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And we're starting right on time again! Ain't that nice?
well, lets wait 10 minutes for the others and if they arent here we'll start and they can catch up later
File: 1395841251383.jpg-(25 KB, 500x216, dio fries.jpg)
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Sorry I'm late. Spring cleaning and whatnot.
You arrive at Mai's place having bought tickets for a few classics on the OPNet, and carrying the pizza yourself.

She's wearing an oversized sports shirt and has her bright, long red hair loose, cascading behind her.

Mai: "Hi Ned." -she says with a smile

A bit later, as you cuddle on her new, extra soft beanbag couch (it tends to naturally throw you into eachother), you talk about your weeks and your plans for the future.

Mai: "You know, I understand that Brass needs the closure, but I could just make the guy disappear."

Ned: "Mai! you wouldn't...?"

Mai: "Is not like I go around doing that to however I don't like, you know? But the guy is trash, from what you've told me."

Ned: "Well, we live in a modern and lawful society. You can't just do that anymore."

Mai: -sits up cowgirl style on you- "Aww... you're adorable" -she says as she leans in to kiss you-

Ned: "Uhmm... " -caressing her, you realize she's not wearing anything under the shirt.

You enjoy eachother's company quietly for a bit, until she moves to go grab a couple of beers.

Mai: "So how are things going with the new office?"

Ned: "Oh, it's great. We even got a small holo theater in the lower floor, and this large aquarium. We could have a movie night with everyone sometime, or a poker night, or what have you."

Mai grabs the beers and tip toes back to the couch, leaning down on you so she's resting her head on your chest as you enjoy your beers.

Mai: "That sounds fun. I may drop in to kidnap you for a movie night at your office some time."

Ned: "That would make me happy and worried at the same time. We installed a new security system so people shouldnt be able to go in unnoticed."

Mai: "Pfff, security."
"Yeah, I still owe Lyann a favor for that. We had a failed break in attempt shortly before the extent of Bomber's...activities came to light."

Didn't we wind up getting Mai to help Lyann develop the super-security triples biometric lock?
I don't thnk so. Pretty sure Lyann just grabbed a couple unassigned clones and banged that out over the course of an hour,

Ned: "Besides, that's kind of ironic coming from you, isin't it?"

Mai: "I don't have a security system. I have an alarm system. Is not the same. If someone really wants to get in, it's nearly impossible to keep them out these days. I just made sure I would know they are coming or at least know when they get in. What did you got installed?"

Ned: "Well... it's a really ncie door"

Mai: "Uh hu.."

Ned: "With a really, really nice lock"

Mai: "What about the windows, or the ventilation ducts? and did you make the office teleport-proof? what about the walls, could someone walk through the walls or did you install a molecular disrupter?"

Ned: "That sounds a bit..."

Mai: "See? you should get an alarm system. Security is not what it used to be, nowadays."

Ned: "Really, and how would you get in?"

Mai finishes her beer and turns around so she's facing you. She lays on top of you and hugs your right leg with hers as she raises her hips a little bit, letting her shirt slip off her bottom as she crosses her arms over your chest and looks at you with a serious look.

Mai: "There's a lot of ways I can get into anywhere, Ned. Is why I was such a good agent. There's also a lot of ways I can get out of anywhere. For starters, machines can't see me."

Ned: "What, cameras and stuff?"

Mai: "Uh hu... and stuff. Have you seen a mirror somewhere other than the bathroom?"

Ned: "No, but people don't usually have them other than the bathroom and the bedroom."

Mai: "Well, lets see..." -she licks the pizza knife until it's mirror-clean- "What do you see here?"

You see yourself, the couch... but you don't see her on top of you.

Ned: "What, like a vampire?"

Mai: "Vampires do show up on camera, tho."
"Please don't tell me vampires are real..."
Mai: "Aww... don't worry Ned, I'll protect you" -she kisses you- "From vampires" -kisses you again- "And werewolves" -kisses you a lil bit longer- "And aliens, and ghosts, and what have you" -she lingers on your lips. She tastes delicious, and your hands roam softly over her flawlessly soft skin.

(want to fast forward a bit to monday, or is there anything you want to do with your sunday? want to go visit the band at Lyann's place? is going to be sort of hard to advance your relationship with Lyann or Mako now that everyone is there"
"Ugh, please tell me those creatures out of horrible teen romance novels don't actually exist."
"Hang on."

Slide our hand up her back then reach out and push the fabric of her shirt away from her. See if it's reflection selectively will turn visible in the pizza cutter. If not, we have an excuse to remove her shirt for science purposes.
No, the shirt is attuned to her so as long as it0s in contact... actually does something attuned to you have to stay in contact to remain attuned? im not sure. brb gonna get a sandwich
Well I was hoping to privately meet with Aura and Okaba on Sunday to see if they had any trusted contacts with the FBI or DEA (the former is probably more likely) to get the ball rolling on that. Also to check on the status of their people and what sort of support in terms of experienced bodies and equipment we had access to. We should probably also tell them they're getting interviewed tomorrow.
Bugger. Both me.
After a bit of thought, I decided that yes, it would remain attuned since what that does is that "your powers affect objects you wear/carry"

If you had the power to lit yourself on flames and you attuned your shirt so it wouldnt burn when you immolate yourself, it should remain attuned if you take it off, so if you place it on the ground and throw fire at it, it shouldnt burn unless you attune something else instead.

Ned: "Mai, I want to try something... for science!"

Mai: "Science, uh?" -she lets you take the shirt off of her.

You briefly register that it does indeed remain unreflected in the kitchen knife, before your brain loses blood and you don't care any more.

The following morning, you wake up with the nubile girl still laying nude on top of you, albeit she seems more resting than sleeping. Caressing and kissing for a bit, you eventually manage to peel yourselves apart, and she gets up to prepare breakfast.

Ned: "Beer and pancakes?"

Mai. "Breakfast of champions. Have you seen my shirt?" -she asks while serving your the pancakes

Ned: "Yes, it was nice, but not as nice as the sight behind me right now."

Mai: "Ned! ..oh well, it'll show up."

(now ff a bit? or is there anything else you'd like to do here? talk with her about training you into some more combat martial arts?)
>Talk with her about training you into some more combat oriented martial arts?
That would be wise.
Also, we should probably grab a shower before we leave.

Might want to check in with Ami and Edrich later today to see how the trip went and what's their opinion of the gear.
Mai: "Sure, but unless you'd want to study wrestling, perhaps I should get dressed first?"

Ned: "Now wait a minute, what does one thing have to do with the other, young lady!?"

She gives you a smile

Ned: "Besides, I did not mean right this moment. But in the near future"

Mai: "Well, alright then."

You enjoy the morning with her,and leave to go back to your place for a shower and a change of clothes.

A phonecall later, you learn that Okaba and Aura have gone to Surfrider Malibu beach. They are happy enough to invite you, but will instead go back to La if it is necessary.
Tell them to give us a call when they get back, but to enjoy the rest of their Sunday in the mean time.

Check in on the Flux member's at Lyann's to make sure everyone has everything they need and Belle isn't going to stir crazy, but first fire off an email to Stella just to check in and see how London's treating her.
Aura sends you a pic of herself and Okaba in their swimsuits, with her holding a surfboard and Okaba trying to cover her from spectators with her wings.

Stella says she hasnt spoken to the studio yet (she did arrive on saturday evening and now its sunday, still), but she's enjoying london, albeit the weather is really different from what she is used to.

As you stop by Lyann's, you find Mako is half frozen, blushing bright red, and really happy to see you as she points to Bella, who's walking around nude in the living room.

Mako: "...!" -bright red as she expects you to do something. She's covering Mao Mao's eyes, and is wearing a soft looking long dress.

Lyann greets you. She doesn't seems the least bit bothered by Bella. She is wearing a soft pair or pants and shirt, and goes around shoeless in her building.

Bella notices you and goes over to greet you, without a single worry, it seems
Um, reassure Mako that it's fine, unusual, but fine for Belle to be herself among close friends. further, explain that Belle physically finds clothing extremely comber some and that we all appreciate the annoyance she's putting up with for Flux shows and public appearances.

Hopefully Ned is more of less used to the beauty walking around naked at this point and isn't standing at attention in front of the innocent girl. That would send entirely the wrong message.

After Mako's calmed down as much as Mako can calm down with a naked woman in the same room with her and Ned, go greet Lyann and see how she's handling her guests and if there's anything we can do to help.
File: 1395848560841.jpg-(49 KB, 375x523, King Crimson mtg.jpg)
49 KB
Strip down to our skivvies, then comment on how ever since we started visiting Lyann, our dry-cleaning bills have taken a massive nosedive.

>Mako's face when
You untap before you draw, tho

Mako clings to your side throgh your visit. Lyann seems to be doing fine. She's actually enjoying having more company. Her social awareness is bad enough she isin't very sure on what's bothering Mako so much.

Lyann invites you to stay for lunch, but you decide not to, and instead invite Mako out to have a picnic with you and Sinoe.

Sinoe is happy to go out with Mako, and you spend a rather nice early evening with the two beauties. Mako is wearing a long but light summer dress with sandals, and Sinoe is wearing a soft looking yellow shirt with yeans. Even tho they draw a lot of attention, they walk around the park, feed the ducks, try the icecream, and Mako makes a balloon animal for Sinoe before it's time to go back home.

Sinoe: "Thank you for the day out, mister Salter"

Ned: "You are welcome."

The petite blonde surprise hugs you and Mako and gives you both a kiss in the cheek before running into the house.

Mako: "Aww... isin't that nice of her?" -she seems completely at ease with the youthful girl's show of affection
"It was, she's almost as cute as Mako."

Hold her hand on the way to the car and during the ride back to Lyann's. Incognito on.

Mako: "B-but-"

She blushes softly all the way back.

Do you want to try giving her a kiss on the cheek as you drop her at Lyann's?
After thanking her for a lovely afternoon? Sure. Or (if she flinches) do a fake out and give her peck on the forehead instead.
She stares at you, like a bird staring at a snake.

Ned: "You really are a lovely girl. I'll see you tomorrow at work, alright?" -you leave her blushing as you go

That evening, you talk with Okaba as he tells you that he is quite sure they can rescue the people in the manor, but is worried about those who have already been sent away.

Aura is still wearing her swimsuit. She smells of suntan oil and sand and sea. You are having coffee with them downtown.
"Yeah, that will take time."
Agree with Okaba and stress that's why we need to capture any files Bomber or his associates have before they can be destroyed. And why we need to hit his mundane associates during the match (do it before and we tip bomber off, do it after and bomber's arrest will tip them off). We also need to put Dawn and Dusk under surveillance, they may well be acting under duress (Zenith being held hostage and all) but we still need to keep them out of this fight.

The waiter gives Aura a note. She thanks him and stores it under her swimsuit's top straps.

Okaba: "Well, considering that my mental defenses are the best of anyone I know, perhaps I should aid with his arrest while AUra and the FBI team raid his place."

Aura: "Hey, I could help boost Brass for the fight." -she adjusts her posture on the chair, sitting with a leg bent under her as she straightens up and pulls her shoulders back a little bit. A taxist bumps into the bumper of the car ahead of himself
"I'll pass the offer of help on to Brass, but I'm not sure if he'll go for it. Still, it might even the field after BL's recent power boosts.
Again, probably not that big a deal.
Hope you're right.
Okaba: "What power boost would that be?" -he discreetly extends a wing to block sight of Aura from behind, as she had been gathering a crowd for a while now.

You explain to him about how his medical files show that his reflexes and mental acuity have somehow improved greatly during the summer, and how you believe it may be due to his connections with the teragen.

Okaba: "Then all the more reason we should aid on his arrest."

The hell, last time I checked the time we still had two hours left, where did time go?

Anyway guys, I'll see you tomorrow. And will come back to check on comments, suggestions and questions after lunch.

Actually, Aura could help indirectly, by persuading a member of the Krew to rig part of the arena so that it sets itself on fire.

>Pyro goes off
>Flames everywhere
>Bomber shits bricks
>Brass absorbs energy and Reaper Charges BL straight into custody
File: 1395855093929.png-(704 KB, 754x1200, Okuyasu Pudding.png)
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704 KB PNG
That sounds delicious.

My original idea (way back last season) was to have Ami do it, but I don't think her Pyrokinesis works that way
I agree.

Just taking a peek while the water boils
This is good.

On a side note I'd still rather have Okaba run overwatch, or have him go after Dusk(?) since he can resist her mind mojo.

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