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Dramatis Personae: pastebin.com/BgpaHst8

You are MORIYAMA TAKATO: Archer, mage, and leader of Team Garuda.
You are involved in a bizarre underground magical war.
Welcome to the Wonderland Wars Incident.

You are headed to the Device Lab of Mobile Squad Six's Long Arch base.

There, you see the cyro-tube, where, suspended in an ice-like gel, is Alice. Hopefully a girl who will be the key to figuring out what is going on with the recent attacks, and this "Wonderland" organization.

Kylie smiles and waves at you, distracting you for a few moments. "Alright guys! Time for upgrades! Based on your performances, we have a few ideas to help shore up your weaker areas, or generally strengthen your abilities. Here's a list of what's available." she says, opening a holo-screen in front of each of you with the following options:

>Please Choose Priorities:
>I need my shots to hit harder
>I need to put out more shots in a flurry
>I need higher defenses in case the enemy does hit me first
>I need to put out more shots in a flurry

Voting without reading the quest.

>I need to put out more shots in a flurry
You select that you need to fire faster. As long as your shots stay the same strength, putting out more in a shorter time would be better, you think. The next screen pops up, thanking you for your selection, before giving you the option to select a secondary specialization for Raijin. The program does warn you that the secondary specialization will not be as focused on, so the gains over time will not be as dramatic as your primary, and the left over may not see any gains at all.

You ponder this seriously, as your main options left are More Power, or More Defense. Or perhaps you can think of something else that could use some focus.

>Take secondary?
>>If Yes, then Select
>>Write In


Comes in handy in a pinch. Being all offense all the time is a bad idea
I'll wait 5 more minutes for a tie breaker of some kind
Rolled 3

No tie breakers at all? I guess I'll roll a d3
You select the Defense option, shivering at the memory of how much that Rapid Barrel hurt. The window thanks you again before disappearing.

(Unlocked Skill Trees. Expect them in a day or two)

Kylie mulls over the teams selections, as you look at Alice. Her blond hair is like a halo around her head as she bobs lightly in the gel. Her eyes still closed, you brush the plaque declaring her name and the Lab that was attacked. As far as the investigation has gone, it is unknown if any other experiments or researchers escaped the lab.

"I wonder what it all means...Spade Division, the labs..." you ponder out loud, thinking back to reading over the files you had found....

Now..what was on them?
>Choose two
>Details on the experiments here
>Details on The Other Divisions
> Details on Wonderland in general
>>>Details on The Other Divisions
>> Details on Wonderland in general
(Writing now. Gimme a bit. Also, bbs as I scrounge for food)
The files were numberous, but you only really found information on Wonderland, and specifics on what they called the Card Labs. Wonderland is a hidden organization made by hidden investors to find the next new 'thing', where that thing was a weapon of some kind. In a way, the entire project was to find a way to make mages obsolete.

Bristling a little at that, thanks to your inner 'obsolete' samurai spirit, you read on to see that there were four primary Divisions, each named after a suit of the playing card deck. Spade Division was focusing on simple betterment of people, and would have been considered the most humane group, the one that would be most likely to be able to go public with their findings. They focused on actual tech, as well as a few implants that could do many things to help.

Heart Division was more about the cyborgs and androids, and likely where Hansel and Gretel were from. Knowing, based on general history you read during training, nothing they researched would likely be accepted readily, and that they may have delved into worse.

Clubs Division focused on mutation and biological technology, and might be on par with the twisted doctors from Heart. Fighting them will be a horror on it's own.

The only one with very little detail was Diamond, but that's because the file corrupted at that point, and it was so before the system tried to delete everything.

Looking back up from your musing, you think you see Alice's eyes open, and then they actually blink.

>What do?
>Tell Kylie/A tech
>Try to break the glass open to free her
>>>Try to break the glass open to free her
We must rescue all fair maidens, our bushido compels us!
You cry out, slightly surprised that she was waking up, as she starts to beat on the glass wall, looking very frightened. Gripping your watch, it quickly changes to it's bow form, it's edges hardening as you slam it into the glass as hard as you can, everyone already moving as they get ready to catch her. The glass cracks, and finally shatters after a third slam, the gel floods out. You find out that the gel was miscoloring her hair, a dark brown welcoming you as you catch her.

It takes a few seconds before you realize that yes, she was entirely naked before she's picked up by medical professionals.

You do hear a soft 'thank you' as she passes by, rushed to the medical wing for treatment and checking.

>What do?
> Go after her, and make sure she's fine
> Look around
> Other
Forgot pic to go with her look
>>> Go after her, and make sure she's fine
It takes you a few seconds, but soon you stand up, still drenched, and put down Raijin on the work table. "I'll be back." You numbly hear yourself say as you bolt out of the room, headed for the sick bay. You aren't sure what drives you, aside from an innate need to make sure someone you just helped was okay.

Sliding around a corner, you find the door locked, a light on showing that they were busy helping her. Slumping into a seat, you wait.

>Save Point
>Will continue tomorrow, new thread, earlier time! Watch my twitter @enforcerkun

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