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Aaaand here we are! its 10 minutes early and waiting for you guys!
Confirmed for Final Brawl
hey man. Say, did you ever see Black Heaven? it was a bout a 40+ years old programmer who was a rock god in his youth, and how the galaxy is about to be destroyed unless he goes back to his guitar so his rock can power up the ultimate weapon.

I was thinking in starting a thread about something like that. The ideas right now are vague, but come around to these ideas.

Guy going to work is jumped by two pointy eared redheaded ninjas (I reuse the same characters a lot, so sue me for liking Ami and Mai) and dragged into an alley. As it rurns out, he was the discarded son of a feudal lord in a fantasy realm. His father and older brother just got killed, so now he has to train, buff up, and lead his armies of destiny to victory over darkness.

Turning nova along the way, he starts regaining the attributes that are his birthright but were sleeping while he lived on earth, which is why he aged at human speed despite being from a long lived race and all that.

The other was warring ninja clans having a secret war on modern Earth, but otherwise is pretty much the same. Would it be more interesting if he gets dragged to fantasy land, or if the normal world had an extra layer of fantasy and action he just didint know about?

I think I favour the 'reality overlay' Masquerade version, rather than a separate fantasy realm.

For examples of that sort of thing, check out "Rivers of London" by Ben Aaronovich, or "London Falling" by Paul Cornell (both should be available in audiobook form). Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series covers some similar ground, too.
I dunno how much I'll be around today, I just installed windows 7 last night, and am currently downloading/updating a ton of crap.

Also, this causes me to restart my computer a lot.
Well, since the Anon said he couldnt make it, should we start with just us?

Got a smartphone? Even very old smartphones can handle 4chan...

Anyway, I think we're ready to go...
Lets do this
I still use a landline.

Nick Diamond: "The fans are standing, Jonny. Not a single soul is on its seat, everyone here has been standing up the whole fight so far!"

Jonny Gomez: "It's only been ten minutes, Nick. But I know what you meant. It sure feels like we are witnessing a war down there!"

Brass punches a large block of concrete as it flies towards him. The shards and dust cloud fly past him and bounce harmlessly against the forcefield, albeit the crowd still reacts by taking cover and crying out as it happens.

Brass: "Are you done playing, brat?"

Bomber: "Yeah, I think I'm about done, gramps. It's time for you to fall now!"

Bomber Lord sends a psionic attack at Brass, trying to sap out his will to fight and force him to his knees. He wants to use his head as a ball, and a concrete pillar as gold club.

Brass' willpower is more than enough to resist Bomber's psionic blast. The surprise can be read all over his face.

At the same time, a FBI team crashes through Bomber Lord's manor garden and drives over his rose bushes towards the building. The fortified vehicle doesn't stops until it is beyond the wall, yet five more just like it crash through the garden walls behind it.

Bomber: "The fuck... fall down, you damn relic!"

Brass: "Not to the likes of you, kid. Never again." -he says as he charges the younger fighter.

Roll 13d10 for Brass' initiative
File: 1397225082074.jpg-(335 KB, 1280x768, Ned Wins.jpg)
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335 KB JPG
While waiting for that initiative roll. You guys agree on going with a secret war between power/magic users, hidden on plain sight, instead of going to an alternate world? and what if the alternate world pour over unto earth, instead?

Also, I really want to use Ami & Mai as the ninja/warriors/scorts for the protagonist. Would you prefer different characters?
Rolled 5, 4, 9, 9, 7, 10, 5, 1, 5, 10, 6, 9, 9 = 89

Oh, and I was thinking in a guy on his 40's, to make it so much clearer how out of his depth he is when he has to go from middle age crisis salaryman to warrior/hero. Or would you prefer "yet another highschool story"?
>and drives over his rose bushes towards the building

I love this little extra bit of spite right here.
Aura was driving, so yeah

Brass goes first.
Want to tackle, punch, headbutt, start a grapple? something else? assuming he already drained plenty of energy during the "warm up" so he's at full power, around mega strength 8-9 right now
I'm in favor of the psuedo fantasy one, though admittedly you'd have to to avoid stepping on exalted.
Multi headbutt routine

Roll for multitasking.

Charge Bomber. Fake the clothesline, use a modified Spear: pick him bodily up, ram him into the forcefield, then start the mat work (Grapple, Clinch -> Hold, then bring the pain while he tries to escape
File: 1397226039611.jpg-(597 KB, 1276x856, empire op 003.jpg)
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597 KB JPG
I was thinking in a fantasy world more a mix of D&D and Rokugan, since I wanted to have Ami & Mai be ninja elf girls.

Another idea I had was having the "neutral" side of the morality/ethic axis gather to oppose good because, why the fuck is it always evil that manages to break the balance? cant good be competent for a change? so the MC would be called over to help preserve the balance/free will. Pic related
Alternatively, you could have Good and Evil be duking it out. You don't particularly want either side to win, but the one that's currently losing is using more and more dangerous weapons.

A game I was in used Law/Chaos as primary axis of conflict. Good was good, evil was evil, that was obvious. But it was disrupting the balance between Law and Chaos that allowed Evil to take root.
File: 1397227017154.jpg-(102 KB, 620x453, empire 004 op.jpg)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
(0) .: [6d10] => [9,1,3,7,5,2] result of (2) success

Gonna go with your idea for multitasking mixed with someone else's idea for headbutting to draw from everyone's posts

If we went with a modern world setting, I think Good vs Evil at the End of Days would be interesting. Help one side, or try to suspend the apocalypse entirely?

(0) .: Headbutt [15d10] => [2,1,1,9,3,5,6,4,10,4,5,10,2,3,7] result of (4) success
(0) .: Headbutt [15d10] => [6,4,6,7,8,5,4,9,5,10,6,4,4,7,10] result of (6) success
(0) .: Headbutt [14d10] => [6,10,9,1,2,2,1,10,9,10,3,6,3,2] result of (5) success
(0) .: Headbutt [14d10] => [8,10,5,8,4,1,10,1,9,9,1,9,10,7] result of (9) success
(0) .: Headbutt [13d10] => [10,6,1,8,3,6,6,9,4,10,9,4,5] result of (5) success
(0) .: Dodge [16d10] => [4,10,8,8,4,4,10,10,3,6,5,3,2,8,7,3] result of (7) success
(0) .: Dodge [15d10] => [5,1,9,7,5,3,7,3,9,5,9,4,5,10,7] result of (7) success
(0) .: Dodge [14d10] => [9,9,4,2,2,7,4,6,9,5,7,3,5,5] result of (5) success
(0) .: Dodge [13d10] => [3,1,5,5,3,10,5,10,6,3,9,8,8] result of (5) success
(0) .: Dodge [12d10] => [1,4,10,5,8,2,2,7,10,2,8,2] result of (5) success
(0) .: Miss Miss Miss Hit Miss
(0) .: Soak [30d10] => [4,3,9,7,8,7,5,6,6,8,4,9,6,3,4,2,5,3,3,4,7,6,7,6,1,4,6,1,6,4] result of (8) success
(0) .: Damage [29-8] => 21

Johnny: "The Reaper charges Bomber Lord head on through the cloud of concrete and metal!"

Nick Diamond: "Quite literally, Jonny! he's using the old nogging for sure! again and again and again and... yes! he finally managed to land a solid blow on the champ!"

At the same time, Okaba bomber dives through the manor's roof, fourth, third, second, main floors and basements one and two until he breaks straight into the deepest room of the house, where the hostages being processed are...

Bomber Lord is stunned, what do you want to do!? he can only defend this turn
Ugh, I'm always afraid with neutral alignment, that it'll devolve into some Mordenkainen's 'blance good and evil' shit.

Seriously, that philosophy is so fucking retarded.

Power up a Reaper Charge. It won't take him out, but it'll hurt like hell. Unsoakable damage, with Brass on 40 auto-successes? Yes please.

Besides, what's a championship match without a finisher kickout spot or two?
I always was like "But he IS balancing the light and dark side, Obi Wan. The light side has ruled supreme for hundreds of years now, hasnt it?"

Anyway, I think I will stick with either the War in the Shadows, powers, magic and shadow warriors duking it out in the modern world, OR going into fantasy land. Or going into fantasy land to help them deal with a invasion from our world, where a super power or another found a portal into their world so they are killing elves, orcs, halflings and what have you with assault rifles, tanks and other modern gadgets. But in that case maybe the MC would be a retired, old general that the fantasy races beg for help.
File: 1397227447638.jpg-(170 KB, 261x750, Araki bicycle.jpg)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
I think this would make much more sense, as both order and freedom can be manipulated into doing terrible things, but trying to make a case for evil being necessary, is a bit more difficult.

I dunno, Bomber's not noticably stronger than Brass, right? I say we put hold and just choke the fucker into unconsiousness.

Wasn't there a comic you and Ronan were taking about fantasy monsters invading, and being fought with tasks and jets? This would have been during the last 'season'
File: 1397227635759.jpg-(51 KB, 318x477, get a feeling so complicated.jpg)
51 KB
>fantasy monsters invading, and being fought with tasks and jets?


Does the Super Submission deal a point if Willpower damage each turn? Or does it deal $DamageRoll points?

That's the one.

And I meant Rohan. Auto correct disagreed
There's two. One that deals only willpower points, but it deals between 0 and 5, and another that deals damage plus 1 unsoakable damage every turn plus 1 willpower damage. One can be much faster to get a win, or it can do nothing. The other is slow but safe

And I like that comment. Yes, it really doesnt makes much sense to "need" evil. So either the Shadow War on Earth or the fantasy war can be more interesting if its more about chaos vs law, with evil profitting of it, I think.
Speaking of Chaos, did you guys play LoL when this character came out? shit was crazy.


Anyway, so going with a hold or readying a beatdown?
File: 1397228199372.jpg-(598 KB, 735x1052, Rohan au Louvre cover.jpg)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
Fucking auto-correct, last time I checked, Ronan wasn't hosted in the goddamn Louvre meuseum!

Agreed, having to maintin the balance between good and evil is fucking stupid, Order vs Freedom or Law vs Chaos is much more interesting, and lends itself more to complexity.

I have yet to play LoL, I'm still playing my various oldfag games.

Beatdown. We did 20 damage last turn, shoo he's got to be feeling that

If Reaper Charge doesn't drop him, then it's time for the Final Rest

The game is not bad, but its team dependant so only play if you are like me and can almost enjoy to rage.

Jonny: "The Reaper is calling it out! he's calling it out!"

Nick: "The Brass Reaper has just announced a Reaper Charge! he's trash talking the champ, and rises his arm to warn the audience!"

Jonny: "Twenty thousand people here, and you can tell every one of them is standing up right now!"

Charge! Charge! Charge! The audience cries it out, and the lights focus on Brass as he goes around the ring and finally charges in a straight line towards the dazzled Bomber Lord. There were walls on the way, but not for long as he just bursts through as he catches up speed!
(0) .: Reaper Charge [16d10] => [6,2,8,10,5,4,2,5,6,7,2,4,4,3,10,1] result of (4) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [4,10,1,3,8,7,10,10,5,6,6,9,1,4,4] result of (6) success

FML that was a really shitty roll
A rabbit punch is a blow to the neck or to the base of the skull. It is considered especially dangerous because it can damage the cervical vertebrae and subsequently the spinal cord, which may lead to serious and irreparable spinal cord injury. A rabbit punch can also detach the victim's brain from the brain stem ,[citation needed] which can kill instantly.
The punch's name is derived from the use of the technique by hunters to kill rabbits with a quick, sharp strike to the back of the head.

Combat sports
The rabbit punch is illegal in boxing,[2] MMA,[3] and other combat sports[4] that involve striking. The only exceptions are no-holds-barred events such as the International Vale Tudo Championship (prior to rule changes in mid-2012
Jonny: "The champ snaps out of it just in time! he catches the charging challenger and is dragged along the arena!"

Nick: "They're going through several walls all the way to the forcefield...!"

Bomber manages to stop Brass, neck against neck as the two powerhouses use their full might against each other.

Bomber Lord: "You done, old man"

"Give me your best shot, punk. You're already done for."

Meanwhile, at ringside, Ned sees Ami about to jump out of her seat, and puts a hand on her shoulder.

"Not yet."
(0) .: Rabbit Punch [16d10] => [5,8,5,10,10,9,8,6,4,9,5,6,1,5,6,5] result of (6) success
(0) .: Rabbit Punch [16d10] => [10,4,5,6,2,10,7,2,3,3,6,10,8,8,4,1] result of (6) success
(0) .: Rabbit Punch [15d10] => [9,4,6,1,3,8,9,8,10,8,5,6,10,4,9] result of (8) success
(0) .: Rabbit Punch [15d10] => [10,10,8,8,8,8,1,6,2,2,3,10,8,3,1] result of (8) success
(0) .: Rabbit Punch [14d10] => [1,7,3,10,2,7,7,7,10,7,3,7,8,9] result of (10) success
(0) .: Block [16d10] => [4,7,10,2,7,8,2,6,9,4,1,2,7,1,1,9] result of (7) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [10,1,8,9,4,1,3,3,8,9,1,3,4,9,9] result of (7) success
(0) .: Block [14d10] => [7,1,5,1,3,10,6,9,5,9,10,9,7,2] result of (7) success
(0) .: Block [13d10] => [7,1,9,6,5,1,1,5,10,5,6,3,10] result of (4) success
(0) .: Block [12d10] => [2,6,1,7,4,5,9,3,7,4,2,9] result of (4) success
(0) .: miss miss hit hit hit
(0) .: Soak [29d10] => [10,4,4,2,2,8,3,7,3,7,9,7,10,5,10,6,10,9,2,9,4,6,10,10,10,4,7,6,5] result of (15) success
(0) .: Soak [29d10] => [7,7,10,6,5,10,3,6,5,5,6,8,8,8,4,7,7,1,10,7,4,7,1,2,2,9,2,3,4] result of (13) success
(0) .: Soak [29d10] => [4,8,2,3,2,5,8,8,2,4,7,8,7,5,10,4,8,10,1,9,7,5,9,1,9,5,4,5,3] result of (13) success
(0) .: Damage [22-15] => 7
(0) .: Damage [22-13] => 9
(0) .: Damage [22-13] => 9

Now it is Brass' turn to be dazed.

Bomber Lord: "You did good for an old man" -he says as he elbows Brass on the base of the skull, over and over.- "But this is as far as you get!"

The blows can be SEEN rising a circle of dust around the fighters as Bomber Lord continues to punish Brass after stunning him.

Bomber Lord: "You did good, but this is it, old man!" -he starts charging up his finisher, "Little Boy".

A white hot plasma ball starts forming on top of Bomber Lord's outstretched hand. He greets the audience with a stretched middle finger, and laughs at them.

Bomber Lord: "This old man was your Great Last Hope for a clean league? punks, I AM THE LEAGUE. THE BELT IS MINE; FOREVER!"
absorb. then headbutt routine. this time when you stun him you keep punching since he can't block more than one blow

We get one defence roll, right?

How hard would it be to overstrain Brass' energy absorption to soak the damage from Little Boy?
This is why I don't like doing Reaper Charge in a serious fight. It takes a fuckton of time to set up, and our opponents can block it, rendering it useless.

If we're in a situation where we need to take an opponent down, rather than just for flash, holds have shown to be much more consistantly effective.

Well, the good thing with absorb is that you can use it AFTER seeing how much damage you would take, so we may or may not need to overstrain it.

Also, I was thinking it may be a good moment for Aritsu in the control booth flicking the switch "on" to start showing video and evidence of Bomber Lord's actions live to the audience. That too could surprise him enough to interrupt Little Boy


So what do you wanna have happen? soak it up, or have Ritsu flip the switch at Ned's command? could instead be Mai, too, if you dont want to risk having Ritsu (who is as non-combat personnel as they come) in harm's way

Absorption looks more spectacular. Like, full-on Goku-style "Still here. Try harder!"
nah. do a switch of his fireworks
(0) .: Little Boy [32d10] => [1,8,7,8,1,8,2,7,2,6,1,10,3,7,7,7,9,2,9,4,1,10,7,5,1,10,7,5,3,9,7,1] result of (17) success Energy Damage + 22 physical damage auto successes
(0) .: Soak [32d20] => [15,14,17,10,4,7,9,15,4,1,16,1,17,1,6,9,17,19,11,14,1,20,11,11,3,9,1,6,15,9,15,16] result of (22) success

Well, I'll be damned. Brass' physical soaks soaks EXACTLY how much physical damage BL can do. Turning on Energy Absorb to soak up the energy part of Little Boy. Brass is at 11hp right now, so overcharging it


I thought we decided against rigging the set with fireworks, because Brass wanted to win fair and square.... Same would go for the footage, it'd be a distraction, which is not a Face tactic
Just realized the error on the soak roll so rolled it again

Soak [32d10] => [6,4,7,7,7,1,9,3,5,9,3,8,6,8,10,1,6,4,4,10,10,10,2,5,10,4,8,4,7,10,9,9] result of (17) success

Brass is taking 7 damage and is down to 4hp, definitively overcharging absorb

If he gets Temp Taint, we'll sign him up for Qi Meng.
(0) .: Absorb (Overcharged, burning 3 willpower and taking 1 temporal taint) [32d10] => [7,9,6,10,5,6,10,9,8,5,2,3,4,4,2,1,8,9,5,7,6,8,10,4,1,8,1,10,7,8,2,3] result of (15) success

This leaves Brass on 2hp, but he just went up to Mega Strength 16!!

Nick Diamond: "Dear God of Violence, bless this holy match... what the hell did just happen down there!?"

The blast from Little Boy taxes the forcefield. For safety, it had to turn opaque for a few moments, but even when it goes back to being transparent, people can't tell what is going on because of the massive dust cloud.

The entire dome is a hemisphere of black dust, but the automated systems turn on and quickly begin pumping it clean, revealing both fighters still standing on the ring. Bomber Lord can't hide his surprise as Brass still stands after taking Little Boy literally face on!

Ami: "Yes!" -she lets out a little cry as she jumps in place- "I knew mister Wolfside could take it!"

Ned: "Right"

Brass: "Nice Try, punk. My turn now"


Want to do what? BL is at 21hp and Brass is at 2hp
throw. If I remember my damage calculations, one should kill him

Brass superthrows don't do extra damage, though, do they?

Anyway, I vote roll for multitasking, then headbutts and punches, to soften him up, followed by a throw into Low Earth Orbit
They do damage based on distance and flying through objects. Let me remember... 21 automatic successes +1 for every 2 meters of flight and lets add +5 when passing through concrete walls... how big would you say the arena is? also sorry it took me so long to reply, internet died for a bit
probably very big.

I would still favour softening Bomber up a bit. Bag him up, then throw him out with the rest of the trash
so multiaction check, then headbutt -> punch (has an accuracy bonus and with all that strenght we just need to hit to do massive damage) -> throw?

I think so. Even if multiaction fails, penalties won't be too stiff
(0) .: Multiaction [6d10] => [7,2,3,6,9,8] result of (3) success
Headbutt [16d10] => [7,9,10,4,10,7,8,1,2,6,3,3,7,1,2,9] result of (8) success
(0) .: Block [16d10] => [4,8,6,3,5,7,9,9,8,1,3,10,6,6,4,4] result of (6) success
(0) .: Soak [30d10] => [6,2,3,5,6,3,6,4,5,9,6,7,5,4,4,2,3,7,8,2,10,8,10,3,9,2,4,7,5,1] result of (9) success
(0) .: Damage [24-9] => 15
(0) .: Punch [16d10] => [9,7,8,10,10,9,4,3,8,4,3,9,7,3,7,8] result of (11) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [9,1,7,7,7,4,9,3,4,3,10,9,7,10,1] result of (9) success
(0) .: Soak [30d10] => [3,7,1,3,6,1,2,1,8,5,7,4,4,2,8,7,7,2,3,5,1,2,5,3,7,10,9,7,5,1] result of (10) success
(0) .: Damage [23-10] => 13

That's making BL unconscious, still want to throw him, or maybe punch him once more to make sure he stays unconscious as he's carried away by the FBI?
Of course.


It's the only way to be sure. He might be faking unconsciousness, y'see.

Do the Feds have T2M anti-Nova backup?

Jonny: "And The Reaper dazes Bomber with a headbutt and two earthshaking punches! The belt is changing hands right here, right now!"

Nick: "You can say a lot of things about this fight, so long as they are all along the lines of awesome and violentacular, folks!"

Jonny: "Violentacular?"

Nick: "Yes, I made it myself, it is a mix of-"

Jonny: "I can tell, just don't Nick."

Brass catches Bomber and uses his full superhuman strenght to throw him through the concrete walls of the stage and into the forcefield. The impact is dry and loud, and noone has any doubts that that was the end of the fight right there.

The audience is surprised as suddenly a FBI team, flanked by T2M representatives come up to the stage together with Ric Flair and a select others.

(anyone wants to write Ric's speech as he denounces bomber lord, thanks Brass, and hands him the belt?)
hah, funny enough, that post was EXACTLY at ending time for today. Should we continue on monday with something like an epilogue, so you guys have more time to write something if you want? I think im gonna take a break from the thread to do some paperwork. I need to deal with some health issues and government paperwork, too, which is why I'm taking next week to do it after the epiloque on monday.

We are continuing with Ned and the XWF of course, but I need a bit of time to recharge my batteries on that front. Really want to try something new (yet sligthly familiar which is why Im reusing many of the NPCs. That and they are fully stat'd of course so it makes things easy). Do you think the MC of the Secret Wars thread should be young or adult, maybe even old? I think they all have potential to be interesting. Seeing a child having to deal with crazy overpowered monsters and assassins is always nerve wrecking. Seeing a guy taken out of his every day life is interesting too, so maybe someone older? how much older? should the MC be 12, 15 (for that awkward and fun sexual tension as he deals with suddenly having two super attractive redheaded ninjas after thinking girls were icky for so long), 17, 21, 35, 50+?

Normally I would, but my writer mojo isn't firing right now. Except....


Ned turns to Ami as the force fields come down. "OK, this is your cue. Get out there and celebrate with Brass, but keep an eye out in case Bomber tries anything funny. I'll see you at the party afterwards."

As the enthusiastic fangirl charges off towards her hero, Ned sends a text to Okaba "Bomb defused. /r/ status update"

Epilogue Monday sounds good.

Open with presentation, then hear results of the raid, then have a party so huge, Euphry would be intimidated by it.
Holy crap, I must say, when Brass goes all-out, shit gets wrecked, hard.

As for a speech soemthign like `Ladies and Gentlemen, it has come to my attention that one of the fighters in the XWF was playing fast and loose with the law. Naturally, our fighters are too much for the average police to handle, so naturally I called upon a current hero of the ring to take him down. What better way to take down a super criminal, than a super hero?! As of today, I herby banish Bomber Lord from the XWF, and give his title of Omega League champion to the one... the only... BRAAAAAAAS REEEEEEAPER!

Only better written by someone who can actually write worth a damn.
Okay. And remember, I'm not stopping the thread. Just gonna take a few days, hopefully just one but you never know so playing it safe, to do some paperwork.

Anyway we can go over it on monday. And could you guys give me a suggestion about the age of the MC of the quest thread I wanna start while I recharge ideas for this one?
That said, I`m now heading off to bed, since I spent all night installing programs and windows updates.
heh, well we have until monday to come up with ideas. Any suggestions about what ive been asking for a while now? what age do you think the main character of the Secret Wars quest should be?

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