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You dream you're on an island. Well, to be more precise, you were having a sit-down at the bottom of the ocean until this island rose from the sea.

As far as you can tell, there's not much to be found here. All around you are individuals from your memories. Your parents, your friends, characters from TV shows...

You're not sure what the hell's going on here. Somehow, you're aware it's a dream, but you can't wake up, yet.

You figure you might as well do something though.

>What Now?

Now then, I figure I might as well post the customary links! With any luck you guys remember the basics, and if not, I'm perfectly willing to re-explain them! Links!

Stat Sheet!


Thread 1!

Thread 2!

Thread 3!
Talk to your first cartoon crush.
Talk to your parents
You approach your parents. Like every other figure besides yourself, they're all facing towards the center of the island, looking down. You can't help but find this odd, considering the beautiful view to your right.

You tap your mother on the shoulder. "Uh, hey mom?"

She turns to look at you, and she looks... awful. Like she hasn't slept in ages, and has instead replaced her sleep cycle entirely with energy drinks.

She speaks... but the voice isn't hers. You can't tell whether it's a man's voice or a woman's voice, and the voice itself whines slightly.

"You... you can see me?" she says.

>What Now?
Respond that you can see her. Ask her what she was looking at.
"Uh, yeah, I can see you. Hey, what were you..."

She suddenly grabs you by the shoulders. "Look at me! Look at me look at me look at me" she screams into your face, not that you particularly want to.

Suddenly, everyone else on the island rises and approaches you, all of them screaming the exact same thing, in the exact same voice.


Suddenly, you're awake. It seems you fell asleep in the waiting room. Next to you, you see Andrea and Alice, also asleep. Also, you REALLY have to go to the bathroom.
Go to the washroom.and wake up everyone else after
You step out the door of the waiting room and SWEET BABY JESUS.

It looks like the Sterile Dimension bled into this one! The walls are streaked with blood, the air smells like antiseptic, and everyone in the hall is dead, horribly butchered, like science projects left half-done.

Standing off to the side is a man wearing a pink Lab Coat. He's smoking and calmly surveying everything.

>What Now?
Calmly turn around and go back to the waiting room and wake up everyone. Also I got to go hope the quest picks up.
Actually, considering I had the audacity to give you the time of day this thread is probably doomed. BUT ANYWAYS, LET'S GIVE THIS THING A SHOT.

You head into the waiting room. "Guys, wake up, something..." you don't finish that sentence because you notice that they're gone. There's no sign of a struggle, no blood, they're just GONE.

You hear footsteps approaching you.
Aw and this was a fun quest so far. I guess it's just the time of day maybe.
Woah, slow down, slugger, we're not dead yet. Just watching and waiting.

If you really feel that way, mayhaps you could post a suggestion? I don't mean that in a jerky sarcastic way either, I'm saying that if you'd like it'd be cool if you posted a suggestion.

Also, a bit of a warning, I am preparing to have company over tomorrow, so my posting will be a bit sporadic. Many apologies!

Feel free to keep posting suggestions though, I'll get to them when I have a break!
Is it time to vote? Turn around and see who it is I guess.
Crap, I knew I forgot to add something. Sorry, should've added the usual What Now.

You turn around and see the pink-coated man from before. He examines the room passively, the single remnant of sanity in a ruined hospital.

"Huh. I thought I'd gotten to here. Odd." With a single wave of his hand, the entire room was coated in gore. With a single exhalation, the room smelled again like antiseptic and rubbing alcohol.

He turns to look at you. "Oh, hey, you must be the poor sap I got told about." He shrugs. "I thought I'd have more time here. Sorry it was all so sloppy."

>What Now?
Ask how to get out of here.
He stares at you for a moment. "Uh, kid, some bad news for ya... well, actually, you might wanna sit down for this..." he says, and suddenly you're sitting down.

He nods. "There, that's better. Well, you see, you're not exactly going to be "leaving" here any time soon."
"What?" you say, thoroughly scared and confused by this man who seems to spread the Sterile Dimension by virtue of existing.

He laughs. "Ah, see, this is always the best part. Well, kid, I think you have that book your malpractice-sufferer friend gave you. I'm one of the eight Guardians assigned to protect our great overlords, the Patrons." he says.

He continues speaking, pulling out a cigarette and casually lighting it. "Now, see, a few friends have seen you wandering around the cosmos and beating everything in your path to death, and we can't really have that."

He stops, stares at a blank patch on the wall, and snaps his fingers. Several scalpels and a pair of tweezers appear, embedded in the wall. "Perfect. Anyways, that big shiny control freak you call "The Star" sent me to stop you and your friends before you did anything we might regret."

He turns to you. "The book's in your pocket right now. I put it there. Try 'n' guess who I am, kid, maybe it'll give you an idea of what you're in for."

>What Now?
Flesh golem?
He gets angry when you say this. "HIM?!? THAT BRAINLESS SLAB OF MEAT?!? YOU THINK I COULD BE ANYTHING RESEMBLING HIM?!? HE WAS THE PULSE'S SKIN TAG GIVEN LIFE! I AM AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE THOUGHT ITSELF! I AM ID!" he screams, as all around him the room falls apart. Tools begin flying around him in a maelstrom of sharp metal, lights begin flickering, the room itself begins shaking...

And then he stops. "But yes, I'm Id. So kindly take your uninformed self and jump off a cliff."

You're kinda speechless.

>What Now?
"Where's Superego then?"
You're pretty touchy for an unfathomably powerful being.
"Superego can go eat a dick, honestly. He can shove his fancy culture in my face all he wants, but even The Thought realized that putting the guy who needs to think for 15 minutes on EVERYTHING in charge wouldn't get much guarding down!"

"Well, EXCUSE ME for wanting my intellect to be realized. Did you know that Flesh Golem's brain is literally incapable of thought beyond typical animal patterns? Life is divided into Things to Eat and Things to Fuck. And considering he's a several story tall fleshy monstrosity, he isn't getting any of the latter."

He stares you down. "You may think you're pretty smart, kid, but to be honest? You don't have much going for you beyond the fact that you can punch real good."

He turns around and leaves the room. "Enjoy your coma!" he says, tossing his cigarette butt over his shoulder.
Whoops, forgot to add the What Now! Damnit, I keep doing that...

>What Now?
Search around the room.
You look around the room. Unfortunately, you don't really find much. You realize that you do have the Book in your pocket. Suddenly, you notice a scalpel carving a message into one of the tables.

"Sam, Alice and I are here. Looking for you right now. Stay put. Bad things are here."

>What Now?
Maybe you should add choices.
Good point.

>Stay Put
>Do some Exploring
You head into the hallway and look around. There's a door ahead of you, and a path off towards the left. A door labelled EXIT in glowing red letters lies to your right.

>Enter the Door
>Go Left
>Go Right
>Go Left
You head down the left hallway, feeling incredibly anxious. It isn't helped that you don't even have your Bracelet right now...

Suddenly, you hear the door you left behind rattle. You ignore it, but then it rattles again, even more loudly. You hear muffled noises from behind it.

>Approach Door
>Approach Door
Like a bos
You approach the door. As you get closer, it sounds like the thing behind the door is yelling something, but being muffled by the thick door. The handle is rattling.

>Continue Approaching
Okay, I'm gonna be entirely honest, this has mostly been a huge failure. I think I'm just gonna scrap the thread and try another day.

Uh, I'd like to continue. I just got home.


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