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Well now we know what's in that little box the Grey Knights have. Boy are they gonna be pissed when they open it.
I dont, op. Dont be a fag. Tell us all the spoilers
I remember no such thing in that book, Anon.
Despite the sperging, the book is actually good. It's a throwback to the first three

Well Qruze, gets an old blank oath paper from the saint Keeler through mundane but devine means. At the end of their semi-botched assassination attempt, Qruze lies dying at the hand (lol literally) of the Warmaster. In his last moment he hands Loken the box we're familiar with from the 5E Grey Knights Codex. At the end of the book Loken opens it to find the oath paper with "Murder" written into it in blood. The handwriting is perfectly symmetrical and practically machine stenciled.
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Well, In that convoluted clusterfuck of sub-plots I don't even know what to think about that Murder-paper or what it implies

Wasn't that the word that appeared in at the end of the Alivia's story about the daemon mirror when she was reading her magical story book?
>Loyal servant and son of the Emperor
>Just got promoted to Grand-Master
>Abaddon's smashed through Cadia
>His fleet's almost to Terra
>Supreme Grand-Master has gathered us all together
>It's time to open the box
>THE box
>The one we're not supposed to open but we all want to
>Like little kids with a cookie jar, but we're faithful so it remained closed
>Until today
>SGM opens it
>It's just a piece of paper that says "Murder"
Yup. Fuck if I know what it means.

Wild guess here It's the word the Emperor's gonna have to speak to activate his psychic power and break through Horus's wards and vaporize his soul at the end of their climactic battle
File: storyteller.jpg (71 KB, 413x404)
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>Alivia opened the book. She knew every story off by heart and didn’t need to read from the page. The translation wasn’t great, and what she read often didn’t match the words written down. Sometimes it felt like the words changed every time she read it. Not by much, but just enough for her to notice, as though the stories liked to stretch and try new things every once in a while.

>But the pictures – woodcuts, she thought – were pretty and the girls liked to ask questions about the strange looking people in them as she read aloud.

>Vivyen pulled in close, and Alivia hissed as the synth-skin bandage pulled taut again.


>‘It’s okay,’ said Alivia. ‘I’ve had worse.’

>Much worse. Like when the guardian angel died, and Noama thought she’d lost me when my heart stopped…

>She ran a finger down the list of stories. ‘Which one do you want to hear?’

>‘That one,’ said Vivyen, pointing.

>‘Good choice,’ said Alivia. ‘Especially now.’

>‘What do you mean?’

>‘Nothing, never mind. Now do you want me to read it or do you have any more questions?’

>Vivyen shook her head and Alivia began.

>‘Once there was a very wicked daemon, and he made a looking-glass which made everything good or beautiful reflected in it seem vile and horrible, while everything worthless and bad looked ten times worse. People who saw their reflections ran screaming from their distorted faces, and the daemon said this was very amusing.

>‘And when a pious thought passed through the mind of anyone looking in the mirror it was twisted around in the glass, and the daemon declared that people could now, for the first time, see what the world and mankind were really like. The daemon bore the looking-glass everywhere, till at last there was not a land nor a people who had not been seen through this dark mirror.’

>‘Then what did he do?’ asked Vivyen, though she’d heard this story a dozen times or more.
>‘The daemon wanted to fly with it up to heaven to trick the angels into looking at his evil mirror.’

>‘What’s an angel?’

>Alivia hesitated. ‘It’s like a daemon, only it’s good instead of evil. Well, most of the time.’

>Vivyen nodded, indicating that Alivia should continue.

>‘But the higher the daemon flew the more slippery the glass became. Eventually he could scarcely hold it, and it slipped from his hands. The mirror fell to Earth, where it was broken into millions of pieces.’

>Alivia lowered her voice, leaning fractionally closer to Vivyen and giving her words a husky, cold edge.

>‘But now the looking-glass caused more unhappiness than ever, for some of the fragments were no larger than a grain of sand and they blew all around the world. When one of these tiny shards flew into a person’s eye, it stuck there unknown to them. From that moment onward they could see only the worst of what they looked upon, for even the smallest fragment retained the same power as the whole mirror. A few people even got a fragment of the looking-glass in their hearts, and this was very terrible, for their hearts became cold like a lump of ice. At the thought of this the wicked daemon laughed till his sides shook. It tickled him so to see the mischief he had done.’

>Miska had come over by now, drawn by the rhythmic cadences of Alivia’s voice and the skill of the ancient storyteller. With both girls tucked in next to her, Alivia told the rest of the story, of a young boy named Kai whose eye and heart were pierced by a sliver of the daemon’s looking-glass. And from that moment, he became cruel and heartless, turning on his friends and doing the worst things he could think of to hurt them. Ensnared by a wicked queen of winter, Kai was doomed to an eternity imprisoned upon a throne of ice that slowly drained him of his life.
>But the parts they loved the most were the adventures of Kai’s friend, a young girl named Gerda who always seemed to be just about the same age as Miska and Vivyen. Overcoming robbers, witches and traps, she found her way at last to the lair of the winter queen.

>‘And Gerda freed Kai with the power of her love and innocence,’ said Alivia. ‘Her tears melted the ice in Kai’s heart and when he saw the terrible things he had done, he wept and washed the sliver of the daemon’s mirror from his eye.’

>‘You forgot the bit about the word Kai had to spell,’ said Miska.

>‘Ah, yes, mustn’t forget that bit,’ said Alivia. ‘The ice queen had given her oath that if Kai could solve a fiendishly difficult puzzle to spell a special word, then she’d let him leave.’

>‘What word was it?’ asked Vivyen.

>‘A very important word,’ said Alivia with mock gravitas. ‘A word that still echoes around the world today. All the way from Old Earth to Molech and back again.’

>‘Yes, but what is it?’

>Alivia flipped to the end of the story and was about to speak the word she’d read a hundred times. In the original language it was Evigheden, but that wasn’t what was on the page now.

>‘Liv?’ asked Miska, when she didn’t answer.

>‘No, that can’t be right,’ said Alivia.

>‘What is it?’ said Vivyen. ‘What’s the word?’

>‘Mord,’ said Alivia. ‘It’s Murder.’
From the story I can guess the true identity of the characters.

The demon is Chaos.

The Mirror is the Warp.

Kai is the Emperor

But who are Angels, Gerda, and the Ice Queen suppose to be?

Are you fucking dense? It's Snedronningen, the The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen.
I know it's an actual story but it must somehow tie in to the plot of the book and the series.

I just know it.
>To take her mind off her filling bladder, she pulled out the dog-eared storybook Alivia had given her in the press of bodies at the starport. She couldn’t read the words, they were in some old language Alivia had called Dansk, but she liked looking at the pictures.

>She didn’t need to know the words. She’d heard the stories often enough that she could recite them off by heart. And sometimes when she looked at the words, it was like she did understand them, like the story wanted to be read and was unfolding itself in her mind.

>The strangeness of that thought didn’t register at all.

>It made sense to her and it just… was.

>She flipped through the yellowed pages, looking for a picture to conjure the right words into her head.

>A page with a young girl sitting at the edge of the ocean caught her eye and she nodded to herself. The girl was very beautiful, but her legs were fused together and ended in the wide tail of a fish. She liked this story; the tale of a young girl who, for the sake of true love, gives up her existence in one realm to earn a place in another.

>Someone moved along the corridor. Vivyen waited for them to pass, but they stopped in front of her, blocking the light.

>‘I can’t see the words,’ she said.

>‘That’s a good story,’ said the person in front of her. ‘Can I read it to you?’

>Vivyen looked up in surprise and nodded happily.

>‘Didn’t I tell you it was going to be okay?’ said Alivia Sureka.
>Alivia gets murdered by Horus as she was trying to seal the Gateway to the Gods
>As she lays dying, Horus senses the touch of the Emperor upon her but it was a long time ago

>The little girl she adopted begins reading the magical story book. Somehow she understands the words
>Begins reading the Little Mermaid
>Alivia, despite dying near the Gateway of the Gods on the planet, appears next to the girl on the evacuation ship that took off before Horus busted in to claim the Gateway

How the fuck?

What does this all mean!? Somebody tell me!
I'm super confused. Is this from the book or is it just some fanfic?
And I was perfectly content ignoring that book for just shitting on the Emperor and the Chaos Gods together. Didn't think they shat on the Grey Knights as well. I honestly didn't think it was possible for me to give that series too much credit.
It's all from the novel.
>I'm super confused. Is this from the book or is it just some fanfic?
>Implying there's a difference with BL's Horrid Heresy series

> Tfw i could be a prophet of the Emperor because I know danish

So any clues on interpretation? More details on who they are? I need to catch up with HH, haven't read anything after the first Calth book


Meh, i like most of it, to each his own.
>''He is the master of mankind by the will of the gods''

Say what you will, at least this part of the 40K intro now makes sense.

Remember, Matt Damon killed MLK.
>More details on who they are?

-Before Great Crusade and the creation of the Primarches, the Emperor came to the planet Moloch with a lady friend called Alivia
-They found a relic called the Gateway to the Gods
-The Emperor entered the Gateway and met the Chaos Gods while she stood vigil outside the Gateway
-After the Emperor finished his meeting with the Chaos Gods, he exited from the Gateway and found that he can not seal the Gateway close
He tasked Alivia with remaining on the world and guarding the gateway against anyone who would seek it
He created an Angel to help her in this task and then left
For thousands of years she remained on the planet. During her vigil she killed 100+ beings who attempted to access the gate

That's all is known about her. I think she is perpetual but the Little Mermaid thing makes me think she is something else.

Interesting, thanks
File: Memphis-Grizzlies.jpg (86 KB, 1280x960)
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>implying MLK is the only good man to ever grace Memphis

I say, sir, as a Memphisian, I am very offended
File: 1301849740799.jpg (195 KB, 569x571)
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195 KB JPG
>horus is a lefty
Wasn't Murder the planet with the spider like xenos?
File: redrum[1].jpg (26 KB, 753x504)
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>Implying he said good man from Memphis
>Implying britbongs would know any others
Though the way the series has been going, it's just a matter of time before we hear about the good man in Ford's Theater.
Understand subjective taste exists and all, but I can't fathom why anyone would claim to like these series with the shit and they've been spewing nonstop since Vulkan Lives. You'd think subjectivity would have limits
>the shit and they've been spewing nonstop since Vulkan Lives.

Scars was awesome, and that came after Vulkan Lives. Yes, the pothers were shit, but Scars doesn't deserve to be put in the same basket as them.
>What does this all mean!?

The authors are terrible and their plot is hideous.

That was that also.

That woman Alivia really fuck up her one and only job. Why couldn't she live in or near Lupercalia with her family? Ready to Seal the game the moment she hears Horus is coming. Instead she lives thousand of miles away and gets "kill" before sealing the gate.

She is a Perpetual
Why didn't she just seal the fucking gate at any point in the past?

That would not make for an interesting read, seeing how it is common sense.

It could kill her permanently. She was willing to do it if the situation call for it.

I think that its worth doing ANYTIME!

So the Grey Knight secret box, with the and I quote

>...when all hope for humanity is lost. The Terminus Decree is the ultimate sanction of the Grey Knights, a secret so vast it could bring the Imperium to its knees, or save it in its darkest hour.... the only clue to the contents lies in the box's seal. It is whispered that it is the exact match of another seal, found in the Emperah's Golden Throne.

Is so... underwhelming
File: More Alivia.png (205 KB, 815x771)
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205 KB PNG
Being near the gate was painful. I mean try living as a psyker next to the place where the power and whispers of Chaos Gods themselves are leaking out 42/7

Guarding the gate was easier. Sealing the gate forever was hard. Too hard even for the goddamn Emperor.
File: Alivia.png (124 KB, 815x442)
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124 KB PNG
Oh poor Alivia.
> she cursed in a dead language
> Åh, til helvede med det!

Quite literally, I guess. Not sure why this amuses me.
File: Image.jpg (23 KB, 223x310)
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Yes well, no one ever accused this series of being simply content to shit on 30k fluff.

Also, the cost is three deaths.
Surely Kai would be Horus?
Sitting on a Throne that drained him of life? I don't think so.
Good point

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