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Thread XXVI:
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM

Slithering into the shop for the second time in two days, you are surprised with the turnaround Boris has on the items you bartered with him. You already see at least some of displayed in, upon closer inspection, the same crate he pulled the silk out of in exchange. Not all of them though, you suspect that he's either sold or (more likely) squirrelled away a lot of the pieces into the back of the store.

You hear the clatter and bombastic voice of Boris from the ramp [COMING, COMING, be right with you!] and watch as he pokes his head out and does a double take, [Oh, THE KUTKH! Twice in many days. SPLENDID! I am truly blessed. I must apologize, I never got your name yesterday. You're kind do have them, yes?]

[Oh, right. My apologies. I am Sasha Masterson. This is Veles, and those two are Matt McCain and Flint Keel respectively.] You say, pointing out each party member as you go.

Pleasantries taken care of, you produce the silk bound scroll and watch as Boris' eyes widen in recognition. [The Kozak Elim asked me to give this to you. He said this might help with things.]
The heavyset centaur takes the paper, and produces a glittering silver knife. Scraping the rune seal off it, he proceeds to unravle the scroll and skim its contents. He then places the parchment on a table behind him then turns to regard you once again, [You must have made quite the impression on the nomads for them to entrust you with a supply manifest. If you see him again, we will have these ready within a fortnight. HOWEVER, I will... see what I can do to entreat Lord Bralin for access. It is not everyday we find outsiders welcomed by the Kozaks so quickly. It would take three days at minimum though. His return always has a line of Casimiran looking to hold audience.]

You watch as he produces a series of parchments and a carved wooden plate out from the desk and begins filling it out.

Veles whispers to you, [Three days would be about the same time as when the Kozaks wish to meet us. Unless we wish to rough it, it is doubtful we would be able to get back until our supplies are exhausted.]

Well, we'd appreciate it if he put the good word in for us with bralin, but we probably won't actually be coming back to come in for quite some time. We've got some business with the nomads I think is quite pressing, which we have to attend to first.
[I very much appreciate you putting in the good word, but it may be some time before I will be back in Bralin.] You try to ignore the crestfallen reaction and continue, [I have some business to attend to back home, and I have a previous obligation to the Kozaks that will likely consume the rest of my travelling supplies.]

[Oh? That is too bad. NONETHELESS, I will endeavour to vouchsafe for you to the nobles. Should you return, I should be able to get your accreditation by then. Your curios are a big hit so far. It would be the least I could do. What is this obligation you spoke of?]

That was a question with a hook on the end, you try and deflect. [I don't know myself, they seem to be rather cagey about it.]

He nods, [We and the Kozak are more alike than either of us would care to admit. Everyone has their secrets, part of mercantile skill is knowing what ones are important. ANYWAY, if that is everything, I bid you fair journeys to wherever you may go.]

Not having anything to really barter with, you say farewell and lead your three outside. Leaving Boris, the Hussar guards, and Bralin at your back, you start back toward the badlands.

"Not much time left in the day, should we try and get further before we make camp or set up here?" Your foreman asks once you're past the ring of fields and well away from the skittish peasantry.


>Will need a d20 roll either way, action will determine if it is a travel or normal roll.
Let's travel a bit. They don't seem to quite like us yet, so no need to impinge on hospitality.
Need a diceroll there friend.
Rolled 5

fffffuck I didn't even notice I dropped my dice
File: BundlesAndBags.jpg (109 KB, 500x469)
109 KB
109 KB JPG

You make good progress making yourself scarce once you get out into the badlands proper and by the time you make camp for the night, you can only just see the swell of the valleys beginning. Bedding down, you crawl inside the bedroll as Veles chats with Keel, unwinding the ball of memories he has of his 'sire'. McCain watches with disinterest as Keel's frantic scribbling into his notebook begins to fade into the background as you drift off to sleep.

The myriad of images are still present, but fainter now, you see three distinguished ones hovering about. You manage to see the mountain cave and the burned village as distinct entities, but the tree in the ruins and the drifting ship do not make an appearance. Curiously, you see a dock near a beach, but it has just a tint of familiarity to it as well. You grasp for these dreams, but they are ephemeral and you cannot seem to get a hold on one before you find yourself awake, face buried in a ball of blanket from your twisting and turning in the night. Extricating yourself from the bundle, you find yourself awake before everyone else. Getting a head start on breakfast, you at the very least manage to surprise your companions before planning your next move.

>Head directly to the meeting place
>Head through the uneven terrain of the highlands to circle around the place
>Will need a 1d20 travel roll regardless
Rolled 8

>>Head directly to the meeting place
Let's head directly there. Maybe we'll get there first, and have time to settle in.
> Head through the uneven terrain of the highland
They are making me a little nervous. Let's be cautious.
I suppose we could sneak around if you want. Not a huge deal.
It would be my preference. I think war or general bad stuff might be afoot.
File: Updates.png (266 KB, 900x825)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
You err on the side of caution. Elim seemed really nervous, whether or not he was on the up and up, a little prudence couldn't hurt. Going low to the ground, you and veles lead the way through the the highlands, carefully skirting each hill rather than cresting them. It takes some time though, and you bipedal associates don't have quite as low a profile as you do. That said, McCain handles himself well enough and picks up the slack from Keel, who is obviously out of his element.

Eventually the landmarks become familiar, and off in the distance you can see the curling smoke of a campfire. Still approaching cautiously you pick out five figures, one smaller than the rest, waiting near the fire.

"What do you think is up with this Miss?" McCain whispers as your survey the scene.

"No idea, we'll just have to see."

"I still don't like it, a lot of riders could hide in these badlands. I can only imagine what centaurs can do, knowing the land."

Keel frowns, "They asked you to meet here. It's not likely someone who saw rifles in action would try and ambush us. Especially near a campfire."

McCain scoffs, "You'd be surprised."

>Sneak closer before making yourself known
>Declare yourself and head into camp.
sneaking closer would only hurt our range advantage, and get us more into whatever trap there might be.

Let's declare ourselves from here, then move in as casually as we can while still having guns on us.
File: MuchAdoAboutHosting.jpg (490 KB, 640x800)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
"Sneaking will only hurt our range advantage. If it is a trap that is. May as well let our presence be known."

Following your lead, the four of you forego any further stealth and crest the ridgeline. It doesn't take long for one of the Kozaks to spot you, pointing you out to his comrades as you wave a greeting. No action is taken, but you can tell upon nearing the camp that they are edgy. Elim is present, and seems to be in charge, standing next a smaller centaur who you cannot see the features of through the hood and, you struggle to think clothing instead of livery or heraldy, covering the rest of its body.

[My apologies on the short notice.] Elim begins, [We had not expected to see you so soon as we did outside Bralin.]

[What's this all about?]

[Well, it is rather simple really. It is customary for us to have one of our own within the hold of the szlachta if only to provide our views on their policy. It is a formality, but given your intention of trade, the Ataman felt it was a necessary step.]

It takes you a while to process this, [So wait, you want me to host one of your own?]


You and Veles share a glance, he's as confused as you are.

>Somethings off about this. (d20 roll)
>I'd be happy to host one of yours.
>I'm afraid I can't do this
Rolled 13

I still think it's a little fishy, yeah. Sniff around for anything odd. And inform them their guest might wind up travelling quite far away, as he's kicked up to a guest of someone important somewhere important.

Though, if we don't find anything, I am leaning towards
>I'd be happy to host one of yours.
Rolled 17

something IS off about this.
I'm rolling. Don't try and stop me.

[Hold on just one second, even if this is a custom, what was with the rush of trying to let me know. I would guess something that is 'just a formality' is something that you would be in no rush to complete. This doesn't add up with how anxious and relieved you were to see me. What's the problem here Elim? It surely can't be handling a simple 'formality'] He goes to speak, stops, thinks better of it, and allows you to continue. [Furthermore, I was told quite a bit of a certain rule of four, and any number other than that in a group is usually cause for alarm. You sent a runner off on his own after you saw me, then you went a different way. I've tried to respect your customs, but at the same time I do not appreciate being kept in the dark about this, especially not with answers that don't match a motivation.]

To say the atmosphere in the camp is tense is to make an understatement. You half expect the other 3 centaurs to do something rash, but before anything like that can happen, you see Elim gie a big sigh and turn to the smaller centaur before looking back. [You are right, on all accounts, this matter is more serious than a formality or custom, several of our tacticians felt it be best to keep you in the dark, but I see that is not an option. The truth is...]
The smaller centaur holds up a hand to stop him and speaks for the first time, in a surprisingly refined and articulate female voice. [The truth is that there is concern for the future, and that my uncle is worried for my safety. As such he felt the need to find some place safe for me to go. Normally this would be cause for concern from prying eyes, but in my case I have come of age. As such I should be setting off for some time alone to experience the world away from my family, a fitting excuse.] You watch her hood fall back to reveal a young woman, fair haired and dark skinned. [I am Tatiana, and my uncle is the ataman of the Kozaks. I ask of you please allow me sanctuary in your hold.]

Well now...

Haha, sure, you can lie low at my place. Just don't expect anything grand. It's just a ranch. Do you like horses?
Mind you, I'm still suspect, but I'm sure you don't have any worse alternate motivations.
so we're being saddled with an escort mission?
And google tells me Ataman is a really, really high rank. As in supreme commanders. This girl is military royalty.
I say we agree, but that's just me.
"I can offer lodging, but please keep in mind that if you are to stay with me, I will expect you to help on the ranch. Further, the accommodations may be a touch spartan if you are accustomed to those more plush"
[I can offer lodging, but please keep in mind that if you are to stay with me, I will expect you to help on the ranch. Further, the accommodations may be a touch spartan if you are accustomed to those more plush, after all it is just a ranch.] You respond.

[That will not be a problem. I have tended to sheep and pigs before.]

[How about cattle?]

[I do not know that word.]

You try and suppress an evil grin, she's at least confident, you will give her that. [No matter, you'll see soon enough. I can understand the secrecy, but at least please be up front with me when we are actually free to be discrete, you know?]

[Understood.] Your Kozak contact replies. [Regardless, the sun will soon be setting. I know not what your holds look like, but I am under explicit instructions to be at... Tatiana's side until she is no longer in our lands. How long are you planning on being here?]

We're pretty low on supplies. We were planning on heading back as soon as we finished with this little meeting of ours.

We might camp here for the night, because you know, trolls, but otherwise we'll be heading right out.
[We were intending on returning home after this meeting. Our supplies are running rather low.] You respond. [Though with the night fast approaching, I do not relish the prospect of trekking overland what with the trolls abound.]

[did you see any recently?] Elim asks, readying his weapon.

[Several days ago, they seemed to have made a kill of some sort to the southeast. We went around them.]

He nods, [I will be sure to check there before heading back.]

Something else comes to mind, [Oh, right, Boris said that your items will be ready within the fortnight.]

He actually smiles here, [Good, good. One less thing to worry about.]

You encounter not opposition as you and your companions bed down for the night. Your new charge doesn't really seem much for socializing with you, but that's no matter. You'll have plenty of time for that once your back home.

>Pausing the thread for now until tomorrow. Would like to have ran a hair longer, but I'm crashing hard. Glad to have at least gotten to this point. This character has been in the pipe for a while now.
I'll see about keeping the thread alive over night, but such things are difficult with sleep and all that. Thanks for running, we'll introduce her to horses later.
We'll probably have to shove a few beds together for our new semi-ranch hand. Dismantle one of them bunkbeds and re-mantle it in a doublewide.
I wonder how the casmiran sleep. Would a bed even be suitable?
between stable gear, camping goods, and beds, we'll be able to manage.
Obvious last bump before sleep.
Oh, I am sure we will. It is just I wonder what the result will be.
Up and going. With any luck I'll get this bugger running longer than usual.

You wake to not a recollection of dreams, like you had previously, but to a splitting headache. Groaning you poke your head out from under the covers and wince as the light of the morning sun beats down on your eyes. It may just be daybreak, but at the very least you're up around the same time as everyone else. In fact, you see that the Casimiran aren't even up yet. If you had to wager you'd expect that the two standing guard are asleep as well, standing up at that.

Tatiana, your new guest, is sleeping on a rather expensive looking fur, legs tucked under herself and propping her upper body on her elbows. It doesn't look comfortable to say the least.

Their sleep is quickly broken as your crew begin getting ready for the trek to the canyon exit, stirring without word and packing up what little of their supplies they had. A quick meal is shared in silence and you get under way, the four of you, your charge, and the armed guard escorting you north.

>1d20 travel roll needed here
>Anything you'd like to do while travelling?
Rolled 2

Let's see if we cannot get out charge to open up a little.

With your new escort flanking your party, you head through the badlands at an appreciable clip. That said, you find it hard to make any headway in talking with your new friend, for lack of a better word. Any attempts at communicating are left with non committal answers. She's obviously more concerned about whatever issues caused her to seek what may as well be asylum with you if her constant glances over her shoulders are anything to go by. No big loss there, though, as you'll have plenty of time to talk to her later.

Continuing on, you think you see signs of trolls which causes the group to halt and examine the scene, but you come to the conclusion that they must have passed through the night before. It would appear that the centaurs come to the same conclusion, and you press on. With the pace picking up, Veles offers himself as a mode of transport, something your other two comrades are not to proud to turn down. You try and stifle your laughter as the dour elf and human try and remain both balanced and dignified sitting on 42 feet of lamia tail.

About an hour after midday you manage to reach the canyon mouth. Heading through you notice the Centaurs grow more wary. You watch as the chatter between them spikes as Veles raises the door to his tunnels.
File: He'sGotAPoint.jpg (88 KB, 518x777)
88 KB
<There might be a problem. I just thought of it.> Veles whispers to you in snake cant sneaking up behind you quietly enough to make you jump.

<What's that?>

<I do not think your new friend will be able to take the tunnel up to the gateway.> He says, <We will likely have to use all of the tunnel.>

<You're right, what's the problem though?>

He jiggles your loose pack <We are out of supplies. And it is at least a day on foot through your woods.>

"We need to forage to keep ourselves victualed. Otherwise, we may need to rough it. I do not relish the prospect."
Can't we go through the portal, get some supplies, and come back with them for the day-long trek?
File: 1234966087647.jpg (148 KB, 650x805)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Seems we are at a bit of an impasse here. Any way we can come to a consensus?
This sounds good, better to be prepared if we have the option to do so.
File: OhHeyFoundThisAgain.jpg (78 KB, 514x700)
78 KB
<Well, our right, but couldn't we just head through the gateway, get some supplies, then head back?>

<You have a point.> He concedes.

<Still, better we let them know.> You say, turning to Keel and McCain, "We are nearly dry on supplies and I don't fancy leading our guest through the tunnels up to Veles' place. Any objections to me and Veles going to get some supplies from the homestead and heading back before we go through the woods?"

"None here Miss Masterson." Captain Keel responds.

"She going to stick around near us then?" McCain asks.

"Well lets find out." You turn to Tatiana who has finished her goodbyes to the kozaks and has approached you, a pair of chests balanced on either side of her back [Once we get through the tunnel, I will have to pick up some supplies from the homestead. Its might be a bit... awkward for one such as yourself as the fast way is narrow. Would you be amenable staying with my two associates while I slither off to get them?]

She nods, [I am in your care Kutkh, you need not ask, just tell.]
[Much prefer to ask, that way everyone knows what is going on.]

You leave it at that and make your way through the tunnel, closing off the other side behind you. You can tell Tatiana is more nervous, and perhaps a touch claustrophobic. Your suspicion is confirmed with hour fast she exits the tunnel once you make it through. Leaving her in the care of McCain and Keel your go with all speed to the gateway. Back on the ranch, you forestall Tai and Marie's greeting and rush to get what little is left of your expedition supplies together into a satchel and let the two know that they might want to make room in Marie's side of the bunkhouse.

Back through the gateway, you link up with Veles, who you follow through the maze of tunnels and back out, meeting back up with your associates who are... just sitting on the ground in the highlands, watching the Centaur, Centauress, whatever the term is. Tatiana meanwhile is laying much like you saw her earlier in the morning. Whether it be sleep or meditation, she stirs as you approach and you set off through your woods.

>Another travel roll if you would.
Rolled 9

Rolled 3

okay, let's have a roll
Rolled 10

By now, you've got the quickest pathway through the woods from here down pat and you trudge onwards. You note the look surprise on Tatiana's face, and upon questioning, find out that she had not expected to find forests on this side of the mountain, as it was something she had only seen far to the south of here. Thankfully, by the time the dusk settles you make it to the hot spring, and as such, its an incredibly comfortable, and more importantly dreamless sleep that night.

The next morning you wake to find the headache that plagued you yesterday is all but a memory, and you skirt along the river and out of the woods. Midmorning has you approaching the ranch proper, you note that Tatiana's taking in the scenery with a carefully unreadable face. You greet Tai and Marie properly, and bid Veles farewell as he excuses himself, heading back around the house, presumably taking the gate back to his lair.

You are thankful to find that in the week you were gone, no complications occurred on the ranch this time, and it has pretty much been all quiet sans the occasional visit from a few of the Nitor patrolling out this way.

Show Tatiana around the farm. Where to find everything and where her sleeping quarters are.
First lets introduce our new charge/ranchhand/refugee to the others, and get her settled in.

Then get to penning a letter to the orc, to tell him to come up and visit us, as we've got big news.
I thought we were going to wait unit the government had some formal establishment. Or were we just waiting until Veles had official ownership of the pass?
I thought we were just waiting for veles' ownership.
Though it wouldn't hurt to send captain keel off right now to inform the government simultaneously.
Even with the ownership I'm a little hesitant. No trade will happen if every caravan is denied for not following the rule of four, as well as being strangers. I think that before we pen a letter to the orc we would need some sort of agreement in place. Somewhere that larger caravans can offload goods without needing to strictly follow the rule of four. Kindof makes it hard to ship large goods if you have to keep it down to four people. Not to mention the troll attacks.
Well, I assumed government help and orc help would eventually see base-camps formed.

let's ask our new guest about how camps feel about large groups that split off four people at a time to do trading and visiting. You know, to see if they can deal with caravans.
True. Best to ask Tatiana. Worst case we make a trading post at the pass.
You slither out of your pack and leave it on the porch to the house, turning towards the group.

"Captain Keel, if you'd like to let the cat out of the bag regarding this, I'm not going to stop you. I, in the meantime, have a business letter to write."

The good captain tips his slouch hat, "Much obliged Miss Masterson, I expect we'll be seeing each other again real soon, though I may have a few politicians in tow. Can't help that."

As he heads towards where his horse is, you turn to Tatiana. [Lets see about getting you situated, yes?] You point out where the well, barn, and other buildings are [The main house is over there, you'll be staying in the longhouse with Marie, she's a good sort, excitable, but nonetheless. I told them to see about accommodations.]

[As you wish Kutkh Masterson.] The dark skinned centaur says, finally deigning to lower her hood once more.

Walking her through the compound, you pointedly ignore the fact that both Marie and Tai are shadowing you, Marie poised to ask Tatiana a slew of question if she could. You probably had ought to look into a proper Casimiran language book at some point. Reaching the longhouse, you see that Marie's side of the building has been worked over. In one fore corner, opposite her prim and professional looking bunk at least two of the bunk beds have been stripped of their matresses and pushed into the corner. In the back corner, near the window they lay on the floor.
Marie rubs the back of her head. "Sorry Miss Masterson, we really didn't know when you'd be back, so we kinda rushed it." She then quickly darts out from the common room

You note that Tatiana doesn't complain, simply heading towards it and unslinging the pair of chests next to the beds before placing a tentative hand on it. [Curious. Much different from fur. It will be an experience.]

You head back outside and show her the rest of the compound, and she stops you upon reaching the pasture.

[What on Casimir's soil are those creatures?] She asks, pointing toward the herd.

[Those are cattle, they are my trade.]

[Most unusual. What are they used for?]

[Meat mostly, though we have a few dairy cattle that Tai takes care of.]

[Tai being the big olive... man. Yes?]

[The very same.] You say, suppressing a laugh

[I have to admit this is indeed far different from what I expected. Are all of your kind like this?]
[If you mean the large tracts of land? Only a few, the ranchers and farmers. A lot of people live in cities. I imagine they are similar to your holds, though I can't say I've been in one of those.]

[Curious indeed.]

You finish the tour of the ranch compound and escort her back to the longhouse, leaving her to make herself comfortable and unpack her belongings, while you head in to take care of the same.

>Write letter to Serrak. (Will need at least a gist of what you want to tell him.)
>Figure out a way to fix the language barrier, since you're the only one even close to conversant in casimiran.
>Handle those letters about the colt
>Check on the ranch
>Ask Tatiana something
>Figure out a way to fix the language barrier, since you're the only one even close to conversant in casimiran.
Show the hands and McCain the notes on Casmiran and tell them to get cracking on it when they have the chance.

>Handle those letters about the colt
I don't see any problems with either of these. That colt needs sellin'.

Though, I still want to ask Tatiana about how they would deal with caravans.
Then write serrak with my results.
>[x] Figure out a way to fix the language barrier, since you're the only one even close to conversant in casimiran.
>[x] Handle those letters about the colt.

In this order. Resolving language barrier is a priority.
Putting your things away, you pull out the book on the Casimiran and take it down the the dining table and call your help in. Waiting for the door to close after Marie, you flip open the snake cant notes. "So, as you can see, we've got a new addition to the group." You say, gesturing towards the longhouse. "And well, obviously she doesn't speak our language. Which might be a problem."

"No arguments there Miss, not likin' bein' out of the loop what when you were chunnerin' in that language."

"I wasn't chunnering."

"I know it when I hear it." Your foreman taunts.

"Feh, regardless, I'm going to see about getting her conversant in our language, and the least we can do is oblige with hers." You say, gesturing to the book.

"Miss Sasha, I don't recognize any symbols in this book." Tai says, flipping through the hidebound journal

"Yes. Well. That's because its in Snake Cant." You say, whirling from McCain to look at him.

"So we are learning Snake Cant to learn Centaurspeak?"

"No, wait, I mean, I'll be translating the book along with helping her. I'll also see if Veles can help. Right, well. I just figured I'd let you guys know. Its more for our benefit, seeing as we'll likely be dealing with them again if a trade route does happen."

Not hearing any complaints, you dismiss them, and take the journal back upstairs before heading into your study. Setting it on the desk, you pull out the bundle of possible buyers for your colt, and sigh as you dive right in.

>1d20 roll here.
Rolled 4

Let's see if any important nobles or richmen care this week.
Rolled 13

Rolled 7

File: EthnicBridalClothing.png (1.59 MB, 1300x1506)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
You make at least some headway through the potential buys. Isolating a few that you most assuredly will not do business with given their intention or bid. A couple of these offers were so patronizing that you couldn't help but laugh at how low of an opinion that some mainlanders have toward ranchers and farmers. That said, you feel you probably should have expected some of these. Discarding the latest one, you reflect that at least you've trimmed the offers down to two thirds of their original size.

It is here that you catch the scent of cooking downstairs. Leaving the remainder of the letters on the table you move downstairs to the sight of Tai busily cooking away so he can 'showcase some cultural delicacies' though probably just an excuse for him to cook something fancy. Heading outside, you make your way toward the longhouse to see how Tatiana is getting along. Poking your head inside you are a bit surprised to see an expanse of sable fur draped over the mattresses on the ground atop which your centaur guest sits, meditating or whatever it is she is doing.

[Everything ok?] You call through the doorway, watching as she slowly turns her head to look at you.

[I am managing just fine Kutkh Masterson. These pads are comfortable.]

[Oh... well I just wanted to let you know that we'll have a meal ready in a short while if you cared to join us.]

[That would be agreeable.]

Leaving her and heading back to the house, you wonder if she is always that serious.
Pausing the thread here for now. Have some obligations to take care of involving helping someone get ready for a trip.
I'll try and keep going tomorrow if the thread is still living, but don't beat yourself up to keep it from falling off the board.

Thanks again for reading.
Rolled 8

Thanks for the thread Chemlab!
Thanks for running, and see you next time!
Thanks for running.

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