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Last we left Ned, he was stepping into Qui Meng, lining up his Quantum with his mind, and getting ready to enjoy the pool with both his love interests in the safest building in LA
Man that sound like a set up for an attack. Though admittedly if so they aren't going to see Lyann's defenses coming.
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Unless Lyann's really a secret Terragen member and is working with Bomber the entire time!
Could be I guess? That would be a really disappointing twist since it would mean EuphryxLyann(?) is a lie...
We have her charsheet. She doesn't have enough manipulation to pull that off.
Eh, true.

Also, wasn't serious. Knew I should have put the [dramatic worry voice] tags on that last sentence...
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You know, you guys worry too much about the Teragen. If there's one thing Divis Mal REALLY hates is seeing novas in captivity. Once he learns that Bomber Lord had 3 under his thumb, and was forcing them to make people into slaves, I doubt he'll be angry, at all, about him being taken down.

Hell, you could have gone to him for help, really, have the big man in your debt... uhmm... she COULD be a friend of him working undercover to help you guys. She does have the brainpower to rub elbows with him.


Mako is wearing a (very conservative, of course) white two piece bikini as she kicks on the water while holding from the pool's edge as Mao Mao yips yips at her from it.

Ned is lying down on a floating pool chair as it drifts around the pool, enjoying a nice drink with a tiny umbrella and about sixteen different colors/liquors layered on top of one another, complimenting eachother and making the experience one of shifting tastes with every sip. He's wearing a strawhat that Lyann got him as a present and a bit of a joke, and this time brought his own swimming trunks in blue.

There's actually three Lyann at the pool at this time, wearing (you could say gracing, given how espectacular a favor they do to the swimsuits just by putting them on) an array of super modern swimsuits going from enticing to surprising, as one stands next to Mako, one floats by your seat talking with you, and another simply mans the bar and grill by the pool, preparing a BBQ for everyone.

Ned's Lyann: "...en the police will go in together with Okaba and Aura?"

Ned: "Yes, that's the idea. Hopefully afterward they can start tracking all the missing girls."

Ned's Lyann: "I hope they can also find enough information to return them to who they were. Dawn's powers are extensive enough to change finger and retinal prints, and if Dusk has sculpted their minds, is not as if they would remember who they used to be, either."

Ned: "With some luck, Bomber Lord will have kept records"
Ned: "And if not, I have no doubt the Triads or Syndicate he used as middlemen will have. If there's one things criminal organizations like more than money, it leverage over powerful people."
Oh, Ned and Mako both remembered to bring natural fiber or eurfiber swimsuits, right? Wouldn't want to set off our host's allergies.
uff lost internet until RIGHT NOW. Fucking crap pissing me off when im trying to run a nice scene
Actually that was rather tongue-in-cheek, as M Knight is basically another way to say 'stupid plot twist.'
Lyann made Mako's out of cotton and silk, and I imagine Ned did.

Mako's Lyann: "Alright, now hold my hands... that's it." -she kicks underwater to stay floating and pull Mako along slowly.- "Now, just like the other day, swim a little and I'll catch you if you start sinking, alright?"

The girls make a beautiful sight as they enjoy the pool and eachother's company.

Ned's Lyann: "They probably have records on who has which girl, but I dont know if they will have information on who the girls used to be. I am hopeful Dawn or Dusk will have, however."

BBQ Lyann: "Alright, these are ready, come get them!" -she is wearing a microbikini in white under a "kiss the chef" cooking apron complete with a chef hat. All three Lyann's have their hair styled different, and while Ned's playfully rocks his chair before pushing him to the shore, Mako's gently helps her out of the water, much to Mao Mao's joy.

Mako: "Alright..." -she picks up Mao Mao in her arms and cuddles it against her soft bossom

All three Lyann's share the meal with you. Ever since they stopped talking as one, it has turned much, much more enjoyable to have more than one at the same time with you.

(For reference, let's go by swimsuit color, so they are (r), (w) and (b), alright? The original is wearing the (w) microkini)

Lyann(r): "Has the new office been working for you?"

Ned: "It feels a bit too large. But it feels nice to have space to fill. I'm trying to convince Aritsu to get some interns to help her..."

Lyann(w): "That will be hard. She's just so used to doing everything on her own. You should just use your authority as her boss and inform her she is getting interns. I know you want to be her friend, but you ARE her boss as well, and if you think that way will be best, for her as well, you should just hire them."

Mako: "What do you call these, again?"

Lyann(b): "Burgers. These are made of vegetal meat, but I added in spices and they taste exactly like the genuine item"
>You know, you guys worry too much about the Teragen. If there's one thing Divis Mal REALLY hates is seeing novas in captivity. Once he learns that Bomber Lord had 3 under his thumb, and was forcing them to make people into slaves, I doubt he'll be angry, at all, about him being taken down.
>Hell, you could have gone to him for help, really, have the big man in your debt... uhmm... she COULD be a friend of him working undercover to help you guys. She does have the brainpower to rub elbows with him.
He also has a truly staggering number of mental aberrations. I probably wouldn't want to deal with him willingly.

Ned: "People are just hard to steer into new things... hey are these really vegetal meat?"

Lyann(w): "Yes, I did some research into it when I was thinking about becoming a vegetarian. I just did not enjoy the market's brands, at all. I have some real meat ones, if you prefer those. don't worry, they're next on the grill."

Ned: "That reminds me, Stella wants to look into alternate farming techniques. I don't suppose you have done any farming?"

Lyann(w): -She moves to sit next to you- "Actually I haven't. But you know I'm all about learning new skills."

You talk about it for a while. She is interested in taking some soil samples before proposing any ideas, so she wants to send at least a couple of clones to India.

Ned: "You know, I'm sure we could contact Stella's people and have them send us the samples. You don't automatically have to do everything yourself."

Lyann(w): "...you are right, now I feel so silly..."

It is a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and a few hours later, you scort Flux! into the XWF private booth over the arena.

Did you bring along everyone? Mako may not enjoy a omega fight levels of violence.

Eh, aren't they all minor ones? IIRC he has the enhancement that makes it so you substract his mega intelligence from his taint when you pick mental aberrations, so his are all as light as they can be, regardless of how many they are
Ned: (Teasing, but an honest compliment) "Mmmm~ Delicious! Careful Lyann, if you keep feeding me this well I might never leave."

Might be too much as written, but we need to say something along those lines.

We should also ask Lyann if she'd be willing to host a few other people (Belle, Aleks, Aritsu and Sinoe) until we can upgrade our overal security.
I'm fine with leaving Mako in the Lyanns' company, but we should have Stella there to meet the security personnel we hired for her and so Ned can explain there's been a significant kidnapping threat made against multiple Flux members and ask her to take it seriously. Also, we need to talk to Aleks about his homes security situation before deciding whether it's safe to bunk Belle with him of Lyann.

Finally we should explain to Aritsu that there's a security situation we need to resolve and if she isn't confident in her home's safety, she and Sinoe should stay at the office or with Lyann until we can resolve things. While she's certainly not a primary target, someone might be tempted to get to us through her. Finally we should see about getting a bodyguard for Sinoe since she could easily be mistaken for our assistant and might be the most vulnerable of the people we're trying to protect.
>Eh, aren't they all minor ones? IIRC he has the enhancement that makes it so you substract his mega intelligence from his taint when you pick mental aberrations, so his are all as light as they can be, regardless of how many they are
He's also undergone chrysalis two or three times by the time he takes on Pax. Since he only has one or two physical aberrations he basically has mental aberrations in the double digits. Plus, Ned as a Qui Meng specialist would take astronomical interaction penalties against Divas.
Thats not neccesarily the case... a Nova with high quantum but none of the taint normally associated with it, would. Ned wouldnt stand as special since his quantum isint high enough yet.

Lyann as she is right now has a high quantum AND taint. In a couple of years when her taint is gone or almost gone, then she would surely do register as "wrong" with the terats.

Anyway, continuing.

Euphry: "Ned, Euphry needs to have a word with you..." -Lyann(?) nods to Euphry and cheers her on- "Euphry can't join the silver moshpit after all."

At that moment, the lights in the arena go dark as green reflectors add a eery glow to the northern gate.

The doors open, unleashing a thick mist, and with a howl, Alpha Wolf leaps forth into the hallway leading to the ring, growling and biting at the air. The closest fans take cover, while the ones with the most solid presence of mind take pictures.

Johnny Gomez: "So far, we have a succubus, a beast from the depths, a yeti, and a werewolf. Do you think we'll ever get a vampire, Nick?"

Nick Diamond: "I don't know, but just in case, I have a silver cross right here." -he says as he shows it and then tucks it back under his shirt

Johnny Gomez: "Oh, the mic's live already. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! We are back from the break, and ready to start the last fight of the night!"

Nick Diamond: "And what a fight it is! We have the Brass Reaper taking on Alpha Wolf. These two have known eachother for a long time, indeed, straight back to the first days of the XWF. Talk about a classical match!"
Johnny Gomez: "Well, Alpha wolf has made his way to the arena. He's busy scouting it out and getting comfortable with it."

Nick Diamond: "That looks more like stalking it out, to me."

Johnny Gomez: "Well, the lights are shifting again, and this time they are moving to--"

The south gate opens up as Brass walks out. He waves at the crowd and gets calls and cheers in return. Striking a few poses, he shows off for the fans, and the flash of cameras and datapads fills the air as he makes his way to the arean.

Nick Diamond: "The crowd sure loves having the reaper back in the Omega ring, Johnny"

Johnny Gomez: "We all do, Nick."

Want to roll the fight or just freeform it? if you want to roll it, roll 13d10 for Brass' initiative
We can do either really.
Rolled 3, 2, 4, 10, 4, 4, 2, 10, 7, 1, 1, 7, 4 = 59

Forgot to roll Alpha's Initiative
Rolled 5, 5, 5, 3, 6, 9, 10, 8, 6, 8, 6, 7, 2 = 80


Got here just in time
Yeah, so apparently I'm going to be in very limitted contact with this thread until sometime after 14:00 thread time. An appointment that was cancelled suddenly reopened.

Sorry for cutting out on you guys.
Well I'd vote for rolling for it personally, but I don't know how long I'll be able to be here for, since I've caught the flu or something.

So yeah, sore throat, constant headache, and a nostril that won't stop running goddammit, it's like a fucking waterfall and it's disgusting oh god.

Fuuuuuck- I guess I better brew some more tea for myself then.
Rolled 7, 10, 5, 8, 2, 10, 4, 9, 8, 10, 6, 4, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 8, 4, 7, 6 = 138

Rolling to see how realistic the fight looks...

Brass won initiative, by the way. You want to
Start a hold
Ready a counter
Go go tackle headbutt!
Rolled 5, 7 = 12

15 successes and 2 exploding dice. Most nova martial art masters would be unable to tell they are just putting on a show for the first part of the fight

Lyann(?) hugs Euphry tightly as Brass throws Alpha Wolf through the hut with a single punch. Debris and dust flies in every direction as the massive wolf man explodes out of the wall, then rolls over unto his feet as soon as he hits the ground, and charges right back at his colleague through the hut, leaping out from yet another blast of dust and wood as he comes out from what was left of the wall while Brass was watching the hole.

Johnny Gomez: "I think I hadnt seen that before"

The fighters deal eachother mighty blows that have the ring tremble time after time. Soon they give eachother the signal and ready to start the actual fight while the audience is already standing...

They leap back from eachother, restarting the fight...

Brass charges at Alpha Wolf, his steps rising small splashes of mud as he charges through the jungle-like stage at his opponent

(0) .: Headbutt [14d10] => [6,2,4,8,1,6,3,7,2,5,8,7,1,10] result of (5) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [10,4,3,10,2,5,6,4,9,6,5,8,10,9,9] result of (7) success

Alpha wolf receives Brass' charge head on, catching him with his chest and getting pushed back across the stage before he manages to plant himself and stop the charge!
Rolled 5, 2 = 7

(0) .: Punch [15d10] => [4,6,4,8,7,2,6,4,3,2,5,4,6,8,9] result of (4) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [1,1,10,8,2,6,5,4,10,5,7,7,3,3,5] result of (5) success
(0) .: Punch [15d10] => [10,4,1,4,5,4,8,7,4,7,6,3,1,10,4] result of (5) success
(0) .: Block [14d10] => [9,1,2,5,9,7,8,9,6,8,4,5,10,7] result of (8) success

Alpha wolf makes two swings at Brass, but the experienced fighter deflects them. They are in thick melee now!

Brass turn again.
Ready a counter
File: 1395416367996.jpg-(407 KB, 650x778, You're already fed.jpg)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
I say we multi-action some punches if nobody has any objections.


Wait, we have the Claws power, right? Lets activate it, along with our Quantum Weapon fists, or whatever else we have that allows us to punch harder.
Rolled 3, 2, 6, 4, 5, 10, 6, 8, 3, 5, 4, 8, 1 = 65


Ready a counter, catch the limb, then reverse it into a hold
I assumed we already did that at some point during the 1st time of the match

(0) .: Punch [15d10] => [9,7,2,8,3,10,5,5,1,1,6,7,3,4,1] result of (5) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [5,1,10,8,2,5,8,2,6,5,8,3,4,9,3] result of (5) success
(0) .: Hold [15d10] => [10,8,10,10,6,10,10,1,3,8,9,9,1,1,9] result of (10) success
(0) .: Might [16d19] => [13,19,14,3,14,3,7,18,13,7,4,3,1,9,9,8] result of (11) success

Nick Diamon: "Alpha Wolf swings again, but this time Reaper is ready and grabs his opponent's arm!"

Johnny Gomez: "It looks like he... yes, he's using the chance to pin Alpha Wolf against one of the boulders, but Alpha simply bit the coulder in half and got out of it. It is anybody's fight right now!"
Brass used his turn to ready the counter, then succeeded on grabbing alpha when it was his turn and he swing, but alpha got loose, so that was the whole turn and we are back at Brass' again.


Multi action strikes, then a stiff DDT


Are we sure his successes are right?
Yeah, if you convert that to d10's, he had like 2 successes on that roll...
Oh wow you are right. Sorry guys, like i said before, Im going blind so I didint notice. Hold on let me roll again

No worries.
Might [16d10] => [5,1,9,7,1,7,2,4,4,5,4,4,10,10,6,8] result of (6) success

Brass pins him against the boulder and holds him there! pass to a clinch, or start a submission hold?
A clinch deals damage to both fighters, but first deals damage to Alpha and then the round after starts by dealing damage to him again then to brass.

A clinch starts doing willpower damage and forcing willpower checks until alpha wolf escapes or fails
Uhhh, don't we have Mat Tactician to automatically convert a clinch into a hold?

Submission; Lock in the Final Rest

Pass out or tap out, works either way.
and viceversa, but it doesnt means we HAVE to. Thats why im asking if you want to
File: 1395418878181.jpg-(145 KB, 1280x720, Yes! Yes! Yes!.jpg)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Hells, yeah!

(0) .: Submission Hold [14d10] => [2,7,7,10,2,3,8,9,1,2,1,9,7,3] result of (7) success
(0) .: Brawl [16d10] => [10,1,3,3,1,1,3,1,1,6,2,10,10,7,1,9] result of (5) success
(0) .: Brawl [16d10] => [4,9,4,7,9,2,7,6,6,5,10,2,9,7,4,2] result of (7) success
(0) .: Resistance [10d10] => [5,10,7,1,8,9,5,9,5,9] result of (6) success
(0) .: 1 Willpoint of damage
(0) .: Submission Hold [14d10] => [4,1,9,3,1,6,2,7,3,2,3,2,10,1] result of (3) success
(0) .: Brawl [16d10] => [3,5,9,6,9,5,4,6,1,7,5,5,4,8,6,7] result of (5) success

Brass holds Alpha Wolf down, then starts squishing his spine against the stage. Alpha tries to get loose but fails, feeling the fight drain out of him.

A few moments later, he manages to somehow push Brass off and try to counter attack!

((round 1 of the hold was success, and Alpha lots 1 willpower, but the next round he got loose))

Since Brass goes first, want to try and catch Alpha into a counter->submission hold again?
That does not look like a winning strategy. Lets go with a multi headbut routine

Repetition annoys the fans


How about Trapping Headbutts?
Man, I just want to punch him with our Quantum claws/weapons/whatever.
Johnny: "It looks like these two are too even, Nick. Do you think we'll get to see them bring out the big guns?"

Nick: "I dont know, Johnny. Winding up takes time, and I don't think either of them is ready to leave themselves open to attack right now"

(0) .: Headbutt [14d10] => [4,7,7,7,10,7,2,5,4,6,8,9,10,9] result of (9) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [5,10,8,7,3,2,10,3,9,2,8,7,1,8,2] result of (8) success
(0) .: Soak [28d10] => [5,3,7,10,8,7,7,7,1,2,3,4,6,9,6,4,5,3,6,10,4,10,6,10,7,7,8,3] result of (13) success
(0) .: Damage [4d10] => [6,2,9,2] result of (1) success

Johnny: "And the Reaper gets Alpha wolf with a solid headbutt. We could hear bone crunching all the way up here!"

Ami: "Yes, get him now, mister Brass!" -the tomboyish redhead cheers up from the front row

Alpha is dazed, he's trying to get himself together...

Now during his next turn he won't be able to do anything but defending. If you want to charge your big attack/beatdown meanwhile?

His claws are better than Brass', though

Headbutt stun sets up up for a Reaper Charge

Book, do me a favor and try to get Ned to address my security concerns (>>30971641) before we let anyone head home. If Aritsu isn't here then try getting in touch with her tomorrow morning, we should have a little time before they try making use of her. Thanks again and sorry for hanging this on you,
We have automatic successes due to mega strength. Shouldn't he take 4 damage?
Oh you are right I totally forgot. Its been a while since we last fought


Brass plants himself firmly in the jungle floor and starts glowing as he charges up, then as Alpha starts coming back to his senses, he sees Brass charging at him, head on.

(0) .: Beatdown [15d10] => [10,7,7,10,2,8,8,4,8,3,10,10,1,8,2] result of (10) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [7,2,9,6,4,4,4,5,1,6,4,10,2,6,3] result of (3) success
(0) .: Soak [28d10] => [9,4,3,3,9,10,4,4,6,4,8,1,9,1,1,5,3,3,9,1,2,8,6,6,9,3,6,7] result of (9) success
(0) .: Damage [26-9] => 17

Johnny: "Oh My God!"

Ami: "Yes!"

Nick: "The Reaper just used Alpha Wolf as a battering ram through one of the concrete boulders. I can't see what's happening right now, the dust is too thick!"

As the fust settles, it shows that Alpha is not only still standing, he's attacking!
(0) .: Blaws [15d10] => [5,5,3,8,9,3,5,5,9,3,8,4,1,6,1] result of (4) success
(0) .: Blaws [15d10] => [4,6,2,2,8,10,6,9,4,7,3,6,10,7,2] result of (6) success
(0) .: Block [16d10] => [1,4,1,4,6,5,1,3,2,8,1,9,3,6,7,5] result of (3) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [6,5,6,8,5,9,5,6,2,7,3,8,2,6,4] result of (4) success
(0) .: Soak (aggravated) [19d10] => [4,10,10,1,8,1,9,8,8,9,4,4,6,8,2,6,7,8,5] result of (10) success
(0) .: Soak (aggravated) [19d10] => [10,8,8,9,8,6,3,8,8,9,8,8,9,10,10,5,3,3,7] result of (14) success
(0) .: Damage [22-10] => 12
(0) .: Damage [22-14] => 8

Nick: "Those swings look like they could take down an elephant, but the Reaper endures them!"

Ami: "Mister Brass!" -she's standing up in front row

Alpha is down to 12hp
Brass is down to 20hp

Brass turn
We have an enhancement that allows us to use our lethal soak as aggravated (which I though was illegal in XWF matches anyway). Anyway, headbutt twice more.
Yes, thats why he rolled 19 soak vs aggravated. And Alpha cant help himself, it's part of his taint problem. He literally doesnt notice how much damage he's doing

(0) .: Headbutt [15d10] => [3,2,8,1,2,8,8,3,10,8,10,9,8,9,2] result of (9) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [5,5,2,4,9,2,7,8,5,7,5,5,2,7,6] result of (5) success
(0) .: Soak [28d10] => [2,10,7,4,8,4,4,1,7,1,6,3,9,3,6,7,3,2,5,7,3,2,10,1,10,3,6,9] result of (10) success
(0) .: Damage [14-10] => 4

Wolf is stunned 1 more round again. He has 8hp left, what do?!
Punch him twice.


Or an aeroplane spin to send Alpha into the concrete

How much impact would it take to shatter a ringside forcefield?
Argh I lost the post... hold on

After this, I think I'd like to see Ned cut a promo with Brass and Alpha Wolf. Something like "You said you were gonna retire, Wolf, but we're not gonna let that happen. We've got a plan to keep you in the game!"

Not specifying what that plan is, but laying the foundation for some hype

I'm happy to writefag it if people want
(0) .: Beatdown [15d10] => [3,2,4,4,10,8,10,4,5,10,8,7,8,8,10] result of (9) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [4,7,4,7,9,10,10,8,9,1,6,6,6,1,1] result of (7) success
(0) .: Soak [29d10] => [7,5,10,4,10,9,6,4,9,8,8,3,3,3,6,8,10,9,9,8,8,6,5,1,10,9,5,6,9] result of (16) success
(0) .: Damage [22-16] => 6

Alpha is down to 6hp
Brass is at 20hp

You know, despite this being the first time he fights with someone that does only aggravated damage, Brass is doing really good thanks to headbutts+reaper charges

Nick: "And the Reaper picks up Alpha Wolf and charges at the forcefield! I can't believe the forcefield endured that. The Krew must be proud!"

Johnny: "It is always nice when your work is tested and shown in front of others. Truly rewarding, isint it Nick?"

Nick: "It sure is, Johnny" -polishing his Oscar

Johnny: "Where did you got that from, Nick?"

Nick: "It's my Oscar. I got it years ago for best commentator, ever."

Johnny: "There's no "Best anything ever" category, Nick."

Nick: "What, you think this isin't real? I assure you it is a real Oscar! even tho I call him little Nicky!"

Alpha Wolf spends a quantum point to go first next round, moving his initiative up by 5, and starts preparing for his own beatdown maneuver by creating clones of himself!

(0) .: Clone [10d10] => [9,3,3,4,4,1,5,3,6,2] result of (1) success

wow that is... underwhelming... that's really bad luck...

Anyway, while Alpha summons one clone, he can only defend once this turn. What do you want to do?
Sure, but I want to deal with Bomber Lord first. While Teragen is not a cohesive organization, there still are factions and organizations within the umbrella that would probably try to murder us for the whole Qi Meng thing. The Harvesters and the Cult of Mal come to mind. Also, Primacy would not like us, though Vigilance arguably would.
Use multi action to punch him three times. He only has 2 hp left.

Brass picks up one clone, and uses it as an improvised weapon to smack the other one repeatedly
This is a terrible idea, but it'd make for such great holovision that I have to support it.
(0) .: Wits [5d10] => [2,5,5,4,5] result of a failure
(0) .: Penalty remains
(0) .: Punch [13d10] => [6,5,1,8,1,9,5,10,10,2,8,7,5] result of (6) success
(0) .: Punch [12d10] => [7,1,9,2,10,10,10,4,9,8,8,10] result of (9) success
(0) .: Punch [11d10] => [7,5,3,2,10,10,9,2,6,1,10] result of (5) success
(0) .: Block [15d10] => [2,8,9,3,8,10,7,10,9,3,5,3,2,2,9] result of (8) success
(0) .: Soak [29d10] => [1,4,1,10,1,6,5,8,6,7,4,6,5,7,8,4,9,2,8,4,9,8,4,4,10,6,6,4,9] result of (11) success
(0) .: Soak [29d10] => [3,8,4,5,1,10,7,1,9,8,9,4,5,9,4,9,3,2,4,5,1,10,8,9,6,9,5,5,7] result of (13) success
(0) .: Damage [12-8+9] => 13
(0) .: Damage [12-11+8] => 9


The Arena quakes with the quantum power behind those blows! the wolf goes down, and so does his clone as the Reaper knocks them both unconscious with mighty blows!

The clone fades into quantum energies as the fight ends, the fans cheering up as Brass declares his win, bleeding from the wounds on his chest and left arm after the fight with Alpha Wolf

Lyann(?): "See? I can't let you go down there!"

Euphry: "Euphry thinks it won't be like that, probably"

The doctor makes her way to the ring in a hurry, as usual leading the XWF medical team. She climbs unto the arena, wearing an attractive white medical uniform (made of self cleaning, frictionless material, of course. It would be bad to have her end covered in blood on worldwide broadcast after all), and immediately has Brass lie down on the stretcher as she makes sure Alpha Wolf is merely unconscious.

She declares that both fighters will be alright, and the fans surprise her with a few "Marry me, doc!" signs.

Johnny: "Nick, who did you took that Oscar from?"

Nick: "The school!"

Johnny: "You mean the academy. I hope you wont end up in trouble for this."

Nick: "Oh, we are back! Those were some blows, and it was some fight, folks! Remember we have holos of the whole fight waiting for those of you lucky enough to be here at the XWF
coliseum tonight, and those for those of you folks watching us from home, you can purchase your very own original holo copy of the fight through our OPNet site, as usual!"

Johnny: "That's it folks, on behalf of the Extreme Warfare Federation, good fight, good night!"

Brass is lying down on a bed at the XWF clinic. Taking care of such wounds is more than a trifling matter, even for the Doc.

Brass: "I'll be fine in a couple of days, the doc says I'll be ready to go on tuesday"

(the Doc) Ren: "But only if you stay still."

Brass: "Give me a break, doc, you know working out relaxes me."

Ren: "Yes, but you'll move the healing gel and reopen your wounds if you move around so much. So just for now, please stay still, alright?"

Brass: "Ugh, this is your fault, man."

Akhmed: "I'm really sorry, Rob. You know how I get."

Brass: "Yes well, you are still going to have to bring all the beer for poker night on thursday."

Akhmed: "Sure, man"
Cut a promo? There's going to be a post match press conference I assume? If Alpha's been fairly open about retiring becuase of his taint accumulation, Ned should show up and ask the simple question "but you want to get back in that ring, right?" Hopefully Alpha has the stage presence to flip out at the question so Ned can - once he's calm down - rejoin with a simple "Good, because tou have too much heart and too much fire to leave the XWF so soon. If you aren't ready to give up, if your ready to fight tooth and nail for another chance at glory, then you're not done yet. I have a plan. Sorry guys, press conference is over, I need to talk to my new fighter."
Hey Boss, are you calling it here for the day or can I try locking down our near term security situation first?

Also, what kind of security does the MTV complexe actually have and what about our offices there?
I think this is a good place to end for today. Also, that way we can start tomorrow with bookie's writing, too.

I'll see you tomorrow guys, but i'll stay around as usual to answer anything, albeit slowly
I know Lyann was born a Nova and her taint's always been high, but was there any point in the past where it spiked? Also,mid that an appropriate OOC question or should I have Ned ask it later?
I would say her early teens? 2nd gens start as a nova and then as they pass puberty they also erupt and get about +20 extra nova points.
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Just saw this room in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and decided "No, not worth it" and my female character turn around and let them be

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