focus on the task at hand, mentally operating your HUD to activate the system possession interface, colloquially known as "hacking panel". You review your firewall's status... Updated, good. You might not sustain brain damage this time around, if you fail. Gathering all your courage, you connect to the system and begin the dance of malware tossing with your mechanical opponent.

After a good 5 minutes, you manage to upload a virus before it manages to upload its own. Voilá, you gain absolute control of the cargo bay's systems. As dextrously as possible, you take hold of a large blue crate, uppermost in the stack, and drop it with as much care as you can muster close by.

"I thought for a moment you were going to drop that thing on yourself." Dhul says.

"Maintain operative formality."

"Yes sir."

You yank the thing open from its side, and the contents of the crate nearly fall on top of you. Smaller containers crashing into the floor, letting alien artifacts emitting a neon green light of several queer shapes roll across the floor. Other boxes pouring open their own contents, frozen organs that bear no resemblance to any creatures originated on Earth. And one body bag.
You have a feeling you know what might be inside, and your guess is not too far off either. A yellow humanoid, of sinewy constitution and with a face best described as demonic, head crowned in spikes, grimaces helplessly back at you. Its torso is sewed shut; perhaps some of the organs littering the floor are his own.

"Team, Croon has been using this place to perform experiments on xenos life forms. Species unknown."

"Movement. Are these xenos insectoid-amphibians with inverted pentagrams on their elongated skulls?"

"...Negative." You let your hands fall on your Motra.

"A group has begun to move hastily towards your location."

"How large?"

"Crawling out of the wall breaches in ever-larger numbers." Well....

Time to earn your brouzouf.

>Allow Dhul to handle it, stealth up and meet with Slavi undercover.
>Fight them off with Dhul
>Like above and order Slavi to rejoin the team
Stealth to the enemy contacts, backstab them all.
Let Slavi rejoin the team.
>There's... quite a large number of contacts. Are you sure you want to go to melee with them all? Between the gore, Damocles blast and gibs flying in your direction, you'll be hard pressed to regain stealth.
I guess our augments aren't good enough yet.

We need to determine if the enemies are melee based yet.
If they are, intercept them in a hallway. Stand at the door and gib them to chunks while they go through the choke point.
Once it's too many, fall back to the other side of the hallway and shoot.
This should conserve ammo and maximize explosions.
>aight, let me come up with stuff for this and write
I'll just warn you that I'm about to go to sleep.
And I'm not sure if anyone else is here to take up my slack.

I like the effort that you put into your new style, though.

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