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As Ned Salter, we work in the Extreme Warfare Federation, THE biggest wrestling federation the solar system has ever seen, where evolved super beings beat eachother into submission for the wholesome entertainment of the trillions spinning around the sun.

Ned has worked with some of the greatest stars in entertainment earth has to offer, has seen giants, devas, boxers and a friendly succubi rise up to whatever challenges their chosen profession can throw at them.

He helped take down a megalomaniac telepath with his own cult and a white slavery business of international size, stablished the biggest musical group in human history, and is currently having some R&R because goddamn he's earned it.

Currently he's visiting two of his favorite friends, and likely romantic interests, and trying to coax one into going out for a perfectly innocent and friendly triple date to the zoo.

If said friend didin't really need to go out more to escape her fear of crowds, the fact she made a counter proposal involving diminutive swimsuits, a private pool, and suntan oil, would be more than tempting enough to change Ned's mind as to the value of a zoo excursion.
Let me know when you show up, guys. Im having some coffee over here
Oh, hey.
Hi guys, sorry just realized I forgot to click auto update. Fuck, my bad. Lets get started.

Want to pull LYann out or stay home after all?
Pull her out
works for me
Also, this seems like the sort of thing that would be interesting for this thread.


Anyway, want to try using Diplomacy (manipulation-based), Carousing (charisma based) or Intimidation (appearance based) to get her to go with you? or maybe you can think of something witty you want to say to her so I¿ll add some bonus to the roll?
"Come on Lyann, we can go outside, have some fun. You really do need to get out more. I promise nothing bad will happen.
I assume you are going for diplomacy, hold on...

7 successes total.

Ned: "Lyann, c'mon, we planned for this all week, Look at Mako, she really wants to go. And I too, really want you to come with us. I promise it will be fine, I swear!"

Lyann: "Well... if you really think so..." -Ned grabs her hand and pulls her towards the elevator- "Ned, hold on let me take off my apron first...!"

Ned: "No can do! I'm wild and unpredictable that way! C´mon Mako, we may even get DOUBLE cone icecreams today!"

Lyann: "Silly"

Ned: -as they step into the elevator- "Besides, you look beautiful in anything, you know that."

She still takes off the apron and hands it to one of her clones on the lobby, tho.

Mako: "Can we feed the animals?"

Ned: "Some, probably. If I remember right, they'd let you feed the giraffes when I was a kid."

Mako: "How do you do that?"

Lyann: "I would think there's a imposing set of stairs involved, or maybe a long stick with a fruit basket..."

Ned: "You are overthinking this, the--- no, you know what, that's adorable and we'll see if it can be arranged. Maybe a balloon with a basket?"

Lyann: "Ned Salter, are you making fun of me?"

Ned: "No!"

Mako: "Can I ride in the front seat? I've been wanting to try the arm rest."

Ned: "I don't see why not."

Lyann: "I don't know... that is sort of my seat. It gives me access to the radio, and I do enjoy having access to dials and buttons." -she's clearly teasing Mako now-

Mako: "Please?"

Ned: "She's just enjoying you, Mako. You can sit wherever you want. You can even d-- do you have a driving license?" -when Mako shakes her head- "Would you like to get one? alright, we'll see about that next weekend, alright. You'll have to take lessons, first."

Mako: "I am need a car, then?"

Lyann: "You will need to buy a car, yes"

Mako: "Hey, my english is much bester than your chinese!"

Lyann: "Alright, sorry." -smooches Mako on the cheek and helps her into the car.

As it turns out (and you knew it), the giraffes are in a rather deep pit/cage so that their heads are at level with the visitors, but you do still get the girls each a basket with a balloon.

Walking around a popular family spot with 2 world-famous entertainment stars, one of which has her own children's tv show, attracts as many children as you think it would, and your trio is quickly swarmed with children who for some reason feel very protective of "their" Mako, and look at you with inspecting airs.

Much to your best faked relief, they seem to approve of you. Your shoes are really shiny, after all.

The girls take a lot of pictures with the children, and Lyann gets enough hugs to make her cry, so the children give her comfort hugs until she calms down.

As the foremost expert in most things, Lyann ends up as a sort of tour guide for a large crowd of children and their very amused parents, telling them about the animals, with Mako making sure the chat doesnt becomes a lesson.

By the end of their visit to the zoo, both girls had to sign lots of autographs, and you only had to spend a couple hundreds on plushies.

It would have been cheaper to have the girls sign and give away balloons, but you know those would have eventually popped or just deflated and would make poor keepsakes,

Later, you close the door for Mako, and when you go around to help Lyann in, she surprises you by standing on her tiptoes to give you a kiss, pushing you against the car, the souvenir basket squeezed between you until she enters the car.

Lyann: "Thank you Ned."

Ned: "Ah... ya. You are welcome."

Want me to writefag some more or do we skip forth to the next work day and go back to business?
We can get down to business.
Either way

The following day, you meet your super efficient secretary in the lobby, as usual. She's wearing a black version of her usual business wear, with thin vertical white stripes and matching, glossy black high heels, her long golden hair pulled up in a bun.

Aritsu: "Good morning, boss. I ran a check on the directors, and believe these are the best candidates. Playboy wants to deal with you about selling you the rest of the photos, and miss Euphrosyne Zaytseva wants to know if we can arrange for a orange-flavored jelly pool at her place this weekend."

Ned: "Good morning. I'm surprised she couldn't arrange that herself, what's the problem?"

Aritsu: "Apparently the party companies in town don't want to deal with her any more."

Ned: "...I find that highly believable."

You walk towards your office as Aritsu updates you on the day's agenda, as usual.

Aritsu: "Time magazine wants to interview you. I thought it would be alright so they will be here sometime between 10 and 11. The executives at MTV want to have you sit at a meeting this evening, but otherwise your day is relatively free."

Ned: "Thank you. -as you sit behind your desktop- Where's the remote? Mako's show is about to air any minute now... thanks."

Aritsu turns on the television for you, so you can enjoy the sight of certain luminous chinese beauty. Mako and Sinoe seem to genuinely have fun with the children. The show is well written, and teaches the children without being condescending to them.

After they discuss about the prime colors, the show is over for the day.

Aritsu: "Miss Tsun looks very beautiful today. Should I send her flowers and a note?"

Ned: "Ah... yes, thankyou, Aritsu."

Aritsu: "About the Playboy people..."

Ned: "Right, I'll get right to it now"

roll 13d10 for usiness
Rolled 3, 7, 8, 7, 5, 5, 1, 8, 7, 10, 8, 9, 8 = 86

12 successes. Rolled explodey dice and got another 10 and then a 4

You easily secure the rest of the photos by reminding the Playboy people that keeping you happy meant the chances they would get to work with the girls again are just that much better. The deal is actually not bad for them, and you know their magazine WILL receive a huge boost in sales thanks to this issue's centerfold with all of the girls on it.

Aritsu: "Should I have it made as a life-sized gigantography and hang it downstairs?"

Ned: "But is it art?"

Aritsu: -shrugs- "Does it matters? it is beautiful."

Ned: "I'll think about it."

Do you want it as a picture? also, roll 6d10 for your interview with Time Magazine.
Rolled 3, 3, 6, 4, 3, 7 = 26

sure for the picture
Well, with 1 success its still successful, just not an amazing interview.

Aritsu: "Well, that could have gone better, sir."

Ned: "I guess I was a little nervous. Oh, go ahead and get the centerfold as a picture downstairs... and come think of it, try and choose some nice pictures of everyone in the gang to place on the walls, as well. You know, Ami's debut fight, Samuel, Aura, Eldric... and we MUST have a life-sized one of Brass punching BL through the concrete walls, and one of him with the belt."

Aritsu: "Of course, sir! Oh, what about the orange jelly for miss Zaytseva?"

Ned: "I'm afraid to ask, but what does she want it for?"

Aritsu: "Says she needs to get rid of two bath rubs full of chantilly cream."

Ned: "..."

Aritsu: "..."

Ned: "Sure. And find me a excuse if she wants me to go to that party, alright?"

Aritsu: "Yes, sir."

A bit later, at MTV's headquarters.

The execs want some of the old reality tv shows back. You did get one for Aura, Okaba & friends, so they feel they can get theirs back in the air.

They also want to know what have you in mind for Flux's next music video. They want to meet with the director and vote on his ideas on a committee, to make sure it has all the requirements and passes the checklist of things that "must go into a modern music video".

Do you want to let them make a Flux! music video by committee, or do you want the director to chase his vision?
Let the artist chase their vision.
As for reality shows, sure a few. Especially if they are music oriented. (The best mature music videos, with occasional prizes like MTV helping the artist make a professional one.)
That does sound pretty good. Picking a random band through a contest or making a fight of the bands event?
Vary it don't want the format to be as repetitive as American idol
works for me
Uhmm... how to vary it... well, the contest itself shouldnt be the focus of the show. How about have the bands send tapes and we have Flux! members listen to them and decide? entry would be ten bucks, which would be donated to charity.

That way we just focus on the "making of" bit.

Aritsu: "that's it for today. Sort of. You still have poker night."

Ned: "Ah, thanks, but I don't think of that as work."

Brass: "That's good to know, really." -he walks into the office carrying a round table, dressed up as a casino dealer.

Ned: "Guys, what the hell?"

Samuel, Eldric and Okaba come in behind him, carrying potatoe chip bags Nova sized, beer kegs and the likes.

Samuel (Python): "Well, you did say we could have poker night at the office now."

Ned: "I meant someday, wasnt expecting it this soon. We don't even have all the furniture downstairs yet."

Brass: "Eh, can take some of the chairs on the waiting hall outside. We are not that many, after all."

Aritsu: "Alright boss, I'll see you tomorrow. Oh, and here's the life sized gigantography you wanted with all the girls nude." -she says a bit louder than she had to.

Ned: "...see you tomorrow."

Eldric: "I assume she was joking?"

Ned: "Yes, no... sort of... it's for downstairs."

Samuel: "sure it is."

Ned: "It is!"

Samuel: "I said I believe you."

Brass: "Alright, everyone grab a chair from the waiting hall outside."

stop there for now? also was thinking about hacing Euphry learn about poker night. Not sure if she would insist she counts as one of the boys
See you

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