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File: 1395682296053.jpg-(139 KB, 494x570, Nanoha Force Quest Banner.jpg)
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All started with a fated meeting, between Tohma and Lily. The ring, the book and everything else all came afterwards.

Their meeting was not a tragic one, even if whole worlds could consider their meeting the start of a cruel fate; to those two, it may as well be a miracle.

Their powers may be ones that only exist to bring destruction and ruin, yet those two swore to turn those very powers have into their hope.

The past can’t be changed, but the future can be anything.

This is the record of their struggle.

These are the records that chronicle the Book of the Silver Cross Incident and everything that followed.

It is the year 81 of the New Calendar, the awakening of the black grimoire, the second volume of the Gospel of the Silver Cross, has been completed.

With the birth of the Zero Driver the world now truly spins into motion. The pieces are placed, the actors are ready and the stage is finally set.

All that is left is for you to act.

Having understood a bit more of the world around you, how will you choose to act from now on? What will you protect? What will you sacrifice?

Only a devil might know.

ARC 2: ????

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nanoha%20FORCE%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
>How to roll:

NFQ uses the Simple Solo System, which means the quest uses a D100 as the base. I will count the first three rolls, unless stated otherwise and if any of them manage to obtain a number lower than the DC stated then it is a success.

100 is a critical failure and 1 is a critical success

>About them Write-Ins?

Note that often you will be given the option to write in when given choices, and it is something that I expect you players to do. Most of the time, the choices given are mostly the ones that come immediately when I write, but sometimes you players may opt for something else.

Honestly, I expect you guy to mostly do this, to reach the goals and endings you players really desire.

Do not be afraid to choose something outside the choices given, but at the same time I reserve the right to veto write-ins, in the case they break character or are too stupid.
File: 1395682458944.png-(22 KB, 494x570, Liberty City.png)
22 KB
Thread 16- FLOWER WARS (I):
Your name is Tohma Avenir and you are having a bad day. Not that your days have been good lately, but it’s the feeling that counts, right?

You are part of the newly formed mercenary team Silver Engel, whose was tasked by the special Anti-Eclipse Taskforce to participate in Operation Silver Break, whose aim is to contain the Eclipse Virus Outbreak in Liberty City, find the cause, and rescue any survivors.

Sadly, this was not going well.

Originally your team had landed on the Northern Sector of Liberty City, and with some luck had managed to meet with a young man who held a Silver Cross Replica.

He probably was a survivor, someone who overcame the infection and turned into an Eclipse Driver and while your negotiations with the boy had proven quite difficult, you were sure that you could have managed to get him to calm down eventually.

Sadly the arrival of the blond monk woman changed that.

“Child… that divider and that fake book, both of them turn them to me! Unless you want to become a monster like the young man behind me!” Those had been her words, and as she approached the boy you would have moved to intercept her, save for one thing.

The woman had a partner… another silver haired girl with green eyes. With a graceful turn that girl had introduced herself to you and Lily “I guess I present myself, I am the Third Unit in the Strosek Series, the Flower of Liberation, Dahlia Strosek the 3rd.”

She was the third Strosek that had been created to interface with the Silver Cross, which made her Lily’s sister... another cursed flower that had been made to spread the virus around.

And that brings us to the present…
File: 1395682523891.jpg-(170 KB, 1181x1748, Dahlia.jpg)
170 KB
170 KB JPG

The young woman, Dahlia turned towards Lily as she continued, smiling warmly towards your partner, “My dear sister, I will kindly ask you and your driver- The Zero- to refrain from interfering any further, this is a private matter that my Driver and I must deal with ourselves. I would hope that you two would kindly understand the situation and leave.”

How do you react?
>Ask the Blond Woman to stop!
>Intercept the Blond Woman, she will not take that Divider and Book
>Talk to the 4th Strosek, maybe she can listen to reason?
>Ask you teammates to attack the woman? You need a distraction?
>Ask Lily to heal you, while you wait to see what they will do?
>Try talking to the woman, why did she call you a monster?
>Intercept the Blond Woman, she will not take that Divider and Book

Have Isis and Mira grab the kid. We're leaving.
File: 1395683403771.jpg-(9 KB, 282x179, WISE UP.jpg)
9 KB
Wise UP 01- Gospel of the Silver Cross

I guess you won’t leave, won’t you? I should have expected this, but at this point, I think you are old enough to take responsibility for your actions. Still, I guess this is the best moment to talk about some of the important things going on here.

First of all, this was caused by the replicas of the Silver Cross. Much like the original, these cheap copies were only made to spread the infection and then to control the mindless infected before they died to their mutations.

Now, you may ask yourself why is the Original so Important then? Well, the thing is that the copies were made using only part of the data of the Original Silver Cross… that means that your book still has several functions and powers that even these guys who are making the replicas do not know.

That is why they made that reactor plug, your girl Lily. They wanted to have someone bond with the book and become its master, and thus be able to access its contents.

They designed special dividers, the 9XX Series to serve as interfaced to handle the power of the book and created the Strosek series to handle connecting to the book.

That was why they held her in that facility, there they tested her compatibility with many subjects, until they found a match… I guess I do not need to tell you how that ended.

In a way, the fact that you became that girl’s master and mastered the book is almost a miracle, some weird act of god that no one expected, we might as well call it fate.

So, Tohma be careful, even if your meeting could be called a miracle it does not mean that you and that girl are invisible. You have not been a driver for even two weeks, in a serious fight an experienced EC Driver could kill you.


Furthermore, Tohma, if you ever meet a Driver that also is bonded with another girl of the Strosek Series… simply run. There is no shame in knowing to retreat from problems.

Those ones should be the most dangerous enemies you could face, those whose Eclipse Virus has mutated above the norm, and thus have obtained fabulous powers just like yours.

I guess you could call them Variant Drivers, or the drivers who wield the variant strains of the Eclipse.
Avoid them at all cost, I know that this might be hard in this city, but you must be careful Tohma.

For last… I guess that you must also be thinking this: ‘If you need a Strosek to become the book’s master, then why Miss. Curren has the white book?’ Right?

Well sorry, that is a secret I will only tell you only if you join me and my family.

See you later! Take care my Little Raven! <3

With Love,

Miss. Curren

A question, do you guys like these interludes and Wise Ups? I never really seem to get much reaction from you guys about them, so I wonder about if I should continue to write them.
Oh, informative.

Edit >>31039200

Let her have the divider equipment since that seems to be what she's after.
We take the boy.
Personally I think the a great idea. The FORCE world is just too big for us to handle without some type of exposition and your interludes are a way of doing it without breaking the storytelling experience.

Just thinking of where we'd be without them gives me bad images.
Oh, you changed the vote... that is fine... just give me some more time to change things.

I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry.
File: 1395686396913.jpg-(17 KB, 200x400, Enma Fiat.jpg)
17 KB
“Lily, Mira, go get the kid!” You felt your body speed up as you bounded shifted between the woman monk and the kid, raising your only working arm that held your gunsword to defend yourself.

Lily had stayed still, she could only watch the older girl who called herself the 3rd Strosek, was this Flower of Liberation really her sister? Both Reactor Plugs had stayed still, waiting for the other to move.

“Lady, I do not care that you want the Driver and the Silver Cross Replica, but this boy goes with us, do you understand?” You did not really like your chances of fighting this woman, thus you would prefer to avoid a fight if you could.

“Give him to you, so you mean to kill him yourself?” What? Why? “Why you ask? Well who do you think was the one who infected this area? He was the one who used the book and released the virus in this sector. Did you see all those corpses in the area, all those families who are now dead, all the innocent people who are now monsters?

He was the one who did this. Well, that is a bit unfair, he is just some poor brat that got stuck with a Silver Cross Replica when they got released. He just got infected and the book took over and tried to spread the virus. To be honest, that fact that he regained his sanity could almost be called a miracle.”

The blond woman explained this slowly, calmly… no indifferently, like she really did not care about what had happened? Like she had nothing to do with it.

“Then why do you want to kill him? Even if he did all this, you have no reason to kill him, just take the book!” You stared at the Kid behind you, Mira and Isis were slowly strafing towards him, while Lily just continued to stare at her sister.



“Well, in a way you are right monster boy. I really do not care that he did this, and while I feel he should pay for this, that is not the reason I want his head. The thing is monster-boy, that the book and the Divider he has are locked to his blood at least until he expires.” Wait... that meant that, to release the book and the gunblade, she would have to kill the boy.

That was a safety measure we installed in the new series after some random kid blew up one of our bases and stole the original book. So move aside monster, I need to kill the boy behind you and get that precious equipment back. Hell, if we are lucky, I might be able to even get use the book to control the infected and stop part of this mess.”

The woman extended her armored hand, as if waiting for you to shake it. “So what do you say, just let me kill the kid and lets solve this right now… if not, what will you do to force me to stop? I hope you are not the sort of man to resort to violence, Zero Monster?” The woman licked her lips as she finished, she probably expected you to resist, to fight her.

You probably should try to run away, but you weren't sure of how well you could lose this woman on a speed contest. From that step technique she used, she probably was a speedy type. Maybe it would be best to fight her head on right now (even if Miss. Curren had warned you to not do it).

What do you do?
>Give her the boy, we have other things to do.
>Fight her, distract the woman while Isis and Mira move in and take the boy. If you hold her back, the two can get away.
>Run away, high speed getaway time!
>Ask her something else, talk some more until you can find an opening. (Write-In a question if necessary).
>Fight her with your team, you need to finish this fast!
Eh, do not worry, I do not mind it, I just wrote more than I had intended and it turned out longer than expected.

Well, I am glad you like them, part of me was worrying that these interludes were revealing too much of the plot and had planned to cut them down a bit for the next arcs... I guess I was wrong.

Question: Is there any specific info you guys want to get from an Interlude? Like info on the story of an organization (The Church, the TSAB, etc), magic (how it works, how the delink works, etc), or someone (on Nanoha, on the Saint Kaiser, etc)?
Will be taking a short break... coming back soon.
>Run away, high speed getaway time!
Grab our friends, grab the kid, grab everything and run.

Sorry for the delay, hazards of gaming in the middle of the day and whatnot.
Rolled 88, 51 = 139

Run Away...
Roll me a RUN AWAY DC, 3x d100
DC is 30 bro.

Well, I can understand the delays myself, so don't worry.
Rolled 47


Rolled 21

Rolled 49

MIra and Isis Roll...
DC is 45
>LOCK the Mages

Tohma's roll,
BREAKTHROUGH -> Escaped the area!
File: 1395697387720.jpg-(51 KB, 500x1000, Enma Fiat 2.jpg)
51 KB
Staying here to fight was not an option, you had no time to do this, and so… with a single glance your eyes met Isis and Mira. In an instant a plan is born.

Lily was the slowest member of your group and thus you would have carry her. Also, the red-headed driver would need to be carried over. Whoever did this would be burdened with the extra weigh… but you had a way to make up for that!

“Silber Engel… Cross Break Run!” You had never planned anything with the girls, you never had the time, but to you the words come naturally, and to the girls the order was something they understood.

It all happened in a few second. As soon as your order came, both Mira and Isis who were behind you dashed forward to attack the monk, while you back stepped into a boundless shift towards the boy.

>VL: 50->60%

The time between shifts was about 4 seconds; that was how much time you needed to exit from the high-speed movement and then enter into another burst of movement. In total you would need about 10 seconds to pick up the kid and then get Lily and then get out of here; that was how much time your two partners needed to buy you.

In one smooth movement, as you exit the supersonic back step, you sling the boy over your shoulders with your frozen arm- using the virus to force it to work again! Even though it hurts, you need to do this!

Tohma HP: 16->15/20


At this point both Mira and Isis had attacked the monk woman, Mira had gone for a high speed thrust for the jugular with her spear, while Isis had opted to attack with a strong jab to the ribs. Either of those attacks would have been fatal, but…

The monk stopped both of them! With her right gauntlet she blocked the tip of the thunder spear from piercing her neck, with her left foot, she held the low punch that Isis aimed at her. “Good Little Girls Good!” But that was part of the plan!

File: 1395697464017.png-(809 KB, 1280x720, LOCK.png)
809 KB
809 KB PNG
Since the beginning we never expected for this to work!, “Now break off!” Having already picked Lily off after a second Boundless Shift, you begin a third movement, aiming to escape the building!

Mira and Isis now break off the monk and dash away, moving past the 3rd Strosek unit- towards you, and towards your team’s freedom!


“Dahlia, stop them!” The monk yelled from the spot she had stay on, even after seeing your group move into action, she had not bothered to move besides to block your teammates’ attacks.

“Understood… LOCK the mages!” You feel the air tighten around your group, but you break through… sadly Isis and Mira failed. Rings made of silver particles appeared around each of your two wing mates, which turned black as they divided the flight magic that allowed each to move and dragged to them to the ground!

This was a cruel spell, the ultimate sealing divide, a horrible skill that continuously killed all magic that it surrounded. Its name was LOCK.

As you broke outside through a window, you heard your mate’s voice, “Tohma, get away!”. Intuitively you continued your mad dashes through the city, until you landed inside a random building far away enough from the mall that you felt you would not be captured.

“Tohma…” Yeah, you did not need Lily to tell you that that woman was following you, but with how scrambled the particles were now, you felt that you could hide for a few moments.

“I know Lily, I can feel her, but if she is following me, then that means that she left Isis and Mira.” Well, at least you hoped so.

File: 1395697539379.jpg-(10 KB, 176x276, index.jpg)
10 KB
>TOHMA AVENIR, come out and give me that brat, if you don’t I will kill those two cuties from your harem! Turn yourself in and give me the kid. Don’t make me look for you?

Telepathy? From the way this was broadcasted, it was probably the monk… and a harem? Stupid woman!

What do you do? Your options were limited... it was either running way and trusting your two friends to handle themselves.. or to try to fight the monk and hope you can beat her.

>Stay hidden, if you hide you can ambush her!
>Run away, and trust Mira and Isis to make it. The young man’s life is the top priority here.
>Confront her, start a battle now and finish this now!
>Negotiate, maybe you can consider an exchange?
Belkan, could you post our combat skill sheet? I can't remember what EC percentage which skills are useable at.
File: 1395698347674.pdf-(151 KB, PDF, Stat Sheet.pdf)
151 KB
151 KB PDF
Also I want to now that I changed the way Shift works for each count. When you do a shift I only count 10% VL for the first shift done in a turn. Aka, I only count a single movement for each flash step you do, even if you chain them to get away like Tohma did right now. On the other hand, if you did something like Shift inside a shift (aka Shift x2) I would count an additional increase.
>Stay hidden, if you hide you can ambush her!
First of all, do you want Lily to union with you? Or do you want her to support you from range or to run away with the Kid?
Ugh , screw it.

Curren's warning or not we're not losing anyone to this jerk.

She's not cute at all
That's the spirit! Roll me a Sneak/HIDE Roll 3x d100
DC is 45
Rolled 50

Rolled 67

Rolled 75

Roll for INFIGHT!
DC is 45
40+10 (Infight I) + 5(BoS) -10 (Initiative)
Rolled 69

Rolled 19

File: 1395704415413.jpg-(137 KB, 900x1595, Enma Fiat 3.jpg)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
“Lily… let’s go!” You and Lily had hid the boy inside an empty apartment before moving to another section, if you were going to attack the monk head on, you needed to make sure that she would not find the boy unless she defeated you first!

>Tohma she is near!

Lily’s sensed the monk before you, but in a way you did not need your partner to warn you about the enemy. You could feel her.
The air was charged with electricity and tension, as you felt the sun setting in the horizon. You felt you could drown from the tension, and as you held your gunblade in hand… you tried to feel her.

the heavy prelude of murder. You hid yourself below the windows of a bakery, as you waited for the monk to pass through the streets. Each second was agony for you, each moment you felt your and Lily’s heart beats as you tried to feel the enemy. You had no formal skill in hiding, but you still tried to erase your presence the best you could.

You only had one chance! You had to make it count.

>Regen I> Tohma HP 15->16/20

Amidst the bloodstained chairs and debris, you tried to feel her, your enemy! To feel her location, her presence, to feel the way she walks through the streets and moved.

She moved slowly, methodically, like she had all the time in the world to hunt you, but you took comfort in that, in that her patterns were predictable, that you could understand what she could do…

Until she suddenly disappears! You had no time to look for her, because suddenly a yellow flash bursts through a wall into the building and attacks you!

>Lightning Step Kick!

“You thought you could hide, little monster!” The monk throws a salvage spin kick aimed at your gut, seeking to sever your body into two with the salvage force of someone who came out of a Shift!

File: 1395704546329.jpg-(156 KB, 850x544, Tohma Black Knight Mode.jpg)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
“Crimson BLADE: Burnamix Shift!” The air surrounding the gunblade combusts as soon as it meets flesh, causing the small room inside the store to combust in a second, causing a great explosion!

But you were better than that, no you were expecting this very move the moment you felt her disappear! Not wasting any time, you duck under her kick, and swing your long sword into an overhead slash!

“Crimson BLADE: Burnamix Shift!” The air surrounding the gunblade combusts as soon as it meets flesh, causing the small room inside the store to combust in a second, causing a great explosion!

>Monk HP 120->110/120

>Tohma VL: 65%

The blast sent the monk flying outside to the street, who grinds her feet into the street to stop the momentum from the blast. Her face is bleeding covered in ash and dust, and her right leg, where your sword had sliced into had a nasty cut… still it was not enough to server the bloody thing.

The blond woman just smiles, as she grins at you, “Yeah, I like this, just as I should expect from a monster that came back from the 600th Limit!” She swipes her face once, trying to cleaning the blood off and comb back the hair, but all she managed was to smear her face in more ash! “Come, let’s have some fun! Lets go all out!”

>Viral Core Break Alpha

>DC-10; Damage 2x! Resistance 1.25x
>Monk HP 110->70/120

“Again, I won't hold back!”

>Viral Core Break Alpha
>DC-20; Damage 3x! Resistance 1.50x
>Monk HP 70->30/120

>Enemy VL 20%

You could feel how the Eclipse Particles surrounding her just exploded, her muscle instantly grew stronger, harder, better, and she instantly became more powerful.

What was this? You weren’t sure what this woman was doing, but you felt danger!


“Here I am, I won’t even react to fight you, and I won’t rely on Dahlia, so come Zero Monster, I will deal with you, right here and now! I will even give you the opening move, come and show me what you can do!”

What do you do? You felt that fighting her head on would be almost suicide... but it might not be impossible. Still, fighting a ranged battle felt better for you, you knew that if you keep her at range and avoided CQC, you could win.

Still, it might not be a bad idea to just run and look for Isis and Mira, if you fought together you probably could win against them as a team. Still that move she had- Lock and that movement technique... you weren't sure you could out speed her and escape.

>Shoot her! Use a bombardment technique, do not mind the collateral damage!
>Gunfight her, use smaller shots to keep range, and try to beat her
>Go and fight her head on, Boundless Shift and Sword her!
>Try to run away, you need to get to your friends now!
>Use Lily, if you can double team her… victory is possible!
>Feint attack

Throw a silver star at her and while she's focused on it boundless shift in close and low. Then fire off a silver hammer at close range.
Roll me a 4x Gunfight roll
DC is 35
>30+10 (Gunfight I)+ 10 (Gunfight [Lily])+ 5 (BoS!)- 20(VCBAx2)
Acutually the DC here is 45, forgot to add the +10 for B. Shift!
Rolled 98

Rolled 77

so what's BoS stand for?
Blessing of Silver... one of Lily's Passives that gives you a +5 to all rolls when Unioned/Reacted
Rolled 93

Rolled 6

At this rate we won't even clear the unmodified DC.

Success! Like a badass gunner!
You grab the black book in your left arms, opening the cured tome as pages flew into the air “Come stars of destruction, Silver Stars Alpha!” The sixteen pages burned with silver light, transforming into miniature suns that flew straight at the monk!
But that was not enough, the monk quickly punched each of the missiles quickly, crushing each projectile with her merciless fists, “Come, you have to do better than that!”
Better, then you guess you must show her what you can do! As you reappear behind her, you whisper to her, “Very well, Barrel Off! Silver Hammer!” You press the trigger without mercy, as the bombardment attack shots the monk from behind.

The blasts launches her through a nearby apartment building, and then into another mall. As you see the two large structure suddenly collapse, you hope that no one had taken refuge there.

VL: 65->80%

Monk HP: 30->23/120

>Enemy’s Unlimited Steps Skill Active-> All Shift Skills cost 0 VL to use!

Enemy VL: 25%

Still, that did not mean that the monk had died. In a bright flash the monk had speed up like lighting towards you, this was something beyond the normal flight spells or even your boundless shift!

This was Lightning Shift!

"Good, as expected, show me what you can do, little monster! Give me a good time!"

>Sparkliner Fist!

Like a flash of light the monk appeared before you, her first covered in electricity ready to crust you into nothing!

What do you do?

>Sidestep with a Shift and Silver Hammer her again!
>Met her head on! Use a sword maneuver, save the shift for a quick move!
>Step back, you need some distance, then try to cast a skill with the book [EC Casting]!
>Escape! Run away now!
>Shot her without hesitation, you must not give her any grounds!
Is her VCBS still active? Also do you have Lily's skill sheet? We might end up abusing silver Libary from now on.
File: 1395708903478.pdf-(137 KB, PDF, Stat Sheet Lily.pdf)
137 KB
137 KB PDF
Viral Core Break will be active until this battle ends, even if this battle drags onto the next secession, it will still be active.

Do note that I changed Library of Silver from Last time, now you can reuse a skill as much as you want. Keep spamming those Gunfights if you feel you need them.

Beam spam while staying out of her reach it is.
>Sidestep with a Shift and Silver Hammer her again

> normal flight spells
Wasn't there some sort of laser that made flying around here a bad idea?
Tohma meant that it was faster than most normal flight spells, he is describing its speed. [Do note that most Flight spells tend to reach Mach 1-2] . Both Tohma and the Monk are on the ground still (Tohma can't B.S. on the air).

Roll 4x d100
DC is 25
>30+10 (Gunfight I) + 10 (Gunfight[Lily]) + 10 (B.S) + 5 (BoS!)- 20(VCBAx2)- 20(Lighting Shift x2)

>Do you want to use [Lily's Gunfight 2]? DC will become 100, it can only be used once per secession.
Rolled 61

>Do you want to use [Lily's Gunfight 2]? DC will become 100, it can only be used once per secession.

If we use this can we also use overwhelm for the damage calculation?

If so YES!

and if we knock her away again let's use viral cleanse.
No, you can only use one of Lily's skills per roll calc. If you want to use overwhelm then you must take the risk and roll without Gunfight.
Rolled 58

Eh, we'll I have no delusions about us actually hitting a 25DC.

Let's use gunfight II.

Supporting the Viral cleanse option too.
Gunfight II
Auto Success!
Rolled 62

File: 1395711644567.jpg-(40 KB, 390x300, Silver Hammer.jpg)
40 KB
The monk might be fast, but you can be also be fast! You burn your body as you disappear to appear besides the monk!


“Too slow!” But the monk also did the same, in a spark of lightning the blond woman reappeared hind you! But you expected this!

“Lily, full power! Let’s go!” You spin your gunblade around, until you hold it into a reverse grip, the sword pointing towards your back, towards the monk!
This was so easy due to Lily, due to the skills she gained during those six weeks training along the White Devil!

>Right! Let’s beat her!

“Silver Hammer!” Pulling the trigger with you pinky is quite hard, but that does not matter, in an instant a white beam of hate devours the monk as it sends her crashing down the ground, sliding across the street until she crashed into a hotel and brought the building down!


Well, at this rate you certainly will become a demolition expert.

Still you felt you had some time left, you could risk it and use an EC Casting spell to bind the fast monk, or you could even ask Lily to try to use Viral Cleanse to lower your EV levels.

What do you do?
>Bombard her from there, do not play around!
>Go and try to find Isis and Mira
>Ask Lily to heal you!
>Take the time and Viral Cleanse/Burn
>EC Casting… Be weighted down to the cursed chains of silver into the base earth, Silver Bind!
>Ask Lily to protect you while you do something else?
For the record, Silver Bind while a bind technique [which will prevent actions and combat skills,unless broken or using a special skill], it is also a cleanser, it will remove all non-permanent buffs when used!
Was actually just about to ask about that, thanks.

>Silver Bind
Roll Viral Check 4x d100
DC is 50
Rolled 56

Forgot about these things.
Rolled 25


Now bound, do you finish this? Divide Zero?

She was trying to help in her own blood knight kind if way.

Besides, pretty sure we told the Cute Commander that we wouldn't divide in city limits or something.

can we steal her divider?
She did not use it in her fight, so you have no idea of where it is. You do not see any gunblades on her.
Also she did not use like half her skills on her sheet... like Prevail V, Slayer, Infight III or Revenger.
Alright then let's gran the boy and double time it back to Mira and Isis,

>Prevail V

I kind of want to hit her with a Divide Zero just to see if she'd tank it.
But that would be cruel
>I kind of want to hit her with a Divide Zero just to see if she'd tank it.
>But that would be cruel
She wouldn't tank it... She would LOCK It.

Are you sure you do not want to talk to her, ask her some thing?
Eh, sure. Let's ask her to consider helping us. She's pretty awesome.
>>Eh, sure. Let's ask her to consider helping us. She's pretty awesome.
Oh, good, you avoided an instant bad end, good for you. You should know better than to back away from a challenge.
Praised be the Challenge Devil
File: 1395716277512.jpg-(88 KB, 1280x1024, Silver Chains.jpg)
88 KB
>Tohma, I have her location, everything is set.

With Lily’s help finding the monk’s location inside the rubble was quite easy, now to finish it. Opening the black book, you flip the pages around, until you found what you wanted. Casting Program 01…



“Oh, you unholy saint one be weighed down by these cursed chains of silver into the base earth. Let the silver light purify your hate. Silver Bind!” Pages fly from your book into the air, twisting into silver light that became indestructible chains.

The binds you made snake into the debris and dust clouds, and when they clear you see the monk bound by your EC skill. Tied in by indestructible chains the monk can’t do anything, she is literally at your mercy.

>Enemy buffs cleansed, VCBA is erased!

For a moment you consider using the Divide Zero and finishing her here, but you feel that killing her would be horrible. You did not need to kill, not right now. So you fly towards the rubble, where the monk is bound.

As you approach her what unsettles you is that she is laughing, even though you could probably kill her at any moment you pleased, all this woman can do is laugh, “Hahaha, oh this is good, oh I loved this, I can certainly see why you are a monster that returned from the boundary… I really enjoyed that kid, this was a real good
fight, real good!”

File: 1395716418705.jpg-(63 KB, 400x1100, Enma Fiat 4.jpg)
63 KB

The woman continues to laugh, while waiting for you to do something, “What are you waiting for? You won, so come do it, finish me up! If you wait too much, I might break out and kill you!” You instively pointed your gun at her, ready to shot her if she did anything, but you didn’t.

Plus those silver binds were unbreakable, even if you left her alone, she would not break them unless someone helped her from outside.

There was no need to fight her. “No, I want to ask you some things? I want some information, and I am sure you know what I want to know.”

“An interrogation, hahah, how fun, well as you won my little challenge, I guess that to the victor goes the spoils... so I will answer a question you want to know, but only one question, so be smart about this kiddo.” You weren't too sure of how truthful she would be but it was better than nothing.

A single question? What do you ask her?
>600th Limit, Returned from the Boundary? Why did you call me a monster?
>How can I cure the Outbreak?
>What are the Strosek? How did you met Dahlia?
>Who do you work for? Who is researching the Eclipse?
>Who are you? How can someone this strong be a killer?
>What happened in this city? How did the outbreak started?
>How can I help the boy? Can I save him?
>Can you help me with this? Help me save the city?
>Can you help me with this? Help me save the city?
She's laughing at us now, isn't she?
File: 1395719279487.jpg-(153 KB, 600x600, Dahlia 2.jpg)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
“Then can help me with this mess? Can you help me save the city?” This was not exactly the question you wanted to ask her, but you were desperate, above help you needed information.

“Ohhhohohohoh, did you hear this Dahlia, what he said… he wants to save the city, to think that this monster can say such cute things!” Wait… Dahlia?
From behind you the white haired girl appears in a silver flash, was this also a movement skill. “I heard so master, I must admit that such a question was something that escaped my expectations too.”

The white haired girl moves past you, until she stands before the bound monk, “Nevertheless, Master I must thank you for sparing my sister and her driver… I know you held back during your battle, Master, refusing to use LOCK even. Even though you had ample opportunity, you did not kill them, for that you have my eternal gratitude.”

Held back? So the monk went easy on you? “Eh, don’t think much of it Dahlia, I knew that if I killed these two, you would make a sad face. I really don’t like seeing you cry.” The monk turned to the side, not wanting to see her partner right now, “so how did it go, did you have some trouble with the knight and the flat girl?”

“Somewhat, the girl was a gene child, a modified human who could fight me even while under a lock, while the Knight purged her armor to escape the lock. While the conflict took a time to resolve, I am confident to say that I managed to settle this satisfactorily and managed to restrain the two without any mayor incident.”

File: 1395719505422.jpg-(39 KB, 600x800, Enma Fiat 1.jpg)
39 KB

“Oh good, glad to know that…” The monk turns to you, who the two had been ignoring for a while now, “Right… you want an answer to your question?” At this the monk laughs some more, as she flexes her muscles and the Silver Bind turn black and then break.

>LOCK the Silver Bind.

“Oh, Kaiser, this is a riot, well I really do not get why you are asking me that, I mean I was doing that. The best way to resolve this is to find the infection vectors: the drivers with the escaped Silver Crosses and to kill them. After that, you can take over the infected and order them to kill themselves. Pretty Easy. I am sure that if you hurry up you can keep things controlled.” The monk just smiled sadly, she had never been the type to like killing innocents, but...

Ordering the infected to kill themselves? “No, I don’t like that sort of conclusion, there must be a way to save everyone, come on tell me, what can I do?” You probably sounded like a brat to her, but you did not care, right now you needed anything, anything to solve this.

The monk smiles at you sadly, “You really are an idiot… I guess I do not hate that.” She extends her right hand towards your cheek, bloodied for the damage she inflicted herself to fight you.

Do you let her touch your face… she wants to caress your cheek?

“You should know this, but once you lose control of the Eclipse… you die. There is no going back, well at least that was the rule.”

“The rule? You mean there has been an exception?” An exception, you mean someone has survived the virus?

“Yes, there was a monster that reached the viral level of 666, who surpassed all previous records of known infection level. At that point that monster should have died, but somehow he came back. Somehow he retained his humanity… Tohma Avenir, I guess you know who I am talking about, right?”

>How do you answer? [Write-In]
>Do you let her touch your face
I'd rather we take her hand and have lily heal it. Assuming that works on Dividers in general and not only us.

>How do you answer?
"But that proves it possible. If someone like me can make it work, there's no reason we can't do the same with others."
>"But that proves it possible. If someone like me can make it work, there's no reason we can't do the same with others."

>How about this... "You mean me, right? But then, it proves that it is possible. If someone like me can make it work, then there is no reason we can't do the same for others. Please help me. The Eclipse... Our Eclipse is not just a tool to kill."

Is this fine, or do you want to add something more.

So you want to take her hand, and ask Lily to heal her? I guess you do not like people touching your cheek. I felt it would have been cute, but oh well.
I'm good with the new version.

>I felt it would have been cute,
We can always heal her hand once she puts it on our cheek. Don't see why we'd only be able to heal through our hands.
Well, Lily is the only one who can heal in your team (and you is you use Library to use the skill). You really do not have to use your hands to heal, but it helps concentrate (a visual focus and all that).
I am willing to sacrifice efficiency for cuteness. Let the healing via cheek touching begin!
>Cuteness is Cute! But the real cuteness will happen when you meet Mira.
>Enemy VL: 35%...
You allow the monk’s right hand to touch your check, her fingers are rough and calloused, and in a way it reminds you of how Ein’s hand is… the strong hand of a martial artist. Her hand traces the shape of your cheeks softly, as if trying to memorize how you were shaped, trying to understand you.

It shames you to admit it, but you feel warm from where she touched you. The feel of her blood on you is very strange… but something that you do not dislike. Still you concentrate, and soon you begin trying to heal her with Lily’s help.

Still it would help to get back on topic, "You mean me, right? But then, it proves that it is possible. If someone like me can make it work, then there is no reason we can't do the same for others. Please help me. The Eclipse... our Eclipse is not just a tool to kill."

The monk stares at you for a long moment, until she sighs, still she keeps her soft hand on your face, now you feel like blushing. “You really believe that, I can see it in your eyes, you really believe the crazy things you say… hahaha, I guess this was really a fun job.” The monk woman just smiles at you sadly before continuing, “You remind me a bit of him, he says the same thing you know… Tohma Avenir, I don’t hate the way you think, but I feel that if you were a bit more selfish you would live a happier life.”

“But I am selfish, very selfish, so selfish that I want to protect everything myself.” This was your selfish wish, never confuse it with something like kindness or mercy, you need to save others to repay the sin, that is your selfish wish.

She just chuckles a bit more, “I can see it in your eyes… well, I don’t hate that in you. Still a promise is a promise, so I will tell you this… if you want to find another way to do this, then go to the central area of this city. Inside is the man who contracted me, the one who has been researching on this cursed virus, if there exists a possibility to change this, he may be the one who can answer you, and I feel that is enough for now.”

A man on central? Was this related to what Nanoha wanted to look for? “Wait tell me more, who is this guy?”

“Sorry, if you want more you will have to beat me in a serious match, and I get the feeling that you don’t have the time to waste.” Even though she said that, you could still feel her hand on your cheek, even though it should be healed already, you still felt her warm hand. “And I don’t have time to waste, guess it is time we get going, Tohma Avenir, from now on our fates are tied… one day we will meet on the battlefield, that day fight me with your all.”

The monk lady smiles sadly at this, and in that moment you feel that those words are heavy. A heavy curse that foretold a certain fate. One day you will meet her again… and that day you will fight.

The monk lady removes her hand slowly and then turns around, “Next time we meet, let kill and be killed!” In a yellow flash of lighting she disappears.

The silver haired girl, Strosek the 3rd bows at you, “Thank you for taking care of my sister, Zero Driver, and… my little sister, I was glad to have met you.” With a sad smile she too disappears in a silver flash… leaving you and Lily alone.

A man in the central sector… he apparently holds the key to this mess, to the Silver Cross.

Still, a part of you is sad to see another Driver leave you.

You feel that you will meet her again, but you hope that if you do, it might be as friends and not as enemies.
File: 1395724179196.jpg-(8 KB, 184x274, Enma Fiat 6.jpg)
8 KB
Still you feel a warmth in your cheek, the warm of another person like you…

Nanoha FORCE Part 16: Flower Wars (I) END
Next Time: Crisis Hunter (II)
When she lands on her target location, the monk Enma Fiat lands tiredly on the ground, while she had held back against the boy, the damage she had suffered was real, it had been the type of thing that she would not be able to shrug off easily.

Dahlia is silent, yet she sits down by Enma and leans on her shoulder, the two were partners and even though all Enma could give her friend was a life of battle, the reactor plug had stayed loyally by her side.

In some ways, Enma felt that she would never repay her everything she had done.

Still the silver haired reactor plug, while loyal she had a nasty habit… she liked to talk. “So Enma… why did you tell the Zero Driver about the existence of the boss. I am sure that now, the TSAB will be informed of our operations.” If Dahlia had been angry, Enma could have dealt with it better, but the calm way she spoke pressured her in worse ways than any angry talk could.

“No reason, I just felt that I should repay the boy for that good fight, you know how I am… ehehe,” That certainly sounded fake, and she doubted that it really had tricked Dahlia, still her partner nodded, accepting the explanation, and for that she thanked her. “Still, Dahlia, did you recover the Over Thousand Divider and the copy of the book?”

“Yes, after dealing with the child and the knight, it had been an easy task to locate the boy, why do you ask Enma, do you want me to debrief you on what happened exactly?”

“No…I don’t really care, just one thing. The boy, did you kill him?”

A moment of silence, for Enma this was probably one of the few times she had seen her partner being trying to avoid a question… “No, I felt that it had been unnecessary, did you believe I erred, Enma?”

“No…” after that no more words were necessary.
Well congrats on clearing one of those bosses where every hit would have been a bad end... I guess I shouldn't have doubted you guys.

Well a question, how much did you guys like this arc, did you feel it could have been better? Where do you think Tohma will go now? I guess I am curious to see how this develops.

Also with what should I start the next thread...
>An interlude about a Summoner
>An Interlude about Dahlia vs Isis and Mira
>The Main Plot- Tohma and co...

Also if you guys have any questions, please ask them now.
If the thread is up tomorrow, I might do a short interlude.
Will post something later... Bumping.
>An interlude about a Summoner
I always like interludes that tell us about parallel events happening that we'd usually never hear about.
From a gamers prospective it might make things too easy in that we know more than we have any buisness knowing but the story lover In me thinks it's the best thing ever.

As for the arc, as our only "opponents" were the EC Driver boy (who we refused to fight) and Enma (who we ended up fighting while synced with lily) we didn't get to try out the squad based tactics we've been developing so that's something to look forward too In future arcs.

The most prominent feature this arc has is the unfolding backstory of just what actually happens to make us an EC Driver.
Well just got back... writing.

About this... well the interludes always are double-edged tools, while they help me flesh out the world, they do make some things too easy for you guys. But well, this is first a narrative quest, as one of the most important aspects of this quest should be the story, and how your decisions shape it and I feel the interludes help show how the world does not revolve only on Tohma... but at the same time, how Tohma affects the world with his actions.

Well, about the Enma Fight, to be honest that fight was originally balanced to be a one v one without Lily, that was why it kinda felt too easy, but I must admit that if she had ever connected a hit, she could have oneshoted you.

Well one of the main features of this arc is about understanding what is going on, so far Tohma has been going around without knowing anything, so this is the first opportunity you guys will have to know what is going on.
File: 1395758015608.jpg-(14 KB, 186x271, Samantha.jpg)
14 KB
Another Rivaling Record 01 – Summoner Sacchin 1

Your name was Samantha but your friends annoyingly like to call you Sacchin… and you were a summoner, a specialized type of mage who could call upon the help of contracted beasts from far away. You had formed a contract with a higher power, a pact, and thus could bridge the current world with a lost world and summon creatures from it.

Thus you grew up bearing the title of summoner, a mage with a rare and unique skill, a treasure from times past.

Sadly, your friends took you to calling you Summoner Sacchin.

A long time ago a Wise King had given your family 72 keys to protect. Each key locked the power of a powerful monster, a demon from a past age who had been defeated by the King and forced to serve him.

Each one of them was sealed in a pillar that held up the main temple in the lost capital, and even though you were separated from them by time and space, your powers allowed you to bridge the gap.

With your magic, you could give the jailed monsters flesh once again, with your powers you could turn legends into reality once again, and with your power you gave those monsters freedom once again.

They had been along your side, along you… to you they were not demons, but your family.

All your life you had relied on the power of your partners, of your family. It had never failed you; under the overwhelming strength of the 72 Lesser Demons nothing short of the once in a lifetime S-Rank Mage could match you.
File: 1395758088295.jpg-(27 KB, 400x210, Bloody One.jpg)
27 KB
At least, you had believed so until today.

You had woken up to the Industrial Sector being on fire with those monsters attacking everyone. People panicked, and ran around aimlessly, some suddenly exploded into red, and those that survived either turned into more of them or just were killed by the monsters.

You did not want to think too much about them… about those things that once were humans.

You have always been strong… but today your strength failed you. Your summoning spells were not working and thus you could not contact your treasured allies.

All you had managed to do was to run, to desperately run away trying to protect your life.

“WRRYYYY” The thing was a monster, a monster that had killed many, and even though you wanted nothing more than to kill him, you need to escape, to run from it.

But you couldn’t run any longer, you feel too weak, too tired to do anything. Soon that monster will kill you, and end your bloodline.

Still you had to fight, because if you did, your precious family would be lost forever.

What do you do?
>Try to keep running, there should be some hope.
>Try to hide, if you stay silent it won’t find you!
>Try to summon again, maybe this time it will work.
>Try to cast a spell, even though you are no combat mage, you must try to stop it!
>Pray for a Miracle?
>Try to cast a spell, even though you are no combat mage, you must try to stop it!
>Pray for a Miracle!

We won't let it end like this.
Roll me a Gunfight Roll 3x d100
DC is 40
Difficulty is Normal.
Rolled 53

Rolled 29

Pew, pew, pew
Rolled 86

Rolled 39


Baka, Baka~
Rolled 53

So Baka.
I read that as Sup Belkan..
Do you have any badass oneliners?
Rolled 29

>See it's the douche clerk at not!starbucks

"30% tip my ass."
She is a bit of a princess, she hates space!starbucks because it is not traditional enough, she is a bit of a hipster.
Rolled 39

Eh, the fleemarket place then. "$8.99 a potato my ass."
File: 1395767751705.jpg-(39 KB, 630x650, Like this but pointy.jpg)
39 KB

A part of you wants to give up, to just wait for one of them to find you and just pray that someone would save you… but you won’t.

You are better than that, stronger than that, your blood is one that carries history, and you won’t let a monster end your bloodline like nothing!

So you concentrate, concentrate on the structure, concentrate on the system, concentrate on how the mana should be shaped, and concentrate on how the spiritual becomes real.

In short you cast a spell, and in your heart you give a prayer to the king who rebuilt the temple in three days…

“Come, bowmen of dust that serve the king, become the protector of the ones who carry his will, Royal Arrow!” The debris and old metal around you twisted and turned, in a mere second they were grinded into fine powder and reprocessed, until they became 4 large pillar spears. Each had the length of 4 barras and was covered in curses meant to punish the wicked!

“Come and FIREEE!” The each of the large arrows shot at extremely fast speeds at the monster, each with the power to destroy a small house with ease!

However this thing would not die so easily.

It tries to dodge the first shot, but the spear had carves its left shoulder apart, blowing the left arm right off. Still it continues, and with a clockwise spin, he manages to dodge the second arrow.

That tenacious bastard!
File: 1395767965836.jpg-(1.04 MB, 1920x1200, Samantha 1.jpg)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Even bleeding, even hurt, this thing will kill, “Wryyy!” So you give it no mercy, the last two shots come together, angled so that it would not have any chance to escape! The third shot blows the stomach, severing the body into two, while the last one just crushes off the head, an instant decapitation.

It was almost too gory, just reducing this once living into a pile of meat, but who cared, it had dared attack you, the servant who the king had entrusted to continue living in testimony of his works.

Still panting heavily from the heavy use of magic, you feel the need to say something, something worthy of this victory and the only thing that comes to mind was a…

Fleemarket? “See, such an expensive potato my ass!” You stay silent for a few moments still breathing heavily and trying to digest the line you said, before giving the king a prayer in shame for going to such a place… you bloodline should be above such things.

“Oh, that… that… that actually worked! He, he, he.. hahahaa!” You just fall to the floor of a alley laughing as you stare at the night sky, “Today I see the stars…” Generally the city lights were so bright that no one could see the stars, but in this dark night sky…

You could even see the star of your king, the planet he came from…

Still you have to move, you need to get somewhere safe before more of those things find you. You feel your school uniform redden at the sides, it appears you were hurt at some point.

What do you do?
>Find an abandoned werehouse, you were sure that one of those empty places could hide you.
>Try going to the sewers… maybe underground there won’t be nasty things.
>Try going to the North, in that sector it should be safer than here the west.
>Try going to the West, the Military might not be a bad idea
>Try going into factory nearby… you do not want to risk it traveling at night.
>Try to summon, if you call one of your friends.
If the military is west we're in the east residential sector now, right?
Fuck.. I screwed that up... you are in the west, and the military is on the east/ to the south... and now I feel ashamed. I must commit Sudoku.
Rolled 52

>Try going to the sewers… maybe underground there won’t be nasty things.

No reason why mutated people would be in the sewer. No one actually hangs out in the sewer.
Choose one location, or I will roll for it.

Initial quarantine would be streets and building being cut off to try and contain the spread.

Sewers would not, in most situations, be blockaded, and so the sewers are probably teeming with those that actually bypassed initial quarantine measure.
Well this is mostly right, the sewers were originally the place where the adventurous people tried to explore to escape the outbreak/quarantine... but well, I guess you can think how well that worked. [You should have clues on this from the Ren Interludes]

Well will give it 10 more mins, if not I will roll for it.
I say head west, stay aboveground. Maybe there are fewer underground, but we can also get cornered alot more easily.
By west, you mean towards the TSAB right which is on the east, right?
Well going for this, roll me a Stealth Roll 3x d100
DC is 50/30/15 each is a tier of success
Rolled 34

Rolled 43

We'll there goes my plan to make Sacchin relevant to the plot.
Rolled 79

Rolled 42

One degree of success... I guess that Sacchin still wants to be relevant to the plot.

File: 1395776006007.jpg-(59 KB, 1024x1000, D-Lasere.jpg)
59 KB
The TSAB should be to the Southeast of here, so the choice is obvious. Even though you feel tired, you force your body to make its way through the ruined industrial sector towards the south.

You make your way slowly, avoiding the streets blockaded by trashed cars and using the fallen buildings as cover, still you manage to make the way towards the easternmost part of the district… just a bit more and you would find the wall that separated the west from the south, and from there you would be able to enter the Military Zone.

You had finally made it, just a little more and you would be safe… but just as you tried to cross the main avenue to the Wall Gate, a bright silver flash of destruction came at you!

“Prism Wall!” You instantly summon a shield to protect yourself, but the beam of silver light shatters your shield in an instant.

But you quickly fall down to the street the instant the barrier shatters, manageing to avoid the brunt of the blast. That attack, it did not only break your barrier… it managed to erode it… no it was breaking it down… this was some sort of Anti-Magic. “You little bastard…”

In the dark street you barely managed to glimpse the form of your attacker, the thing was once a man, a tall man with a strong body. But now he had turned into a monster, his left arm had elongated and turned grey, to you it looked like it might stretch at any moment and grab you.

His right arm had morphed into some sort of metal bone barrel, it almost looked like a battleship cannon that was the thing it probably used to shoot the laser. Its eyes were bloody red, and blood flowed from them…

Maybe if you talked to him nicely... "Hey... would you mind helping me, I want to go home, you know... to the east!" There your speech is not as dignifed as you want but that is fine, you need to make it like you.

"WRYYYYY" The monster starts rushing at you, dragging its two long limbs across the street as it tries to reach you!

This was a mindless monster, one you felt that would not hesitate to kill you.

What will you do, you honestly wanted to avoid a fight, but you had no confidence on your chances to run away.
>Summon an ally
>Run away back to the City
>Attack with a spell
>Cry for Help, being so near the TSAB area means that someone might hear you.
> Go pass the gate, you might be able to avoid it following you.
Rolled 22

RUN THROUGH THE GATE! Even if it follows, the TSAB might be able to gun it down.
>Summon an ally
Summon the one with the highest evasion to buy us time, then we make a break for the gate.
Well you know the drill, choose one action or I will roll for it.
Actually, I will end this for now, we will continue next time. See ya!
Sure, rest up Belkan.
Looking forward till next time.

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