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Hey guys, checking in early. Remember the thread starts in roughly 1 hour, tho
Hi King.
File: 1395320710037.png-(144 KB, 662x636, Freddie Mercury eating a (...).png)
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Hah, I *knew* it.
Fuck yeah, daylight savings time, I get to actually sleep in an extra hour before the thread starts!

Well not so much sleeping in, so much as not waking up so bloody early, but still...
well, now im late by 29 minutes to start the thread, dammit

This happens when you get overconfident "oh i have an hour left"

brb gonna grab some quick breakfast and a shower
Alright, all ready. You guys want to roll to see how Flux did at the Playboy manor, or just assume it was Flux Quality (tm)?
Eh, I'm fine either way.
We can assume Flux did their usual job.

15-odd auto successes, isn't it? Especially if Ned goes along for the ride and uses synergy?

Be fun to have Ned hanging out at the mansion thought

Me, BTW.

Hi guys
Hi Anonymous.

Fucksakes, Internet, you're never like this when I'm at risk of cross posting to another board
In this case, Aura and Bella did most of the heavy lifting, but everyone had fun and the interview will be remembered as Exposure with Class and Fun. The issue will be a eternal classic, and Mako got two large teddy bears out of it.

They just couldnt say no to her.

On friday morning, you are sitting at your desk, reading over the interview and listening to Aritsu as she tells you about the commercials for the new MTV.

The executives have the idea to try and film their own commercials for the brands who want to announce with them, in the form of light hearted and short music videos, using old public domain songs and bands who want to have their debut.

Aritsu: "It sounds good to me, but won't that limit the client folder somehow?"
Honestly, I don't know. How far back is public domain by this time? Since Disney keeps pushing back public domain laws in an effort to keep things as their IP long after the creator died, I wouldn't be suprised if things weren't public domain after 400+ years.
Well, lets say 30 years since other novas also happen.

Anyway, I wonder if the new live Fist of the North Star (no FX on this one either, and yet so much better) would have all nova actors. What about a live JoJo series?

Aritsu: "So, what do you think, sir?"
"Authorize them to make three promos as a proof old concept test and have copies of the files in my possession by Monday so I can make a final decision."

Sorry, still trying to see what the limiting factor is for massive product placement in short catchy adverts.
File: 1395326036212.jpg-(115 KB, 849x600, Kenshiro vs Jotaro.jpg)
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115 KB JPG
>live Fist of the North Star (no FX on this one either
So what, the villians are played by Nova's who can survive their heads exploding?

As for live Jojo, well the first two parts would work, but parts 3+ means you have to have Nova's who can imitate Stands, which would be a tad bit harder.

I don't think I have to say pic related.
Oh gawd, I misread that as 'authorize them to make three pornos'

"You are already spent."
Ha! The seeds of confusion are sown, my work is done.
Well, just because there isint digital special effects it doesnt means there cant be disposable clones, illusions, or such


Aritsu: "Yes sir. With the fight betwen Brass and Alpha tonight, do you want to invite someone to front row seats? that !N reporter, maybe?"

(I forgot, Alpha Wolf's name was Akhmed? It totally escaped my memory)
File: 1395327336663.jpg-(291 KB, 1190x633, oraoraora.jpg)
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291 KB JPG
Yes, but in addition the the special effects, and crazy powers, 50% of all stands have the power to punchfast.

Seriously, it's pretty much Muscle Wizards: The Series.
Our plan is to be in the box right? Yeah, send Jenn (think that's the reporter's name) a pair of front row tickets.

Actually, instead of the owner's box could we reserve a private box for ourself and our guests? That way we don't have to be worried about Belle's inappropriate stripping in public.
File: 1395327603187.png-(30 KB, 751x289, Banned.png)
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Alpha Wolf's the guy who's taint makes him look like the Powerthirst guy, right?

Lets invite everyone from Flux!

Lyann(?): "What do you mean you are going to be fighting?"

Lyann(?) is sitting on the couch with Euphry as they watch a video of the street concert. The redhead is wearing a long, soft cotton robe, her hair cascading down as she cuddles with the russian blonde.

Euphry: "Euphry will join the silver league's moshpit!"

Euphry is wearing a pair of thick, black leather pants with plenty of belts and patches, seamlessly ending in thick sole high boots, with a open white shirt for top. She is leaning against Lyann(?) so she rests her head on the redhead's lap as they watch the holo.

Lyann(?): "And when were you going to tell me about it?"

Euphry: "Euphry is telling you now, right?"

Lyann: "Euphry, you can't fight in the ring, you'll get squished!"

Euphry: "Will not! Euphry is moshpit veteran!"

Lyann: "It's not the same! it won't be just pushes and shoves with the ocassional punch, those people are really violent, and you can't even kill a spider!"

Euphry: "Lyann promised never talk about spider!"

Lyann: "Euphry, you are not joining the XWF!"

Euphry: "Am too! Euphry wants to hit people on face with frozen ax!"

Lyann: "Well, I don't want to see you get hit in the face with a brick punch or something like that, so you are not joining!"

Euphry: "Euphry is. Got training schedule, now. Personal trainer. Ned says Euphry do great in moshpit"

Lyann: "Euphry, look at me... no, don't make kissy face, I'm serious... cut it out! if you join the XWF, I'm leaving!"

Euphry reaches up to cup Lyann(?)'s face as she looks at her, caressing her lips.

Euphry: "Don't... please?"

Lyann: "Then don't fight. I... I'll wear that piercing you wanted me to, alright?"

Euphry: "Really?"

Lyann: "Yes, really." -sighs-

Euphry: "Alright... Euphry will talk to Ned, then."

>"Lyann promised never talk about spider!"

Euphry and Lyann(?) are the best.
That image is awesome. I have a better opinion of Moot, now. I would be so happy to have him post in the thread.

Aritsu: "I am sure you could reserve a private cabin with ease, sir, but not the day of the fight... then again, it's not a championship match, so perhaps it would be possible still. Do you want me to find out?"

Aritsu looks spectacular in her XWF secretarial uniform as she stands by your desk with her datapad in a hand and the digital pencil in the other.

Ned: "Yes, please do, and if there is one, take it and invite everyone."

Aritsu: "Yes sir."

Ned: "Actually, is anyone from the band in the building right now?"

Aritsu: "I believe Aleksander is. He is almost always at the studio, either recording with someone else, or editing the tracks he has already recorded. As for the others..." -she checks her datapad for a few seconds- "Miss Tsun is in the building with miss Avdeyeva. Do you want me to call them?"
File: 1395329333206.png-(457 KB, 457x884, araki italian police.png)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
That's Bella's lastname.

Damn thats an awesome pic

What do you want to talk to them about when they get to the office?
File: 1395331034267.jpg-(49 KB, 349x637, Araki hands.jpg)
49 KB
Yeah sure.

As for Euphry and Lyann's worries, we should actually show them that silver league is *much* less dangerous than Gold, let alone Omega.

We'd never risk putting one of our stars by putting them in a bracket too high for them, after all!
"That depends, is there anything left on my schedule for the day?"

Also just had an idea King, do you think Alecks would be up for doing a weekly podcast? I think having him interview, jam and collaborate with other artists in a lose format probably wouldn't work well as a legit show, but it would get a solid following of audiophiles, industry people and aspiring musicians.
grrr... lost the post, so very short now

Aleks would probably be okay with it. Most rock stars would be "too big" to bother

You are much more busy towards monday and less so towards friday since you get things done asap
>most rock stars would've too big to bother
Maybe at first, but you'd be surprised how many people would be willing to do a loose formatted show where they're allowed to get whatever message they want out to their fans and the masses with minimal editing and hindrance. My goal is to create the musical equivalent of "Inside the Actors Studio" but with more of a light show since Aleks can do that on a budget.
Aritsu: "You are free for the rest of the day. Fridays are very relaxed around here before a fight."

She checks your schedule, and nods.

Aritsu: "Your day is free until eight." -that gives you about 9 hours
Yep, go see what those two are upto.
Everything ok boss?
I couldnt reload the page. A friend did me the favor of loading the page and sending me the link, thats how i managed to finally post again.
Im so pissed about it. I cant figure out what the problem was. I tried restarting the computer and everything but it just did NOT want to open /tg/ or any other forum inside 4chan
Huh, weird timing. Your post loaded as I was closing the page.

Sucks that the thread got cut short but I'm glad it wasn't anything major over there.
Well, it just pissed me off, i was desperately trying to get the page to load. Should we end for today, I guess? we didint do anything today!
Well, I'm game to continue, but if you have things to do this evening or want to wait for the rest of the gang to show up I'm fine with postponing til tomorrow.

It just pisses me off that 4chan didint want to work for me. Lets continue a bit and tomorrow we can start with the fight

Bella: "It was not that hard. I just showed her some american children's shows so she could see the type of clothes people wear in those shows. As long as its for the children, she's willing to a lot. Besides, she looks cute as a button, doesn't she?"

Mako does look adorable as she sings the children's book "To hug an elephant" for the cameras.

Ned: "And why are you making this video, anyway?"

Bella: "She thinks it would get children interested in reading if they first enjoyed the book's song. We wanted to show it to you. It's about an idea we had for a educational children's show"
Mako looks quite happy as she sings/recites the children's book. Once she is done, Bella tells her to come into the recording booth.

As you expected, she turns seeveral shades of red when she sees you.

Mako: "M-mister Salter!" -she says as she tries to pull down the edge of the skirt

Ned: "Mako, there's really no need for th-"

Bella: "You look really nice."

Mako: "B-but..."

So what did you want to talk to them about?
Reassure Mako that she does in fact look very nice in that dress. I'm pretty sure we didn't actually have an agenda for this visit. We were out of things to do and wanted to see what they were up to. Now that we have them, did we ever pitch the idea of Mako doing a children's show? Because if not this would make an excellent re-occuring segment for one.
How about we ask them what they want to do next. All of them are kinda ahead on the Song schedule. As for a children's show, have Mako be the next Mister Rodgers. She might be almost nice enough for the job

Well, honestly I don't think we would really need to roll diplomacy to talk her into it. Would probably need to get her a team of researchers and writers to make sure the episodes are as educational as they are fun, but other than that, it could work.

Want to try and finance it yourself, convince Ric Flair to start a children's network, or do it through MTV? Pith the idea to a preexistent network?
What is Ned's resources right now?
For now let's just produce and act as its online distributor and see if we can get local broadcasting on public access holo-stations (PBS would be the American example). Should also do a Chinese language version while we're at it.
He's back at 6 now

Chinese version sounds obvious. Will need to watch out for cultural taboos, of course, such as the human skeleton. You cannot show the chinese that they have bones inside.

With their work done for the day, the girls are free to hang out with you, so you invite them to the caffetteria with you, and Mako dons a long raincoat over her dress.

Ned: "Mako, you don't need to wear that. You will draw more attention with it than without it."

Mako: "Really?"

Ned: "This is LA, in summer, and you want to wear a raincoat. People will wonder if they are looking at the world's cutest terrorist, ever."

Bella: "A cuterist, for sure."

Mako: "I-if you are sure..." -she says, bright red

Ned: "Really"

She takes the raincoat off, and tucks it into her handbag.

Mako: "But... I can't stay too long, I need to go back and make sure Mao Mao isin't lonely."

Ned: "that reminds me, we have a nursery here at the XWF. Have you thought of seeing what children are like, here?"

Mako: "O-ooh! I would enjoy that!"

Ned: "Let's go after lunch, and then I'll drive you to your place. By the way, Bella, now that Stella is gone, who are you staying with? how about Mako?"

Bella: "I suspect she would die of embarrassment on day one." -she says on a good mood

Mako doesn't seems to get it.

Mako: "Ah! Mister Salter, we should pick up Mao Mao and go to miss Porteleger's place for Tai Chi in an hour."

Ned: "Alright, let's just have something like on the caffetteria first"

We havent yet arranged for Bella to stay with someone, right?
Well, I've repeatedly suggested seeing if Aleks would take her for the weekend - see if they come up with any interesting collaborations. But if that isn't feasible we should probably see if we can get her to stay at Mai's and postpone celebrating her new furniture for a few days. Heck, Belle would probably like that better since Mai has a good chunk of outdoor property and enough security that she won't have to worry to much about oppressive clothing.
Actually, Belle's main character traits are creativity and being really chill, right? She'd probably enjoy doing meditation exercises with either Mai or Lyann.
Oh right, sorry I keep forgetting.

Ned: "Bella, you know, some security issues have emerged that have me very worried. Would you have a problem to staying with someone else for now?"

Bella: "Well, Mako was telling me that she is staying with Lyann in a large building. Was that what you were thinking about?"

Ned: "No, I was thinking about Aleks, really."

Bella: "Well, is not like I dislike him, but would he be alright with that?"

Ned: "I guess I'll ask him the next tme I see him."

You have a nice lunch, and then leave together with Mako, pick up Mao Mao from her place, and help her move in with Lyann. Fortunately, the chinese beauty only had one bag of clothes, originally, and all her american shopping barely added another bag.

Mako: "What about my shampoo and toothbrush?" -she asks when you are both already on the car

1) You'll get new ones when you are installed
2) Let her go get them
3) Other
>1) You'll get new ones when you are installed
Lyann probably has magic ones that need to be used once a month or something.
"Didn't Lyann offer you one too last time you stayed over?" pretty sure Ned's brushed his teeth at Lyann's place before.
I'm sure she probably also has better mousetraps

A shadowy, tentacles-inhair figures sees your car leave.

Mako is quite excited about moving in with Lyann, and the redhead has no objections. She helps you carry one of her bags upstairs, and Lyann installs her into one of her many guest rooms (albeit one in the same floor as hers)

Lyann: "Since you are here a bit early, do you want to enjoy the pool?" -she is dressed in jeans and a soft silk shirt that lets you see most of her gorgeous figure, with just enough engraved details on her chest to give her a subtle modesty. She is shoeless, and has her hair loose behind her, looking as if she was the image of relaxation itself.
"Why don't we work up a work up a sweat first? I think the water will feel better after Tai Chi."
>A shadowy, tentacles-inhair figures sees your car leave.
Yeah, we'd better hire security for Stella's London trip tomorrow. Actually, let's do that now.
One of the nice things about being resource 6, hiring Elites isn't hard.
Alright, lets assume you take a few minutes to talk to Aritsu about that, then. Also, good insight

You enjoy the workout with the girls, of course. Lyann gently guides you by standing with her back pressed against your chest so you can place your hands over her and imitate her movements. After a while, you are naturally following her, despite her enjoyable presence.

Lyann: "Now a bit faster. Do you want to learn some offensive arts, or only enough to take care of your health?"

Ned: "Mai has taught me some self defense already, and I think I don't want to cross the beams just yet. When can we start with Qui Meng?"

Lyann: "I think it would be alright to start right now, actually, but let's leave it until tomorrow, and that way you can jump unto it with a clear mind set."

Mako: "Miss Portele--"

Lyann: "Lyann. You are living with me, now." -she says softly but firmly

Mako: "Lyann... alright."

Ned: "How come I haven't made you call me Ned yet, and Lyann only needs to tell you once."

Mako: "B-but I am working for you, it wouldn't be right..."

Ned: "I'm your manager, not your boss, Mako."

Mako: "Does it bother you when I call you mister Salter?"

Ned: "It doesn't bother me, exactly, but..."

Mako: "Than there's no problem, right?"

Ned: -sigh- "Do however you feel comfortable with."

Mako: "Thankyou mister Salter"

And you know that if you marry her, she'll call you husband, ONLY, don't you?

Well, now it really is pretty late and I have to get going. Hopefully tomorrow we won't have any troubles. Take care guys
Goddammit, I just realised that we've joined Lyann's harem and haven't even noticed yet.
Take care King.
uhmmm im having trouble accessing the archives. Can you save the thread?
ah it decided to work now
This is good because it's crashing for me...

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