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Ah, a whole another week after that horrible incident with 4 eartquakes, 21 aftershocks and 2 tsunamis, not counting all the blackouts and stuff.

Lets try to get things going now that the world aint trying to kill me (right now)
Here we go....

Also, is that stuff affecting the whole country, or just where you are? Got family living out in Santiago...
Alright, lets get started right away today. We were going to a meeting with Ric today, right?

For a change, Ric comes to us, saying that he wants to see what we did with the office.

Ric F: "Well Ned, looks like you are finally home, aren't you?" -he says as he looks around-

Ned: "It's still the new office, but we are almost there, sir"

Ric F: "Don't call me sir, Ned. Anyway, big match coming up, you sure our boy Brass is ready for it?"

Ned: "More than ready, in fact, it will be quite a shock..."

tell him everything now?
Only 600 kilometers in the north. Santiago is 3000 kilometers away, so they didin't even notice. Plus they are far inland so no tsunami is ever gonna hit them

First off, get Natural Empathy going, plus any other useful Enhancements.

Then, put something from the band's more calming oeuvre on.

Then have Aritsu make him a god-tier cup of tea

Then tell him the first bit; about Bomber's crimes, but DON'T mention anything that could get Dr Rei in trouble. Really sell the monstrousness.

Then explain than Bomber's going to be taken down, emphasising how Ned's actions have been him doing his job, looking after his fighters.

Is there a difficulty penalty, for this?

Ah, right. Us Britbongs live on such a tiny island, our sense of geographical scale tends to get distorted
how long is britain? chile is really thin, but about 7000 kilometers long, and 1/2 as much again if you count from our last city south (Punta Arenas) all the way to the south pole territory

Ric gets obviously pissed as you tell him about BL's more unsavory activities.

Ric: "I got you fresh off college and mixed you with Brass so you could take him down, but never imagined that boy would be up to such ...things. Well, don't look so surprised, of course I could tell he cheated and that he was using some mojo to control the staff here!"

He sips the rest of his tea in a few gulps and stands up, walking around. He's wearing a golden suit of fine cut, that hangs well on his older but firm frame.

Ric: "Got you in with Brass, helped keep you out of any meeting he was attending, and even got you offices all the way on opposite ends of the building, I was hoping you would help Brass take him down, and was getting ready to kick him out once that was dealt with, but goddamn, Ned!"

Aritsu refills your cup of tea. Ric declines a refill.

your turn
"I wasn't exactly thrilled about it either."
Rolled 7, 10, 1, 9, 10, 5, 3, 3, 8, 3, 1, 7, 6, 6, 2, 2 = 83


"OK, Ric, I realise I should have come to you sooner. But with Bomber's connections, I didn't know who I could trust. And then the Utopia connection came up, and we started digging, and boom, we've got a guy at the head of the Fed who's kidnapping people off the street and reformatting them to order! Not to mention the fact that this guy has my contractors, my allies, my FRIENDS on his hit list. "

"Once that shit came to light, I couldn't stay silent. There are some things more important than money."

Ned lets that hang in the air for a moment

"Look, if you want to fire me, go ahead. Heck, if it came to safeguarding the band, I'd quit tomorrow. But look at it this way. If someone else had come across this info, they'd have acted on it straight away. T2M busting into Bomber's home and arresting him, no warning, no PR spin, and no payoff. I've kept the takedown on hold, and had to restrain Okaba from calling in a T2M hit squad in the process... Why? Becausr one waynor another, BL goes down. But if we do it my way, we get the greastest fued blowoff in wrestling history as well. You hired me to make the money, spot the opportunities; That's what I did here. Justice is done, and the XWF makes bank at the same time."

Rolling Biz to persuade Ric. Persuader is active for bonus successes. Ned is genuine about his willingness to walk away if necessary, but he suspects Ric values money too much, which is why he's playing to Flair's avarice, and to his love of the wrestling game, by rolling Biz

Spending Willpower for a successs, too.
Ric: "You are not fired. Aritsu, you -are- fired, tho. This is a 30 days notice"

Aritsu: "Ah... yes sir. More tea?"

Ric: "No, I'm fine."

Ned: "Wh- why is she fired?"

Aritsu: "Obviously sir, because mister Flair assigned me to you so I could report to him on any developments."

Ned: "Well, I'm hiring you back, then."

Aritsu: "Yes, sir. Would you like to see my curriculum and references?"

Ned: "Wh--- ah, right. No, no need, I have heard you do great work."

Aritsu: "Thank you sir. Could we negotiate my new work conditions and contract later?"

Ned: "Sure"

Ric: "Well, aren't you friendly? I hope you are keeping it out of the company well, Ned. Not that I would blame you." -he says as the beautiful blonde struts out with the tea pot, her feet on tiptoe as she takes short, quick steps thanks to her XWF regulation shoes and microskirt- "Now, what was that about taking him down with a show?"

You explain your plan to him. The man listens to you intently, then crushes the tea cup and plate under his hand without noticing. Aritsu walks in with some bandages but he shooes her away.

Ric: "I'm fine with arresting him. It has to be done. And of course, I got you in and in touch with Brass so he would be taken down, but a live fight? what about the public's safety!?"
"The Crew Build Good Force fields. Honestly, the other options are worse. At home he's surrounded by mind controlled hostages he can kill in an instant, here at the XWF are all of our employees, and its always possible that some of the fighters have contingency orders to protect him if someone tries to arrest him. In the ring is basically the only place he can't hurt innocents."

"A fight is the perfect cover. Brass beats Bomber so far into unconsciousness that it'd take him a month to recover, Then the LEOs move in to make the arrest. It's the perfect way to bring him in without risking any bystanders."

>Aritsu was a spy? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! We will haveito have words... But at least she works for Ned properly, now
weird, my mouse wheel died...

Well, if it makes you feel better, she just got fired for NOT reporting what you were up to

Ric: "Then it needs to be somewhere other than the main building. I doubt he could control the other Omega leaguers. Too much ego for that, but probably some golds and certainly most silver fighters. Maybe we should talk to some of the Omegas to have them help if needed. I keep a short list of those I am sure are not mind controlled"

"We've got the whole of our stable on-side already, and plans are in place.

But if you're wanting somewhere more out of the way, we've got a business meeting with a potential business partner... We could arrange to have the fight on Mars..."

Oh god, now I'm thinking of filk ideas riffing on Bowie... "Fights On Mars"

Ric: "As interesting as that sounds, and please tell me more about that, it would probably be too much... and I cant believe I am saying this. really. It would probably be too much hype for a fight that should last 10 seconds at most. I think we could probably raise the stage to fight it on the open over the building, or sink it into the ground, maybe. Or just... "

Aritsu: "Why not have a double forcefield. One around the stage and one around the audience to keep them safe from any other fighters BL may have programmed to defend them?"

Ric: "That seems doable"
this a prompt?
yes, your turn


"Double-strength double-forcefields, just to be sure. If the Krew need help, Lyann may be able to spare a clone or two."

"As far as a ten-second squash goes, that's certainly an option, but we don't think Bomber knows we're on to him. So the idea was to approach it like a regular bout, work the first round or so, then go all-out. Or at least, that's a possible plan, because we're assuming he'll cheat almost immediately."
Sorry about not showing up eariler, I'm upgrading my computer from XP, so I'm reading through the threads I missed while I was sick.
You probably didint miss anything. Last week was a terrible week, and the threads suffered along with me, sadly

Ric: "Alright, I'll go visit him and see what he thinks will happen. I've dealt with enough two faced backstabbing power hungry egomaniacs to be able to handle one more. No problem"
Hey, it was a terrible week for me too! There was a stomach flu going around, and I was popping Pepto Bismol like it was candy!
Doesnt counts unless you had to survive 4+ eartquakes and tsunami waves (why the fuck was it 4 tsunami waves? was 1 too mainstream?) brb gonna get something to drink
back. By the way, what do you think of aliens showing up and wanting a wrestling invasion from the galactic wrestling federation vs the xwf? too cliche? it's been done at least twice now, afaik


Ric "Well, besides this unsavory business with the Omega Belt, do you have anything else going on? projects? because this will, one way or the other, be over after this weekend"
thats a "your turn" too, btw
The Band world tour, MTV, probably a movie deal about Brass's comback.

Ric: "Well, by the way, what are the expected ratings for the omega belt? it's going to be BL's final fight, after all, so we may want to milk it for all its worth"

Aritsu brings the info, and you continue to discuss things over coffee. After a couple of hours, Ric has to leave for a satellite launch.

Ric: "Let me know about any developments, alright? this is my private number"
Funny, you pretty much described how my stomach felt *and* sounded like for a week.

Hmm, I was thinking about something like an 'inside look' film about the goings on in the XWF, but I don't exactly think about how to do that without breaking kayfabe.

"Just talking with a few people about future projects.

Oh, and Flux are doing a 'surprise' gig just down the road... And I'm pretty sure Euphry will having a party afterwards, if you'd like to come, take your mind off the extra work I've just made for you..."
File: 1396890116706.png-(774 KB, 680x1003, delicious stella.png)
774 KB
774 KB PNG

After the meeting, you look at Aritsu expectantly

Do you want to admonish her or not? im not sure what exactly should happen now
File: 1396890199065.png-(424 KB, 565x593, delicious stella 2.png)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
Uhmm... i suspect he would go
Goddammit, get outta here Nikumi. Don't you have to be overshadowed in a tournament or something, just to show how good all the competition is or something?
File: 1396890761485.png-(113 KB, 540x500, delicious stella 3.png)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
B-but she's delicious. And so perfect as Stella, from the delicious brown to the total lack of fashion sense working for her.

Speaking of cooking mangas, i wonder when someone is going to continue nobunaga no chef

So, want to deal with Aritsu now or continue as normal?


"So... Aritsu. None of your jobs are in jeopardy, because you're too damn important in making things happen. But be honest with me. What, exactly, were your orders from Ric?"
Aritsu: "I was told to take care of you and let him know if anything dangerous happened. And keep you and BL on separate sides of the building."

Ned: "That's it?"

Aritsu: "Pretty much... there were other things, but they were not related to "us" in any way, sir."

Ned: "Do I want to ask?"

Aritsu: "Probably not."

Ned: "Alright, so... which powers do you have?"

Aritsu: "I can make a really good coffee, and multitask better than any modern OS."

Ned: "I already knew that"

Aritsu: "Thannk you sir"

Ned: "...so what else is on the agenda today?"

Aritsu: "Mako and Sino have to be on the studio in two hours, I would prefer if we send a company car for them, rather than having them deal with public transport. And if it could look like your idea, even more so. Sino doesn't likes it when I "over protect" her, as she says"
fine with me

"I'll make it happen. And Aritsu? Thanks for not spilling the beans to Ric about the takedown. Business is a rough world, and loyalty is a rare commodity."

"Also, feel free to wear something less expoitative than the XWF Secretary Uniform."
File: 1396895107403.jpg-(713 KB, 1106x1600, where's waldo english.jpg)
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713 KB JPG
Ugh, I thought I bit my tongue a bit, after you took the words right out of my mouth.
File: 1396895324485.jpg-(712 KB, 966x1400, being lewd in public.jpg)
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712 KB JPG
Aritsu: -shrugs, a little- "I always thought it was funny how uncomfortable it made you, and my sister thinks I look "sooo pretty" on it, anyway. Anything else I can do for you, sir?"

Ned: "I wish I had something I could throw at you right now, something comically large, yet harmless"

Aritsu: "Spyrofoam ball, one added to the list, sir."

Ned: "Well, I'll go pick up Sinoe and Mako and bring them over. I should be back within the hour."

Aritsu: "Not with LA's traffic at this hour, sir. Say an hour and a half to two"

((lets end here for today, and continue tomorrow. Do you guys want to fast forward straight to the fight tomorrow or have some cutesy time with Mako and Sinoe?)

I vote fast forward. Let's see how this goes down.

Make sure that any of Brass' remaining XP is spent before he goes in. If in doubt, more health
File: 1396900356471.jpg-(55 KB, 620x350, image.jpg)
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Not here to play, just here to make everybody sad.
Alright, tomorrow we'll start with the fight right away, then. Want to use the remaining "pool exp" to buff Brass?

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