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Aaaand after a week long hiatus we're back! Let me know if this is the same time (relative) we used to start or if it's too early. So many time zone changes are enough to confuse anyone.
'Morning King. I'm probably going to be long gone by the time the rest of the gang show up, but just wanted to let you know I'm still avidly following the archive and psyched for the beginning of Season 3!
Hi guys. Well let's see... party, then some happy episodes before the next challenge presents itself.

Im still thinking invasion
Kaiju (I liked pacific rim, but the original script was better than the movie was. Hopefully the next movie will be better than its script is, cause it sucks atm)
Demonic (I liked Hellgate London)
Draconic? That movie was fun, not great, but fun

What do you guys think? would it be more fun to suplex a kaiju, submission hold a demon, or punch an alien death robot?
Alien I think.
I bet Lyann could reverse engineer better than XCOM. Anyway waiting for someone else.

In the meanwhile, anything you would like to see happen this season?
Also, im thinking in going about it like this.
Some business as normal episodes -> courting Lyann & Mako -> small timeskip -> and then im not sure if wedding or helping Lyann send a terraforming robot/nano machine (aint that just another form of saying robot, tho?) to Mars, which triggers the alien attack as mankind starts spilling out of earth.
Ned doing well by doing good. Setting up the Gym. Dealing with the fallout of that. Dodging mob hitmen. Making Bank. Buying out the bank because we made so much bank.
Well, I guess noone else is showing up so lets get some things done today.

Lyann: "Isin't it a little soon to celebrate? maybe we should wait until he's found guilty" -the redhead says in between kisses as you hug eachother softly in her building's elevator.

Ned: "More than that, it's Brass' party"

Lyann: "You are right, of course." -she takes your arm as the elevator opens, and walks with you to the car.

I have the impression that a loud modern party is not Mako's scene, you know? which is ironic since I figure Flux! music would be popular for such
Flux music is popular for everything. And yeah, we're celibrating Brass's victory, and the rescue of like 50 women from captivity.
You open the door for your beautiful companion, and go around to seat behind the wheel.

Just as you are about to open the door, Lyann leans in to lock it from inside. You argue with her for a little bit but end up having to go around to her own, conveniently unlocked door (of course, you -could- have used your remote to unlock it, but where would the fun be in that?), open it up, admonish her with a kiss, then go back to your seat and finally start the car.

Lyann: "I'm not too dressed up for this, am I?" -she looks spectacular, of course. She's in a cocktail dress in white with a long flowing tail of the thinnest silk.

Ned: "Dear, you are perfect, don't worry" -we encourage her gently, glad to have the chance to take her to a event with so many novas in place.
Brass is actually welcoming his guests in person at the door. The music is loud but not too much so, and you can still greet and talk with eachother without problem.

Brass: "Hey, guys! Ned's here!" -Python and Okaba walk over to greet you.

Python is along, while Obaka is with Aura. They all greet you affectionately, and Aura can't resist giving you a kiss in front of Lyann.

Aura: "Aww, don't be jealoud" -she says to the redhead, then grabs and kisses her as well. "There, all better, right?"

Okaba chop hits Aura on the head, very gently. "Hey, don't mess with their date"

"If anything, I only just made it better" -she says with a smile. She just pumped them full of pheromones, after all.
Chuckle, shake head
I can see Aura doing a :9 face as Okaba iarate chops her. All the anime is to blame
Is there anything specific you want to do at the party, or should we just writefag it?
Congratulate brass, see how all the other fighters are taking the news, run interference when necessary

"Well, we need to have a lot of fun tonight." -you tell Brass

"Oh? have to, uh?" -he replies

"Of course. Tomorrow we'll have to get a phot session for your championship posters, holos, figurines and all the other merhandise. So much of it you won't be able to keep it all at home!"

He laughs and grabs you by the shoulder as he takes you around to talk to everyone.

The night is long enough to turn to morning and then into evening before Brass finally lets you go.

"You know, I had prepared him and Lyann so they would have fun, and now he's way too tired for that" -says Aura to Brass

"Ah, sorry. You should have told me before" -says Brass, with a hand behind his head. "But he's still good and full of energy, see?!" -he says as he holds up a passed out Ned

"It's alright. I better take him home before he dies, tho" -Lyann(s) receive Ned and help him to the car. She sits in the back with him while one of her clones drives.

"See you at work tomorrow" -says Brass and Aura

"Until tomorrow" -Lyann takes off with Ned
Well, I guess we should take off too. Hopefully the guys will realize we are back and show up tomorrow. Incidentally, I told you guys we would be back after a week

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