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File: 1395493860831.jpg-(289 KB, 1276x1021, XWF OP Image.jpg)
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hey guys, good morning
hah, another earthquake woke me up :P

I guess the earth is one massive alarm clock, really
Ouch. Everything ok over there?
Yeah, this is pretty normal for us

Ami is trying to nurse Brass, but the large man just seems to find it funny.

Brass: "Think this will be a problem for next week's fight? we were thinking about challenging Bomber Lord, doc"

Doc Ren: "It shouldnt be a problem. You'll be fully healed in a couple of days, and Novas have no convalescence time, really. But I thought you were planning in gaining more strength and calling him out at the end of the season. What changed?"
"Suffice it to say we over estimated his kind and gentle nature."
>What changed
"A lot. I'll tell you after the match."
Ren: "Well, it should be fine, but you should know that he's grown considerably stronger as of late. I believe he must have gone through some strange Teragen technique or something during the summer break, because that growth speed isint normal"

Brass: "It will be fine, doc. We have a very good idea about it."

With Brass in that state, there really can't be a party this time, so you are left free for the first time on a friday night.

A bit later, as you have a coffee and donuts with Flux! members.

Lyann: "...so I was hoping you guys could move in with me for a while."

Who did we want to move in with her? Bella, Stella? I think Euphry would be fine with all the Krew guys around her. Aritsu and her sister, too?
Oh did we ever talk to Aleks about his home security and Belle potentially staying with him for a bit, or both of them staying at Lyann's if his defenses aren't up to snuff?
What defenses? he has a lock and a cat. Do those count? Seriously, even without BL around, he should get better security. He's had to kick fans out of his bathroom a few times already.
>Stella's headed to London with security personnel, right?

-Aritsu and Sinoe?
Yes, until we can upgrade Ritsu's home security and get a personal security staff to protect her and her sister.

>Belle AND Aleks
Yeah, I'm convinced but if we leave the one male member of Flux in the open we might tip our hand. I'm also worried that Bomber might branch out for a quick payday and Rule 63 him.
...How much would it cost for Brass to learn Immolate (Fire) before the next match?
He has enough exp, but I wonder if its feasible. Its less than a week. Thats a bit fast. If it was two weeks, I would say sure. Want to delay one week to learn it?
he does have Ami to help.
The light is going to go out for a while, I have to go guys, sorry. Will come back as soon as possible
...Honestly I'd prefer to delay a week to get more assets in position and do more prep work, but that's a big decision with big consequences (such as pissing of most of our allies) and I don't think I have the right as a single player to make it on my own. But yeah, we haven't started coordinating with federal agencies, we haven't brought in Okaba and Aura's people yet, we should probably talk to Lyann to see if she can whip up something to take down Bomber's home defenses and safely incapacitate any baseline mind slaves he has hanging around the place... maybe Ned could pull that off in a week and get any warrants and necessary legal rulings pushed through the court system in time, but it seems like a stretch.

Still, I think that should be discussed Monday unless more people show up.
Yeah, but she isn't going to be in the fight with Brass. I'm not trying to win the match, I'm just hoping to criple him as much as possible before everyone else piles on him.
Oh, I'm trying to win the match.
In that case, we're going to have to counter-kidnap Zenith before the match since I'm betting she's the source of his power ups (which in that case would essentially be temporary buffs, right?). And to do that we're going to need to lure him away from his home and isolate him so he can't react if we trip an alarm (probably just block his notification of a problem).

I mean, it's doable, but we're at a pretty steep disadvantage here.
...That's not remotely how it works. At all. He underwent Chrysalis, which is a teregan method of getting stronger by managing taint.
Back- Needed to do some repairs after sunday's earthquake

Not really, he went through Chysallis. Aura however can actually do that. She can pull energy from targets, or buff them for a scene. She could pull strength and perception from, for example. Ami, and give it to Brass and it would pretty much last all night. Aura is a buffer and debuffer, tho she usually only works with the debuffer bit
Right, what Zenith does is move taint from one target to another, which may not be a bad thing in the teragen, but can be for other people

Lyann: "...so I wanted to ask you all to move in with me for a while."

Euphry: "Do we get more Lyanns?" -Lyann(?) elbows her gently

Lyann(?): "We'll be fine. We have the whole Krew at our place after all."

Stella: "I don't mind. As long as it is not permanent."

Bella: "Sure. Like Stella said, I wouldnt mind as long as it is not a permanent thing. I would like to take the chance so we can practice new things, but would miss my own space after a while."

Aleksander: "That's fine with me, but I don't want to intrude in your space, ladies"
roll 10d10 to convince alek, tho you just need 2 successes
Rolled 10, 6, 2, 2, 3, 9, 4, 7, 8, 6 = 57

File: 1395504283395.jpg-(445 KB, 981x1400, what if ned married aritsu.jpg)
445 KB
445 KB JPG

Aleksander: "Well, I guess we could take the chance to try some things..."

Lyann: "It'll be fine, I have a stage we can use to practice, too."

Euphry: "But Euphry wanted to see more Lyanns..."

Lyann(?): "It's alright, I'll make you some chocolate when we get home."

Euphry: "With the little puffy things?"

Lyann(?): "Yes, with marshmallows"
Well, looks like you will be spending your friday night helping them move. And maybe your saturday morning. What do you want to do about saturday evening?
Arrange a very private meeting with Ric Flair. I'd really prefer he know ahead of time what's going down with Bomber Lord.

Uhmm I wonder if you could get a meeting on such short notice. He probably has his days planned in advance. Lets say he agrees to a meeting on monday evening?

By the way, want to get the Krew on board? maybe they could design a stage with fire on it
Can discount the risk that Ric's been compromised, having worked so close with the bomber lord as his world champ.

Wait until after the fight fight and arrest, we have to use the full force of our diplomacy to make Bomber lord the most Hated Heel ever, with the crowd screaming out virtole at him as he's brought off the stage in quantum cuffs
Sounds like fun.
Outright mind control is rarely subtle.
Just got back. Dying because of that image. Well played King. Well played.
Does it need to be outright though? Couldn't it just be "you know, Bomb's it a pretty alright guy, too bad he puts most people off so much that they end up out to get him..."? I'm pretty sure Ric would have to either be involved or willfully ignorant to have left Bambrr in place for so long. And if it's the latter whose to say its his will keeping him ignorant?
Not even the doctor knew how bad he was.

Well, since its after the fight, Ami, Eldric, Samuel and Stella (the agent) are going skiing for a few days. What do you want to do with your saturday evening?

Lyann's place is going to be full of people. Mai is probably going to be empty, tho. Could probably try to organize some charity works for Mako, as well.
I think we should spend the morning organizing Mako's charity with her, then transition to working on the children's show idea. After that, see what Aleks was thinking about trying in >>30995246, and make sure he and Belle are settled in. We also need to check in with Ari and Sinoe before heading to Mai's for Training and Movie Night. Remember to find a looong and more or less ignorable second and third feature for the night so we can focus on enjoying Mai's new furniture with her.

Mako is working with you, or rather, standing around and trying to be useful while you and Aritsu organize things. You are wearing a fine suit in light grey with a silver tie over a black silk shirt, sitting at your desk and talking over the phone with the nun in charge of Mako's orphanage.

You manage to convince her to set up a bank account for the orphanage so she can pay workers for remodelling the orphanages and other things. She feels uncomfortable handling money, but it is necessary, in the end.

Aritsu is wearing her XWF uniform, with a black microminiskirt with a high cut on the side, and a light and loose while silk shirt that embraces and display her shapely bussom. Her long golden hair is pulled up into a bum at the top of her head while she talks with a chinese contractor.

Mako is wearing a light, flower-printed blue and white long summer dress as she makes you all sandwiches and juice. It is very tasty.

Aritsu: "Sir, they say they can do the changes if you manage to get permission from the government, since the orphanage is a state-owned building"

Ned: "Alright, hold on. Keep them on the phone."

Roll 10d10 for a bureaucracy roll. You need 3 successes to get it done quickly
Rolled 2, 10, 4, 7, 1, 7, 6, 9, 6, 4 = 56

You somehow manage to get permission, or at least assurance that the permission will be signed by monday. With it, the contractor promises to start working on monday after the sister Lu retires the permission from the public offices.

Ned: "That should do it. Once we get one done, we can get the others similarly fixed quickly enough."

Mako: "That is wonderful, mister Salter" -she says with a warm smile as she brings you the sandwiches

Aritsu: "Now, what was that about a childern's show. How do you want to broadcast it? are you planning on starting your own network? surely you are planning on using a preexistent one?"
At least for now I'd prefer to use an established network, preferably a public access one so the content is freely distributed with as little commercial interruption as possible (subtle product placement will still be used to generate advertising revenue, but we will select products on the basis of their health, safety and eduacational value rather than just the biggest bid).

Mako: "I like how that sounds. That way all children will be able to watch it, right?"

Aritsu: "At least the ones with access to the OPNet, which, granted, in this day and age, is a rather large percentage, and almost every country can access it, except a few african dictatorships. And Venezuela"
I don't think even Ned could fix Venezuela.

Mako: "So what now?"

Ned: "Now..." -Ned pulls out a Count muppet from under his desk-

Mako: "Eeep!"

Ned: "Mako, I swear, its completely harmless. Here, give me your hand"

Ned makes a "grr" sound as he has the muppet "atack" the girl's hand.

Mako: "Eeee!" -she shrinks

Ned: "Sorry, I couldnt resist. Please try to hold it."

Mako: "I'm not going to give you my hand again!"

Ned: "It'll be fine. I promise."

Mako: "Really? really really?"

Ned: "Really"

Aritsu: . o O (Must resist spooking her from behind... must... resist!)

Mako holds the count and gets acquainted with it.

Ned: "Now, as it is oriented to small children, I consulted some pediatricians for advice, and they suggested hygiene and self awareness as important topics. I am counting on you to make them fun and approachable topics."

Mako: "Alright. I can do that!" -she says in a good mood

Ned: "Aritsu, do you think your sister would be interested in showing up with Mako?"

Aritsu: "Sino? I'm not sure if I want her entering show business... almost all children actors have trouble later on, right?"

If you want to convince Ritsu, please roll diplomacy, with a DC of +2. Its 13d10
Rolled 6, 3, 10, 1, 7, 4, 10, 5, 9, 5, 6, 10, 7 = 83

Alright, want to write it? btw wasnt someone writing something for today?
Eldric was going to write a press release of Qi Meng I think.
No idea. Also, in news that will surprise no one, Saga is still excellent.
Ah, thanks

Aritsu: "I don't want my little sister to be involved with the dirty ente..." -Mako looks at her making a "Pretty please" face... Ned joins in- "T-thats not..."

Ned: "I am sure it will be fun and safe. Mako will be there and you know she wouldnt allow for anything improper right?"

Aritsu: "Well... I suppose"

Ned: "And she's not a child anymore, no matter how much you want to protect her. And she needs some mean to support herself, just in case anything ever happens to you."

Aritsu: "I know you are right, but..."

Ned: "And can you imagine how much fun she'll have with Mako and Mao Mao?"

Aritsu: "...fine"

Mako: "Yes!" -does a little jump

Ned: "Maybe we should pick her up and sell the idea to her, however."

Aritsu: "That is a good point, it all depends on if she wants to or not."
Clearly the next thing to do is to talk to Sinoe.

How are we doing on time though? I wanted to check in with Belle a bit and make sure she wasn't feeling claustrophobic being couped up in this place.

And we would probably start making arrangements to secure Belle's and Aleks' places (and our penthouse) as well as the set of Aura's show.
Oh, and if anyone asks what the new concern for security's about, Ned should mention that he just became aware of a couple of break-ins at Aleks home which were luckily benign but demonstrated that we had a problem. Which we are now solving.
Aura's show has been airing for a while now. Not sure what you meant

Aritsu, Mako and you go over to Aritsu's place to talk to Sinoe.

The girl is painting with color pencils, but if you have ever seen the beautiful illustrations on the boxes and wondered "who does ever actually paint like that with these?"... now you know

She is dressed with an overall, and walking around barefoot with her long, gold colored hair loose, cascading behind her. She has a tiny studio in the living room, which she made by covering the floor with newspapers, and has splattered with color paint here and there (as well as herself) from when she still had paint.

Currently she is working on the picture of a pond with a few fish swimming under the surface. It looks really nice but innocent looking at the same time. The technique is there, but its almost accidental, despite the high quality of the image.

Aritsu: "Sino! I told you we were coming over!"

The girl blinks twice, not sure what that has to do with anything.

Aritsu: "You should have gotten dressed. Go put on some shoes, please, and take a shower!"

Sinoe: "Before or after the shower?"

Aritsu: "What is?"

Sinoe: "The shoes"

Aritsu: "Put the shoes on, then pick up your things, then take the--- nevermind, just go take a shower, I'll pick up your things, alright?"

Sinoe: "Yup!" -she goes to shower, feeling like she won

Mako: "Your sister's paintings are really nice."

Aritsu: "Yes, but it's an indoor activity. I wish she didin't had so many trouble finding friends. I know I can't trust friends her own age, and she feels odd when she plays with children."

Ned: "Im sure you can trust Mako to treat her properly, Ritsu"

Aritsu: "I know."

Sinoe: -from the bathroom- "Sis, I can't find my ducky!"

Aritsu: "I'll be right back, please make yourselves at home."

Aritsu's home is actually that, a home. Its a nice house with a small frontyard and a backyard, lovingly taken care of. It looks like an old place
based on the neighborhood, but the house and garden are beautifully taken care of.

The house is not too big. It looks like the typical dream house for newlyweds, with just 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, kitchen and gardens. It even has a small white fence around the garden, and the front yard bush is cropped like a giant mushroom, with a star on top.

Guys I need to go. A lot of friends dropped by so i cant stay sitting at the pc. Ill see you tomorrow
See you then King. Will hopefully remember to ask Aritsu next thread if Sinoe does commissions. I think we just found the perfect illustrator for children's books, but I'm not sure she's ready to work with deadlines.

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